Did Extra-terrestrials Civilise man?

Did Extra-terrestrials civilise man?

By Leonard Farra

It’s said that the most sensational thing that could happen, in the history of man, would be contact with an extra-terrestrial civilisation. However, the greatest secret of all time is that it may have happened several thousand years ago. For those who are interested in learning more about this subject, my advice to you is  keep an open mind,  read the evidence and draw your own conclusions. Erich Von Daniken popularized the Ancient Astronaut theory in the 1970’s and, over the years, other alternative researchers have made their contributions to the subject.

When I began my research, more than 30 years ago, I covered the early religions, legends, traditions, and archaeology of the Ancient Middle East and what I learnt about the ‘sky-gods’ enabled me to decode the secret inner religion, allegorical stories, and the symbolism of Early Egypt . (1) I was so intrigued with what I found that I continued my research in the other parts of Asia, Africa, and in the pre-Christian New World and , to my amazement, wherever I looked, I discovered similar sky-god traditions to those of   the Ancient Middle East. (2) My study of the Stone Age also produced some fascinating results (3) including a revolutionary explanation for Stonehenge.  

      For millions of years, various forms of man lived on this planet as hunter gatherers but, around 5,000 years ago, something very unusual happened. Pyramid building civilisations began to appear on the coasts of Peru and Brazil, and in other countries, and tribes were on the move settling into new lands and forests were being cleared.(4) One possible explanation, for what was happening,  comes from the Ancient Sumerians but let’s first see what they said had occurred previously because, if it’s true, it was a major milestone in the history of man. The Sumerians said that, when they were living in another land, they were visited by a group of civilising beings who they called the Annunaki. (5)

     Although the other early people didn’t know them by this name, there is evidence to suggest that their commanders were revered as gods, the creators, or sometimes ancestral leaders. As we shall see, however, there is evidence to suggest that they were extra-terrestrials and not gods.

    One important thing, that Ancient Astronaut theorists overlook, is that if extra-terrestrials had visited to our planet, there would have been early references to their craft. In fact, early religious symbolism and rituals, and numerous allegorical stories, suggest that the aliens arrived in a fleet of discs which emerged from a huge mother-ship.(6) It seems likely that when the Ancients saw them descending from the sky, they were so shocked that they thought that the heavens, or maybe mountains, were coming down to Earth.


    Five thousand years ago, people turned their attention from Earth to the heavens and they began to worship a male sky-god. Who was he? Well, he might have been the civilising deity who the Sumerians called Ea, or Enki, who appears to have been known around the world under a variety of names. This being was said to have taught people agriculture, and many useful crafts, and in cultures, where there are descriptions of him, we learn that he had the appearance of a tall, white, bearded, man and that he wore a long white robe and sandals. Some people were so amazed when they saw him that they thought that he came from the Sun. (7)


In Egypt, he was known as the civilising god Osiris. The Egyptians made him the God of the Dead and he played a major role in their religion for thousands of years.  I knew that a circular form of symbolism, associated with him, was similar to one of Ea’s symbols and when I researched the Americas, one of the fascinating things I discovered was that this form of symbolism was also  associated with the Incan god Viracocha in Peru and that there are references to it in a North American Native legend.’


    With regard to the rise of civilisation, 5,000 years ago, and the re-settlement of several tribes in new lands, Sumerian, and other sources, say that after the visit of the star beings, some Earth people became wicked  and when they learned what was happening, the gods destroyed them with a flood.

This story appears to refer to the substantial climate change, that occurred around that time, which was accompanied by extensive flooding in various parts of the world. (8) Many seas and rivers also reached their present levels. These climatic events seem to have been the subject of the hundreds of deluge legends the gist of which was that ‘The Flood’ was caused by a god, or gods, who destroyed an evil people. Many of these tales say that only two people survived and that from them was descended the human race. However, the flood did not cover the whole world and, in any event, this story was clearly allegorical as there appear to have been many survivors. Nobody, for example, knows the origin of  the Sumerians but when they arrived in their new land, in Southern Iraq, ‘5,000 years ago,  they settled among the country’s less developed population and their writings claimed that they arrived from a land called Dilmun. Nobody knows where this was but the indications are that the Sumerians were survivors of ‘The Flood’. (9)

     After they cleansed Earth of its evil people, the star-gods were alleged to have departed and they were never seen again. In the post -deluge era, the Sumerians associated their craft, with destruction (10) and many early people linked them with serpents. A North American Delaware legend, for example, tells of an early conflict with snake people which resulted in a great flood that destroyed mankind. (11) For thousands of years, throughout the entire world, snakes were associated with gods, and goddesses, and this custom was even popular in countries, or islands, where they didn’t exist.


