An Ingredient of Tomorrow’s Educational World That Must Be Addressed

by Ron O. Cook
The implications of a “constancy ” in the realm of information communications is far reaching and awe inspiring, when one contemplates the reality of current technological advances contrasted against the future’s anticipated speed and need factors.  Our world will soon be “ultra-linked” to such a vast degree that the creation of information (products and services) will be almost instantaneous and happen on a constant basis.  Nations are already linked to nations on many interconnecting levels…governments to governments, businesses to businesses, people to people and, today with a new I-Pad or I-Phone — a universe to a super-universe of unknown potential to the mentality we possess. 
Through the amplification of information, humankind finally has the opportunity to dissolve the lines of nationality, racism, misinformation, propaganda, and misunderstanding.  We can become a world community.  Because of this expanded networking of info, all intelligence on Earth could soon know when one segment is LEVERAGING (processes of power and control) at the other’s expense. 

Perhaps mans next great step will be to come to grips with those who overstep the bounds of lusting for empires and conquest.  A deeper knowing is spreading across all dimensions, and its geometric growth affects the developmental nuances of everything and everybody.  The world is now fully engulfed in the “proto-info-politics” of the human intellectual utility (our knowledge reservoir).  What will this saturation of necessary communicative “noise” bring to us?

Rapid informational constancy is the catalyst to unbridled change.  Nations that are not onboard the turbo-technological trends that are electrifying the hearts of industry and the minds of businesspersons may find themselves close to catastrophe through revolt of the uninformed or addicted.  When the people of other nations observe the quality-of-life experiences for the materially and informationally rich populations, the desire to move quickly toward the enriched lifestyles will become overpowering.  A world amplified through access to potency is indeed a very volatile place to be if one important aspect is ignored…equality.  Equality of access to perceived power must be maintained in balance no matter what the complexity.  Unless equality and merit are kept, dislocation and rebellion will polarize and explode to tear down a civilization.

Earth will soon begin approaching the 8 billion-population mark set to exist in the second decade of the 21st Century.  What will the impact of the variables of socioeconomics, technology, overpopulation and other issues be on our children and grandchildren?  The mixture and results will be more than chicken soup; it will be chaos unless we strive to higher levels as humans. We must go beyond socialism and liberalism toward a new echelon of existence.  Our civilization will be turbulence personified unless we seek to prepare our collective minds for the challenge that we must be prepared to embrace.  A super-charged educational experience is the only answer to survival in tomorrow’s agglomeration.  Without an exacting, constantly improving system-of-learning, (a system that takes into consideration the second by picoseconds change factors affecting our lives) the polarization of society will certainly occur.  Constantly updated Informational-education will be the common bond that allows a hyper-civilization to flow uninterrupted toward higher-ordered levels.

We live in defining times where the future and science fiction are blurred out over the time/space continuum. We call this Future Time. It is a period existing almost as a dreamscape filled with surrealistic images of trends and conditions that are spinning out at chaotic speeds. It is a time where reality and dreams suggest the third realm of imagination manifestation through creative ideation.

