Extraterrestrial Soot Reveals The Demise of The Dinosaurs

Extraterrestrial Soot Reveals The Demise of The Dinosaurs

by Alexander Popoff
Numerous scholarly articles have reported high contents of soot in the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary layer. Asteroid theory says that, close to the impact site, wildfires were ignited by the impact fireball, whereas globally they were ignited by radiation from the reentry of hypervelocity ejecta.
One of the problems with the asteroid theory is that most of the soot in the boundary layer is specific, as if created by burning petrol or other carbohydrates, not by burning vegetation.
What was that mysterious material that burned and contributed to the large part of the soot that covered the entire surface of the Earth?
Some interpretations have suggested that the soot from carbohydrates came from the combustion of fossil fuels such as crude oil, coal, or oil shales near the Chicxulub impact site.
But the research of the noble gases in the fullerenes from boundary-clay samples confirmed that they are of extraterrestrial origin, not created by wildfires.
Cometary core and dust contain elemental carbon grains. Comets are black (black as soot), thanks to the abundance of carbon compounds.
Comets also contain large amounts of frozen liquids, gases, and organics, which burn like giant fuel bombs while entering Earth’s atmosphere, leaving behind huge quantities of extraterrestrial soot. Frozen gases and liquids like ammonia, methane, ethane, acetylene, methyl alcohol, better known as wood alcohol, and many other chemicals have been seen in varying abundance in comets.
There are significant amounts of frozen hydrocarbons in comets.
Comet Hyakutake, the brightest comet in 20 years, had a big surprise: 100 million tons of frozen ethane and methane.
Researchers discovered fullerenes in the boundary layer. Fullerenes are a third form of pure carbon besides diamond and graphite. Their molecules are composed entirely of carbon, in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, tube, and other shapes. Spherical fullerenes are also called buckyballs, and they resemble soccer balls.
Researchers demonstrated that fullerenes have the ability to capture noble gases (helium, neon, and argon) within their caged structures.
The isotopic compositions of noble gases in meteorites and cosmic dust are clearly distinct from those found on Earth.
Terrestrial helium is mostly helium-4; it contains only a small amount of helium-3. Extraterrestrial helium is mostly helium-3.
The research of the noble gases in the fullerenes from boundary clay samples confirmed that they are of extraterrestrial origin.
No gas, crude oil, or coals were burnt at the end of the Cretaceous. Most of the soot and carbon was delivered by a burning comet and cometary dust. In the boundary clay there is also some amount of soot from wildfires.
Earth was hit by a huge comet 66 million years ago; it killed off most of the species on our planet.
In an article published in Nature in 1989, Meixun Zhao and Jeffrey L. Bada reported that they had found isovaline and aminoisobutyric acid tens of centimeters below and above the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-PG) boundary.
The asteroid and volcano theories, which are prevalent among scholars, are not viable because they can’t explain many specifics of the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) boundary and the mass extinction.
They can’t explain the presence of extraterrestrial amino acids in the soils for tens of thousands of years before and after the catastrophe, the loss of part of Earth’s atmosphere, the multiple spikes of iridium and extraterrestrial amino acids in the K-Pg boundary zone, the extraterrestrial soot and elemental carbon in the boundary layer, etc.
The boundary zone is a roughly 100-cm layer encompassing both sides of the K-Pg boundary. It represents catastrophic events and was formed for about 100,000 years.
The thin 1-cm K-Pg boundary layer is approximately in the middle of the boundary zone.
The boundary zone contains extraterrestrial amino acids and iridium spikes before and after the impact event.
In 1980, Science magazine published a dinosaurs-killed-by-a-giant-asteroid theory by Luis Alvarez.   Critics asked how creatures outside the impact area were killed.
Alvarez replied:
“From darkness.  The impact created huge amounts of dust, cutting off the sun’s power by up to 20% for 8 to 13 years.”
Actually, the “dark times” lasted much longer — about 100,000 years, and started a long time before the impact events.
Long-period comets have highly eccentric orbits, extending to the far reaches of the Solar System, and periods ranging from 200 years to thousands or even millions of years.
Sometimes they make close passages by the planets and the Sun, diverting into the inner Solar System and becoming short-period comets.
When comets approach the Sun, they begin to sublimate (cometary material transits directly from solid state to gas) and vaporize, creating an envelope of thin gas and fine dust. Sunlight pushes the gas and the dust of the comet away to form a tail.  The comet is exhausted when most of the volatile material contained in the nucleus evaporates away by the Sun, and the comet becomes a much smaller, dark, inert lump of rock or rubble that can resemble an asteroid.
The size of the original K comet (K for Cretaceous, or Killer) was more than 100 km in diameter, probably 300 to 400 km. Comets could be much larger than these dimensions, reaching diameters of thousands of kilometers.
If the orbit of the cometary dust intersects the Earth’s orbit, our planet and its atmosphere sweep through the dust stream every year, experiencing meteor showers and the deposition of fine dust on the surface of the globe. The cometary dust, containing amino acids, iridium, etc. was exhausted for about 100,000 years. The amino acids and iridium enrichment before and after the K-Pg boundary had several peaks. It was deposited in layers with larger quantities of amino acids and iridium, ergo Earth passed several times through much thicker cometary dust clouds.
In such a flyby of a huge comet, Earth would accumulate a large mass of dust in the upper atmosphere, slightly changing the climate and inhibiting the photosynthesis of land and marine organisms. Major food chains would be disturbed. The reduction of the plant mass would lead to starvation of plant-eating animals. The first victims were the large herbivores on land and in the oceans; especially the ones living at the Polar Regions, where the sunlight reduction by the dust cloud was more serious and the temperature drop was substantial, and the loss of plant mass was significant.
Large species at the top of the food chain, such as dinosaurs, are highly vulnerable to ecosystem disruption.
At the end of the Cretaceous, there were much more plant mass and animals per square km than today. Even small disturbances in climate, ecosystem, and food chain caused many animals to die off.
The cometary dust clouds phase lasted for tens of thousands of years before and after the cometary impact.
The Cretaceous extinction began tens of thousands of years before the K-Pg boundary.
The extraterrestrial soot in the K-Pg layer and K-Pg zone with multiple spikes of nonterrestrial amino acids and iridium one more time confirm that the demise of the Mesozoic world was caused by a comet, not by an asteroid or a volcano.
Copyright 2014 by Alexander Popoff
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  1. Brenda Brown says

