GOD Does Exist !

World-Mysteries January Newsletter features a book which claims there is no God [ The Origin of God by Laurence Gardner]. This and several TV shows with participants voicing similar claims made it necessary for me to invalidate these claims. For this I wrote the attached article.   — Rich Anders

GOD Does Exist!

Whoever contends this does not know enough otherwise he would believe.

The concept of God is very confused, as there is not enough information to provide a clear picture who God is. Pantheismus claims that God is everywhere, knows everything and is almighty. This is not true and to understand pantheismus one has to go very far back in time. In fact, as far as the creation of the universe.

Science has established that a dimensionless point exploded in an explosion called the Big Bang, which started the universe. Science has explored the creation of matter far back to time when the universe began to form matter at 1 high minus 43 called the Plank Point, a distance so small that one cannot even envision it. Science cannot not go farther back, as before the Plank Point there was no matter, just energy and energy has no dimensions. Therefore, it is correct to state that the Big Bang explosion took place in the realm of energy.

The Big Bang explosion created positive and negative particles, which annihilated each other but for one hundred thousand positive particles one hundred thousand and one negative particles were created. This one negative particle was the beginning of the creation of negative matter throughout the universe. This also shows that the Big Bank was caused by the confrontation of positive energy with negative energy.

Science has established that behind the realm of matter there exists pure energy, positive and negative, which it calls the quantum vacuum. Religion calls it the realm of spirituality. Matter is a special form of energy oscillating between the stages of solid particles and strings of energy, as defined by the string respectively the super string theory.

In the realm of spiritual energies there are no limitations. Everything is interconnected. Time does not exist. The positive energies in this realm are the creators of everything and are the highest intelligence in the universe. Pantheismus mistakes this energy to be God the Almighty. In the Catholic religion the Trinity consists of God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Pantheismus got the concept right of a superior intelligence permeating the entire universe but calling it “God” is a mistake. This is what the Catholic religion calls “The Holy Spirit”. A better name would be to call it “The Positive Principle”.

An explosion started the process of creating matter. This explosion was caused by the confrontation of positive and negative spiritual energies. Subsequently, positive spiritual energy was attached to all matter created. The same holds true for the negative spiritual energies whose encounter with the positive spiritual energies caused the Big Bang in the first place. Therefore, also negative spiritual energies are attached to all matter, which means that the spiritual energies of the quantum vacuum are a mixture of positive and negative energies.

The negative spiritual energies existing in the quantum vacuum are usually mistaken for the devil. A better name for this negative energy, which also is highly intelligent, is The Negative Principle. The fight between these two principles started at the moment of the Big Bang explosion and is still going on today. The Positive Principle creates and preserves the created. The negative principle seeks to destroy everything to get back to its favorite state, the nothing.

Because of spiritual mechanisms the two principles cannot act in the realm of matter by themselves – they are just energy. Therefore, they need allies in the realm of matter who have to do the necessary physical activities, which then establish spiritual pattern the principles can use and work with. These allies are the most highly evolved beings in the universe, the gods, respectively what’s left of them.

The gods evolved on a matter planet with positive spiritual energies in the Solar System. Because of spiritual mechanisms, at the height of evolution they turned towards the negative. Only three of their leaders opted to remain positive and, subsequently, had to flee to survive. They came to this planet, which had mostly positive spiritual energies, and brought with them two continents: Atlantis and Lemuria called Mu in Japan. An ancient map shows the western half of this planet with these two continents.

Before that, when the gods were still positive enough to be able to access this planet, about 50,000 years ago they planted humans to have them prepare the spiritual situation so they could at some later point of time live in its material dimension. This is why there are no fossil finds of humans with contemporary features before this time. As the gods turned negative they were not able to access this planet for a long time and the humans they had planted here were left to themselves to evolve.

Approximately 6000 years a clan of the gods tried a change of dimensions on their home planet. This went terribly wrong. The planet exploded and the asteroid belt, the moons in the Solar System as well as the comets, meteors and the asteroids are what’s left of this planet. Five clans of the gods who knew about the impending attempt to change the dimension of their home planet, which would have wiped them out as material beings, fled into space before the event.