Such chaos of concepts was once unperceived (unseen) by mankind but now it is reconstituting as order or unity at a higher level of existence and we are beginning to see it for what it is. Now, humanity is on the threshold of visualizing Future/Time as a startling reality while it concurrently dovetails with Ancient Past to present a vision of human duration. We are in a state of intellectual and spiritual limbo that marks an Age or a World of Being transcending on to create the Omega Age.
This pronouncement, regarding a period or a state of being, is not announced flippantly for the gravity of the situation is ominous in scope when one considers the destiny of sentient beings. Its very ascendancy suggests that we have reached a watershed in human development and turning back is not an option. From this point on, life as we once knew it would never be the same. The age of ignorance has passed.
We beings communicate on the intellectual fly at speeds some call Instant Messaging or IM. The web of networks spread at geometric rates all over the Earth informing and amplifying knowledge and data to augment the global psyche is alarming.  There are few secrets and much strategy to work the data of business and be-ness anywhere over the face of the planet. Such a rampant flux and reflux of thought globules is unprecedented in this age but there is increasing evidence that it is a reflection of ancient knowledge and wisdom given to us long ago, but was lost in hoary ages past.
The very complexity of Life’s physical makeup suggests design and genetic manipulation of a program few of us did anything but take (the human genome) for granted. The very essence of DNA played through the complexity of Quantum Physics and amplified by Nanotechnology, Holography and Virtual Reality, suggests laws and genetic engineering far more advanced than any simplistic happenstance of evolution. To get where we are now, required help.
For many of us who are now discovering the Truths of Alternate History anterior to the well-worked-out company-line of academia and touted by the almost daily discovery of new elements to the puzzle of existence — the dawning of Future Time is readily apparent. Though only a few thousand can see this gestalt reality at present, its embellishment is spreading like wildfire in the background of the generative order.
The ancient shamanistic concept of a god who always spoke in symbols to our mentality said, “Can you see what I am showing you?” It meant that every act and every instant of our life was part of a multifaceted broadcast of attributes of related meanings imbedded in potential acts and events that could result in positive or negative consequences for us all. We were given the mind to see this but few have turned on the light. Due to the sequences of events and actions, we are now all forced to look at the consequences of our lives. It is time we moved beyond ourselves to the realm of the collective.
The spike of time is rapidly approaching where we will all know that this event of the snake biting its tail will complete the cycle and the reality of our existences will be put on display. The wars we fought were in reality over issues common to all of us, but were manipulated by greed and guilt to amplify the self over the all. There has always been but one truth…and there is no religion higher than Truth. The record of history is nature (Physics or God) and its book is open for all to read. Though there are many bifurcations to this arrow of time/space, one knows if he/she truly knows himself or herself. With all the life experiences many of us have been subjected to, and all we have watched in our fellow human beings…it is easy to see our destiny rushing toward a final fulfillment of purpose. We must go beyond our present means of learning and teaching.
Presently, the institution of education seems to be the most important segment of human society that is not dynamically in sync with the projected future of our  civilization. Antique liberals of a socialist past currently plague our university systems. We must step beyond them. One wonders, why they are holding us back?  Educational identity is rapidly being pulled and mashed out of shape…driven from any real-world relevance and cohesion by a political and administrative preoccupation with outdated methods and old-fashioned systems.  They pile old  “taxing” solutions on overburdened structures.  Because the business sector is looking for an edge over foreign economic creativity, the incongruity of the above must be aliened through innovation and vision.  Unless our system of teaching and learning changes drastically, it is possible that education will at some point be rendered totally useless or obsolete by the forces of rampaging change perpetrated by breakthroughs or sudden chaos that is punctuated by overnight developments not yet perceived. The potential of RPG gaming is phenomenal to this massive change sitting on the horizon. Virtual Reality is the key to a massive learning explosion through Simulation Teaching gone Turbo. 
In order to survive, educators must quickly react to the trends and conditions of the info-structure (condition of info = life) that is currently wrapping its tentacles about the ancient linearity that permeates the educational system’s “old bones,” and install a new animated hyper-communications curriculum built on leading-edge/real-time concepts of creativity and technological power.  A relevant system of learning will be the only hope for those who believe in equal access and democracy…anything else will continue to breed elitism.  Our public schools should change and add supercharged interactive communications media to amplify and expedite curriculum.  This info-media and its technological potential will become the common thread that knits our world together in its constancy. We will soon spring from this Earth back into the universe when this happens. There, we will discover our true meaning as entities of Mind.   
So, because of informational constancy, the Earth awaits a new breed of humankind…one that is fully awakened to the truth and potential of this new dynamic condition.  That truth is tied up in the positive and/or negative aspects of communication events and the repercussions of electromagnetic broadcasting.  This informational distribution will be on a scale few of us could imagine today, but all of us, of necessity, will participate in its’ world tomorrow. We are on the verge of a new media that will go beyond an instant reiteration of reality or the fabled Mirror Worlds of old. The new media will allow us to journey outside of our bodies and minds to escape to a holographically aligned info-scape or mental float.