    Hello Starheater

    I did respond to you earlier than this, but it seems the response didn’t get posted or something happened that it never registered. In any case I’ll try again.

    To begin with, yes, Carlton does take drugs. If you go to the article he wrote, and to his July 31 response to me, he gives a website in which you can read about how his rituals include the taking of ‘Atlantis magic mushroom truffles’. These are hallucinogens that take the brain into an altered state. If you read his Aug 8(?) response to Charles Marcello, he states very clearly that he believes all true spirituality and religion were based on altered states of consciousness – which is just another way of saying that they included drugs.

    It does not matter how intelligent someone is, if they are an author, scientist, or genius in some respect, anyone can do unwise things, and that certainly is what taking drugs is. His excuse is that most people need help getting in touch with God, or the spiritual realm, but while it is true that some people are more sensitive to the spiritual realm, that doesn’t stop God from relating to us anytime or anywhere He wants to. God dwells with the humble and contrite of spirit, and we are all told that if we call upon Him when He is near, He will answer us. Though I told Carlton of these things, he prefers to approach God ‘his way’ – which is not the way he will ever find God.

    I know very well what encouragement is Starheater, and in some things you did just that, but to tell him that he doesn’t have to read the Bible is like saying he has no need of the word of God – for that’s what the Bible contains, and that is absolutely false. If anything, the fact that he thinks he is going to get in touch with God by creating his own pathway, means that he has more need of reading the Bible, not less. In this instance you did flatter him, and sent him on his way thinking he could trust his own intelligence and had no need for God’s word.

