Learning through the Background Spheres of Existence

Learning through the Background Spheres of Existence

By Ron O. Cook

When we actually look about and see beyond our own noses and our selfish attitudes about the human species, we see a vast realm of living entities interconnected to each other in a landscape worthy of vast and thoughtful contemplation. Planning on such a high level boggles the mind of the average student of this existence — going beyond is the ideal. Few have invested the time or the imaginative energy to project such a condition of knowing Life’s totality. Due to complexity, Its makeup suggests a multifaceted (dimensional) realm so well coordinated that it exists due to some over-lording system of laws intertwined to the ultimate and highest degree. Learning about this means of Over-lording and how it impacts our experiences here is the most difficult of all endeavors.

The background system seems to incorporate mind in the form of a passionate intellect for it permeates every elemental of this realm called life. I call this expansive system the “Background Sphere” which is a pre-vortex that creates, builds and supervises everything that we as entities discern as reality. David Bohm, Einstein’s protégé, called this background the “generative order” where elementals issued forth into the physical world to become our reality. It is the hidden, holo-spirited backroom of existence — a broadcast of expansive information, including its carriers throughput to us, the receivers.

This realm hides the inner and outer workings that most of us take for granted. While our bodies, the planet, the universe percolates along pumping out a physical realm for us to enjoy — we seem to be intellectually along for the proverbial ride and never consider the workings of this system that supports us in the background of virtually every reality that we experience. We do just enough to get along. It (this thing we live) is whereby we even exist in this state of being and becoming here in Time/Space.

It is like a Genetic Genesis that expresses itself from an implicate order hidden outside of reality that watches over every subtlety of a changing expression of reality. We live within an Information-float not unlike a sophisticated Holographic Universe. The common man throughout history has, long overlooked this system of the hidden order, by merrily looking after his own interests and experiencing a constant state of adulation for self-gratification. Politicos try to keep us focused on our selves and their dictates.  Man is more concerned with the little realms that impact his direct and frontal experience, the experience of the self and its needs.

If we are to become the super agents of a future world, we must learn of this vast other world hidden by our own selfish interests while we traverse this fantastic panorama of burgeoning creativity and animation. We need to explore beyond our own being to discover the “Why” of this massive program of existence.

Humanity could be so much more if he were educated on a higher level and every stage of each individual were to dovetail within our own points-of-departure as we participate with life. To interface with individual differences at the start would point to an amplified learning. We are all facets of this giant hologram. Apparently, we must seek more worth and push our minds to the limit in order to achieve the ultimate worthiness. The point of all the above is that we must educate the inclinations of the total person if we are to become more and heretofore, we have not as a participating humanity.

In order to accomplish this, we must interface with humanity’s individual differences through a flexible method…communications technology and creative holistic or gestalt philosophy. We need to collect all these individual differences into a collective within a higher paradigm in order to know it.

Existence is so much more and requires deeper thought or Reason. It seems the ancient Egyptians knew this and taught it long ago. They sought the mystery of the daily experience. Everything had a message and was usually two-fold. Their reference book was the book of Nature and discernment of its idiosyncrasies started with the seeds of being and becoming. To them a seed was highly mystical by offering all that was manifest initially as a template of inspiring departure. Everything that existed was more than the apparent and highly integrated on multiple levels.

The hero on the potential deepness of the Ancient Egyptians is R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz. Our amplification as to how their minds worked on the highest levels comes from his research into their mindset/s. He stated, “It is the wonder of the world: everything that is, all that exists has seed; just as will and thought are the seeds of mental creation.” He continued, “One thought of the transcendent power compels one substance of the universal substance — passive, awaiting any seed — to become a specific product, an inheritor, a world that follows upon a world. One sole power in one sole substance works through all the transitory finalities toward the foreseen finality: man.” “And at the end of humanity comes man without body, substance within power.”

In Lubicz’s final statement of the above he indicates this, “Not to be, then to be, and then to be no more is the pulsation that constitutes the apparent universe, the transitory finalities. Power –Idea, form finality, powers without form — these are the vital alternations, the cosmic pulsations.

The law of genesis establishes the unvarying rhythm in the succession of stages — the transitory finalities — between the Idea and the thing. Also, the organs that assimilate (through air, liquids, and solids) as well as the organs that inform (through intelligence and the senses are the issue of an energy of the same nature as the object they assimilate or experience.


