Discovering the Mystery of Existence


In the beginning there was Existence alone – One only, without a second. He, the One [Brahman], thought to himself: “Let me be many, let me grow forth.” Thus out of himself he projected the universe, and having projected out of himself the universe, he entered into every being. All that is has its self in him alone. Of all things he is the subtle essence. He is the truth. He is the Self. And that … THAT ART THOU!

  — Chandogya Upanishad

Discovering the Mystery of Existence

by Ron O. Cook

Intertwined in this “fun” experience of living life is the length, width, breadth and timelessness of the greatest mystery of the universe. If we can attain the above experience via Godly Virtual Reality in this human form, might it be possible to understand how we manifest here in Time/Space? It has always been said, we were created in His image. Who can refute that we are all an experiment of a higher, mental being that is currently enjoying a broadcast reality via quantum particles that are electromagnetically constituted into this reality that we “think” we are experiencing right now. 


Hindu, the oldest religion on Earth, speaks of the One with no second, who lives through all of us in his “playing.”   Is God playing life through us and we just forgot that we are part of a holographic realm where experiencing an atomically materialized VR is the preoccupation of Eternity?

Think of your own becoming. When you were conceived, you and your DNA program came into a body that was new and hard to maneuver in a physical state. God’s VR apparently has a learning curve. You had to get familiar with the new apparatus and it took a major investment in the human body. REASON or mind began to learn to leverage the Holy Temple’s tools.  It was trial and error to get to your best effort/s. When a baby first arrives on Earth he/she is mentally more a part of everything or what some call the Other or the Essence. Some say we are actually smarter at birth and just learn to be somatically stupid.

ego_EinsteinDuring the first few months, ego has not yet made its stand against the universe. The ego-image has not yet formed until it begins to observe itself in the eye of the other. Mirroring sets the self into a reality that is shown or received via sensors.

Sensory experiences create the other for the individual. Soon you will learn to forget where you came from because of the dictates of this state of sensory overload.   Learning to live in this physical world is our crux of being…to become. We learn to stand upon our experiences as a cushion from the void (a place we only know of in another state). The void represents the unknown or feeling of loneliness and awe. We feel very small against our lack of knowing. It has been posited that, if we are not observed by the other, we begin to feel lonely as if we do not exist. Recognition and observation is basic to (quantum) being for all parts that makes up the universe. Worthiness began to set the stage for worship when mankind sought to remember his being in this physical state. Religion was once the science of that being.

Do all of our religious writings suggest that at the core of those impassioned words lies the secret and the truth of our reality? Yes. Religious traditions say that God gave us being and the Word — REASON. Reason or mentality is our existence within the somatic-vehicular experience. Our bodies are our holy temples or means of motivation in a physical state. We should not do harm to our Holy Temples. Another point of Reason is that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves. This may be because we are our neighbors as a result of their input to our being. It is possible that at the end of this God projected VR, we’ll learn that we did all those dirty deeds to ourselves. The above may be the Why of religion… a method to awaken to the real being involved in this life episode.


Today almost all members of our scientific community are gradually coming to realize that reality is indeed beyond our current theories and some have suggested that our environ is a God-like concept…the god of Mental Universal technology on an unbelievable scale…the quantum entity. Some say that the universe is a massive holographic computer where numbers are the language that it creates for its virtual reality from. When great scientists like David Bohm, Paul Davies and others marvel that mankind can even contemplate the universe, what Bohm calls the holomovement — a realm that is a manifestation or broadcast of Being, progress in existential understanding is being made. How can mankind even think about something so magnificent as the makeup of himself and the universe? Quantification is the key here — to assign REASON is to measure knowing in a physical state. This universe may be a combination of VR, quantum physics, nanotechnology, holography, fractal geometry, plasma physics, computational mirroring, inherent cosmological understanding and much more. The possibility that we may discover the truth of what we are, might just be found in the Virtual Reality Synergism currently being exposed as a mirror to our psyche and our soul.