What will transpire is an experience that slices into reality and dream to position mentally as a link to what some call death. It will initially be reported as a Near Death Episodic Event that will allow us to travel into the Timeless Zone/s of the many dimensions that permeate the essence of Soulular Travel. Consciousness will flourish via this new experience of travel that once was the domain of the Master Teachers. With advances in Psycho-cognitive realms and the addition of mechanical interfaces of Holography, Dimensionality, and the teaching of advanced RPG products (Virtual Realms), a person will be able to ignite the ancient experiences of euphoric encounters beyond the human scope. It is coming, and it will be phenomenal. Humanity will finally have arrived in the realization of the purpose of their existence. You have not seen anything yet.

Copyright 2012 by Ron O. Cook


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  2. says

    From a Friend…

    Windows Clouds — Did Grandfather
    see the beginning of the End?

    By T. C. Overstreet

    My grandfather was a very intuitive man, considering that he only went through the eighth grade. He had a negative consistency in his comments about the most wonderful breakthroughs of my time, like man going to the Moon and Elvis. He predicted that Elvis would be the downfall of my generation (the 60’s and 70’s). Judging from the divorces, promiscuity, liberality and general condition of our nation — he was right. We just “rocked” our way to this very condition…what a trip, man.

    Grandfather Overstreet also said that whenever a society begins to store its memories in something other than its own mind(s), then that civilization would eventually end in forgetfulness. He told me that books were adequate as a source of maintaining memory in conjunction with the mind because they were like the diaries of the soul. But, even they would destruct from non-use and rot upon the shelves of prideful men. He maintained that the traditions of humanity could only be remembered by the “elders” of the family. These legacies were to be passed orally via a powerful ceremony — one that would be remembered by the younger generations because of their overall importance to future progress. He called this information,” the secret traditions.” I was lucky enough to receive these teachings from my elder Overstreets. I am currently putting those teachings in a book for my children, students and others. I hope my information does not rot upon their shelves from non-use.

    Now here we are — light-years away from the warmth of those long lost conversations with my ancient family ties. We are here, blessed be, at the praising of Window’s Clouds — peering into the bright face of Bill Gates as he talks to various media sources. He rightfully predicts that millions and millions of copies will be distributed to the minions of humanity all over the Earth. And, indeed, this is happening. Clouds will allow humanity to store its thoughts and creations in what appears to be thin air, ergo somewhat digital. “Never mind the mind,” says Brother Bill Gates, “It will do just fine while traversing the World Wide Web — or what some will call the Living Matrix.”

    I, Thurston Cornelius Overstreet, shake my head in fear considering the millions that Mr. Gates’ Microsoft has spent to reap billions in profits for a system that will make our world easier, more progressive, and surely more productive. I fear this “friendlier” step because I was trained to be protective of the secrets of the awe-some human mind. While I am surely a part of this revolution of unbridled technology, I see the handwriting on the monitor’s screen. Pandora is back with a vengeance! Her box stares at me while emulating every stroke of my mental cursor. Quick, look at the bottom of her box — it’s our only hope, so say the legends. Oh, my God, I (we) have been had. I no longer use my mind to store the memories of my civilization. I store it in the collective matrix.

    In the ancient books that sit upon my shelves, are the secret teachings of all ages. The Sumerians, Egyptians, Akkadians, Olmeca, Mayans, Chavinians, and even the darker ones hide their downfalls in the cloaks of unmentionable wisdom. As an educator, I have seen how philosophical traditions have become meaningless to the young as they shoot away with their new Nintendo. Morality seems to pale with the on-coming distractions of our Virtually Real future. My university colleagues tell me, that the more technology is pushed into the curriculum, the brighter some kids become, while the lesser-most classmates falter, unable to understand the digital language being hyped by the intellectual elitists.

