Establishing a Human Utility Index

Establishing a Human Utility Index Will Maintain the “Mirrored Society” on the Fly

By Ron O. Cook

You see it coming don’t you. Sure, you see the unbridled technological future being primed to explode all over our society. You see the edge of technology even in war strategy and strategic planning. Every publication of record has its feature story touting the harbinger of “Mirror Instancy” – technology or cyber-werk. Sociologists are writing about its dawning and humanity’s subsequent upheaval of social unrest that will follow its burgeoning florescence. Our friends and co-workers are asking themselves, “Where will I work when these Cyber-Ops systems take over my job?” How will the common man survive in the Human Utility Index?

Middle management positions are slipping away and are being alleviated or cutback due to amplified options. Super fast systems are proliferating everywhere within the nation’s biggest and most successful business employers. With belts tightening everywhere due to the recession and indecision of government interference, smart thinkers see how the edge can be amplified. If the World’s situations are not solved soon, a world war could be on our horizon. Many folks are highly qualified to work but are passed over for younger less knowledgeable but more cyberly-educated employees via outsourcing. Baby-boomers are increasingly being let out to pasture without their full retirements. Who wants to retire anyway? We all should be encouraged to contribute to humanity. But No, the monster is growing exponentially.

McDonald’s could soon be automating as well as Taco Bell. Soon we will be able to drive up and put in a few dollars at a totally automated, human-less store that was supposed to save the day with service sector jobs. Computer-aided manufacturing and designing are being amplified by expert systems that are designing themselves. Robotics and Micro-machining concept areas are on the rise beyond nanotechnology. Soon our children will be offered schooling that no longer requires the social experience of actually going to the community classrooms. They will learn at virtually reality workstations at home or on the fly with their note-pads and progress at their own pace due to the demand. Students are already experiencing secondary social experience in the cyber-domain. Of course one wonders what they will be learning to do since the jobs we once had are no longer going to be there. Do we need to “spring” into the universe with macro thinking or will we soon face Cyber-doom?

New jobs are what we must be creating now — or new attitudes. Somewhere someone is creating new jobs with all this new computer power — right? Yes, someone is making more jobs that will require us to just push buttons or perhaps clap our hands for an automated response. With the current politicos in power, surely some creativity must be coming from R&D departments in government or in the private sector? Don’t fool yourself my friend — creating new construction jobs, or public works projects will only be short-termed. The world elite may have written the average human being out of the loop. As we continue to substitute automata for “humanata” we write the need for the Human Intellectual Utility off the list. Where will we put the 6.8 billion persons living on Earth by 2011? What will they do to support themselves? We need a new direction or philosophy to live by.

Human Obsolescence is peering at us from every corner of the economic spectrum. Things are just no longer done the way they were when we were kids. We are not adequately prepared to address the sudden high unemployment that will be and currently is facing us in the next few years due to political or human engineering, and the repercussions thereof. Many parts of the world are already feeling the pains of stealthy (sneaky) change. With the rich getting richer and the poor being separated from their former livelihood/s a critical eventuation is staring us in the face.

If you can’t see the future coming, one sure way of knowing that change is way past us, is to look at your local, state and national governments. They are taking your tax dollars hand over fist just as fast as their greedy big hands can move even with showy tax cuts. Their goal is to become the protector of all those for whom work is no longer possible. Programs for working us through their systems are already prepared so some of us will survive just long enough to vote for them. Don’t worry; it is all being taken care of just for you. Most of us will be so old by the time this system gets installed that we won’t have the strength to raise a fist full of credits much less dollars. The Future is killing our future and a once strongly defined potential along with it. A highly educated group is being ignored and pushed into the agglomeration – Soylent Green.

America, indeed the world, needs a great CONFAB…a forum for total input and dialogue for discussion about humanity’s future. Whether initiated by government, business or the people, we need to know where we are going in this new century so we can prepare our society for what the demands will be. We the people should initiate the call for such a forum to be established. Perhaps it will take some time for the consequences to sink into our poor minds since we as a nation/s or a people have somehow lost the capability for individual creative actions. So many of us have tasted the opiate of government welfare and dominance that thinking on our own without some polarizing politico’s help just seems almost impossible. The fact remains; we need to get a better picture of what our future holds for us. We need an index.