Few of us in modern day learning situations can comprehend the great minds of our day. We have been fed the puke of disdain from those who seek to position us as children. Our schools are staffed by rules and regulations from staffers of the same mindset. We need greatness in this day and time but now we have lost the edge of even knowing greatness due to efforts to make everything into a level playing field. If we are facets of a massive holographic universe broadcast from the Tree of Life via our Godhood then we are each an expression of the entire fabric of design and makeup of the artifact of Wisdom. Mind carries the Message of our very being and becoming. We need to amplify everything. The Deep schools of learning must return.

To ponder deepness has, in these recent generations of man, been put down and belittled by those who wish to dumb us all into submission or slavery toward their brand of manipulated existence. Instead of this fate, we must rise up and become our ultimate and highest being, thus thwarting their attempts to corner us. To do this, we must reeducate ourselves and become by doing the following: Amplified communications toward deep study:

  1. teach symbolically or visually to those who have language problems (right brain dominants);
  2. teach through simulation of process;
  3. teach via special effects and presentation graphics (science and math symbols representation);
  4. teach through interactive/integrated menu driven thresholds (hypertext and hyper-world concepts);
  5. teach through expressive or soft-entry methodology as well as tough love;
  6. teach through heightened visual excitement and entertaining programming (edutainment);
  7. teach via transpersonal psychology;
  8. teach via individually developed student presentations with multimedia tools;
  9. teach via access to current  data vendors and networks;
  10. teach via access to educational bulletin boards;
  11. teach through outside research provisions allowing students to go to the world to seek answers;
  12. teach through increased business interfaces and agreements;
  13. teach through home/ community video/DVD store or internet augmentation to homework;
  14. teach via real-life or life-like experiences;
  15. teach via showmanship, marketing, and increased dialogue establishment;
  16. teach through simulation of values, social mores, and respect (programmed examples);
  17. to learn by doing from a Master. All of this is amplified by opening the end of learning to point to the future.

Learning via the means above would start humanity toward the threshold of The Background Spheres of Existence where higher realms of each and every thought process emulated in the living universe is represented. In knowing this, we may then step into the expression of the timeless generation of the implicate order of the all.


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    Real human history is clouded by academic elitist’s misinformation.

    By Ron O. Cook

    New evidence of mankind’s ancient history is being held out by the powers that be for reasons unknown by this seeker. Professors and scientists apparently just do not want to mess up their nice little worlds of academic calm so they may trudge across their respective campuses blissfully undisturbed. The real truth would complicate everything and everybody. They could care less about 1,000 ton blocks sitting in an ancient edifice designed by advanced engineering over 10,000 years ago. So what if their long-standing company-line is wrong?

    What if there is evidence that humanity was once just as advanced or more so than we are today? Gee, look how well designed our systems (the human body) for moving about in physical Time/Space is overlooked. What if the secret to how and why we came to this planet is hidden waiting for our discovery? What if flying machines, cars, computers, radios, televisions, nuclear weapons, lasers, spacecraft, advanced medicine, genetic engineering, and master-building-design were representations of a civilization like ours only it was firmly held in the hands of the few, the rich and the politically-powerful elite? They might have ruled the earth via technology, fear, and supreme intelligence. They could have prolonged life indefinitely and discovered the secrets of being and becoming. Compared to common man they seemed like gods and positioned themselves accordingly. Could our civilization be polarizing in this direction now, with the rich getting richer and the poorer masses exploding toward obscurity? Who really built the Pyramids and great edifices of Ancient Egypt or Machu Picchu?

    What happened when the Ice Age came to a halt and all that glacial weight melted into the oceans flooding mass-civilization into obscurity? Like a giant waterbed, the surface of the earth changed drastically. What was lost under hundreds, perhaps thousands of feet of mud and historical ooze as earthquakes and tsunamis coursed over the surface of this planet drastically changing its surface? Is the evidence still to be found off the shores of present humanity? Did the so-called gods escape to the highlands and wait to return when it was all over?

