My Demon Experience…

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A demon is a paranormal, often malevolent being prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, and folklore. The original Greek word daimon does not carry the negative connotation initially understood by implementation of the Koine daimonion, and later ascribed to any cognate words sharing the root.  In Ancient Near Eastern religions as well as in the Abrahamic traditions, including ancient and medieval Christian demonology, a demon is considered an unclean spirit, sometimes an evil angel, the spirit of a deceased human, or a spirit of unknown type which may cause demonic possession, calling for an exorcism. In Western occultism and Renaissance magic, which grew out of an amalgamation of Greco-Roman magic, Jewish demonology, and Christian tradition, a demon is a spiritual entity that may be conjured and controlled.  — Wikipedia

My Demon Experience…

by Charles Marcello

I am going to tell you a story that actually happened to me why I was a young child. As a matter a fact, I only have three memories of my very early childhood. In one of those memories I wee-weed in my pants at daycare and had to wear a diaper, my older brother and sister laughed at me, while I cried. The second one, we are on the freeway heading back from SeaWorld, funny… I don’t remember going to SeaWorld but I remember this… anyway like I was saying, we are heading back from SeaWorld and I have my head hanging out the back of the family station wagon. My mother warns me to stop it and to bring my head back into the car or I will lose my SeaWorld Captains hat. As if she had physic powers, or more likely, she brought down upon me the wrath of the mother curse… you know one of the many curses parents can conjure up, like; ‘I pray you have children that behave just like you…’ because a few seconds after that warning there went the hat. I remember slumping down up against the sidewall of the station wagon just starting to cry when my older brother started laughing at me. So I punched him in the nose and took his. My mother made me give it back. Well those are two of the three memories I have of my very early years. What I’m about to describe next will seem outlandish, ridiculous, and/or just plain weird. There is two parts to this story. My actual experience and then a story I watched on one of those learning channels where I learned someone else had an experience with the exact same demon almost nine hundred years before mine.

Let’s Begin…

I’m a violent sleeper. Well I used to be, my wife is having none of it… I also have been known to sleep walk from time to time. I’ve never been awoken while sleepwalking, however, I have found some pretty interesting changes in my room. Like my two pillows neatly stacked one on top of the other inside my closet with the door closed. When, when I went to bed I used one for my head and the other for a snuggle buddy. Plus other weird stuff I have awoken too after an interesting nights sleep. Not to mention two of my teenage friends have a story they can share for the rest of their lives about that time I got up, while sleeping, grabbed my rifle, loaded it, and told them, ‘the next person who bothers me while I’m sleeping is going to die.” They wanted to drive my car and I wanted to sleep, so much so I guess I was willing to kill for it. I don’t remember doing any of that, but I do remember asking them when I awoke why they put my rifle in bed with me. They were pissed at me, saying stuff like, “dude you’re such a dick”… I was finally able to convince them I did not remember any of it… Nor do I remember doing anything with the pillows I mentioned earlier, and I don’t ever remember hitting my mom, let alone being violent with her while sleeping. But apparently I’m guilty of all it… The game my mother used to play with me was, catch him before he falls asleep and send him to bed, or… get bruised up. For whatever reason this night my mother didn’t want to fight with me, she had failed to pay attention and decide to leave that violent little sleeping bastard were he (I) lay.

I have no idea how long I was asleep, all I know is when I finally opened my eyes the house was dead silent. Every light in the house was turned off, except a single nightlight that was allowed to shine as a beacon for those late night bathroom adventures. I remember sitting up and rubbing my eyes. I remember looking around to get my bearings, while wondering why I was still in the living room. I was just about to get up and head towards my bed when I saw a strange grayish light coming from the Television. I remember staring at it, while yawning and thinking I’m to tired to care. When as the cliché goes, out of nowhere smoke started to appear inside the TV. I was like, now isn’t that strange. Or perhaps I have added that thought to my experience, I mean I was only two or three years old. I remember watching the smoke roll around inside the TV, and I remember I was about to leave the smoke and the TV alone to play by themselves, when I noticed a figure starting to form behind the smoke. It didn’t take long for the creature to appear, what I found more interesting than him at that moment was how the smoke started pouring from the television. I remember not being afraid of this creature, for lack of a better description of how I felt as I looked at that demon staring at me from behind the tube, was well, no big deal. I remember he began speaking to me, at first he was very pleasant. What was said between us I have no idea. I only have a video memory of this experience. Even some thirty eight years later, the visual experience is still extremely clear inside my mind. I believe we spoke at some length. At first everything was extremely casual, I even remember laughing at something he said. Then towards the end of our conversation I think he asked me for something or told me not to do something, and I must’ve said no. Because he got pissed. I remember him flinging his arms while apparently yelling at me. I remember spit coming from his mouth and a face so violent it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. Yet for some reason I don’t remember being scared. Probably because I thought he couldn’t leave the TV. I remember standing up and yelling right back at him and pointing my finger. This went on for a few seconds or minutes, (I’m not really sure), and the more we screamed at each other the angrier he seemed to become.

I guess I said something that sent him over the edge because he started to climb out of the TV. I remember for the first time being afraid of this creature. I remember turning to the right and running for everything I was worth. I remember making another right and passing a small wall and then I was basking in the brightest white light I have ever seen. There was white clouds on the floor and as I ran basking in the white light and clouds I felt completely safe. When I reached the hallway I remember feeling so unafraid I stopped and turned around. When I turned around I remember watching that creature pumping his little arms for everything they were worth as he was tearing in behind me. However when he noticed the bright white light and white clouds on the floor he came to a very sudden stop. So much so that I remember watching him rollup on the balls of his feet and toes as he tried to avoid the clouds. When he was successful in that, he glared first at the white light and then at me. He really let me have it then. I mean to say… saying he was pissed off wouldn’t even come close to how angry he looked. His polite nice demeanor was gone, what I witnessed before me was evil in all its glory. The only part of his appearance that looked like the pictures of demons we see today was his ears. They were long and pointy. His skin was an orangeish redish brown. His eyes were black as coal and his teeth were like brilliantly white sharp little knives. His fingers and toes where like that of a small child’s and so too was the rest of his body, except he had muscular features. And his face looked like and aged’ old man with a horrible disfigure. And as he was screaming at me, as he was twisting from side to side looking like he was trying to find something to throw at me, all I can say is he was pissed, pissed, pissed! What I find strange about this little experience, outside of the whole damn thing, is I felt empowered. I felt like there was no way this little demon could hurt me, so I started making faces at him, taunting him. I remember shaking my butt at him, doing the whole pttth, (tongue in-between teeth), chanting, “you can’t get me you can’t get me.” What in the hell was I thinking! I mean I have to remember that I was only two or three, even still… I believe that was and still is the dumbest damn thing I have ever done in my life up to and including today. Because as I’m making my little faces at him, he stops! I noticed a calm come over him. And then he smiled! To this very day, as I am writing these words right now, remembering that smile… it still scares me, it still sends goose bumps all up and down my arms and spin. God how I hate remembering that stupid smile! But that’s not all. For you see, when he smiled at me he also began to levitate. He levitated just high enough to where the clouds wouldn’t touch him, and then he came flying towards me. I don’t even remember turning around all I remember doing was running towards me parents room for everything I was worth. (Some would say that demon scared me so bad I turned myself completely inside out and ran straight through my butt hole because it was the fastest way to get away… I‘ll give you a second to stop laughing… even though I must admit that probably aint to far from the truth.) The last thing I remember of that entire experience was pounding on a door and when it opened grabbing a hold of someone’s leg. The End!

What I wrote above is true, every word of it. When I’ve been asked how long I believe our conversation lasted I have always said I don’t know. It could have been a couple of minutes or an hour. I truly don’t know. What I remember after that experience is, I used to draw him all the time as a child. I remember getting into trouble in fifth grade for drawing him instead of listening to the teacher. As I got older however my thoughts about him faded. I think in the first thirty-five years of my life I talked about him to about ten people maybe a couple more then that. In the last few years I have mentioned that experience to a few more people, and now I find myself posting this experience on the Internet for second time for the whole world to read. I guess, as I stated earlier, I am starting to reach an age where I need to come to terms with that experience. Because now it gets even weirder.

I am twenty-six I believe, maybe a year older but I doubt it. I get home from work and the house is empty. I grab the paper, sit in my chair and turn on the TV, one of those learning channels is on. I am thumbing through the paper half paying attention to the TV and half focused on whatever it was I was reading in the paper. I don’t even know why I looked up from the paper, but just as soon as I did there he was again, his ugly face staring at me from the TV. I was frozen! Then the picture started to fade away and I could hear two men talking about that picture. I somewhat regained my composure, and started to frantically search for that stupid remote control, “Where the hell is it,” Finally! When I turned the TV up loud enough so I could hear what they were saying…. Apparently there is a book called, Demons, Witches and Goblins, or Goblins, Witches and Demons… or something like that … To my great surprise my demon has a damn near perfect depiction of him in that book. From what I gathered by listening to the rest of that show, a Princess in the eleventh century was said to have been visited by that demon. They say she had a dream about him. But I wonder. Because princess or not, back in those days…. The reaction of the Church was pretty dang simple… have a convo with a demon get burnt alive until you’re dead, very simple… so was it a dream, or did they just say it was a dream. Though I have searched for that book and that program over the years, to date I have yet to find either.
Well that is the story of my demon experience. Like I said before I don’t have any audio memory of that experience, I do not know what was said between us, I only have a video memory, so clear it could’ve happened yesterday. In my early years I was positive what happened to me was real… as I got older I forced myself to believe it was nothing but a dream. To this day I don’t know, honestly I don’t know what happened or why, I just know it is a real memory of something I experienced.

– Charles Marcello

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Hello Brenda Brown,

You do realize for those who have actually read the bible, from beginning to end, and have studied the world of Christianity what you just said sounds more like an excuse to ignore the evil that many believe exists inside the bible, instead of a rational explanation? I realize after watching/listening to countless sermons that Christians are taught to behave this way… search for those who seek god, ignore all those who try to take you away from “truth” inside the bible Yet what if your blind acceptance is what leads you and all Christians straight to hell? According to the bible the road to heaven is extremely narrow while the road to hell is extremely broad. Doesn’t it stand to reason that with over two (some argue as many as three) billion people who call themselves Christians then that means the bible, (or more correctly the modern interpretation thereof) is creating that broad road… so by the bibles own definition Christianity must be one of the that roads that leads to hell? Yes the same can be said for every other religion… yet I wasn’t raised to believe in any other religion than Christianity… so my search, though I’ve traveled down all the religious paths I can find, in my attempt to try and understand all the evils of this world… I know if things are going to get better I must start questioning my own house/belief system. Like; do you know how many Pope’s have said the bible is pure fiction? What If all the evil that many say exists inside the bible that is talked about in god’s name, is a clue to unlocking the bible? What if all the contradictions that many have found/say that exist inside the bible is yet another clue? I realize what I just said you might find offensive, yet that is not my intent… my intent is to have an honest conversation with any religious person who has to courage to stare into that mirror. Do you know how many books have been written by theologians demanding many parts of the bible have been changed? The most popular of those changes is the part in the bible where Jesus is quoted as saying, “he who is without sin cast the first stone…” according to some professional theologians that was completely made up by a monk and never spoken by Jesus… My whole point is, if you and people like you are right, and If I or they are wrong, then at the end of this conversation the evidence should be clear.

The same challenge could be said for the academic world and the evidence that exists all over the world for a highly advanced civilization that existed long before us… 10 thousand or more years ago… the evidence cannot be denied. We know the scars extremely large amounts of ice makes on rock because of how ice waxes and wanes every year… which means where ice hasn’t existed in thousands of years an ice age cannot be denied, or the world has shifted its axis. We know how weather erodes polished rock, we know how slow polished rock is eroded because of buildings we know man created 2500 to 3000 years ago… yet there are ruins that demands weather has been working on them a lot longer than 3000 years. We know how stars trek across the sky and with the help of computers we can roll back time and see when many of these monuments were created… which takes me back to the bible and all the religions of this world.. is there truth inside the bible and other religions… YES of course there is! Are there lies inside the bible and other religions added by men who lived before us? My own studies demands, yes of course there is.

Like you I have had my own, for lack of a better word, religious experiences, plural. One of my three earliest memories (somewhere around the age of two or three) was frightening… I have a memory of being visited by a demon, or what my memory believes was a demon. Plus I have survived many things that should’ve killed me… some demand each of these were nothing short of miracles… Things that don’t make a lick of sense that I somehow survived… that 99,999 out of 100,000 die and maybe, maybe, only one survives. I will describe one such miracle that happened to me, though I’ve survived many other incidents that should’ve killed me. At eleven years of age I ran into a very busy road, where the speed limit was 55 mph, without looking. I was hit by a car and was thrown about twenty or more feet into the air and flew across an eight lane road. This happened in West Covina near a Toyota dealership off of Hacienda Boulevard, near a Catholic Church. Anyone who knows the area over by the West Covina Mall in California can attest to just how wide that road is and that it hasn’t changed all that much since 1982. I ran into that road to watch a fire truck with lights and sirens… and wham! I can still see the firemens faces as they went by after I was hit by that car… When I landed on the other side of the road I picked myself up and walked back across the road to my brother and friends who witnessed the whole thing. They were all excited of course, and then they told me I was bleeding, so I ran into the bathroom at the car dealership and notice I had a puncture wound to the left side of my face, that people to this very day mistake as a dimple. I ruined that ladies windshield, and I refused to go to the hospital or that they should call the cops because I was more afraid of my mom, then of being hurt… because we walked eleven miles from home without permission… at that time we lived in Valinda Ca… those who know that area now know how far I walked home after being hit by that car, and now you all know I never went to the hospital. How does someone survive something like that without being totally ruined themselves? And I could tell each of you at least 10 more incredible things I’ve survived, like hitting a truck broadside on my motorcycle doing around 50 mph, because of Sun glare, and I walked away with a spranged ankle. Some argue each of these are miracles and that God is looking out for me… which to a point I believe this is true. It was a collective of these survivals, and my own religious experiences and other things that has helped push me to try understand our reality, our world… to try and understand what is and what is not true. I try hard not to believe in anything, I want to know, just like I don’t believe in god, I know God exists! Yet commonsense demands I should be dead and belief can only take someone so far… because history demands our limited reality is completely different than the whole of reality. The question I am also trying to answer is this… is it really a miracle or a curse that I survived all of these things? Because the more I learn the more I start to think survival isn’t everything its cracked up to be, because in the end, we all end up at the same exact place… we all die. Which makes me think all of this is the illusion, and only those who question everything will begin to see parts of the truth that are hidden right out in the open. I’ve spoken about my “religious” experiences and how I’m leaning as I read and reinterpret the bible in my other blogs. I may not know what the truth is, yet I sure as hell know what many of the lies are. All I want to do is study and talk with others about our reality, from every angle… and maybe together we can all reach a single truth.

–Charles Marcello



Hi Charles Marcello.

Well, having read your very honest and open remarks and questions, there’s no doubt in my mind that you are sincerely trying to see the sense in everything, in particular, with the events that occurred in your own life. I will do my best to discuss this with you.

To begin with, if it’s at all possible, I would like to hear the account of the demonic visitation, as these guys do not visit people without cause, and the cause can range anywhere from – you’re a threat to them, to you’ve got something in your life that gives them every right to plant their foot in it. I once had demons, but was delivered of them, (not in a way Hollywood loves to portray), however, after thoroughly surrendering myself to God, was never bothered by them again. Believe me, they hate God, and anyone who stands for Him, but you can be free of their threats and torment. Though I do not know your account, even a visitation from them can put a ‘drag’ on your spirit, resulting in oppression and confusion that isn’t from your own mind or spirit, but theirs. Let me know if you want to pursue that end of it.

Regarding the Bible, I’m well aware that time has passed, translators don’t always know the real intent in the original, and things can get changed, but when God inspires the writing of anything, its solely up to Him whether or not that thing survives the ravages of what its going to pass through. He has made sure it’s viable enough that the truth can be seen in it. I have personally seen mistakes in the translation and in the copying of it, but the most important thing – the key if you will, to knowing what the truth is, is knowing the Spirit of God who wrote it. I’ve always said, if it’s written with inspiration, it must be read under inspiration.

That the Bible contains violence, even at God’s behest, is for 2 reasons. One, some of it is merely an account of what happened historically, and history is violent. And two, the Old Testament, being written (on the surface), for the Israelites, is cloaked, or better said, written as a type and shadow of what the reality of God is. The reason for this, is that the Israelites flat-out told God they didn’t want a personal relationship with Him – where He would speak to them and they to Him, but asked that Moses be their ‘go-between’. (See Exodus 20: 18-19) Knowing that without a relationship, Israel would never really know Him, and would surely go off track, rather than leave them destitute of any idea of God, He portrayed His spiritual principles in outward forms, and His truths in laws and rituals. That way, for anyone who was truly seeking God, a means to see the truth was at their disposal.

Death isn’t just physical. Even though our spirits live on forever, with whom they live, and in what state, is entirely up for grabs. Never underestimate the importance of your decisions – we either wound or assist in healing our spirits by every thought, word, and deed. God may have ordered certain killings, but you can be assured behind every such act, a spiritual truth was being revealed. And while physical death isn’t to be taken lightly at all, spiritual death is exceedingly worse. But when people like the Israelites of that time, do not want to relate to the truth, sometimes physical brutality is the only means of waking them up to what’s really going on in life. It’s way more than meets the eye.

As for your experiences, I agree, there’s no way you should have walked away from these things with as little damage as you did. There’s no doubt your guardian angel (and we all have one), was watching out for you. That doesn’t mean that everything’s okay, it means there is a purpose God would have you fulfill, but it’s in your hands to seek Him until He shows you what that is.

While I was brought up going to a particular church, it wasn’t until I sought God on my own, that I found Him, and experienced visions, dreams, angelic visitations, and conversations with Him. The church taught me virtually nothing that I needed to know to find God, but when I began following the way He’s laid down for us to find Him, it worked, and my journey began. While the church should represent God on this earth (after all, they name themselves after His Son), so often it’s man’s opinions and philosophy they speak and follow, not God’s truth. That’s about to change however, and you can bet the hierarchy isn’t going to like the New Way of God, any more than they liked it when Jesus became the New Covenant.
I hope this assists you, but I’m open if you’ve got more to discuss.



Hello Brenda,

I don’t have any problems sharing my demon experience… I will post it here, but must warn, it will be a long story. Before I do that, I agree with many of the things you’ve said, even though I do take a different stance as to what the bible is actually saying when it comes to the Israelites choosing man over a personal relationship with god. I’m starting to think when the bible talks about the Israelites creating kings, the bible then turns into a warning of what happens to man when man looks to man for all his answers… or stated another way, when man starts looking for god anywhere else than from within, nothing but evil follows… which is I why I believe the bible purposely confuses people when it says God does evil works, and that god is responsible for all good and all evil. Yet to explain that entire train of thought I would have to write a book and take the bible on almost page for page… I no longer see the Stories of King David and Solomon as individual men, I see those stories as the entire story of the human experience once man stops looking for god anywhere else than from within… I believe the bible is screaming at mankind stop looking for god anywhere other than from within. The bible tells us to make no idols, yet that is exactly what churches and all their writings and icons are…. the bible says there shall be no other gods before god… yet that is exactly what the bible is, a barrier between man and god… ie, don’t say repetitive prayers, but if you must say this… (not that it’s not a good a idea… its says don’t… and than creates an out… that little piece inside the bible should speak volumes to those who are seeking the truth.) Yet to bring all of this into a coherent message will take so much time, not to mention it would be me trying to force my understanding onto others…. so instead I seek to have conversations with anyone who professes they believe that their belief is the only way to god. Because history proves beyond any doubt they are all wrong. What would say if I told you this statement used to have a question mark behind it… “am I my brothers keeper?” and the answer was… YES you are. Which means to me… only when humanity is working together can the whole world move in one direction towards a single goal of heaven on Earth… while anything less always leads every single generation straight to hell. Regarding Jesus, I don’t believe Jesus tried to create a new covenant, that was added later so men could control other men. I believe the message of Jesus is extremely clear, we don’t need men in funny hats and clothes or official books/doctrine nor rituals telling us how to find god… become still with a honest heart and you will hear god…. god speaks to all who listen. I believe all the Christ like figures whose story is found all over the world, was trying to tell the world religion is a false idol, and will only lead to pain and suffering. Which is the exact history of every single religion on this planet, before Jesus and after. He said, “they will destroy the temple and I will rebuild it within three days.” Everyone understands he was talking about his body, yet no one understands the bigger point… there is no physical temple that can be built by man to honor god, nor is there any book that can truly honor god… only a private personal relationship can build the only temple god is interested in speaking within. There is a quote that states, “the greatest lie ever told was the devil convincing the world he doesn’t exist.” Well I call BS, because… the greatest lie ever told has always been and will always remain, convincing even one person that any lie is the truth. All pain and suffering starts from that simple beginning. Which brings me to the point of mentioning some of those things I’ve survived. What if the reason I have survived all of those things is so I could say what I’m saying now? That’s a question I cannot honestly answer, though personally I don’t believe there is any way in hell that could be even remotely true. In order for us to seriously have this conversation, please scroll down and give your answers to why the bible seems completely confused regarding those things I asked of Starheater.

My next post will describe my memory of that demon experience.

Note: This is the article at the top of this page!



Hi Again Charles Marcello.

That was no dream, that was a demonic visitation, and I do believe what you said. Remember how he looked, because many who think the ufos are carrying ‘space races’, are seeing demons, who would love for us to believe they are just other people who are here to save us.

In any case, demons don’t waste their time. If they appear to anyone, it’s because there’s a good chance they can deceive the person, and eventually get them to fall. If they make a good attempt at ‘getting you’ like this one did, it’s fair warning to you that you have given them plenty of room in your life that they feel you’re game. You saw how he was ‘nice’ to you at the beginning – that’s what they do, try to disarm us, make us feel we’re okay and they’re okay, so we’ll let down our guard – at which point they can easily enter into our spirits. That’s exactly what I’m referring to with regards to ufos as well. Get us to believe they’re ‘friendly’, with good intent, and we’ll let them inside our spirits before we know what we’re doing.

Demons look for ‘doors’ into people, things that take people away from truth, honestly, goodness, benevolence, etc., and steer us into doubt, unbelief, fear, hatred – you know what I mean. Ouija boards, ufos, witchcraft, filthy life habits, (I could go on), all serve as doors for these beings, and once they’re into you, they inspire more of the same, reinforcing the grip of death on your spirit.

You’ve had demonic troubles from a very young age, I mean apart from this one you’ve shared. But at the same time the Word of God has found a place in your spirit, a place where you believe it, and it has kept you from the full extent of this creature’s violence. Your spirit is a battle ground between good and evil, and if you want to help yourself Charles, try talking to God from the attitude that He really does care about you, and all of us, and exercise some trust/faith. Read a bit of the Bible from the same attitude more often, and put aside things you know fall into the category of those doors I was speaking about. As you do, you will gain strength of spirit, and doubt and fear will start loosening their grip on you.

This being lived in smoke – the gray areas, and focussed on violence and arguing. That’s because you lean very hard towards these areas in your own being, if not outwardly. But God met you with clean, white light, and white clouds (I’ve seen these too). Smoke is anger, which fuels doubt and hatred – avoid it. It leads to arguing and more fighting, which again, fuels doubt, depression and hatred. Your white cloud is thankfulness, which fuels faith and benevolence – feed that, you can’t lose.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I find these things intriguing. I do hope you have benefited from this.


To be continued

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  1. J.a says

    O my charles just had a experience some what different to yours thou,There was a news report on our governments attempt to regulate the banks for a new world order agenda there was pictures of public infrastructure a credit card payments using digital money taxes on civilians, then whats more about that was a micro chip experiment where unsuspecting organizations and that had corporate support being governmental institutes where trying to get power to administer that sort of technology like tracking devices and the government in the states could not pay their bill what a shocker that all is.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Rajan C. Mathew,

      I read your link and read some on your other site… I guess my question is this, how could anyone know the exact number of “ghosts” that inhabit the plain between Heaven and Earth? Not to be rude, but that answer seems to be pulled from thin air, pardon the pun!