    As I have said, the Spirit has been made available to mankind, to lead him into all truth, and it is the thing that gives us life, so if people who claim to be seeking God, refuse this path, it is because they are not operating by His Spirit and either don’t want what they they they want, or are simply in error.

    The Spirit which is meant to lead us into all truth is also why I tell you that I have no need of ‘proving’ to anyone that what I’ve experienced is completely of and from God. If they are truly seeking God or want to be attached to Him, the Spirit of God will witness the truth of these things to their hearts.

    On the issue of ley lines, yes I know that they are energy lines, but that doesn’t mean they are not truth and not fulfilling their purpose, so I’m not sure what your point is. (Observe Jeremiah 18:15 and 6:16)

    Lastly, on the point of Moses, God chose to reveal Himself to Moses via a burning bush, fire on top of a mountain, and baring His glory – for these reasons it was supernatural for Moses not to have been consumed. But once the day of Pentecost had occurred, and that experience became available for anyone who wanted it, God became far more reachable by mankind. It included gifts like discernment, interpretation of tongues, prophesying, and words of knowledge and wisdom, in which people who have had their own personal Pentecost, can and do hear God speaking and revealing things to them. It is not uncommon. For it is God’s desire to be reachable and relate to His people, and He will yet again make Himself more reachable than Pentecost afforded.

    That’s all for now.

  2. Brenda Brown says


    There are a few things that seem to have been misunderstood. First, I meant what I said to you regarding your response to Carlton. I spoke the truth and it will prove itself in due time. But that doesn’t mean I am all uptight and shut down, it means I won’t banter back and forth about things we disagree on because you’ve made your choice and there is no point in trying to get people to see things they don’t want to see. It’s just that it means you are in a very different place than I first gave you credit for.

    You said you didn’t understand something I wrote, and you haven’t commented on that. Was there something that wasn’t clear to you? If so, I will explain it.

    On the topic of ‘testing the spirits’ – it’s as I said. If you can’t tell someone who is using hallucinogens – like Carlton, to ‘test the spirits’, don’t tell me to test them and expect that I will take you seriously. There is one standard, not one for every person who walks the earth. I didn’t say you were taking drugs, I said Carlton is walking a dangerous path, and patting him on the back and encouraging him to continue doing what he is doing, is very bad advice. As I told him, he will not find God that way. Rather, he is and will yet be, deceived.

    Both you and he missed the fact that I also said I’m an avid fan of the ancient principles, ley lines, ancient sites and the principles they reveal, etc. I wasn’t saying these are ‘wrong,’ I didn’t say science is wrong, and I didn’t say or suggest that he shouldn’t pursue looking into these things. That was never the point. In fact I would love to have pursued more of the facts and principles he may have found, but we were stuck on the topic of science not being the way into God, so I never got there.

    There are many aspects and principles of God that science can dig up and discover, but knowing what to do with what they find is another story. Because anything God is and does is Spirit, it must be spiritually discerned, so no matter what science finds, if they are not coming to Him through the proper Spirit, they will not find the enlightenment they need to understand how to truly use the principles they’ve found. That was my point to Carlton, and to anyone who is pursuing real truth.

    I have to go now Starheater.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda

      When I speak of “testing the spirit”, I speak about angel that serve us, this is because of one thing, and I think that you will understand, for that purpose I will elaborate. There are 2 kinds of “spirits”, angels, and demons. But the problem that we have to face is that demon are good to “imitate” angels, do you understand now?
      That’s why we must test those spirits even if they talk realy like good angels.

