How many people have ever lived on earth?

How many people have ever lived on earth?

Assuming that we start counting from about 50,000 B.C., the time when modern Homo sapiens appeared on the earth (and not from 700,000 B.C. when the ancestors of Homo sapiens appeared, or several million years ago when hominids were present), taking into account that all population data are a rough estimate, and assuming a constant growth rate applied to each period up to modern times, it has been estimated that a total of approximately 106 billion people have been born since the dawn of the human race, making the population currently alive roughly 6% of all people who have ever lived on planet Earth. Others have estimated the number of human beings who have ever lived to be anywhere from 45 billion to 125 billion, with most estimates falling into the range of 90 to 110 billion humans.

Year Population
50,000 B.C. 2
8000 B.C. 5,000,000
1 A.D. 300,000,000
1200 450,000,000
1650 500,000,000
1750 795,000,000
1850 1,265,000,000
1900 1,656,000,000
1950 2,516,000,000
1995 5,760,000,000
2002 6,215,000,000
Number who have ever been born 106,456,367,669
World population in mid-2002 6,215,000,000
Percent of those ever born who are living in 2002 5.8

The above estimate shows  that about 5.8 percent of all people ever born are alive today.  That’s actually a fairly large percentage when you think about it. Source: Population Reference Bureau estimates.

Number of people who have ever lived

Estimates of  “the total number of people who have ever lived” published in the first decade of the 21st century range approximately from 100 to 115 billion.

An estimate of the total number of people who have ever lived was prepared by Carl Haub of the Population Reference Bureau in 1995 and subsequently updated in 2002; the updated figure was approximately 106 billion. Haub characterized this figure as an estimate that required “selecting population sizes for different points from antiquity to the present and applying assumed birth rates to each period”. Given an estimated global population of 6.2 billion in 2002, it could be inferred that about 6% of all people who had ever existed were alive in 2002.

In the 1970s it was a popular belief that 75% of all the people who had ever lived were alive in the 1970s, which would have put the total number of people who ever lived as of the 1970s as less than the number of people alive today. This view was eventually debunked.

The number is difficult to estimate for the following reasons:

* The set of specific characteristics that define a human is a matter of definition, and it is open to debate which members of early Homo sapiens and earlier or related species of Homo to include. See in this regard also Sorites paradox. Even if the scientific community reached wide consensus regarding which characteristics distinguished human beings, it would be nearly impossible to pinpoint the time of their first appearance to even the nearest millennium because the fossil record is simply too sparse. However, the limited size of population in early times compared to its recent size makes this source of uncertainty of limited importance.
* Robust statistical data only exist for the last two or three centuries. Until the late 18th century, few governments had ever performed an accurate census. In many early attempts, such as Ancient Egypt and in the Persian Empire the focus was on counting merely a subset of the people for purposes of taxation or military service.[108] All claims of population sizes preceding the 18th century are estimates, and thus the margin of error for the total number of humans who have ever lived should be in the billions, or even tens of billions of people.
* A critical item for the estimation is life expectancy. Using a figure of twenty years and the population estimates above, one can compute about fifty-eight billion. Using a figure of forty yields half of that. Life expectancy varies greatly when taking into account children who died within the first year of birth, a number very difficult to estimate for earlier times. Haub states that “life expectancy at birth probably averaged only about ten years for most of human history”[106] His estimates for infant mortality suggest that around 40% of those who have ever lived did not survive beyond one year. [ Source: ]

Estimated world population at various dates (in millions)


Year World(in millions)
70,000 BC < 0.015
10,000 BC 1
9000 BC 3
8000 BC 5
7000 BC 7
6000 BC 10
5000 BC 15
4000 BC 20
3000 BC 25
2000 BC 35
1000 BC 50
500 BC 100
AD 1 200
AD 1000 310
AD 1750 791
AD 1800 978
AD 1850 1,262
AD 1900 1,650
AD 1950 2,519
AD 1955 2,756
AD 1960 2,982
AD 1965 3,335
AD 1970 3,692
AD 1975 4,068
AD 1980 4,435
AD 1985 4,831
AD 1990 5,263
AD 1995 5,674
AD 2000 6,070
AD 2005 6,454
Jul. 1, 2008 6,707

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  1. Gian says

    The only problem with this, is that modern Homosaipiens actually go back about 180,000 years, not just 50,000 years.