Snake God – Quetzacoatl Pyramid at Teotihuacan, Mexico


Zeus Meilichios as big snake and prayers. Marble relief. (Berlin Altes Museum)

Some Romans kept snakes in their homes and this was also popular in parts of Northern Europe until a few hundred years ago. Effigies of god-like beings, with serpents, are carved on rocks in Utah (12) and in Scandinavia (13) and serpents featured, prominently, in religious art in pre-Columbian, Central American, temples. There is a famous serpent mound in Ohio, U.S.A. and there is another in the British Isles where religious rituals appear to have been enacted. (14) Many early people also celebrated with serpent dances. Some folk ,such as the North American Hopi, still do.

    In many early traditions, ‘The Flood’ was linked with the star-gods and with the Pleiades. These stars were also associated with agriculture and agricultural seasons, and festivals of renewal, commenced with their rising. Some people placed their origin in them (15) or associated them with the Creation.


In Babylon, commencing from the reign of Hammurapi, the last month of the calendar was known as Arakh-Sibuti, the month of the Seven Stars or Pleiades (16) and the New Year, which followed, was a re-enactment of the Creation.


In Mexico, the appearance of the Pleiades, at the end of the Aztec 52 year cycle, was a time for celebration as it began a new era. The Pleiades also featured in numerous religious traditions ,and legends, throughout the Americas. (17) 


   Mountains, and high places, were associated with the gods and so were the huge artificial mountains, (pyramids), which several early people built. These huge structures were made from stone, brick and earth. Some had steps, or pathways, leading to their summits, where religious rituals were enacted. Egyptian pyramids only had internal features but in the South-West United States, the ruling class sometimes had their homes on top of huge flat earth mounds which indicated  that, like the gods, they were above the common people. One thing that many conventional scholars do not appreciate is that  similar sky-god symbolism was built into pyramids  in Babylon, Assyria, Central and South America, and also in Egypt such as the 4,500 year old Great Pyramid (18).

In its day, this amazing structure was one of the most important religious monuments in the country where it was linked with certain natural, annual, happenings such as the flooding of the Nile and the appearance of certain stars that were of special significance in their religious traditions.  This happened around the time of the New Year and together with the Great Pyramid, these inter related events were associated with Egypt’s sky-god linked Creation legend.  (19)  

 Photo courtesy SacredSites.com and ©Martin Gray

   Easter Island is regarded, by many, as an ‘unsolved’ mystery’. This remote Pacific island was discovered by Jacob Roggeveen on Easter Sunday in 1722 and that’s how it got its name. The island has been studied by several scholars, such as Katherine Routledge, in 1913, the Norwegian Archaeological Expedition  in 1955/56, the French ethnologist Francis Maziere who visited it in 1963, William Liller, who was involved in astro-archaeological research in 1989, and archaeologist  Jo Anne Van Tilburg   who studied the  island’s moai (stone statues) . Easter Island’s most famous visitor was the late explorer,/researcher Thor Heyerdahl, of Kon Tiki fame whose theories about the history of the island are not accepted by the Establishment but they deserve to be treated seriously because they throw important light on the origin of some of its people. (20)

     Some alternative scholars are of the opinion that Easter Island’s moai were the work of extra-terrestrials or were made under their guidance. However, it’s generally accepted that the islanders made the statues themselves and then manoeuvred them into position sometimes miles from where they were cut from the rock. What, then, was the religion of the islanders? Well, the significance that they placed on the Pleiades, their legend of origin, their calendar, and the position of the sites, where they placed some of the most import moai, suggest that they followed a version of the same sky-god religion as the Incas, Aztecs, Maya, North American Native peoples, and many other folk in the pre-Christian Old World. As for the island’s ‘bird-man’ cult, that’s another fascinating story.(21)

    The Inner religion of the Druids is said to be another ‘unsolved’ mystery. The Druids, who lived thousands of miles from Easter Island, were a priestly caste in the British Isles, and Western France whose secret traditions were memorised by their bards in the form of thousands of mystical verses. The earliest influence on them dates back thousands of years but their inner beliefs may be reflected in a mystical poem, ‘The Spoils of Annwn’ which is attributed to Taliesin, Britain’s chief 6th century bard . The fifth stanza in this poem says : ‘they know not the brindled ox with the thick head-band, having seven score knobs in his collar’. (22) This animal, which was ‘reputedly unknown to the public’, was Taurus and the ‘seven score knobs’ are thought to be the Pleiades in its shoulder. The main Celtic festivals were Bel’taine, on 1st May, and Samhain on 1st November. Both were regulated by the appearance of these stars ( a new beginning). The Pleiades linked Bel’taine is the origin of May Day celebrations which are now, sometimes, a time for demonstrations and rioting.


