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In foregoing text in connection with the identification of energy components I used the word dowsing rod, which evokes among many people queries. The dowsing rod did not come-through even a single test and James Randi offers one million dollars to everybody who will designate the arbitrary medium hidden in one of ten containers. It is the interesting offer for dowsers, but till this time not a person has obtained the million dollars by James Randi. The questions then carry through and if I wish so as to my next version was not infirm too, I must first vindicate the reaction of dowsing rod.

In the year 1980 James Randi checked eleven dowsers in Australia. Ten water tubes were loaded below surface and in any moment during the test water could run randomly through one of them. The task of dowsers was to determine in which tube just the water runs through. The dowsers were not successful because the organizers of test determined in advance not realizable conditions and the dowsers could not be successful without knowledge the regularity of energy components and their characters.

James Randi has an international reputation as a magician and escape artist, but today he is best known as the world’s most tireless investigator and demystifier of paranormal and pseudoscientific claims. Randi has pursued “psychic” spoonbenders, exposed the dirty tricks of faith healers, investigated homeopathic water “with a memory,” and generally been a thorn in the sides of those who try to pull the wool over the public’s eyes in the name of the supernatural.  He has received numerous awards and recognitions, including a Fellowship from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in 1986.  On October 19, 1993, the PBS-TV “NOVA” program broadcast a one-hour special dealing with Randi’s life work, particularly with his investigations of Uri Geller and various occult and healing claims being made by scientists in Russia.  He is the author of numerous books, including The Truth About Uri Geller, The Faith Healers, Flim-Flam!, and An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural. His lectures and television appearances have delighted — and vexed — audiences around the world. In 1996, the James Randi Education Foundation was established to further Randi’s work. Randi’s long-standing challenge to psychics now stands as a $1,000,000 prize administered by the Foundation. It remains unclaimed.

The first condition for successful running of test is the selection of route, which the dowsers will come through at searching hidden plastic water pipe. The place must be acceptable from the aspect of energy components the other P-charges. The energy clean place in required length of route perhaps even does not exist. Before initiation of the test must its participants first map the whole route from the standpoint of energy components and designate them into the field. Movable and immovable EZ must be designated differently. During the test sky must be without clouds. On the whole route the plastic pipe can be placed in vertical direction to the route only one and all the time the water must run through. The P-charge of the water running through transfers the energy to surrounding rock and by local conditions accumulates and evokes there any time the reaction of dowsing-rod even past stopping the water. Ten pipes, in which the water shuts and opens in turns, evoke in the place of route only energy disturbance.

The test must proceeds so that its participant comes through the route and marks by the dowsing rod all reactions and he makes the control identification also in opposite direction and if the reactions are identical the lay out of EZ is there finished. Then the assistant performs the visual evaluation of distances the EZ. Somewhere in the center of some tens distances one several times bigger spacing is situated. It is the energy space and the hidden pipe is situated in its middle at where the dowsing-rod has not responded the place. This procedure is accepted only for metal dowsing-rod of the shape and size according to the picture No. 1. (A photo of dowsing-rod I will send gladly).

The impeaching of activity the dowsing-rod follows also from the fact that as far no measuring instrument has been constructed, which could identically signify its reactions. All of us know very well the standpoint of skeptics and when we value their arguments from the standpoint of finding the present science we must agree with them. But only the little completion of existing findings will be enough and the criticism of dowsing-rod will receive another appearance.

I shall describe the meeting with a man who evoked the admiration for his extraordinary abilities. People with those abilities are usually born but Mr. Oldrich Hradil (1912 – 1989) was different. He lost his ability to feel warm and cold after the hard poisoning by lead but his receptors reacted to something mysterious and at first he was not able to orient in it. But already in the hospital he identified that the unknown feeling, which radiated in his body from his legs to his head or the other way round, evoked people who moved through the corridor separated from his bed by wall. During some few days he learned to differentiate whether a woman or a man walked through the corridor. After my familiarization with him he differentiated already eighty reactions, which provoked most different percepts on his receptors. By the help of pure flat hand he identified sorts of metals masked in boxes, at a cemetery he determined reliably with the bound eyes whether a man or a woman or a man and a woman are buried in the grave. He told me that my neighbor in the cottage across the street is suffering from cancer (which was later truly approved). He recorded much more impulses than I am able to identify with the dowsing-rod and besides with the difference that he proved their sources and intensity promptly. The decedent master Frantisek Kahuda experimented with special abilities of Mr. Hradil long ago and guided due registrations about it.

In the course of meeting with Mr. Hradil I understood that the sensor for measuring instrument supplying the dowsing-rod, which I seek in vain for many years, has every man (maybe also other organisms) built in the body. I suppose that if the receptors of warm and cold can be affected by the lead to react alike the dowsing-rod, it could be experimented with it. After the inquiries among physicians and by study of technical literature I came to the opinion that it will not be easy. The mentioned receptors of warm and cold are hitherto in the sphere of medicine, which must be first explored and the present finding don´t enable any utilization of receptors for another research. Thereof follows on that the dowsing-rod, as well as the receptors of warm, lies in the sphere, which so far has not been discovered. The using of term “unscientific” in connection with the dowsing rod appears like outmoded. It is necessary to realize that the reaction of dowsing-rod and energy to what the dowsing rod reacts is conformable with the natural principles, which all of us know very well – repulsive power and charge-flux.