Because of the explosion of the gods’ home planet the material dimension on this planet changed towards the negative and the gods were able to invade it. They landed in the locations where 50,000 years ago their forefathers had planted humans. These five locations became known as “the cradles of civilization”.

The gods were few and to control and to subjugate the human population they used a very effective tool: religion. The worship of their slaves, which humans really were, also provided the gods with spiritual energies they needed very much, as the dimension of this planet had not entirely changed to where the gods found ideal living conditions. Another means to cope with the material dimension of this planet was to live on mountains as high up as possible. Such places still are called the “seats of the gods”.

When the location high up on mountains and worship did not produce enough spiritual energies for the gods they resorted to ritual killing of humans and to absorb the spiritual energies of their victims through spiritual means. The gods also thrived on negative spiritual energies released from humans through suffering and pain and their favorite means to achieve this state were wars among humans. This situation was especially bad in Sumeria. A council of gods determined which cities should wage war against each other and then they absorbed the spiritual energies of the slain and of the wounded. The sacrificial killing of humans was especially bad in the Americas, where on single occasions sometimes thousands of humans were slaughtered to provide the spiritual energies the gods need to survive in the material dimension of this planet.

The gods were not all bad for humans. To begin with, they produced the first set of humans in biogenetic laboratories, which they used to establish the genetic predisposition for humans to believe in the superiority of the gods and their clones, the deities. This quality persists to this day. It’s called faith.

The Egyptian Serpent Clan production facilities for humans was located at the shores of the Black Sea. This is confirmed by the fact that all the languages of the Indo-European people descended from there. More than half of this world’s population can be traced back to this area.

From the Black Sea facilities wave after wave of humans set out to occupy the land. The human tribes were lead by clone deities. For instance, Indra lead the tribes of the Aryans into India,  subcontinent is named after him. Humans were conditioned depending on the climate they were going to live in. Humans for hot climates like the ones destined to populate the Indian Subcontinent, the Aryans, got a brown skin color, which was well suited for the climate. Humans produced to populate northern latitudes like Scandinavia got pale complexions.

To be useful for the gods humans had to be educated and taught how to perform their work for the gods. This is how civilization started and the five cradles of civilization, which correspond to the five clans of the gods, confirm this.

The religious systems implemented by the gods were very similar in all five locations. This kind of religion is called polytheism. This means that a multitude of gods and deities competed for the spiritual energies of their humans. Also, the gods were knowledgeable in spiritual matters. Each one of them had a specific area in which to operate and they did that with spiritual means. This is very clearly defined in the Sumerian pantheon. For instance, when the Deluge devastated the land also horrendous winds wreaked havoc and caused a lot of damage. The storm god who had been the head of the annonaki, the council of the gods, was demoted from his position because he had done a bad job.

The gods were bitter enemies and fought each other to the death. Eventually, only two clans survived: the Egyptian Serpent Clan and the Japanese Dragon Clan. The Serpent Clan prevailed in several big battles but did not follow the Dragon Clan members to Japan to annihilate them, which would have meant a high cost in lives and equipment. The Serpents thought didn’t need to. They had prepared a change of dimensions attuned to their genetic code, which would have annihilated all peoples with a different genetic code.

This plan came to bear. There was a change of dimensions and the present world came into existence. But there was a factor the Egyptian gods had not considered correctly There still existed the original 3 gods called the Atlanteans and their descendants on this planet. They interfered and made the new world, the new material dimension, suited for humans only. All the gods and deities existing on the surface of this planet when the change occurred perished. Only the ones in space ships, which we know as UFOs, survived.

The plans of the Egyptian gods and deities failed in a different and very important aspect, as well. They knew when the change would happen, because they were going to trigger it with the explosion of the volcano Thera. That’s why there are no human remains found on the isle of Santorini, the site of the volcano. But that’s not the really big factor.