Over the next few years mankind will be subjected to the possibility of universal knowing on a scale that could only be called a “revelation.” Soon, humanity may learn that all those ancient words that our ancestors were in awe of, will suddenly come into a living understanding that will cause a new birth of higher knowing. This new stage will amount to a Being full of billions and billions of experiences incorporated to embark upon a new direction of increasing cognition and spirituality. Then mankind will leave this “wheel” (Earthly existence) and graduate to things that we can only dream of — unless our dreams are the reality of this VR? To think that this could happen was once laughed at by skeptics, but they probably have not had the experience of even the current versions of Virtual Reality.  

Getting a grip on reality

If people think VR is somewhat unbelievable, read this –technologists and scientists for business, the Department of Defense and NASA are working hard to help us get more out of virtual reality. They are working on a kind of camera that will reach out and grab reality no matter where it is. They believe that, if just a tiny particulate of the once known reality can be quantified (triangulated), then its reality can possibly be reconstituted using all the known equations of today’s mathematical (fractal geometry?) reality. What kind of camera could do this? Some call it a “reality-grabber.”

The reality-grabber is a computerized configuration that can measure and organize the environ that it comes in contact with via conventional camera and sophisticated digital scanning conversions of a multiplicity of electromagnetic data. Holography and fractal geometry would play an important role in the output of its malleable and quantifiable data. Such a machine would also know where it is at all times in the physical environment as it relates to planetary and Earthly data. With the above information and a “mirror” software ability to organize every little bit of information, such an apparatus could record and distribute data that would make Virtual Reality as common as today’s television only with billions of alternative programming options possible. Individuals wishing to have their own interactive ability with the output program could easily experience any number of sequences that others may never stumble upon. Variety would indeed be the spice of life.

When the RG becomes available to VR, think of all the possibilities for learning, travel and entertainment.   Simulation of every physical task could be available for instant enjoyment and replay. The reality-grabbers resolution of visual data will be astonishing, because holographic images (dynamic-data) will be delivered for life-like learning or experiencing via any format of delivery with computer enhancement amplifying its data-signals whatever its “footprint.” The media will no longer be the message; instead — the message will be the virtual experience. You will become Steven Spielberg because the entire studio will be at your fingertips for editing, special effects, reshooting, sound track/s, lighting, mixing and output. There’s no redoing the scene because any and all possible alternatives could be reconstructed with the available data of the reality-grabber.

Ultra-vicarious experiences will be possible if the RG has just a few points to triangulate in order to reconstitute.   We are talking about a world of instant mirroring of reality for reuse. Its like a radio talk show that broadcasts a few seconds after the primary incidence except you can change its outcome for interfacing and integration. This will allow many things: to replay reality, even get ahead of what is really happening so trial and error strategy can anticipate what the outcome might be; to recreate and pre-create alternate case histories that aren’t even history yet; to simulate the future. The idea of creating a mirror world is perhaps so new that its potential to society is not totally extrapolatable.

I believe that one repercussion of the above technology will be, that we will have to rethink the concept of vocation. At this point in time, many people are already out of a job because of burgeoning technology and its only getting worse. With this new powerful concept of Virtual Reality exploding into our future, and because of the prospects of the reality-grabber, almost all creative informating (metamorphosis of media) activities will also ignite into a chaos of information saturation. Consider that   all of us will be showing-off the “systems” creativity, who will be around to buy when all of humanity is experiencing the mindscape? Since technology replaces humanity, who will be able to afford it?   Are we humans creating our own dead end? Or, are we entering the process for creating the next world?


If we develop a reality-grabber that’s better than the lens of the human mind, where will we find ourselves?   True it will amplify our capabilities to that of simulated godhood, but what about the experiential and educational equity to the rest of us?   Some of us will become living gods — being able to afford the technology that will educate our children at a light-year/ lightspeed level over the common individual’s inaccessiblity to the techworld. We will create the ultimate disparity, opening ourselves up to polarizations that will need to be addressed in a civilization and world that can literally jump to a new punctuated equilibrium — creating a new Otherworld overnight. Conflict resolution will certainly be the business to be involved in, (lawyers and psychologists will have more work) as humanity continues to become the behemoth that some of us once saw on our ever expanding horizon of cybermedia.

