Do we own our own brains?



by Dan Green

   Often commentators have broached the topic of how sometimes events transcend the nebulous interface between Ufology and Paranormal, bequeathing this area the name ‘High Strangeness’.

This high strangeness decided to impact on my life from the earliest of days and could have backed the maxim ‘start as you mean to go on’.

I was born in 1956 a breach birth and thus entered into this world feet first in topsy turvy fashion, my first encounter with synchronicity recognized at the tender, naïve age of seven when I sat in the silhouetted stalls to watch the very beautiful Ursula Andress rise from the foam like Aphrodite in the voted most favourite James Bond movie of all time, Dr No in 1963. Ursula was the personification of female and/or young woman in her bikini clad role of Honey Ryder. [ Note: Ursula Andress (born 19 March 1936) is a Swiss actress and sex symbol of the 1960s ].

Like many millions, I may have been mesmerized. I met up with Ursula on screen only a few years later in the Hammer Films version of ‘She’, Ayesha, who must be obeyed…an even more beautiful personification of female.  The movie was an adaptation from the first Ayesha book by the possibly mystical Rider Haggard, with 83 million copies sold in 1965 one of the best selling books of all time. Yes, Rider Haggard. Along with Ursula-Ayesha, here was Ryder-Rider again. My flirtation with synchronicity, if not Ursula, was born, but, on reflection, I feel She had triggered something deep in my psyche….the search for the Ultimate Woman. Not bad for a ten year old.

Many years later, I must wonder if I did find Her, and not only did she own my heart, but my brain as well. I will try to explain.

The following years were pretty mundane living in the small fishing village of South Shields ( now home to one of the most alarming poltergeist cases in the UK) in a tiny corner of the North East of England – I must have gone a little shy on Ayesha.

Ayesha   She-who-must-be-obeyed

My mother referred to herself as a spiritualist medium, and for company would easily persuade me to accompany her on regular jaunts to the nearby spiritualist church in the town. With a dawning of an early scientific mind, I was happy enough to go, after all even at 14 you can’t consider contact with the dead as passé. She would often recount the tale of how, just before my birth, she had a vision of an  angelic figure she would interpret as being no less than Jesus, presenting her with a string of pearls, but alas, one was missing on the broken link. As I was born in June that has the pearl as its stone, maybe that was the simple solution to the imagery. After numerous visits over a short period in which my fascination began to wane, I was told the familiar sort of messages many people hear and usually hope to hear. That they are gifted, special, should be a healer and have a spiritual task to fulfill. I wonder how much of this information had been innocently plucked from the recipient’s brain in instances of short range telepathy? Tell me something that will occur in the future and I still suspect that the plucking brain has taken from the listeners fixed DNA blueprint in that timeless realm that transcends our illusion of Time-Space.

     As a teenager I did the natural and expected thing – rebel against all forms of authority and therefore science, believing anything remotely paranormal to be exactly that. I did enjoy, in a strange sense, a vision that I had in which I was awake in bed but couldn’t move. My head was gently turned to the left for me by a presence and when I tried to shout out in fear nothing came out. Directly in alignment with my bedroom curtains, I was forced to watch them open as a triple legged long tall table appeared, upon which stood a vase containing dead or withered flowers. As I watched, the flowers suddenly came into bloom as if reincarnating –maybe they were  rein-carnations!. The vision faded and my limbs could function again. Oh well, this was, I guess, ‘Night Terrors’, caused by increased brain activity, confusional arousal and partial awakening from non REM, or non-dream sleep. Feelings of a strange presence are also attemptedly explained in  neuroscientist Michael Persinger’s controversial experiments with his ‘God helmet’ apparatus.