      Regarding ghosts… my wife would argue everything you’ve said on your website argues against reality, meaning, she works in the medical field, a nurse… she is also part American Indian… (I only mention that because that is what she claims gives her, her “gift”)… My wife says she can sense not only ghosts, but also evil entities she cannot define. When we lived in Oklahoma City she worked at Saint Anthony’s Hospital… there is a special elevator you need a key to call the elevator and then use. She would freak her co-workers out by saying a “ghost” would open that elevator for her by declaring out loud… “Okay, I’m going down to smoke” and when she reached the elevator the door would always open without her having to use the key. It happened every time… while everyone else had to use the “special” key to simply call the elevator to their respective floors. Other nurses tried the same magic with zero success, only my wife could make it happen.
      Or when she worked in a Nursing Home and all the “ghosts” she saw, let alone the who she saw after they passed… like her father at her mom’s house.
      I on the other hand don’t know about ghosts… as kid I doubted the existence of ghosts… so much so I stayed in a “haunted house” all by myself at age 14… the three of use told our parents we were staying at each others house… two of them puss’d out and decided to sleep in the van… my one friend was 17 the other was my age, who used to live in this supposed haunted house… while I slept in the house the whole night. The only thing I walked away believing after that night was… never agree to sleep in a “haunted house” during a Los Angeles storm. The house creek’d as the wind and rain blew all night long, while making a branch tap on a bathroom window… yet many times it did sound like someone was walking in the house. At first I thought it was friends messing with me until I saw both of them inside the Van… so then I decided the house was “settling” because of the storm outside. When things got a little too weird I decided to sit in the hallway so I could quickly swing open the two doors that the noises were coming from inside of two different bedrooms. For over an hour I was opening and closing the doors, never once seeing anything though I did hear what sounded like foot steps, several times “walking” right up to the door. When I left the doors open as I sat in the hallway I never heard anything, when I closed the doors or went into the living room with the doors opened only then did I hear the noises. The excitement actually exhausted me so much I feel asleep in the hallway instead of on the couch left inside this abandoned house… I awoke at sunrise to my friends believing I wasn’t afraid of anything… though in truth I was pretty freaked out by all the noises… I just convinced myself the storm affected the house somehow. That is still where I stand on that experience, even though a couple of years ago I was positive I saw my first ghost… and I’m still somewhere between half yes and no towards ghosts being real.
      Now my mom believes in ghosts, both human and animal ghosts… she says she’s seen many throughout her life, including my grandfather waiting for my grandmother… once grandmother died whatever that spirit was that my mom said was inside her house, left. Plus there are many other people I know and have met that absolutely believe their family members have visited them after death… one claiming her mother came to her before she received the phone call.
      I say all of that because the people I’ve know and have talked with would argue there is no way what your site says is correct. While my only hang up is, how could anyone possibly know the exact amount of spirits? That’s my only question… how could you or anyone KNOW for sure?

      –Charles Marcello

      • says

        Hello Mr Charles Marcello,

        I regret making this reply nearly an year later. Your question was: How could you or anyone know for sure? (about the existence of invisible beings) My answer to that question is simple: No one can prove or disprove it by scientific methods! Because science that we know today as developed by human knowledge and wisdom is applicable to only energy and matter that are perceivable to us. And our knowledge and capabilities have limitations. Our handicapped memory and limited life span are simply not enough to grasp the immense knowledge that transcends our capabilities!

        Now coming to the unique and perhaps mysterious experiences that you and your wife had or have been experiencing, I would say that I am not surprised. There are thousands of people in this world who can recite such experiences. However, all such experience are not fully genuine. Some are fake or even psychic hallucinations or imaginations. But at the same time all cannot be written off in the same manner.

        Now I hope you might have read my blog article ‘ are ghosts real’ carefully. The basis of my blog is the high intellectual knowledge revealed to human kind by intelligent, invisible and immortal living beings to humans at a time they felt that such a knowledge would be digestible to at least a few human beings of the present age. I have been critically studying this voluminous information now available in the form of a book for quite some time and have come to the conclusion that the book reveals truths only and there is absolutely no reason to doubt it just as several other such books that we have. Now how I come to that conclusion is a bit difficult to be explained to the majority of humans who are either incapable of discerning truths from untruths or are inclined to fall in to the trap of deceptions that pervade our earth in all walks of life. A little knowledge coupled with our egos transform most of us to become vociferous arguers who take pride in opposing all new concepts and ideas!

        The larger group of invisible and intelligent ‘midwayers’ permanently residing on earth, about whom I have written in my blog, give much clandestine support to such people to prove untruths to appear or proved as truths. These ‘rebel’ midwayers are successful in deceiving people with weak minds and intellectual wisdom with their gimmicks. While they are now not capable of making their presence felt to people with strong minds, they could do so for people with weak minds or those willfully wish to get some favors from them. These rebel midwayers are very intelligent and they can create such conditions to make people believe in living spirits of dead people – some thing which is untrue and not according to the plans of the real will of the Universal Father God. They can also create such conditions to make ordinary people believe in many unexplained mysteries and even convince gullible people of thinking that their acts are in reality acts of the gods. They might even help some people gain wealth and power wherein the beneficiaries getting fully convinced of worshiping in some so called places of ‘divine presence’ or consider some humanly made objects as ‘divine’.

        The purpose of these ‘rebel’ midwayers is to divert humans from God.

        Then some of you may ask. If it is so, why God allows such things? There are reasons for that too. All that would become clear to those who wish to study the revealed knowledge that I mentioned. [ You may further explore all those by visiting my website and carefully and patiently reading the contents]

  2. Charles Marcello says

    This blog has taken a serious turn towards the surreal… this is my attempt to take a break from that direction and start thinking about another.

    First I would like to talk about comet Izon/Ison… According to NASA that comet will be up to 15 times brighter than our moon. Now, they are also careful to say the Size of the comet as seen from Earth will not be the same size as our moon, however this comet is still going to be extremely bright, which has me thinking… is it possible that this extremely bright comet/light could create the blood oceans and rivers talked about in the bible… by generating a certain type of “light” that will activate some dormant fungus or plankton? As crazy as that thought sounds at first, how is bacteria created? Now obviously plankton should not be considered bacteria, however the reason I used the word plankton was to help generate inside your mind’s eye the “floating” around our waterways whatever this dormant thingy might be… could this extremely bright light cast a light strong enough to affect our eco-system?

    As I’ve said in my other blog… “2012 and the Pyramids at Giza”… If I am correct and the three planets Mercury, Venus, and Saturn that perfectly matched the physical layout of the Pyramids at Giza… that that alignment are the three wise men talked about in the bible… if that is true, is the rest of the story trying to tell us, the birth of the new world is soon to follow, which is quickly ushered in by those in the know after this extremely bright star shows itself? However, if there is to be a new beginning, then that means some other new beginning (our time as we know it) is about to come to an end. Is that true?

    I cannot see how any of this could work, a light that is extremely bright could somehow create a worldwide red tide, that just doesn’t sound reasonable… Yet I cannot deny the bible talks about all water turning to blood…. As many are aware, there are massive fish kills happening all over the world, fish and water mammals are dying by the millions/thousands all over the world… in rivers and in oceans… AND nobody knows why. There excuses are funny as hell… too much oxygen in the water, too much urine in the water etc… Let alone all over the world there are massive sinkholes being created out of nowhere… entire buildings are swallowed up in a moment… and an entire river is now gone… not to mention these sinkholes have claimed at least a dozen lives… Yet the norm for sinkholes is supposed to be man caused… meaning, something we did underground creates a sinkhole… or in some rare instances sinkholes are created by earthquakes… yet these sinkholes are happening all over the world with no warning and there are thousands of them… and they seem to be happening several times a month, AND if current trends continue… it looks like that is about to change to several times a week. Not to mention in Africa a new ocean is about to be created… in one night the land instantly sunk for thousands of square mile. In Alaska people went to bed and the ocean could be seen from their windows… when they woke up there stood a twenty foot hill. In both instances nobody felt anything, nor was there any type of seismic reading. Because of these things, and many others… not to mention every leader in the world is talking about a new world order. I can’t help but wonder what the hell is really going on?

    Now according to the bible a new world order is coming… the first one is going to be evil, and the second one is going to be ran by Jesus… yet there are billions of people who don’t think Jesus actually exists, let alone these billions of people, myself included… don’t think that Jesus has any claim, let alone any right to dictate to the planet he abandon for two thousand plus years. Or, if that doesn’t float your boat, this one is my personal favorite theory, the one that actually makes me laugh out loud… Aliens (the real gods of our ancestors) are coming back to see how we are doing. If we’ve failed once again because of our evil ways they will destroy our planet… while purposely choosing only 144,000 to restart the world’s population. If by some crazy twist of reality, this is truly our future… well those evil SOB’s can go to hell… which brings me to main reason I created this comment. Many people believe all Aliens are not E.T.’s from another planet/solar system, oh no… rather these people firmly believe they are in fact demons. They say this is true because of how all UFO’s defy our laws of gravity… which to me suggests our laws (our understanding of reality/what is possible) must be wrong… but not to these people, again oh no… that means to them these UFO’s are demon spirits existing outside of space/time. And when these demons convince their victims they are being abducted, they are actually only being tormented by demons inside another dimension… and if you evoke the name of Jesus you will instantly be back in your bed. Not to mention these same people believe a false flag event of some kind is going to take place by the demons controllers. (ie… living human’s laying the foundation for these demons to come into our dimension to create hell on Earth.) Now if that is true, could it be comet Izon/Ison light could generate those things the bible talks about that, “men’s hearts will fail them for what cometh upon the Earth in the last days?” Could it be the light generated by this comet that would allow us to see into that dimension?

    For those who have followed my comments you already know the last Pope is upon us right now according to several prophecies…. Let alone there are many Christians who believe this Pope is the eighth king talked about in Revelations that will help usher in the anti (in place of) Christ. Yet to top it all off, like some cherry on top… there are many Christians who believe the Catholic Church and many other Christian denominations will tell the world when the Gods return (aliens/demons) that they are in fact our real gods… and the story that god equals some old man looking down from a cloud preparing to send billions straight to hell for having a good time like drinking cussing and fornicating is all fiction… Oh no see, our real gods are aliens who come back to Earth to check on us every 6000 or so years… if they like what they see we get to live on… if they don’t they flood the world or some other such stuff… I think the next one will be done with fire. However, people like Tom Horn and Steve Quayle don’t think we will be tricked into believing these aliens are gods… nope, these two believe the whole religious/and non-religious world is going to be tricked into believing these aliens are morally superior to us. To which I’m like… um if they can travel the stars… they are morally superior to us. I mean people can’t even run in a marathon without some crazy evil bastards trying to kill people. Could you imagine what they fucks would do if they could disable a spacecraft’s safety features and plow a 10 ton vehicle into a city going faster than the speed of light. Obviously these creature’s either learned from that horrible event… or somehow their entire society instinctively knows the negative effects that one person out of seven billion can have on its entire society, ie… it truly only takes one idiot with that kind of kinetic power to completely destroy an entire civilization… and that that truth is so ingrained into their society nobody even thinks about hurting anyone else. To me that is the only way an entire planet could survive inter galactic space travel… because it would only take one suicidal nut job to ruin an entire planet/species plans for their future. So if they can travel the stars then by god they are not only technologically but also morally superior to us. They are… so why shouldn’t we listen and follow their advice? Now if they come down here with an attitude, most humans will tell them to stick their morally superior self-righteous attitudes right up their aliens asses. Which of course would cause a galactic war, and they would have no choice but to destroy us because we’ve proven with many of current technologies, given enough time we can accomplish anything we put our minds too. Which is the whole point of this post. No matter what the truth will be… is the bible predicting our future within its prophecies, or within the stories found all throughout the old and new testaments? Which by the way, these same stories are found within hundreds of other cultures from around the world, each telling the same story, just said a little differently? Well one things for certain, we don’t have long to wait before this comet cometh and right soon… and if this Pope truly is the final Pope/King well then at 76 he aint got much time either. With all of that, what do you think and why???

    –Charles Marcello

  3. Brenda Brown says

    Hello Starheater.

    Yes, I did read your last post, and your explanation of what has been going on with you. I’m sorry to hear of your circumstances Starheater, it sounds like a nasty situation. Take care of yourself, and keep looking to God for the answer.

    Did you say that your Doctor thought your were “hearing voices in your head?” That sounds like some kind of medical condition. Is that what you meant? Nevertheless, because you have committed yourself to God, He’s got the answer. Keep yourself clean before Him and He will guide you through it. I am committing you to God.

    Yes, I’m willing to answer you on ‘Do Free Energy Devices Exist?’ Check it out, I’ve already put a post there, and can continue with you there. Just understand that if you don’t agree with what I’m saying, it’s better to ask me first, exactly what I’m saying and how I arrived at that, because there could be something you don’t see. I’ve walked with God’s voice guiding me for years, and can honestly say that nothing He said to me over the years, has proven wrong. Everything He said has either come to pass, or is on its way; and whatever He told me about people, has proven correct. I know where I’m coming from, so if you want to know where what I’m saying is based on the Bible, ask, and I will explain on what it’s based.

    Yes, you’re right about time, I often am just too busy to reply on these posts, but I will get back to you unless I’ve stated otherwise. I will let you know what to expect so you’re not left hanging. Again, take care of yourself. Talk later.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Susie

      She wont blog again on this site, neither M. Yurchey. Both are afraid to blog with me, because I always destroying their theories on God, the Univers and so on. You remind me a Susie that I new a few moths ago.

      She’s stubborn, and she freak when she see the thrut in face, it’s like she was looking God Himsefl, I’m sorry for you, she was a bright young woman, but Catholic dont admit easily that thy are wrong, well, not completly, but…

      Do you speak French Susie, I’m not confortable in English?

      So, welcome to this site were the imagination is not require, only the TRUTH.

      Yes I know; “The Messenger have said to the messenger”, a messenger is an angel, but when she’s said that, I didn’t put my attention on this phrases, this is more likely to be true, but the offenses have been made, and no way to get in touch with her, and I’m very sad about it.

      My good friend Charles Marcello is gone too, like the song said: “Alone again, naturely” by Gilbert O’Sullivan

      God Bless Susie

      • Starheater says

        Hello Susie

        Did you know that when NASA explore the land on Mars with their vehicule, they found life on Mars. Yeah, the camera have picture an image but it was to vague, so at NASA they make a good clause-up and adjust the focus. Do you know what they see.

        A bunch Gray E.T.’s with pancard saying: “Yankee, go home”

        But, I know that there is life on this planet, the NASA dont want to say there is life on this planet. An amateur Astronomer took a picture of Mars with a 6 or 8 inch telesscope equip with a camera fixe to the objectif.

        Oh boy, the Red Planet is not so red that we have seen with the pictures of Nasa. I’m sure that the atmospher is breathable, and this is after that I have seen the picture of tracks that the vehicule do on the ground. When we make a clause-up, the ground look humid. Ok, that’s all for now. God Bless Susie

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi Suzie.
      Thank you for your support and confirmation. It won’t be long now before signs will be following, and the Spirit will be doing the convincing. My heart goes out to those with sincere questions. Hope to see or talk with you sometime.

      • Starheater says

        Hello Brand “A”

        I will be short, I have been awake many hours. and I will go to bed, just after my comment.

        “the Spirit will be doing the convincing”, wrong again, it is the word of God who do the convincing, the Bible. From Mach to April you have change alot.

        sinceres questions? I thaught that a question was simply a question, “sincere”. God Bless Brenda -Steph

        • Starheater says

          Hello Brenda, I’m sorry, really sorry, come back, I am bore of you :(

          I think that was the habitude that make me talk like this, or perhaps, the fact that I was very tired. I would not try to convince you on this site. The only thing that I’m asking you, is to verified the sites that I will copy/paste, just that, beside, the subject is on God who talk to is childrens.

          The target subject is the presume “Gap” between the first and second verses of Genesis 1:1-2. You know that I like to proving what I’m saying, it’s only a question of honesty and delivering exact informations, nothing to do with my self-glory, I’m take care of not take glory that dont belong to me, and here it belong to another man, but most of all to the Christ and is Father, so I’m respectful about that.

          “So dont be cruel” (Elvis), I’m just trying to convince you like you try to convinde others. If you want to convince, is that because you want to share with others what you are experimenting now, for this is a joy to you, and you want others have the same joy that you have.

          Now, “that I dont “know” you”, could I ask you some serious question? No, not the first that ask you now :).

          Will you please describe me the tone and all that is related to if you were earing a sound, it’s in your head, or you fell that is in the air, or both. It’s a whisper, or it’s loud? Come and tell me more, be generous on the details, does I call your name at first….. etc….. etc…..

          Hope to see you soon. God Bless Brenda

        • Starheater says

          Hello Brenda, I’m sorry, really sorry, come back, I am bore of you :(
          I think that was the habitude that make me talk like this, or perhaps, the fact that I was very tired. I would not try to convince you on this site. The only thing that I’m asking you, is to verified the sites that I will copy/paste, just that, beside, the subject is on God who talk to is childrens.
          The target subject is the presume “Gap” between the first and second verses of Genesis 1:1-2. You know that I like to proving what I’m saying, it’s only a question of honesty and delivering exact informations, nothing to do with my self-glory, I’m take care of not take glory that dont belong to me, and here it belong to another man, but most of all to the Christ and is Father, so I’m respectful about that.
          “So dont be cruel” (Elvis), I’m just trying to convince you like you try to convinde others. If you want to convince, is that because you want to share with others what you are experimenting now, for this is a joy to you, and you want others have the same joy that you have.
          Now, “that I dont “know” you”, could I ask you some serious question? No, not the first that ask you now .
          Will you please describe me the tone and all that is related to if you were earing a sound, it’s in your head, or you fell that is in the air, or both. It’s a whisper, or it’s loud? Come and tell me more, be generous on the details, does I call your name at first….. etc….. etc…..
          Hope to see you soon. God Bless Brenda

          • Brenda Brown says

            Hello again Starheater.

            I hope that you are taking your steps carefully, with a great deal of thought Starheater, because I didn’t come online to argue or cause a problem. I am here speaking what I know to be the truth, or what I think could be a possibility, just like everyone else. And while I certainly can appreciate someone asking me to be prepared to back up what I’m saying with the Bible, and I understand that we are after the truth, I am not prepared to ‘prove myself’ every time I speak. Let me explain what I mean.

            As I said in former posts, I have had a relationship with God for many years, and I know what it is to follow His Spirit and receive revelation from Him on numbers of occasions. Sometimes God would show me scriptures right away that confirmed what He said to me, at other times, I would have to wait for several years before I received a confirmation. I check myself all the time, but I don’t force myself to ‘prove it’, I let God show me the proof in His time, His way, through whomever He wishes. And I have seen confirmation come through many different sources, in the most unexpected ways – because God is very creative, has a great sense of humour, and knows how not to be boring.

            As a follower of Christ, we are expected to be led of His Spirit. Jesus said He did nothing except He ‘see’ the Father doing it, which implies a heart tuned in to what God is saying and doing – a sensitive person who listens to the Spirit of God. He didn’t say He did whatever was written in the Law, not because He was breaking what was written in the Law, or not fulfilling it, but because He had a living relationship with the Father and was following what His Spirit said/showed Him to do.

            If we have a relationship with Christ it will be by and through His Spirit, not because we’ve read the Bible. I read the Bible, and speak it quite often, but we’re not following a book, we’re supposed to be following a Person who sent His Spirit to “guide us into all truth,” – which He can’t do unless we’re listening to it and following it. The book is a reference, and for some, a source of instruction and guidance, but God leads His people in different ways, stressing the Bible to some, His Spirit to others, the relationship between Him and His people to others, etc. We have to let God lead people in the way He chooses.

            When I am writing to someone, or speaking, it doesn’t matter, I do my best to tune into the Spirit of God and say as He is leading me. If He chooses at that time, to have me fill in the scripture which confirms my thoughts, I’ll throw it in, but if not, I do not interrupt His leadings and how He moves with me, to prove to man that I’m speaking truth. That is how God’s Spirit works with me. If you wish to work with the words of the Bible, that’s up to you, I understand.

            Regarding the ‘gap’ between verses 1 and 2 in Genesis, verse 1 says God created the Heaven and the earth,’ which is a complete picture – we have the heavens and the earth. But all of a sudden in verse 2, we have an earth that was “.. without form, void, and darkness was upon the face of the earth…” Without form, void, and dark is not how God created the heavens, much less the earth, so something has occurred. We came from having a heaven and earth in verse 1, to being told he created light in verse 3 and then heaven in verse 8 – so obviously we are back-tracking. Look up the word ‘was’ in verse 2, it means ‘had become’, implying something had happened that destroyed the earth from its original beauty.

            As for God’s voice, it was audible – like hearing someone talking beside you, sounded male, spoke with authority, and with inflections just like we do. The voices of the angels I’ve heard are harder to describe – they were lighter, as if more Spirit than voice, though I certainly heard their words.

            And regarding the convincing of the world of sin – see John 16: 8, the word ‘reprove’ means ‘convince’.

            While I know it’s not easy to convey what we’re trying to say via words on a blog, I am being honest at every turn, and speaking what I know is truth Starheater. If you don’t agree, that is up to you. I’m not trying to be nasty or hurtful, but I’m not about to go into lengths of scripture to ‘prove’ myself time after time, for the Spirit knows what I’m doing, and He’s the One who taught me. I know all about trying to help other people see truth – that’s what we all do.

            Talk later.

          • Starheater says

            Hello Brenda

            It’s good to have you back, I’m happy now. The voice that you have described me, is the same that I ear sometime, this big male voice was imposing only by earing the rich bass that fill my head, voice deep and wide. I have heard this voice giving me orders, he have made a prediction concerning me, first, “that I would be a Jehovah Witness in the future”. He have blocked my thought, I could not thing about the person I fell in love when I was young. When I go to bed I dream about a girl that I have once knew, and by dooing this, I have my dose of love every day. Well this I could not do anymore.

            He have make me fear Him intensivly, because I was asking to me to be Jehovah Witness, and each time I said to him that I belong to the Christ. He shout many time, saying “come here” without pronouncing my name.
            The beginning of all these events was particuliar. The voice was plain, nothing to say about, it said to me without mention my name: ” Dont be afraid, no arm will be done to you, I know that this might have the idea that you are getting mad, bit I can assure you that is not the case, you are normal, dont be afraid.
            In that time, 2 or 3 years, I have just been throw out of my ancien hous that I have sold to my “twins” cousins. I was supposed to stay in my ancien house, but before we arrange the papers, I have spoke to them, that the fact that they were my cousins, I wouldn’t have to specified that I have to stay in this house. I had confidence in my cousins, so when we make the official papers, they announce me that I had to get an app., few week after, I was trown outside, the police was there to watch the procedure. I pick up all my guitars, the only thing that I could not bring with me was my Marshall amp.

            I have been in 2 houses, all was free, the fact is that those houses we cannot stay more then 30 days. Now, I’m in an app. and I try to survive the best that I can. For the past 20 years approx., I’ve been fighten to my head out of the water, and the past 2 or 3 years I have been experimenting strange phenomenons, but is not the first time, in my house, I have experimented stranges things, but…that will be for the next time.
            The next time, I will submit to you some few stranges events that arrived to me, please dont be shy to give me advice, I dont mind.

            Well, here we can find two senses of understanding:
            1. I would be a Witness, but without being Jehovah.
            2. Or a Witness of something far to been believe (I hope you understand me)

            The only thing that I know of, is that I possess the Testimony of the Christ, naturely, this according to the Scriptures. Or, the Testimony of the Christ is the gift Prophecy, but this as far I can think of, I have made prophecy that I dont know of. I will try to explain myself clearly.

            I didn’t have the symtoms that the Prophets of God had when the Angel submit the spirit of the Prophet to Him. All that I know of was told by those you were there when I bless all of those who were in the house, but personnaly, I dont remember except of a vision that I had when I was sit on a chair ouside and looking at the clouds at north.
            I’ve seen a big man like Boudha, I was sitting on a cloud. I dont remember that I had spoken to me, all that I new, is that there a rainbow in “shit”.

            Well, this strange kind of dream I have believe it since. I just have a flash, not a real, but an idea that came quickly in my mind. The religion of Boudha is call in my word naturelly: “The Center Road”
            In general, peoples are on this road me included, they try to do their best, but they know that this road leads to nowhere. They are good whit those who are good, even to those who are not, but sometime they are bad with the bad and few times with the good. They are far from reaching the good attitude that Jesus had. Those people are in fact lukewarm, and Jesus said to those that He would spit them from is mouth, on this, I dont think you need a picture to understand. Well, this kind of peoples are composing the majority of the populations on Earth.
            On the other hand, the Scriptures said that if we believe that Christ was God in the flesh, and that He gave us is life to save all those who believe in is Name, then we are save.

            So, the prophecy of that whatever he is, will not fulfill.

            Now, there is a particuliarity to the voice and voices that I ear and have heard, we got to generate sounds so that we could ear voices. When the sound is generated, it’s like this sound was remodulated in audible words.

            Sometime I ear them to loud, enough that I can listen to TV if the volume is normally loud. So, if the talk to loud, I ask that they low their volume, and after a while the volume of their voices are roughly perceivable, I’ve got to make silence in the house if I want to ear them.

            When I speak, at the same time, they speak by saying the same words that I had in mind. If I had “cafe” in mind, and I to they, “tea”, they will rectified me.
            Oufff, I have so many things to say to you, that, just telling you all that arrive could be if accumulated, finnish by being a book.

            What was a surprise for me, is that my doctor ask me if I ear voices in my head, and I respond that was the case, he ask me if they were menacing me, and that was not the case. I’m not afraid, but went they want, I can be afraid, but not of them, they can act on other people to bring danger to me, but since the beginning till now, this have been the contrary. Since today, they have take good care of me.