      Angels are parts of the ministry of the Christ, they are in fact the one that assist Christians in what they do or want to do, here I will not give exemples because there are circonstances that we faces if we are socialy implicated in having relationships with others Christians, in that case they are there to give you ideas how to proceed well to maximize knowledge to others.
      But this is not our case you and I and others.
      We ear voices, now those voices are spirits that try to help us, or to abuse us in some ways.
      The Big Voice that I have heard when I first ear voices was not what he as pretend I was, at first this was good and helpfull, but there was some real problem concerning “sex”, in the neigborhood, sex is like eating, so… pass on.
      I put this spirit to the test to see if he were what he pretend to be. I was always bothering me to be a Jehovah Witness, I don’t approve their teaching, for me it’s like roses in junk.
      But there are not alone, except that I consider them as the worse, ALL the Churches are in darkness, I have seen no Church that was worthed to mention. All those Churches are in competition, they all say that they are the Real Churche, and all are corrupted, a mix of truth and lies.
      So I consider only the Bible and the teaching that gave us, naturelly we’ve got to procede with care, because they are many “illusions” in the Bible, and this is OUR test from God, but this is not the GOAL.

      You see Brenda, there are 2 ways to Judge a person, by picking what he have done that was wrong, or picking what he as done that was right. I like more the second option, I don’t like to search the junk to find if there is something good.

      Now, forget about the drugs, I have made you this demand once, forget it, I don’t encourage someone to take drugs whatever the reasons, not even mild drugs, I don’t approve their consommations, it’s a waste of money and time. Am I clear my little Lady of mine?
      There are childrens that sniff thinner that’s in the Contact glue, even if not dangerous like other drugs, and the buzz is like drinking beer, this is not good, we become dependant with time.

      As for the Science, the Bible is full of it, if you don’t have the Science of God even a little bit, you don’t have the real thing no matter what you are, or feel, and see. Science is the most valuable gifs of God with Charity, and speaking of Charity, who will tell you if your Charity is the real one? Science!!!!
      This Science that I mention as the same principles of the science of man, you have 2 Pillers: Deduction, and Induction, if you don’t have those 2, forget it, your fact will be rank as theories.

      I hope you understand me well this time M’Lady, because I am your Knight!!!

      Bye Brenda

  3. Brenda Brown says

    Starheater – There are a couple of more things I wanted to add.

    After I posted by last response to you below, I went and checked out your ‘chat’ with Carlton, and could hardly believe my eyes. Because I have been under the impression that you had some kind of Christian experience, I’ve had a lot of patience with you and given you a lot of latitude, but there is absolutely no way a Christian would advise Carlton they way you have. I won’t be making that mistake again.

    Here we have a person who takes hallucinogenic drugs – albeit in plant/mushroom form, putting himself through rituals which God has in no way endorsed, and claiming to have united with God, and what do you say to him? “I know that the Bible could be for you a waste of time to study, you don’t have to, their are student that do this job. Your job is to extract the valuble idea or principal that our founder ancien would have let us know by different ways, this is your quest, and mine is to validate your work, if you are right. So keep on searching Carlton, do your best, and let us consider your work.” On the other hand we have a person who testifies to being a Christian, having a relationship with Christ, and following His Spirit, and what do you say to them? “You have to test the spirit as scripture tells us to…”

    Did we hear you tell Carlton that taking hallucinogens opens his mind and spirit to demonic influences, and therefore he needed to test the spirit behind his experiences? No. Yet you have the gall to warn a Christian who is born of His Spirit to put their experiences to the ‘test’ of how you see scripture. I won’t ask you what’s wrong with this picture, I’ll tell you.

    You entered with flattery, got your back patted, and from there have grown ever-increasingly proud and adoring of your own mind, so that now you elevate it over and above what God has written for all of us to submit to. We are plainly told that “…the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” There is nothing in this scripture that lends to telling people that taking drugs and meditating on whatever sensation they get, is the way to God. There is nothing in this verse that gives us any leeway whatsoever, to tell someone to depend on their natural mind, logic, reasoning, intelligence, etc. etc. To the contrary, we are told that the natural mind sees the things of God as foolishness, and that when it comes to God, we MUST use spiritual discernment.