The God Helmet triggers mystical experiencs

I also had experienced the state of going into epileptic seizure at 10 when my tonsils had poisoned to such a point that I was slowly choking to death as my windpipe was shrinking and the lack of oxygen would hurl me into unconsciousness. It’s a condition called peritonitis. This was hurriedly remedied by the emergency removal of the nasty tonsil, but at least I can say I have experienced the state of aura – the imminency of the fit approaching. It is weird and most likely mystical. Once, epilepsy was known as a sacred disease as during the state of convulsion communication was being made with the Gods. Maybe it threw me up a neurological circuit to join the one that may have followed the delivery of breach birth, another condition that can affect the brain owing to oxygen?

   From ages 10-20 I had read every worthwhile esoteric book, I think the first being George Adamski’s iconic ‘Flying Saucers Have Landed’, brought into class by our English teacher Mr Roberts who was fascinated by George’s pix of UFO’s or chicken incubators as many think, but struggling to get my head around the more scientific investigations of physicist Jacques Vallee on the subject in his ‘Anatomy of a Phenomenon’. At the tender age of 10, a difficult one to read, that one, with its contents of physics, but I wasn’t giving up, and I’ll explain why. As that ten year old, my interest in dinosaurs had been challenged overnight when the front page of our local newspaper read, one night in 1967, ‘Flying Saucers over Tyne Dock’. Yes, here was my first introduction to that unfathomable phenomenon that simply will not leave popular culture, me or dinosaurs alone.

Adamski’s Flying Saucers

Tyne Dock was a part of my town I had never ventured, it may as well have been Australia, as I’d never have worked out the right bus to get there, but one night some UFO’s hung over a block of flats there long enough for residents to look out and up from their windows to witness three stationary bright lights early in the morning before the trio decided to whizz off at an alarming pace. One family in particular were so concerned that they contacted the friendly persuasive Ministry of  Defence who assured them that what the had seen was a solitary weather balloon that had blown over from Aughton, Liverpool. I’ve since seen that document with my own eyes. The poor chap who was afforded this reply went on to be stuck with the nickname ‘Ronnie Rocket’ for his pains. Our alien weather balloon saga didn’t end above Ronnie’s flat, though. For that entire week the town of South Shields were host to a UFO ‘flap’, one of the better sightings being the many gathering of early morning workers awaiting the 5am first   ferry of the day, all upon the launch witnessing numerous ‘flying crosses’ in the sky. The local newspaper ‘The Gazette’ continued to carry a number of interesting sightings and reports from townsfolk as it certainly did look as if something was going on in their airspace that week. Naturally I was out there too hoping to spot my quota. I didn’t, just an initial convincing false alarm with low flying seagulls, but it was jolly exciting and full of inspiring hope despite staying out late at night in bloody freezing weather.

Can a human really be ‘possessed’ – The Exorcist

     In the meantime my interest in all things alternative had taken some time out to be scared like never before, back in the silhouetted cinema stalls this time to watch the biggest movie of 1974 ‘The Exorcist’. Could humans really be possessed by demons? Like mostly all of the audience I went home to sleep with the light on for weeks, but it was the nearby Coal board mine and their late night detonations responsible for my bed involuntary shaking from time to time! As an adult, having learned and accepted the utterly fascinating phenomenon of Multiple Personality Disorder, I guess demonic possession gets the elbow, unless of course you can be that unlucky to have MPD and still get possessed. As touched upon in the movie script, the cry of ‘epilepsy’ can be a very convincing ‘possessor’ –  there are over 40 different types of the seizure and probably undiscovered more. Could ‘alien abduction’ starting with a bright light and then confusion be some sort of a new epilepsy fashioned from current belief systems and the peregrinations of the Collective Unconscious?