Overcoming the barriers to Mind and Body

The next step beyond the digitizing of reality will lead to the “beaming up of Scottie” or Soulular Transcendence.   Even now, scientists are working at breakneck speed to convert our digital world to one embracing DNA and its dimensional enhancement of computing via four molecule combinations — A T C G rather than 0 and 1. Thus, we may begin to understand the ancient messages of Brahma (Hari the four-faced)   who, according to Hindu tradition, was the instrument of creation in conjunction with the First Cause. Here we may rediscover knowledge that humanity once took for granted. Once humanity unites the disciplines of Genetic Engineering with the symbol of the ancient caduceus, which is DNA’s double helix, then we will begin to create tools that will build a new and higher understanding of universal purpose. Building the super-mind via the tools of DNA through the amplification of neuronic-technology (neurons of the human brain) will set our flight from Earth toward the super-universe. Before this happens, mankind will need to fully understand the connection between himself and the Divine act of creation including the true understanding of Light and Mind.

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  1. says

    This is not so hard to conceptualize now. I am sure there are myriad examples of people that have manifested a change in reality, through self, and watched it come to fruition.

    One thing I am sure of is that belief systems must be abandoned in order for change in a soul’s reality to come about. This is because belief systems are tethers to systemic play acting and hierarchical standing within groups and organizations. Belief systems are the cornerstone of separation between men, while always at the same time acting in a manner that claims to be the opposite. Nearly everything that is of this current “world” is a compartmentalized version of the master belief system, which is “the world”. The world is nothing more than the imaginary construct of a collective consciousness, overlaid onto the real, which is earth and life. The world and its compartmentalized belief systems are in and of itself is a dividing separation between man and reality. All of the compartments of the world act in this same manner. In all cases, there is power and profit motive wherein a very few profit obscenely from many, and that profit can be material, physical, spiritual or anything else. The idea is that by creating a belief system, and gathering believers, the parasitic can extract without discovery and with full impunity.

    If one wants to get closer to God, religion is hardly the place. But that which is of God most certainly is – life and earth as well as manifesting as God, acting as the source and channel for God. So in this case, one abandons the belief system, and embraces the real. And what is the one thing any man can definitely proclaim exists? I Am.

  2. says

    Existence as a utility that permeates all apparent reality with mental carriers that seek to guide all parts of the whole. This utility is not unlike our allowed conceptualization of mind, but is highly dimensional in scope. It imbues all creations with an allowed endeavor for utilization by the overall extrapolation of necessary sequential throughput from base to ultimate informational designation. Mind is information in flux toward Godly incubational output. We manifest within this realm of the Moiré Arena almost as a hologram in motion where each part of this whole is preprogrammed via mentality. The parts of this mentality convenes entities in a massive expression of “planned” broadcast of the particulate congealing within the matrix of design per mentality. The Mind is ever moving rapidly interfacing itself via feedback looping or reflection throughout dimensional criteria that suggests its formal aspect toward the leading edge of changing creation. This utility of mind is IS. It is ever and always.

    • says

      You may like to know that in the make up of this experience of being here in time/space there are nodes or linkages with large localizations of plasmatic makeup (fiery intelligence) which we see here as persons. They are nothing special in appearance but are the very fabric of this stint of physical manifestation. Some call them catalysts and they know who they are. Few will ever know them as such for their connections are within the background of presence or the very essence of this physical manifestation. They walk among us and will never be seen as contributing to the grandeur of the social class. They have always been and will ever be in one presence or another. They are not popular and do not stand out. In essence, they are purposefully hidden. They cannot be defined. Yet they know their mission for it is onboard. They are to be known as MARKERS of this passage here in Time/Space. They see all and know what is to be done to make existence here a perfection. Yet, they are never in positions of leadership though highly appropriate. They are psycho-cognitives (know all as surveyors) and can see the panorama of the physical generative order. One may call them the practitioners of the tree of life (Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ).