    If anyone else I’ve talked to at WM had come saying what you said to Carlton, I would simply say ‘par for the course’, because that’s how people think who do not know God, and I understand why they think that way. No big deal. But for someone claiming to be a Christian to say what you’ve said, the seriousness of the error you are making cannot be understated. It’s your life and you are going to make your own choices, but if you continue to walk the path you’re in, in 2 years you will be utterly deceived. You will have undermined your own ‘christian’ experience.

    In this next decade God is going to be reaching out to the multitudes of this world who have no true understanding of God, and will be showing them His truth for the last time. But for those who have claimed to be walking with Him, while esteeming His Word as worthless in comparison to someone’s intelligence and logic, judgement will come calling. This isn’t my word, this is His. Judgment begins at the House of God because it contains the people who should have known better, who had every opportunity to know better, and turned their head away to the idolatry of their choosing anyway.

    You cannot serve two masters, because eventually you will hold to one and refuse the other. You are doing exactly that, and unfortunately, it’s Christ you are throwing out the window. There’s nothing more to say. At least I now know what you are and where you’re going. Good bye Starheater.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda

      I have forgot to tell you that you sound like Jessica too, a woman that live clause to me, in fact you sound like alot of persons, but you don’t sound like Brenda. So I will repeat myself, I don’t take drug, I don’t need those kind of false paradise state. I’m a son of God, and to be very precise, I am a Knight (Ephesians 6:14-17).
      Now you’re telling me all sort of non-sense. Do I have lie to you since you know me?
      And about serving 2 Masters, let me open your spirit a little bit more. I serve the Christ, and all the Creation serve the Christ whaterver their are, angels, demons, they serve HIM all. There is nothing in the Heaven or on Earth that escape to the autority of God Almighty, He have gave HIS autority to HIS SON. The demons are at my service, they are there to protect me from vilans and violent persons.

      Bye Brenda

      • Starheater says

        I have forgot to speak of the subject.

        If we look clausely at a certain altitude, we can see that the Earth have been bombarded with alot of asteroids, and when I speak of asteroids, I speak of hard rock and metals. Comets could have hit, but not as many as asteroids.

        Where do they come from? Even if they could come from the planet that was destroy and cause the Flood. It would have needed a good bump to throughout a huge rock. Or could this be the result of a long ride of an intergalactic rock. I doubt it very much!!!
        I think that this was done deberately so that the ice globe surrounding the Earth would have been destroy. In this manner, the life of the habitants of Earth could see their life shorten alot.
        If you read the Bible you will register a significants drop of the age of the habitants of the Earth, and this if my memory is not so in bad shape, this as happen in the time of Arpacschad, their live begin to be twice shorter, this is a real rapid change.

        So the theory of asteroid that come from the Ort Cloud or the asteroid belt is not enough logic to be accepted by me.


    • Brenda Brown says

      Please excuse my quick blunder – ‘”…the seriousness of the error you are making cannot be OVERSTATED”, not ‘understated’.

      • Brenda Brown says


        You said you did not understand what I was saying. What don’t you understand about what I said?

        • Starheater says

          Hello Brenda

          And What have you said that is important for you? You see, I have said to you that we have to “test” the spirit, this is not a “person”, it’s a spirit or angel if you like, all the real Christians have one or two at their service.
          Now their is a little danger, the word might be to heavy, of doing so, demons are commun on Earth, and they are not always describe like we see in films. They can be usefull for are needs, like the angels, they are very intelligent, and they know the Bible more then we two together.
          But the idea that we make in our mind about demons are very false, demons word for the Christ too, they don’t like me, but they don’t hate me, and sometime they say that they love me.
          Whatever they are, I will not condem them, most of the time they are like friends, and sometime they give me good advice. But most of the time they tell me that I’m stupid.
          And when I say that this is true, they are perplex and they kinf of, “well, you are not realy stupid…” They kind of funny when thay act like this.
          I don’t treat them like if they were demons, but like spirits.