            In the Bible, Paul the Apostle have experiment something like this, this is done I think by the angel to obtain the result that I want from us, naturely in accordance of the law of the Bible.

            Now, I want to ask you something that is very important for you and me. I would like you to give the proof of the things that you state, to much errors have been detected here and there, and here I dont talk of you. Mostly the error that I make is from the knowledge that I have from the net.
            I have staded that the age of the Earth have been proven by the Polonium in the “marble”, that was and error of my part, the material was in fact “granit”.

            Now, for genesis 1:1, this is only the revelation that God have create all the Univers.
            Now for v.2, the first things to appear was the simple elements like: element of fire, follow by element solid, element of gas, and finally element of water. This is what you have in the chap.4 of Revelation.

            I was about to continue, but this field is very full, I propose the we change field of subject so we could be able to continue. I will let you select the field, exemple: Do Free Energy Devices Exist? or others, no importance for me, I will continue my explanation. Ok Brenda.

            Now, little reminder; whatever I say, dont quit, dont worry, tests are finnish. If you quit it will be interpreted like if you were oblige me to think the same as you. If the truth is in your statement, you will not be force to give me a push, I will accept your statement.
            If you quit another time, I will think that it’s not the truth that you search, not because I have it, but because I’ll might have the most important part of it, or lest. Little word in French (ok ma Puce, tu ne sais pas pourquoi je te donne ce nom? C’est parce que je t’ai toujours dans la tête. Je sais, je sais qu’il faut suivre les lois du pays, et c’est ce que je fait, mais on s’arrange toujours pour me sortir de mon sac, comprendo? Quand on taquine le Lion avec un bout de viande, on se fait bouffé la main. De plus, il ne mange pas de petite portions, comprendo? Qu’il n’agisse pas en fonction de me faire tomber, il en porterais la faute d’une manière ou d’une autre)

            Those word in French was for your angel to know, be good we me now, and I will give you twice what you givin’ me.

            God Bless Brenda, se you ( dont forget to select a field of subject)

          • Starheater says

            Erratum: The element has not been started with fire, I have forgot that the day begin at sunset, so in fact the element begin with solid matter.

  4. Starheater says

    Hello Charles

    Oh boy Charles!!!!!No, it’s not a nonsense. You throw me in a situaton that will need many many pages. But, as usual, I will try to make it short.

    Paul have stated that we could find many allegorys, in the Bible, but he stated to words, but I only remember the first one, this second word is like a symbol, manner of speak, but this word is a little far from the right one.

    Exemple; Eve have eat the fruit of tree of …, But in reallity, she didn’t eat this fruit, it’s an ….(?). Another; and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. Do you really think that He had to do that? Hear this; ” And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die”. A serpent has a tongue but no throt. Oh yes, an angel could make a donkey speak, but a serpent!!!! Let’s be serious.

    No doubt in my mind that God could have make it all happen, but why?

    Now , let’s portrait the 4 river that came from a big flow of water that was push by the hydrolic force, but to have a real good flow, you’ve got to have a pretty good high mountain, dringggg, they didn’t got any in those time, the land was flat. Oh, it could have burst only by the pressure by the weight of the land. But it would not be durable. This is few exemples of what I’m trying to explain.

    Now, let’s see, before Cain kill is brother, God said to him: “And the LORD said unto Cain, Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen?” Does that phrase tell you something Charles? For my part, it tell me that God did not know what Cain was thinking.

    This is why I mention what Paul have stated about those kind of exemples. Do you think that Jonas was really in a whale? I could have been certantly!!!! God is capable of protecting is childrens. But why this is so? (Be patient, I will respond to you Charles)

    Now, I will shorten’ much more. The ONE who have speak to Adam, Eve and Cain was the Word, in other words, the CHRIST. The Christ act like this to give a chance to Cain to said the truth. This Creation when we think logicly about it, we think that this is not what it happen, but yes, it happen like that Bible have tasted.

    Melkisedk the Priest that had no beginning and no end, was the Christ too.

    Now as Charles have said, what I said is nonsense, but what is nonsense for man, for God it is good, (I dont remeber the exact phrase).

    Mary the mother of Jesus, it was by the Holy Spirit the she went pregnent, and this has nothing to do with Joseph, because it is said that Joseph did not knew is wife until she had Jesus.

    I will stop here, I have been awake more then 24 hours, and I’m tired, but I will finnish this theme later. God Bless Brenda and Charles.

    To continue……

    • Starheater says

      Suite for Brenda & Charles

      In our last Episode, Starheater was in great danger….hahaha :)

      Like I have said yesterday, that was the Christ that was in the Garden, He had a “body” like you and me, and a “voices” to “speak”, this voices came from is troath, this body was like the one that the Word went into, and like you saw by reading the Bible, the Christ have not know all the ideas that man as, I could know if He wanted, and that is what it happen with Cain, ’cause blood take a certain time to to free the soul, “cause like the Bible say, ” the soul is in the Blood, the “living soul” is the body. Ok for that?

      I have the Bible in CD, I have make a research in the Bible, I didn’t find this verse, like I said, past 1985, all the Bible was amputated. Now, I will have to search this verse in the book of the Bible, 1972/76 edition of the Bible of Jerusalem. And I will have to do so with an headache, oh brother…. :)

      Anyway, I’m sure you understand the point.

      I understand Charles what you have said about “the virgin Mary”. No, they were not there when this happen. Like I said in my previous letter, it was the Holy Spirit/Ghost who have make this happen, the angels with a little “a” are capable like the Word to appear in a humain form.

      Now the reason that God dont do those kind of communications with simple persons, is that He would be death at the micro second that He talk. When Angel talk to Prophets, those are so in great fear that they would died if the Angel would not keeping him in life, so, imagine God now, No there is exception, beside, if Angel would communicate with everyone, what would happen with the Holy Ghost, dont need that Holy Ghost, Jesus is talking to me direcly via interurban, no charge past 6, beside I have the Paradise credit card, I pay only 7% of incense per months, and naturelly, free on all call made the Sabbath :)
      Ok Brenda :)

      It’s not me that Created God, He His Powerfull, to much much much powerfull to ear His voice, dont forget what I have mention talking about the job of angels; ” Hebrews 1:14 Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation? ”

      There is no place in the entire Bible that state that God talk to man. Previously I have stated that was because humains are not enough “pure”, but this is not exact.

      God Bless folks

      • Starheater says

        I have stated, that my Bible program was not good, this is not exact. The Bible program have exactly the Bible that I have in book format.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello StarHeater,

      I wonder if you realize how much damage you’ve just done to the bible with your answer. Because according to your logic. I’m now supposed to believe the Adam and Eve story is allegory? So according to this logic, sin was NOT forced onto the world by Adam and Eve? And that god did not talk with Abraham, Moses or Noah??? Interesting… So I’m guessing you believe sin was forced onto this world the moment it was created, because according to your logic, god is responsible for all the evil that has consumed this world from the moment of creation to present day… and I’m like, it appears you believe that god owes the whole world a giant apology? Fantastic… one Christian down, only two billion left to go. Who knew I would be this effective so quickly! Yes I am being sarcastic, yet Star you gotta help me out here, how the hell is anyone supposed to believe the New when you’re going around telling everyon the old is unbelievable? This comment of yours does more to strengthen my position, while completely opening up the door for someone to come in and start tearing the whole bible apart as pure fiction. I’ve always said, the two most dangerous things facing Christianity today are professional Christian theologians and so called active Christians. I mean you just threw away the three of the five major components that equals Christianity. And I’m not even gonna have fun ripping apart the 10 commandments and how by your argument alone, they weren’t from god, oh no, they were created by some dude wearing a dress in the middle of the desert with a passion for ruining peoples’ lives. I would really love to see how you fix this, seeing how your comments saying god never spoke audibly to anyone proves the entire old testament is pure nonsense.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Charles Marcello

        I have to say some of your answers are a gas – like the ‘dude wearing a dress in the middle of the desert with passion for ruining people’s lives; and how it wasn’t really God who impregnated Mary…’ I enjoy them. I know you take this seriously, but your character shines through and you do have quite a sense of humour.

        What I have to say today Charles, is that I’ve finished the 11 videos of the Messenger, and just wanted to leave a comment. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall off hand, John Kleck saying that Obama was the ‘Beast’ in his actual prophecy. I’ll comment on that below. However, on the things he’s been shown in the money and various glyphs – fascinating, and very much true. I had not seen these before.

        What’s going on in the abduction scenarios is exactly what he’s talking about, and that’s something I’ve been aware of for a number of years. Did you ever read Sky Crash – Brenda Butler, Dot Street..? I read this in the early 80’s and their conversation opened up a lot of possibilities for what’s taking place during abductions. They also mentioned a ‘Hollywood Educational Program’ – which indeed has been going on, and was even before that time. I’ve just recently heard how the Nephilim are the specific group of fallen angels/demons who are doing the damage, but I think I’m catching up on that. I have done enough reading on abductions to get the picture quite well. ‘Matrix II’ (not the movie) – a book by Valdamar Valerian, and ‘Top Secret’ spilled a lot of beans to me on the subject, back in the early 90’s. I have found Final Events by Nick Redfern, pretty right on as well. These might be old news to you, but I’m just letting you know where I’ve been on the subject.

        During my own research for my books on the Zodiac and the visions of Daniel, I received insight into the Abomination that makes Desolate, which coincides a great deal with John’s. Whether it comes down to a temple built in a certain place in Israel or not really isn’t the point. What is the point is what these guys are doing to people’s souls, once they get in. The greys are in fact the ‘locusts’ – which as we know eat what’s green – life, and that’s exactly what happening to the abductees. As God said to me in that early dream, “…even now, they are preparing ‘people’ to take their place in society…” Obviously covert and developed enough that the replacement isn’t noticed as something different at all.

        Now, unless I missed something during the playing of the 11th video, which is entirely possible since I have to jump up fairly often, how he arrived at Obama as the Anti-Christ (Beast) is not solid to me. I can honestly say I have never liked Obama from the beginning, but ‘the Beast’ is stretching it quite a bit right now. Obama is cocky, heady, and compromising – I’ve always said that, but what it’s going to take to be the Anti-Christ is a whole lot more than that. You can’t just draw a triangle, “say..6x6x6..” which adds up to 18, and then tack Obama’s name on the end simply because the letters add up to 18. That stands on pretty shaky ground.

        That Satan is well planted in the Catholic Church doesn’t surprise me at all, but you cannot stroke out millions of people because their leader identifies himself with Lucifer’s face, and demonic ‘children’. John, though sincere and with a true calling on his life, as well as having been given some true gifts, is rushing into ‘office’ a little too quickly for his own ego. Since he’s the type of character he is, he’s apt to get ahead of himself, become a little too sloppy in the details – which can make all the difference between something being right, or wrong, and start getting foolish. That’s the over all major root of the problem with Pentecost in general. If people don’t adhere to God very closely in their daily walk, giving them gifts, healings, and miracles just serves to make their ego punky it’s so oversized, and their heads explode. Good thing that’s about to change.

        The only thing I have left now I believe, is Veith’s video. I’ll get back to you when I’ve put some time in there. Thanks again for all the info.

  5. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Charles.

    Don’t mind me as I hop in and out with ongoing comments on those sites you gave me to look at. If I have any time in a day to look at videos, it’s usually the morning, and just for an hour at that, but things are very hectic here (looking after abandoned, abused and neglected animals, as well as typing up two more books), so I have to watch things in pieces.

    I made a quick post to you after watching ‘Just the Messenger’, up to about part 5, and knowing I hadn’t said everything I wanted to say about it, I decided to share some more here. Plus, I just finished watching Parts 1 & 2 of Sid Roth, which you also gave me.

    In all honesty, I don’t do much watching of uTube, or TV Evangelists and talk shows – it’s just not what I felt God wanted me into. Thus, this ‘Messenger’ guy is totally new to me, as was his message about what’s on the money, but Sid Roth – though I’ve only seen him maybe 4-5 times, I know is a very sincere Christian, walking on the edge of some areas where most Christians don’t want to travel. He also makes me laugh a bit – and I mean absolutely no disrespect at all, because he’s like a bit of an elderly fuddy-duddy who drank a glass from the fountain of youth. In other words, he’s got plenty of structured doctrine within him, but a thirst for, and recognition of, things outside the walls of the institution. He has a simple and pure spirit about him, which I appreciate, because that’s what it takes to venture into the deeper things of God.

    I told you I found the ‘Messenger’, very interesting indeed, and that I am very familiar with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit – as he spoke about them. While watching him, as he began praying – asking God to give him the prophecy ‘again’, so that he could give it to the people watching, I saw an angel come down and talk into his ear. Now I know, that might just sound a bit weird or phoney, but I am telling you exactly what I saw. I knew therefore, that he actually did get an original prophecy about things he was saying, I could see he was – in the time of that video, very sincere, and believed the message. And I also knew what he meant when he said he was called to the Catholic church, with this message he’s sharing.

    The reason I am saying all of this is because for some time now, I’ve been aware that God was going to do a new thing on this earth, in our day, and I knew it was going to be very different than what the church has ever known since its inception. One of those pieces included a dream I had in 1974, in which I heard the voice of what I understood was a radio announcer, talking as if he were broadcasting the news, and his message was, “Very soon they are going to ship hundreds of Christians up north to Alaska, the Aleutians, and ‘P….’ Island (I couldn’t remember what he said until later). Even now they are preparing people to take their place in society.”

    When I woke up, the dream was so real I actually thought I’d heard it on the radio, but as gathered myself together, I knew it was a dream. Not being able to remember the island, except that it started with a P, my Dad and myself took out an Atlas and looked up north, and the only island we could find – at that time anyway, that started with a P, was Priblov (sp?) Island. My question at that time was, who is ‘they’? However, I knew all about what was occurring with the ufos, because before my conversion, I had seen numbers of them, and I knew what it took to get them out of my life.

    Through the ensuing years, pieces of this gigantic puzzle came together, until I clearly saw what part the ufos were playing in todays ‘strong delusion’, how they fit in against what God was doing, and what it was that God was actually doing, plus to some extent, what my own calling was in accordance with this time, and along with that, what a major part of the message I was going to have, was. I have sat since the mid 70’s, watching these things fall into place, and for the last 10 – 12 years, have told the people I knew, that it would NOT actually surface on this earth into public view until 2013. 2012, though officially the ‘beginning’ of it, would not be as dramatic as they kept saying it would be.

    Now I’m not trying to sound mysterious, but because the great stuff you got me into with Sid Roth, is part of the heart of my message, it involves so much of different things God has shown me, I just can’t begin to say it all here and now. If anything I’ve said is of interest to you, I would be glad to discuss it with you, but it’s so involved that to try to properly explain it all now, is out of the picture.

    This message – and again, I thank you very much for showing me these things, as I was not aware they had been on TV, would freak out many of todays Christians, and in fact, God has clearly shown me that many, many of todays Christians, will fall in this coming time, basically because they didn’t believe it when they heard it, and didn’t prepare themselves for it. What I didn’t know, or should I say, didn’t know was going on to the extent it is, was how involved the Vatican is in these things. I knew the Roman Catholic institution would fall, as every other institution is going to in this day, but I didn’t realize just how wicked the root really is.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t take more time to explain myself, but I wanted you to know that I am right there with these things you’ve brought to my attention, I know the ‘Messenger’ is sincere, though like all of us, he has things to learn, and he’s going to realize he can’t just swath down a whole group of visions or supernatural events, without being very sure he is discerning people involved in them. Anyway, thank you Charles, these are so appreciated. Talk to you later.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Brenda,

      No I don’t mind at all… the internet is the only place in my mind where time truly stands still.
      Regarding Sid Roth, I don’t see him the same way you described, I see him the complete opposite of what you described and will leave my thoughts on him right there… though I must admit he has had some pretty interesting guests on his show.
      Regarding that show, I would strongly recommend you read some of Tom Horn’s writings, either go to his website; and read his thoughts or purchase some of his books. Or find more of his videos on YouTube… btw, if you have a smartphone with the Internet, you can listen to anything you want while driving down the road or working out… etc. The reason I suggest you do so is how Thomas Horn, in some of his other writing and videos, reveals many of the Catholic Churches hierarchies true doctrine. Which might help you to discover why the bible was created in the first place, even though Tom Horn never makes the connection.
      StarHeater mentioned Walter Veith, who is the only Pastor I’ve seen on YouTube to not ignore or change what the bible actually says, he is the only one who hasn’t while all the others have… yet to be fair I haven’t listened to all of his videos, but I have listened to many of them. I would recommend his total onslaught series which can be found here… . In one of these videos he says the same thing you did when it comes to why the bible is correct and all the other religions are wrong… ie, Satan knew gods plan so he tried to destroy mankind’s future for thousands of years before Christianity/Jesus ever came on the seen… that Satan created the virgin birth story within those cultures that still effect us today. Yet this same guy points out how all many of the other religious stories are taken from older religions, and therefor are nothing more than copycats… even though if you read on, which Walter doesn’t, many of their stories are found within the bible as well…. but shh, don’t point that out… no no because if someone does then you people can’t have it both ways. If Satan stole from god your story, then he stole everyone else-is… which means every other religion can say Satan stole from god their story, and that Christianity is a copycat religion born from Satan… yet every other religion can argue but somehow they aren’t… Which means in over 6000 years we haven’t learned one damn things… because NOW with that absurd nonsense all we can do so is continue fighting until the last one is standing after many more years of bloodshed and misery, and only then can we finally define who is right. Yet history proves once the fighting has stopped the survivors will practice their religion in secret until they have the numbers to start the fight up once again… Yay for our future, YAY! pttth!
      Yet if someone takes a step out of line and looks at our world, it is painfully obvious you and everyone else is blindly following your faith. Because each of you can uses the others excuses as to why you’re right and everyone else is wrong. And only when the questions become to hard do you guys start to make up your own new excuses, which allows you to turn and laugh at the others. While history demands all religions alive right now are completely full of crap, and that each of you stole from someone else. Only blind faith allows everyone to think otherwise, while someone honestly searching for the truth cannot help but be saddened by all of this. Yet for me, the reason I travel far and wide within the religious realm is each of you have truth within you. And the only thing that keeps all of you from discovering all those things you have in common is the BS you’ve all been programmed into believing that the other is the spawn of Satan… which forces all of you to only focus on those things that makes you all different, and/or forces each of you to completely ignore/deny the other. Which is nothing short of pure evil by all sides… ie, if completely ignoring all those things that brings the human family together is evil, than completely ignoring other faiths because you think they are different is evil as well. To me the answer is undeniably simple, each of you, every last one of you, have been tricked by man to believe in a lie.
      Now the other guy, Jonathan Kleck, I don’t think it would be fair for me to comment on him just yet… once you’ve finished with this series, if you would like, I will give you his personal YouTube address so you can watch some of his most recent videos. When he created, “only a messenger” series he behaved and said things a certain way… today it appears to me he has fallen victim to his own warnings. But that is a conversations for sometime in the future.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Charles Marcello,

        I just dropped in today to address the other issues you spoke of in your last reply. First though, let me just say I am very much appreciating the videos you have sent me to – I’m on number 8 of Kleck’s, have seen all of Sid Roth’s, and took a peek at Veith’s this morning – he looks like a sharp, straight arrow to me.

        I have no doubt, as you look at all the world’s religions, that each one claims to have ‘the truth’, reasons why that is true, and packs a bag of various ‘explanations’ on how any apparent errors within their texts or beliefs couldn’t possibly be correct. Actually, they would be pretty stupid if they didn’t. I’ve not looked into a lot of different beliefs, (though I have to insert here that while attending the Pentecostal church here in town, back in the 70’s, I was known for talking to Catholics, Mormons, various other denominations, and ‘witches’, etc.), but have never, since my conversion, shut out and cut down a mass of people as those who were ‘going to Hell’ etc., just because of their beliefs. Because God looks on the heart, I’ve known from very early on in my walk with Him, that unless God has shown us people’s hearts, we’d best keep our exposes focussed on their doctrines, and not on the people themselves.

        I am also aware of what mainstream Christianity teaches, just from my few years in the Pentecostal Church, and talking to various people. Believe me, entering into the institution of the church world back in the 70’s, as a female, with claims of God speaking to her in an audible voice, having visions, angelic visitations, etc., and speaking about former experiences with ufos, witchcraft, and ouija boards taboot, I soon found out where the institution stood. I very quickly came up against the predominately male, ego-dominated realm of religion, and was the recipient of several attempts to put me ‘in my place’.

        While I had the very deep notion that I was behind everybody else, and needed badly to catch up to them, fortunately, I also knew that God had snatched me out of a very ugly and tortuous realm, and wasn’t about to let people tell me my experiences weren’t real, just because they hadn’t had such things occur to them. I learned nothing without having to battle tradition, doctrine, peer pressure, and the just plain desire to dominate anything female – especially if it speaks its mind. So although I may sound at times that I am just like those ‘other guys’ out there, and although there are indeed some key elements on which we agree, I know quite well where I differ from them, and if I were in their midst for very long, so would they.

        I’ve come saying that the Spirit of God is the Key to knowing when something is of God, and when it’s not, and that is very, very true. And teaching me how to recognize what was/wasn’t of His Spirit, was something God took pains to do for me – even when I didn’t have a clue what He was doing, or why. Let me give you a for instance.

        It’s in the early 70’s and I’m a member of the Pentecostal church. Brian Withe, the new Pastor of the church, is constantly telling me that God wants me to prophesy. And I keep telling him that there is no way I’m going to open my mouth and say – God knows what, and put a “Thus saith the Lord..” in front of it! “Just open your mouth and God will fill it”, comes his reply. And I come back with, “I’m NOT saying ‘Thus says the Lord’, and then hoping that the thoughts that come to my mind, are really God’s, and that they make sense.” Back and forth we go, right.

        Then, as was my ‘custom’ at the time, while I was sitting on my bed before going to sleep, and talking with God, I saw a thin gray wall, about 2 feet square, appear before me. I notice that all of a sudden, my words seem to bounce off that wall and come back in my face. Nothing I can say seems to get the thing out of the way, and nothing I’m saying to God seems to be getting through. I fight and fight but to no avail. I am cut off from God so it seems. This goes on for two weeks straight, every night when I go to talk with God. I say nothing to anyone.

        So an older couple who had just started coming to the church, invites a bunch of us out to their house, and as we’re all sitting around, suddenly the Presence of God descended into the living room. Some people were flat out on the floor, having visions, some praying, etc., and Brian Withe starts in on me again. “You need to prophesy.” “I’m not speaking any old words that are in my head and saying God said them!” While this ‘chat’ is occurring, Hanah, the woman whose house we were in, bows her head, and seconds later asks me, “Have you ever had your fortune told?” I’m thinking – a gypsy staring into a crystal ball, telling me my fortune, so I said, “No.” She bows her head again, and 2 seconds later asks, “Have you ever used a Ouija Board?” Now, she being new to the church, had no idea of my past, so this sat me up and I started paying attention.

        “Yes, I have,” I answered. “You are right,” she replied. “You can’t prophesy. I see a thin gray wall in your mind, and it’s the last thing that is left over from having used a ouija board. Can I pray for you?” I knew she had no way of knowing what I had been seeing for the last 2 weeks, and yet at that moment, with the request to pray for me, my whole being just wanted to run out of there and down the highway. Only because I thought that was a very wrong impulse for a Christian to have, did I prevent myself from running, and therefore, she came over and quietly putting her hand on my shoulder, prayed her simple prayer. (She also prophesied over me)

        Eventually, I got up and went into the bathroom to blow my nose, and God suddenly speaks to me. “Brenda! You have got to speak tonight.” I knew He was saying I had to prophesy and it had to be that night. Absolutely hating to speak to crowds at the time, I could barely bring myself to obedience, so I replied “God! You have GOT TO HELP ME!” “I WILL help you!” He says, almost pleading with me.

        So I went and sat down, everybody’s still busy doing whatever the Spirit of God was doing with them, and suddenly I see before me a scroll, descending from Heaven. When it’s stationed right in front of me, I see it has writing on it, and so I read aloud what it says – my first prophecy. (God didn’t say I had to yell it out, so I did what He said – speak)

        From that night forward, and for at least 6 months later, every time I was supposed to prophesy, a scroll descended from Heaven with the prophecy written on it. All I had to do was read. Wasn’t this my problem? Yes, indeed. I had said I had trouble knowing what words God was saying, so He made it point-blank obvious, even a child wouldn’t have trouble there. In fact, about 6 months after this meeting, a woman who was a member of the church and who had heard me prophesy, came up to me after and said, “It sounds like you’re reading those prophecies.” Being the raw ore that I was then, (and still am a bit), I said, “I am. Every time I’m supposed to prophesy, a scroll descends from Heaven with writing on it, and I just read it.” This flew over like a lead balloon, of course.