      If we would take the time to know each other during our stint here, we would all discern these persons and learn from them. But, we are blinded by the NOISE of convention. Silence is the key. We can even become as they are by awakening our hidden potential (deep meditation—prayer). They have so much to teach us if we would only discern. I have been visited by many of these Markers or Hiddens here on Earth. They catalyze events and guide us with gentle nuances to higher levels of development. I have learned some of their techniques but still have much to learn. TAKE CARE AS NOT TO EXPOSE THESE ENTITIES TO ANYONE FOR THEY ARE NUANCED AND WILL QUICKLY VANISH FROM PHYSICALITY. LISTEN TO THEM AND GROW. GB

  3. NB says

    you have said many things that have given me the itch to reply, you see I am very shy.
    1. Do you not see the crux within Is and Ex-ist?
    2. The Known is within the Unknown.
    3. We have already been born. A Baby Boy, who likes to watch Himself within the womb and laugh at BBC documentary about Astroid hitting the Earth.
    4. Look up the book ‘The Art of Soaring’ it is by Dolokhov and Gurangov, here you will find magic.
    5. Put your finger to your lips and go She….Sheeeeee, the way of gaining silence.
    6. Thank you for your articles because they still seems to be so few, who knows. Thanks

  4. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Ron.

    The same book that said we were created in His image, and exhorted us to love one another, tells us mankind fell, and therefore no longer reflects the truth of what God is. Thank God, before anyone reaches out and starts playing ‘god’, He’s going to let the truth be known once and for all.

    • says

      Indeed we are children, parts, segments, pixels, atoms of God. Inside everyone of us is His Truth to be found and searched by SEEKING, KNOCKING and searching. God is more than your religion, my religion or anyone elses — He is THAT whereby Is, is. This mankind will not fail but will be awakening to Him as He needs everyone of us to awaken to Him…God Bless us all.

  5. says

    The mental atmosphere of movement is the All which we are all part of and have permeated and penetrated throughout eternity by physically imbuing matter with our presence in the form of existing. We are indeed one with many expressions cohering with this realm learning and teaching ourselves as we assume our timely venture. Dreamlike at times, we live and die to some aspects and animate over and over in the form of the many, our realms are short-term irradiations or bundles generated in the background of the apparent. In and out of consciousness as we speed along, never expecting the longevity to last as we use every elemental possible to be and become, this is our plight to never present total expressions of an eternal being but strive to be all aspects in this creative chaos of assemblage possible. Our laws of this realm are our minds that set as one massive God Particle seated in expectation of constancy as it has always been. We are forever in one form or another. We are the “air” we breathe, the Love we love and the spirit that aspires to the movement of our own music. We are ALWAYS. NEVER FEAR, FOR YOU ARE WE AND WE ARE RIGHT NEXT TO YOU AS WE JOURNEY TOGETHER AS ONE MASSIVE, YET MINUSCULE PART OF THE WHOLE. THERE IS NO REASON TO BATTLE, OR WAR FOR WE ARE TOGETHER HERE SEEKING AND KNOCKING AS WE PENETRATE OUR OWN MAKING. IF YOU ANIMATE YOUR OWN ASPECT, YOU WILL SEE THE TRUTH OF YOUR OWN BEING AND BECOMING. LOVE IS OUR MUSIC. If this were not so, you would not experience time at the same time. Yet time is our mentality in movement and assemblage. We are localized Godliness. Though you think you are not part of us for we seem not as you, you are us and have THROUGH THE THE PROCESS OF YOUR OWN EMPHASIS ON SELF, MORE SEPARATE DUE TO THAT POSITIONING. JOIN US ONCE AGAIN AND YOU WILL SEE THE COHERENCY OF LOVE…LOVE IS THE REMEMBERING WE ACHIEVE WHEN REAWAKENED ONCE AGAIN. MIND RIDES THE LIGHT.

