Experiencing the God-Pixel Universe

Experiencing the God-Pixel Universe

by Ron O. Cook

Long ago, I experienced an awakening to the discipline/s of Virtual Reality through what I called The Human Intellectual Utility. I was working with a collection of foundational folks in Austin, Texas who seemed interested in my ideas on Educational Delivery Systems that would someday use the intranet to teach our children via simulation and expert systems. Well, after many presentational attempts with the Texas Education Agency and the State Board of Education those of us who had the ideas soon went back home to our respective brain trusts to store away our research papers (in hidden places) what could have been the greatest boon to the experience of learning in human history. Rather than the total immersion of learning just about everything in this holographic universe, Virtual Reality went on to the realms of video games and wars of stars instead of education. Xbox aside, it could have been much more exciting to all of us and perhaps someday it will. To some degree, it already has for this practitioner (me) of seeing the universe through God-Pixels. The God Particle has now become the “God-Pixel” generated universe of mental information processing.

I am a graphic designer who was blessed with a mind that can virtually go anywhere in the known universe and enter these zones in a number of ways whereby I may fly through just about every scenario of existence. Some call this level the Information Float or the Mirror-scape.  I have an upper room and I have my home office where I have chucked the two spaces full of data on this thing we call Life. Now with the coming of a concept that will take us all on any journey to virtually anywhere, one can conceive and create with a Reality Grabber that will soon find its way into our immersive realms serviced by The Grid (internet or World Wide Web).
Below are segments of some of our brainstorming form back in the early 80s and 90s. 

Hidden deeply in the current research and development surrounding the disciplines of Virtual Reality, there lurks a potentially new understanding of immortality and Divine Providence.  Virtual Reality (which means the experiencing of an implied state of alternate being in a tacit environment of sensual stimuli that contributes to an illusionary or augmented reality for the one who experiences) is about to blow the lid off of current philosophical and religious understanding.  VR will literally shake the ground-works of all philosophies of reality and establish a new vortex of universal understanding in the mind/s of future humanity.  We will soon see the roots and constructions of life, spirit, and matter through this new lens on tomorrow.

Virtual Reality is a human endeavor to participate in a computer-created world via computer-assisted sensors such as viewing goggles, gloves or a total sensor-suit.  Those who mentally travel in this newly created world can experience perceptual stimuli that approaches the visual and tactile expressions of reality.  The Department of Defense and NASA have plans to converge robotics with VR to allow a cyber-astronaut to travel, work, and fight in hostile environs while controlled by a human at a remote site.  With such capabilities, we would be able to explore the universe from our own living rooms.  Imagine putting on a head-mounted display and body-sensor suit that would correspond to sensors in a robot that might be millions of miles away — say on Mars.  You could actually become part of a cyber-being that would interact with the Martian environment.  You would be able to experience all the wonders of such a far away place in a direct sensory manner.  

No discovery or invention of man can hold a candle to the blue-white laser blast that is about to flash across the horizon of humanity’s existence in this manifest state of earthly being.  The automobile, television, space travel — you name it, nothing means more to us than the idea that is hidden in the physics and metaphysics of Virtual Reality.  This idea will serve as a point of departure to new dimensions of amplified being to a high becoming.  The idea is the understanding of the meaning of Logos or Reason.  If we are careful in this first step on the threshold of the absolute, we will begin to decipher the codes that will send us into the occupation of universe building and beyond.

How can this be?  The last time mankind came so close to the gods, they gave the tower of Babylon its namesake with many languages to confuse the feebleminded being that would dare to learn the meaning of life.  This time, if we are cautious, we may finally join the lesser gods in springing into a whole new dimension of understanding.  Virtual Reality, along with the understandings of Fractal Geometry, Nanotechnology, Holography, Laser-tech, and other leading-edge, computer driven technologies, will show us the way to how Deity and Its powerful energy or spirit can broadcast itself into the virtual reality that we all are experiencing at present…the manifest universe.

