Is there Intelligent life on other Planets?

The galaxy Messier 101 (M101, also known as NGC 5457 and also nicknamed the Pinwheel Galaxy) lies in the northern circumpolar constellation, Ursa Major (The Great Bear), at a distance of 25 million light-years from Earth. This is one of the largest and most detailed photo of a spiral galaxy that has been released from Hubble. The galaxy’s portrait is actually composed of 51 individual Hubble exposures, in addition to elements from images from ground-based photos. Date     2006-02-28.  Source:  made by NASA, taken from  Credit for Hubble Image: NASA and ESA

Our Solar System is part of the Milky Way galaxy, a barred spiral galaxy 100,000–120,000 light-years in diameter containing 200–400 billion stars. It may contain at least as many planets, with an estimated 10 billion of those orbiting in the habitable zone of their parent stars. [ Source: Wikipedia]

In the context of billions of stars in just a single galaxy, the above statement/question sounds very dumb, doesn’t it?

To suppose that earth is the only populated world in infinite space is as absurd as to believe that in an entire field sown with millet, only one grain will grow. — Metrodorus of Chios, 4th century B.C

Share a moment  that caused you to question whether there may be intelligent life on other planets

We invite you to share your personal moment of realization that there may be intelligent life on other planets. Simply add your thoughts as comments to this post.

The “Evidence”

This website presents many articles/posts suggesting that there is intelligent life beyond our planet.

These are the main categories:

According to Ancient Astronauts theory, human species was created in the likeness of “gods”.  We are the Anunnaki’s sons, and have been given a push in our development by those minor gods. We are not alone in the Universe, and there exists Entities that are more advanced than us. Those Entities have been watching us and visiting periodically our Planet. All our Religions, that in a certain way teach basically the same, need to be reformulated, as in some cases we have been calling god some of those higher Entities

All that, and much more, is engraved in thousand of tablets that have survived for more than 5.000 years, preserved in the best possible way, as burnt clay! Those clay tablets were cooked by the fire of the library of Nineveh, and by that abnormal fact, were then given an extra resistance to endure time! The big question is then, who is the Anunnaki’s God? The real Universal God?

The Real Universal God is a much more abstract one and is the togetherness of all Universal Consciousness. The Holly Spirit, the togetherness of all consciousness, is the Universal God, but by being such an abstract idea people have tended to forget, and revert to more humanized types of gods. Quantum Theory tells us than man go on creating his own world, and in it resides the source of man free will. We can by our conscience influence the way the wave will collapse. Everything being waves means we are all part of a Universal net, where anyone influences everyone! Evil is a man’s creation.The USA Military and economic cartels have kept some very important discoveries, particularly in the field of Energy generation, hidden from us, for more than 40 years.[ — José de Faria e Maya ]


The idea that there is intelligent life (perhaps much more advanced than us) outside of our Solar System is seriously considered by some of our brightest scientists.

The Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI) is the collective name for a number of activities people undertake to search for intelligent extraterrestrial life. Some of the most well known projects are run by Harvard University, the University of California, Berkeley and the SETI Institute. SETI projects use scientific methods to search for intelligent life on other planets. For example, electromagnetic radiation is monitored for signs of transmissions from civilizations on other worlds. The United States government contributed to early SETI projects, but recent work has been primarily funded by private sources.

There are great challenges in searching across the cosmos for a first transmission that could be characterized as intelligent, since its direction, spectrum and method of communication are all unknown beforehand. SETI projects necessarily make assumptions to narrow the search, the foremost being that electromagnetic radiation would be a medium of communication for advanced extraterrestrial life…

Post detection disclosure protocol

The International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) has a long-standing SETI Permanent Study Group (SPSG, formerly called the IAA SETI Committee), which addresses matters of SETI science, technology, and international policy.