  2. Starheater says

    Hello Brenda

    Well, let’s see; how many peoples have live on Earth since the beginning, or since the man is man (homo sapiens sapiens)? I hope you don’t believe in that weird idea (the pope might believe it, that’s is affair, but you…).
    By the statistic we can have a good estimation, but it could be false in a way. The question to ask is; how many birth that didn’t go any further of the accouchement? And how many woman have died with the baby inside of her?

    Is there a predeterment number of life to born on this Earth? No, if we read the Bible we found that God have told that men would be countless, illimited that is.

    I have found on the net, informations that said thet the pope was approuving the “theorie” of men descended from “apes”. If this was the truth I would accept it, but it’s not, and more, no proofs have been able to stand, they have to cheat to make this theorie stand.
    It is said (Darwin) that man appear 50 millions years ago, wow!!!!! From what kind of monkey?
    If that theorie was true, we would be more than 7 billions men. And the monkey we have today, what did happen to those? they didn’t follow the other, they didn’t “evolve”? And what about trees, flowers, and vegetables, and fruits, hum…fruits.

    Well there is 2 ways to have this information. 1° You read the Bible. 2° You ask God when He’l be back, I mean the Christ.
    Suppose that we are able to find a good approximation, it will sound like what? Millions, billions, trillions?

    It don’t really matter, we are here today with 7 billions of humans. This number will increase further more, the science have reach a point that they could heal every disease in the world. What they do? Nothing, there are to much living persons on Earth, why heal them?

    God Bless everyone

    • john son of john says

      agree with most except what You said about our pope; the church just holds as doctrine/dogma that God creates with Love and only He creates the human soul. any theory/belief that does not espouse this reality in Truth and Love according to God’s One Church is completely wrong.

      God bless Y’all as well

  3. says

    I am not sure how many of you could have read this great revelatory book called the Urantia Book. All those missing information about which some of us are so curious to know are better explained in this book. The origin of this book itself is a mystery. But it explains everything. It is huge and marvellous. If you haven’t heard about it please visit to know more.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Rajan

      In late 60’s I had a cousin who had this book, this book was “huge” like you have said, and I didn’t have the chance to read it cover to cover. This book was well explain, this fact I have retain, but I don’t remember well the explanation about the apparition of man on this planet, I don’t even remember if his tendancies was Darwinnien or else.

      God Bless you Rajan

  4. mischa thrower says

    Idiots. The people born in 1950 are STILL alive so we cannot count them twice. Either then or now, as they are very likely to live only once!.

  5. Gary Schoenung says

    There is no data available regarding the size of the population that existed on this planet before the near extinction event occured which left behind all of the “mysteries” remaining from the time before that happened. There is presently no way to accurately determine the total number of people that have lived on the Earth.

  6. Robert Carroll says

    How do you estimate the number of humans who have ever lived? I know that it took two people to create me and four to create them and eight to create them and 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, etc, etc. At this rate using four generations per 100 years, I come up with relatives exceeding trillions. How do you account for this.

    • Elijah says

      You dont double parents as you go backward, how do 256 people have sex just to produce only you (one person). You have forefathers that are sisters or brothers from the same parents to your great-grandfather in one place and your great grand-father in another place. Population is false because one example is the city of ur is estimated to have buildings for 30,000 people. However, for example one Genesis claims that Peleg died with this full city and then the city ruled 177 years of 4 kings. Yet another chronology shows that the four kings lquit ruling when Peleg died. Well 177 years difference in population matters. So presuming Peleg did not die in 2207bc with 30,000 people then he died in 2030bc, the populatiomn dispersed to make other existing cities of the same people, and the city’s 3rd dynasty then grew to 30,000 a second time. But there was no 2nd dynasty (it was intemediate kings (elders) with no king. And no 2nd dynasty fall. And like Indianapolis with empty foreclosure homes, these same people live in other homes, but wil they get census twice? Like they say in Hana, one Maui, three homes, only one Oprah.

    • Ryan says

      I believe you are right. I did the same calculations, and it works as every single person giving rise to you had two parents. The mechanics work. 1,2,4,8,16,34,64,128,256,512,1024, just the first 11 generations that had to happen for you to be here, ppl can see the mechanic work for them self no matter how much they deny it. No factors hurt it much but incest., And it is regardless of counting brothers or sisters of anyone, as it’s a straight line just for you, to account for brothers and sisters would only add more to the total, and at some point everyone’s chart like this would overlap, but the show must go on… I’ve even accounted for much incest and came up with over 300 billion ever lived in just the last 2000yrs.. We’ll take the first 20 gens clean, 2×2 – 20 times, going back to roughly 600yrs ago.. Then after that account for a lot of incest, times the next 20 generations by 1.5.. After you get that number, account for even more incest to make ppl happy…lol. The next 20 we’ll times by 1.25.. At 30yrs a generation that comes to over 300 billion ppl in only about 2000 yrs.