According to Michael Heim, who wrote “The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality”, there are seven divergent directions that VR research is moving through.  They are:  Simulation, Interaction (augmented reality), Artificiality, Immersion, Telepresence, Full-body Immersion, and Networked Communications.  These seven directions will someday reconvene offering humanity the tools to recreate himself to his creation and his dreams.  One may join the newly advocated theory of a Holographic Universe touted by David Bohm, Karl Pribram and Michael Talbot, then charge its mathematics with Benoit Mandelbrot’s Fractal Geometry (which can emulate all known visual universes) and we are on our way to seeing the deeper aspects of existence. 

Virtual reality will soon allow us to become anyone, anything, anywhere, anyhow, anywho-beings when we flip the switch and step into a high resolution, 3-dimensional visual-sound, pheromone aided environment.  There, our real sensory systems will suffer a paradigm shift into a world augmented by heads-up displays of hypereality, cyberspace/form, and amplified knowledge available in a mirror-world context, at speeds that will seem like reality is blending into super-reality.  We will be able to learn everything we learned in high school in a few short sessions.  If Marshall McLuhan thought that television rendered high school obsolete, then VR will render current learning and education meaningless.  All knowledge will be gestalt and inherent in this new Virtual Realm of human inculcation. 

Total access will be at our behest.  You will be able to live through any animal; dive to the depths of your own blood stream; repair your own body from within, live in deep space in a robot body that will become your home or work away from home, and when the robot sleeps you repair and feed (energize) it and yourself.  You may even share in your robot’s informational dreams.  You will be able to visit virtual worlds within virtual worlds and might even lose yourself or perhaps die in a virtual world before realizing that you really are alive in your own living room.  Of course, you may really be dead.

Can you see what I am showing you?  Who is to say whether or not our lives are really virtual realities for ourselves or a higher form?  Localization is suspect.  Where do you truly exist?  The ancient Essenes and Egyptians (Zep Tepi) said that you exist as spirit or animator occupying a form in physicality as a means of motivation.  You are eternal to the form experiencing data on the FLY.  Modern day religions say the same thing.  Is religion really technology that we think is magical but its really VR in true syntax.  Sumerian texts say that the gods came to earth to work the gold mines and became tired.  They made a lesser man (via genetic engineering?) and dismembered (divided) a god to use his breath or spirit to drive the beings they made.  Many ancient religions such as the Aztecs, Egyptians and others speak of the many faceted god/s that occupies all of us in our clay-based bodies. It is time we became savvy to the programs that are manifesting our so-called reality.

What we are learning today about evolving Physics (another word for Godhood?) in Quantum areas, shows us that locating the being on one level is extremely difficult at another level.  Flesh and blood or “meat” as William Gibson referred to our bodies as, in his book Neuromancer, is matter that is glued together by a matrix of being driven by the irradiating force of a peculiar light. We do not know what light is.  This thinking, vibrant mind-form seems to be onboard a body but is extremely elusive when brain studies are conducted.  What animates our brains and remembers, acts exactly like a holographic entity because it does not necessarily lose its memory even when 90% of the brain is inactive or cut away.  A hologram that is fragmented can reconstitute the original when light is passed through the part.  The part knows the whole.  The holographic-like brain seems to act as an interface to reality — a lens of complex sensory capability that allows a spirit to manipulate the toys of a dimensional virtual reality via waves and interference waves of information animated in feedback loops.

Virtual Reality (VR) is not only a Disney, X-box or Nintendo device for life-like reality simulation for a youthful cyber-traveler; but is now making its way into medical training classrooms as well.  According to Virtual Reality World magazine, software is currently available that will offer medical schools an amplified educational tool that will give future doctors opportunities to operate or deeply examine any and all physical situations without a patient, pig, or cadaver.  Because behavioral modeling and collision detection can be programmed in an application, the actual reactions to an operation are all a part of the feedback to a practitioner.  The problems with financing and programming virtual reality have also been reduced significantly with the introduction of the Silicon Graphics’ Open Graphics Library (OpenGL).  This system represents a standard for 3-D programming, a necessity in tomorrow’s training programs.