        What I realized as a result of this ongoing supernatural event, was that as I read the words of prophecy after prophecy, I began to notice a difference between God’s words, and my own thoughts. His had life, as if they were charged and full of light, while mine were flat and dead. And within a few months, as the scroll gradually faded, I found I could pick out His words from my own right away, when they came to me. Of course the story continues, but I’ll cease here.

        When the Apostles wanted to ‘call down fire’ on the Samaritans when they refused to receive Jesus, Jesus rebuked them saying, “You know not what manner of spirit you are of.” And that’s the problem with just following the words of a doctrine, or the likeness of events that occur. It’s the Spirit they’re of that makes the ultimate, and complete difference. God can aid us with learning how to know one from the other. I’m proof of that.

        I’ll get back to you Charles, after I’ve viewed more of those videos.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda, it’s me again

      You have said that you talk with your dad, how old are you Brenda? Since I talk to you, I always thought that you were an old lady, and by the time, would you tell me your Astrologic sign, this is to know you at the basic and mainly for statistics. Dont be surprise, all the peoples that I talk with was ask this question, peoples that I know and people that enter in the block app. were I live, to give you a report on those statists, some peoples have the caracteristics announce by Astrologie, but many dont even have the right carac…

      Well, let’s talk. I’m very surprise that you believe that “an angel come to say something to him”, boooh, Brenda, you are grinding my gear, my “bicycle” is working slow. You know that angels are spirit, they dont manifest in public, specialy on TV, be a good girl, and say that you will not believe this “magician illusion”, I dont want to call the man in white, ah-oh, smile Brenda :) this he say it tenderly, so, please dont be mad. :)

      Well, if that is happening right now, dont think you will go there, except on vacation. To be a real Prophet of God, they are write in the Bible. A certain Miss White, dont remember his first name, was so, well stated by her Adventist disciples, but was she?
      All the Prophets is in the Bible, they announce events that will accomplish themself. Today, I have see a docu.. on the net talking about Nostradamus and all is mistake, all the experts, or fews of them (I didn’t look completly) stated that those could have been fulfil in is time. You know that Nostradammus was French, I will reproduce a quatrain and traduce it in English:

      En l’an 19 nonanIn te neuf sept mois
      Du Ciel viendra
      le Grand Roy d’Angoulmois
      Avant après Mars régné par Bonheur

      in English:

      1999 the 7th month
      From the sky will come
      The Grand King of Angoulmois
      Before after Mars regn with luck (or with joy)

      Nothing happen in that year, the seven month is July or September, because this last is realy the seven month. The Grand King, could be Jesus, or an Asteroid. And Angoulmois is two town, Angouleme and Angoumois, this last is little, so his in Angouleme, that’s why both are integrate in one. The before after is, before the King arrive, Mars will regn in luck or in joy. This last is my interpretation, and I’m not and expert in Nostradamus so, dont take it seriously. A thing that have arrive is the death of a King, I dont remember by heart is name, this king would die, according to the prophet, in great suffering, he mention that is eyes would be pierce by the lance. This had happen, but he lost only one eye. Only this detail was not exact.

      Now, for what you have said that could be the beginning talking, or deporting to that Island.

      Now let’s figure it out, they are 2 kind of Christians, those who go at church, and those who study the Bible, and I dont talk about Christians that are in Israel. Those are logicly are susceptible to be deported are the Christians Jews, those are in majority Catholics, if my memories is good.

      You have said: “basically because they didn’t believe it when they heard it, and didn’t prepare themselves for it”, they didn’t believe what? the Truth (Bible), or the Catholic priests? Even you prepare yourself, pain would be the same, perhaps not so great. When you die, you dont feel pain, it’s the sickness that give you pain.

      I dont believe your propheties Brenda, no offense. But if you want to be really impress, search on YouTube “Kent Hovind”, you wont be decieve, well I believe.

      God Bless you Brenda

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hello Starheater.

        I think I’m going to do us both a favour Starheater, and just cease responding to you after I’m finished with this post. I believe you mean well, and for that, I commit you to God, but your responses to me have made it extremely obvious that you don’t understand where I’m at, or what God has done in my life, nor are you interested in learning.

        You did not listen to what I advised you, you’re not willing to even consider the fact that you don’t know me at all, which anyone who has understanding, would be. That leaves me talking to someone who wants to believe I just don’t know what I’m doing, haven’t heard from God, am seeing things, haven’t got my ‘doctrine’ straight, etc., etc., which is so far out from the truth I will not give it credence by trying to explain how I know it is God. I’m not going to ‘defend’ everything I have to say, for I know that in these coming years, the truth in it will be made plain for many to see. I would hope for you that you are one of them.

        I saw the angel come down to speak to ‘The Messenger’. I did NOT say he ‘manifested’ himself on TV – if he had, everyone would see him. You don’t want to agree, you can’t see it, don’t understand how I can, and don’t want to believe I know something you don’t. So be it. Believe as you wish. For all these reasons, and the above reasons, I am in no way telling you my age or Zodiac Sign, for I can just imagine how much more you would love to teach me, all the while assuming I know nothing except I hear it from you.

        Whether I’m an ‘old lady’, middle aged person, or teenager, has no bearing on whether I speak the truth or not. Nor should it matter whether I’m male or female. The Spirit of God, and He alone, should be the determining factor in discerning what is truth. For if you trust in the words alone, and it happens to be a new truth that God is speaking through someone, you’re not going to recognize it without the Spirit, but will condemn it as error, and be found amongst those who were disobedient, or didn’t recognize His voice when they heard it. Hear that Starheater, for God is about to shake the church down to its core, and many, many – especially ‘Spirit-filled’ will fall away because of those two reasons – which God Himself has spoken to me.

        You can write responses all you wish, or not, but you’re striving with the Spirit, and there’s no point in me facilitating it. Keep looking to God.

        • Starheater says

          Hello Brenda

          I have expected this reaction from you, I have made you react in a negative way, but not to trow you down, but to make you realize fews things. Honestly, do you think that a friend like me could do you arm. No, Brenda, you will understand me in fews minutes.

          Do you know Brenda why Cain kill is brother Abel? Because of the last phrase of this verse:
          Genesis 4:7 “If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.”
          He was suppose to control himself, his jealousy made him react like a beast.

          You think that I dont know you, Brenda, I dont have to walk in your shoes to know you, “you will recongnize them by theirs fruits” , this is what the Bible say, to be angry at people it’s not a good fruit Brenda, you’ve got to look pass the curtain. Beside the fact that I have said that you would be angry, you didn’t notice that I was putting you on.

          I have been on other blog, and some peoples are rough sometime, they trow you dirty words that if you dont look any further would degenarated in a battle of insultes. By staying calm, you act as if you had a good armor, when he see that you dont react, his confuse. And sometime you are able to make he a friend, this is in general. But sometime you can do nothing until he have all the group on is back.

          Plus, I have made intentionnaly a fool of myself and you did not make any comments, no “why are you acting like this”? I though you would ask.

          In the Bible, in Proverbe state: “act like a fool, so the fool could see how he is”, in the next verse it is said: ” dont act like the fool in case you’d become like him”. Him teaching you, this is not a sin, this is not purpose to insulted you, why you have this reaction? Brenda, do you realize that you do the same, you teach me, and!!! This is not bad, I like to be teach.
          Why are you so upset?

          In the Bible it is writen: 1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

          I have seen 2 talk show of Sid Roth, and I dont have an opinion on him.

          Brenda, I have finnish with my teaching for today, and tomorrow, that will be your turn to teach me, and give me your opinion on Sid Roth and the good fruits that he brings, if there are. Oh, by the way, what do you mean by “Keep looking for God”.

          Now Brenda, say that you like me, and that you will answer my letter, ok Brenda :) God Bless you Brenda

  6. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Starheater,

    I have no problem talking with you on other topics that we might feel are worthy of discussion, but I have addressed both scriptures you brought up, and given you my answer. I would be more inclined to go further into a discussion with someone if they showed signs that they were mindful they don’t know me, don’t know what God has indeed shown me, and have no idea what experiences I’ve had, just as I have done/said nothing but be respectful of you for the same reason.

    This is what I meant by going ‘back and forth’. We’ve both made our statements on the issue plain, and we do not see eye to eye. I said simply, that it isn’t wise to judge what I’ve received from God, when you know nothing of what I have received, which is a perfectly reasonable statement. You now return, threatening me with ‘being deceived’ by the serpent??!! Because I know where I stand in God Starheater, (and it isn’t at all in danger of being deceived by the serpent), this last statement of yours just lets me know that it isn’t worth my while to continue discussing this with you.

    If you cannot see what I’m saying, I leave it with you to work out with God. If you want to discuss something else, I’m open, but don’t come teaching me or presuming I couldn’t possibly know what you know, when in fact, you have no idea what I know. You haven’t bothered to ask me what I know, or how I know it, or what experiences I’ve had, which would be normal for any person to do if they want to engage someone in a discussion. If you want my respect Starheater, show some in return. To have a chat, a discussion, compare notes, etc., I would be more than glad to have that with you or anyone, any day, but to assume I know nothing of what you know, when you don’t know me at all, is disrespectful, presumptuous, and haughty to say the least.

    I will not argue with you. If you continue to push your idea of who and what I’ve heard, assuming I’m your student in all things, and walking in such obvious presumption, I won’t be involved with it. I said I will leave the proving of where I stand to God. I suggest you leave it there as well, unless you want to make this a one sided conversation.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda
      I must tell you that I consider you like a friend, but try to be in my shoes a second. When I play on my guitar, if a string is not on the right tone, when I make a chord, it sound weird, or scapy, I dont know how to defind this sound. This is the same when I speak with those how are with the Lord, because for my part, I have said it to you a while ago, you will go to Paradise, and this for my part is a fact.

      And I can assure you that I’m not a Teacher, I didn’t have this gift from God (see Paul, teacher is a gift from God), all that I know is that I have the gift of Science.
      The Science that I have was a torture for me is the past year, all this science to contemplate, this was like a little nail in my feet, it was not painfull but disturbing. So when I decipher the chap. 4 of Revelation, I knew that I was the only one who have done it. Adventist have made a complete program on the book of Revelation, and when they arrive at this chap. they bla-bla-bla-bla, I didn’t understand their point of view, I’ve tried to enter in contact with Dr. Veith, but on the site of the web, I could not get in contact with hime specially. I wanted badly to give him the meaning of this chap. but I couldn’t enter in contact.
      I’ve try to enter in contact with a baptist church that was in my town. But the man in charge of the Church was more a business man than a teacher. We argue on the Trinity, I gave him the key, or if you will, the proof that God was a Duality and not a Trinity. I said to him that I would not go far with is church, he had more pride then all the man of God that I have encounter.
      So I said to myself that I would go to see the Catholic. So I write a letter with my computer, and it ended with 10 pages to read. In my head, I was to go to each Catholic church to give my letter to read, but I didn’t have much money, and ink in a printer is costy.
      So I decided to write a book for the world to read, this book would be base on Mysteries, and I would talk about the Bible at the end, or something of that sort. No mysteries have resisted me so far, and this is because of God, That’s why this book will be dedicated to HIM an JESUS. This knowledge is so high, that this make me realize that this is like the dream that I had.

      Really short dream; I was in space were the astronaut are, and a blue man with a beard was app. 100 feet above me, he was facing and to look at the Earth, only this man was above me, and I cannot tell who he was.

      So, that’s it Brenda. All that I have learn come from the Bible, not entirely, but few mysteries come from the Bible, like the fact that we have 7 sense of taste.

      1. Sugar
      2. Salt
      3. Acid
      4. Bitter
      5. Fire (like jalapeno)
      6. Mint (like the leave of mint)
      7. Tasteless, neutral taste ( like water, crude egg white (this is mention in the Bible) )

      This is on a possibilility of 9 sense of taste, but only 7 are real, the 2 other are for study.

      God bless Brenda

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hello again Starheater.

        Okay, so I started to read your last posting, and because it was coming from a decent attitude, I decided to read it through, and can respond to you. From what I had read of your postings in the past, I knew that you belonged to Christ and therefore was prepared to share with you. This is all well and good. However, when you want to use a scripture to correct someone, leave the door open for their reply – because they just might have something to share about what they saw in that scripture, that you haven’t considered.

        You honestly think you’re right, but I have answered both the scriptures you brought up with the scriptures themselves. You ask me to consider where you’re coming from, my answers to you have always shown you that I heard you, and considered what you said. I am asking you to consider that although what I’m saying seems like error to you, listen to what I’m saying and go back and have another look. I know what I’m saying. If, after it’s obvious that both of us have given each other an honest look, we do not arrive at the same conclusion, and you think I’m still in error, instead of repetitively saying the same thing over and over to the point of annoying people, support them in prayer, let God do the rest, and look for ways to continue being a friend.

        But there is another facet to scripture other than just the words that our eyes see, and that is the Spirit and revelation behind them. Christians have divided and divided again over interpretations of words found in the Bible, and would continue to do so if God were not going to do what He’s about to. And that involves the Spirit of Truth who will lead people into all truth. The Spirit determines what the Truth is, not the words themselves, since they can be so easily misinterpreted. When it’s people interpreting what the words mean, you will never arrive at peace.

        Because the Apostles called the Law the ‘Disposition of Angels’, does not imply whatsoever, that God Himself wasn’t with them, or speaking to them, it merely points out that angels were thoroughly involved in dealing with the Law and the Israelites. Yes they were – by cloud and fire and not doubt many other ways, as they are today. There’s no problem with that. But nothing states God didn’t speak, or reveal Himself. Indeed, we are told He did, and I know He has spoken with me and many others. That’s where we stand here Starheater, I’ve heard you, and hopefully you’ve heard me, so do you want to keep going on in friendship, or do you want to keeping repeating what I’ve already responded to?

        • Starheater says

          Hello Brenda
          Oh, if I could express myself in English like I do in French. Brenda, this is not a question of misinterpretations, is a question of plain truth, nothing haded or the inverse. Nowhere in the Bible it is writen that God personally speak to is childrens, now consider that as the first point, God make no exception like your parents would probably do in case of judging one an another, or giving things to on an another. I have 2 girls, and when they were young I had from impositions (impost) not far from 4,000$. So I purchase a keyboard for me, and for my older girl a brand new guitar, my little girl didn’t know what she want, so I gave her the exact sum ($) taxe include. In other word, God is talking with you, but no one of us.!!!! (cheap reason I admit)

          There is no way that God could have talk to you in person, and dont serve me “the reduce is power” theorie, this IS an misinterpretation of what He really His. If an ANGEL with a big “A” can cause the prophets to DIE, now imagine God. Listen Brenda, I understand you, it’s normal to act like you do.
          The Baptist man that I’ve mention, was probably an ancien Catholic who believe in a Trinity, he as taken a little verse to prove to himself that the Trinity was true, but this Trinity is a pagan Triologie, so, who to convince a man like that, he is not at the research of the Truth, but is own.
          The same thing would happen with a Jew, we could say him that the man is the master of the Sabbath, he would follow is ancien way by observing the Sabbath.

          I realize now, that I’m probably asking you more then you can give, so I will put this subject on ice, but not you :)

          Talking about battle of word, that make my think about the film ” the Battle of the Titans”, although we are not titan, except in a miniature version, I could say that is and excellent exercice for the blood pressure :0

          So, what’s for dinner Ma? :)

          Talking about angel, did you read the 4 stories of angels that I write to Chales Marcello. This is like looking the Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston, that make me feel good

          On what subject we could exchange knowledge: E.T., the Ark of the Covenant, Chemtrails, the sexual life of spermatozoid (no hands, oh brother…) :), the annihilation of mans by man, Haarp, Zero point energy (the energy that give 2 to 5 times the energy invested), the Paradise, etc…

          God Bless Brenda, see ya

          • Brenda Brown says

            Hi Starheater,

            Yes, I’m sure you would love to speak your native tongue, but I can understand your English quite well. I’m Canadian and apparently am supposed to understand French, but that’s not happening any time soon – that is until God opens my understanding of languages, quite literally.

            My not agreeing with your idea of what the scripture is saying has nothing to do with your lack of English. And just to let you know Starheater, I don’t deal in ‘theories’. I know it may sound like that to you, but I’ve followed the Spirit long enough to know how to follow His leadings in me when I’m speaking, and not my own. I’m not interested in ‘my opinions, ideas,’ etc., as I lay them on the altar when I was first converted, and purposed to walk exactly as God was telling me, in every aspect of my life. Nor do I want anyone else to follow ‘my opinions’, I want them following God’s truth, but on this point of God directly speaking to us – we just disagree. Have faith that God will enlighten and keep us both.

            Don’t think I don’t understand how to see that God, speaking through an angel is still God, of course it is, and of course I understand that. Nor am I ignorant enough to think that God speaks to ‘me’, and to no one else. I know He speaks to all who will listen, in many different ways, using many different mediums, and sometimes directly. But you don’t believe this so as you and I have both said, we’ll leave that as is for now, and move past it.

            On reading your account of the 4 angels, no, I didn’t get time to read it yet, but I will try to make time tomorrow morning, and get back to you on it. I love those accounts. I have two books on angelic visitations, one of which published two of my own accounts.

            Any of those above topics you mentioned, The Ark, E T’s – demons that they are, Haarp, Paradise… all of these are great with me, – just not the sexual life of spermatozoid – whatever they/it are. I love to hear about natural sciences like what is involved in the Coral Castle and ancient monoliths, but some of your science chats with others, have gone over my head. However, I don’t doubt that you will explain some of the scientific factors we happen to get into. We’ll see what comes up Starheater, and I’m sure we can chat then. I just have to run now, so talk to you later my friend.

          • Charles Marcello says

            Hello Starheater,

            What is this nonsense that, “nowhere in the bible does it state god spoke personally with (h)is children”? Um, according to the bible, old testament… did god not walk with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden speaking with them? Did god not speak to Moses… and doesn’t the bible say Moses ask to see god, yet god would only allow Moses to see his shadow, or perhaps more correctly his silhouette because only seeing god would do the things the you said and not hearing gods voice… according to the bible? Which is also another reason why I question the whole virgin birth story in the new because it wasn’t god who came to (impregnated her?) Mary and convinced Joesph to stay in a dream. (btw according to the bible once Jesus was grown Joesph had nothing to do with his miracle son which is pretty damn odd if Jesus was god’s only begotten.) Oh no it was an angel that came to both of them… yet in our day and age well all know angles are both good and evil. Just sayin.

            –Charles Marcello

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda

      You have described me perfectly, this is “me” from head to toes. Now what you gonna do, you will not talk to me? I will be “very sad” if you do that action.

      The 3 words that you use is all that you know to describe me. Hear that, “Madam”, you must had the same opinion about “YHWH”, if you know the signification of that 4 lettres. You must have found Him very ….Bal-bla-bla. (Coffee break….)

      I am in the Army of the Great King (I Was, I Am), in other words, I AM A SOLDIER. The little Eagle in me is not very old, but if you push me, he will eat you entirely and he will spit you in the junk were you belong. Is that bla-bla-bla at your taste. And dont ask me what I think about Sid Roth, is “another one who bit the dust” (another good song sing by Aerosmith, hum… good beat, simply love it).

      You see, the first time, if you know history, the lady (the church of I AM) have been bite to the heel, today is not yesterday, we have armor now. TA-DA.
      I know you sister better then you think. First, your name is not Brenda Brown. Do you talk the language of the angels, this is a special language that reveal many thing about humain. Look now:

      Brenda = Brand A, the “a” mean; first class, good quality
      Brown = Color of chit, and this is good for the vegetables

      Astrologic Sign: Probably Virgo
      Age: Hum…let me think, around 35
      Particuliarity: Intelligence is low level, and sometime very High
      Favorite meals: little orange (dont remember the name), and Fish
      Favorite place to be: Show of music in plein air
      Body particuliarity: Brown eyes, long hair, Raquel Welch body, no make-up
      Socialabily: Wide
      Education: Universaty
      Favorite Astrologic Sign: Pisces
      Social status: Maried (???????)
      Favorite coffee: Tim Hortons
      Profession: Rehabilitation
      Intellectual Quotien: -12 (Joking)
      Favorite electronic game: “Mario” Brother
      Patience Level endurance: Low to very Low
      Sexual activity: It’s not your business!!!! (not in the back side, oops!!)
      Social activities: She love to see musician playing guitar and singning
      Favorite Animal: Big Dolphin
      Non favorite Animal: Eagle little and big
      Favorite compagny Animal: Dog, Big Dog, grrrrrrr woof-woof
      Favorite clothing: Sexy jeans
      Aspiration: Filter Queen (Joking) Been a good wife ssssscertain??
      Favorite TV Cartoon: Mr. Sponge (MSNews)
      Favorite Male Artist: MS….. (hum….dont remember is last name)
      Favorite Female Artist: ? no information on that subject
      Worse default: Hum….. none at this moment that I know off
      Religion: Catholic, She’ll be save, but only when she unite with a Prophet of I AM, the King of King, The Commandant of all The Army of the sky and also of Starheater. I’m a little soldier but…..

      To continue to speak the language of the angels, I will decipher my name, because, I did not know what surname to choose, so I pick the Starheater because I love to look at the sky to see the stars. But one day I decided to decipher my name to see what it contain. So it goes like this:

      Star h eater

      It mean: to eat food, and what he eat is Star.

      They are many Star in the world, but those who are in focus are: Those of you who profess lies, I hate lies, not necessarely those who carry them, but only those who argue when the proof is found to be exact.

      Now, the “h” is to give a second meanning to this name:

      Heater: to comfort them by showing how they are love by I AM.

      Those 2 word have 2 significations, that make 4 meanning

      eat: symbolicly eat the spirit like if it were flesh
      Eat: I destroy them in their spirit with the Word of God, the Bible
      heater: I comfort those who are poor in gifts by stimulate theirs quality
      Heater: I pour red heated coal on their spirit destroy them (symbol)

      Because my heart is pur, I can be just with all my brothers and sisters, but when they are in those “pink” dreams that they love, or when those dream are “red” like the dream of the Jehovah Witness, i take the shovel and I pour a good portion of burning coal.

      I have tolerance with peoples in general, but dont plant me a knife in the back, because you will feel depress for sometime, if is not for a good time. Love erase many sins, so I’m not in danger in the the Law of Love, and God is Love. I love everyone on this earth except those who commit crime, liers who tell lies to good peoples, only because they are jealous…. etc….

      God Bless Brenda, I hope very much that I will see your face soon….

  7. Starheater says

    Hello Brenda
    I cannot do what you ask for, to respect your opinions. The reason why, is that I’ am and Eagle, and this I say you like I did before without any pride or else, I can sware it if you want, no problem.
    Like I said I’m an Eagle, and I have the caracteristic of that animal, with my vision I’m able to see far away on Earth (symblol), and I eat live animal, not dead one. Those who think that they are from Christ like the Catholic, I eat them flesh and Blood, nothing can escape the net of the Truth, you neither, your not an exception. You are like a bird who think that is at the most high in the sky, but Brenda to tell you the truth, I’m way above you. Dont reproach me to be higher then you, it’s not my fautl if you fly to low.

    You talk about pride, well, I dont think it’s what’s in my heart, beside, I have a great years of knowledge that I have accumulate those past 55 years of “asking questions” on whatever the point.

    Talking about pride, the spirit that talk to me always say that I’m an Elect, my respond to him is; I will be and Elect when Jesus will choose me, not before. Even if my head is over the clouds, I have my two feets on the ground, beside, it would not be noble for a disciple of Jesus to make you feel like a worm. Those things that I have said are not to make suffer, I’m not a sado…
    So I’m asking you to calm down, because if I know the truth and I keep it for myself I’m not a good disciple of Jesus, whatever is your feelings are bruse like a banana, take it as it is, do you want the truth, or something that is resemble it, that is your it’s is in front of your eyes; the truth /or lies.

    Even if you get “picky”, that would not change the truth about an iota.

    When you talk about the 7 Churches and the 7 Spirits, you have made a big mistake. Read all the chap. concerning those two, you will find that each churches as ONE Spirit each, not 7 to one church. But nevermind, this is probably due to nervousisy.

    Well, dont think your are the only one that I will correct, knowking the truth and keep it in a safe is not the kind of work that Jesus want from their disciples, you can be sure of that Brenda, so that’s why I will correct you time to time, because this is my job. Jesus did not invest in me to play the kid by insulting people that pronounce is Name, no, not a bit.

    God Bless Brenda, see ya

  8. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Charles Marcello.

    I had a better look and listen to the guy whose doing ‘Just the Messenger’, and I have to say it’s absolutely fascinating. I’m so glad you brought it to my attention. Thank you. Yes, he is sincere, and I know he has received nothing short of a revelation from God. I’m very familiar with the Holy Spirit and the gifts he’s talking about, and I believe he has received the gifts he mentioned. I’m not finished listening to everything but have thoroughly appreciated what I have heard.

    I’m glad he’s called to speak to the Catholic church, because every church needs a wake-up call in this day. And while I know his message is God given, he needs to be careful that he doesn’t take it further than God means it to go, because there are those who have and will yet receive, genuine visitations from Mary. Medjugorje isn’t a lie, it’s God reaching out through Mary, to hearts that will accept her message – which usually points people to her Son anyway. So there really is no reason for ‘Protestants’ to get all upset about it.

