Fantastic Philadelphia Experiment

Fantastic Philadelphia Experiment!

 by Tray Caladan

 Part one

     For those of you unaware of details from the Philadelphia Experiment; the brilliant minds involved; the aliens involved; a WW2 Project funded by the Navy yet a private project of Nikola Tesla, strap on your space-belts…you won’t believe the sensory explosion!  Following transcripts tell a phenomenal story THROUGH TIME that is thoroughly documented and hardly known.  Participants are allowed to talk because, ‘who would believe it?’

     Synthesized from many hours of interviews with the late Al Bielek are the following quotes.  Al Bielek began his life as Ed Cameron.  His story is too unbelievable to believe.  And yet, this little-known and unheralded man may have saved the world!  The quotes reveal an amazing account of history that is generally verified.

     We begin with the U.S. interest of developing a cloaking device; a means to render an entire Navy ship INVISIBLE during the Second World War…   

PhiladelphiaExperiment1Al Bielek (Ed Cameron):  ‘It was alien technology.  We simply didn’t have the theory but we had the technical expertise and capability to build the hardware to their specifications.  Our government has been working with aliens for years.’

‘Tesla was there.  After he retired from RCA, he was almost full-time on the Project.  He still had other projects…since he was the Director, all the ideas were his.’  Tesla slowly became disenchanted with the Project when he realized his ideas were not being used for the benefit of humanity.

     Tesla wanted a type of ‘Zero Point’ wristband for the sailors onboard the Eldridge to ground them during the Experiment.  Without the wristbands, they could be floating; lost in space and time or in total disorientation.  The government did not want to spend extra money on the wristbands.  Tesla left.

‘After Tesla left the Project, Dr. John von Neumann took over.’  [John von Neumann was a Hungarian-born American pure and applied mathematician.  He made major contributions in fields of mathematics, functional analysis, physics, quantum mechanics, economics (game-theory), computer sciences, self-replicating machines and statistics.  He was a principle member of the Manhattan Project].

      Ed Cameron was Von Neumann’s former student at Princeton.  Ed and his younger brother Duncan reported to the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, N.J. in January of 1940 and soon were assigned to the Project.

[my duties] ‘…to keep tabs on the Project (Philadelphia Experiment, first known as Project Rainbow); understand the Project; contribute whatever help to the Project; write reports…January ‘40, they still had not had a successful (invisibility) test.  They had an aborted one in 1936 for invisibility that didn’t work which gave them some indication they were probably going in the right direction.’

[Von Neumann told them] ‘…brush up on quantum physics, which he helped to invent, you’re going to have to unlearn quite a bit of what you learned in the school.  You weren’t taught correctly about gravity; you weren’t taught correctly about Time and time-fields…’

‘He (Von Neumann) taught us what Time is and how you can manipulate Time.  He taught us correct views on gravity.  Einstein completed his Unified-Field Theory in 1938.  He originally had it completed in 1929 and gave a copy to Lord Russell in England to review.  Lord Russell said ‘the world is not ready for this’…perhaps the fact that you could use these equations for Time Travel.’

We used the equations of Einstein’s…what they were trying to do and eventually did do is produce a localized warp in the time-field which would surround the object you wanted to make invisibleenough to distort light waves and electro-magnetic waves and so forth to pass around the object or through the object…’

(First test was a success, Sept. 1940; which led to the major Project).  ‘…gave it a name, ‘Project Rainbow.’  OK, the Navy will fund the Project from now on…Roosevelt announced to Tesla: well, you made that ship invisible; now, we’ll give you a real ship to make invisible.  He ordered a battleship (USS Eldridge) into the Philadelphia Navy yard…this went on through December, 1940…Tesla had to decide how much power and what equipment to build…’

‘They sent us (Ed and Duncan) out to sea on the USS Pennsylvania…on December 5th (1941) we received orders, which were cut for our return to Pearl Harbor…we were about to board a plane in Alameda when we were stopped by a Navy Captain and took us to see Hal Bowen Senior.  And, he was the Director of Naval Engineering…he said gentlemen, your orders have been cancelled.  We have reason to believe the JAPANESE ARE GOING TO ATTACK PEARL HARBOR in the next 48 to 72 hours.  We don’t want you there; you’re too valuable to us…’

‘Of course, Pearl Harbor was bombed.  The Pennsylvania was not hit.  Roosevelt and Secretary of the Army, Marshall, knew all about it.  They set it up; to get us in the War on England’s side.  The entire fleet was ordered to turn up at Pearl Harbor.’

[October,1943 test later known as the Philadelphia Experiment] ‘…He (Captain Harrison) could not see where the water was…it looked like a Black Hole…is it really a hole?  What’s going on?’