This people’s forum could take the form of a Human Utility Index (HUI) — a multi-faceted organizational system that would include an international data feedback capability on the net. It would serve to build a national experience that would call on all our talents to be utilized for developing “what-if” scenarios along with the systems to accomplish the building of new concepts. Minute-by-minute Internet data about the world economy and case history info, would establish what we are as members of the global universe. IGM or Instant Graphic Messaging would quicken the experience of the system not unlike what is coming from “Facebook” and its future offerings.

Demographic and psychographic data also would play a part in deciphering the directions for economic planning. A quality-of-experience matrix would graphically show us just what the variables would be with each suggested action discussed in holistic dialogue. This graphically dynamic matrix of human creative action would help each individual to plot his future based on projected information utilizing the trends and conditions input into the forum of collective humanity. The data could be distributed in all interactive media on a daily basis and we the people could know what the quality of our lives are at any one moment thereby allowing us to react in order to correct for any detrimental trends that might impact our souls.

Areas of deficiency could be identified and instantly (Mirror-like) interface the systems to rectify aberrations. It would array forces toward speedy action. Gap analysis, content analysis, differential analysis and holo-gestalt analysis could be utilized in order to implement strategies for new job-oriented development. The system would be totally expansive and highly amplified. It looks like China has the edge and the abject need to accomplish this feat first. Creating jobs and ideas would be what we need to keep our international economies refreshed.

So who will take the Human Utility Index and make it work for our world? What great corporate concern/s will sponsor these on-going phenomena of collective human potential and creativity? Perhaps it will be something that Google or Yahoo will see the value in — after all they have the computer infrastructure to accomplish this great service to mankind’s economic future.

We need ideas in the Mirrored Infrastructure. We need to communicate these ideas and we need the right people to accomplish these concerns. Our civilization will not be able to survive unless we all awaken to the serious facts of our unbelievable future. The facts point to a process of living and learning on the fly. Human guerilla fighting in a world that is moving too fast for the lazy minds that just wondered out of the mall, is truly what we are facing. It could be Mall-thusian Doom. We are currently mentally unprepared for the speed of tomorrow’s systems and events. Will somebody please stand and deliver the future to us now?


  1. Jason Apoyan says

    How much positions are in focus now with this cyber mirror world that is described the best way to view this world is of your own making thats why we are going to expand into all areas of research reluctant to go on any further due to their course so there is a means to an end here on course hope this makes sense.

  2. says

    Good to hear from you Daniel. I had many redheaded students of the more than 2,000 students I taught back then. I think I can picture you and a girl that was always with you but I am not sure. Did you wear glasses? I surely loved teaching and still try to pass on the flame as I encouraged you all to do back then. Send me an e-mail if you get a chance. Your old teacher, Mr. Cook

  3. daniel haupert says

    mr. cook! take your self back to a past frequency. robert e lee highschool. remember the procrastinating redhead? one daniel haupert? it’s so wonderful to see you in the game! your teachings pushed me further than most treks i’ve been on. i want to thank you for your insight, and wisdom. i use many of your lessons with my own students. of course i can only show them the door, they must walk through on their own. as time speeds up, so do i. thank you for opening my eyes, all of them. much love and light to you sir! enigmni is as beautiful as ever!

    • says

      Daniel, try to get back in touch with me. I want to pick your brain on what happened to you after you left my classroom. My former students are like my own children and I lost track of you too long ago.

      Mr. Cook

  4. says


    The “Reality Grabber” will Digitize Education
    and Everything Else to Create Mirror Worlds.

    By Ron O. Cook

    Most all of us are familiar with the concept of Virtual Reality. VR is an alternate reality filling the same sensory receivers in your brain otherwise filled by physical reality. It is created when people wear a Head Mounted Display (HMD) or computerized viewing-goggle and data-gloves or clothing over the sense organs. VR’s software and hardware generate enough stimuli outside one’s sense organs to indicate the existence of alternate worlds. When this happens, a person’s nervous system kicks into gear and perceives that simulated world as real. So, to the mind it becomes a window to a Technicolored world of dreams, or learning experiences that seem real, plus it also allows your friends to suit up and join your virtual reality.