    However, I’m also aware of similarities between Osiris / Isis, and Jesus and Mary – but one thing people forget when they’re trying to prove origins of a doctrine as being Satanic or of God, is that Satan in many instances, took the truths he knew in Heaven, and perverted them. So quite often where he has imparted evil, a truth still exists. In that God chose a Lamb from before the foundation of the world, only tells us that He knew He would need to bring salvation to this planet, but it’s also an indication that things about the future of this planet were known to some inhabitants of Heaven.

    Some have seen genuine visions of Mary, some haven’t, likewise with any group who have experienced visions and visitations. We have to consider the person who is getting the visitation, not just make a sweeping statement that condemns everybody in its wake.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Brenda,

      Yes this guys videos are very interesting to say the least… wait until you see his other videos. However to truly understand this guy you have to watch all of his videos. Now obviously I am a few years ahead of you regarding everything he’s had to say, yet… you will learn your warning is more prophetic than just written words on a website. Let alone you will also learn how he believes his videos have made him noticed by people from all over, people who are out to “challenge” him.
      Regarding your other comment, I think I should back off a little, your writing style changed which suggests to me this conversation is starting to bother you because perhaps I am becoming to personal. No, if you’re not done neither am I, yet I think a break is order. So let me come at this, this way. Many years ago when when the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies/books started to make their rounds around the world. I had many conversations with so called Christians who said those movies/books were the work of the devil/witchcraft. And I was like, are you kidding me just about everything found within those movies/books could just have easily been taken straight out of the bible. To use just one example found within both movies/books… how did Peter get out of jail and passed the guards? I’m not gonna waste your time explaining all of it, yet just about everything inside those movies can be found in the bible. To watch these so called Christians trip over themselves spoke volumes to me… which was another reason why I really wanted to understand the bible on a whole other level. Here are two resent videos you might want to watch regarding the blessed virgin Mary and the Catholic Church regarding a new book that is available now from Tom Horn and Chris Putnam. Sid Roth “Its Super Natural”… Part 1: and Part 2:
      You see Brenda I don’t doubt for one second what you experienced really happened to you. Yet, what if the first voice you heard was the voice of God? I know nothing I could say will change your belief, nor I am I trying too, yet I am sure so all I am doing is making you annoyed or maybe even hurt your feelings, even though none of that is my intent, my intent is to challenge you…. by strongly suggesting you consider all sides of your faith, the pros and the cons in order to really know if what you’re “feeling” is real…. we both agree its real to you, yet something that is real is real for everything, is it not?

      –Charles Marcello

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Charles Marcello – again.

        I most certainly will continue to have a look at this guy and what he’s saying. It’s very interesting to me and I thank you once again for bringing him to my attention. I don’t mind having our conversation at all, more than anything, because I am aware that faith is real to those who experience it, and cannot be nailed down so that the natural man can grasp it, I didn’t want to become a broken record on the subject and become annoying myself. So it did as you said, brought us to an impasse, but I can easily put that issue aside now, and move on to others where we can share ideas. And if you can do, good, we can both pick up some helpful hints.

        I’m not sure of the second issue that you were wanting to back off a bit from, was it the Osiris/Jesus thing? The change you sensed comes from me being aware that the issue makes some people edgy. They see evil behind various things – which in many cases, I don’t doubt at all, but I think people close off too quickly (fear), not seeing that truths can be hidden in amongst garbage dumps.

        With regards to that voice I distinctly heard, I understand why you question Charles. I can’t right now, show you how I absolutely knew who it was. All I can do is say to you, I’m sure with your sensitivity, you’ve had instances when something of a supernatural nature was occurring, where you ‘just knew’ something about it. It’s a knowing that transcends the mind, because it’s not based on the human mind at all. That’s not to say it’s ‘blind’ either, because our spirits are highly intelligent beyond anything our minds can muster. Unfortunately, that leaves me with just saying that I knew – no doubts, Satan did not want me on my knees – that would be a humbled position to take, and he doesn’t know humility – as the account of him shows perfectly.

        If you don’t mind me speaking of things that I ‘know’, at times, I don’t mind at all continuing our chat. It’s when God speaks or reveals things to me, then I know, but when I say “I think”, as I do a lot, I could just as easily be wrong as I could be right. I’ll have more of a peek at this guy tomorrow, and will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for all the sites to consider. Bye for now.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda

      Oh brother, there she go again!!!!! Miss Brenda, I think that you are incurable, why are you “volage”, you go like a bee to a flower, then another sort of flower, what kinf of honey you think you going to bring us, this is not “sweet” sister Brenda, :) “how sweet it is to be love by you”, him singning, ” Mary had a little lamb…lalalala “. E.T.’s is testing me, demons are testing me, angels are testing me. Why so?

      They want to know how I have made my secret weapon, a paralizer!!! fews seconds and you are paralizes, you cannot talk, but you can walk, run, pick-up flowers, that last dont remind you anythings, now dont get angry my friend, if you do so, my heart will bleed tears of blood (I’m a poet too), if you get angry, this time Starheater will heat up your Star and burn all the fuel that is. So, so angry, no yelly, no bad writy, just tendernity, ok-ty (oh, I’m not bad in rime too), dont worry, this is just a funny story.

      Now, that I probably make you laugh, I will make you cry now.

      The Virgin Mary is a sleep, and this fact is certain, in an instant proof will, well you will have only one proof for now, I dont remember were is the next one, I dont remember but “I remember you” (holy macaroni, I hope she know this one), remember Lazare, a good friend of the Christ, he was dead for 4 days, he was smelly, and Jesus wake it him. He didn’t mention that I saw Peter in Heaven (haha, this guy was living), in other word, he was inconscious like you are when you sleep, but without dream.

      The virgin dont know nothing (another statement of the Bible, this is the third one), now, dont panic, dont be afraid, “nerver fear, God is here”, and He will wake you up went at Judment Day. Arrive in face of Jesus, He will say to you; “well, hello sister Brenda, you did not believe Starheater, Hummm, make me a hundred push-up, go go go”. Yes I’m tired again, and dont have the headache, little cells have spark an died, oops, to much spirit in that Holy Ghost, I’m drunk, ik….ik….ik…. Oh brother that I’m stupid.

      God bless Drenda….ik

      • Starheater says

        Oh, almost forgot:
        1 Timothy 2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;
        God Bless Brenda, my beloved sister

  9. says

    Dear Charlse,
    Your account of the encounter with the demon in early childhood can be interpreted from a very different perspective. Though we feel that we have one identity, which is known to us and to the world around us, in reality we have many identities and many personalities, unknown to us, are hidden within us. Like in a vehicle many people travel together, similarly several personalities very dissimilar in nature reside within us. We all carry the memories from our past life, which manifest in this life. Our experiences and behavioral pattern in this life, including our course of destiny are greatly influenced by these hidden personalities including the past life memories. Due to our inability to understand these hidden traits in us, we often ponder over various incidents ( whether good or bad) that take place in our life. You must agree that some people with very average intelligence and very little perseverance succeed phenomenally in life, whereas some people with all abilities fail miserably. We call it destiny or assign it to karma, which take shape through very subtle interaction between our known personality and the hidden personalities we carry within us. The day we will be capable of understanding these hidden personalities carried from very remote history of our psyche, we will be in a position to understand the course of our destiny and can see future. Hence, when you experience something that baffles rational explanation, I suggest, it emerges from your hidden world of the unconscious. This unconscious is connected to all that exist in the universe– positive, negative, good and evil alike. It is beyond timespace illusion. Maybe your experience of the demon was a condition of temporary suspension of your present-life vibration and bringing into your consciousness some unconscious memories of your psyche. I am not inclined to believe that the incident happened at that particular point in time. Either you travelled into some remote past or you apprehended some event of the future, which your psyche is capable of picturising in dream like flashes.

    Such experiences are more likely to happen at a very young age because your manifested personality at that age is not fully developed or formed. But some people can experience this recurrently because of their fluid personality even in adulthood.

    I have many such experiences, which I would like to share, maybe. at some leisurely time. Regards. Taraprasad Mishra

      • Charles Marcello says

        Hello T.P. Mishra,

        Thank you for your comments, however your comments have generated a few questions. I’m guessing your talking about reincarnation… with that, are you suggesting if reincarnation is true that this demon has been following me throughout all of my past lives, or that I must’ve done something in one of my past lives that that demon felt he had the right to contact me at a very early age? This angle I’ve never thought about or talked about before with anyone, so I am interested in your thoughts. Now the second question I have is, are you suggesting that I am the demon and that I came into this realm to talk to myself?
        As strange as that question is to me, this would not be the first time that’s been suggested regarding this experience. I talked with someone online and over the phone who told me they used to work for the secret of the secret military agencies. And that what I described sounded an awful a lot like to him, not a demon… rather a younger version of what he and this secret military agency has fought in the past. Yet this is where the story gets even stranger. You see this guy said, because of the earths changing environment and evolution we as a species have changed. And not all of us still have this active strain within our DNA, but some of us do. And that without any warning people morph into whatever it is we used to be and that these people become incredibly strong, tall, and almost all become extremely violent. Now there is nothing in my experience, nor in my world view that allows what this person had said to be true… yet I cannot deny it appeared to me that this person actually believed what he was saying. Let alone he described to me the traits that every person who has this active DNA within their physical makeup… saying yup, you could be one of them. And, and, that some of these creatures are alive and well because a small portion of those who transform handle it extremely well… and that science has found a way for people to stay this way forever… Not to mention he says when these people transform it is extremely hard to kill them because they rejuvenate missing body parts and heal extremely fast. However if you are able to bring one down, you must cut its head off because it will rise again sometime within the next three days and fully recovered. Now I realize that is an incredible story, yet that is what I was told after he read my above account.
        Not to mention I’ve also been told it was something I did that made that demon believe he could communicate with me… and I was like, what the hell does a two or three year old do that makes anything believe that I could possibly make a conscious decision at that age… While another person said this demon visited me because my ancestors failed to fight their own ghosts. And that this demon will follow the family line until they find one who is willing to what??? That was the answer I never got, I got possibilities like, give it your soul… allow it to play within you. Give it one of your children, etc etc… Again there is nothing and I mean nothing that allows for any of that to be true… Yet there are accounts all throughout history of people believing something along those lines. Its these things that makes me know my worldview has absolutely nothing to do with whole of reality. I am trying to open up my mind to these things, but I just don’t see how any of it is possible… while all those who believe, I think its because they need to find answers to explain something they don’t understand… some blame demons, others blame aliens, and still others blame ourselves. I honestly want to believe what I experienced at that very young age was nothing more than an incredible dream that has stayed with me my entire life. Perhaps one day I will find someone to hypnotize me to reveal if it was only a dream, or something that really happened. Right now however I would really like to hear your thoughts on what you think it all means.

        –Charles Marcello

          • Charles Marcello says

            Hello T.P. Mishra,

            I look forward to reading your thoughts. Until then remain safe and hope you have an excellent adventure.

            –Charles Marcello

          • says

            Dear Charles,
            Sorry for the delay in posting my reply. I am extremely glad to note that you want to share my thoughts. I must tell you that we are venturing into the world of mystery, which can never be proved with evidence. However, I do not mind to be criticized for writing on subjects which have very little acceptance to our so called scientific reasoning. But as such I believe that the science has created lot more superstitions than the primitive people. Science is in a state of infancy. It has been able to foray into some material understanding of the Universe. But science at a higher level has to strike the cord of mysticism and shall tend to reach a level of abstraction.
            Yes, in my comment on your blog I had definitely referred to reincarnation. But in essence I had also referred to several other aspects of our psychic configuration and other inner realities. Every physical form we see or experience, exist in our psychic realm— including the infinite universe that baffles our imagination. This is a very vast and inscrutable area encompassing whole gamut of psychic reality. I do not think I can do justice to the subject by making short comments on your blog. Each aspect of this psychic reality can run into volumes. However, since I feel obligated to reply to some of you questions, in nutshell I intend to drive a few points home here.
            Every human being has several layers of personalities, which are intricately interwoven but they do not overlap in a normal human being. But they have a propensity to reveal through dreams, through some abnormal circumstances of fear, insecurity, life threatening circumstances etc. Either they provide answer to our problem or build a cocoon shell of security around us. Therefore, history repletes with abundant instances of many scientists, philosophers and creative people having received their ideas either from dream or trance like mental state. This is only an example but functions of these multi-layers of human psyche have far reaching functions and myriad operations in abstract psychic world from which everything emanates. Our instincts (the knowledge and awareness with which we are born), intuitions, miraculous incidents in life (like surviving a death like situation) and all known and unknown paranormal phenomena manifest themselves in our space- time laden limitations. These inspirations encroach upon the superficial layers of our conscious mind and we wonder where from these images, ideas originated; knowing the least that our inner world, intersected with our sensory world of outer projection. Let me clarify a point here that these different layers of consciousness or personalities within us though interact with each other at a very subtle level fail to recognize each other under our normal waking consciousness. These layers of our hidden consciousness encompass all that is there and all that is there to be. Thus your experience of the demon has its origin in your inner world; rather our inner world. I am tempted to say “our inner world” because all of us at some hidden layers of consciousness are connected inextricably. It is one unfolded as many. That is to say, every living and non-living creatures in the universe vibrate as many, though are one at the cosmic consciousness level. Therefore, we all exist and are conscious within the same mind. This brings me to another very intriguing aspect of our mind and consciousness. As I said we all live within the same mind, I hint at the fact that it is like a mind-net connecting all the minds in the universe ,living as well as dead, because when body dies mind remains intact at the level of cosmic mind. My inference is that– information flow from one mind to the other. Unconsciously we are in a constant process of communication. Even some people develop the ability to hack other people’s mind when they master the ability to penetrate into their closed layers of consciousness or mind. Let me not elaborate this any further, but only state that through certain practices any one can achieve this feat and perform miracles.
            To come back to your experience with the demon I believe its origin could be from your past life experience, it may have flowed into your tender mind at a very young age from someone else’s mind, you may have received it from the warehouse of the future—not necessarily from your future. You are only an observer of a phenomenon that exists in some layer of “mind consciousness” manifesting itself at a particular plane of time and space. Maybe someday (past or present) had/will experience the same phenomenon as it already exists.
            Taraprasad Mishra

          • Charles Marcello says

            Hello again T.P. Mishra

            What you stated sounds an awful lot like Buddhism… or perhaps what some circles are calling nowadays as new age thinking…. are you one or the other, Buddhist or new age, and if you are new age from what bent… ie what are the names of the people you’ve listened too?
            Now there is a part of me that wants to agree with many of the things you’ve said, like we all come from the one source of consciousness… Like I believe we all go back to the same “one source”, I refer to as our true existence… yet there is a part of me that is beginning to think we keep our individualism, or else the universe would need to be constantly reinvented… which makes no sense to me. I won’t travel down that road with you unless you”re interested, because that train of thought will take a while to explain, ie… trying to tie all the things I’ve encountered throughout my life and within my studies that have me pointed in that direction. Though my mind is certainly not closed to other possibilities. There are things I’ve found within each of the worlds religions, both active and extinct that I believe hold much truth and wisdom. Yet each of there histories makes me believe there is no way in hell either of them has/knows the only truth.
            Regarding that demon experience being from a past or present time/space, I guess I just don’t see how that’s possible. Meaning what would be the point? For there to be no real rhyme or reason seems like an awful waste of energy to me, let alone, it seems pretty screwed up for me to bump into something at that tender age that means absolutely nothing. If there is anything that came from that experience on the personal level, it has forced me to question everything. Including wanting to know if a god exists or not. I am fully convinced a god does exist, so much so I no longer say I believe, I say I know God exists. While history demands the devil facing this world is our collective evil actions we do to each other, one person at a time. Yet I’m hoping you can explain the point of something happening that means absolutely nothing… how does something like that just pop up for no good reason… Or if you feel there might be a valid reason, to what end? So if you could help me walk a little further down your train of thought when you have more time that would be greatly appreciated.

            –Charles Marcello

      • Starheater says

        Hello M. Mishra

        Are you a Psy, or you found this by meditation on yourself? The only persons that have 2 personnality is womans in their period. We act differently with differents kind of differents tempers, so it’s only an “illusion”.

        Hello Charles

        No, this is not the proof of “life after life”, beside, the Bible say by the mouth of Paul that after life is the Judgement. So if the Judgement is truth, and HE IS, at the time that you die at the same time, your thought cease instantly, only what is left of you is a dream that would last between 10 to 25 min. and I am generous, this is cause by the level of oxygen in your blood that feed your brain. Ask a pilot of F-15 or F-16, they will tell you that they have encounter all sorts of phenomena, this include the tunnel with light at the end. God Bless Charles

        • says

          Dear Charles,

          It will be my pleasure to share thoughts with you.Would you kindly provide me with your personal email ID, so that we can converse privately. Even I would like to collaborate with you to write a book on the subjects I have hinted at. Yes, the new era is ushering in slowly but certainly. The mankind is ascending to a new era of consciousness. We have to unlearn almost all that we flaunt as our knowledge and wisdom. The realities are changing rapidly in front of us. Unfortunately, we are not prepared to recognize them. A new dimension to our existence has already been added? How many people are conscious of it? More when we interact again.

  10. Maria Rita dela Torre says

    Dear Mr. Marcello,

    Sorry, but I wish to make a correction. It is actually over the components that make up the creatures/beings I have mentioned—they are 90% spirit and 10% matter which is the reason why very few people can see them. Only those with highly developed psychic abilities or very young children.

  11. Maria Rita dela Torre says

    Dear Mr. Marcello,

    I came across your post today, 07 April 2013, around 9:20 A.M.Phil. time. You have had a paranormal experience which I have also experienced when I was around 5 years old. I saw not a demon but one kind of an elemental (nuno sa punso, literally it means a little old man in a mound). In the Philippines, there are many creatures, beings who make their appearance in various forms. Some of these beings look like what you saw. Believe it or not, these creatures have been here before us; it is only that they are in a different plane of existence, in another dimension which is near ours. As what Prof. Licauco tells his listener, these beings are 10% spirit and 90% matter. I know people will laugh at this but there are also those who will believe. I don’t blame these non-believers because we are now in space age and to them, it may be ridiculous and incredible. But I am not an authority on this subject. There is one who can explain these things better. He has written many books about psychic phenomena and paranormal happenings. He is a well known writer and professor. I am talking about Prof. Jimmy Licauco. You may email him or if you are curious enough and adventurous enough,you can come to the Philippines and attend his seminars. He has founded the Innermind Society of the Philippines. He has more than two decades studying,researching about the paranormal. Don’t worry, he won’t at once readily believe all you have to tell him but he won’t also tell you to forget about it because it was just a dream or a figment of your fertile imagination or judge you as one of those needing to get their minds examined.

    Hope you will be enlightened and your interest in the paranormal begin such that your knowledge will broaden. I am going to listen to Prof. Licauco’s radio program at DZMM tonight at 8:00 P.M. This is where he and his co-host discuss with their guests (who are also authorities on their respective fields) such things as UFOs, ETs, Mayan prophecies, psychic surgery, NDEs (near death experiences), levitation, OBE (out of body experience), karma, soulmates, reincarnation, etc.


    MRCT, Dasmarinas City, Cavite, Philippines

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Maria Torre,

      Thank you for your comments… it seems as if Prof. Licauco’s radio program is the Philippines answer to the United States program called Coast to Coast Am. I used to listen to Coast to Coast Am all the time to find books to read on certain subjects, not to mention I was trying to open my mind up to things I’ve rejected as pure nonsense in the past… I am interested in Licauco’s book, so I will be looking to purchases it. I would also be interested in hearing your story. Don’t know if you’re comfortable about explaining it, if you are than I am so open to reading it. Plus I think I might find out what Prof Licauco’s email address is, because I’m still trying to find that book that has the picture I saw on that TV program fifteen years ago…. I’m more interested in finding out the name of the Princess so I can read about her life then I am in looking at that ugly face. Again thank you for your comments and look forward to reading more of your posts.

      –Charles Marcello

  12. Starheater says

    Hello Charles
    I am in a good mood tonight, so let’s talk about Angels, I have 4 stories of angels to tell you, I think you will appreciate, music:

    A couple of teenage lover want to climb an escarpment to go on the top of a mountain to see the sunset, romantic no! So they climb the montain an they enjoy the sunset until the reddish light dimmer completly. The only thing that they didn’t care of was that they would descent in darkness. so they decide to pass the night on the montain. The only handicap was that the night in this part of land is chilly, and they didn’t have a warm pullover to retain the heat, so the girl decide to descent at risk.

    She make a little distance but her foot when of ef is place and she fall. Is boyfriend, yell is name at her in cry, but she didn’t respond, he was so upset that he decided to make the descent. But he didn’t make long, is foot slip and he fall. Then suddenly he feel that a hand push him on the rock making is fall slow and control. I’ve try to look who was their to retain him on the rock, but I couldn’t see anyone. When he was a few feet to the ground, the invisible hand let him do the rest, so without any hesitation he whent cause to is darling, oh this is cute, hand he rest with her and talking about the anxiety that their parents would have. Few minutes later, the police arrive with all the parents. The girl had only bruses and leg broken.

    Now, the other storie concerne a little child:

    A kid ask is mother to go out with is dog to play with, the mother accept saying at the boy to not goying to far, because they were snake. So the kid grab a stick and play with is dog when suddenly the dog run away from the house, he was runnig after a hare, so the kid run after is dog yelling is name, but the dog continue is course to get the hare. After a while the hare plonge in is hole leaving the dog to wouf-wouf, when the kid arrive clause to is dog he didn’t have the time the grab the dog that he was bite by a snake.

    The kid panic and he started to run, but he remember the recommandation of is mom; if you run the heart beat more rapidly and the blood carry the venim everywhere accelarating the process of paralysy. So he walk a while, but he felt a great pain in is legs, few minutes later the pain was so strong that he rampe with is arms, he was not enought clause to is house, he pray the Lord to help him ’cause he didn’t want to die, he was crying when a stranger pick him up in is arms. The stranger say to the kid that he was not to be affraid, that he would live. The kid try to look the man, but the Sun was in face, all that he see is a beard and a round hat like the russian. The man let the kid a few feet from is house. The kid try to yell, but he was not capable, luckaly is older brother when clause to him and he said; ” dont play that game with me, I’m not stupid”, but nothing, the kid was on is belly without moving, so is brother sense that something was wrong, so he whent to the house to get is mother….He live like the stranger said I would.

    The other storie arrive in the desert of Gobi:

    A pilot that transport mechanic pieces was going in a village to deliver some pieces of mechanic. The pilot was upset, the thing that was buging him was wind that carry sand an creating a high barrier of sand, this was very dangerous, but he didn’t have the choicein a way, beside this will pay him alot of money, so he take that chance.

    He was not arrive at the middle of is course that that wind when up rising sand, that motor was well, he didn’t have misfire, but after a while, the sand was more present and the motor stop. He crash without a scrach, so he did not have the choice to wait. When the wind fall he suddenly found that his beacon was nor in opperation, probably due to the crash or sand. He had only an half bottle of water and a half sandwich. So he decided to walk to the little village. He walk until he had more water and food. He walk until he was out of force, he loose concient, and the after day he walk a good distance, he was thinking about is wife and kids, he fall out again inconcious. The next day he walk again, and he pray intensively the Lord with tears in is eyes thinking about is familly in tears, so he lick the ground another time, so he fall inconcious again. the pain of is burn waking him up, suddenly a shadow went to cool him a little, a man was standing at is right, without a single word he put beside his left shoulder a big bag, in this bag, the pilot found enough water and food to make the trip.

    Gaining is strengt he walk many miles until a caravan pass not far from him, seeing that he was alone, they went to see him, after seing him burn like this they bring him to the hospital. This man as suffer burn second and third degree.

    The last but the best talk about a beatin’ woman:

    This woman had enough suffer by is alcoolo man. She was working every day, and all is pay went off in alcool, but she had a plan. Each week she put few dollar in a secret place, she had aunt that was living in an other state of US. This place was far from is home, so she as to fill up the jar to be able to have enough gaz to arrive were this aunt live, beside she had to rest in motel because she had a kid od 10 years.

    So the “D” day arrive, it was the 24 th december, she make alot of sandwichs, she pack the sandwichs in the trunk, she pick up few things and went by. The car was ok to do the trip. When it was time she sleep in the car side the rod with the window fairly open, just enough to have air, but not enough to have a hand to open the door, because the road was not very secure, if your car was not in shape and have to stop, you could have the surprise to have no wheels to go. Many motel was no vacancy, so she was oblige to sleep in the car, this was not good for is kid that she love very deeply. Finally, only a half a sandwich left and the voyage was not finish, alot of miles to make. So, tears when through is eyes when she look is kid a sleep. This part of the sandwich was is part, the kid had the other part, so she put the sandwich aside.

