Forbidden Archeology – Secret Discoveries of Early Man

Early Man – Introduction

      Taking isolated similarities by themselves, the theory of evolution appears to be quite reasonable… to a point.  However, it seems that too much weight has been placed on similarities without questioning the differences.   To the embarrassment of many a very intelligent man and woman of science, overly confident conclusions and arrogant statements have been made based on such similarities that have, on occasion, turned out to be not only wrong, but painfully wrong.  It is fine to hypothesize that similarities between different creatures are the result of common ancestry, but since such similarities have been and are often conflicting when compared with other features, it might be prudent to hold back a little when making conclusions about any sort of definite taxonomic classification model or even relationship.  The conclusions that are drawn from the evidence are often and have often been very much exaggerated to fit personal beliefs and biases.  Yes, even scientists have biases and favorite theories.  No one, not even a scientist, likes to see a theory that has cost a great deal of money and much of one’s personal time and effort, go up in smoke.  So, some caution might be in order before even long established theories are accepted as the “gospel truth”, especially when some of the most famous scientists in the field start to question their own life’s work.  

        In considering the theory of human evolution it is interesting to note that some very well known scientists have actually suggested that the line of human evolution is far from clear.  For example, in 1990, Richard Leakey himself said that, “If pressed about man’s ancestry, I would have to unequivocally say that all we have is a huge question mark. To date, there has been nothing found to truthfully purport as a transitional specie to man, including Lucy, since 1470 was as old and probably older.  If further pressed, I would have to state that there is more evidence to suggest an abrupt arrival of man rather than a gradual process of evolving.
Mary Leakey also said pretty much the same thing just before her death at the age of 83.  Although Leakey was convinced that man had evolved from ape-like ancestors, she was equally convinced that scientists will never be able to prove a particular scenario of human evolution.  Three months before her death, she said in an interview, “All these trees of life with their branches of our ancestors, that’s a lot of nonsense.”


Biases are of course part of human nature.  No one is immune from bias.  However, bias should at least be admitted.  As it is, popular sciences often refuse to admit that there are significant limitations to the evolutionary interpretations that are given out to the public as “gospel truth.”  Consider the evidence for yourself and judge if popular science has not and is not overstepping itself when it comes to its conclusions on “Early Man.”

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Forbidden Archeology – Secret Discoveries of Early Man and Civilization

Forbidden Science – Shattering the Myths of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution 

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; … So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.  — Genesis 1:26-27

Controversial Footprints 

In July, British researchers dropped a bombshell by reporting the discovery of 40,000-year-old human footprints in a layer of volcanic ash in central Mexico. The finding was highly controversial because it challenged the traditionally accepted view that humans first arrived in North America around 11,000 years ago after crossing the Bering Strait, a land bridge that once connected Russia and Alaska.

In a new twist, other scientists have performed their own dating of the volcanic ash and obtained wildly different results.

Using palaeomagnetic analysis—a technique that looks at the Earth’s magnetic field during past geologic time—and a radioactive dating technique called argon-argon, the team concludes the ash is actually 1.3 million years old.

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Top 10 Missing Links

Every few years scientists unearth the bones of humanity’s forefathers. From Lucy to the Hobbits of Flores Island — we are gradually seeing building the puzzle of mankind’s evolution.


Stocky and squat and well suited for the cold, Neanderthals looked distinctly different from modern humans. But they were like us in other ways: they buried their dead, cared for their sick and injured and may have been capable of language and music. Scientists recently put together a complete Neanderthal skeleton and are working on the genome.


These people looked identical to modern humans and lived in Europe between 35,000 and 10,000 years ago. Their cave paintings and sculptures are the earliest known examples of art by a prehistoric people.

Homo floresiensis

It turns out those Floresians were actually on to something. For centuries, their mythology described a race of very small human-like creatures called the Ebu Gogo. Hardly anyone took them seriously, however, until 2003, when word broke that a new species of diminutive hominids was discovered on the Indonesian island.

Homo erectus

For H. erectus, it may have paid to be dense. According to one theory, males rammed each other with their thick skulls in order to win females. H. erectus is generally believed to be the direct ancestor of modern humans and also the first hominid to live in caves and tame fire.

Homo ergaster

Scientists can’t decide whether this African hominid is just a failed predecessor of H. erectus or the rightful ancestor of modern humans. It had a thinner skull than H. erectus and was more proficient at making tools and using fire.

Homo habilis

Many scientists believe H. habilis is the missing link between the ape-like hominids like Lucy and the more human-like ones that came after. It had long ape-like arms but walked on two feet and was capable of creating crude tools.