Virtual Reality World indicated that Dr. Jonathan R. Merril, MD, Director of 3-D visualization for High Techsplanations, Inc., and others have utilized the OpenGL through Telos™ to build environments for authoring interactive, behavioral, 3-D models for medical training.  What this means to medical marketing, training, patient-prep, treating, and curricular articulation is totally astounding.  Real-time  learning without the need to “kill a cat” for practice, plus the speed of recovering volumes of material at exponential rates is just a few of the derived benefits of VR. 

Speculation runs rampant when one adds the development of VR micro-robotics that will be injected into the patient allowing the doctor to become the probe that can find and correct disorders on a micro scale.  Utilizing a head-mounted display with gloves a doctor will someday be able to enter a human environment (body), virtually and in reality, to utilize on-board tools connected to sensory devices both on the probe and in the HMD system.  Its like super distance-learning where you are two places at once doing the thinking outside the body while your tools and sensory connections are inside the patient or more strangely…your own body.

Micro and Nano technologies are even now being developed that could someday see manipulations via a VR system that physically corrects on the genetic or more deeply the atomic levels.  What will speed up our research and development will be the rapid movement away from the old ways of training and educating our doctors and our students toward the new interactive VR systems.  The quicker we grasp the new methodologies appearing before our HMD visors, the quicker we correct disorder and disease.

It has been the crusade of this writer and other advocates, involved in the utilization of technology for education, to suggest that we in Texas not allow other areas of the world to overshadow our intellectual capabilities by joining this new era with our own unique educational offerings.  That being, the establishment of a future-oriented community dedicated to the high-tech cyber-arts waiting on NAFTA’s gateway-horizon.  When one considers the power of VR to medical training, it also points up the potential of such innovation to our public educational programs.  Because the study of humanity represents vast categories of interfacing communications from macro to micro strata, medicine is a natural to lead the way into all disciplines that will impact tomorrow’s socioeconomic world.  The medical community must show us the way to future developments in the interactive VR realms of educational training rather than our current military orientation found in most arcades.

In the coming months, a New World City (internet technopolis) concept will begin to explore the potential of technology, science and education in a new business format for a specialized community development.  It will represent more than that of a university, foundation, government, nation, or corporation could build, because all of the above will be a part of the direction we are collectively heading as a technological society.  That direction is the future with its baggage of trends and conditions, which could not be met without a mega-educational effort not unlike the Manhattan Project for the state of Texas.  It will incorporate the human genome into a fractal environment that can be manipulated, digitized, and converted into a holographic world of nanotechnology that will reproduce reality as never before experienced.  To be educationally ready for this phase II civilization, will require the minds of the medical community and the world.

America, indeed the world, needs a great CONFAB — a forum for total input and dialogue for discussion about humanity’s future.  Whether initiated by government, business or the people, we need to know where we are going in this new century so we can prepare our society for what the demands will be.  We the people should initiate the call for such a forum to be established.  Perhaps it will take some time for the consequences to sink in to our poor minds since we as a nation/s or a people have somehow lost the capability for individual creative actions.  So many of us have tasted the opiate of government welfare and dominance that thinking on our own without some polarizing politico’s help just seems almost impossible.  The fact remains; we need to get a better picture of what our future holds for us. We need a Holo-gestalt Index.

This people’s forum could take the form of a Human Utility Index (HUI) — a multi-faceted organizational system that would include an international World Wide Web format or Info Grid with data feedback capabilities open to all.  It would serve to build a national experience that would call on all our talents to be utilized for developing “what-if” scenarios along with the systems to accomplish the building of new concepts.  Minute-by-minute Internet data about the world economy and case history info, would establish what we are as members of the global village. IM or Instant Messaging would quicken the experience of the system and open up the human mind to all avenues of communication/s. 