The SPSG meets in conjunction with the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) held annually at different locations around the world, and sponsors two SETI Symposia at each IAC. In 2005, the IAA established the SETI: Post-Detection Science and Technology Taskgroup (Chairman, Professor Paul Davies) “to act as a Standing Committee to be available to be called on at any time to advise and consult on questions stemming from the discovery of a putative signal of extraterrestrial intelligent (ETI) origin.” It will use, in part, the Rio Scale to evaluate the importance of releasing the information to the public.

When awarded the 2009 TED Prize SETI Institute’s Jill Tarter outlined the organisation’s “post detection protocol”. During NASA’s funding of the project, an administrator would be first informed with the intention of informing the United States executive government. The current protocol for SETI Institute is to first internally investigate the signal, seeking independent verification and confirmation. During the process, the organisation’s private financiers would be secretly informed. Once a signal has been verified, a telegram would be sent via the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams. Following this process, Tarter says that the organisation hold a press conference with the aim of broadcasting to the public. SETI Institute’s Seth Shostak has claimed that knowledge of the discovery would likely leak as early as the verification process.

However the protocols mentioned apply only to radio SETI rather than for METI (Active SETI)[47] The intention for METI is covered under the SETI charter “Declaration of Principles Concerning Sending Communications with Extraterrestrial Intelligence”.

The SETI Institute does not officially recognise the Wow! signal as of extraterrestrial origin (as it was unable to be verified). The SETI Institute has also publicly denied that the candidate signal Radio source SHGb02+14a is of extraterrestrial origin though full details of the signal, such as its exact location have never been disclosed to the public. Although other volunteering projects such as Zooniverse credit users for discoveries there is currently no for crediting or early notification of SETI@Home following the discovery of a signal.

Some people, including Steven M. Greer, have expressed cynicism that the general public might not be informed in the event of a genuine discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence due to significant vested interests. Some, such as Bruce Jakosky have also argued that the official disclosure of extraterrestrial life may have far reaching and as yet undetermined implications for society particularly for the world’s religions. Assessing this impact is the intention of the IAA’s Rio Scale and these factors present a real motive for withholding the information from the public.

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Share a moment that caused you to question whether there may be intelligent life on other planets

We invite you to share your personal moment of realization that there may be intelligent life on other planets. Simply add your thoughts as comments to this post.


  1. Mickey says

    Is it possible to be a Christian, yet acknowledge that life on another planet is at least possible? I believe so. I am one such person. I make no bones about my faith. I am a Christian. I have heard some suggest that proving the existence of life on other planets would destroy Christianity. I disagree. I think that it bolsters the metaphysics even further. For me, this universe is much too vast for Earth to be the only planet inhabited with intelligent life. It makes no sense to me that God would create such a universe only to have one planet inhabited. Obviously, I cannot say where this life might be, how far away it might be or what the beings might look like. However, I think that it is arrogant of any of us to suggest that no such life exists.

  2. Jeremy Tonucci says

    Anyone who thinks we are the only life in the universe doesn’t understand how big the universe is. Life developed on earth because all the right conditions existed. We are the right distance from our star allowing for liquid water. Not too far where our oceans would freeze and not too close where they would boil away. We have an atmosphere. We have a strong magnetic field protecting us from the suns deadly radiation. Ther are other factors and it may seem like a long shot for them all to exist and it is. But try to imagine how big everything is. Our sun is just another star like the thousands you can see in the sky. Those thousands you see are only a tiny fraction of whats in just our galaxy. There are over 200 billion stars in our galaxy. There are over 100 billion galaxies in the known universe. That’s just the part we can see and we know it goes further. There are more stars in the known universe than there are grains of sand on earth. In our solar system there are eight planets. And yes eight. For all you Pluto lovers out there I’m sorry but it can no longer be considered a planet with what we now know. Pluto has been demoted so get over it. But in our eight planets only earth has the right conditions for life. But those are just the planets around one star we call the sun. There are planets around the other stars just like ours. Out of all those stars more than we have grains of sand how could ours be the only one with a planet suitable for life?

