Georgia Guide Stones and Esoteric Agenda

Investigating the Georgia Guide Stones

by Rich Anders

The Guide Stones are a monument the likes of which have not been erected the last 3500 years. Its significance lies not only in  the structure but also the texts and inscriptions on it.

The texts engraved on the stone slabs, the cap stone and the adjoined tablets are designed to give the impression that the monument has been erected to lead the way to a better future, which it calls an age of reason. To call the monument “Guide Stones” implies that it provides information how to reach this “Age of Reason”.

The present world clearly is far away from reason. Wars, terrorism, crime, illnesses, the list is sheer endless. Great efforts  have been made to overcome evil in this world. So far, nothing worked to produce the ideal and perfect society.

The Georgia Guide Stones are supposed to bring an age of reason. The biggest question is: what has to be done and how do we get there?

The Guide Stones

The small community of Elberton in Georgia proudly calls itself  “The Granite Capital of the World”. Local Granite quarries provide raw material, which is processed by specialized and skilled masons. Whatever the clients order, the Elberton masons produce.

In June 1979 a stranger came into town and he changed the Elberton landscape dramatically. He gave an order for a very special monument vastly different from anything ever produced in Elberton quarries. This stranger made clear from the beginning that the name of R.C. Christian he used was a pseudonym and demanded that his identity would never be revealed. This was unusual, but what he ordered was much more unusual.

R.C. Christian provided the plans for a monument, which was to be built in the style of megaliths used all over the planet until about 3500 years ago and the monument had to integrate several features as they were used in ancient civilizations for astronomic purposes. Additionally, he provided texts in several languages, which had to be carved into the granite slabs and an explanatory tablet, which was to be placed close to the monument.  

March 1980 Construction  of the monument was finished and in a small ceremony it was shown  to the public. Right away it became the center of many controversies. Several are dealing with the monument itself. Other criticize the texts, which are engraved on the slabs in 8 languages.

Additionally, there are inscriptions on the capstone in four ancient languages. All theories presented to date have not been able to provide any convincing argument as to the logical purpose of the monument. Here is my version:

First, let’s deal with the monument itself. As already mentioned, it is a reminder of many ancient structures still found all over the world. Most similar it is to the structures at Stonehenge and, therefore, it is also called “The American Stonehenge”. This comes close to the meaning of the Guide Stones, as they show several same or similar features as the original structure in England. These features comprise openings in the stones, which provide visual connections with several astronomical locations.

  • Through an opening of 7/8” in the capstone a ray of the sun passes through at noon indicating with its beam on the center stone which day of the year it is.
  • The center column has a hole through which the North Star can be seen all the time. It also has a slot, which is aligned with all the solstices and equinoxes of a year.     
  • The alignment of the  slabs indicate the 18.6 year lunar declination cycle.

   The 4 slabs are carved with a text in 8 living languages.

Between 4500 and 3500 years ago the Egyptian gods constructed a system consisting of more than 50,000 megaliths all over the Northern half of the planet. These megaliths were arranged according to the stars and star systems of the Northern night sky. The purpose of the megalithic system was to invoke the spiritual powers of the objects included in it. This seems literally far fetched but in the realm of spirituality also called the quantum vacuum by science there is neither space nor time. Everything is instant and present. Therefore, it is possible to use the spiritual power of objects no matter how far they are away, for instance, stars and star systems. Also, as there is no time in the spiritual realm it does not matter how old objects included in the megalithic system are.

  • R. C. Christian knew about the megalithic structures all over the northern half of this planet and designed the Georgia Guide Stones monument to fit into this system.
  • R, C. Christian knew when it was the right time to have the monument built.
  • R. C Christian provided texts in the 8 living languages used most in this world and inscriptions in 4 ancient languages thus spiritually covering the entire world with his message. 
  • R. C. Christian knew about the event imminent in 2012 and assumed it would cause the breakdown of the planet’s electromagnetic field.
  • R.C. Christian knew that such a breakdown can and will bring the end of an existing world. He also knew that another, a new world, will follow.
  • R. C. Christian knew that spiritual programs, which determine life in this new world have to be established shortly before the change of worlds. This explains the nature of the texts, which will be explained hereafter.