          But the Big Voice, I don’t ever ear him, his gone, now I ear male voices and female voices, and most of the time, I demand that they take a woman voice, and after a little while all the voices are female.

          There will be no differents between us, because you are a soldier of Christ too, and no soldier in the same camp those war to another, they protect one each other.
          I am a Knight, and you are a Princess, a Princess don’t have to know everything about everything, all she had to do is to defend the Kingdom by using her soldier.

          Bye Brenda

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda

      It’s me again, I have another comment ta say on your last paragraph of your comment. What is “my idolatry”, you persist to go on the “negative” side of the human nature, you wont be able to do nothing, not even move a grain of sand.
      The human by is nature are what we may want of the perfectness, but this is like this that God wanted us to be. God doesn’t make errors, all that He do is Good and have a meaning.
      In the Universe there are many “illusions”, this was made on purpus by God, we must analyse things, and our manner to analyse thing must be much more that we have now.
      We have to go deep in the forest to be able to arrive to the point to exist this forest. We can see the forest, but we don’t know how deep it is. This exemple is not ideal, but we human are very complex, and to study all our spirit is impossible, we need short cuts.
      So the better is to have a short view on our weekness, and a good view on our good quality.
      If I’m “this”, it’s because I was not able to be “that”, the best of all is to inculcate the “logic” to the mind of human, and to inform those that their is 2 side of a medal: deduction and induction, if you want to have a good logic, you need them both, no way you could ago far without having them two, are you with me on this?

      Bye Brenda

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hello Starheater,

        You still haven’t answered my question about what you didn’t understand. I can’t carry on a conversation unless you read what I’m saying Starheater.
        If you don’t fully read and get what I’m saying, you will think I mean one thing, when really I’m saying another, and wires will soon be crossed.

        No, I don’t dwell on someone’s faults or negativities, but I will point them out if I truly believe they are preventing the person from seeing the truth. If they don’t want to do anything about their problems, that’s up to them, but it prevents the conversation from going places it could.

        From what you’re saying, I understand that you are not hearing from God right now. If you’re not hearing from God, or being led by His Spirit on a daily basis Starheater, there is something standing between God and you, because God doesn’t want His people left in the dark to guess what’s going on. He is love and seeks to have a loving relationship with His people, so the only reason He wouldn’t be is because something in our lives is hampering that relationship.

        On the issue of testing the spirits, I’m well aware that’s in the Bible, that’s not the problem. I am fully aware that God spoke to me, and I know what He wanted. You may not like it but I know it was God, there’s no question.

        The other issues you brought up I will comment on when you tell me what it is you did not understand about my comment on what you said to Carlton.

        Bye for now.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda

      First of all, Carlton doesn’t take halucinogene drugs, he study the religion culture of ancien tribe. The tribe that we have today and those that was not far in time was axes on drugs and power to predict the future. The human spirit is very complex and can be stimulate by drugs to see the future, but Carlton don’t take drug, he is an author, not an addicted of drugs.