The Egyptians knew that the explosion of the volcano Thera would bring utter devastation, which would make it difficult to provide food and shelter for the entire population. Therefore, the Egyptian deities decided that it would be better to send a part of their population, their Jewish slaves, out of the country, which they did with promising them their own land. A deity by the name of Jahwe was put in charge of the Jewish exodus. When the original plan failed to kill all Jews on their way out Jahwe lead the Jews through the most inhospitable land he could find. Many Jews perished but Jahwe had his own plans, as well. He knew about the plan to blow up the volcano Thera and he knew that this would bring a news world. He intended to make himself the spiritual owner of the new world. He told the Jews that he was the one god with might over all, the almighty one, and monotheism was born. This established the spiritual pattern for the next world, the one we are in, that monotheism could become the dominant religion.

The Atlanteans did not fight, as this would have put them into a negative situation, which they believed they could not afford. When the Serpent clan invaded Atlantis 12 Atlanteans of their own free will went into captivity. One of them was the Atlantean mining expert and the Egyptian deities who did not possess the advanced knowledge necessary to blast a material dimension needed him to help them prepare the blasting of the volcano Thera. This Atlantean had plans of his own and managed to have the events of the change of worlds kill all gods and deities on the surface of this planet. He also managed to make the new world, the one we are living in, a world for humans only.

Another Atlantean, the son of the highest ranking Atlantean God know in religions as God the Father, made it into this world. He is the third member of the Catholic Trinity and is known as God the Son. In the course of many incarnations in this world he established the spiritual patterns needed to prepare the next change of dimensions, the change of worlds, due on December 21st, 2012. In order to be able to establish the necessary spiritual patterns he needed the highest amount of spiritual energies any living being ever had accumulated. This was achieved with the help of monotheistic religions.

God the Son was Zoroaster and founded the Persian religion in the fifth century BC. Approximately 2000 years ago. He was Jesus of Nazareth and founded the Christian religion.

In a later incarnation He founded Islam. These religions followed the same pattern: first was the founding of a religion, then the Son of God had incarnations as the leader of a nation, a king or emperor, and implemented the religion in the state He controlled. For instance, as the Roman Emperor Hadrian He stopped the persecution of the Christians. As Emperor Constantin He elevated Christianity to the official Roman religion of State. As emperor Justinian of Byzanz he introduced the Christian religion in the Easter part of Europe where orthodox Christianity still is the dominant faith. e founded the he founded Islam.Through religious practi es he founded Islam. H

The main purpose of religions was to produce the spiritual energies for the Son of God so He could do the necessary spiritual work to prepare the coming change of dimensions. But of equal importance is the fact that through worship not only spiritual energies for the Son of God were created. The worshippers also produced positive spiritual energies, which stayed with them and accumulated in all their reincarnations. These energies will be the criteria for salvation when the change of worlds will come.

Science has found out that the Solar system moves through the galaxy and returns to the same location every 26,000 years. Science also found out that this cycle brings catastrophes and major changes to this planet believing that at that time the Solar System moves through an area of space with many asteroids or meteors. In reality, these events are caused by an alignment of this planet with the Sun and the galactic center.

At the half point of moving through the galaxy this planet comes into a location of exact opposition to the one it occupies every 26,000 years. This sets the stage for yet another catastrophic cycle, as fossil records and the disappearance of the animals of the Mega Fauna 13,000 years ago proves.

There is another cycle of catastrophes for this planet and the ancient Maya knew about it. They believed in successive worlds of 5,123 years, which all end in major catastrophes and are followed by another world. The last destruction of a Maya world happened when the Deluge devastated this planet 5,121 years ago, which lead them to predict that the present world will end on December 21, 2012. The Chinese I Ching also predicts an end of the present world at this date, as do other prophecies. This time the Maya date for an end of the present world coincides with the cosmic 26,000 years cycle of destruction. If not prepared correctly by spiritual means the change could bring forth a new world where humans are not accepted.

For many centuries religious practices of the monotheistic religions produced powerful spiritual energies, which the Son of God successfully used to establish the spiritual patterns for the next world to come. This work is finished and will bring the change of worlds as programmed. It will also bring a change of the entire universe from the negative material dimension it now is in to a positive material dimension.

The Son of God has been called the Savior for as long as monotheistic religions existed. The foregoing article at long last explains who and what He saves: mankind from extinction.

This article needed to be written, as lately several TV shows dealt with the topic of the very existence of God. Atheists claimed there is no God and this claim voiced on TV and broadcasted throughout the nation needed to be invalidated.