Paranthropus boisei

If P. boisei and its relatives weren’t such picky eaters, we might not be here to wonder about them. They split from the line leading to modern human some 2 million years ago and lived alongside our ancestors for millions of years, but died out after failing to adapt their diets.

Paranthropus aethiopicus

This early ape-like hominid walked on two legs and lived between 2.8 million and 2.2 million years ago. Based on skull measurements, scientists concluded this species had the smallest adult hominid brain ever discovered.

Australopithecus africanus

A. africanus was an early descendent of Lucy and lived in Southern Africa between 2 million and 3 million years ago. Its brain was larger than Lucy’s and its facial features were more human-like.

Australopithecus afarensis

The most famous member of this species is Lucy, an adult female skeleton discovered in 1974 and nicknamed after a Beatles song. Lucy lived about 3.18 million years ago and was fully capable of walking and running on two legs.


Calico Early Man

The North American Great Basin is an arid expanse that reaches from northern Mexico to southern Oregon. It is presently a land of desert shrubs and isolated mountain ranges separated by arid basins that often contain salt flats or parched clay pans. However, it was not always so. At times in the past it has been a brushy landscape spattered with lakes, large and small, and rich with animal life including extinct forms of bison, horses, camels, mammoths, and their predators. In most lowlands, some 15,000 years of Late Pleistocene and Holocene alluvial deposition has effectively buried and sealed earlier sediments and possible traces of a human presence in the region in Pleistocene time–the “Ice Age”–when tool-making humans were present throughout the Old World and when the Great Basin was not the desert it is today.

However, in the Manix Basin (Lower Mojave River Valley) of San Bernardino County, California, close by the Calico Mountains, a fortuitous combination of environmental factors have exposed a series of deposits that represent more than 350,000 years of Quaternary history. Within these deposits are rocks that, if found outside the Western Hemisphere, could easily be regarded as having been artificially modified to form stone tools, or lithic artifacts.


The obvious antiquity of the geologic deposits containing these objects has caused the most influential North American archaeologists to reject them as artifacts. They are rejected on the basis of where they are more than what they are. Consequently the objects have been regarded as geofacts: artifact-like forms produced by natural geologic processes. On the other hand, many European and Asian scholars familiar with Old World Paleolithic technology do indeed recognize many of the Calico specimens as authentic lithic artifacts, implying a human presence in the Americas for a span of time vastly longer than that generally accepted.

This web site describes and analyzes the Calico Archaeological Site and the Calico Lithic Industry, which have been controversial since they appear to support the presence of tool-makers in California’s Mojave Desert some 200,000 years ago–nearly twenty times more remote in time than the generally-accepted date for the earliest human arrivals in the Americas.

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PS  “There Is Nothing New Under The Sun”

Ecclesiastes  1:4-11

A generation goes, and a generation comes,
but the earth remains forever.

The sun rises, and the sun goes down,
and hastens to the place where it rises.

The wind blows to the south
and goes around to the north;
around and around goes the wind,
and on its circuits the wind returns.

All streams run to the sea,
but the sea is not full;
to the place where the streams flow,
there they flow again.

All things are full of weariness;
a man cannot utter it;
the eye is not satisfied with seeing,
nor the ear filled with hearing.

What has been is what will be,
and what has been done is what will be done,
and there is nothing new under the sun.

Is there a thing of which it is said,
“See, this is new”?
It has been already
in the ages before us.

There is no remembrance of former things,
nor will there be any remembrance
of later things yet to be among those who come after.


  1. Marty Moore says

    The way I see it, if there is a God (depending on which one your faith dictates is right). Could someone please tell me why billions have died in his name over the course of history. I prefer to believe in what I can see and learn by being OPEN MINDED. Man has been on Earth for millions of years FACT. The Earth is only one of billions of possible habitats for life in the Universe FACT. Giant skeletons measuring heights of over thirty feet have been found FACT. To give ones life up to a lie is to me an awful shame, religion is CONTROL OF THE MASSES to inhibit free thinking and fear of the unknown. I’ve seen a couple of UFO’s in my time but I’ve never seen God. We are probably a mish mash of peoples from different worlds who settled here at different times through pre-history, who knows!!!

  2. J.D. says

    How do I see ”God”,,,as ”FATHER”,,,what else, who else?,,,yeshua said I go to the father,,,that where I am you may be also,,,thats beyond ”heaven”,,,God, the ”FATHER” made heaven and earth,,,where was he before that?,,,yea, heaven would be a great camping out place, but I think where the father is , ”is a ”good” place,,,later.

  3. John Bezuidenhout says

    We will never find a missing link.Human were created as such, all the animals the plants and us (humanbeing) were created by one force GOD.

    How do u see GOD…………..

  4. J.D. says


  5. Starheater says

    Hello Everyone

    For those of you who doesn’t have the knowledge to SEE that it is God that have made all that exist in the UNIVERS.