      Second, he have made a remarqueble job in founding the relationship of the structure of 47° in certain construction. The ancien was constructing for a reason their sort of “temples”, those were related to energy field.
      But most of experts have made huge mistake. The energy found in the Earth is constant and varie in frequencies depending on the influence of other planets or fluctuations of the Ether. The “lay Line” are a “myth”, those are only different frequencies, that’s all. I could compare that to a rainbow, our tools for detecting those field are very basic. If they could have the real tool, they could find that their are various frequencies, those are Telluric field of energy associated with electricity, or static electricity. It’s realy normal to have energy spreading in different places, in fact they spread in all direction and are benefic for an health. The question of been strong in a place doesn’t mean that they are more healthy then other places, it’s just that other place have a different frequency.
      About “flattery”, you are mistaken, I don’t make flattery, I’m encouraging (Star-Heater) those who make their best to found ancien secrets, that’s all Brenda.
      Now, as knowing the Bible, if you could know it like I do, you wouldn’t say that God talk to you. GOD DOESN’T TALK TO MAN, ONLY ANGELS. (I’m not yielling)
      Brenda, why they are angels? God cannot do his things alone? Why that in the Bible the Prophet that God choose to contact is always in danger of dying? You know your Bible, then teach me, I’m all yours.
      I will repeat it, the Ancien Scripture was on the autority of Angel, not God Himself, they would have died if so.
      Remember when Moses was decending the montain, his face was glowing, and this just like Jesus when his transfiguration happen. And you, you are speaking with God everyday, your face must shine like the Sun my sister!!!!!

      You say that the truth pass by you, you approve what I say. It is you who don’t read the Bible, I have mention many thing with proofs, I have no proofs from you, none, nada, nothing!!! In that case, you are not able and have no autority to Judge someone, I wouldn’t be surprise that you have a crystal ball, knowledge from the Bible, you ain’t got, and if you have, then prove it to me. My little sorcerer:)

      Bye Brenda

  4. Starheater says

    Hello Brenda

    It was not realy ice particles, in fact, it was more then a globe of ice water thet surrounded the Earth. I don’t know if you are aware, but water is the only element taht can filtre UV, UVB, XRay, and more. X Ray are the main cause of decay of our cells, that’s why in those ancien time they could live much longer then we.
    I can assure you that I tell you the truth, the Creation at the beginning was truly magnificent and good for are body and soul, I’m certain of that, the truth are writin in the Bible, we have just to think about it.
    Brenda, you know that I’m clause to you because you are clause to the Christ. Please, let me be your beat option in life, it would be so refreshing for me. I don’t ask you more that I could do, all that I ask is to put the spirit that speak to you to the test, like you should do accordind to the Scriptures.
    That’s why I’m asking you to walk with me like if you were my blood sister, would you try Brenda? My heart is full of affection for you, because you search God like I do.
    Would you be clause to my heart like I am clause to your’s? I only want one thing from you. Think my sister, don’t accept spirit like coming from God, test those spirit like the Bible have teach us to do, let your LOGIC be your guide, you have nothing to loose to do so, I care for you, like Jesus care for me, will you do it my loving sister?

    Bye Brenda, more to come

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi Starheater,

      Starheater, the reason why I have not been able to correspond to you is your own unbelief. Because you doubt my experiences, what I know and how I learned it, you insist I doubt it and want me to ‘test’ it. You have no trust in my experiences – though you have very little knowledge of any of them, and you doubt my hearing from God, though you only know what I’ve shared on WM – which is very little indeed, and know nothing of other things He has spoken to me. You have a problem with unbelief, and you don’t know how to let the witness of the Spirit of God be your guide in all things. I’m glad you understand some things in your mind Starheater, but following God takes walking in and knowing His Spirit – which our minds resent and consider foolishness (I Cor. 2: 14).

      If you have ever had a living revelation from God, then you should know what I mean when I say that the instant God spoke to me, I KNEW it was Him, and I knew what He desired from me – in an instant, without Him saying one more thing other than, “Brenda! I love you!” If you have never had such a witness, or if you’ve not heard from God in the manner I’ve described, you lack tremendously in your walk with God, and could use a great deal of coaching yourself – though you haven’t heard me say such a thing until now, and that is because I’ve been much more trusting of God with your salvation, than you have been of mine.

      I have much to share of what God has said and done, but I will not strive with someone. Nor will I work against how God has led me to be, and walk with Him, because another person does not want to understand or hear what I’m saying. Compare what you said to me about 1 1/2 years ago, to what you’ve said to me in the last few months – they’re like polar opposites. You came on the scene telling people at WM that if “Brenda says she hears from God and has seen angels, it’s because she is a Christian….” (Around Feb – March 2013) and now all you can say is how deceived and in need of help I am. If you want to believe that Starheater, that’s up to you, but I know better, and will continue to walk with Him.