The Son of God has successfully taken the spiritual pattern of an Almighty God from the descendant of Jahwe who had been the bearer of this spiritual pattern. However, in this world, the devil’s world where now the Antichrist is reigning supreme, all He can and could do is programming the next world to come, the world of love and peace and a change to a positive material dimension in the entire universe.

Rich Anders, 1-15-2010

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  1. Ian says

    ‘…….The storm god who had been the head of the annonaki, the council of the gods, was demoted from his position because he had done a bad job……..’

    Quite right too. Darned incontinence, if you ask me.

  2. says

    To be, to become. There is only one in this mix that we call existence. We are all the parts of the whole. The whole is what this ensconcement is all about — encompassing a multifaceted, multidimensional and all inclusion-al informational broadcast from Timelessness (Eternity). There is no religion higher than truth and truth is the key of our very being and becoming. If one can look beyond himself and realize that the iteration or reiteration of his very being is inclusion al of all feedback looping within this Moire Arena that is Truth at the same Time of the Eye of God. The Tree of Life is the means of broadcasting this realm. Do unto Others as you would have them do unto you, for you are the Other and would not exist on your own. We are so much more… Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is — thus is the Crux of Being and Becoming.

  3. Mark says

    Amazing that no one has mentioned Buddhism. The only religion that has no quarrel with science. It is worth doing a real investigation into. People are so culturally biased that they won’t even consider the possiblity of it having any merit. They generally assume that if the religion that their culture turns out to be false then certainly a religion from a different culture has to be false as well. Studying Buddhism can free your mind from such ignorance. It will be overwhelmingly and abundantly clear to you that the Buddha had incredible insight into how the mind works if you do a real investigation into it. He knew of the subconscious and unconscious mind nearly 2500 years before modern science. There many other things put forth by the Buddha that modern science is finally catching up with. Unfortunately, his words were not written down at the time of his life but much later so man has added ritual and other non-Buddha thought to it’s cannonical works. You can safely assume the Buddha did say this:

    Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing, nor upon tradition, nor upon rumour, nor upon scripture, nor upon surmise, nor upon axiom, nor upon specious reasoning, nor upon bias towards a notion pondered over, nor upon another’s seeming ability, nor upon the consideration ‘The monk is our teacher.’ When you yourselves know: `These things are bad, blamable, censured by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to harm and ill,’ abandon them…: When you yourselves know: ‘These things are’ good, blameless, praised by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to benefit and happiness,’ enter on and abide in them

    • says

      Buddha had incredible insight into how the mind works. To day his teaching would be called Psychology, thats what he’s teaching is all about. Religion and Buddha’s teachings are as far apart as the WEST is from the EAST.
      Do your self a favour, read replys #13 and # 14, there you will find the truth. Chris weber.

  4. Ltdumbear says

    Everything that ‘is’ was created by an intelligent, sentient being…I define this being as ‘God’. There once walked (upon this earth) a human male, born of a virgin woman, who’se presense among us was foretold. This man was gentle spoken, peaceful, and given to perform miracles which (despite the advancements of modern-day science) cannot be explained, or explained-away. This man was eventually given up and taken into custody because his words (and mere presense) among the people of the region threatened to un-balance the ‘status-quo’, and throw the (imposed) Roman order into chaos. He went willingly and peacefully to his execution, was confirmed dead prior to his burial…and was seen several days later by key witnesses, who stated (on record) that he said he would return at some point in the future. The witnesses present went on record to say that he (his entire body) ascended upwards, to a point (location) unknown. More than 2000 yrs have passed since this event…and yet there are countless millions who continue to profess a belief in this man of peace, who walked, talked, lived among our ancestors, and then was summarily executed simply for the things that he said, which flew in the face of (then current) socio-political/religious dogma.

    This having been said, when I look at the Nazca lines, I see landing-strips. When I look at the flat-tops of the TEOTIHUACAN buildings ‘off-campus’ from the Pyramid/temples in South-America, I see ‘landing-pads’. When I look at the opening cut out of solid-rock at “Puerta de Hayu Marca”, I see a ‘star-gate’…

    …and yet I believe in the God of creation…the same God who allowed the first woman (Eve) to eat of the tree of life, which forever changed the course of human existance.