    When the kid go out of is sleep, he ask is mother if there were other sandwich, she tell him that all was left is his part, here take lot she said, I,m not hungry, but the kid know that is mother wanted him that he would not suffer, so the kid said to is mother; I’m sure that your hungry mama, yes I am, but I can manage to suffer a little bit. So the kid said to is mother; well, we could eat the half of it, after discousiion the mother accept.

    Oh she had money to go in a restaurant, but she would have to walk, is car was an accoolic. The only thing that she could spend is money was on a motel. Finally there was one that indicate vacancy, so she stop and rent a chamber for the night, this would be benefic to the kid. When she was in that chamber, the kid said to is mother that he couldn’t sleep, because he was to hungry to sleep. So is mother tell him not to think about it. Another time, tears when up to fall, but she retain herself, she didn’t want to weak the kid, she swallow and she think talk to her kid when suddenly, somebody knock on the door, she open and saw and old lady with a beautifull smile. The lady said; come at my app. I invite you to eat and drink, i was suppose to have my childrens for supper, but it’s late and I think they could not make the voyage ’cause of the snow, will you kindly sharing this food with me, I have all sort of good food and dessert, the kid look at is mother, and she finally accept.

    They eat and eat, the food was so good, after a while, the mother decided to put the kid to bed, so the lady tell to the mother; here take all this food, my frig is full, I wont ne able to eat all this food, if you dont take it this food will finish in the gabage. So the mother took all the food and put it in the trunk.

    The next morning, the woman had to go, but she remember that she didn’t thanks the lady, so she went to her app. and she knock, and knock, finally she tough that the old woman had a stroke or else, so she went to the office and she ask to the manager to open the door, cause the old woman needs help.

    Confuse the manager said to the mother, this app. was not rent for a long time, the mother not convince said that she talk to this woman, eat with, this is impossible said the manager, you are dreaming madame, so he open his registry to look at, and it was true, no one as sign the registry.

    Does that make you feel good about God and his angels? Their are alot of mysteries on the Earth, we have just beginning to look all what the world bring to us.

    Many UFO, demons have try to make me fear them, I laugh at demons saying to demons ” If I dont fear God, why should I fear demons, it is God that we must fear, you, you are just a joke, so bug off before I pronounce the Name of God”. They try all sort of thing to bring me clause to be a fool.

    I was listening to a radio talk show when the radio change suddenly to another frequency, I was capting a speach of Eisenhower. I said to the demon, you will have to do better then that, and he try all sort of things, I didn’t care, I wasn’t afraid, ’cause I new that God was there to help me.

    Here where I like presently, I was afraid, but it was implanted in me, I had no reason logicly to be afraid, but I was. I’d happen at least 2 or 3 time, and all this time I had nor reasons to be afraid. I dont know if you understand me, but that’s all for now. God Bless

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello again Starheater,

      I do enjoy these kinds of stories… it makes me wonder sometimes if something is watching over us. I have read other accounts of things that have happened to people that are very similar. Like Hitler… and how he survived all the attempts on his life including a bomb that exploded in the same room he was in. You see for me, even towards my own stories… I find it hard to believe god is interested in saving Hitler or anyone else for that matter. Because who hasn’t survived something they cannot explain? Surviving the final attempt on Hitler’s life didn’t change anything for Hitler, he lost and still killed himself, or did he? You mentioned Joseph Farrell in another post, I’ve a read three of his books. I like his writing style though I think he makes a lot of connections that don’t add up, yet what he writes is entertaining. My point is, just because something fantastic happens to us, or things have happened that we cannot readily explain… that doesn’t mean it was done because it’s god’s will… it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t, but it also doesn’t mean that it is. Which is why I’ve stated I’m not so sure if survival is everything its cracked up to be, because in the end we all end up at the same exact place… we all die.

      Also, I might address your Catholic posts later on… right now I’m weighing the options if I should even go down that road within this blog… with my other comment I might not have any choice. Time will tell. Thank you for your comments they are great addition to this blog.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Starheater says

        Hello Charles my Friend

        If I have understand well you you have said, I will be sad if you were not found on this blog again. Sometime, we are not tune on the same note, but we make beautiful harmony with a little zing in it (dont ask me what zing mean, I dont even now if this word exist, you can compare this word to; inharmonic that have is own harmony), your a kind of “pusher”, not of drug, but you force me “to go were no man as gone before” (Star Trek, I’m a Treky), you are a drug to me.

        If you go, a Black Hole will form in my spirit, I will suck all the matter around, he will come bigger and bigger seconds after seconds, to make it short: That’s how the Univers end, this will be the End of Time. I have a good imagination, like a kiddo.

        Speaking of Farrell, if you would write a book, I’m sure that you’d be invited to the radio program Coast-to-Coast, (I’m not sure about the spelling, it sound like toast, hummm, yeah, it’s goodo)(in a hundreds years, Marstians will speak like this) :)
        Like I was about to say, your book would be a best-sellers, you could under a palm tree, sitting on a chair made from elastic string that is that are space to let the eat go, a pina colada in one hand, and the other hand caressing the hair of a beautiful blond, or at the feet of the Pyramids of Giza.
        Look, if a not so intelligent can make a best-sellers, now, imagine a guy intelligent like you!!!! Beside, (I am the “beside-man”, I’m stuck with it) I have read alot of of letters that you wrote, and the style is good, you are serious, and you provoque respect. You dont have to make voyage around the world to have the knowledge.
        Is by talking to each of members of this site that you will gain extra knowledge, because (I am a fanatic of the word “because”) I consider that you have already the knowledge to begin writing.

        And to comment your comments: ” just because something fantastic happens to us, or things have happened that we cannot readily explain… that doesn’t mean it was done because it’s god’s will… it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t, but it also doesn’t mean that it is”, tumb up, I agree.

        But sometime, is intervention is needed, sometime like a gift He an intervention by His angels, this last was my case, I have seen fantastic fantasy, and heard beautiful music that have givin’ me the chicken skin.

        God Bless Charles

  13. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Charles Marcello.

    I hope you don’t mind that I decided to post my reply to you on this blog, as the other one was becoming exceedingly long. Since it’s not really on topic, per se, if you have another website on which to post responses, I would be glad to continue there.

    I had to give a little chuckle from your last comment. I’m the one who has confessed having faith in the Bible, and you stated, “..I honestly wish I could read the Bible off face value, instead only being able to read the Bible on face value..”, yet you are asking me to “…to use the Bible to defend the position outside of my own personal relationship…” It just sounded a little weird. One would think I wasn’t using the Bible to base my answers on, or defend its own position. And in that case, I would ask you to look at my answers one more time with me, because indeed, I did use the Bible to answer every question. However, I do have an answer for what you are requesting of me, which I will give after I’ve gone over my former answers.

    You answered my comment on Abraham by saying, “…the Bible does not say the Messiah will come from Abraham, it says the Messiah will come from the house of David.” Abraham and David are of the same lineage, so whoever is David’s ‘son’, is Abraham’s son. Read Matthew 1:1, “…the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.” I also, explained how God in essence, did promise that Jesus would be of his lineage by explaining Galatians 3: 29 – “If you are Christ’s, then are you Abraham’s seed…..according to the promise.” Since it was because of Abraham’s faith that God promised him he would be the father of a nation, anyone who has faith in God IS Abraham’s seed. In other words, because Jesus had faith in God, He was connected to Abraham, and anyone who has faith in Jesus, is also Abraham’s seed.

    Concerning Jesus overthrowing the table of the moneychangers in the temple – taking it from Mark 11: 15 – 18, we’re told that He cast out of the temple, those who bought and sold in it, that He overthrew their tables, and would not let anyone into the temple if they were going to sell something. There’s no mention of a whip in any account. And what did He say to the people when He was doing so? That it was written, ‘My house will be called of all nations, a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves.’ If that’s what He said, that was His point, and I said two comments that fit exactly with what He said.

    I commented that people were being “…lied to, cheated, robbed….etc.,” – which is equivalent to them dealing with ‘a den of thieves’; and I said a higher law was being broken, equivalent to Jesus’ explanation of the temple intended to be His …house of prayer.’ Both comments were entirely based on what Jesus said. I’m sure you know people can say the same things without using exactly the same words, and when it comes to the Bible, if you’ve got the intent, you’ve got it, far more than someone who can quote words of scripture, but who knows nothing of God.

    Regarding God knowing Judas would kill Jesus, and yet allowing it to occur; and also, that the names of the 12 Apostles were written on the 12 foundations of the New Jerusalem: I refer to Acts 1: 18 – 26. After Judas had killed himself, but before the day of Pentecost, Peter stood in their midst and proclaimed a scripture from the Psalms that foretold what Judas’ actions, but also directed that ‘another should take his place’. It matters not when something is written. If it is remembering something that happened 1 or 30 years earlier, the point is – the thing happened – Judas was replaced as one of the 12 Apostles.

    Obviously God knew he would do what he did, as He knows all things, but we make our own choices. Judas made his own choices, as we all do, and they make us into what we become. Judas was responsible for his choices from day one. God did not make him do anything, just as He does not make us do anything.

    As for the alabaster box, in Matthew 26:6 – 13 and John 12: 3 – 9, we are told that
    Mary poured special ointment on Jesus’ head and feet and wiped them with her hair, was rebuked by Judas because it could have been sold for money, but that “..when Jesus understood it, He said to them/him, ‘Why are you troubled, this woman has done a good work… the poor you will always have with you… but she did it for my burial…” The answer is in the scripture itself. It says ‘when’ Jesus knew it – and it means Jesus got the revelation from God that this woman was unknowingly, anointing Him (as was the custom of the Jews in those days) for His own burial. Though no one knew at the time, that He was going to be killed – except perhaps those who were planning on killing Him, Jesus got the revelation His burial was not far off, and knowing that He had so little time with them, He wanted them to learn what it was all about. The poor they would always have with them, but they were about to lose Him, and this was for His burial. He knew this is how men’s heart were – as I stated, that as long as there are rich people who self indulge rather than act generously, the poor would always exist, but this particular act was not centred on money, it was for Him.

    Charles, when I was converted God began to speak to me in an audible voice as clear as the voice of someone speaking in front of you, I couldn’t miss it, I couldn’t mistake it for my own thoughts. I was directly led to learn how to do what He asked, and from there, how to follow His Spirit. He Himself, directed me and led me to do what I did, so often confirming it with a scripture – which He also led me to read or find. You know I respect the Bible and believe it, but to confine myself to answering people’s questions by simply quoting the Bible verses, would be to cut off what God has taught me from the beginning – which is how to be led by His Spirit, and to trust His word in me as much as the words that are written. Because God will never say anything to me or anyone else, that contradicts what He inspired other’s to say in the Bible, an element of trust is necessary in anyone who hears me, and/or reads the Bible.

    What does He tell us – “Unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them (the Jews), but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them who heard it.” It can tell you this, we could talk back and forth from now until Jesus comes, and it would profit nothing without two things, faith and inspiration – that is to say, the Spirit of God. All scripture was given by inspiration, but it will profit us nothing if we don’t hear it by faith – which itself is, and is derived from, inspiration – the Spirit of God.

    I advise anyone who hears me, to read the Bible for themselves, but to submit to Jesus’ way, and seek to build a true and honest relationship with the Living Person He is. For the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. (II Corinth. 3: 6) To just go on sheer words without the Spirit who wrote them, will be futile. Thus I cannot abide by your request. I must follow the Spirit who has taught me, and should you or anyone else, honestly think that I am not following what God has laid down in the Bible, ask me about it, because following Him is my heart, and I would surely want to know if something I said or did was wrong. But understand, I have been taught by Him, and led by His Spirit, and will walk with Him as He has shown me.

    Hopefully this has explained a bit more about the answers I gave you previously. Talk to you later.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Brenda,

      No I don’t have any problem at all with us continuing this conversation inside this blog instead of the other… there is a part of me that thinks this blog was created, in part, for us to do just that.

      Before I respond to the first part of your post, I went back and read what I wrote that made you chuckle… even though I am notorious for grammar let alone spelling errors I was pretty sure I got that one right, you see I actually wrote… “I honestly wish I could read the bible off FAITH value, instead only being able to read the bible on its face value…” I believe because of your blind faith you ignore all the evil that exists inside the bible, the evil that is said and done in god’s name, while I on the other hand cannot abide by any god that is as evil as the god of the bible is being portrayed. Yet perhaps the totality of my problems with the whole bible will come forth later on in our conversation. However I wasn’t trying to be flippant or completely dismissive of your first answers… yet I saw a lot more opinion expressed inside your answers instead of using the bible to prove how the bible allows for Jesus to be from the house of David, seeing how that is completely impossible because linage, according to the bible, can only come from the male… To be fair, that was mentioned by me at the beginning of my conversation with StarHeater, so please forgive me for expecting any answer excusing that truth that exists inside the bible.

      Being of Abraham means nothing, absolutely nothing seeing how David came AFTER, not before the Abraham of the bible that all Hebrews come from according to the Bible… only in the new testament does the Abrahamic seed spread to all who call on the god of Abraham. Yet for that particular discussion I was asking how does the new testament fix its errors when it comes to Jesus…. while asking for answers where it appears to me the new testament just makes stuff up after Jesus is dead… and how a lot of the stuff said in the later books are either not talked about in the first four books, or contradicts stuff said in the first four books that speaks to Jesus’ life.

      Without attempting to be rude, but you cannot throw a rock on YouTube without finding a video from someone claiming that God spoke to them either directly in their ear/mind or to their heart and that if we only listen to them we will all learn what god wants or demands from each of us. Yet these messages are far from being on the same page… if I believed in everything people said god said to them, I would be so disappointed in how wrong god is all the time. Like this guy, Jonathan Kleck whose very first video’s on YouTube can be found here…
      Since this video series he has created a lot more videos. Now on the personal level I’m sure I would get along well with this guy… and no I don’t think he’s crazy, I think he honestly believes what he is saying. The only reason I mention these videos instead of his most recent is for those who don’t know who this guy is… I would ask for you to notice the year he created these videos and to watch all twelve. Personally I cannot deny he got some things right, not to mention he finds some pretty interesting stuff hidden inside all kinds of things. Yet that doesn’t mean I think he is talking to god. Nor does that mean I believe anything this guy has to say… yet I do honestly believe he believes what he’s sayings, so I like to stop by his YouTube page at least once a month just to see what he says god has revealed to him lately. There are many other so called Christians I follow, some I like to see what they have to say on a weekly basis, like this guy…
      I only watch his middle-east prophecy updates.. this guy is kinda cool… and sometimes he is pretty dang funny, and always entertaining. Yet that doesn’t mean I believe anything this guy is saying. But I do believe he honestly believes every word. Yet that means nothing to me, I too have experience something that can only be describe as a god like vision while fully awake… while driving down the road I might add. Again so what… Plus there are other Christians, Buddhist, Muslims, Hindus and Hebrews I listen too, or read what they have to say on their websites if not once a week, then at least once a month. I do this all because I want to understand the whole world of religion, because history proves all of you are both right and wrong. In my opinion through my own studies, the same can be said for what is written in the bible, and that is the whole point of bringing all of these things up. Right now my focus is having a conversation on how the old testament and the new testament do not match up nearly as perfect as people claim when it comes to Jesus… let alone I am always open to showing how the bible does not present a loving god.

      Now I don’t dispute that King David is from Abraham’s seed… to do so would be to completely ignore the first six books of the Torah/Old Testament. Just like I see the New Testament trying to fix an error by saying Jesus was born from a virgin… or when that regurgitated nonsense was added much later after Jesus’ death… because in my mind whoever added it didn’t have the ability to see further then his own desires for the complete control of mankind… or they would’ve removed Joseph’s linage… Not to mention neither has anyone else throughout the last sixteen hundred odd years noticed this massive error, when it comes to what the Torah/Old Testament says regarding the only way to achieve linage is from the male. How does calling Jesus’ birth a miracle virgin birth also allow him to be from the House of David, let alone if Jesus is a virgin birth who gives damn where Jesus’ stepfather, “Joseph’s” linage is from, so why add it?

      Your answer before and in this new one is ignoring that aspect of the bible and only allowing/acknowledging those parts you think makes everything all better. Well it doesn’t, the New Testament allowing for Jesus to be from the Abraham’s seed is simply ridiculous, and doesn’t automatically connect Jesus to the house of David… it just doesn’t because of all the wars/slaves/people who were given their or their families freedom etc etc after Abraham died! Only your religion is born unto you in the Jewish faith through the mother… which is why no one can reject the fact that if Jesus was born to a female Hebrew he was in fact Jewish and no other… yet anyone who reads the old testament and honestly reads the new cannot help but wonder, after finishing the new testament, how the hell is Jesus born from the house David?

      Now if people don’t know there are several videos on YouTube declaring, Jesus fulfilled so many prophetic promises the mathematical probabilities of that happening by chance would be like… asking someone who is blindfolded to find a one dollar silver piece painted in red, inside stacks of one dollar silver pieces that are a foot high, and spread out side by side all across the whole state of Texas… oh an to keep the probabilities exactly the same you only get one try. That is what these people are preaching is the probability of how wonderful the birth and life of Jesus Christ is. Well fine… that sells extremely well to people who have not read and are working on studying every word inside the bible… Well I want to talk about the errors inside the bible and let’s only allow the bible to fix’em if it can… because I have been told to believe the bible is the infallible word of god and that there are no contradictions or lies, or errors inside the bible. Which brings me to the second question that I asked regarding Jesus being violent. KJV… John Chapter 2 verse 15.. “And when he made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple…” I would suggest everyone look up what is meant by a “scourge with small cords” to find out if I am telling the truth or not that the bible says Jesus chased people with a knotted wipe. Which is stone cold violence that only commonsense demands Jesus earned his beating and crucifixion. Except of course that is not why the bible says Jesus was beaten or crucified, oh no it was because he died for all of our sins… which I believe could be true… which is also the only thing in my book that makes him special because he was the only one who has done so, even though that is exactly what I believe the Adam and Eve story is asking of all of us. However if we take the old testament off of face value, the knocking over of tables and chairs and chasing people with a knotted whip goes against Jesus being the Messiah because the messiah was supposed to live a violent free life according to the old testament prophecy of the messiah… and then and only after Jesus is dead Peter is quoted as saying Jesus lived a violent free life. How is that not a contradiction of both what the bible says Jesus did, and how the bible also proves Jesus did not live up to two prophecies so far, (being from the house of David and living a violent free life) that were supposed to be proof to the whole world that we are dealing with the official messiah? How does the bible fix these things… Especially seeing how the bible then says when Jesus is supposed to return, he will not be born again? Not only is this question being asked of you Brenda, but how does the Christian world fix just these two errors found within the bible? The answer I’ve found so far is they either ignore them or just make stuff up later inside the bible that professional Christian theologians demands they’ve done over and over and over again… Which is why I also mentioned to StarHeater to look up how many Pope’s have call the bible pure fiction… and to look up what professional theologians have written throughout the years and within many books I might add, describing how horribly the bible has been purposely changed over the years… Like their argument that Jesus never said, “…he who is without sin cast the first stone…” these people argue the proof is overwhelming that that was added by a monk and never spoken by Jesus… Which was the whole point of me mentioning what I do to so called Christians who believe they can shame people to hell, in front of others I might add, because of their personal and consensual sexual appetite. Believe whatever you want, and more power to each of you for doing so… and I don’t care what name you call god… yet if anyone believes they can go around scaring or shaming the world into believe their way, I say prepare to defend your belief system because I will pick that fight/point out all the errors I’ve found within every religion.

      Right now I’ve ran out of time, so I will address your other points later, hopefully tomorrow or the next day. But before I go… thank you Brenda for being so adult about our conversation. Please understand that last sentence was not meant for you, it was done as an explanation to give insight into how I go about reading the bible (and other religious texts) and then connecting/pointing out the errors I see…or more correctly those things I believe that have been added by man to force their will onto others… that are found inside the old and new testaments. However if you can prove what I am saying is in error, I am reading at any moment to admit I am wrong.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Charles Marcello says

        Stopped by to see if anyone responded and noticed once again I have many grammar and spelling errors… yet the last sentence is the only thing I feel I must fix. It should have read…

        ***…However if you can prove what I am saying is in error, I am ready at any moment to admit I am wrong.***

        –Charles Marcello

      • Starheater says

        Hello Charles
        Your feeling for the Christian religions is big, mine is huge, and this term is not quite just in value, I could say, huge-huge if you like, so huge that when I go in a Catholic church, I am like a devil who have fall in the Holy water, holy water does not exist, this is just an exemple. First of all, when you enter in a church, there a strange smell that brrr..I have no word for that, secondly, when I see all those statue, and the virgin Mary, they dont realize that Mary after the birth of Jesus lost is virginity. I could mention alot of things Charles, but the most of all, the third thing is that they ARE BLIND’ PERFECTLY BLIND.

        They love everyone, and in your back they are viper like the Sanhedrin and the Sadduceens, hypocrit they are, they tell to themself: “I can steel, the Virgin will pardon me”. Do you know the mafia, they pray like the mafia; Oh, pardon me Virgin, I have to kill him, hey I have work hard for this money” yes you have, steeling the poor and weak. And this is true. The pope is a man that have no intelligence at all, to approve the US in war, you’ve got to be a devil, a fool, a container of garbage, and this is also true. Dont ask the question why they hate so badly the Bible, they are worst then atheist. This religion is curse, if not by God, it is by ME. This is a Prostitute, the worse of the Christianity, and this is also true.

        So when you talk with ME, dont mention that I’m a Christian, because I’M NOT. I am a disciple of JESUS and I have seen none of the religion whatever the religion who have a spark of truth in it, so sorry, there is NO religion on Earth, look around you Charles, all fools of them, all murderer, all robber, all lyier, all they kill their parents in a way that you dont imagine, they kill in the heart, in the stomach, in the spirit. A good Christian have to love everyone, but to be frank, I HATE those murderer, beginning with the pope, another homosexuel have been crown, for what? to lead innocent peoples to their death, criminel they are a thousans time, and that is also true. No benediction can enter their heart, their heart are made of stone, they are like Jehovah Whitness, they are murderer in latency. Those last one pretend to be at the service of Jesus, and it’s by them that the Name of Jesus is curse or else.
        It is said clearly in the Bible not to go house to house, those incradable stone head wont give up their way. I prove without a doubt that the question of Blood was not related to their way to act, this was a commandment of the Apostles to not touch all that was related to the blood, the fornication, meat that was not well degorge ( I dont have the right word for this), to be short, this related a ritual of sacrifice.
        The Corinthians was good in making sacrifice, they went on a mountain, they sacrifice an animal and they eat is flesh, they drink wine and after that they when fornicating. I prove this without a doubt with multiple proofs, they woudn’t even want to think about it, I hate them and I have the difficulty to be cool.
        But one thing for certain, I have a visit at my app. I talk with those two, and all that I have said was right at their eyes and the Bible, but when it arrive in the question of blood, house to house, and the name they have “jehovah”, puff, they dissapear like magic.
        The demon that want to converted me, as prophetise that I will become a jehovah, my respond was ” even if I would want to become a jehovah, I could not be one, because I dont want to become a criminel.” He try to convince me, but nada, he rage and he rage after me until he when away.

        Now, in what you have said about the bible beeing not true, this is a fact Charles, and I’m dead serious. But this is valid only at the date of 1985, because all the edition of the Bible was corrupted and amputated, sometime entire chap. was amputated. And who was responsible for this act of murder, the Rostchield. This man have acquired the International Bible… I dont remember the rest of this name of enterprise. So if you want a good Bible, you will have to borrough one, because all the new edition are corruted whatever the edition.
        This is like the doors of Heaven was close. But it’s better to have a corrupted Bible then no Bible at all, because when you study the Bible you can know where the verses are corrupted.

        If you search the god within, you will find only a little kid who want to do what is satisfaction for him, there are no god within, this is devil talk. Smile Charles :) I will be your Guru, your god within’, I lead lead you to the promise land, the land of Nothingness :) I will be your guide. It will cost you only 1000 dollar per month, hey!!! this is nothing, in the Land of Nothingness :) dont be cheap. I will give you the light within’ a check of 10,000 dollar to start :) After that I will give you the Blue-whith light of Ron Cook, and this in this special offer of the god within’ :) Booh-booh .
        Dont laugh, I’m serious, well, just within’. :)
        I am the little devil Starheater, and I will cook you like Ron oops…
        God bless Charles my brother, my friend, my….in’ oopsssssssss (the serpent)

      • Starheater says

        Hello Charles
        I know that you are sincere when you say that you will correct errors about the Bible. But what you need to know is how the Bible is translate, first this is not done by monks, monks are far away like the Est and the Ouest. This traduction is made by a team of expert in this field, they can be Jewish, German, etc… All traduction are done from the “original roll” (skin of sheeps), when the traduction of a book is finnish, another team is in action to inspect this traduction, when a word is not really good for the meaning of a phrase, a not is writen to the chief inspector, when the second team have finnish this book, it is tranfert to another team of expert. All the notes are discuss with all the team, when this is not evident, a fourth team is haded.
        But generally, they dont have to create a fourth team.