    Ask the scientists of the world to create in their a synthetize Univers of their own “intelligence” to see if they could reach a certain level of LOGIC. They can change all the law of the Univers if they want, thay can change the Law that govern our planet. Try you too, if you have good idea how the Univers could be according to your version.

    You have 6 Days to bring your Univers in a GOOD form of fonctionning. Like the Bible, 24 hours per Day. I want to see those who dont believe that God have made the Univers in 6 days of 24 hours per days. You can take a computer to assist YOU, for NOW, YOU are GOD.


    God Bless

  6. J.D. says

    Yea,,,Del, more than one,,,check out gen” ch2 verse 4,,,the first stated is the ”HEAVENS AND THE EARTH”, then it is writte ”THE EARTH AND THE HEAVENS”, this is in as one could say ”reverse order” from the first,,,it is written,”YOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME”,,,therefore ”GOD’ said there were other ”gods”,,,also check out what he said to israel, ”KNOW YOU NOT THAT YOU ARE ”gods”,,,amazing, ”’think about it”,,,now back to the ”creation -evolution” thing,,,I’ll make it short , gotta go pray,,,God cursed the serpent, made him from one form to another, ”upon your belly shall you go and dust shall you eat”, this is a worm, and jesus (yashua) made reference to this when he said ”in hell the fire is not quenched and the ”worm” dieth not”,,,the serpent became a worm,,,also check out rev’ ”the beast out of the earth”, yea the ”worm will be back,,,now i said all that to say this, adam and the eve were to be put out of the garden , so God made ”coats of skin” for them, now everything was alredy ”made”, so where did he get the ”SKINS”???,,,yea, from the ”SERPENT”, which became a ”WORM”, and put it on the bones of adam,,,,,,,,yea, we got 7 layers of serpent skin on us, check out king david, he said ”i am a worm”, john the baptist called them a bunch of vipers, ,,,adam listened to the serpent against Gods will, so God made him like a ”SERPENT”,,, as satan said, he knows the truth and told God about Job, ”SKIN for SKIN”,,,yea we got to deal with the ”FLESH”- ”SKIN”,,,,ps; this is some heavy info, but the mirror tells the truth,,,

  7. Del says

    This is an interesting quote from the article:

    Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; … So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. — Genesis 1:26-27

    Particularly interesting is the use of the words “us” and “our”, contradicting the idea of one god and suggesting more than one.

  8. Starheater says

    Hello again

    Now, in those years of intense research, more and more proof are submerging from the earth proving the ANCIENT man was more intelligent that we are today. Look all the constructions found in every part of the world and tell me!!! Is that was made by MONKEY OR ELSE? Come on!!!!! Ask a monkey to build a simple house, or much simple a tepe. For you Darwinist, you dont have the choice, soon or later you will have to change your view on this subject. Think about it, seriously.

  9. Starheater says

    Hello Everyone

    Let’s be LOGICAL, for now, I we speak about the time that human is on this planet, the human didn’t change od caracteristics. One thing is CLEAR for: the gene that have all in memories our caracteristics of the human species is very STABLE, from one to the next generation, this you’ve got to accept like a fact, if it were slightly progressive the change would have been notice since the age of Egypt or Mesopotamia, But this is n0ot the fact the we could see by the sculture that have been made since early ages.
    Now, there is an ambiguity in the theory of Darwin, the apes that we have at this moment didn’t follow, more then that, I’m sure that if you wanted to breed a monkey with an human you would be succesful, Why? because they have another flesh, do you understand what it take to make flesh. The Darwinist have only bone to show us, bones with no flesh. that’ why it have not been proven, this theory have not change, they didn’t prove NOTHING. Monkey are made to be in trees, their bones are made to facilitate their mouvement when they climb trees, human is not so, we can climb a tree, but not fast like a gorilla. The aspect of the monkey didn’t change in thousans of years, Why would they change in millon years. This is like Spock have said: “ILLOGICAL”. At this time, they don’t have any proof to claim that man was a monkey millions years ago. But WHO TOLD YOU MILLIONS YEARS AGO? Human did, from a very long time, they didn’t have a single proof in that time, and they were shooting that man is a monkey. Well, how about that!!!!
    Take a monkey, take is flesh, and all is organs, compare that to an human, I am sure that you will change of subject very fast.
    There’s a reason why they claim that we came from monkey or else, this is because thay dont want to look weak, there is nothing more powerful then the pride of men. Those who are who claim that man have been created by God are weak, they need a God, if they dont have a God they will fall, this is how they think!!!! Now I want to ask a simple question to those who believe in the theory of Darwin.