      Understand I don’t need to ‘test’ what I already know is true – that is foolishness. Like not believing you have taken a drink of water when you just ran the tap, filled your glass, and drank the water. If I were close to your heart as you claim I am Starheater, you would witness to what I’m saying. If you cannot, that is a statement about where you stand, and the only thing I can suggest you do is make no judgments until you go to God yourself and wait upon Him until you hear from Him on this issue. Now if you can’t abide by that, there’s nothing for us to talk about. The choice is yours Starheater.

  5. Brenda Brown says

    There aren’t too many things that are going to wipe out almost an entire planet of dinosaurs as quickly as ours were wiped out, so naturally a comet has to be one of the main considerations. It seems a bit funny though that you have to say ‘Extraterrestrial soot’ reveals the demise of dinosaurs, rather than the obvious – ‘A Comet wiped out……’. I would certainly think a comet would have ‘extraterrestrial’ soot since it didn’t take off from here and land again. I just think we crank that word out a little too often to add a side of weirdness that really doesn’t have to be there.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda

      I’m not sure at 100% what is the cause of the death of the Dinosaurs, because there are 2 causes that may be connected to their dissapearance.
      1. The Flood
      2. Man

      Those animals are great eaters, the surronding vegetation could have been menace.
      In the counterpart, if they were big, there are good reason to think that this was the case for humans too. The Bible say that they were Giants in those time, they could have created a race of Giants, as for the man, I think that is height was like today.

      Some Muslim Scholars have said that Adam was very high in height, I think that this is not true at 100%. Our DNA doesn’t permit this fantasy, ok for few exception, but not an entire race.
      I’m sure of 2 things about humanity, first; in the beginning a couple was here on Earth, and humanity came from this couple, second; we don’t come from monkey, the DNA is not compatible.

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Starheater,

        On these things we are agreed. Anything I’ve read about how quickly the dinosaurs died, shows a case for something extremely catastrophic – that had most of them either terrified and ‘running’ for the hills, or dead before they knew what happened, so a comet or meteorite is a likely scenario.

        • Starheater says

          Hello Brenda

          The thing that was catastrophic had happen 4500 B.C., it was a huge asteroid that have enter our Solar System. This asteroid was follow by a multitude of other much smaller meteorite. In those ancien time, the Earth was cover by a sphere of ice water, pure ice water (Genesis 1:6-8), this big asteroid have break the ice sphere that was surrounding entirely our Earth, that’s why it rain for 40 days and nights (our 24 hours days). But this was not the main reason of a Flood, the Earth crack open to liberate water that was kept under pressure in the Earth crust. This was the main reason why we found different kind of bones all mixe up in no particuliar order. This catastrophic disaster was so great that it went all around the Earth, East to West, North to South.
          Only the animal that was in the Ark was spare, the rest died from this disaster, humans include. I don’t have to tell you that the story of Noah have been registred by all the Nations that was born from the 8 survivors.

          All the main Nations have predicted great catastrophic changes for the next decade, this have been prdicted so they could search God with all their hearts, have those Nations succeded? No, they go for worse in their bad hearts, nature is all upset by our habit and bad science, but there is hope for those who believe in Christ, yes for them, Christ will do wonderfull things, so don’t worry those who have the Christ for leader, you will not be dissapointed by the True God, whoever you are, whaterver you will be, stay in your Master Mercy, you will not regret it, i’m sure about that.

          Bye for now, more later

          • Brenda Brown says

            Hi Starheater,

            Yes, I’d heard that there was some kind of covering around the earth – I didn’t realize it was ice particles, but I did hear that it kept the planet like a nursery. Of course when the asteroid went through that, it would be disastrous. Makes sense to me!

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