Global Warming Nonsense

Cancun – Can Can’t!

How much longer are we to put up with this specious nonsense? We are told that the Globe is warming and that it will warm further. So what? We are told it is warming while we in the UK and in Europe are freezing. How much longer are we to take this febrile crap?

On the basis that computer projections predict a rise in global temperature of some 4° Celsius sometime, years ahead, perhaps at the end of the century, we are all being persuaded by a corrupt gang of scientists that we must cut our Carbon emissions. What utter nonsense! This is supposed to be science. But it is nothing of the sort.

In the first place these alarmists do not have the slightest idea about Carbon Dioxide. They treat it as a pollutant, when no life on earth could survive without it. It is transparent, odourless and colourless and yet Al Gore and even our own Met Office treat it as the black smoke issuing out of tall Power Station chimneys. That is the first lie. Shame on our own Met Office for supporting such nonsense!

We all breathe out Carbon Dioxide, just as we breathe in Oxygen. This is a fact of life. All living creatures, all animals, all insects, all bacteria inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. You know that as well as I do, Dr Vicky Pope; – as well as any 5th form student of Biology. Why then on your website do you publish a picture that is a blatant lie?

Why are governments allowed to get away with the idea that CO2 is a pollutant, when every market gardener knows the opposite? Why do we all allow this misguided talk about emissions? Why do we allow politicians and Green activists to traipse off to Copenhagen and now Cancun on a jolly, in order to make ridiculous and dangerous agreements regarding these same emissions?

The whole thing is so absurd that one wonders, ‘Has the whole world gone mad?’ The whole temperature thing is a mess. Why is Dr Vicky Pope awaiting for the October figures?  What good are these famous average figures? I mean, if the figures were not corrupted, as they undoubtedly are, if the figures were genuine, I ask you, what good is an average figure anyway?  So Timbuktu may be having a hot spell – will that cancel out the blizzards in Scotland?  Will some statistician at the CRU or GISS work out by means of some obscure average that the Globe is one tenth warmer this year than some other year in the last one hundred? Who cares? I’ll tell you who cares – those who are freezing to death, those who are having to pay through the nose for windmills of shame that do not work! Those are they that care, while corrupt politicians count the filthy lucre they have gained on investments in so called carbon free industries.

How many members of our Parliament have invested in the windmills of shame? How many will make a killing as more and more of these monsters ruin the environment., ruin our cliff tops, our seascapes and pillage our countryside,  in order not to produce the electricity that all our homes and industries need?  If these ugly monsters were efficient that might be another matter, but they are not. They use enormous quantities of cement, miles and miles of cabling, they gobble land 1,000 times faster than a normal Power Station – and then they don’t work!  They only work when the wind blows strong enough and not too strong.

So we are to be persuaded to buy electric cars, which are equally useless. Who wants a car that has to be charged up overnight after a measly 70 miles?  And then there is the sheer hypocrisy of it all.  Somewhere out of sight, and out of mind, that electricity has to be generated. What price then if one had to wait till the wind did blow! The fact is that we all need power on tap – The Greens and the Luddites also need this power, and woe betide them when they find they have cut themselves off at the ankles, with no more laptops, no more twitter, no more conspiring against that wicked capitalist world, which has given them a standard of living undreamed of one hundred years ago.

Global Warming – The Greatest Hoax of All Time

How is it that a Conservative government could enter into a coalition with the Lib-Dems and then make someone as moon-struck as Chris Huhne, Minister for the Environment?  He leaves his wife to shack up with some lesbian bi-sexual, and we entrust him with perhaps the most momentous decisions any Minister of the Crown is called up on to make. What sort of judgment is that, Mr Cameron?

  • It is by no means certain that the Globe is warming.
  • It is by no means certain that Carbon Dioxide has anything to do with global temperatures, if there is such a thing.
  • It is absolutely certain that Carbon Dioxide is a trace gas in the atmosphere.
  • It is absolutely certain that heat flows from hot to cold and never vice-versa.

It is abundantly clear that the great British public have been had in the greatest hoax of all time. How many people squeak weakly that they must leave this complicated question to the experts!  That is like saying that you would leave all your worldly goods to the first confidence trickster that comes to your door.  And that confidence trickster has already visited and is stealing your birthright.

Wake up Britain! Wake up world, before these monsters of greed and ignorance throttle the very life out of you.

Anthony Bright-Paul


PS – Global Warming “Science” …  What Science?

PS. Herewith some science for the layman, which needs only simple mathematics. Both sides agree that the current level of atmospheric CO2 is less than 400 parts per million by volume. That is 0.04 of the atmosphere. So the total amount from all sources, from respiration, from the oceans, from vents and volcanoes, and from the combustion of fossil fuel is only 0.04 of the atmosphere. How much of that is the anthropogenic element? Less than 4%. So 4% of 0.04 = 0.0016%. Now suppose the powers that be manage to persuade every sovereign power to cut their emissions of CO2 by 20% by 2020, what effect will that have? Let us do the sum. 20% of 0.0016 = 0.00032. Can you imagine just how ridiculous that is!