The Knights of the Solar Cross emblem

    Back to 1975 and having been impressed by another book, Adamski’s buddy George Hunt Williamson’s saucer effort ‘Other Tongues, Other Flesh’, I had copied a logo from out of his pages, the emblem of the ‘Knights of the Solar Cross’. After meditating on it for weeks and trying to relate to it in any way, one late night I had a response. At the time I was sleeping on the floor in a bedroom upstairs – I think I was trying to be disciplined – which meant that I had a great panoramic view through my bay window. Laying there awake, I noticed a golden explosion in the sky above the St. Michael’s church which was in direct line with my house in the not too far distance. Excitedly running to the window, I watched how this golden orb wobbled itself off to the left and out of vision. This was a response from my Solar Cross brethren I was convinced. Sceptics will say it was probably a flare. I’m however quietly confident now that it was an appropriately presented archetypical response to my meditations and as an adult I seem to have had this happen on other occasions such as the time I was having my photo taken alongside the unique place name of the village Jerusalem in Lincolnshire when a Ufo bright light decided to appear above me in the pic, and better still, when I was researching my hypothesis that the biblical figure of Mary Magdalene was demised by a dagger. What should appear on a pic of me sitting upon the steps of the remains of the 13c Knights Templar’ Temple Bruer Preceptory, also in Lincolnshire, but a dagger-type object, plus token ectoplasm type stuff further to my right! Was I somehow and subconsciously projecting these images onto film? I remind you all of the controversial Ted Serios and his ‘mind over molecules ’career, the Chicago bellhop who produced ‘ thoughtographs’ on Polaroid film during the sixties, his claims strengthened by the support of a Denver based psychiatrist arguing the unproven reality of Ted’s feats.

Dan Green at  Temple Bruer. A strange dagger-like image appears alongside the 3rd step down with ‘ectoplasm’ further along to his right and below

    After growing up a lot and having an extended crash course in the oral teachings of  Kalachakra Vajrayana whilst staying at a Tibetan Monastery and Centre in Scotland, I remained a natural born loner who wouldn’t join any Group, Order or Cult or even work with any individual. I had no interest in drugs or alcohol. My Path was a lonely one, and branched out into an investigation into the psychological realm of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung – and creepy Crowley’s – archetypes.  As a child of nature, and a female admiring male, I wondered if I could experiment being one with the male force in nature. Only one way to find out would be to try. You have to become something in order to understand it. Having read about the liaison with Ogilvy Crombie, a 73 year old chap in Edinburgh who was surprised one day by the unexpected appearance of the god Pan and his faery folk appearing alongside him and further adventures with the Findhorn community in Scotland – they found a horn alright, two in fact – I, too, was inspired to see if I could befriend the goat god, saturating myself in thoughts, poetry, drawings, pan pipe music, forestry and literature concerning his presence. In my second stage of experimenting with archetypes, the first being that of the ‘UFO’ its seems, I again eventually met with success and archetypical Greek god Pan.

Gardens at Findhorn – in a similar inner plane scene Dan Green met the god Pan

     The first time still remains quite fresh in my memory, it was August 10th 1981. To some purely Dreamland and therefore inconsequential, to others an inner plane with meaning, I was led in the sequence by a figure who’s voice I could only hear without fully seeing the person. ‘So you want to see faeries,’ it said pointing me in a direction ahead. I was in some sort of floral garden with rocks and shrubs along a path. As I followed where I had been shown I began to feel an overwhelming force which I will try and explain by saying it felt like trying to push through a sea of treacle! I had never felt such a force or feeling ever before although for seven years from 2005-2011 I befell this ‘panic’ every time I reached a certain exact spot up the ascension on Glastonbury Tor. Approaching an alcove, I found myself being forced to the ground by this invisible force and then a stone pedestal appeared in front of me at a distance of approximately ten yards, upon it a huge and open book. The figure of the god Pan appeared behind pedestal and book. I remember nothing else, other than ‘knowing’ that some conversation did take place. Thus began an intense archetypical interlude that lasted seven years until my interest in a male archetype began to wane and with it the interaction, but not after a number of inner plane encounters some too ludicrous to mention!

