Internet Trends 2013

Internet Trends D11 Conference (2013)

The latest edition of the annual Internet Trends report finds continued robust online growth.

There are now 2.4 billion Internet users around the world, and the total continues to grow apace.

Mobile usage is expanding rapidly, while the mobile advertising opportunity remains largely untapped.

The report reviews the shifting online landscape, which has become more social and content rich, with expanded use of photos, video and audio.

Looking ahead, the report finds early signs of growth for wearable computing devices, like glasses, connected wrist bands and watches – and the emergence of connected cars, drones and other new platforms.


KPCB Internet Trends D11 Conference – Presentation Transcript

  1. INTERNET TRENDSD D11 CONFERENCE  5 / 29 / 2013   Mary Meeker / Liang Wu
  2. Outline
    • Key Internet Trends – Growth Continues
    • Re-Imagination – Being Re-Imagined & Uploaded
    • Mobile – Aggressive Momentum
    • Computing – Yet Another Platform Change…
    • Lots to Learn from China – Volume + Innovation
    • Most Enabled Entrepreneurs Ever?
    • So, You Want to Be a Public Company?
    • High-Skilled Immigration – Perspective
    • Appendix– Re-Imagination is Alive & Well– Traditional Industries Being Re-Imagined– USA, Inc.2



    117. The information offered in this presentation speaks to industry trends in general,and should not be construed as providing any particular recommendations or analysis for any specific company that is mentioned in this presentation.

KPCB is a venture capital firm that owns significant equity positions in certain of the companies referenced in this presentation.

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  1. Luther Timmins says

    eh, the trend is that you are being watched. Every key stroke is saved to be used against. And if you shouldn’t use a lap top on your lap and you shouldn’t hold a phone against your head . . . what’s up with glasses . . .

  2. Armando CY says

    Thanks to all writers , awesome information to us,,,,,long life to all yours…..AWESOME !!!!

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