    Does God WANT us to ‘question everything with boldness’…or would he prefer that we simply live our lives in blissful ignorance of the ‘echoes’ of a long past ancient-history which we are only beginning to unravel.

    Should we seek the answers, and if we do…will we like what we find ?

    All that we find, buried under countless millennia of rubble and decay, was abandoned for a REASON.

    If you do this to justify your existance on a University payroll, more power to you…we all do what we must to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads…

    …otherwise…perhaps it is best to let sleeping dogs lay in peace.

  5. Eve says

    God exists, true, read the bible, because it is wrong to say that “there is not enough information to prove that God exists”, but it’s more like “Everything God has left for us is in our face but we chose to come up with our own theories”. It’s whether we believe in the ancient sea scrolls or not, and whether we believe we can meet God or not. I personally have experienced God, through Jesus Christ, which motivates me to testify that God exists. Humans can’t explain everything, go ask God. :)

    Ps. I never regretted saying the sinner’s prayer, I wasn’t a Christian my whole life.

  6. says

    Timelessness is the reality of this existence with Time being the dream or illusion. Eternity is the All, encompassing essence of the Totality (One with no second). It is the generative order or implicate unity. Mentality is multi-purposed, multifaceted, and multidimensional. In thought finality, Mind is the Totality. Mind rides the Light but is not reliant upon it. Light is capable of creating the universe in illusion as a gargantuan virtual reality, what some call the moiré arena (See the holographic universe — Fractal conceptual). God is Mind…and Mind issues forth in God’s motion — The Enigmni. Mind moves from nothing to everything and back. Mind is the experience of existence where all creativity is found in a catalytic state of reinvention. It is a constancy of change. There is nothing faster than Mind, then comes Light. Because Mind is present with Light they appear as One…they are two, but light is the expression of the Mind — the broadcast. One is God the other is His Means — the Holy Spirit…the mover — Enigmni.

    The First Logos or Creation is the Son; the Word catalyzes ideas into existence in sequence. The Word is REASON (self-aware). Mind is first cause with no last. Last is an illusion of Time, which moves as a linear aspect generated in Timelessness. Linearity can be amplified and accompanied by dimensionality (holo-movement). Increased dimensionality adds complexity and solidity to Time for those who ride the Light. The more complex, and the more coherent, the hotter is the form. Mind is not affected by any of its creations, but its creations are affected by each preceding creation that manifests in directed evolutional sequence. Feedback created naturally by Mind and Light is essential to coherent knowing of each preparatory creation. Congruence, Empathy, or Love and Knowing is amplified by each structural dimension created. 1•3•7 is the number of Creation.

    Beings or Mind segments that are attracted by each amplifying and complex structural level will localize in sequential fashion. From the smallest atomic structure to the most complex. Thus is the spiral of creation. Mind is uniformly everywhere, everything, and Eternal. Mind is the atmosphere of be-ness. Humanity is represented by a multitude of structural levels animated by total mentality. Light creates the illusion of body and its programs of DNA supply the variety. Mind selects the product based on cause and consequence. Mind is God. Man is a part of God. God is the Whole.

    Mind may seek itself in exponential feedback waves that are everywhere at once yet holographically focused by a reflection mechanism on the physical side called a Brain (gestalt / sequential computerized device). Such a virtual organ can and does make localizations think they are individuals capable of god-like creation. It is an illusion that must be learned due to sequential limitations. We are one. Individuals created in localizations use brains as a secondary focusing agent to create a holographic virtual domain wherein personality rises. Personalities create dimensional illusions that flux and must be reinforced by recognition or observation from others. These brains coalesce mind into a sense field capable of creating solid reality. This virtual reality is hard copy to a conscious mind aided by a lens of being. The lens collects data for evaluation by the All.

    The generative order is symbolized by a being (person) seated in outline form. It is fractalian in nature and existence is created within the relation to a mathematical (geometric) interface inherent with this symbol. Inside the symbol is the void-potential, outside is the creation. Where the two meet is the implicate order or cursor of God’s Eye. The leading edge is where Time is on the FLY. Timelessness feeds the potential that smears out over created space awaiting localization of monadic mind.