Demographic and psychographic data also would play a part in deciphering the directions for economic planning.  A quality-of-experience matrix would graphically show us just what the variables would be with each suggested action discussed in holistic dialogue.  This graphic matrix of human creative action would help each individual to plot his future based on projected information utilizing the trends and conditions input into the forum of collective humanity.  The data could be distributed in all interactive media on a daily basis and we the people could know what the quality of our lives are at any one moment thereby allowing us to react in order to correct for any detrimental trends that might impact our souls. Such a system could end government, as we know it. This would be good. 

Areas of deficiency could be identified and instantly systems to rectify aberrations would array forces toward actions or choice of actions.  Gap analysis, content analysis, differential analysis and holo-gestalt analysis could be utilized in order to implement strategies for new job-oriented development.  Creating jobs and ideas would be what we need to keep our international economies refreshed.

So who will take the Human Utility Index and make it work for our world?  What great corporate concern/s will sponsor these on-going phenomena of collective human potential and creativity? Will Texas stand as the first in the world to implement VR Learning?

We need ideas in the mental infrastructure.  We need to communicate these ideas and we need the right people to accomplish these concerns.  Our civilization will not be able to survive unless we all awaken to the serious facts of our unbelievable future.  The facts point to a process of living and learning on the fly.  Human guerilla fighting in a world that is moving too fast for the lazy minds that just wondered out of the mall, is what we may face.  We are currently mentally unprepared for the speed of tomorrow’s systems and events.

VR’s software and hardware generate enough stimuli outside one’s sense organs to indicate the existence of alternate worlds.  When this happens, a person’s nervous system kicks into gear and treats that simulated world as real.  So, to the mind it becomes a window to a Techni-colored world of amplified dreams, or learning experiences that seem real, plus it also allows your friends to suit up and join your virtual reality.

If you think that’s unbelievable, listen to this –technologists and scientists for the Department of Defense and NASA are working hard to help us get more out of virtual reality.  They are working on a kind of camera that will reach out and grab reality no matter where it is and project additional information to augment areas once thought impossible to know.  If just a tiny particulate of the once known reality can be quantified, then its reality can possibly be reconstituted using all the known equations of today’s reality.  What kind of camera could do this?   Some call it a reality-grabber.     

The reality-grabber is a computerized configuration that can measure and organize the reality that it comes in contact with via conventional camera and sophisticated digital scanning conversions of a multiplicity of electromagnetic data.  Holography and fractal geometry would play an important role in the output of its malleable data.  Such a device would also know where it is at all times in the physical environment as it relates to planetary data.  With the above data and a “mirror” software ability to record every little bit of changing information, such an apparatus could record information that would make Virtual Reality as common as today’s television only with billions of alternative programming options possible.  Individuals wishing to have their own interactive ability with the output program could easily experience any number of sequences that others may never stumble upon.  Variety would indeed be the spice of life.

When the RG becomes available to VR, think of all the possibilities for learning and entertainment.  Simulation of every physical task could be available for instant replay.  The reality-grabbers resolution of visual data will be astonishing, because holographic images (dynamic-data) will be delivered for life-like learning or experiencing via any format of delivery with computer enhancement amplifying its data-signals what ever its “footprint.”  The media will no longer be the message; instead — the message will be the message. Such a machine to organize distribute vast amounts of information would allow you to become a Steven Spielberg because the entire studio would be at your fingertips for editing, special effects, reshooting, sound track, lighting mixing and etc.  There’s no redoing the scene because any and all possible alternatives could be reconstructed with the available data of the reality-grabber.