‘The test crew on Eldridge was right around 30 in number; total…you could see the ship through a greenish haze.  But, you could not see it on radar, which is what they wanted.  Then, there was a blinding flash of (blue) light.  The ship disappeared!  The waterline disappeared; just plain bay water…with that, there was panic on the carrier.  They tried to raise it on radio and could not…about four hours later, the ship returns to the same spot from where it departed!’

‘(There was) pandemonium on the ship…They sent a boarding party out…first thing they see is two sailors buried with the steel deck, dying or dead.  They find two more…they were essentially dead…fifth man was still quite alive…he had his hand buried in the bulkhead…removed his hand and gave him an artificial hand later.  He was the only one of those five that lived…’

‘(Some) were fading in and out of visibility, disappearing and coming back like you see in so many science-fiction movies today with excellent special-effects.  This is what was actually going on on the Eldridge!’

‘(Sailors on deck) made noises, mumbling like they were totally insane.  Those below deck were alright with exception of one man…The fields could not penetrate that much steel (below deck).’

‘(There was) some superficial damage (to the ship); a bent railing.  There was no damage to the main structure of the ship…’

‘One (buried) in bulkhead was our younger brother, Jim.  At this point, Duncan panicked.  He headed for the railing, looked back at me like saying aren’t you coming along?  Well, I had gone over to brother, Jim; he was crying and conscious.  His head and shoulders were out of the steel…’

‘Duncan jumped overboard…and went back to the future.  He was not there when the ship returned to its normal space/time.  I was.  And, I made a report…I told them Duncan and I had been to the future in 1983 and all this and they (top brass) looked back at me with unbelieving stares…I told them Duncan jumped overboard, disappeared and went back to the future…that was the logical conclusion.’

[On Eldridge] ‘Those on deck seemed to be insane; some babbled about ETs.  I didn’t believe it.  I didn’t believe it until I saw the paperwork from Oscar Schneider (Phil’s father)…up to that point, I had not seen an extraterrestrial or seen them on the ship…it all occurred after…after we jumped overboard…the ETs came and went.’

‘There were those (sailors) who were FADING IN and OUT of VISIBILITY, literally doing a domain-change from this reality to another and back…some went to an alternate reality; some never came back.  And, many died within a year…’

‘In terms of 1943 time, it was about 4 HOURS (gone)…Elapsed time for the Eldridge being in hyperspace and time which Duncan and I spent in 1983, it was approximately 12 HOURS.  Time is not linear; it can be BENT.  (Al/Ed claims to have spent 6 weeks in 2137 and two years in 2749!…explored in Part 2).

‘Those guys were exposed to the magnetic fields for quite a long time and it was almost lethal.  Today, we know this sort of thing.  At the time, it was unknown.  ONLY TESLA SUSPECTED IT and suspected quite correctly what the problems might be.’

‘There were five others missing that also jumped overboard and disappeared.  Why Duncan and I survived?…Our survival was arranged by someone for a purpose.  The other guys were not supposed to jump…whoever was looking out for us was not looking out for them and they evaporated.’

[When the Camerons returned to the Eldridge]  ‘We saw sailors disoriented; let’s get out of here; we decided to jump…thought we could swim about a half mile to shore.  We both jumped and we could only see grey fog.  That’s when things got very strange.  There was no water.  We just kept falling, falling, falling…in a state of panic.  We came out of this into a brightly lit area like open sky and a cloudy-effect; moving through the sensation like we were FLYING.  Some higher Power was doing this for a reason, but we wound up in (the year) 2137!


[The following interview of Al Bielek comes from Brad and Sherry Steiger’s great book ‘The Philadelphia Experiment & Other UFO Conspiracies.’  Brad and Sherry were kind enough to grant permission to print quotes, which primarily concern Nikola Tesla]:

     ‘He (Tesla) rejoined them in perhaps the late ‘30s.  Because of his close connection with FDR…Tesla had been called to Washington to do work for the government.  He was assigned to several projects, the principle one of which later resulted in the Philadelphia Experiment.’

     ‘One of Tesla’s projects was the so-called ‘Death Ray.’  Most people don’t know this but the machine was actually built by the U.S. Army in 1938-’39 and was tested in New Mexico…the ray truly worked.  It was so devastating and its effects so terrible that the government decided that it was too dangerous for anyone to control.  They destroyed the working model; they destroyed the records; they destroyed the plans.  The officers in charge said that they would rather see the thing destroyed than be put into possible use by an enemy.’

     ‘In 1940 Tesla proposed a similar system to the British, but in the form of a Particle Beam weapon system…actually an earlier development of his.  He was also turned down by them.’

     ‘There was another participant who is rather well known to UFOlogists because of his work with electro-statically controlled UFOs.  I refer to T. Townsend Brown, who was excellent at the nuts and bolts application of physics.’