Suppose my figure of 4% is wrong. The truth is that it is difficult to distinguish man-made from natural CO2 in the atmosphere, though attempts have been made with isotopes to label these molecules. Even then the most died in the wool alarmist will admit that CO2 from natural sources hugely overwhelms anything man-made. So same difference! Cutting carbon emissions is simply pouring from the empty into the void.

At enormous expense precisely nothing will have been achieved. In no way will Global temperatures have been altered, for the very simple reason that nobody knows exactly what regulates temperatures and where. The science is settled, they claim. What science?  The Alarmists themselves including our very own Met Office only claim that the warming is very likely man-made. Even the Fourth Assessment of the IPCC says ‘very likely’. Is ‘very likely’ science? Hardly! ‘Very likely’ is simply opinion, an opinion based on nothing very much. It is an opinion based on an unproven hypothesis that has not been tested, but which an anarchical group, bent on self-destruction, have run away with. It is not science; it is simply suggestion, a hypnotic suggestion over weak and gullible minds.

If Global Warming meant what it says, it would mean that the Globe is warming. Think about that for one moment. Is Farnborough warming? Is Jakarta warming? Is New York warming?  Clearly these scientists have something else in mind, but what exactly?

If the whole of the Globe was 15° centigrade, night and day, season in and season out, then one might be able to record a warming. But it is not like that, is it? Even the temperature of two airports as close as Heathrow and Gatwick show differences, and differences night and day.

So perhaps the warmest year means that each separate unit is warmer than the average for that unit. My unit is Farnborough in Hampshire, UK. So I have recourse to the Weather Channel, which I have on my desktop. What do I find?  I find that the average high for today is 8°, while the fact is that it is 3°, which is some five degrees colder than average.  I knew it – we are cooling!

Even with all the boffins at CRU and GISS I cannot imagine they are working out the averages for every area and then computing an average rise or fall. But then, what the hell are they doing?

Until we have some clarity of thought on this issue the whole thing is a nonsense. The science is settled! What science?

Anthony Bright-Paul


  1. Larry Peterson says

    Excellent article on global warming(or the lack of it). I grow concerned over comments about the solutions being killing others. That nut case in Arizona, provides an example-there are side effects to that kind of Psychotic reasoning. One I can think of was only 9 yrs. old. Having been a crisis worker for Mental Health, then in Law Enforcement for 32 yrs-notice- we will stop you. By reason or bullets. My Mental Health background shifts in-and I think,”these guys are talking about killing someone because of lies about Global Warming”. They are seriously disturbed and yet they talk about others being killed because they are nuts. If the guys pushing Global warming are nuts, what are you? “The only way that evil can exist is for good men to do nothing.” See, we are paid, trained, not to let you happen. You won’t, because this site has your I.P. address, and we will hunt you down-maybe before anything happens. See, we respect your point of view,but not your plan. I can’t think of one beat officer, or one sniper that is more cautious after Arizona. When children die because of your illness, then seek cure right away. The alternative is much to grave-not too. Everybody is tense and words can be destructive or self-destructive and no one would care. If your going to post threats-then be threatened, or warned that your reasoning killed a young girl who was there because she wanted to see how Democracy works. The next nine year old, will go home. You can bet your lives on that. Consider also, your dysfunctional letters might set off someone else. If it does-the blood will be on your hands,and we won’t take it lightly….

  2. Roy Deaton says

    Very correct in almost everything here yet the putdown of the windmills is almost echoing the greenie theme on miles of cable and concrete. They actally turn most days and take up far less land than is mentioned indeed the farmer can plough much closer to them than an oak tree unless he is trying to kill off the tree. The fens would still be sea water were it not for windmills.
    I have said myself that global warming is a corruption of fact commited by the big multinational businesses against the population of the world and its governments. Through this lie (just like the kings new clothes) they control governments policy set their own taxation upon the masses and create the basis of financial ruination of the world.
    The heart of the matter is carbon reduction is impossible in a carbon based world within a carbon based galaxy perhaps these carbon footprint trekkies would be more at home in the delta quadrant with the other aliens of their program.

  3. says

    I know the people of nature and all have differing convictions including your so-called Hillbillies. I myself have the bloodlines of whites, blacks, browns and yellows running through my veins. There is good in all sorts of people and I might remind you that all blood is red. We are all at least sixth cousins on this earth and respect is due to all. I know a lot of persons of every color, faith, creed and what-all. I have taught them all and found most are striving for something that has worth and seek to become more each day. Manly P. Hall wrote a great Conclusion in his book, SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES. In the book he indicates that there exists persons who show a condition called “Complex Ignorance” or Ignorance of Ignorance. Until I read that great piece, I too judged without the addition of knowledge, other folks. Now I consider if I too might have that condition of being ignorant of my own ignorance. Hall indicates that when we reach that level of trying to understand our own being, then we are on our way to becoming better people. I hope that for all of us. The world becomes better when we try to understand the entire scope of its meaning/s and offerings.