Ultra-vicarious experiences will be possible if the RG has just a few points to triangulate in order to reconstitute.    We are talking about a world of instant mirroring of reality for reuse.  It’s like a radio talk show that broadcasts a few seconds after the primary incidence except you can change its outcome for interfacing and integration.  This will allow many things:  to replay reality, even get ahead of what is really happening so trial and error strategy can anticipate what the outcome might be; to create alternate case histories that aren’t even history yet; to simulate the future.  The idea of creating a mirror world is perhaps so new that even I cannot think of all the possibilities.

I believe that one repercussion will be that we will have to rethink the concept of working.  Many people are already out of a job because of technology and its only getting worse.  With this new powerful concept of Virtual Reality exploding because of the reality-grabber almost all creative activities will also ignite.  Consider that all of us will be showing off the “systems” creativity, who will be around to buy?  Since technology replaces humanity, who will be able to afford it? Never fear, the universe of mind is wide open for business. 

If we develop a reality-grabber that’s better than the human mind, where will we find ourselves?  True it will amplify our capabilities to that of godhood, but what about the rest of us?  Some of us will become living gods — being able to afford the technology that will educate our children at a light-years level over the common child’s inaccessible capabilities.  We will create the ultimate disparity open to polarizations that will need to be addressed in a civilization that jumps to a new punctuated equilibrium.  Conflict resolution will certainly be the business to be involved in, as humanity continues to become the behemoth some of us once saw on our horizon.

Virtually every visual symbol is utilized with each principle learned. Not only would one learn the elements and principles of a designed form of expression they would inculcate associative data that would amplify their total knowledge of an entry or point of departure elemental. This form of amplification would also include other languages and abstract associations. RPG learning is a good example.  I once taught this Virtual Realm to amplify the mind and I know the value of such learning. My studio is filled with programs such as the new Skyrim and many, many more versions of today’s Games. One learns by doing the process and seeing the repercussions of an act or potential act in the human infrastructure. The levels of learning are exponential beginning with the simplest elementals and progressing holographically to infinity. Bifurcation of thought takes place and relationships are drawn. One must live the experience intuitively and visually. In every visual experience much time is paid to development of visual acuity. In this process one learns by seeing the presentation of gestalts from the simplest elemental to the entire system over time. For humanity to step into the modality of Higher learning he/she would begin to discern the God-Particle via the God-pixilated universe of Virtual Realms.  


  1. Tantratek says

    Coming to terms with this present reality that i find myself in, this body, this mind, this heart, these thoughts and these feelings, is enough for me to enjoy and suffer and wonder at and fear and be in awe and explore. I appreciate your enthusiasm for technology and its future capabilities, but the miracle of this existence and the challenge of realizing and overcoming my own psychic limitations, discovering the power of my Human Will and learning how to grow tomatos and teaching children not to drop litter, is work enough, without putting on goggles to other worlds. Have you really accomplished full integration and mastership of your present Earth-body before putting on a suit of a Mars-body?
    Perhaps i sound like a dull parent who says to their trendy kids “What on earth is this music you are listening to?!” :)

    • says

      I know where you are coming from… I once taught school on various levels and know it is hard enough to just get through an average day. Many of us do not get past these days before we are out the backdoor of reality and never had the experience of a deeper reality. As a youth, I worked hard to learn how to meditate and utilize my mind and body to circumvent the tried and average daily trials. If one goes to Nature and concentrates via prayer and meditation for two hours they may open the door to advancing their consciousness to higher levels. I had uncles and family who helped me become more… I was lucky. There are so many things we do not see for life itself…but, the secret is there to realize. Knock and the door will be opened.

  2. says

    Long ago in a universe far, far away I saw the value of what computers could do to and for the Human Race. It was back in the 70s when I wanted to get our computers to do graphics for our printing plants. We had the largest computers in the world back then and I thought we could create images for our printing plates. The research we did eventually worked, but my deeper discovery came when I was hired by a university’s presidents office to create graphic images for the use of marketing the place. One night I saw the Human Utility Index, in my dreams and then I started writing about it in every forum I could. That was long ago.