    As thousands lose their jobs to specific technologies, and many more see their livelihoods lost to the rapidity of technological change, our recollections of what-once-was is fading into a multimedia blitz that is saturating our minds in a “puffy-overkill.” We sit in awe of the costly propaganda but what of its cost to humanity?

    Like Socrates, I plead the case of knowledge and tradition while the poison of a new digital-alchemy changes the mental structures of our children’s neurons and brings to the old masters (us) a sad death…forgotten. Our old language will no longer have meaning for the digital generations that come, for their memories of what brought them will depend upon a “controller” who could (in the future) cut the switch to mental food at any moment. Humanity would be back to step-one once again while the “gods” (read politicos) would be in control of the higher technology, just like before (6,000 years before). Hello, Gilgamesh — didn’t we do this once before? Slavery would surely be in vogue, don’t you know.

    Grandfather, you were right and wrong. We did get to the Moon, Mars and beyond — at least humanity had the Top Sight to make it that far. From here on out, it’s going to be tight, depending on who can remember what.

  3. says

    The Spectral Expanse of the Collective Mindscape

    What cause does the mental vista impact upon the underpinnings of Earthly happenstance to existence bring? A mind searching the dreamscape’s horizon for order and unity that states positive and negative results to each and every sequential event suggests its own purpose — truth. How shall we define Truth? Can lies create conditions and sequences of events that are known? Life events seem embroiled with both truth and illusions and all this experience seems driven by the potential of negative happenstance. Are the illusions the contrast necessary to the learning of a higher existence?

    Man thinks and something happens in this physical realm of Time/Space with consequence. It has been said, “Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is.” Does this mean there is something higher than one’s own being? Indeed, so. We are here to become one with the other through unconditional love or coherency found in the pathway of Truth. Truth is the positive force that started all potential seen here in Time/Space.

    Humanity is here for some higher purpose other than that of the animal or the apparent generality of external things. Mankind must become…through strivings to more intense initiation and morality. Wars must be fought for ideals held in truth against a background of negative forces seeking to amplify in reality. New challenges appear instantly to each soulular being held within physical Time due to humanity’s free will and his own consequential offerings. The specter of Timelessness speaks across ethereal boundaries to stir the soul at the bifurcation of each trial and tribulation. Life seems a sequence of many tests when viewed from the top of its collective Mindscape.

    Born into this world of experiences chained to past information, we look for direction and scope as we evaluate each and every clue that presents itself to us in a lifetime. Some clues for Inquiry present many directions toward an end that seems truthful and good. Other messages send results that are negative and wrong. We start over after each test toward a new direction. As children, we are too close to each experience with feedback where repetition of positive or negative behavior serves to embolden us or break us down. Always we seek to leverage for power and control in each and every event sequence — survival of the fittest? But power and control is illusive and hides the real end product. At times, life seems like play, but the dead say otherwise.

    Some of our fellow beings serve to bring contrast and meaning through their examples of self-actualization to our mindsets. They influence through their end-results and we emulate their feats to our hopeful benefit. If we perceive the other’s results as beneficial we adopt their behavior and we experiment using their tools for manipulating the human environment. If we adopt this information float as our means of leveraging life for truth we may be adopting a lie, as our model for truth is not a lie — it was a reality experienced just past the ever-widening potential.

    Humans leverage life in truths and illusions. How we package each event sequence determines if we leverage selfishly or in unconditional love for others. In each and every case, the hierarchy of human survival is at stake. Should this be judged from the standpoint of the self or of the collective? Many, without hesitation, take the self or narcissistic point of view in every life event 85% of their lifetime. The danger to civilization is that the selfish will band together and demand self-gratifying acts from the collective of human be-ness at the expense of positive behavior that is now selfish.