  7. says

    Man’s made His-story is so ridiculous to think like there was a real Adam and Eve. They multiplied and multiplied. Well then you throw in the monkeys like man came from them. Lets throw away the real History like the Giants that where here a very long time. Now all the findings of new ancient cities every few months that are older then the ones before it. They keep finding evidence of things that could not exit in the time they saying they are from. When is any real truth going to come out? I have been involved with UFO’s and aliens all my life. Governments work with them and still won’t admit that. It is easy to deni the truth and even easier to except a lie.

    • Elijah says

      Armageddon countdown calendars of ancient temples and pyramids all prove one Adam with Eve. Stonehenge has a known date of 2472am (means Adam not 144 hours to create galaxies) counting 63 times its 56 year circular peg hole pegboard. Jupiter Marduk has a known 996-year cycle that counts 4 times from 2016am. Mars Marduk is a 360-day calendar of 2256am which has a known 3744-year countdown from 1778bc in 208-year increments (each being 205 Julian years). This same calendar is not only 4x 52 years, but the 52-year cycle goes back to Babel’s foundation in 1788am (2240bc Nov 18) as 130 years after the global Flood which C-14 dates as 20,000bc. Babylon’s king Amizaduga died in 2400am and every chronology in the world uses the 3600-year countdown claiming it should be 2400 countdown from 3600am. The simple fact is, while you make biological lights from plants and insist there are extra-terrestials from planets but not spirits in space who can become men and have over-sized Nephilim sons, God himself is restoring the damage with an asteroid that thos ewho wish to step aside will enjoy the resulting garden greenhouse while those who do nothing die. God DOESN’T have to individually pick them off dead (punish each person personally annihilating them) because he doesnt like them. No more than those who think he picks people off dead bringing them to heaven… as if your turn, so i’ll have you mangled or chewed or trapped in a fire to get you up here. Simple fact. creation is powerful, so explosive that you need to step aside or get killed by the bbulldozer. He has educated the facts, and you people say it is fantacy, so when it happens, you die, we live. Moses was right, follow that funnel cloud and run like hell across the sea bed.

  8. says

    Very interesting post and very interesting blog. I will follow you. Maybe an estimation of the people who have ever lived on earth could be done starting from the study of the yearly rate of newborn and not from the world population. I will check it and let you know.

    • Elijah says

      In 2369bc on October 1, Gregorian Sep 11 just 9 people stepped off an ark because they couldnt stand being trapped inside any longer. It was a good way to celebrate the 360-day calendar new year. Little did they know what snow and winter and wind was all about that would forcethem down the mountain permanently 56 days later. Meanwhile each time they descended the mountain they had to return uphill to their new home, the big ark box yet to be unloaded. I doubt Shem’s wife made the trip since she was pregnant on the ark the day Little Ararat poked its head up on the 10th month (2369bc July 8; Greg.Jun 18). Everything in math is reconstructable; you just have to scrap all the magical coincidence so many people say the numbers have. That means our 6 billion are from three couples 4380 years ago.

  9. daan bloom says

    108 billion people have lived on Earth so far, and 7 billion are here today. What does this mean in terms of climate change and global warming and the possible end of the human species?

    Living It Up?
    Earth will soon be home to 7 billion humans. If you find that hard to fathom, try grasping how many have ever walked the planet. That’s what American demographer Carl Haub wanted to find out when, in 1975, he heard someone say that 75 percent
    of the people who’d ever been born were alive at that time. Dubious,
    he set out to disprove it, taking two main things into account:
    (1) the assumed dawn of humanity and
    (2) average populations at different periods of time. Using 50,000 B.C. as his starting point, Haub applied crude birthrates—the number of annual births per thousand people—to each population set, then added them. His estimate? In 1975, 103 billion people had lived, but only 4 percent of them were alive at that time. Applied to 2011, says Haub, those numbers are 108 billion, and 6.4 percent. Mind-boggling, indeed.

    reported by —Catherine Zuckerman


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