  4. Joseph Corso says

    I agree. I see your logic and admire it. You obviously see the truth and have no problem expressing it. You are advanced and I hope to attain such wisdom. Ive heard the evil ones and they have no problem mouthing off but never come up with any realistc answer. Usually just disaffected “hillbillies” as you so honestly put it. Thank you for your honesty and most definately, your integrity.
    My answer is much more harsh. The trickle down theory has been proved to be a lie and the right wing morons still wait for that trickle(Ill pee on them)and yet,even Obama caved into the demands of the rich.
    Now what? Its just that the world is possessed by Satan and no matter who we put into government its going to be the same. The “retardlicans”(as youve put it,fitting but does a disservice to people actually retarded…republicans deserve the moniker.)are still serving the rich and not the people. Do we need to kill them and if so,what they deserve is slow and painful. Do we start killing retards? If so…why waste all of that fat,hillbilly,meat? It will be the end soon right? We will be forced to eat them so what’s next? Fatten them up? Is t possible?
    Geez…Ive seen and met a lot…I mean a lot of stupid racist hillbillies but never seen one that actually made me hungry. Too fat and stupid. You say Ill eat anything once Im hungry enough? Well said. Still,it seems like the South is the American problem all over again. We want slaves,we want free money cuz we’re white…sounds a lot like women complaining to a sugar daddy to me. The South you say is where women thrive? Lazy? Expectings frills? Servitude for being….white? Hitlers white or Stalins white? The prevalence of white rapists and serial killers white? Child molesters white? Why are the worst of the worst all white? Hillbilly white? The shame doesnt make up for the evil of it. White Supremesists? A Joke…violent fools and clowns, hillbillies.
    So whats left? Conservative Hillbillies.notice the choice. The same and the same. Jesus ,a non white Jewish Rabbi says…pray for these retards? These idiots?
    You are correct Robert…we have the choice too. We need to kill these freaks for destroying America.
    You see…white is not always right and more often than not just plain wrong.

  5. says

    Yes the world has gone mad. No such thing as global warming or the rich making slaves of the rest of us…the Satan/money worshipping Retardlicans. The next Ice Age isnt approaching and the Rapture is for self -deluded idiots. Jesus wasnt a LIBERAL and Hitler had it right with his right wing conservative Socialist Agenda. So much for Truth.
    Now lets get off of the BS for a brief moment. Sure,the right wing has some points but they are all self righteous and dont include the majority of intelligent thought. Mostly evangelists brainwashed by whoever yells the loudest. Thats the South for you. Halleluja for whoever brainwashes me. Thinking for myself is too much to have to deal with. Thats why the South lost their Satanic bid to own slaves. Now,they feel they are slaves to common sense. Blacks oppressing them…whew…what a trip. Karma is a subject better left for the enlightened.
    You see…truth,once you accept it is very simple. You can accept the LIBERAL Christ but if you do not follow Him…the truth…you are not saved. So many so called Christians are going to be left behind because they followed Satans politics instead of our Fathers truth. I pray for you conservative Christ Killers.
    You have to follow Him to be saved and the conservative strain do not follow Him. Its more of an Us versus Them mentality and the “them” is actually “US” that truly follow Christ.
    The dictation and self righteous hogwash is for them. The Hitlerian doctrine of the right wing is for the hillbillies that cant think straight…cant think for themselves.
    This is how Satan works…though the lie. Through idiot hillbillies, through money like the Retardlicans profess. The have Satan and work with Satan. They are the Nephilim,the giants working through human flesh and possessed by the worst of all vices. Greed.
    Remember…it was the right wing conservative Pharasees that murdered the Christ Child and Son of God…for money. The Pharasees were not Liberal. They were and are of the Conservative bent. They were and are evil. The Pharasees ,the right wing conservatives killed our Creator…are the Republicans professing Christianity any better? This is how the lie works…with sun shinny faces. They are the ones killing the rest of us…there is your cold front. This is your new ice age. You have them…that dont care about you or you have us…who are you. Take one of them and have him or her lose that job…suddenly they are us. Nothing like the humility of the Christ to regain the senses. They are phonies justifying everything as long as they see some monitary benifit.
    Remove that and suddenly they arent demon possessed anymore. Yes…the new Ice age is coming and it starts with HEAT you bleeping morons. You will be the LIBERAL Christs footstool and Ill be sure to spit some tobaccy in your eye while you are down there wondering where you went wrong destroying America.

  6. says

    Don’t bug me with the trivial/s. There are select entities who are plotting the most massive Ponzi Scheme in world History and it is going on right under our noses. Once the world had altruistic ideals and humanity did strive to do life right. But we got sloppy and began to let the Liberal elementals have their way (Politically Correct means) not knowing that they had a deep and nasty plan to usurp our freedoms away from us and secretly targeted our means of motivation in a moneyed world. Little by little by allowing our feminine and most self-oriented mindsets to take over, they gave us the old hoodwink. Look at our malls today and see who is running the show now. Soon the worst nightmare will take away our lives via soft-entry methods rather than the “Nazi” means or the Soviet methods but through criminal slight of hand to leave us in the most huge lurch humanity has ever faced. We had all best wake up to this, or we will be out in the cold. We have been HYPED to Hell.



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