        I would not go to all the processus, I didn’t mention: Themes, principles, dogma and…etc….. and I didn’t mention the 3 main series of book that compose the Bible, I wont enter in this field, I would have to make episode to explain all the care and hard labor of those who make the traduction. Now, there is one factor the is the most important of all, it’s to compare one book that is in English to a book in French, the English compare to Germain and so and so. If they all say the same thing, this traduction can be printed, if they find a bug, they try to found were the mistake is.

        This as been done over the years, not in the same manner, but the scribe was very sharp, if there was an error found or a letter that was not clear enough, the entire roll was throw in the junk, but not to be destroy, they were kept apart in a special room, it was consider a great sin to destroy the Word of God, beside the skin of sheep could not be eternel. I “suppose” that a scribe could destroy some documents, but this I am not sure.

        The idea to have many versions was to be understand by many different kind of people, some Bible was an art of litterature, other was simple in the choice of words. Some people understand well the Louis Second version, other prefer the AV (Authorise Version, or Official Version, the King James version in other words), Now, all those Bible are GOOD, except those created after 1985, past this year the Bible are good but some paragraph are amputated with some verses too.

        Even this amputation, those Bible can roll like that have only 3 wheels to roll, in other words, this in not a “great handicap”, ’cause you can find the light if you have the will to do it.

        Now, about God beeing Evil, on this subject we found face “A” and “B”, the face A is God who command the Israelites to kill every persons, male female kid, baby and sometime all of those + animal of all kind.

        Face B is the reason why God does that killing. When the Israelites was in the dessert, they encounter many tribes of people that was free to act, when the Israelite ask to those tribe if they could pass on their land to go to the promise land, many have refuse, so Israel was oblige to go in a war, when they encounter the Amalicite (?), God command to Israel to kill this race, because the amalacite was a barbarious race, this race as not pity, that’s why God curse this race to be annihilated complitly. When they arrive in Canaan (the promise land), God give the command to kill all the races in Cannan, because this race was compose of Giants, and Giants was well renom for is Barbarious atrocity, those giants were from 14 to 26 feets appr., they was not only the people that were giants, the fruit like raisin was huge.
        There are many things that I could tell you, but what is the thing that could convince you that God is not a criminel. Take a Bible, a King James Bible, or if you have trouble to understand the special writing of this Bible, take the New King James Bible, you will find it more easy to read.
        As for me, I have the King James Bible in English and French, but I have also, Louis Second, Darby and Geneva.

        I will tell you a piece of storie on how I begin to read the Bible. I have been alway passion of Mysteries, so I purchase a collection in 24 book on the subjet, one of those book was my favorite, a book writin by Robert Charroux, this man was a genious, and it happen that he was alway reffering to the Bible in is theories, so I purchase the Bible of Jerusalem. So I started at genese, and when I arrive to the part of the “killing”, I was traumatise, really, and I said to myself “no this is not God, no way”, so I set the Bible aside for 4 to 5 months.
        One day, I when to a drug store and at the exist there was a magazine in a stand, this magazine was “The Plain Truth” in French. I could not kept my eyes out of this magazine. Now I know that God is not a criminel.

        Charles, I consider you like a friend, take my advice, read it, if there is something that you dont understand, like I was in those time, ask me, I will help you, but read it, you will find very interresting subject, I can assure you that, Hey, am I a logic man? Tell me. God Bless Charles

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Charles Marcello.

        I must let you know first, that I don’t have a lot of time to put into this each day, so if by chance, I’m a day or two answering, don’t think I’m running the other way, trying to avoid you at all; it’s just that I’m very busy.

        To begin with, I actually did know that you said ‘on faith value’, but I guess the message didn’t get from my brain to my fingers – my mistake, I apologize, it’s a typo.

        Charles, I wasn’t thinking at all that you are flippant or dismissive, I was just chuckling over the person who confesses they don’t take the Bible in faith, telling the person who does, to confine their answers to the Bible. It just strikes me as funny.

        On that subject I have to say that while I am not one, and never was, who must find everything God gives me, ‘in the Bible’, before I believe it, I absolutely know that what God says to someone, or what His Spirits reveals to them, will never contradict the truth of the Bible. I say this because there are many televangelists out there who insist on seeing everything in black and white in the Bible before they believe it, and if they want to act this way, they’re welcome to it, but God has never led me to do this.

        Therefore, if you are looking to have this discussion with someone who wants to discuss the words of the Bible alone, I’m probably not the one to have it with. When I surrendered my life to God, it was outside of the conventional church system, and although God led me to go into it for several years, He again led me out of it, and my relationship with God has remained ‘unconventional’ – by His design, and according to His purpose for me. I have been directed by God to read the Bible, and at times directed to read certain portions of it, but not to build my relationship with Him on Biblical words alone. I use every-day language to say what’s in the Bible, as I would think that assists people to understand it better than quoting old English, but my though I use ‘unofficial words’ to describe what God has shown me, there are truths in the Bible on which they’re based.

        Indeed, as I’ve said to someone else, you can memorize the Bible and not know God, and God knows, there’s plenty of people who quote scriptures to ‘prove’ their opinions, but this is not the way to settle what is true or not. Again I must say, all scripture is written by inspiration, and therefore, if one is going to know the truth behind it, they must be read with inspiration as well. In fact, as I said to Starheater, if we want to know the truth, God made His Spirit accessible to us to lead us to it (see John 16:13). His Spirit is the Key to knowing truth when we see it, regardless of where it is.

        Charles, I’m not at all trying to avoid any apparent discrepancies that are of concern to you, but it’s a lot easier to say, that’s right, that’s not true, etc., than to explain how it is or isn’t. It takes time and lot’s of it, which I don’t always have. However, I purpose to be led of His Spirit, not to lead it, so I can tell you I may not go where you want me to go. Nor am I free to labor something the Spirit has offered an answer for.

        On the issue of Abraham and Jesus being listed as part of His lineage, I have shown how the issue of Abraham is not based on physical lineage, but on faith, and that because Abraham believed God, God made the promise to him of being the father of a great ‘nation’ – not referring to the physical Jews, but as Paul says, to those who also choose to have faith. Faith is the connection therefore, between Abraham’s lineage – which includes David, and Jesus. If you are looking to understand this without faith, based on black and white words, you may or may not find it, but you will never understand God with your natural mind, without His Spirit, or without faith. As Hebrews 11: 6 says, without faith it’s impossible to please Him, whoever comes to God must believe that He is, and is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

        Re – the issue of seeing numerous people on you Tube who claim to have heard this and that – no doubt, I believe they’re a dime a dozen these days. That’s why we need His Spirit to show us who has it and who doesn’t. I WILL indeed have a look at the two sites you want me to see, but I just don’t have time now, so please don’t mind me if I have to comment to you about it on Sun. or Mon.

        On the issue of the ‘scourge’, honestly, I thought I remembered Him using a small whip as well, but couldn’t see it last night, so I thought I must have been mistaken. In any case, the Bible makes no bones about the fact that God has wrath, the point is, it’s righteous and necessary. Jesus didn’t walk around doing violence, but because He did what He saw the Father doing, I’m not surprised He revealed God’s wrath at some point.

        Unfortunately Charles, I have to end it here, as duties call. I’ll pick up as soon as I can. Talk later.

        • Charles Marcello says

          Hello Brenda,

          I came tonight to finish my response to your previous post, before I did I wanted to see what else has been said. After reading this post, I wonder if continuing our discussion of the bible defending bible would be time well spent. Yet I have no problem switching gears and coming at this from a different perspective.

          Like, the fact you thought it funny that someone wants to limit the conversation about the bible to the bible with someone who professes they accept the bible off faith value alone. I honestly don’t get that, because I would think you would feel you hold the stronger position, and therefore your position would be the easiest to defend. There are two main reason I am interested in this conversation, and openly state them… A; because the bible is not what people claim that it is. And B, I want to try and understand how anyone believes with a recorded history of over 6 thousands year available to all who want to read it, explaining all the gods of many names and rituals… I truly am interested in how you believe only Christianity got it right. That boggles my mind, especially when Christian History is pure unadulterated EVIL! Now I’m sure you might take the same stance as Starheater… that Catholicism is not Christianity. Well that might make it all better in your mind to deny your connection, yet that negates the first one thousand years of Christianities rule over many parts of the world. Let alone, it was Catholicism that spread the bible far and wide… and it was that evil that brought the bible together… no no, I’m supposed to ignore all the evil done in the name the god of the bible… and how many Christians believe Catholicism is the anti-Christ system and have been since day one… YET these same people believe god actually had his hand in the creation of the bible. To me it seems when reality becomes to hard for Christians they refuse to admit their own religious bloody past and that it was only because of the evil that is Christianities history that Christianity enjoys he numbers they do today. Yes the same can be said for every other religion throughout history… Yet according to all Christians only Christians got it right, while purposely ignoring their history is exactly like all others religions Christians demand are all wrong. That is what I find funny…. not funny haha, but funny sad.

          There isn’t a spit of difference between religions that have existed throughout history, they all are guilty of rape, pillage and plunder in the name of their god. Not to mention Christians today think they are a hell’va lot smarter then the god of the old testament… No? Then where are your slaves? Oh wait, that’s right… god had to use rules that would help bring people to where he wanted them thousands of years later… and those had slaves that also followed god’s commandments will be in heaven with you. As ridiculous as that argument is… let’s ignore that for a minute and think about this… What about free will, if there is free will then why the hell does god give a damn about anything we do? Anything less is not free will, what it is is asking someone who wants to live, that they get to choose how they die. “But I want to live,” ok, but only until you chose which weapon we use on you… that’s aint free will and neither is this… believe in me and my laws and live eternally with me, or deny me and go straight to hell… What, I don’t got that right either? Why, because you think differently? Or do you believe the bible tries to answer that question regarding free will… are there other religious documents that also have their own answers to the contradiction on how any of gods rules denies free will? Did extinct religions have answers for that simple question? Religions that have been around much longer than Christianity I might add… yet according to Christianity they are all wrong, even though there is no other religion alive today that has done more evil to more people then Christians. The only other thought to govern mankind that comes close to the evil of Christianity is Communism… what took Christianity over a thousand years of misery and death, communism has done so in less than a hundred. Yet the world is moving more and more towards socialistic communism standards. And I’m like, fine, I don’t agree but the majority of the masses gets to decide the direction for the whole… and I must follow, unless I and those who believe the same as I do are willing to force our will. But get this, with those few sentences I just perfectly describe the history of our entire world. And that is my bitch with every religion, and why I will only accept answers where the bible can defend itself. I believe history proves beyond any doubt everything humanity has done that has caused forced pain, suffering, and death, cannot be the will of god, and only be the will of man. So I seek to find new answers, because all the old ones are each, every last one of them, proven failures. So far as I know I stand alone and defiantly so. Yet I refuse to pick up a sword and only plan to talk about these things. Not to force my will, no no, I want to find new answers and talk about them. But first I have to find people who are honest enough to admit things aren’t even remotely as they’ve been told to believe… whether its our history or their faith.

          –Charles Marcello

          • Brenda Brown says

            Hi Charles Marcello,

            I wanted to make a few comments on a couple of points that have been discussed, just to make what I’m saying, as clear as possible.

            I have no problem with you wanting to find answers in the Bible, that answer the questions you have. But I am just being honest with you when I tell you that looking for answers in black and white, without using faith or the Spirit of God, will not end well. You may find a few answers, I’m not saying you won’t, but when an engine calls for ‘gas’, and you decide you want the components to do their stuff without it, you’re headed for problems. Likewise, when scripture itself tells us that we it was written with inspiration, and that we need to approach God in faith, we can’t say, ‘I don’t want to do that,’ and then wonder why it doesn’t work.

            I’m not asking you to ignore your questions, nor am I saying that the points you bring up are not viable and don’t need to be answered, Charles. I’m not trying to avoid them or sweep them under the rug. But we can’t tell God how we’re going to come to Him, or open our hearts towards Him, especially when it’s an ingredient that is absolutely critical to walk with God. He knows every question you have, but there are more important issues to be dealt with in your heart/spirit right now than answering all the questions. And part of those issues are the Satanic ‘drag’ that your experiences with demons has put within and upon you. They are like veils over your spirit and are keeping you from genuinely receiving the assistance that I am offering. It’s not everything, but it would help you.

            I know from experience, having dealt with demons in my own life and in other’s lives, that they don’t leave without faith and the Spirit of God in our lives. You can’t heal yourself of their affects, no one can. They are supernatural beings, their ‘power’ is our fear, hatred, unbelief, anger, etc., as I stated to you, and as long as we incubate these in our lives, we give them more room in us, and power over us, whether we ‘hate’ them or not.

            Let’s say someone goes to a doctor to get some cream for a rash that’s really bothering him. That’s the problem as far as he’s concerned, and that’s what he wants addressed. The doctor looks at the rash and as soon as he sees it, he knows it’s a symptom of something far bigger going on in his body. Merely giving a cream to heal the rash isn’t going to get rid of the disease, it would be nothing short of negligent on the doctor’s part. He either gets honest with the person and starts dealing with the root of the problem, or he carries on a superficial ‘healing’.

            If I didn’t tell you about faith, and the Spirit of God, as the necessary components to solving your problems and answering your questions, I would be negligent, and would be acting superficially. So while it may appear to you that I am ‘trying to make it all better,’ that’s not at all what my intent, nor my words are trying to do. I have told I was going to do my best, and I am doing what I know is right in your case.

            Your spirit is under demonic oppression, which is not to say you ‘have a demon’, but it is certainly to say that you are suffering the affects of being abused by them. And while asking questions that need answers is not ‘bad’, it will not deal with your problem.

            As for ‘blind faith’, I know exactly what you mean, and many speak of it that way, but there is no genuine faith that is ‘blind’. What people actually mean when they claim to ‘have faith in whatever the Bible says’, is that they trust it, but faith is far more than trust. To the contrary, faith can only be derived by intaking the Spirit/inspiration of God, either through His Word, or by itself, and it awakens our spirits and minds to see clearly. You know the song – “…I once was…… blind, but now I see,’ even though you think right now that you are seeing things honestly, and are awake to what’s really in the Bible, in reality, because you lack faith, the Spirit of God, and are under oppression, you are more blind than you know.

            If you feel you no longer want to pursue this conversation Charles, then we won’t pursue it, but these are the issues that need addressing before your questions can even begin to be addressed, more than I’ve already addressed them. Some of these questions are coming from your own spirits, but others are derived from the hatred of demons – which has found place in your life. Nail the demon and you’ll begin to see your way clear to answer those questions yourself. And nailing the demon won’t happen without those ingredients I mentioned – they don’t leave because they’re hated, they leave when the Spirit and faith of God has moved in, because they simply can’t stand in His presence.

            I leave that with you Charles, but if there’s anything else you want to discuss, I’m open. Thank you for all your efforts.

          • Charles Marcello says

            Hello again Brenda,

            I completely understand where you are coming from, truly I do… and I think that is our impasse. I’m positive I don’t know what the truth is, absolutely positive I don’t, I simply have questions and some ideas… while you believe that you know something that I am absolutely positive is not possible…. Why, because history does not lie. Your experience is not unique and nothing about what you’re saying is unique… nothing! I realize no one wants to hear that, we all want to believe whatever happens to us makes us special, because the experience is always so damn personal. Yet if it is true for you, then it must be true for Muhammad, or Buddha and everyone else. Yet if your position is that it cannot be true for Muhammad, then nothing you’ve ever experienced means anything to anyone else, so therefore it cannot be a worldly truth either. And that is my main point. Whatever I have experienced, and whatever you’ve experienced is for us and for us alone. Because the larger truth is both of our experiences don’t give us some special worldly insight, nor does anything we believe after we’ve experienced our own personal truths have any weight outside our own lives. You see that is what I’ve learned from history, not that that’s what our ancestors did, no no they all did the exact opposite and hundreds upon hundreds of millions of people throughout history have suffered because of it.

            Now you are right I have faced demons, in my dreams, in one of my first memories, and within my own actions. Now the latter has nothing to do with physical entities, and has everything to do with things I’ve done in my past that I regret. I’ve never murdered, raped, or hurt a child outside of whacking a couple on the ass… and once I smacked a teenager for cussing my like a drunken sailor. But when I was younger I honestly thought to be a man meant two things… one you had to be able to handle physical pain, and the second one is be ready to throw down for the slightest reasons/offense… while section B of that same law says, don’t be afraid to take an asswhipping if you need to. Yet those things aint got anything to do with how I see the world and ALL the religions of the world. Except maybe I ain’t afraid to speak my mind anywhere, even if that means everyone in the room wants to see me dead. I so don’t believe in political correctness, I feel that BS was added so liars and thieves can have a place at the political table, without being afraid of someone calling them liars or thieves. You see Brenda when I say I question everything and I am looking for new answers for everything that is exactly what I mean. History is absolutely clear, you and everyone else who believes whatever has happened to them, that that somehow gives you or them some special insight, or the right to deny anything other than what you or they believe in…. History demands 100 percent of the time, each of you are wrong… and only your faith blinds you to that single absolutely undeniable truth! There are billions of people on this planet who profess they know the truth because of their own personal experience with whatever it is they believe equals god… I could very easily take this same conversation I am having with you regarding the bible and replace the world bible with any other official religious book… whatever real or dreamt experiences I’ve had with demons be damned.

            Let me show another way I am highly controversial by seeking new answers to issues that face this planet. I am absolutely anti-abortion and I’ve studied it from every angle. I know how to end abortion not only in the United States but around the world. They way you end it, is you make all those who support abortion physically or emotionally… you destroy that whole concept by rubbing their noses in it. Yet this strategy can only be done here in the United States… because of our 15 Amendment. What that amendment does is it does not allow for any laws to be passed that discriminates against any person because of sex, color or creed. Well then, men already have the right to abort their responsibilities to anything growing in a woman’s body. If she can kill it, then a man should be able to abandon it. All any guy has to do is get a woman pregnant, or not… just have money and thick skin, and then sue that State or the Federal Government because they are violating his (and all mens) Constitutional Rights to abort his (there) responsibilities. To make sure that it is a national (worldwide) fight you take every single statement made by the pro-choice movement and replace the word woman, with man. When Roe v. Wade was forced onto this country by the Supreme Court they used the social stigma that happens to a woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock… Well in our day and age, if a man doesn’t want a baby a woman with the help of the state can force him to be financially responsible, up to including putting his face online calling him a deadbeat dad… sending him to jail or denying him any kind of loan because of past due child support… yet this guy never wanted a child in the first place. So the whole social stigma argument created by the Supreme Court is but one avenue to make sure that male gets his day in court. Can any of you imagine this world? I could go on and on and on regarding how the courts would have no choice but to hear this case, and also how to make sure the Supreme Court must make a ruling. Even though saying all of this makes me physically ill. Yet the only silver lining in this sickness is, if the Supreme Court doesn’t destroy Abortion because their stupid ruling is being rubbed in their noses, then I guarantee you future generations will… because our world already sanctifies killing the unborn it has no choice but to sanctify men abandoning them… well only in the United States because of our Constitution… the courts have no choice but to either allow men the right to abandon the unborn or give it back to the States. Which if any State allows for female abortions, because of the 15 Amendment they must also give men the right to Abandon it… either way the Supreme Court will have to be the final say so. And if they also say yes to men then it will become the future survivors of our collective stupidity to end this sickness once and for all… and they will!!! Again only in the United States can this argument work and work successfully…. While the arguments to support this sickness would generate a worldwide conversation… because if you are against men having this right, the only way to do so is to acknowledge every viable pregnancy always equals a life that must be taken care of and/or saved from both its parents. This idea is brilliantly disgusting… and is the only way to change hearts, minds and laws around the world. Yet it must start here because here in the United States we are a nation of laws that does not recognize race, sex or creed.

            And Brenda there are many more ideas I have regarding our world. I don’t care and I don’t want to figure out who’s the less evil… I want to know if they are wrong, why they are all wrong, and then and only then figure out if they can be fixed or if there is a way to throw them all away forever. Obviously with what is mentioned above I don’t believe Abortion can be fixed, so the idea above is to make sure no matter what we do in our day… I guaran-damn-tee this idea will sometime in the future destroy the whole concept of killing or abandoning life just because someone doesn’t want it. I have ideas on the only way a world government will work, on how to fix my government… and how there is only one idea that the whole world could agree to when it comes to faith… keep it to yourself… you can express to others what god has done for you, but you can never force your personally held beliefs onto anyone… which is the whole point of having this conversation with anyone who believes only they know what god is or is not and in only what book they believe god truly exists within. So you see Brenda, I don’t believe I am the one who is still wrestling with the demons of this world. I’m trying to reveal to anyone who wants to talk about it, where all the demons are and how we as a species can conquer them.

            –Charles Marcello

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda
      Excuse my intrusion in your conversation that you have with Charles, you stated; “and I would surely want to know if something I said or did was wrong”, well, they are few little things that is not exact. Before I speak about it, I want you to know that I do that just for your benefit, and only for that reason, I’m not the kinf od man who make is glory on walking on the heads of the other, so dont be sad or else:) I want you to smile.

      First of all, nobody have ear the voice of God, no one, now I know that you will tell me that Jesus and other have heard God say “this is my Son…”, neither anyone have heard jesus speak to him, because what the Father do, the Son do it also. No one can heard God speak without dying in the second, this is due to the fact the God is a Pure Spirit and we are made of weak matter, it’s like you were putting a dynamite in a bowl of jello, do you understand what I’m trying to tell you.

      For exemple, take the time who God was on the Sinai,(we must not forget that Paul stated the the Israelite was on the ministry of the angels, angels is not God), the moutain was in deep smoke, this is an indication that something was burning, and it was burning, that is a fact. If you go in Arabia where the mountain call Jabal-al-laz, you you see that the top of the mountain is black, and when you climb to see it clause, when you touch a stone it crumble like cigarette ashes.

      Now Brenda, imagine God Himself, that why the Prophets have said that God was not under a stone, neither in a cave, or a chamber, and I know that would surprise you, not event in our body, we have only a little tiny winy bitty portion of the Holy Spirit, remember Brenda, their only 2 persons in God, the Father and the Son ( John 1:1-3), the Holy Spirit is the Father, because God is a Spirit, and His Spirit is Holy, you understand?

      I believe you when you say that a voice is speaking to you, but it’s not God, this is an angel, the angel are holy too, it’s like God were talking with you.

      The other point is Faith, faith is knowing what we have not, and be sure that we will have it ’cause God wanted too, exemple, if you want to levitate like a ballon, then you will be able to do it because God want you to have it. In more simple, Faith is to be absolutely sure of something, this is faith.

      God Bless Brenda see you :)

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Starheater.
        There’s no problem entering Charles’ and my conversation on my part, Starheater. From what I can see, that’s what blogs like this are for.

        Thank you for your consideration about my feelings regarding being ‘wrong’, or having made an error. That’s okay; I would never have the relationship I have with God today, if I didn’t know how to be wrong, and recover.

        Regarding the mountain that God appeared on in the form of a burning fire, I am aware that the mountain burned, but the bush did not – it was not consumed. But whether the mountain burned or not, matters not Starheater, since Moses went up into the mount without injury. God is able to protect whoever He wishes, whenever He wants, which I’m sure you know. He did not state that the people should not, or could not go up the mountain with Moses, until after they had chosen to distance themselves from Him.

        Nevertheless, Exodus 19 states that the people asked that ‘God’ not speak to them, which automatically tells us it was God who was speaking, not an angel – which they were well aware of was following, and leading them as a pillar of cloud, and fire. They knew the difference. I know Deuteronomy tells us that there would never arise another prophet like Moses, who spoke ‘face to face’ with God, of that there’s no doubt. The qualification on that phrase is the ‘face to face’, it isn’t the same as saying God wouldn’t ‘speak’ to anyone.

        I know what you’re saying Starheater, when you say that our spirits are small and God very pure and holy, I’m certainly not disagreeing with that. However, God is well able to conceal Himself, or make ‘filter’ His voice as it were, so that our spirits are not destroyed. However, I have both heard from angels, and from God, and there was a difference in their voices.

        One person I know who has had exceptional experiences with God, Annie Schisler, put out a book a number of years ago called, ‘I looked, I heard, I saw’, and I would strongly suggest you read it. Her spirit was taken into the heavenly realms where she had conversations with God – and the angels, both, and because the entire experience was done by God alone, involving no efforts of man, her experiences and what she heard and saw, are free of any pollutions of the human mind and heart.

        I know angels speak to us, and many are having true experiences these days that involve angels, visions of Jesus, God speaking etc. There are times when angels have appeared to people, and the people were terrified; there are times when they were made to feel peace, or joy, or repentance, it totally depends on what God wants to reveal through the angels, and/or what the angels feel is necessary for the people to feel. Because God is undoubtedly so potent and pure that our flesh would wither to a crisp in His presence, doesn’t prevent Him from making Himself more approachable. He created everything from His own Word, He can certainly cover Himself spiritually speaking, so that we aren’t destroyed when He speaks to us.