  3. charles humphrey says

    I don’t know if UFO’s are man-made aircraft or phenomenon. When I was 20 years old, in the air force, I went up in the mountains around Tucson Arizona. I stopped at an overlook up on Mount Lemmon. Some strange flying vehicle rose out of a canyon and hovered about ten feet from the front of my car. It floated there for about 17 seconds. It was about 14 feet wide. Saucer shaped and had rotating lights on the bottom. Then it took off and disappeared at a rate speed of at least mach 5 from a standing start. It was gone in about 5 seconds. I’ve worked or been around every aircraft we have in our inventory. It wasn’t like anything we or our NATO allies had. I was about 20 miles from Davis monthan air force base. So I don’t know. but I don’t rule out extraterrestial origins. What can I say.

  4. says

    If the laws of Earth obey other planets far away from here, the intelligent life may we assume. But our present science not able to find it till now. If we find this life, what we can do from here ? Scientists may measure the frequencies of Earth life and may compare to that intelligent life. The intelligibility depends on brain memory activity which can give information with some complex organic compound. I described this fact in my book “Mystery of Origin of the Universe”- page, 175 to 184. , published in the year 1990.

  5. says

    The search for life outside of our home planet has never been of more importance than it is right now. Science has revealed that our earth is 230,000 years overdue for the next reversal of our magnetic poles. While scientists claim the event will go unnoticed as our earths iron molten core reverses its course, the real truth may be more horrific. The best writers in metaphysics as well as Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, predict a massive crustal displacement like the peel of an orange rotating rapidly around the fruit causing 500 mph winds that will scour the planets surface. In Revelations 6;12,14 it talks about a “great earthquake” and “a mighty wind” and ” every mountain and island was moved out of its place”.

    There’s only one way out for humanity and that is though alien intervention. Metaphysics refers to aliens as emissaries from God who seeded our planet. The ancients refer to these extraterrestrials as sky gods who will return. Maybe that’s why the world has seen an unprecedented number of UFO sightings in recent years as “they” prepare for a rapture like event where those selected will be lifted off the planet and spared from certain doom. Is this what the ancient Mayans predicted when they ‘saw” the end of this world this coming winter solstice?

    For those of you waiting for evidence that aliens and UFOs exist the time has arrived. My own UFO story here in San Diego has made the front page of every newspaper in town and for good reason. My accidental photo of 10 daylight UFOs taken on July 1 1990 has provided a lost sacred symbol successfully linking UFOs to each other as well as countless ancient artifacts and the Nazca Lines in Peru. The Los Angeles Times, who broke the story, have labeled the evidence on my non-profit website and Youtube video “UNSETTLING”. I encourage everyone to take a tour of this groundbreaking event and decide for yourself if this armchair theorist has really unraveled some of mankind’s greatest mysteries. Then prepare yourselves spiritually for the next evolutionary phase of mankind; interplanetary trade. No more disease, homelessness, war, starvation, even death will be vanquished. Something wonderful has happened. Google “Mike Orrell”.

  6. Frank Wheeler says

    Considering the nearest earth like planet to us is 20.3 Light years away (according to scientists) to get there we would have to travel at 670 million miles per hour (approx) for just over twenty years to get there. The human body could not withstand the G Force that would assault there body ( I read some where that 8 or 9 G Force would make your eyes pop out) Then there is the question of feul, the logistics are mind blowing, I think the journey to the distant planets will never happen for financial reasons, think about it how can a country sanction space travel when people on this planet are dying of hunger, I think we will have to wait for the other planets to come to us, and when they see how we treat this world they will turn round and go home.