    The symbolic layout of  a secret underground complex, in Giza,  in Egypt, not far from the pyramids, was very similar to that of an Irish Druid sanctuary where secret initiation rites were enacted. (23) It might be thought that this is just a coincidence but there is something  more to this story.  The plan of these sanctuaries resembles the claimed ‘place of origin’ of the Maya, and other peoples, in Central America.  This tradition has mystified scholars because they do not appreciate that it’s allegorical and that it was linked with the Early World star-god religion.


    It’s not known if the Druids enacted their sacred rites in stone circles but, in present times, it’s a custom of Welsh Bards.  There are stone circles right across the Northern Hemisphere from the British Isles in the West to Japan in the Far East. Some are on South Sea Islands and in parts of the Americas and there are also some on Easter Island. There were two sacred areas in the south of England. One was centred around Stonehenge, the most famous Stone Age structure of the Ancient world,  and the other was the huge Avebury Stone Circle complex.

Near the single surviving upright of the tallest trilithon, its fallen stones lie on the ground. Photo Copyright 2010 Frank Robbins

Some archaeologists believe that Stonehenge was dedicated to the ancestors but, occasionally, the taboo word ‘gods’ is mentioned.  What they do not realise, though, is that there is sky-god symbolism at Stonehenge and at Avebury  (24 ) and it suggests that the sky people, who were worshipped, at that time, in other parts of the world, were also worshipped at these two famous English sites. What archaeologists also tend to overlook, because they  only focus on England, is that the first phase of the Stonehenge Circle, and the date accepted as the beginning of Egyptian civilisation, is around 3,100 b.c.e. The Hindu calendar cycle begins in the year 3,102 b.c.e and that of the Maya twelve years earlier and both represent the beginning of the present era which followed  the  previous age that was reputedly destroyed by the ‘sky-gods’. We have also seen that around this time there was climate change, and substantial flooding, in parts of the world, and that advanced civilisations arose in several countries. The era around 5,000 years ago, it would seem, was the rebirth of civilisation and not its dawn  as is generally believed.   

    Many Early Middle Eastern legends were sky-god linked and so were some of the famous Greek stories. The same comment applies to the Book of Enoch, written about 2300 years ago, and the Book of  Revelation, in the New Testament, which dates to about 400 years later. In the 5th and 6th centuries, versions of these legends spread across Europe, and parts of the Middle East, and some were popular during the Middle Ages. Set in a modern context, a few are still with us in the themes of famous adventure , and musical, films.

    The Early World’s sky-god religion was an influence on numerous aspects of human life over the past 5,000 years. Very few Egyptologists, for example, realise that the Egyptian Book of the Dead was based on events which, reputedly, happened in the pre-Deluge era. The sky-god religion was an influence on mystical cults, such as Mithraism, on the astronomical alignments of temples, on star-lore and astrology, and it resulted in numerous legends, traditions and customs, such as serpent dances and May Day celebrations. It’s reflected in star-lore, numerology, place names, old sayings,  early teachings at Chartres Cathedral in France, which were based upon sky-god linked Greek traditions. Therefore, in my opinion, astronomers involved in the S.E.T.I project, who are searching for evidence of Extra-terrestrial life, will obtain quicker results if they take notice of what the Ancients said about the subject and they should  also listen to the North American Native initiates who are awaiting the return of the sky-people.  


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  1. DB says

    So much speculation, so interesting the past. Life is very much like a movie; we entered the theatre in the middle of the film. We really don’t know what happened at the “start” of the movie. We can only piece together and therefore theorize what we are currently viewing. We will unfortunately have to leave the theatre before the movie has reached “The End.” I often wonder if Saint John, one who supposedly was offered a glimpse of the future, tried to conceive further events in the same manner; speculation of “the future.” What goes around comes around. No truer words have ever been spoken. One who fails to seek the past is destined to repeat it. I suppose that eternity is for those that wish to see “the end of the movie.” (and the beginning too!)