     ‘Tesla was in charge of Project Rainbow at the time, and Von Neumann, a superior mathematician, seemed to be next in command.  In September of 1940, we applied coils and a generator to a mine sweeper and accomplished a successful transition into invisibility.’

     ‘It was now imperative that Project Rainbow produce successful results as soon as possible.  Tesla had designed special generators and coils and an elaborate radio frequency generating system.  Everything was built to endure powerful electro-magnetic and radio frequency fields.’

     ‘He (Tesla) became very concerned when he learned that the Experiment would now include a live crew.  He protested that the scientists had no true idea of what would happen to the personnel onboard the ship.  Everyone always talks about the genius of Tesla.  Without taking any of his genius away from him, it must be admitted that he was a very unusual person.  I am convinced that he had a definite extraterrestrial connection.’

     ‘An acquaintance who used to work with Tesla has said that he talked to ‘someone’ off-planet everyday.’

     ‘He (Tesla) insisted that the Navy give Project Rainbow more time…they told him to forget it.  There was a war on…in March, 1942; all the levers were pulled to place the test ship, a battleship, into invisibility…and nothing happened.  I remain convinced that Tesla sabotaged the Experiment…there was no way that he would risk that many human lives…he left the Project, and ten months later, on January 7, 1943, he was found dead in his hotel room in New York.’

     ‘We (Duncan and I) saw crewmen all around us going crazy; so we jumped off the ship.  But, instead of landing in the water of the Philadelphia harbor, we landed in the grass at the Montauk Army Base on Long Island, New York.  Dr. Von Neumann was waiting for us.  It is said that he died in 1957.  No way!  He was there in Montauk in ‘83.’

     ‘We had somehow been sucked into hyperspace and been pulled into the future…Well, a UFO (craft) was sucked along with us to Montauk – and it was dismantled there!’

     ‘The most important piece of equipment on the Eldridge was Tesla’s ‘ZERO TIME GENERATOR.’  This incredible device was created to lock into the basic Zero Time of our galaxy.  It provides a physical-cosmological lockup that must be in place before one can attempt any exotic experiments in teleportation, invisibility or whatever (through hyperspace).’


See the Hollywood version; full movie available on YouTube that is shockingly close to true events where our fragile, electro-magnetic world was nearly torn apart!  Few understand how true the film is with characters of Von Neumann and Tesla if you look close.

In the wartime film made in 1984, David Herdeg and Jim Parker are stationed on a ship in an experiment to make it invisible to radar.  The experiment goes horribly wrong.  Herdeg and Parker are the only survivors [represented Ed and Duncan].  They both Time Travel, because of the experiment, and find themselves in the Nevada desert in the year 1984.


PART 2 will cover the Montauk Project, the other 1983 end of the ‘Rainbow,’ and the real Future and far FUTURE!

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The Philadelphia Experiment was a naval military experiment alleged to have been carried out at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA sometime around October 28, 1943. The U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge was claimed to be rendered invisible (or “cloaked”) to enemy devices.
The U.S. Navy maintains that no such experiment was ever conducted, and details of the story contradict well-established facts about the Eldridge itself, as well as commonly accepted physics.


  1. mari says

    I grew up in the Craddock area, in what was then called Norfolk County, Va.
    A lot of the neighborhood men worked in the Norfolk Navy Yard, which is on both sides of the river ( Norfolk and what is now Portsmouth Va).
    One day a couple of girls came up to play with us. One told us that her Dad worked in the Navy yard and he had seen a ship appear out of nowhere– and then it disappeared again. He said it went from the Philadelphia Navy Yard to the Norfolk Navy yard and back.
    We all just laughed and said that’s impossible. She kept saying it was true.
    I never forgot what she said– and years later, I could not believe it when the movie ” The Philadelphia Experiment” came out. The fact that there was a movie about what she had told us was shocking to me.

  2. amy willhite says

    Veterans know what we know and have been told by old vets too. Dont be so quick to dismiss just cuz you havnt seen it for yourself. Theres LOTS YOU DONT KNOW.

  3. Skeptic says

    People who believe this science fictions and take them serious, are those who believe every preposterous conspiracy theory like 9/11 and moon landing.
    All the dear readers, you are endowed with the power of intellect, so don’t be easily fooled by such weak fabrications.

  4. Starheater says

    Hello Everyone

    Ordinarly I don’t write for nothing, but someone have has pull out my article about this subject, so this time, I will be more wise by making a copy. So you can pull it whatever you like, I will put it back again and again.

    On this subject it will be wise to ask us somes questions. First: What was the source of energy that the American have use to make this happen? In 1943 atomic energy was not develop enough to make this happen.
    So all that is left is candle sticks and “batteries”, I’m sure it was “Energizer”.

