Extremes of Weather & Cover-Ups

Will 2011 bring more weather extremes?

Dear Skepticals all, I am attaching a piece by Piers Corbyn. As usual it is interesting for its forecasts of weather to come and proof of the accuracy of the forecasts of the weather that we have been having, and why.

But for me in the UK the most relevant piece is that which is highlighted concerning the rise in VAT of 2.5% to 20%.

Now that is something that hits just everybody in their pocket. But this rise would be completely unnecessary if we could desert the warmist ideologies which have been proved wrong.

The fact is the UK VAT rise would not be necessary if politicians drop the failed ideology of man-made climate change. Rejection of the failed pseudo-science of CO2 manmade climate change would save the UK £18 billion per year – £5bn more than the VAT hike grab by the exchequer!

I have heard independently from Australia this morning that they have the same problems with Miss Gillard that we have with Chris Huhne, who wants to raise the price of ‘carbon’ to equal the failed wind-power, what I call the Windmills of Shame.

The Alarmists are hell-bent on ruining the economies of the Western World. In spite of wonderful books, in spite of great articles in the Press this juggernaut keeps rolling. If there are sceptic politicians in Parliament one would not know it. There is never a squeak from one. Are they all afraid of the Whips? Are there none with any independent voice and views?

The politicians it seems cannot influence public opinion, they fear to step out of line. Oh Dear! The only people to speak out with any hope of influencing public opinion are the journalists like Richard Litlejohn, James Delingpole and Christopher Booker. And others of course.

David Cameron apparently is flying a windmill from the top of his home in Notting Hill, so I have read.

What hope of a Conservative Prime Minister, who seems as closed as poor Tony Blair? And who else wanted to limit Global Warming to 2 degrees?

Read the article (PDF):
Climate of Extreme Weather Cover-ups 2011

Sincerely Sceptical
Anthony Bright-Paul
Planet Earth is dynamic and evolving.


  1. j.apoyan says

    Excactly if the peoples money was spent on our capabilities to inhabit our environment us the people have known about weather so us go to alternative sites for proper measures for general survival conditions,so what is the danger when the media and government tell untruths to the people of a nation this isn”t fair,but i put my self in a situation when the uncovering is more fun than bullshit.


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