    This small but highly aware power-group may have ruled on the Earth some 10,000 to 15,000 years ago (some say more). The evidence of this epoch setting period does exist everywhere, and it is reinforced more every day by the finds of archaeologist, anthropologists, and other scientists. The truth of some of their work never reaches the public ear however, because it would require a gestalt paradigm shift for most of us to even understand the implications of such enigmatic data. Instead, we are offered the preliminary-spin from cautious minds not able to entirely perceive the real meanings behind the remains of Earth’s past history.

    The accomplishments of ancient man are many and powerful when one puts away the weak assessments and lack of creative thought by the learned experts from the elitist institutions and universities. It is as though there is and was a conspiracy among these folks to hide the truth of an incomprehensible civilization that has always been kept hidden behind a facade of fertility-cults, ancestral worship, astrology, savagery, cursory bloodletting and other forms of supreme underestimation or outright concealment of ancient capabilities and intellect. The reality and mythology of the past is out of focus with academic assessments of actual artifacts. How dumb do they really think we are? It took a hell of a lot more than patient rubbing and chipping to create the massive works of the past which are aligned to the stars in a sophistication only learned (regained) in recent times. The striations on the surface of their stone works betray high-speed machining and engineering expertise that only advanced mathematics and computerese can address (See Chris Dunn).

    The collective scientific community seems to support one another in a common “story” about our past. Are they afraid of the truth or do they protect something much larger? Perhaps they protect themselves and are unable to fathom the degree of high mentality and engineering wizardry required to create ancient works. Zecharia Sitchin has taken a scholars approach to an Eric von Daniken-like theory of our past. He has torn back the veil of Isis to expose the possibility that we did and possibly still do, have gods of super advanced technology living among us. He has presented evidence of the Anunnaki, who were human-like beings from the planet Nibiru (planet “X” 39 au away, currently coming into our solar system?) living on Earth for perhaps half a million years. He has gleaned this evidence from the ancient records of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Hittites, and the Tiwanakuans of Lake Titicaca of Bolivia (before the Inca). His work is collected in THE EARTH CHRONICLES, a series of books dedicated to deep research into the why of such magnificent engineering accomplishments as the Great Pyramids, Baalbek, Teotihucan, Tower of Babylon, and much more. Even the Bible offers this information, yet many see it in the light of a lesser gestalt-paradigm. Sitchin recently passed away, but his insight is worthy of evaluation in view of the evidence of higher expertise ingrained in the artifacts of the ancient world.

    Many of Sitchin’s questions have gone unanswered by today’s scholars who prefer to explain away phenomenal engineering feats in the simplest of terms. For anyone who has actually seen the sites such as the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the markings that run dead-straignt for eight miles in the deserts of Nazca Peru, or even the beautiful constructions in Mexico–some of the puny conclusions by scholars seem totally out of context with the evidence.

    An example — some years ago the Japanese tried to construct a 35 foot tall miniature version of the Great Pyramid which is almost 482 feet tall. In the end they had to resort to modern earth-moving and lifting technology which ultimately could not do the job. Modern man had to abandon this attempt to emulate ancient man. The Great Pyramid is 2.3 million blocks of 5,000 lb. perfectly dressed stone. Scholars suggest that the Egyptians would have had to position 6.7 stone blocks per minute in order to build the limestone structure in the 20 years calculated for the construction. If this were true, forces greater than any I am familiar with would have had to be used. In the fortress at Baalbek in Lebanon, the use of 1,000 ton monolithic stones pique the interest of any thinking engineer of today, especially one who wrestles with 150 to 300 ton beams. Of course, there are thousands and thousands of unanswered questions like the above.

    Even von Daniken’s work begins to take on a realness when one finds an old National Geographic from 1933 corroborating the “Band of Holes,” that he personally inspected a few years ago. Each hole is a meter wide and just as deep. There are eight holes spanning 24 meters in width, marching in repetitive uniform fashion, from the Pisco Valley rolling over numerous hills and valleys — finally disappearing in the misty mass of Peru. These holes remind this old West Texas boy of the traces left by a massive drilling rig moving along methodically, testing the geology of the Andes for precious metals. Lasers have also left such tracings in the ground. Archaeologists say they represented defensive positions or graves for the ancient ones, except why would you bury anyone on a remote slope in rocky soil at more than a 45 degree angle?