    But let’s pretend that they utilize accumulators, so when they was acosted they charge the accu and then they took the large and voilà…. experience done!!!

    The question now, is how many voltage is needed to obtain this result. I’m not an expert in that field, but I can do an approximation. The ship was like a big magnet, the velocity of the spinning force was high, enough to change the molecular print of the iron. No amperage was tolerate, only voltage, be cause those mans would have died. I would say near 1 millions volts, propably higher than that. The copper wires windded around the piece of iron that would serve of magnet was probably 1/2 to 1 inch in diameter….Forget it, this is non-sense.

    If this experience really happen, it’s by another source of energy that we usualy utilize, so they are good chances that this was technology that was far behond what we know. I don’t think that this technology came from E.T.’s because the result would not have been the same. Something have goying wrong, and what was suppose to happen has happen, catastrophe. The magnetic intensity was perhaps to high, and the frequency was to low, because all was teinted in green. If the teint could have been red or orange, the experience would have been a success, but first the intensity was to high.

    But the more I think about it, and the more I doubt that this as happen, the reason is that they would have to tranform the sub radicaly to fit all the materials needed for this experience.

    Another thing that was not mention in this story, is the presence of a submarine that was suppose to follow the ship directly under the ship. The submarine was suppose the register all the magnetic wave of the ship. This submarine was close under the ship, and directly under it at fews meters of it.

    It is strange that no one have mention this fact, they only talk about the ship. That’s why I think that this is not true, this could have been a attempt to make the German tremble and fear the American.
    But it could have been true too, but not this way, beside, the submarine could have brought some electric energy to the ship, with this extra energy they could have done something, but not like they show in the film.

    So, it’s a think about it!!!

    God Bless

  5. Starheater says


    When I seriously analyze the factor that could have made this ship tp dissapear, I always arrive in contradiction with the SOURCE of power that could have made this happen. The question is:

    What source of energy that have utilize to have so much electromagnetism?
    Zero Point Energy?
    Nuclear Energy?

    For the first energy that I have mention, I seriously doubt that they could tap in this energy, in those day’s they didn’t even know this energy.
    As for the nuclear, the transformation of this ship would have by very costy.

    In all the documentary that I have seen on the net, there are none that have mention the source of energy, none!!!!!
    This is very strange don’t you think?

    We are far from in decade from this experience and no mention of the source of energy. Why?
    The only reason that I know to be the one that could have chance to be the right one, is that they want to validate theories.
    And what are those theories?

    Quantum physic and Unifying field.

    And those 2 theories are to put in garbage. Why? Because they don’t explain all that have happen in our Univers. They are just a tentative to blur us, YES, to willingly blur us from the “real fact”.

    In a sense the the Real Fact is very surprising, very extraodinary logic, but it lead to a conclusion that they don’t like, don’t approve, and fear too.


    Did you ever play with a gigsaw puzzle? Did you ever wanted to modify some peace so they could fit the scenery? Certainly not, but them, they did it, and in many fields, they don’t wanted you to know the truth, why?
    Because if the truth was in front of your eyes, they would be oblige to follow the rules, and they don’t want to follow them, so, what left?
    Lies, lies, LIES.

  6. j.a. says

    The risk factor never thought i would be in the mood for any more bazzarrrr government projects and what ever thou how be it this certainly does stimulates curiousity but we should not get to wrapped up in these sort of experiments maybe it is someone elses trash is another treasure article at the mystery revealed now enjoy the nothing really matters anyway.

  7. Tray Caladan says

    Have to thank Brad and Sherry Steiger for their participation – you all should read the book and know details of the PE. Go to YouTube; HEAR the many interviews with Al Beliek. YT comments blast such ideas – they ridicule these wild ideas and say they couldn’t possibly be real. Yet, the most brilliant geniuses on and off the planet were behind the Experiment. I expect the same non-acceptance of this forum. But, who is commenting? Today’s programmed cynical/skeptical IDIOTS! Like They know better than the Teslas and Einsteins of the world. I did not know Time Travel was achieved long before I was born…and I’m an old guy. I learned. Seriously, before you blast away, how about LEARNING a few things first? How about investigating a subject before you damn it? How about ADDING info rather than tearing things apart you know nothing of? How about something constructive rather than destructive? How about speaking from a point of knowledge (for a change) rather than a point of ignorance. Ever hear of LEARNING? You should try it. Part 2 will deal with the future and far future which Al Beliek experienced. It will only be for the few of you that can handle it – and ammunition for the rest of you.

  8. Herman King says

    Operation Rainbow was the plan to prepare for a two-ocean war with Germany and Japan, iniated shortly after fDR assumed office,


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