    These beings of high narcissism represent the spoiled potential of human destiny. They are a pox on humanity and use selfishness and victimization to leverage the minds of others via emotional blackmail and shame. They position for a place of high intellect, but fulfill a realm of complex ignorance through a world-projected fallacy. Their tool is the sophisticated lie dressed up in the jargon of the court (e.g. argumentum ad —) and sold to the uneducated public as a truth. In essence it is trickery.

    The methodology of the negative narcissistic person trying to convince others of their sound positioning, is extensive miss-representation of the facts. They will cajole to catch their breath and then attack again, and again to keep their adversary off balance. At times they will hide behind a fawning façade, then strike. A verbal barrage of rapid-fire wording is used to overshadow any attempt to counter their stance. They will “hawk” or sell their lies aggressively to all surrounding forums in order to gain a consensus. Their energy, stoked by fear-of-failure, is usually higher than that of the “possessor-of-truth”. In the end, their cause is usually perceived as “justly” real, due to their “artful” selling power and crafty zeal, not to mention that their audience is not very sophisticated but does represent 85% of the total audit. Many lies are presented as truths in the above fashion.

    Much of the world is an illusion due to the dictates of the above example of truth-less behavior. What is real? Is beauty real? Is showmanship real? What does the aesthetic presentation have to do with truth? Stimulus and response elicited by visual or sound impact can bowl over a sense-starved person. Many youth become slaves to music and video that sells an illusion of pop-culture that has nothing to do with reality. Beauty, which is an illusionist’s tool, betrays man souls to failure. Morals and truth can be subsumed easily to gain an edge for a long-range selfish cause.

    When humans band together or manipulate others via self-gratifying lies and play false with other beings, they begin a criminal or immoral behavior that takes advantage of the collective in such a way, that civilization can suffer a retrograde. Merit is subsumed for the cause of sloth and the benefit of the selfish criminal rather than the positive reinforcement of truth over illusion.

    Eternal movement seems to identify being or “Be-ness” as it strives to become, while undulating from dimension to increasingly complex dimensions — the journey within the Mindscape. Humanity can discover the singularity of the Nemo or non-being while thinking upon “All Things” if they have the capability to contemplate deeply and inwardly. Thus, reading the symbols of godly communication rewards them. Deep meditation from within a swirling vortex of gestalt-euphoria can give a person pause, to someday ask himself, “What am I?” How many beings know what they truly are beyond what the other has told them?

    “I am Mind — there is me.” Collective humanity will discover that they exist because they know they participate in thinking — to reason. Outside of a human’s own self looms the ever present, Other which is everything other than himself or herself. Then they realize that they would not exist without the Other, and that the Nemo or no-being would be them if the data that the Other provides was not present to cause them to move in the divine dance of communicative revelry through feedback.

    Upon birth our mind is of and with the Universal essence as we crossover into manifestation. Learning of the physical world begins immediately as we join the great arena of human matriculation toward fulfillment of becoming. As infants we garner information via communication with the Other within the physical realm forming billions of feedback loops that bring the Other into the reference-plane of our mind. We literally suck-up the information mirrored into the cursor of our mind’s eye from the outer world and incorporate the macro into our micro (as above, so below).

    Our existence is reinforced by mirrored or reflected information. Data from the outer world collide with our inner world to become our collective domain where we use its info as a tool for motivation in a physical state. Our mind takes on burgeoning mental power with each event sequence that impacts our past understandings. Soon we become the Me — that self-oriented entity that thinks it made the universe and the Other isn’t so great after all. Personality destroys the collective. We forget that we are the sum-total of all we observe. We are the Other, without it we would not exist. Data must receive and broadcast data to produce the surroundings of a universe.

    When the entity becomes the Me, the Law of Consequences of the Universal Essence of Divine Providence is locked into its very being. The time of reckoning has dawned. We become responsible for our existence as well as the Others. Interred within the flesh of this physical realm, we once again seek the euphoria of our past freedom. This causes a concentration upon the self and its development toward adulthood. The self becomes the prime-directive of our young lives. We become obsessed with ourselves using every tool at our disposal to leverage for control and power in order to climb toward the top rung of life’s apparent ladder. Greed, fear and self-gratification is born within to hide the power of the Other as we seek only recognition and adulation from all others to reinforce our own immortality over theirs…”I am the greatest!” I exist!