    • says

      The gargantuan plan for this thing we call existence is indeed complex and very robust. We tiny human beings know little of what is really going on in our local universe. If we were more intelligent and perceptive, we could easily see that we are the reason we are not being notified of the larger universe of beings and systems that are functioning before our very eyes. Just to look at the artifacts of the ancients should give us knowledge of the next level of being and becoming here in Time/Space. If we could only read the striations of the stones in ancient Egypt we would know that they were more advanced than are we now. Who are these higher forms? We do not know because we are not ready for the jump to higher intellect. It is a pity that we dwell here in our own wallowing and simplistic evil filled with attempts to self-gratify at every turn. As an educator I know we are much more capable but we do not strive…we are slothful and seek the easy way out of any challenge rather than excel and move up the chain. Those are not aliens out there; they are we on an other level. Existence is beyond our own mentality to cognize. I digress…

  7. says

    Would it not be strange if everything beyond our comprehension would be a programmed illusion. Every human has a program in their brain that sets up the illusion that there is something beyond our own mentality. It would be almost like playing an RPG where distant sights are programmed as a basic theme or gestalts where something exists beyond the frame of reference but if you actually got close to it, well, it would be like the Truman Show. I am not sure the rest of the perceived data outside myself is truly real. There is YOU and there is the OTHER. I am not sure about the OTHER, and unless I have feedback about the Other, I am not sure that I exist. Play the game called SKYRIM and you can immerse yourself in a universe that does not exist. Give the technology a few more years, and I know we will be more confused by the great technology. Everything we discern is information. I do know this… Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is.

  8. Ab Asaff says

    Is there intelligent life on other planets? That is a moot question. It would be more realistic to consider if there is intelligent life on Planet Earth. There is ample reliable evidence available on allusions to UFO’s in ancient scriptures, there is Roswell and other like incidents in various western countries and the World Wide Mufon Data base, as well, admissions by so many respectable witness including military and commercial pilots, numerous military personnel, policemen, Buzz Aldrin, John Glen and other Astronauts, Presidents Carter and Regan, Physicists, Astronomers, Psychiatrists, Crop Circles, huge Earth size Solar UFOs in the Sun’s Corona, Moon structures, Mars structures and (Never A Straight Answer) NASA SOHO pictures and other unexplained space anomalies, newly released irrefutable Mexican ancient archeological findings and Ancient World megalithic structures. I believe that should suffice though I could go on.

    There is so much circumstantial evidence alone, that the same weight of evidence in a murder trial would render a guilty verdict. Anyone not believing in intelligent Extraterrestrial life is either not informed or for various reasons, does not want to be informed.

  9. Halle says

    “The first step to the knowledge of the wonder and mystery of life is the recognition of the monstrous nature of the earthly human realm as well as its glory, the realization that this is just how it is and that it cannot and will not be changed. Those who think they know how the universe could have been had they created it, without pain, without sorrow, without time, without death, are unfit for illumination.” – Joseph Campbell

  10. Andrea says

    I agree with “dwaipayan” and whoever else thinks that there is a great possibility to have life on other planets. Some think that we were a freak accident, others have religious beliefs, I believe that life happened because nature made it that way. There is surely a chance to have some sort of diverse or similar physiologically advanced beings roaming some of the millions of trillions of other planets out there in the universe. As hard as it is to fully grasp such a concept (since we humans can only understand so much) I BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE.

  11. dwaipayan says

    It is simple logic that if one star can have a solar system containing 10 planet in which one has life and there is 1% chance is there to have life in other planet; then in billion of stars have at least million of solar systems which contain habitable planets. It is absolutely true that there are many planets having life.

  12. Theophilus says

    I appreciate your invitation to share our thoughts on the most intriguing topics of our times, “UFOs”. I have always been fascinated by the unknown and supernatural realm since my childhood.
    The question whether UFOs exist has been one of the many questions that have arised from my childhood, this question has never been answered since I was a child, as a child since I saw the movie “Close encounters of the third kind” till today,many phenomenal & strange events have been occurring and increasing in the recent years, this tempts me to think about possibilities or chances of strange life among those trillion stars, I am partly in a state of disbelief, but the answer lies in our “LITTLE CHILDREN”.
    I believe as children we are more comprehensible to these areas than as adults, because as adults we tend to deviate ourselves towards materialism.
    I am sure the question whether intelligent life exists will surely be answered by these little children, they need to be trained, guided, taught with the knowledge and wisdom of the unknown, about their spirituality.
    I am convinced that as our children grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the unknown and move nearer towards Realization.
    Gradually the truth will unfold before the end, after the end we there will be a new beginning and discovery, this is the Marvel and wonder of Gods creation & plan.
    The process towards attaining the truth may be bitter, but our inner instinct to survive and desire to know the truth will Lead us through only by our faith and inner conviction towards wholeness.

