Global Cooling and Prince Charles

by Anthony Bright-Paul

In the UK we already had one of the coldest Decembers on record, while Dr Vicky Pope of the Met Office was trumpeting her view that 2010 was one of the hottest years. So much for being a scientist!  There was a time when we could believe the evidence of our senses. Now that the Mid-west of the USA has had record snowfalls with thousands of flights cancelled, we are assured by Al Gore that the snow is caused by warming in the North Pole. If you believe that then you will believe anything.

Prince Charles, I read in the Mail today, complains of the ‘corrosive effect’ of the sceptics. I am a sceptic and am somewhat flattered and amused that I might have had a corrosive effect. Evidently not on him. He should read ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon’ and then he will realise just how nonsensical are the supposed Global temperatures upon which ‘Global’ warming is based. I would ask Prince Charles just what he means by the Globe? Does the Globe include its atmosphere, that is the envelope of gases that surrounds the Earth? Or does he limit that to just the top of the Troposphere? Or does he reckon only on near-surface temperatures? Ah! Just as an aside, most weather stations comprise a Stephenson screen at 1.2 metres above the ground. Merely doubling the height to 2.5 metres will produce an altogether different reading. Whereas we know that for every 1,000 feet of altitude temperature decreases by 2° C!

Now, Your Highness, can you tell me who many weather stations there are in the oceans, which comprise 70% of the Earths’ surface? Can you tell me how many sub-marine volcanoes there are? How much heat derives from the centre of the Planet?
It is surely admirable to be concerned for the environment. I doubt whether there is a sentient being who is not concerned for the environment. But at the present we are witnessing a wholesale destruction of naturally beautiful environments, landscapes and seascapes, by wholly hideous wind turbines.
The Welsh mountains are at risk, and now I read that the beloved Dorset coast is at danger from these hideous monsters, about to defile the famed Jurassic coast. And why should that come about? For one simple misunderstanding. It is all because of an absurd misunderstanding of the role of Carbon Dioxide.

If we wish to preserve the Amazonian forests, or any forests for that matter, we need more Carbon Dioxide, not less. To quote from Fun Facts about CO2:

CO2 is odourless, colourless, and tasteless. Plants absorb CO2 and emit oxygen as a waste product. Carbon dioxide is a nutrient, not a pollutant, and all life– plants and animals alike– benefit from more of it. All life on earth is carbon-based and CO2 is an essential ingredient. When plant-growers want to stimulate plant growth, they introduce more carbon dioxide.

The madness that has seized politicians because of the continued propaganda poured out by Al Gore, James Hansen, Michael Mann and the like, has resulted in vast sums of money being poured into research into ‘man-made Global Warming’, as if such warming was a foregone conclusions. With what result? The whole world is being urged to cut ‘emissions of CO2’, when the vast majority of people cannot distinguish between Carbon Dioxide and smoke, with the result that the gullible and the feeble-minded are taken in on a crusade to save the Planet.

As Carbon Dioxide increases in the atmosphere the Doomsayers have forecast an ever-increasing rise in Global Temperatures. Just click on this link to see how these forecasts are borne out.

Anyone who follows world weather news knows that the cold in the USA has reached down to the deep South, it has caused deaths in the north of Mexico, and the cancellation of thousands of flights, particularly around Chicago.

The truth of the matter is that the whole business of so-called Global Warming is a gigantic fraud. For one thing there are simply not enough weather stations to form a complete picture at ground level. There are very few weather stations in poorer countries, and even less at high altitudes. The whole temperature reading business has been open to every sort of abuse and corruption, as witness the Climategate emails, as the Global Warmers attempt to persuade us all that the Globe is getting hotter and hotter. And Dr Vicky Pope of the Met Office is in the van, trying to persuade us all not to believe the evidence of our own senses, assuring us that 2010 was one of the hottest ever, with figures supplied no doubt by Dr Phil Jones of the Climatic Research Unit.

How can anyone talk of Global Warming who does not first define the word ‘Globe’? At the present time the knowledge of scientists about the oceans alone is limited. As to the atmosphere the idea that the ‘science is settled’ is just a phrase that is meant to deceive the illiterate.

Look up at the sky. The sky above us is three-dimensional. The atmosphere cools by 2 degrees for every 1,000 feet. Where then is the warming? Not only that, the atmosphere is in a continuous state of flux, with winds and clouds. And nothing is static as the Earth rotates on its axis and whirls round the sun on an elliptical course, as night follows days and cooling follows warming every single day.

This is the truth and if the truth is corrosive, pardon me Prince Charles.

Anthony Bright-Paul

February 10th 2011


  1. Peter says

    Again, it appears that when a tin foil hat doesn’t agree with the facts (not speculation and assumptions), all they can do is ignore the points of the argument and take it personally.

    To the author, “Climategate,” while embarrassing and utterly unprofessional, has since been clarified. The alterations to the graphs weren’t enough to actually affect the interpretations. Think long and hard on that: it wasn’t a coup; just bad publicity. Not the same thing. Beyond this incident, there’s not much proof or hard evidence of tampering or conspiracy. It…really is assumption from that point onward. Like any conspiracy theory.

    From there on out, it really—genuinely—is a series of speculations and mere theory with no backing of the scientific method. And if you’re going to trump Global Warming (which is a theory, too, and there’s nothing wrong with disbelieving it…so as long as you fully understand it to begin with), make sure any alternative theories corroborate with the facts and anomalies. Because the climate is indeed going through an upheaval. Skeptical scientists have proposed their own theories against Global Warming in an attempt to explain it, which is partly how the debate began (not with Al Gore—he just popularized it to the common man). So the argument is not whether or not anything is happening. The argument is what’s *causing* it. Is it natural, or man-made? Can we truly know for sure, with hard evidence?

    Aaaand…take it from there.

  2. T. Ferebee says

    Again, it appears that when the collective socialist doesn’t agree with the facts (not manipulated computer models), all they can do is degrade and author.

  3. James Herne says

    A little cooling in some areas while there is significant warming in Arctic climes does not support the absurd notion that we are going through global cooling

  4. Ab Asaff says

    I will not comment on what appears to be a rant on Prince Charles, but I will comment on the
    the subject. It is well understood that the planet has over and over again gone through great natural enviormental changes caused by global warming which produced ice ages and extended periods of water ages. This time human activety is driving the climate change much quicker than in previous epochs.

    If Anthony is bright as his middle name implies, he would not be misunderstanding the natural signs and the true science that explains the passing perceived anomilies he is ranting about. But hey, there is no doubt, Anthony is an impressive un-enlightened skeptic.

  5. Ken Sturmer says

    Yes you had one of the coldest winters on record. The culprit – Global Warming. It is a shame that they used that term for so many idiots like you, take that and twist it into something it isn’t. Global Warming refers to the upper atmosphere, not the weather down here! When the upper atmosphere heats up, it changes weather patterns. We have more extreme weather. It does not mean it gets hotter everywhere! You lost me, with this dumbass article!

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