Therefore, the texts engraved in the stones  comprise ten topics provide no directions for humans to obey or to follow, as they are meant to establish general spiritual patterns, which will determine the conditions of life in the new world to come.

          The Solar System circles around the galaxy every 26,000 years. This is also a cycle for major extinctions. Commonly overlooked is the fact that there is another cycle of extinction at half time when the Earth is in opposition to the location of the 26,000 year position. We are reaching the 26,000 year position. 13,000 years ago there was the extinction of the animals of the Mega Fauna. This time around it is possible, maybe even probable, that a cosmic impact threatens the same fate for humanity. A chapter in my book God’s Plan for 2012 provides the reasons for this assumption. It is available at amazon Kindle and at Barnes & Noble Nook.  It also is available as e-book or on a CD at my web site and at

     The topmost text on the slabs is the one, which caused many controversies:

–    “maintain humanity under 500,000.000 in perpetual balance with nature”

Nearly  all commentators believe that this statement implies that six and a half billion humans should be murdered. This gruesome idea is not feasible. However, it is feasible that a major impact of a cosmic body, an asteroid or comet, can be labeled as an “extinction event”, which can destroy the lives of more than 6 billion people. This sentence makes not clear whether the intention is to repopulate this planet in a different world with a maximum of 500.000.000 humanoid people or whether the intention is to save the lives of up to 500 million humans in connection with the event of December 2012.   

The other points in the texts are not controversial. They are:

  • Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
  • Unite humanity with a living new language.
  • Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with a tempered reason.
  • Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  • Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  • Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  • Balance personal rights with social duties.
  • Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
  • Be not a cancer on the Earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

Evidently, the above texts are not a version of the Ten Commandments issued by God to Moses. As mentioned above, they are much more.   

          The universe is a threefold structure: primarily it is a spiritual structure; secondly it is an electromagnetic structure. Lastly, there is the realm of matter and it follows the other two structures’ lead. Simply expressed: events respectively the situation in the realm of the spiritual structure determines what happens in the material realm.  For instance, if you decide to make a cup of coffee the mind issues the order to the body to make a cup of coffee following with further orders of the mind how to do it. This simple example illustrates the predominance of the spiritual energies over the electromagnetic and material realm.   

          If you request that someone else makes this cup of coffee you program this person’s spiritual energies to do just that. Consequently, spiritual energies can be programmed. This is true not only for living beings but also for matter in all its forms. Thus, it is possible to program the spiritual energies of a planet to carry a set of spiritual programs, which determines what life is like on this planet in between break downs of the planet’s electromagnetic field. Such a period of time is called a “world”. Therefore, the above texts are not commandments for people, they are spiritual situations to be programmed onto the spiritual energies of this planet in order to constitute a “world”.

          A world functioning according to the programs expressed above seems to be an ideal, even utopian place. It definitely cannot originate from the present imperfect world and its harsh living conditions. Therefore, a change of worlds would have to  take place to implement the above mentioned conditions for life on this planet.

          The Mayas early on had very much knowledge about cosmic cycles. They believe that every cycle, which they call a world, lasts for 5125 years. Each cycle ends in terrible cataclysms, which bring the end of the then existing world, which is followed by another, a new world. The Maya prophecies considered this present world to be the fifth one. It followed the previous world, which was destroyed by water 5124 years ago. According to the Maya it’s the turn of the present world to be destroyed by fire and the date is December 21st, 2012.

          This time frame is supported by reliable scientific data – approximately 5200 years ago a major asteroid hit this planet. The ancient Sumerians distinguished approximately  5200 years ago as the separation between the pre-deluvian time and the post deluvian time. 5200 years ago there was a major change in this planet’s climate. More can be read about these facts and others in my book God’s Plan for 2012.