Faraday gave reasons for the charge flux but the repulsive power has not been motivated up to this day. Textbooks mention that we don´t know why it happens, we know only the experimental fact that two positive bodies repel each other. I suppose that in this detail, which Faraday and his followers did not matter, is hidden heap sight than the secret of dowsing-rod. The demonstration of charge flux is for physics only the laboratory matter, I have not found anywhere the finding that it operates on all tips, which are around us, such as towers, chimneys, high buildings etc. In the other text I will deal with the mentioned phenomena more closely and I will argue their exploitation in history.

When I got knowledge from Internet about the million dollars, which Mr. Randi offers for identification the correct container, I decided to examine it and I bought ten containers. Past some few weeks of experiments I understood that isn´t easy to determine the correct container but I obtained more other experience. The energy cleanest place for experiments with containers, which I looked for in my surroundings, was the lonesome asphalt surface. Only EZ and interzones of subterranean cable 22 kW, EZ and interzones of subterranean wells and also some unknown EZ were there situated. The immovable energy components of cable I designated by paint and every day I monitored the moving energy components. I located the containers at the places out of EZ and interzones and afterwards I asked the assistant to place the charge high-density condenser into one of the containers. It was queer that I designated the proper container without hesitation and I realized that Mr. Randi would not offer the million dollars any longer if it were so easy. I was not wrong because within next days I indicated the empty containers. So that to find out the reason for such bad success I attended to the research of test surface and every day I noted to the plan all energy components, which I identified there. It was time-consuming because the metal dowsing rod responds to EZ and interzones only in vertical direction or in a short variation from it. On that account is necessary to execute the identification in more different routs.

I found out that only EZ and interzones of underground cable were situated at the identical place, the other energy components changed their positions. Squally clouds call up the energy chaos as well as the variable flowage of watercourse. I didn´t find an answer for the change of energy components in the short interval when the test site was wet after rain. I came to the conclusion that I could succeed in Mr. Randy´s test with ten containers only if it were at that time when it operates, which cannot be exactly determined. There is not possible to do this test at town development where every make and outage of electric consumer changes the structure of energy raster. If Mr. Randi contents himself with another test I could prepare the unlimited number of assistants whose dowsing rods will react uniformly. I mean the identification “the hard” and the stationary EZ of high voltage distribution.

Everybody will be interested why is impossible to find out at least some few dowsers whom the dowsing-rod would react identically. The suggestions for reactions of dowsing-rods are plenty as well as many other effects, which affect the reactions by other way. The size and the shape of metal dowsing-rod are one of the effects. I use the dowsing-rod, which gets to open hand (picture 1). It reacts to EZ and interzones if its face is 6 cm long. If I shorten its face a cm to 5 cm it reacts only to EZ and doesn´t react to interzones. It is the weighty finding and without it the energy components could not be differentiated. The unification of dowsing rod´s reactions among members of dowsing groups could make possible to pursue the statistical research systematically. Every new finding requires the sets of tests and more of experimentalists would speed up the research.

From time to time somebody asks me to demonstrate the identification of energy components and I satisfy because sometimes I tutor something too. Usually I begin with demonstration of dowsing-rod´s reactions in ES of brook and I describe the characteristics of ES. If somebody repeats it with his own dowsing-rod he does not succeed because his dowsing-rod reacts else. If he tries it again with my dowsing-rod his reactions are the same with mine. The same repeats at the identification of EZ and interzones. In the crowded town development the numberless P-charges are interactive and create there the common ES at big surfaces. In this surrounding the dowsing-rod reacts unlikely and restrictedly. I consider the orientation in ES like a fundamental premise for the work with dowsing-rod. Several times I tried hard to pass on my closely described experience but I was not a success because during the visual exhibits some practices are to be repeated and improved.

We can prove the infallibility of dowsing-rod by following experiment. We shall mark out the EZ on the one hand of watercourse to the distance of some hundreds meters. We shall place the group of condensers with total capacity ca 2F to the ES of watercourse. Past the connection of condensers to the tension ca 12V the EZ will increase their primary distances (both P-charges – the watercourse and the condensers will be at interaction). At the foot of lay out route we shall have on the left shorter distances (the condensers are not connected to a tension) and on the right we shall have larger distances (the condensers are connected to a tension). The dowsing rod will react only on one distance. That way we shall identify if the condensers are connected or not. Then we shall make terms, which situation will represent the stop and next will be the comma. By the help of Morse code we shall send a message in given intervals from the watercourse to the end of lay out route. It is so much convincing that the result of experiment could not be designated like a speculation. However it is not the only verification, the other will follow.

I tried to identify the energy components with a wooden twig and I obtained this experience. The freshly cut twig did not react to the energy components but past some few days if it became dry up reacted only to ES in all its territory. It was the distance six meters to each side at the point of my test brook. This is the wise disposal of nature because it can be supposed that in the nearness of brook the soil will have sufficient moisture for rooting. I interpret the movement of twig so that its cellules noted the critical situation and in the moist area tried to take root. The needed energy for flexion they took away from my body. To the first EZ of brook, which is from ES ca 10 meters distant, the wooden twig did not react again. The energy components cannot be identified by the help of dowsing rod because the persistence of pendulum don´t make it possible to identify a contact with EZ.

The measuring instrument cannot be replaced by dowsing rod, as well as a stick of blind man cannot replace his eyes, but it can help us to the orientation in unknown spheres. The reaction of dowsing rod to the energy components could be designated like the first step to the unknown energy, which as yet has been not succeed to do by another method. In conclusion I can state that the time, in which the activity of dowsing rod was impeached, draws to an end and can be expected that in a visible time the scientists will validate the body of its reactions.

© 2010  Miroslav Provod

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