The archetype god Pan

    During these years I discovered that photographs I had taken in innocence of natural landscapes had starting to pick up subtle images, the camera apparently being able to capture on film images too sensitive for the human eye. Strange creature-like figures that for all the world met with the archetypes of faeries would often show and be seen to move from photo to photo. When I showed the pix to people, some would see the figures without a problem, some would need time and others would see nothing. It’s no fun showing seemingly ordinary photos to people that highlight elfin type figures who can’t see them – they think you’re crazy for a start! But now I know about the neurological condition called Scotoma, whereby some people CAN see certain content in a picture whilst others simply can’t – their brain won’t let them! Much of it has to do with ‘programming’ in the brain ie you only see what you expect to see, and also from which brain lobe the viewer may satisfactorily normally reside in.

This image of a ‘sea creature’ manifests on a casual photo taken along the Lincolnshire coastline

When I was 18 I spontaneously decided that I would start writing with my left hand instead of my trusty right, and found that I could do it with equal ease. What I probably didn’t know I was doing  was that by changing to  my left I would enforce functioning in my opposite and right brain lobe wherein resides the faculty of intuitiveness and an open door to mysticism – I was making a neurological shift.

Later, I worked with a friendly fellow from Surrey called Vernon Harrison, a retired photographer from the Royal College, who in turn worked for the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, who could see what I was indicating in the photos. He confirmed the negatives were genuine and offered to come and take his own pictures of my elves and faeries in the obliging wood in which they appeared. If he picked them upon his film and they would move whilst retaining their identity from snap to snap, he would declare that I was photographing dimensional denizens. Vernon taught me to rotate pix 360 degrees and if the figures still remained you could rule out illusion. He sent his fairly balanced report to the ASSAP asking for funding to conduct his experiment and, surprising him, he heard nothing more! The faery theme continued when years later in 1989 I was visited by the late Joe Cooper from Leeds, author of ‘The Case of the Cottingley Fairies’, the pair of us brought together by a common interest in such things and instigated by author Colin Wilson, who in one of his own books had suggested we all have seven ‘selves’ or levels of ourselves. Often by quirk we may communicate with another level of our selves, mistakenly thinking it to be our ‘Guardian Angel’ or some other otherworldly entity, nevertheless valuable information and advice can be transmitted as it originates from deep within our own Collective Unconscious.

Joe Cooper’s ‘Case for the Cottingley fairies’ posed him a dilemma

   Joe had a dilemma. For years he had been pestering Elsie and Frances, the two sisters who had taken the world by storm in 1917 by producing their own fairy pix alongside a beck in Cottingley, Yorkshire. Joe was adamant that one day he would get them to confess that the pix were faked, but both lasses stood firm. Giving up, and within weeks of his life’s work now supporting the girls being published in a book, the girls fell out and Elsie revealed how they had produced them. What was Joe to do? Keep the disclosure to himself and have the book go ahead? Or cash in on the scoop but lose the book deal? How could I have advised? In the end the book did survive and a compromise reached – three of the four photos were faked, but the fourth was genuine! The case for Mind projecting onto film was still alive!

Dilemma solved – is the 4th photo genuine?

     Another interesting personality I investigated was the also late Alex Sanders, self proclaimed ‘King of the Witches’ living in Bexhill, Sussex, and a big media celebrity, almost popstar status, during the sixties. Aware of his outrageous claims and me settling for him being the natural successor to Crowley, from 1982-85 I decided to check out this rascal to see what made him tick.True to his reputation he was a scallywag I kept at arms length. Alex, it seemed, was being made to diversify out from his better known witchcraft only activities. He was 69 at the time –although claiming he was 59 –  on his pension and was being chased by six covens he reckoned were out to get him for having upset them! Poor Alex was now being bothered by UFO’s who wouldn’t leave him alone and wasn’t best pleased telling me that a car he had been traveling in had a disc shaped object tail it as close as the car bumper.To his displeasure, much of his channeling was now bringing through extra-terrestials. Had he, too, underdone a subconscious change in archetypal consciousness that best suited the transient form of the Unknown?