    This smear of potential is as the multifaceted or holographic plate (information float), all potential is inherent within its confines as feedback looping is progressing faster than the speed of Light. It is Mind. This combination allows Light to seem to have “Prior Knowledge,” to a singular localization.

    But, Prior Knowledge in totality is the All, seated in Timelessness.

    By the by Ted, I have never taken drugs but I have studied most of my life (see the Temple of Man) and meditation is a massive amplifier. It is interesting that a youth like yourself, has not moved into the elevated phase as of yet. GB. Read the conclusion of Manly P. Hall’s Secret Teachings of All Ages.

  7. says

    Hmmmm, interesting article and interesting comments. I would like to go on and evaluate on all the things I just read but it would simply waste time and effort.

    If you believe god (Jesus) exists then go ahead, as long as you have a logic reasoning behind it. Same with science, even though science is supposed to be logic itself.

    And what are these shenanigans: “Burgeoning of the passionate expression of the Moiré Arena — the canvas of the painter” -oh and what is an- “Enigmni”. Come on, listen to yourself. You just sound like you’re on some drugs.

    But really to actually find whether god is real, someone needs to understand the world “god” itself. When someone hears the word god, they immediately think of Jesus or religion. Its the experiences that we go through that has led our brain to immediately think this. Through generations of time we are brought to believe what we are taught. And I guarantee you that if you never heard of this god, you would of had never thought of such a thing. All teachings are creations. So following logic, teachings about god are a creations by humans This leads to one thing: God did not create humans, but actually humans created god,using him as an excuse to answer the questions about life.

    Out all of my years of knowledge, I have never heard anyone say this. But if you would really want to call someone god, or some thing god, it should not be Jesus, but actually the BRAIN. Because the brain is what actually functions us and leads to our thinking and control.

    Feel free to comment on what I just said.

      • says

        Man knows nothing and has to learn every thing he knows so if he is told a lie. that he comes from a monkey, He has to believe it, untill he is shown the truth. That he was realy created by Yahweh creator God. And that God, created every thing, seen and unseen known and unknown, There are more things happening around you, than you could could possibly know about. Chris Weber, South Africa,

  8. Harley Davison Borgais says

    God can only be proven through logic, reason, and deduction because God existed before physical matter, and we only consider physical evidence as proof.

    I agree with much of what you have said, but energy IS dimensions, and dimensions are Energy. These cannot be separated. Energy is force, thoughts are energy, and all of these are dimensional. By Faraday’s and Lenz’s laws, Motion, Magnetism, and Electron-Motive forces always exist together, at 90-degrees to each other, forming our physical 3D’s and our Three Most Basic Forces of Nature.

    Also, I disagree with the origin of Humans, and the asteroid belt. My complete theory of everything explains the evolution was Gods creation, but that God only slightly altered an automatic progression of growth. I mean that the universe was formed by a chain-reaction, and that God has only altered its progression since the fifth dimension formed which gave God Free-will (or the ability to choose).

    “The Genesis of Relativity”, a Unifying Fractal Model of Physics (G.R.U.F. Model for short) explains the origin of everything, including consciousness(God). It all started with a reaction of equal-and-opposite forces of pressure in motion, at 90-degrees, which created spin, and the chain-reaction represented by “The Flower of Life” from which all consciousness and physical existence formed.
    To Learn How and “Why We Exist”, goto: freeornottobe.org and read: “How We Exist” and “The Genesis of Relativity”.

    The Genesis of Relativity was The First Event, and was an eventual inevitability in a realm of total random chaos (as the Bible describes in the Beginning).

    “How We Exist” may be the most complete and simple theory of everything ever made, and can explain all of existence simply enough for children to understand (with a prerequisite knowledge of Geometry).

    I like to consider good as creative forces, and bad/evil as destructive forces.