  13. says

    When I was in grade school ,just start learning how to read, year 1953., I happened to see the book of my grandfather who was a arbularyo came from the spanish word herbularyo, healer using herbs as medicines.But his healing procedures was combined with WORDS , I dont understand Until 1992 ,when I start reading mysteries in internet one of which is world mysteries. In that book I saw drawings of spaceshifts with creatures inside. He even told me that the galaxy of stars was the route of Noahs Ark when it Travels. He keep on telling me that the generation of my grandchildren will witness the coming of ALIENS. and instruct us not to be afraid of them because the ALIEN will help us. some of the words I remember I read from the book of Crowley,Bruno,and many more.

  14. Ian says

    As a previous poster postulates, are you refering to consciousness?

    Because a Martian or Moon rock is ‘alive’ – as in the ‘life’ of a rock and ‘intelligent’ -as in the ‘intelligence’ of same rock.

    Consciousness is something else.

    As there are billions of planets in the Universe it’s ludicrous to think that many do NOT hold ‘alive’, ‘intelligent’ and even ‘conscious’ entities (not that the latter would necessarily need a physical space to exist as consciousness transends time & space).

    I think we are constantly visited by ‘conscious’ entities but for the most part they’d have a quick look and say, ‘Oh dear, not ready yet; let’s keep on going’.

    ‘Coz there certainly is life on Planet Earth and intelligence, of a sort. But not a lot of consciousness. I mean, have look around you, look at the World.

    And with respect, fully conscious entities are unlikely to post on an internet blog (present poster excepted, of course)

  15. wendy moir says

    What life?
    Do you mean consciousness?

    Of course consciousness exists everywhere in the Universe, because it is 1 cell and that cell just like our brains acts as a thinking concept.
    How does it think?
    Because it was created from our Father, Light who is the body incorporeal of love and light as a harmonic self.
    What was changed is a song of that self, hence part of the consciousness of the God cell or Father.
    As it is harmonic balances, wavelengths, and of course NASA knows this from their own space studies, then these harmonic balances create the conscious cell that created its own self.

    Can life be on other planets?

    For what purpose would be that question, when so many human beings have already attested that they go back into the light at their death.

    Hence it is obvious that the space cell consciousness had a journey, it ended in a brain cell being the Earth, a brain that speaks to all other harmonic balances in its journey into creating itself, the place where it had to understand WHAT MISTAKE it made and then heal it.

    It is obvious that when you look at the magnetosphere you can see a body of God or an angel like being…where it would also be obvious that only human life and its nature is the only existence in this space body, because it records all harmonic cells within the Earth.

    Hence it has no need to have any other lifeforms anywhere else.

    Now NASA also knows from contacting what is called the entity, being what IS NOT the God cell, that by breaking harmonic wavelengths you gain the values of what IS NOT HUMAN and what information GOD OUR FATHER had to heal in that space cell as the INCORRECT HARMONICS to gain the cell of his human self that he then heals back into his own LIGHT CELL.