          The ancient megaliths system was erected by the Egyptian gods, who like all the other gods, who lived in the world before disappeared 3500 years ago because of a change of worlds. The megalithic system failed to function as the Egyptian gods had programmed and the new, the present world is a world for humans only. It can be assumed that they, wherever they are, know about the coming cataclysm and intend to program the next world to come using the system of ancient megaliths and a structure, which fits right into this pre-existing system, the Georgia Guide Stones. If successful, the Egyptian gods would be the owners of the new world. 

          In view of the above it is clear that the ones in charge of the “guide stones project” are the Egyptian gods. Not only did they fit the Georgia Guide Stones into their existing megalithic system, it also means that there is someone who is able to use it. It can be safely assumed that the system as such will work only for a member of the clan of the Egyptian gods, one who is incarnated in this world.                  

The mysterious stranger who had this monument built made clear that he wished to stay anonymous and gave a name, which he openly declared as a pseudonym – R.C. Christian.

          The Christian religion has the most followers of all religions. An end of the world scenario is one of the center pieces of every Christian’s beliefs. It is generally believed that Christ, the Savior, will return to this world before its end. The ten topics written in the stone slabs of the monument don’t provide any connection to Christian beliefs. This makes clear that a fake “Christian” is trying to give with the guide stones the impression that he is the Savior, who is expected by the Christian religion to come before the end of this world. He is attempting to integrate into his project the spiritual power of the biggest religion on Earth namely Christianity. 

The truth will set you free and this applies in this case, as well. By exposing the spiritual background and purpose of the “Georgia Guide Stones” with this article the spiritual mechanisms the monument stands for have collapsed. The end of this world and the ensuing new world will be subjected to the spiritual patterns of the prevalent mass consciousness and this is Christianity.    

Summing up: the mystery of the guide stones could be explained. The attempt to hide the ones who are in charge of the project regardless of where they are has failed because the type of construction of the monument clearly points to the Egyptian gods. 

The guide stones did not reveal what the people of this world can and should do to be part of the project. In fact, one of the texts  declares that the people to live in  the new world shall be no more than 500.000.000. It does not make clear whether these 500.000.000 are to be survivors of the coming cataclysm or people already populating the new world to come.

R.C, Christian has  successfully hidden his identity behind a pseudonym. Regardless, it is clear that he is the front man of the Egyptian gods who try to utilize the impending cataclysm to repeat their attempt to get possession of the new world to come, Like 3500 years ago this won’t happen!

 Copyright Rich Anders,
Presented with author’s permission

About The Author

Rich Anders was born and raised in Austria. He attended Rollins College in Florida and graduated from the University of Vienna. Rich Anders spent 15 years in various executive positions. Then he visited the Virgin Islands and stayed. The Caribbean proved to be the right setting for writing this books.
The writing style employed by Anders embraces an eclectic spread of physical and spiritual principles, ultimately shedding an unforgettable viewpoint on the essence of God, the Devil, creation, and existence. His books are recommended reading for students of religion, spirituality, cosmology, and metaphysics. Rich Anders is available as speaker for religious congregations discussing the end of the world and salvation.
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  1. Iain Inch says

    I can’t believe that such a structure relates to Christ or God. If it were so would a ‘superior being’ need a third party to construct it? The messages are just a tenet on how to live good life and try and make this world better place to live. However, I believe a much simpler method would have been to use one simple, yet powerful sentence, “do unto others as you have done to yourself” we all followed this then the world would truly be a better place for all of us.

  2. Ab Asaff says

    I can’t agree with Rich Andres version of what the guide stones are about. It has nothing to do with Ancient Egyptians. The alias named person R.C. Christian was likely a Mason or someone of a like esoteric society who was obviously concerned about the direction humanity was headed. This was his personal contribution in attempt to make modern humanity spiritually wake up and think of what we are doing to ourselves

  3. Ab Asaff says

    A reply to the faithful Christian. No I am not a Christian and have a great relationship with the impersonal God. I can not possibly have a relationship with the biblical Christ as there was never one, not a shred of historical evidence to support him, only blind faith. Extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof, which none the church has ever been able to produce. If you and others get satixfaction from stumbling through religion blind, by all means carry on, but don’t try to blind others with the ignorance. If you feel I am going to Hell for what I think, then you need not be concerned. Peace to you.


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