  9. says

    Gods? Space Ships? If Aliens exist I doubt Christ would let them interfere on His home planet. There are no Gods…there is only One. Anything else is a demon. Christ says,”I and my Father are One”. Ill believe Him before I believe anything any man can dream up. Bragging and long flowing orations Ron may impress an audience,believing youve got all of the answers to everything doesnt convince anyone but yourself. Its like loving the sound of your own voice. Give it a rest. I think therefore I am…or is it “IS”?
    There will be a “falling away” in the end times. I look at the belief in UFO’s as part of the “Negative Energies” con job to drag people away from a belief in Christ and towards some sort of “scientific” explanation for their “slave like” (imaginary) theory. Im safer with Christ. He has answers,you people speculate. The Ultimate Genius…compared to you guys? The Bible Codes havent impressed you? Oh,thats right,youve got all of the answers.
    The first creation of God Himself,Jesus. I like my odds with Him ,my Father. Youve got free will too…brains on the other hand? I believe in God as the Creator of science, Ta Daaaaa!! You may prefer aliens?
    So…here comes the UFO’s to save us and guess what steps through the hatch? Its Satan,having prepared your belief in him for centuries with UFO sightings down through the ages and the alien propagandists so outspoken today. Suckers. You blinded yourself with science. Im happier with my faith,excuse me,my delusion than any of the theories Ive heard so far.
    We’ll be finding out soon enough wont we boys?

  10. says

    Larry, I lived in the world of Science when I was an administrator at the university. Totally inundated with those who seemed to want to spew hate at anyone who believed beyond the dictates of Science, but I came through to the other side. I once spoke for the national space foundation at the University of Texas on the power of being and becoming through a higher educational level. We had a strong debate, but it seems the 300 folks there believed in my presentation more so than Science. There is something beyond magic if you look at yourself in the mirror long enough. I am still in awe of just being here, wherever here is.

  11. Larry Peterson says

    What a bunch of Junk! Bertrand Russel, said in 1933,”The stupid people know-the intelligent are just not sure.” Cite some evidence for your claims-otherwise you look like you haven’t taken your meds today! All this science exists around you, but this is something you choose to believe, There isn’t anything here-even your biblical interpretations are so wrong. I copied it though, my grand children need to laugh more. They still believe, like you, that the Flintstones are a documentary. Wow!

    • says

      Bertrand Russel was wrong all the way down the line, and you believe him. science is not god, all that science can do is— analyse an object they cannot tell you who made it, and it could not have come about by chance. How do you know our Bible interpretations are not correct, did you get that from Bertrand Russel?. At your age you should know better. Chris Weber.

  12. says

    To exist in this realm of sequential eventuation via the impetus of force through light requires the alternation of wave and particle in the da’at of the Sefirah — the heart of fiery intellect. This collective of mentality is the Is. Some have moved to the forgetting of their own being and becoming. We are a massive entity of multifaceted potential to be known universally. One must think LARGE.

    Earth was one of our experiments in which we manifest in multifaceted be-man-ship. Mind was our interface and the mover was the generative spirit the Enigmni. Through this means of interface with the void we began the Burgeoning of the passionate expression of the Moiré Arena — the canvas of the painter. Each and every one of us was aware through the collective that the positive mission minus the negative aspects of presence were never a part of our existence then, and should not be a part to maintain the verve herein. To purge this inclination to seek singularity on this side is counterproductive. No one part shall be the whole through fiat and selfish endeavor in this multifaceted state of experiencing Time at the same Time. If upon pursuit to this cause occurs, then chaos burgeons forth toward destruction of the whole here in this Moiré Arena of florescence — Life as some call it.

    Initially there were seven aspects of us who explored here and began to create with each succeeding elemental of creation from our point-of-departure — each more complex than the last. With every creation we began to collect a phenomena we called, Time — a creation from the movement of the Enigmni.

    This aspect or anterior and exterior realm of presence requires multitudinous sheaths or vehicles of related means to the mental points of drive — or cursors. These cursors are the entry points for the throughputs driven by light/mind and the “fiber” of Always.

    Within the Timelessness of Always is the means of abject complexity beyond all mental assemblage’s ability to know completely due to its ongoing-ness. The Enigmni is the absolute and ultimate unknowable spirit — the Holy Spirit. From it issues generation into presence. That was then and this is now.

  13. Allan Tan says

    Ya, poor and boring article about proof of God. For me, if God is real and wishes to prove himself, there no need for any help from human beings.