    Today I see the potential of my human utility index coming to manifestation by Facebook and now Google. See this: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/02/06/google-unveils-secret-project-to-solve-worlds-biggest-problems/?test=latestnews

  3. says

    THE GOD-PIXEL PARADIGM as applied to The Temple of Man. If we could amplify all data by the great minds of our past and our day, imagine how great we could become if we applied the Holo-gestalt realm to the God-Pixel paradigm and be able to visit it via a Virtual Reality Theme.

    The Temple of Man — ELEMENTS

    “The mystery of the everyday; All the power of the father and of his fathers is in the seed. The genes in the chromosomes carry the father’s whole heredity in form and substance, as well as all his characteristics. Then this seed fixes the heredity of the mother with the substance that provides its nourishment.

    The seed, with no visible or tangible form, is the pattern, the Idea of what it engenders; it is a transcendent power. Around a bodiless pattern a formless substance coagulates into a living being, complete, complex and thought by the power.

    In the esoteric action from the Idea to the form — its finality — come the exoteric, transitory “finalities,” the apparent, formal stages.

    It is the wonder of the world: everything that is, all that exists has seed; just as will and thought are the seeds of mental creation.

    One thought of the transcendent power compels one substance of the universal substance — passive, awaiting any seed — to become a specific product, an inheritor, a world that follows upon a world. One sole power in one sole substance works through all the transitory finalities toward the foreseen finality: man.

    And at the end of humanity comes man without body, substance within power.

    Not to be, then to be, and then to be no more is the pulsation that constitutes the apparent universe, the transitory finalities. Power –Idea, form finality, powers without form these are the vital alternations, the cosmic pulsations.

    The law of genesis establishes the unvarying rhythm in the succession of stages — the transitory finalities — between the Idea and the thing. Also, the organs that assimilate (through air, liquids, and solids) as well as the organs that inform (through intelligence and the senses are the issue of an energy of the same nature as the object they assimilate or experience.


    R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz

    • Charles Marcello says

      There are only two things I know are absolutes, and both keep me up at night from time to time.

      The first, God is! I don’t believe or question anymore, I know beyond fault God is. Which is one of the reasons I rage against the insanity of man and what every religion on this planet has done to God. While at the same time understanding, a creator of all, would need conscious life to know that it exists… though not all conscious life… while having conscious life is no guarantee this is all real. Which leads me to…

      The second, there is only one thing I guarantee is absolutely completely impossible… and that is that any of this, you and I and the entire universe exists at all. A complete impossibility! I wrote a poem about this many years ago titled, ‘Ah It’s Nothing’, I won’t bore you with the words, just know it was a argument against existence and how no matter how far you take the universe or God, if it wasn’t for nothing, nothing could exist.

      I like this concept Ron, kinda reminds me of the Matrix marries Total Recall (the movies)… if it were possible to close off our awareness of consciousness, and only leave the feeling of such without understanding… perhaps that would solve the nothing riddle and why things ARE no matter how hard we pretend otherwise… let alone, is it possible that’s the truth of our truth already? We are, are not, and yet IS? Those thoughts haunt me from time to time as I question tired actions while seeking new answers.

      –Charles Marcello

      • says

        My absolute is my being or my point of departure into the Other. I know there is ME and there is the OTHER. Everything outside of me or my mind is the Other. The Other gives me a reflection of data back to me. We are all Information. But I can take this information and make logical inferences that feedback and forth to create a universe of information. The seat of my existence is this thing that builds into a totality from an event horizon. The Other seems akin to Nothing that Is. “Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is.”

        I have surmised that the Other is me and I am the Other. I am in awe of being in this condition where I can be self-aware of all this information that seems to be enveloped in a package called Life. Is it self entertainment to the slice of God that we all are, or is it that we all are collectively the God that manifests all this into being and becoming? God seems to be multifaceted and multidimensional. I call this condition God, but it has many names. The one that exists in my sphere of influence is good and wonderful. I learn more of it daily and feel blessed to just be here. Exploring all of the feedback from the Other is wonderful. It is as if we all are part of this fiery intelligence that has existed as ALWAYS.