    But my friends, there are tons of anomalies in the mysterious lands of South America — Colombian models of delta winged forms, giant pyramids in the Amazon Basin, built on mountain slopes covered by inaccessible jungles and others are examples. Are these mysteries part of why Teddy Roosevelt was so introspective upon his return from the Amazonian adventure which eventually caused his death? This is an area where satellites from space represent the best vehicles for discovery of the great structures or patterns on the ground. The Amazon hides “tall, robust” civilizations of the past, that have been radio-carbon dated just recently to over 8,000 years old, and it seems we have not even scratched the edges of this area’s massive hidden potential for learning the true “why” of its humanity.

    In Bolivia, the archaic sites of Tiwanaku and Puma Punku on the shores of Lake Titicaca, represents one of the greatest question marks for all mankind. Here are the remains of a city with one of the most sophisticated sewer systems for even modern times. According to archaeologist Alan Kolata from the University of Chicago, he has never seen or heard of a better system. His awe is also taken by the remarkable agricultural system of canals and hydraulic systems that he is even now using to increase potato production for area residents. The raised field system used by the ancients must have occupied 400 to 500 square miles and could easily have fed the 100,000 or more ancient residents living on the arid Altiplano.

    Kolata and Oswaldo Rivera of the Bolivian National Institute of Archaeology who excavated this great area which includes 2.5 square miles of an advanced form of building are totally taken aback by the evidence of a high-minded civilization that once were ensconced in the area. There are pyramids with some interlocking stones weighing 160 tons. Many of the structures offer interior hydraulic systems that control water, which runs under and through the massive structures. It has been said that this site contains the biggest stone-built buildings in the Americas with such advanced engineering in evidence. Archaeologists have found that the concisely cut stones were interlinked by copper clamps that once held them together as hedges against earthquakes prevalent in the area.

    Not even the more recent Inca culture knew to use the clamps in their attempts to emulate the advanced cultures prior to their own. Many of the structures also use the interlocking stonework, which is famous in Peru, but a different twist is found in evidence at Tiwanaku or precisely Puma Punku. These stones resemble the work of a master gun smith, with complex breach-locking levels and sophisticated cuts that have never been seen in any other ancient culture and little used in our own cultures. No written language has been found but unusual designs that compare to configurations of today’s computer chips have been unearthed. How did these geniuses of engineering, make do without a written language? Perhaps they had I-pads or ME computers as suggested by Sitchen for the Anunnaki who laid down Sumerian civilizations.

    If humankind could suffer a gestalt paradigm shift, thus enabling us to see anew the reality of what we are now discovering about life on Earth and the Universe, then perhaps we would realize that we have been here before. Some ancient records say that this is the 5th round of existence that we are experiencing. Cycles are in evidence everywhere in nature and in mathematics. Could the past records of Earth finally push human intellect beyond the little minds that we are now perceiving life through to a higher level of understanding, thereby letting us spring from the pedestal of this planet into the oceans of new learning that wait for us to finally arrive…and, when we do, will we know the territory when we see it?

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    A Larger Universe beckons.

    The gargantuan plan for this thing we call existence is indeed complex and very robust. We tiny human beings know little of what is really going on in our local universe. If we were more intelligent and perceptive, we could easily see that we are the reason we are not being notified of the larger universe of beings and systems that are functioning before our very eyes. Just to look at the artifacts of the ancients should give us knowledge of the next level of being and becoming here in Time/Space. If we could only read the striations of the stones in ancient Egypt we would know that they were more advanced than are we now. Who are these higher forms? We do not know because we are not ready for the jump to higher intellect. It is a pity that we dwell here in our own wallowing and simplistic evil filled with attempts to self-gratify at every turn. As an educator I know we are much more capable but we do not strive…we are slothful and seek the easy way out of any challenge rather than excel and move up the chain. Those are not aliens out there; they are we on an other level. Wake up!

    • j.apoyan says

      Time and space is our wake up call here because yet again we have been thrust into this perceptive just watch the truth come splurting out you have thought of our ancients in truth mr cook now at a great challenge we must view what is to never be manipulated again who is the lord that rules the land far from being on display in a movie or in a political scene false prophets beware they have been caught in a time loop for judgement shall descend pomp and glitter gives limited power however the ultimate is manifest through action as shown o that ancient land be not lead in to false delusions for corrupt power through history is going to make an example our monument are engraved in stone and in the deity manifest.

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    Transfixed by the Mirrored Image of Existence.