  16. keldoone says

    About the time I was in high school after a morning of protestant church I experienced an epiphany…No, not from the church. I realized from a very deep place that the universe did not have an edge… that we have no idea how big it may be. In that moment I “saw” in my minds eye a walnut. This walnut, momentarily hanging free in space, then exploded into every direction and I “watched” the pieces fly forever…..
    This happened two more times… the second time as a result of something that is no longer with me… the third time (in college) was when I realized, again from that deep place, what a light year is… (that distance that light travels in one year, traveling at 186,000 miles a second or 700 million miles an hour.)
    And especially a megaparsec… a parsec is 3.26 light years, so, a mega parsec is 3.26 million light years…. Yup! I saw the walnut and watched it explode into distances of forever.
    Now when I consider what these calculations mean… it almost gives me a head ache… It does not compute. There has to be a reason that “science” would create these numbers… there has to be something that this is used for as a measuring stick! So, to believe that within these measurements that there is only us is – well, frankly, insane. Or very, very egotistic or afraid.
    So, somewhere in between insane and arrogant/fear is truth. And as a result, I have kept an open eye for things that don’t fit…as in the realm of forbidden archeology…and conspiracy… because there are more things that do not fit than we believe….or want to see.
    Along the way, I’ve come to recognize that we really don’t know much. I’m 64 and still reading, expanding, and awakening.

  17. Lex says

    I totally agree with the words (mentioned in the post) of Metrodorus of Chios (an ancient philosopher): “To suppose that earth is the only populated world in infinite space is as absurd as to believe that in an entire field sown with millet, only one grain will grow.”
    Giordano Bruno held very similar views for which he paid with his life.
    His cosmological theories went beyond the Copernican model in proposing that the Sun was essentially a star, and moreover, that the universe contained an infinite number of inhabited worlds populated by other intelligent beings. He was burned at the stake by civil authorities in 1600 after the Roman Inquisition found him guilty of heresy for his pantheism and turned him over to the state, which at that time considered heresy illegal. After his death he gained considerable fame, particularly among 19th- and early 20th-century commentators who, focusing on his astronomical beliefs, regarded him as a martyr for free thought and modern scientific ideas.

  18. wishbone says

    well what can i say other than, “WELL DUH”, of course there is not only life in the universe, but intelligent life, and life sooooo far in advance of us that we would see them as gods, (even in our so-called high tech age) if fact the chances are the human race is just a small genetic experiment created by some alien lifeform that we used to refer as gods, angels, seraphim, watchers, ect, ect. hope we get to join the galactic club before we blow ourselves to bits or pollute our world to death.!!

  19. Doug Yurchey says

    “the general public might not be informed in the event of a genuine discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence due to significant vested interests.” -quote from above. Of course our leaders would NOT tell us! This isn’t a scenario. THIS HAS HAPPENED! Numerous governments of Earth have been contacted. It’s not just…oh, Seti heard a transmission once. C’mon people…NASA is a front. We, the public, cannot go to the Moon because we would find super-ancient artifacts and current activity. WE may have been the ancient Martians. A few books say Tesla came from Venus. LIFE is everywhere; all around us and certainly BEYOND. Contact has happened, but it’s hushed up.
    Here’s one for you…What if aliens came down and visited…or advanced humans; now, why wouldn’t that happen? Here’s why: They KNOW the answers to just about everything and we DON’T KNOW the answers to just about everything. The aliens would be public figures and be on call to answer all our questions because of our total mass ignorance on Earth. They would be at the mercy of our brutal questions and NO ONE WOULD LIKE THE ANSWERS because the aliens (let’s say) will speak the Truth. Do you understand what the Truth would do in our current society? Of course, not. It would almost destroy it. Our stupid society is held together by LIES that people believe. If the question was, ‘what religion is correct?’ And, the real answer is ‘NONE.’ People aren’t going to like that. They aren’t going to like being told how screwed up everything is and how wrong they are. Do you think our leaders will allow a high intelligence to publicly speak and tell the world exactly how evil and corrupt our leaders are?
    So – what’s the answer?
    The answer is…we’re not going to join the Solar System’s community of LIFE until we clean up our own house; overthrow all the BS; undo the current totalitarian regime and develop at least a semi-utopian state…and THEN maybe we’ll be accepted by the ETs. We have about a millennium wait…or, maybe some alien will begin to pick up the pieces after we’ve turned the Earth into a cinder…yeah, maybe then…


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