    God Bless

    • Starheater says

      Correction: I’m sure that if you wanted to breed a monkey with an human you wouldn’t be succesful, Why?

  10. J.D. says

    ha! it’s so simple,,,adam was the first ”made”and put in the garden of eden in the second heaven,,,the other was made to ”multiply and fill the earth”, ”subdue it”, ,,,he was the first on earth,,,later ”adam” was put out of the garden, onto the earth,,,not even to say anything about the offspring of the serpent that was made before man on earth, walked like man , talked like man,,,they have about 1,000 yrs of techno on us,,,some say”ET’s”, ”’aliean’s”,,,yea, but how can one understand this if you cannot understand Gen’ ch-2, verse-4, in the day the heaven and earth were created, ”in the day the ”LORD GOD” created the earth and heavens,,,,two place’s,,,2-GOD’s ???.

  11. Simon says

    @Charles Marcello
    You’ve obviously been brainwashed or simply lack primary education. Most likely both because the first is rather difficult to achieve without the other in place.
    I’m sorry, but your own ‘arguments’ are the biggest giveaways here.

    I mean, just read it to yourself: “so called human evolution which is only theory with zero scientific evidence to support the human evolutionary theory”. Not to mention “… the ages… stolen from the bible”. lol
    You couldn’t be more ignorant.

    Unless your entire post is just a joke. That would explain a lot.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Simon,

      (hook, line and sinker… let’s see if I can reel you in)

      I assure you other then my grammar and spelling errors, nothing I’ve said in my post was a joke, nor was any of it wrong nor was any of it ignorant. I will be more then happy to put my money where my mouth is, but first let’s see if you have any integrity at all… seeing how you like to call people names. When I prove what I say is true, will you openly state here, that you’ve been tricked and that you are the totally highly brainwashed, uneducated and ignorant one? The ages stolen from the bible and bringing forth PROOF that every single so called missing link for human evolution was a staged hoax is nothing more than a copy and paste away for me. I present this information every time I want to pick a fight with evolutionist… seeing how I’ve been kinda hard on bible believers on this website it’s time for me to switch gears… I should also let it be known every evolutionist I’ve done this to, none of you have had the courage our the intellectual honesty to admit what you believe and promote is a complete lie! Here are just two simple examples… the rest are a hell’va lot more damning and I do enjoy rubbing evolutionist noses in it!

      God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. 24 times (6 more) 24’s equal… 4.58 billion age of the earth…

      Piltdown man hoax…
      (notice this wikipedia link is using the piltdown man to explain the definition for a hoax which is still found in texts books… so too are many of the other hoaxes I will present if this evolutionist has any integrity.)

      Everything I will do once you answer my question will be for my enjoyment alone, because of how rude and down right hateful evolutionist are. Yet I see no reason to waste my time if you have no integrity. Don’t worry I’ve also learned that bible thumping believers can be just as pathetic and angry towards the truth as evolutionist are. With that being said, I am calling you out Simon seeing how you like being rude and hateful, I will prove what I’ve said… will you have the courage to admit you are everything you claim I am, and that you’ve been lied to and tricked once I’m done??? BTW, would you like your hoaxes to be from scientific papers/videos or religious papers/videos, or perhaps you want coloring books? Regarding the math don’t worry I will copy and paste all of the equations for you and your friends to cry over.

      –Charles Marcello

  12. Charles Marcello says

    I find it odd nowhere within this blog, (or if it does exist within this blog I must’ve missed it), does it mention every single skeletal remains that have been used to prove/promote as the missing link for human evolution, that each and every one of them, all of them, every single one of them are proven fakes/forgeries! The evidence is overwhelming these fakes we done on purpose, and the only reason they were done was to deceive the world in accepting the theory of evolution. Why is that simple truth always missing from every story that tries to promote, or inform the populace, towards so called evidence for “missing links”, ie the history of human evolution? That is the only real story, the only undeniable truth regarding so called human evolution which is only theory with zero scientific evidence to support the human evolutionary theory… each of those so called missing links were and ARE undisputed fakes, ie purposeful forgeries to deceive the world. Or to be more blunt, orchestrated lies to trick all of us into believing something that is totally unproven and so unprovable. Let alone let us not forget the fact that the ages we’ve all been told to believe regarding the age of our universe, the age of our planet and when they say life first began here on earth… each of those dates, ALL OF THEM were stolen from the bible. That is a very easy to prove mathematical fact. Human’s lie, math doesn’t… Just turn the creation story into a mathematical equation. Again don’t believe anything I’m saying, check it all out for yourself. And if you have a hard time finding these facts on your own, I’ll be more than happy to provide you with links, or the math if prefer. If you want links regarding these purposeful lies please be specific regarding what you would to read.

    –Charles Marcello

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