    If you think that’s unbelievable, listen to this –technologists and scientists for business, the Department of Defense and NASA are working hard to help us get more out of virtual reality. They are working on a kind of camera that will reach out and grab reality no matter where it is. If just a tiny particulate of the once known reality can be quantified, then its reality can possibly be reconstituted using all the known equations of today’s reality. What kind of camera could do this? Some call it a “reality-grabber.”

    The reality-grabber is a computerized configuration that can measure and organize the reality that it comes in contact with via conventional camera and sophisticated digital scanning conversions of a multiplicity of electromagnetic data. Holography and fractal geometry would play an important role in the output of its malleable data. Such a machine would also know where it is at all times in the physical environment as it relates to planetary data. With the above data and a “mirror” software ability to organize every little bit of information, such an apparatus could record distribute information that would make Virtual Reality as common as today’s television only with billions of alternative programming options possible. Individuals wishing to have their own interactive ability with the output program could easily experience any number of sequences that others may never stumble upon. Variety would indeed be the spice of life.

    When the RG becomes available to VR, think of all the possibilities for learning and entertainment. Simulation of every physical task could be available for instant replay. The reality-grabbers resolution of visual data will be astonishing, because holographic images (dynamic-data) will be delivered for life-like learning or experiencing via any format of delivery with computer enhancement amplifying its data-signals whatever its “footprint.” The media will no longer be the message; instead — the message will be the message. You become Steven Spielberg because the entire studio would be at your fingertips for editing, special effects, reshooting, sound track/s, lighting, mixing and etc. There’s no redoing the scene because any and all possible alternatives could be reconstructed with the available data of the reality-grabber.

    Ultra-vicarious experiences will be possible if the RG has just a few points to triangulate in order to reconstitute. We are talking about a world of instant mirroring of reality for reuse. Its like a radio talk show that broadcasts a few seconds after the primary incidence except you can change its outcome for interfacing and integration. This will allow many things: to replay reality, even get ahead of what is really happening so trial and error strategy can anticipate what the outcome might be; to create alternate case histories that aren’t even history yet; to simulate the future. The idea of creating a mirror world is perhaps so new that even I cannot think of all the possibilities.

    I believe that one repercussion will be that we will have to rethink the concept of working. Many people are already out of a job because of burgeoning technology and its only getting worse. With this new powerful concept of Virtual Reality exploding and because of the prospects of the reality-grabber, almost all creative informating (metamorphosis of media) activities will also ignite. Consider that all of us will be showing-off the “systems” creativity, who will be around to buy? Since technology replaces humanity, who will be able to afford it? Are we creating our own dead end?

    If we develop a reality-grabber that’s better than the human mind, where will we find ourselves? True it will amplify our capabilities to that of godhood, but what about the rest of us? Some of us will become living gods — being able to afford the technology that will educate our children at a light-year level over the common child’s inaccessible capabilities. We will create the ultimate disparity, opening ourselves to polarizations that will need to be addressed in a civilization and world that can literally jump to a new punctuated equilibrium — creating a new world overnight. Conflict resolution will certainly be the business to be involved in, as humanity continues to become the behemoth that some of us once saw on our horizon in the 60s and 70s.

  5. says

    We live on the FLY and by virtue of the technology amplification, we could spring from this planet into the universe. It just takes us too long to ramp up our intellect for the challenges that Technology has presented to us. I believe technology like this got us to Earth long ago and now perhaps we can awaken to our memory of what our mission in Time/Space truly is. Read Mirror Worlds in all this. I am getting older, but I taught the beginnings of Virtual Reality and Holography 25 years ago. No matter how old we are, we can think large.

    Ron O.

  6. jason apoyan says

    How much changes took place with the introduction of our cyber tech that we have now compaired to say 25 years ago,and who or what benefited,did the enviroment or did the easily bought consumer products,electronic equipment is everywhere,and so are people with these electronic goods,does that keep a healthy planet or even does a healthy planet keep them.

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