  14. Mikel Zavalani says

    Well in general it was an interesting article but it shows nothing about the existence of God. personally i believe in spiritual consciousness of the universe like positive energy that fills all the time/space world. ive read a lot of religious material as an ex jehovah witness and i am convinced that there is a lot of difference between god the father and jesus the savior son. i dont understand something about the destroyed planet of tiamat WHEN it was destroyed WHy and by WHAT?i know that japanese race is more developed in DNA because of pleyadian gods and that dragon clan came from the future. can somebody help me please with more information? i wish you all the best

    • Jamie Bannister says

      Tiamat was destroyed by one of the satellites of the planet Nibiru, which has an elliptical orbit. It passes by the Sun every 3,600 years. It has a retrograde orbit. It smashed into Tiamat the first time, creating the asteroids and comets, and leaving a huge gash in the middle of Tiamat. On the next go round, another one of Nibiru’s satellites crashed into Tiamat, creating the Earth and our Moon (out of Tiamat’s satellite Kingu). It also threw us into orbit where we are now. :)

  15. says

    I agree, it is so hard to prove God when our mentality can certainly show that all arguments against Godliness seems to pale in the magnificence of this gargantuan universe that surrounds our little bodies here in Time/Space. The Laws of Physics are so strong. Yet, I often wonder where did these laws come from? What is gravity? What is Light? What is Life? What is existence? What is DNA? What is Is? What is the Point? All I know, is I cannot believe I am here and experiencing all of this. I am in awe of being here and knowing it. Self-awareness if unbelievable and the fact that I get to wear this space suit or sheath and walk around in this gas sucking it in to push me to the next step…well gee, I guess I had something to do with all this. You can not create something from nothing or can you? I like to read the Upanishads on this. It always brings me back to the Bible.

    Have a good…Life?

  16. halderon says

    This is the worst Argument for the existence of God-just a bad article, period. Empirically prove that there are “spiritual particles” nonsense-don”t be silly. The rest of this sounds like “john Carter of Mars” There is no way that you can prove the existence/or nonexistence of God-no way! I wish you people would stop acting foolish. By your own reductionist argument, where did these particles come from? Another X.The existence of God could be proved-if(besides the Myth of Jesus) one person could return from the dead. Compare the wonderfull pictures that were taken by Hubble, the interaction of the Cosmos-next to Moses talking to the Burning Bush-Wow!

    • says

      If you know everything and you know for sure that there is no god. then to have such knowledge of everything, you must be god?. How can you be so foolish and make such a statement, think about it, and maybe (IF) you have the ability to think?. Only if you know everything AND I AM SURE YOU DONT, only then can you make such a statement And put this in you pipe and smoke it. Jesus, is not a myth.
      As one day you will find out. Chris Weber.

    • says

      If anybody came back from the dead — you wouldn’t believe them anyway. If you saw a ufo when you were alone, and tried to tell about it , no body would believe you. Chris Weber.

  17. says

    Indeed so Ron. Love is the coherency factor of the Christos State of Being and Becoming. If one is in the state of Christos they are on the pathway to knowing the true meaning of this life. Glad to know another Ron is around.


    Ron O.

  18. Ron Expeth says

    This would make an interesting novel or script for a science fiction film but as a proof of God it has no value at all. Even the so called “science” is wrong.
    The sacred texts of the worlds great religions contain nothing whatsoever about the world we live in – not a single word. They are not to be taken literally and are certainly not a history of the Jewish or any other people. They contain deep spiritual truths hidden in the style of myth and legend. To understand these books and put into practice what they speak about you need to spend many years with a genuine teacher. To find a genuine teacher you need to dedicate your life to developing within yourself one single trait above all others – love. This is the gateway to understanding ourselves, the universe we see around us and man’s ultimate purpose. All else is illusion. Everything.

  19. says

    There is more to this picture than meets the eye of wisdom. I see nothing of the broadcast device of the Tree of Life in this discussion. If one could have postulated the interface of one’s ideas with this means of projecting energy and gravity within such a paradigm then plausibility might have come into view. I do appreciate the data and parts of the information seem cogent. One needs to delve into more here and that will take duration.

    Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is.


    Ron O. Cook

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