        Now, I am also well aware that many there are these days, who claim ‘God said’, ‘I saw’, ‘I heard’, ‘I experienced’…, and did not have a genuine experience, or misunderstood what was going on, I can’t speak for them, though if I heard or saw them, I could discern an awful lot about them, their experience and its authenticity. There is only one way to absolutely know whether something is right or wrong, and while it at times does involve finding certain scriptures, there are other times scriptures alone just keep discussions from getting anywhere. Comparing scriptures can, on many occasions, lead to nothing more than opinions, but, following the Spirit leads to the truth, and that is the one way to which I’m referring. (John 16: 13)

        The Corinthians were told to let him who was spiritual judge (discern) all things, it did not say, whoever has memorized the entire Law and the Prophets, discern all things. No one will ever be able to say ‘this is wrong’ or ‘that is right’ without knowing God’s Spirit intimately, and that requires surrendering their lives to God until they are indeed, under His control. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying scripture isn’t a part of the process by which we can arrive at the truth of something, but THE key is the Spirit who wrote it.

        I need to stop my post here Starheater, as I do have things I must do. And while you may disagree with me standing by my experiences in which God has spoken with me, I cannot deny what I know and experienced. However, I continue to appreciate you and what you share. There are some things God Himself will have to ultimately reveal. Talk to you later.

        • Starheater says

          Hello Brenda
          You mention that we could exchange opinions again and again, could have been exact if it were someone else, but I will cut the subject and stop the again and again.

          The Seven church had the Spitrit of God, and even that was not enough, the have many things that work against God, the only church that obtain a gook remark, was the church Philadelphy. Why is that so?

          The One you talk to Moses was not God Himself, proof:
          “Acts 7:53 Who have received the law by the disposition of angels, and have not kept it.”

          Now, for the other part. When prophets was invade by the Spirit of God (Angel with a big “A”), the Spirit of God was oblige to maintain the life of the prophets, this last one was on great fear during the process of receiving the propheties.

          So Brenda, I go by the Book, I dont invent nothing. Even in the days of the Disciples of Jesus, they new that the angels was the “Messengers” and not God Himself.
          So if you heard a voices, this voices is not God Himself because you’ll be dead by now, this voices is the voice of and angel, he is the “Consolator”. If you notice, voices is in a pluriel form, why? because, many angels are with those who God protect, and those angels can talk to you and advise you to do this or that, and one thing in is particuliar about those angels, they have all the same voices. If I know that is because is what I’m experimenting now. They can prophetise, they can bring fear to those who want to arm you. If I told you all that they can do for you, you woudn’t believe me, cause some are very extraordinairy astonishing.

          I pray Him a long time to gave me a woman that are like me in a sense to replace my wife in the coma. One day, I was in between the awakness and the state of sleep when suddenly I speak at normal voice (not loud not low), and this without the will to speak or even the idea to speak, nothing, I was trying to reach sleep, I prononce the word “Doreen”. This name is rare, in my head I tought that this was her name. Few months later, I encounter a woman who’s name was Doreen, but she was not of my taste, so I said to myself, ” what does God want me to comprehend”.

          This name was compose of 6 letters, 4 of them, the first one had a sense for me; “Dore”. And if we swich the 2 last letters, we obtain “en Dore”. This in French mean “In Gold” or “In Golden”. I tough that was a reference to blond hair woman. So, each time that I new a woman who had blond I taught that this was it, but no, that was not it.

          Five years went by, and nothing. So one day, I enter in the app. that I am now, and one day click!!!!! I new what Doreen ment. Like I said Doreen mean en doré in French. The street were I live is “Blondin”, blonde is you understand. So, that means that I would met her on this street and no were else. I met alot of woman during my living here, and no one fit with me, in a sense, I fell like Adam who try to get an animal to fit is need. I’m patient, I’ll wait until the time come for me to know her.

          Like I said it to you, alot of things happen to me, and all those things have bring me joy to my heart, like if God wanted to say to me, I love you more then all your brothers, and I will take great care of you. And this begin when I decide tou write a book to the Glory of God and the Mysteries that we found in our Univers.

          Many I was desperate sometime, then, at the last moment, pouffff… the problem was solve, I needed money to by something, pouffff… I had money. I was lonely and sad, well dont have to do it again, in a matter of hours, I was feeling in a good mood.

          Those past months, I have many woman around me. Well, one of the reason of that fact is that I sing well and I play well the guitar, enough for the man of those womans to be jealous, and many of those man was dreaming to “make my day”.

          Those gifts were givin’ to me by the Lord, but this is not the only gifts that I got, I had the gift of “Science”, the Gift of “Love”, and othe gifts too. I was well treated by the Lord, so my heart is thankfull of all those kind gifts that comfort my soul and spirit. I found that I was good in the Bible, and all sorts of Mysteries, nothing could resist my spirit, I had discover things that scientist was far to know, I was so strong in science that I could convince the Devil to be good, and in a certain way it happen, one thing that we must not forget, is that the Devil is at the service of God (see Job). Because, demons have enter in communication with me (this I am not sure, it could be E.T. that is in telepathic mode with me), so I have the impression that I could crush the world between my hands, like in my vision. In this vision, I had the world between my hands, and a very very strong impression come on me like is the Spirit of God, was entering in me, I feel it enter by my head first to go in my feets. I didn’t have a feeling of strongness like this one.

          Other things:

          My angel advise me twice at distance moments not to go ouside, because something bad would happen to me. I didn’t follow is advice, and… It happen!!!!

          To resume, God is much to powerfull for us to heard Him or see Him, remember that Moses saw the Angel only is back, later he could see the Angel and speak to Him face-to-face, and when Moses descent the Sinai, all the peoples of Israel saw is face shine. Those Angels are like God with all is attributes, but they are lesser than Him, so imagine God Himseft, if the face of Moses glow when he saw is the Angel, what would happen if he have saw God?

          God Bless Brenda

          You are right when you say

          • Brenda Brown says

            Hi Starheater.

            Sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner, I was short of time as it was, answering Charles.

            Regarding the 7 churches of Revelation, each one had a Spirit over them, who addressed them, and to the 5th church, Jesus was being held up as an example of One who had the 7 Spirits, but as for them possessing the 7 Spirits themselves, not so. I did explain just a bit of the revelation God gave to me on this subject, but in short – because Revelation is written to those in the time period of ‘The Lord’s Day’, and because 7 Seals have not been opened yet in our day (historically they have been), these are truths reserved for these last days. No one has experienced walking with the 7 Spirits as yet, and won’t until this next anointing is poured out.

            As for the ministration of angels, yes, I am aware of that text, which is referring to in particular, Israel’s coming forth from Egypt and being led and protected by angels in the form of a pillar of fire and cloud etc, but also to the prophets. And yes, I agree that many times people hear angels speaking the message God has given to them, I don’t doubt this Starheater. Nor am I saying that many in the Bible didn’t hear from angels as messengers of God, these things I well know.

            I also know that were God to appear exactly as He is, or let the fullness of who He is, come forth to us when He speaks, nothing would survive, period. I know this Starheater – but it doesn’t change the fact that He is able to ‘filter’ Himself as it were, to a point where people can hear directly from Him, and can see Him. He is not bound by His own potency, He can do anything because He is so potent, and that includes protect those He would speak to – like He did Moses.

            I know that you are trying to show me what you honestly believe is the truth, and therefore I want you to know I am not just shrugging them off. But in all honesty in return, I know what I’m saying and cannot agree with you on these issues. Though let me say here, that whether we agree on them or not, we know all of these things will become clear in the days to come, for God is about to give this world a mighty revelation of Himself – as the waters cover the sea. We will know the truth of these things and a whole lot more, before this day is over, but most importantly in the meantime, let’s keep our love for Christ and His Body first, and press on in it.

            I’m sure you are having experiences Starheater, but don’t be too sure that you would ‘astonish’ me with them. That makes it sound like you are vying with me, lifting yourself above me, and talking down to what God has shown me. Not a wise thing to do. You don’t know what I have experienced, nor what God has shown me, so I would suggest you respect my walk with Christ. Anyone can think what they want right now, but the days are coming when the truth shall be known, and everyone will see where everybody else was and is, really at. I’ll let God reveal what I am in that time.

            Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences Starheater. Talk to you later.

          • Starheater says

            Hello Brenda
            I will have to rewrite my text, I was very sleepy when I write this letter.

            Paul write about the angels: “Acts 7:53 Who have received the law by the disposition of angels, and have not kept it.”

            This verse clearly state that it was not God Himself who was on the Sinai Mountain. That tell me that we have two angels of God, “messenger” and “powerfull angel”. this last categories are “like” the Most High”.

            If you have read the Prophets, you will notice the same symptoms that John had when I was invade by the Spirit. This fact is particuliar to every Prophets that God choose to be an intermediator between Him and Israel.

            Like I said in one of my letter, if God would speak to us, we would surely died, He His to Pure for us, we would be dead at the instant that He would talk to us.

            Now, there is a face “B” to this fact that you must take in consideration. The Devil have the power to bring you a little bit far from the road you would have decided to borrow. You must tlake account of another verses; that a huge illusion (?) will be created by the Devil, so great, that even the Elect would be tented to believe it.

            So take account of what I’m saying Brenda, because I want you to be and Elect who “watches every things carefully”, so when the time comes, you will be strong on your feets.

            Be prudent like a serpent like Jesus said. God Bless Brenda

          • Starheater says

            Hello Brenda
            This letter is to elaborated more on the letter of April 9. I have fogotten to specified that the “more powerfull Angel” was those who have been the “intermediare” between God and the prophet. Those Angels are the mirror of God, they have the same caracteristics of the Most High. They know what God want from them, those too are very Pure, if they would not have the power to make you live, you’ll be dead exactly like with God.

            I repeat again, ” no one as ever see or heard the Most high”, because you would die instantly, our body is to weak to take this intensity of “reality”, it’s not the right word, but I dont have another one that explain why this is so.

            So, those who can contact us without been dead, is the angel with a little “a”. The Angel that Moses saw on the Sinai was an Angel with a big “A”, one of those Angel could open the Earth, or could provoque Earthquake, they could trow ball of sulfur and fire on Earth with ease.

            This is not my point of view, this is what the Bible say about angels and Angels, I could be wrong on something like every reader of the Bible, but I would like to know where.
            God Bless Brenda

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Charles Marcello.
        Having read your last post there’s just a couple of points I’ll add.
        I’m well aware people speak like they know ‘the’ way into truth, and don’t like to consider anyone else’s way. I’m also very aware that Christians have become down right cocky, speaking like they know anything that matters, but the truth remains what it is, regardless of how ridiculous and hypocritical the people are who speak parts of it.

        Understand when I came to God Charles, I knew nothing about how to walk with Him, nor was I in a church that had a clue about walking with God either. Every step I took, I was totally dependant on God showing me what to do, when and how to do it, and I followed. I didn’t come in pushing my ideas and certainly wasn’t interested in pushing them after I came in, but when you have experiences where God tells you what the truth is, shows you why it is, and how it works, you’re not the same and you can’t come out from those experiences pretending you don’t know, or don’t get it any more. Whether it’s me or anyone else, whoever God genuinely speaks to or deals with, comes out knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt, what they just heard was the truth.

        Why? Because God is truth and when He talks to you, you know it, you can’t doubt it without knowing that you’re lying to yourself and Him. I can’t answer for people who say they ‘know’, but are lying, or are putting on a big show like they’ve got the ‘world by the tail’, when really it’s all talk. What I can say is their bad behaviour doesn’t make the truth, untrue. The ‘trick’ is in not letting what others do or not do, hold you back from seeing truth in what they say.

        When I wanted to come to God, I had no idea how. I was alone in my parents house, no one knew anything more about how to walk with God than I did – which was nothing, and so I stood in the doorway of my room, and just said aloud to God, “How do I do this?” Instantly, a voice yelled from within my being, “Don’t get on your knees!!” And as ignorant and blank as I was, I instinctively knew who this was. It wasn’t a guess, it wasn’t a thought of my own, I knew it was Satan. As quickly as he had yelled at me, there came a thought into my mind – “Well, if he doesn’t want me on my knees, that’s exactly where I’m going.”

        So I went over to my bed and got on my knees. The split second my knees hit the floor, it was like someone had opened a tap within my chest. I tell you it was exactly like someone turned on the water faucet full blast, and as it travelled back and forth across the width of my chest within, and up and down at the same time, confessions of my sins poured out of my mouth. I had never heard of any such thing, never knew there was any such experience available to people, and certainly had not known that the things I was confessing, were sins, much less sins in my life.

        For 3/4 of an hour this continued, and while it did, I distinctly heard the sounds of distant bells, I heard the voices of angels singing, and I knew Heaven had heard me. When it ceased, and it did cease about as quickly as it had started, I got up off my knees knowing in my heart, absolutely, I had just experienced God, and that He would be with me from that day forward. Am I saying everyone will have this experience? No. They’ll have what suits them best, and what they allow for by their own will.

        You’ve asked to see how the Bible proves itself, i.e. – the lineage of Abraham through David, to Jesus, when in fact if we believe what the NT says about Jesus, there is no lineage to be had, since His Father was God. Also why Jesus, the ‘no violence’ person, would take a whip to the money changers, or allow a woman to anoint His head and feet, wipe them with her hair, and then tell the Apostles that the poor will always be with us. There are many things recorded in the Bible that will not be explained anywhere in it, in black and white, and the reason, is because God often speaks in symbols, shadows, and types, and merely passes on to us what occurred, not going into a long explanation of why it occurred, or how it fits with everything else you’ll read in that text.

        Why? For the reasons I’ve stated. The critical, absolutely necessary thing it takes for us to find and know God, and the truth, is faith and the revelation of His Spirit. When you had your demonic/God dream, where the demon came after you and you ran into the area of white clouds, and when you had your other demonic experience you spoke about, you knew you had experienced these things, they were real to you. That kind of reality, and the reality my experiences have been based on, is faith. Faith isn’t merely a decision on our part to believe something – that’s how many are using it these days, but that isn’t genuine faith. Faith is a charged battery, it’s life in itself, and it addresses us in ways we can’t begin to understand with our natural mind.

        “The natural mind receive not the things of the Spirit, for they are foolishness to him, neither can it know them, for they are spiritually discerned.” (I Cor. 2:14. We are spirit, not mind and body, and we will never find God or truth without the ‘juice’ that feeds our spirits and causes our fallen natures to actually, and genuinely know something.

        What’s wrong with this world, and how do we fix it? We don’t. We get ourselves fixed first, by getting right with God and doing His will, not ours, and He will give us a certain place to work for Him that assists us, and others, to find God; whereupon they can do the same, etc. God will not force Himself on us, because anyone forced to do anything, will not open their hearts to whatever is forced. It might overwhelm them, break them, or inwardly injure them, but convince them so that they know its truth – never. We must agree and come to see something ourselves, or our hearts don’t open.

        When Jesus asked some of his apostles who they thought He was, some said one of the prophets, only Peter said He was the Son of God. And what was Jesus response? “Blessed are you Simon…..” Why? Because Peter was a great guy? No. Because he guessed and got it right? No. “…for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in Heaven.” That was THE point. Not Peter himself. And that was the point behind Jesus next statement, though many, because of how it’s been interpreted, have misunderstood it. The point Jesus has made is that it wasn’t Peter’s thought, nor anyone else’s, but it was the revelation of God that showed him the truth about Jesus. And that’s why He says, “…you’re Peter, and upon this rock I’ll build my church.” Not on Peter, but on what Peter had faith to receive – the revelation of God. A church built on a man will fall and be filled with error as any person’s soul is. But a church built on the revelation of God, the gates of Hell won’t stand against.

        That’s about all I can say on the issue of why faith and the Spirit of God are the keys to understanding God and the Bible. Anyone wanting to just figure God/the Bible out in their heads, will be met with constant obstacles that don’t add up, and that’s because even if they were spelled out in plain English for us all to understand, we would still not know them or genuinely believe them, without faith. Our spirits need that juice, it is their life – like gas to an engine or blood to the body.

        As for many Christians not believing the Catholic church is Christian, I know they don’t, but that’s because they’re not looking on the hearts of those in the church. God looks on the heart, not the heading on the door. I know there’s Christians in the church, and I know that God does work through various priests and nuns. As for the constitution itself, like many churches, some things are right and others wrong.

        Oh yes, I took a peek at that ‘Just the Messenger’ guy on U Tube, I think he is sincere, and from the short peek I had, does have some very interesting truths. I’m game to see more of it when I’ve got some time – perhaps tomorrow.

        About abortion, I totally agree with you that it is not right. Funny how one person says they are pregnant and are aborting ‘it’, while another says they’re pregnant and will have ‘the baby’ in such-and-such a time. Either it’s a baby in progress or it isn’t. Just because you don’t want it doesn’t make it a monkey, or a snake. Women say it’s their bodies, and therefore their choice, well, yes, it is their bodies, AND the body and being of another person, who is being torn apart and thrown in the garbage without any ability of being heard for its ‘opinion’.

        Our natures are fallen, and even though people are made to see these abortions for themselves, many would still come out angry and unbelieving, simply because they don’t want to see. Okay, I’ll leave it at that. It’s been nice to listen, and talk with you Charles.

  14. Charles Marcello says

    Hey world-mysteries,

    Interesting choice to post these comments as their own blog… the picture you chose to represent a demon doesn’t look anything like what I saw. But that is a pretty damn cool picture.

    –Charles Marcello

    • Starheater says

      Hello Charles
      Do you remember me? Is that a portrait of you when your mad at me? Hahahaha, I’m joking. To think about it, it will be great if I could see your face so I could read the wisdown that reflet on the surface. Brrrrr, now it time to be serious.

      I have talk to Joseph P. Farrell, you can go on You Tube, he have several opinions on Demons and Angels and other subject. I have correspond with him, but is phrase are short and on the defense, so I write another letter speaking about the Pyramids of Giza.

      Is opinion on the Pyramid of Kheops is particuliar, he state that Kheops is a “weapon of mass destruction”, I have heard many strange comment on the Pyramids, but this one beats them all.

      It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book in English, but I think I will purchase is first book, just in case that is idea could be feasible.

      What are you cooking Charles, have you a storie on the Angels, a pretty little storie, I will tell you the shortest on:

      Two teenage lover whent to climb an escarpment, they want to enjoy the Sunset, so they climb until they reach the top. An like lover they contamplate the Sunset until the reddish color whent off and give place to the darkness. But there is one thing the didn’t think of, they didn’t realize that the decent would be dangerous. So they decide to pass the night on the mountain, but in this country the air is very cool at night, and they didn’t have pullover to keep the heat.

      So after a while the girl decide to decent prudently, so she make the descent trying with her foot to reach a good support. She thought she find one, but she fall way down the the ground. This kid was in panic, he cry and cry and yell her name, but nothing. So he decided to make the descent, he as make a little distance when the grip of is foot when off and fall too. I didn’t make long when he suddenly felt a hand pushing him on the escarpment slowing down is fall. This hand that he didn’t see maintain him on the rock until he was a few feet to reach the ground.

      He look rapidly but didn’t seen anyone, so he went to see is girlfriend that was on the ground. Few minutes pass when the police with the parents of the couple arrive, the girl had only a broken leg and a litte trauma in her head because her head hit the ground.

      Boy do I love storie like this one. Ok, Ok, I will tell you a knew one:

      A boy ask is mama to go out to play with is dog. Is mother tell him to not go to far, because their was serpents in this sector of the land. So the little boy to a stick to play with is dog, when suddenly the dog whent running after an hare. The kid didn’t want is dog to by bite by a snake, so he run after the dog yelling is name. The hare save is life by entering in is hole leaving the dog yell at him. When the kid arrive clause to the dog, a snake when out of a bush bite him on a leg.

      The kid realize that he was far from is house, so he whent runnig a little distance when he remember the advice; if you run the heart will pump the rapidly and the poison will act more rapidly so he walk and he pray the Lord to live. After a while is legs was feeling not so good and the pain was hard to endure, few minutes after the pain in is legs was to painfull, so he went on is belly and with is arms he try to make it to the house, but the house was not clause enough so he accept to died, when suddenly a man pick him up in is arms and told him not to be afraid, that he would not die.

      The kid try to look is face, he saw a man with a beard and a round shape hat like the russian. The man broth him clause to the stares of his house, and the kid try to yell to is mother, but he was weak, suddenly is older brother see him on the ground. His brother told him not to fake that he was not stupid, seeing is brother always on the ground, he said to him that this was not normal, so he whent to see is mother inside the house and….he live now.
      God Bless

  15. says

    Dreams. Dreams. Dreams seem to present data that goes beyond our real life experiences. Where does that data come from? I have fallen to the Pit with the Devil fighting Him all the way down to the fire below and defeated him. I have destroyed His universe and seen the ushering in of a new dispensation. Strange things happen in dreams and one wonders what they all mean. But one thing for sure, they come flying in from the Generative Order that lies just behind our consciousness while we wear these sheaths thinking we are all just fine. What a playground we apply our mentality toward. All is Illusion of varying degrees. One wonders if we all share this realm of Godly showbiz.

    Cheers, Charles

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello again Ron,

      Yes I believe that is true as well, that dreams give us data that goes way beyond our “real” lives. The only time I’ve ever seen a demon since the experience I wrote above has been inside my dreams. When I was younger, in my twenties and mostly after a nights drinking, I used to wrestle with them all the time, couldn’t say for sure who won our fights… until I had a fight with the biggest damn demon I have ever seen inside my dreams, sometime in my early thirties, and I know I won that one. In that dream we were fighting, punching each other and tossing each until he made an excellent move and he had me pinned… so I called out for my dog who I knew was sleeping in the bed with me to get him, yet when the demon turned to see if my dog was coming at him, there I stood. He looked back down and I wasn’t there anymore… I understood how I was able to do that, and I saw fear come over his face because he knew I just learned I own my dreamworld and that it was on… he vanished and I woke up. Since then I have yet to have another dream about a demon, nor in my real life do I fear demons or spirits of any kind… To be perfectly blunt all evil spirits can go fuck themselves. I know for a fact we all die so I don’t hold to tightly onto this life of mine, because I honestly think there is life after death… And my attitude is, on my soul if it is possible I will learn how to defeat any son of a bitch who comes into this realm and kills me or anyone I love when I reach the other side of existence, by god I will learn to defeat them… so I have no fear of them whatsoever. Which is one of the reasons I struggle with all the religious writings of the world. If I can learn to not hurt people who are weak and that it is my job, if I personally see anything happen to someone, to do everything I can to protect them… then how the hell could the creator of all things think hurting anything is ok let alone his right? I struggle with that thought all the damn time, and it makes me hostile to all religious writings who believes their god has to right to kill anything it wants. To me all of it reads like an abusive parent… I believe parents have the right to correct bad behavior, yet no one and nothing has the right to physically beat or kill something just because they can. Sometimes I think the demons I know I fought inside my dreams was me facing my dual personality. I hate to see weak people get hurt, yet I love(d) to fight, especially when I was drinking… and perhaps I finally came to terms with that inside myself when I started living within a code that says, “no one has to right to purposely physically or emotionally hurt another human being.” That is my rule, the law that governs my life now… yet I don’t know if fighting demons inside my dreams had anything to do with the other… maybe its just age. Because the older I get the more precious young lives mean to me… and the older I get the bigger my dreams are for their (our) future.

      –Charles Marcello

  16. Starheater says

    Hello Charles
    Quite a good storie, I could call you the “Miracle Man”, but this title is already use by another one. The disciples have ask Jesus cocerning the fall of a tower that kill many peoples, ” They dies because their were great sinners?” Jesus explain to them that they were not more then anyone. In other word, when something happen it’s always the faults of man. You are on a bandsaw and you cut 2 fingers, what it the fault of the bandsaw? No, this was the fault of the man who didn’t pay attention to what he was douing.

    Now, if you have survive all those years with all those experiences that could have kill you, it’s not because you are special, and you are in a sense, it is because it take all kind of special things to fill events. It’s like the man who was born the 7th day of the 7th month of the of the 07 years, who had 7 childrens etc…In the game of roulette there are 36 numbers, the number 4 as how many chance to enter? 1 chance on 35. You, you have had 10 or more chances to survive on 10,000 eventuality, perhaps lesser then that.

    You are the cause of your chance and your malchance.

    Now, for the Bible, THERE ARE NO ERROR IN THE BIBLE, do you think that God is a fool? That God love to laugh about man, “Hi-hi-hi, his stupid, I’ve change all the Bible”.

    I’ve said it once, I will say it twice: The Bible after 1985 are change a little bit, no more then 10 %. And those change are in the choice of words, beside, we have notice that some few paragraph have dissaperd.

    Now, I will tell you more then that, suppose that the Bible was amputated by 90%, well, you will be able to find your way, because, to those who haven’t realise yet, all what contain in the Bible can be resume in 2 phrases.

    Love God, and your neighbor. This is all the Law and the Prophets.

    God Bless

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