Consumerism Exposed

Consumerism Exposed

By Silver Shield

You will never look at Black Friday the same again…



The human will always make the same mistakes because he is human. Any intelligent adult who finally wakes up to history and his immediate cultural environment can modify his actions and better himself. Unfortunately for all of us this present situation is probably more dire than anything we have experienced in several generations because the powers that be have finally stolen enough rope to not only hang the unsuspecting masses but they have also hung themselves. The avarice and greed of man has finally reached a universal turning point that will create a new paradigm. Out of the asses of this mess a new financial structure will arise but those of us who want freedom and liberty will still be a minority and the masses will still look to government for solutions—the next system will eventually evolve into a cashless digital system with even less freedom– after all it will purport to solve most of the unlawful behavior that a cashless society provides and the government will have the means for help the average from cradle to grave. People will give up their freedom for security. With virtual life centers and food the human will degenerate into machine for the use of the elite. No you have no long-term solutions to a human problem caused by humans. If you really want a solution you need to prepare for what every one is going to face when he meets his maker.  — B. Wood

Why can’t that be a possible scenario? Do you know what is going to happen? Do you have a lock on what the future holds? No one does. History tells us that this has happened time and time again throughout the ages. Why is THIS TIME going to be any different? Man is still man and human nature rules above all else. Do you honestly think that everyone is going to magically reach a higher consciousness THIS TIME? What makes everyone think that THIS TIME is different? We could all get rolled, and but good. Because you have stacked some silver, beans, bullets and band aids and you are “aware” that means that you are going to make it thru to the other side unscathed?

Pick up a history book and thumb through it, that is if you can find one that is unvarnished by the ruling elite and what their version of history is according to them. Try to find an old history book and look at what has befallen civilizations thru the ages. The story always ends up being the same. Look, it is even recounted in the video. The rise and fall of societies. Again, so why is THIS TIME going to be any different? Will man survive? Will civilization go on? I would think so, it would take quite a feat to wipe 7 billion of us out. The question remains, what does that look like? No one knows. But Bob’s scenario is just as plausible as any other scenario. Or maybe it isn’t? Who really knows? Do you discount it because there is a religious aspect to it? I do know that when the dollar collapses and falls, it will be the most devastating and destructive force the world has ever seen and just about everyone on the planet will be touched by it’s impact. How you get thru that period, especially in this country, will be a mixture of skill, luck, preparedness, mental toughness and strategic planning…oh…and luck. I hope all who read this fair well in the coming months and years. I truly do. Best brush up on different skills now that will be helpful after the collapse. Because no one knows what lies ahead and what it looks like. If they tell you that they know EXACTLY what it will look like and how people will react, then I have some ocean front property for you to buy in Iowa. No one knows what it will look like when the dollar finally dies. Their is one certainty however, and that is, at some point, we all check out. Can’t get around that one. No one gets out of here in tact. The question is, how will you live from this day to that day.

Good luck. — Ben

While there is certainly no guarantee humanity will have a different fate this time than the last few thousand years of bloodily cunning revolutions, we cannot deny the unique and exciting timing that this will be the first collapse that will have the internet. We know that once people wake up and see things differently they cannot go back to their old ways. What will be the resonating effect of conscious individuals spreading truth when everything humanity believed in failed. The ability of the Internet to be able to tap into the world looking for new answers cannot be dismissed. I am sure the majority of humanity will try to reinvent the collectivist wheel but I think the power and progress of consciously aware individuals will attract the best and brightest. Until then I will only focus on things I can control and do my part to look towards solutions that resonate with me.  — Silver Shield

The scenario posted by Bob Wood is a possibility, and it certainly is what the powers that be have stated that they want… a cashless, tightly controlled society where people have severe restrictions on self-expression.

Silver Shield does raise a valid point that we are the first known generation with the internet along with the information revolution in general that we do have all of this history at our fingertips… THAT is the difference. HOWEVER, even within the alternative media we see people vying for positions of power, a lot of fear mongering, and attacking others that dare think out of the box.

Keep in mind too that the vast majority of humanity still clings to ancient superstitions like religion that have been twisted into a mechanism to control us. Even this video pulls that canard like saying “No longer do people have to sacrifice for heaven. They can get instant gratification by buying things”. Sacrifice for Heaven? Isn’t this coming from the same general source that used to preach the Divine Right of Kings and that disease was the result of demons?

And that is where I find objection in Mr Wood’s post. Read the last rather lengthy sentence at the end of his post. It too is being framed in religious terms obviously in reference to the biblical “end times” and second coming of Jesus. We TALK of wanting more freedom, putting an end to “human farming”, etc., but then tuning around and putting it in terms of “Just wait and Jesus will fix it” or “ascension” in other cases. Either way it is STILL shirking off our personal responsibility for the way things are in the world.

The fact of the matter is that we have and still are willing participants in this “system”, and as long as we willingly contribute to it and point fingers of blame and/or pass the buck by waiting for xxx event to happen, NOTHING is going to change! Silver Shield is absolutely correct in his video… if we truly wish to see a change for the positive in this world, we must first change ourselves for the better and LIVE the life we desire. Don’t preach the change, BE the change!  –GT

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  1. Luther Timmins says

    Technology has not yet reached the point for a completely cashless world and the controls are not in place to completely suppress internet speech. The first challenge is the greatest, the second is easy.

  2. says

    Humanity leverages physicality in its collective as best it can on a tangent that benefits those who put forth an effort within parameters readily apparent as civilization. Going forward we seek to build upon systems that reinforce success. Or…we could just forget a phase 2 civilization and just slip back into the horse dung. We have a universe to claim and Communism hidden in a Trojan Horse just betrays a Machiavallian strategy! Leverage through established positive paradigms!

  3. j.a. says

    Must have had a good reason to post such an article what its all about how human subject themselves to consumer levels high and low then when the earth is laid bear there shall be no place that man can rest foresaken to roam the barren planes and the hounts of days gone bye once more the seed shall drop only from god does the truth spring life and the darkness is temptation to search for the light of day fall with grace into the arms of a angel heaven is close say your prays.

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