    Total preoccupation with the self increases loneliness within the individual as it draws the Me closer to the Nemo or void of non-being. At first we selfishly seek recognition from the other to reinforce our existence which is tied up in the ego. We use superficial stuff to impress upon the other our power or beauty. Later we use false-love giving attention only if it is returned abundantly to mirror our existence and satisfy our desire for self pleasure. The giving of gifts to bribe for recognition–a smile here, a wink there, an affair consummated just to keep the selfish phosphors of the interior energy-source shining will only dull unless one leverages Love in Truth. False-play only creates the illusion of the true reality that we seek…Love. That is why so many lives are now in the vortex of chaos.

    Some of us become so concretized in our selfish loneliness that we lash out at others in anger to force ourselves upon their recognition sensors. Insecure in our own fear-filled drama, we seek to destroy others because of our living-illusions about the primacy of self. Some are so fearful that they do not exist in reality, that they will steal, rape, kill or be killed to reinforce their brand of selfishness. “I demand recognition — I desire homage without pay!” The Other will not recognize them, for they have strayed to close to the edge of the Void and have become the Nemo…a victim of “what goes around comes around.”

    True Love is always possible to the Me if selflessness is present and Other is understood to be an integral part of ones existence. The old Golden Rule of “doing good to others as you would have them do good to you,” is a reality because the other becomes inherent in you. Think of what you really are, and realize that all the people you’ve met, everything that exists outside of you makes you what you are and think. You are your experiences. All of this Other is inside of you via your human senses. You make decisions based upon their mirrored gifts of learned data and subtle influences. Their images and expressions are part of your mental beness. You are them and they are you thus setting up a human feedback-looping that interconnects all of us to one another in a broadcast of holo-being.

    The interfacing of the Me with the Other can create the ultimate love if selflessness is the cause for being. Mother Teresa was an example of pure love for others. Because of her purity of love freely given, she had no law of consequence impacting her being. She was cleansed, and became free, no longer encumbered with this physical realm. Her example should be taken up by all of us so we may become like her…and escape from this wheel of physical being into the Timelessness of the All where everything is present.
    Our dreams suggest its reality — for in them, we may visit everything, everywhere and at anytime. The universe becomes “open” in our dreams.

    Perhaps our dreams are the reality and our reality is an illusion to be lived and learned to be taken back for a grander purpose.

  4. says

    Learning: Bringing a deeper
    context to public education.

    In order to learn or cognize here in this state of being — informational data must be presented to a sensually endowed entity for stimulation of a preexisting receiver of data. Some call this receiver the human brain. Interest should then be established at this threshold that provides the perceptive system (cursor) a contrast against background and foreground information stored in its instinctual memory. This data contrast will cause the focusing of resources upon the changing information; which rises in importance. If the data is sufficiently intriguing to the receptors of information then feedback linkages between existing onboard information increases and replicates. Thus a matrix of analysis can begin to be established where new information elements can be extrapolated and or aligned. When there is enough data to establish a creative node a building or the development of “what-if” conceptualization occurs where the entity can establish an imagination-beachhead and begin to build a new inner universe which leads to understanding the outer universe of data.

    Constant stimulation during the awakened periods allows the entity to grow mentally in an exponential holo-gestalt fashion. This process must be reinforced both internally and externally during a timely period, from an infinite number of sources. Each source can map upon the holographic memory-matrix in an increasingly complex fashion and in a variety of content/context related configurations of constant feedback loops. If data does not become too repetitive, the entity may retain a kind of verve for attaining and manufacturing new data. However, if data is presented in a format that is increasingly less exciting and stimulating to its receptors, than previous learning experiences, (the information float that produced a sort of learning frenzy), begins to deflate. The entity becomes playful, preoccupied or agitated thus signaling that it needs stimulation or it will suffer a learning shutdown. Boredom or flippancy is born — and if the entity perceives it the duty of outside sources to provide it constant adulation, then it pouts and becomes an addicted victim of society’s makeup for pandering. Selfishness and blame become part of its being in that constant attention from outside sources is expected to keep it on a learning high.