        The tired actions and the new answers are ever burgeoning. “Soulular Travel” is awesome.

    • says

      I am reminded of the phosphor/s that are irradiated by the light. The image forms, blazes forth and then disappears.

      Not to be, then to be, and then to be no more is the pulsation that constitutes the apparent universe, the transitory finalities. Power –Idea, form finality, powers without form these are the vital alternations, the cosmic pulsations. (de Lubicz)

      Yet, the Great realm of all this happenstance remains intact and is in constant motion. Its self-awareness is part of you and will ever be…as you are part of the whole. Pass on the Flame…

  4. says

    Indeed Charles, but we are fiery intellect that is self-aware and those of us filled with the verve to know, seek all data due to the fact that we are ourselves nothing but echelons of information on varying levels each leveraging this environment for power and control. To say that existence is uniform is perhaps as you indicate an illusion. It is indeed one Hell of an illusion and I for one know how to extrapolate the parameters of this illusion via Virtual Reality in a Mirror-world aspect. We build from what we know and record it for the future program. If we garner as much data as possible we can triangulate all possible aspects and build a model first then postulate the potential into a world of potential scenarios. One who utilizes the God-pixel program/s to project virtual realms of information can experience this potential. It is of course only a possibility but it is a start to expanding consciousness in this experience we call LIFE. As consciousness rises so does deity in this projected holographic environ.

  5. says

    Robert, I am working on a universal mind that manifests here as all of us. My God is a multi-dimensional, multifaceted being that lives in virtually every particulate of this Holo-gestalt realm. Portions of this Mind rises and falls in power and force herein. We utilize these bodies as a means of motivation in physicality but never die nor could we. See the ZetaBox above. Robert, check my website and get my e-mail so we may collaborate with Alex on amplification of this great website.

  6. Ab Asaff says

    Thinking is the best way to travel. To fly to the Sun without burning a wing, to lay in the medeow and and hear the grass sing, to have in us all these things, to helps to fly, to be free.

    • says

      Hi Ron,
      GREAT POST You are leaving me behind, but look up my son Ken in Austin. I am working on a God in 5 persons theory adding a Daughter and Mother to the Trinity. Mother Earth of course is Real and Daughter may be an incarnation.

    • Charles Marcello says


      I see you changed the ending segment of that song… it used to end with a sinister/are you truly that gullible laughter…


      How does one truly experience anything without completely becoming the one… by not knowing anything other then the total sum experience of that one? Isn’t any artificial existence simply pretending, so therefore any data collected is more fiction then reality based, for wouldn’t we know we are acting the way we believe something should behave, verses not knowing any better? Take us, we live our present off of past actions, while very few pull away an question not only the direction, but the wisdom or lack thereof of all human actions. So therefore any experience outside ourselves is truly nothing more then pretending as children do. Perhaps the creator of this universe knows what they or it is doing? So though we may play, we can only truly experience this one life, no matter how many different (physical or digital textual) costumes we try on. In other words, wouldn’t all that work equal nothing more then an illusion wrapped inside itself?

      –Charles Marcello

  7. says

    In the coming weeks I will post additional information on the Concept of The God-Pixel Universe that should be scheduled to saturate the human intellectual utility very soon. This HIU has been manifest into what Facebook and Google are currently expressing with their various product lines. Someone will soon take those lines and utilize a software-like methodology not unlike the Human Mind’s use of neurons to construct a massive realm where one will be able to access all of existence from past to future and fly in and through this information float to discover unlimited data on all of the known universe. It is almost here, Mirrored Realms available to everyone. Unless we are about to run up against the Tower of Babel here, it will entirely blow your mentality as to what lurks in the new technology. Get ready for a new departure on existence.


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