    By Ron O. Cook

    How often do you meditate upon your own being? What control do you exert upon the direction of your thought? Who are you, really? Questions always seem to descend upon your consciousness when you are alone and contemplative. Loneliness is a strange state that few of us dare sustain for any length of time. We are afraid of isolation, particularly when faced with listening to the multifarious sounds of our bodily functions. If we can persevere while left alone with the miracle of existence and the very thought that we are participating in an astronomically unique experiment in mysterious power-events, we soon find that we can loom large in the realm of knowledge.

    We then progress from the essence of existence into that place where reality becomes. So, if you could be newly created, then left alone on an island-molecule somewhere in cyberspace, what would your thoughts be on a condition devoid of visceral and emotional information?
    How would you perceive your surroundings? What difference would anything mean to the reality of things such as sex, image, time, space, power or love? If, over a duration, you happened to see where your data-of-being was coming from, say some feedback such as a mirror image of yourself — what would your reaction be upon viewing the entity you thought you weren’t. Would you be transfixed (frozen) in amazement and focused-evaluation of the curious reflection upon your mind?

    The journey of existence is somehow tied up in the image of our being. Humanity has for eons taken its reflection for granted as the reality of what its universe must be — yet, there is apparently much more beyond the illusion of animated atoms (pixels?) dancing in front of our faces. One might say to himself, “If we could only perceive what we cannot see because of the incomplete lens (brain) that serves as data-gatherer (mind) to our psyche or soul.” One may want to see what makes all this “stuff” really work.

    Mankind seems caught in a web of self-interest. Once we become transfixed by our own image, we cannot isolate our actions from the protection of our own visual-logo and its message to other beings…the THEY. The THEY or the OTHER seems to energize our psyche almost as batteries to recharge us. We delight upon being noticed by the light of their gaze and secondarily our own. Response is important to our well-being. The multitudinous webs of feedback loops entangle our perceptions to such an all encompassing degree that we soon are unable to look beyond the structures that the web has built within our minds. It becomes our world. We cannot see beyond our own images thereby transfixing our minds into opaque filters that withhold the true reality of the universe. We stand, blinded by the light and its magnificence. We once knew this existence, a cosmic duration that we can only remember vaguely in this state of being, though we are the results of its background workings.

    For some, near death experiences (NDE) have opened a peephole upon the dreamscape of a larger reality exposing sublime realms that lurk within the depths of our souls. Could these doorways of amplified perception signal the beginning of humanity’s time to join the reality of Godhead? The electromagnetic spectrum seems to be the stage of Reality’s performance with a broadcast that may issue from a hidden generative order to become focused upon the arena of the physical. From the dreamscape of creativity issues the dimensions of a holographic universe built within the realms of a multifaceted being. That one existence just may be the particulate to the puzzle of a collective humanity.

    Today, we are upon the threshold of understanding if mankind has the will to face the mirror of his own image and grasp its “total” meaning. That mirror is currently manifesting through the new technologies of holography, virtual reality, fractal geometry and a refreshed “spiritual” physics that seems to be dawning upon the mindsets of once hardened scientists. Common folks are also seeking to untie the bonds of polarized religious and political leveraging to step into a new maturity that sees beyond demagoguery. The realization that humanity and the universe are inherent within the very fabric of existence, is exposing an anomaly of the former world order. The quantum leap to our psyche is the realization of our forgotten oneness.

    The collective WE (One) are alone. From the vast dimensional depths of space to the horizon of creation; as well as, from the edges of complexity to the tiniest point of simplicity; hidden deeply within the motion that causes multiple chaos, exist the impetuous that forever has been this dream of being. One by one, when the memory of our base-beginning returns, we perceive the reason we search within the eyes of our friends, a stranger, relatives, even animals — we seek reinforcement for existence. Once energized by that powerful light of reflected-Deity we live for the next recognition of our individual existence.

    Behind our soulful presence shines another, larger eye on the universe — it intuits the energy of the others gazes but only sees the reflection of its own. Is our deep fear of being like the One’s knowing of absolute loneliness? Is the physical universe the mirror to the face of the One All…our source/s of multiple existence/s projected from the dreamscape of true reality thus manifesting the illusion of physical or virtual holo-existence? If the above were true, could the individual mind ever comprehend the totality of this idea. Look into the Other’s eye and search. You would not exist without the other.

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