Alex Sanders, self-proclaimed King of the Witches

    Many other ’psychic’ experiences have found their way to me, more than I could ever recount here, but older and wiser, yet still forever learning, I am a big boy now and will chance to  relay that I did find the Ultimate Woman. She is, my friends, planet Earth, and here I suspect hides the mechanism behind all genuine manifestations we label paranormal.

For what it is worth, here is my understanding.  First and foremost, this is a sexual planet, and we are here for procreation, not to ask questions. We live on a planet upon which we do not realise or understand its hidden aspects of natural law. We live and die using only a percentage of our brain, unaware of its full potential, and consequently know so little about own potential. Put both avenues of ignorance together and we should really concede that we know next to nothing, despite having built up a two millennium civilisation based on our own ignorance and rules. There is some criteria for stating perhaps we have got everything about everything wrong, knowing so little, and we divert this void by trying to concentrate only on the study of what we call ‘paranormal’, to claim this aspect of life is the only one that eludes our understanding. Perhaps one day physics – itself a rapidly changing newly born baby, with each new discovery of a particle the previous books go out the window – will discover that consciousness exists everywhere.That the Gaia Theory is absolutely correct, and not only is the planet a self regulating body but it also thinks thoughts, it has a brain. It is a body and functions like our microcosmic version. ‘God’ did make us in Its own image.

The Greek Goddess Gaia

     Allowing for Theosophical thought, and in turn the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, perhaps one day in a far away elevated place, having shed our ego and human form, we will learn that as individuals our designation had been to function as cells in a body, with corresponding responsibilities. The complexity and versatility of the human central nervous system remains poorly understood. Sensory information is constantly transmitted to the brain from peripheral receptors. From Earth’s own Language, the Lost Mother Tongue, ‘Peripheral’, means a surrounding region, from Greek ‘pherein’, meaning ‘to carry’. The prefix ‘Peri’, in astronomical terms means  ‘near’. ‘Peripheral’ contains the words ‘’ripheral’ pronounced ‘referral’. A ‘referral’ meaning ‘to direct for information’, comes from the Latin ‘referre’, meaning ‘to carry back’. We are not in control of a genuine UFO encounter, we may think we can have UFO’s appear in response to our efforts but it is the UFO that is in control of the meaningful encounter. In our role as cells in a body we have been brought into contact with the strategic cell in the body that the UFO actually is, hence the many differing shapes, and when we meet there is a unconscious conveying or transference that occurs – transference containing the phonetic ‘trance’, the state in which we have become – and information that we can never hope to understand has been exchanged and stored in that portion of our brain that we live, die and never use. But the planet uses it, to ensure that biological functions are carried out to maintain what is necessary for the body that is our earth.

Plasma Cells – UFO’s within the Planetary body?

    Biologist, British Military Intelligence Officer and paranormal author Ivan T. Sanderson came close, his often unknown books ‘Invisible Residents’ and ‘Uninvited Visitors’ announcing UFO’s as being plasma cells, Ivan even having secured some photos to show as much. Our UFO encounters, in all shapes and sizes, are a cellular transference vital to planet earth. Such a thought will be demoralizing to our egos who would rather not be aware of our true purpose here on the planet, the reality of this adding to the fact that we have no real idea of what we are or what we are doing whilst in existence here. If we could expand our consciousness and use full capacity of our brains then we might have the understanding, but the reason why we can’t use our full brain capacity is because we don’t own our own brains….the owner of that is the living, breathing conscious planet itself. In fact, ALL psychic activity is the handiwork of her domain, and its not important to her that we understand it. We are part of her Mind, our consciousness borrowed from in the same way that we may casually borrow a book from a library. Any further attempt at explanations beyond this, with what brain capacity you or I are using, renders a commentary impossible for one so small in an ever expanding Universe.

The Planetary Mind Gaia, Mother Earth

Copyright 2012 Dan Green 


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