    • says

      When discussing the ancient past there are two categories that stand out. One is the technological category of humans creating things on Earth for their selfish needs and wants in negotiating Time/Space in style; and the other is God’s means of putting us here in these sheaths or bodies to negotiate our way as humans in this little world stage. Few people even conceive the means of us getting here via God’s technology to position us as beings in these bodies. I believe that these bodies are highly important but the souls and mind that occupies these forms are the primary entities which I see as God’s Mind.

  6. Starheater says

    Hello Ron

    Well, I’ve heard strange things in the pass, but your conception of the Univers and man is “one of a kind”. You think like a New-Ager; we are not there, it’s only an illusion”.
    If we are not here, why bader to love our neighbors? You know something, was it an illusion when the Americain drop a bomb on Nagazaky and Hiroshima. An illusion is not organize, well structure with law of gravity and all that stuff. Have you consume anything that distort your spirit?

    All the thing you see have been made by the Father and the Word, and to prove you that; all the matter is compose of atoms, and those little things turn very fast compare to our solar systeme, at this rhythm the “mouvement” is call “vibration”, and what is making those little bug move it’s energy, and behind this energy exist an Intelligence that is there to make Law in this Univers. Now, it appear that this Intelligence is what we call God. Are you there?

    Like the Bible say: 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    2 The same was in the beginning with God.
    3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

    So you see, it’s simple as that!!!

    God Bless Ron

  7. says

    The Reasoning Mentality…

    This mindset is one of gathering data for output from many sources including those that are hidden in the Blue-white light realms. This data is highly charged with insight that is beyond the normal understanding of human thought. It is deep and indeed is hologestalt or holographic in presentation. It is multidimensional and multifaceted in scope and presentation. The ancient Egyptians were schooled in this means of transfer prior to the establishment of their language some time before Zep Tepi (the time before ancient Egypt). The interface of this means of transfer of data is the initial symbol and then the “smear” of data or information that spreads out in relationships to this symbol or its corresponding information that supports all parts of the whole. Content/Context data is generated and use determines the message. We do not communicate this way now, but instead utilize a linear means of communications. The pity is the depth of understanding and the amplification of our mentality that could be present had we started this trek in Time/Space with all the tools in synergy. (The ancient Maya might have also communicated in this form and if one observes their glyphs you can see the gestalt means of expressing thoughts.) Today, humanity is crippled with our own language of transfer. I have a friend who is an expert gestaltist who can illustrate all impacting parameters to an issue or subject matter. He brings in all connecting data in his illustrations that reinforce all the particulars to that subject matter. To look at his illustration/s is to see the entirety of the correspondence (See R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz — The Temple of Man, Symbolique).

    Those who understand Magic can also understand the Gestalt means of transfer of data or information. Magic is complex and multidimensional at its roots. We cannot touch the music of this discipline today due to our inept means of expressing thought. The human of today, cannot touch the beings of the past due to our lack of deepness and wisdom. We have failed in our educational systems by not extracting the total capability of the mind/s that are present today. If the mind is saturated in selfishness and pointed to achieving self-gratification, then there is no hope of the individual ever approaching the power of the Magician. Pharaonic knowledge and wisdom are not possible in this day and time, unless we unlock the secrets in the great Labyrinth under Hawara.

    The Fiery Intellect present here in Time/Space comes here to garner knowledge and Wisdom to attain REASON. You are its emissary and this Monadic Soulular Experience is the primary duty and activity one is involved with in this realm of the Moiré Arena — Life. One comes with the mission onboard, but is distracted with feedback looping that reinforces selfish and self-gratifying activities (noise). Humanity has massive potential if it would recognize its mission in being here in this existence. Responsibility and gaining worth to the Monadic Soulular Experience is primary. Worth can be deleted due to selfish distractions. What did you learn today? Did you increase your worthiness. We have forgotten so much in this realm and now we have reiterated to such a large degree that we have inundated the entire Earth with beness, that is totally preoccupied with its self. Existence has meaning. One should be in awe of just being here with these potentials for massive learning toward a BURGEONING.

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