Imagination and Reality

The Finessing of Your Dimensional Presence

When one reviews all the data of the universe that is tumbling into our mental reference reader (our brain) it becomes increasingly clear that we are being prepared for something earth shattering. THINK LARGE HERE. Those who can see with the holographic mentality can visualize what is coming down the pike.


Incorporate all the messages of the ancients and their cues ensconced within the artifacts of archaeology in juxtaposition with the latest offerings of Science Fiction held in the newest movies and video games or virtual realities — Bang! Your mind cannot hold the massive power that is manifesting before your very mental eye. Humanity may not be able to understand what is about to happen to it.

Remember, every elemental that is being shown to your children via video games and the cinema led movies of tomorrow-land that includes the Transformers and such; hold/s the mathematics and engineering seen on the screen. If you can see it, it is capable of being physically produced and reproduced. Scenarios shown can become real. Read the messages of your surroundings via the implicate-order.

Expand your mind and see what is about to manifest before your very eyes. We are being prepared via the politics and leveraging of our media and our governments for an age that many of us will not see coming. Get ready to be amazed and prepare to survive. Most certainly, expand your intellect and wisdom. Multi-dimensional Presence will be a requirement of you down the road.

Think deeply here and amplify your mind to utilize the 90% of your brain that you never thought you would use. Your brain will hurt, due to the fact that you have never pushed it to its limits. The PICTURE that is about to materialize before your inner senses is gargantuan in scope and indeed is vastly dimensional. The silly dictates of our culture are clouding your ability to see beyond.

 Think Gestaltly with an eagles-eye for the unseen danger lurking below your radar. Don’t let the HYPE of everyday media glaze over your keen vision for something out of the ordinary. Be Watchful!

Below: This is the kind of event I am talking about. When the rest of the universe awakens to us and we come face to face with our lack of Wisdom.

The recent discovery

Aug 1, 2011 The Telegraph

Swiss treasure hunters from the Ocean Explorer undersea diving team are now looking for funding to uncover the mysterious object.

Peter Lindberg who is leading the expedition to discover what the object is and recover it said: “We had been looking for sunken treasure of the Sea of Bothnia in the northern Baltic Sea. We had been looking for Champagne, Wine and Cognac laying in the holds of small Swedish merchant ships sunk by the Germans during the first world war.

“But in June we picked up this image during a sonar survey of the sea floor. I have never seen anything like it despite hundreds of hours of viewing sonar images.

“Unfortunately we don’t have the money to investigate further.”

A sonar image of the seabed showing the object at a depth of 100 metres in the Sea of Bothnia in the northern Baltic Sea

These remarkable sonar images from the sea bed at a depth of 100 meters show the mysterious object that bears a remarkable likeness to the Star wars spaceship.

Star Wars Millenium Falcon

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  1. sean woods says

    Sepathie why do you close your mind to even the slightest possibility that this just may be real. I must admit that I too look at almost everything with a skeptical eye, due to the massive influx of CGI hoaxes being perpetrated daily. They try and fool us about so many different things that we become unimpressed nonbelievers even by the most fantastic evidence because extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

  2. says

    its perfectly round yet it has rectangular symetry on it as well. it is also more texturally detailed then its surroundings.

    my conclusion is there are only two logical possibilities of how this came to exist. either it was created by an intelligent ancient humans. or it was created by some other non human intelligence.

    either way the findings will be monumental to find that humans where creating things that complicated that far back in history at a time when that sea was dry land.

    or that a non human intelligence is interacting with this planet and this would be the physical proof we need.

    either way we are going to have to rewrite the history books.

  3. says

    this is hard not think that it can be something. yes, it does look like a spaceship, it might even be there knowing your checking it out. what ever the reason is, this is something that is not going away. How many shows have we seen in history channel of ufo’s and uso’s, even men out there serving the goverment have mention something going in and out of the ocean. what ever it is , I agree in what you said, we must look up more and keep eyes, ears open, use your head and fiqure out. my own daughter said she look up one night at the stars, when she say something going by really fast, no way it was a plane, or what ever we have, she said it had a shadow of a pyrimid, it sacared her and she kind of realize it was not her imagination. so what was it , and where was it going in a speed we wish we can go?

  4. says

    I was gifted with an imagination as large as the universe. Yet, there are times when my mind overloads my rear and I see things that are not what I thought they were. By the same token, I also love to see things that few people understand due to a sophisticated pattern recognition ability that many artist possess. There are many places on this Earth that have remains that a Psycho-cognitive can totally go bonkers over. It is wonderful to see the truth of things like the stone-laying of Peru and the machining by the ancients of Puma Punku. But, I digress…

    • says

      if u cant see the perfectly symetrical geometry in this object then u must be missing the part of your brain responsible for that.

      as for what it could be it really does look like a space craft in tat picture above. i am very familiar with different UFO TYPES but i have never seen one like this.

      i believe it could also be an ancient monument created by ancient man at a time when there was no water in that area. this would explain why there is a long trench on one side of the object which could have been used to pull the large stones into place using maybe rollers or some other method.


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