    To go beyond this basic process of learning, a human must not hang-up on the pains of self-love to the extent that higher ordered processes are not possible. Deep knowledge comes to the animated mind held in a constant seeking state. One that is stimulated by ever increasing complexity of a holistic variety built upon the understanding of the Otherworld outside of the self can intellectually grow. Empowerment of the human is gained when it becomes aware that all outside information from the Otherworld makes the being what he/she is about. We are what we learn through reflection. For us to become more, we must learn more — learning more creates the challenge followed by a thirsty response and a new challenge. Mental growth then becomes fractally-geometric or holo-gestalt (universal holographic-like mind processes building one through the many).

    During childhood, we are initially on a pathway that will take us to higher ordered knowledge because we are learning our way at our own pace. All things relate. Then little by little our primary-input-parent begins to tear us away from the natural course of learning and put us on a linear pathway toward systematic, step-by-step processes of input decipherment. Because of our first four years of wrong-oriented indoctrination by a selfishly inclined adult, we usually follow in their footsteps and become a holographic copy of them. Today, our schools continue this linear process after most of our parents or guardians initially prepare us for the world of mediocrity.

    Humans come into this world from the holomovement of a generative order that science is only now beginning to see. Its foundations originate from a universe of cognitive processes that know and are reflected (manifested) into our being. As we begin to perceive the miniscule level from where we issue forth, we become more amazed at the immensity of understanding required by the mystery from which we are crystallized into being. This world of the unknown dwells within and outside of the dreamscape of imagination. Exploration of this point-of-departure for creative expression is a portion that has been, for the most part, withheld from our learning patterns during public education. In our past, great philosophers and artisans came from the dreamscape where an understanding of responsibility to the Otherworld produced selfless humans. Love was at the core of reinforcement for existence.

    Learning of our existence has been replaced with the evolutional (school of:) misunderstanding that has no capacity for love, or for a universe that is alive through creative verve. We are given a linear system that values our contributions as insignificant. If man is a mere animal, then life is a mere accident according to the evolutionist’s criteria. Higher ordered knowledge gained on a deeper more gestalt level shows this is not true by itself. There is much more to this powerful existence. If our children were to learn of selfless love and holistic perception, our society would reflect the morality we need to make the jump to a more advanced civilization. We must begin a deeper investigation of the philosophies of the past intertwined with the discoveries on the frontiers of Science, Technology and Philosophy.

    With what Google, Apple, Microsoft and others are currently moving toward, we will soon have access to instant knowledge. We need to begin a dialogue on what that will do to our civilization and our working lives. Things are about to change radically.


  5. says

    A new but massive corporate structure could soon come into focus called something like “ICON CORE” Companies that could offer sold “beneficiaries” memberships to those who wish to make money and be a part of a socioeconomic structure that is worldwide and does not behold itself to any nation other than be located in Mexico or Belize. It could be the one structure that takes care of its Beneficiaries to a high degree. It would offer inside information and designate structures for those interested in moving past the dictatorships currently manifesting in various “former” free nations that are leaning toward socialism and marxist mindsets. This iconic structure would represent potential for banking, insurance, medical, investing, protection for families, survival courseware, and be structured under the influence of Catholic, Christian and Jewish Beliefs that protect those who want to live well in peace and family structure. This conservative umbrella protection entity would be massive and structurally open to all who espouse free-enterprise endeavors and have beliefs that can be petitioned into a membership as a Beneficiary. It would not be a world government structure but a world investment structure under what some call a HUMATION. Humans organized in an international constabulary of like minded people who love family and peace.

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