    Respectfully submitted,

  2. says

    Before the advent of Christianity and Islam, the religions practiced all over the world were strikingly similar, despite the geographic isolation of these civilizations from one another. Their old literature, inscriptions, monuments, belief systems were similar to a considerable extent. They all looked towards the sky as the abode of Gods. Invariably, every religions of those days speak about space travels undertaken by Gods to arrive on Earth and even sometimes the most evolved humans were traveling to the destinations of the Gods for consultations or to pay homage. Particularly Hindu tradition, till date carries those memories and their sacred documents repletes with innumerable examples of space odyssey.

    Four decades ago when Daniken propounded the idea of Sky-God, he was ridiculed by the mainstream scientists. But with more and more researches, his ideas are slowly sinking into the minds of the cynics. The identification of several habitable planets in our galaxy and even in other galactic systems is adding credibility to what Von Daniken had surmised with his kind of evidences.

    More significantly, the advancement in genetic science with reference to DNA and the concept of “Intelligent Designs” vociferously propounded by the Creationists, though slowly, but surely taking human imaginations beyond the anthropomorphic myopia.

    The snake God and the snake motif found in all ancient civilizations, to my mind, could be a symbolic presentation of our double helix DNA which has snake like structures. Even today Hindus worship snakes on a particular day of the year known as– “Nag Panchami”. As we understand, the snake can no way be sacred even to the primitive people without some symbolic relevance. There are plethora of traditions still alive among some tribes of Africa, South America, India, Australia etc., which perpetuate the memories of the Sky-Gods. Interestingly, I sometimes feel. that the idea of immortality through resurrection and reincarnation are almost acceptable tenets in all religions, may have been the promises of the Sky-Gods to the human race, which still remains unfulfilled as these Gods did not returned to Earth again to teach the mankind the secrets of immortality.

    Who knows, the civilizations of the Sky-Gods might have been destroyed in some catastrophe for which they could never returned to Earth as promised.

  3. says

    I have been evaluating the messages of Chris Dunn lately and I am getting a more consolidated meaning of just who and what the ancient Egyptians were. I believe they were indeed part of the Zep Tepi or “The Time Before” clan. These very ancient beings may or may not have been like us but they indeed have a lot to do with who and what we are. To see this image of those beings requires a Paradigm Shift. Their means of Leveraging this environ most likely was not what we are sold by the Company Line Egyptologist of today. They were indeed much more arcane and indeed more intelligent than are we. We could not do half of what the ancients did in terms of engineering those massive artifacts of Egypt and indeed many other sites such as Peru. The tools utilized by them must have been held onboard their means of moving about this planet. Theirs was a technology of using the inherent power held in the vacuum of space. Harmonics is a realm we do not hardly utilize as a means to power. But, the planet itself has massive energy that we little know how to tap. The Pyramids were indeed energy sappers for those of the most ancient past. 12,900 years ago, the civilization living on the surface of this planet was indeed far and away the highest ever to be on the globe. In fact, I believe they (THE GODS) were so highly intelligent, that they were beings who just tapped into this realm at will almost as we sign in to play an RPG or video game. They knew the makeup of everything including how to manipulate DNA or construct vehicles using something like nanotechnology. What we now see in Egypt in the artifacts of old are not necessarily buildings built by Egyptians, but remains of a more distant past. We are only just now learning to read their symbolic messages (see: R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz). The Egyptians merely co-opted the complexes and used them for their purposes or they found the tools necessary to construct those additions necessary to make the complexes theirs. The Egyptians were renters who quickly rewrote history to make all found objects theirs. The massive machinery necessary to put up most of the things seen that require machining tools with much needed power requirements could not have existed in the public domain and must have been held by a select segment or priesthood. I believe we and those who can develop a vehicle to maneuver in physicality or Time/Space are all related. We had to start over, but we need to amplify our mentality through a massive learning curriculum such as God-Pixel Realms to see the entire picture of our very being. We have not become complex enough and are preoccupied with trivialities rather than the prime objective. We can be much more than the idiots we seem to be now. We need to awaken to our potential and widen our scope and vision. This is a big universe and we need a paradigm to equals its parameters. We have only scratched the surface of being here in Time/Space. We should be digging the Hell out of Egypt trying to find those secrets of our past, but no. We may have missed our chance to find the true message of existence…

  4. says

    Hello Leonard,
    When I’m sitting, thinking and dreaming, I often imagine Enoch or one of the other ancient astronomers, sitting in the middle of Stonehenge with the Nebra Sky Disc, taking alignments of the Pleiades.

  5. says

    I was realy surprised that the author did not mention about Hindu religion and its mythology though he boasted he studied all the religion. Hindu religion is full of mythological stories spread over great epic Mahabharat and Ramayan. It clearly states the end of era due to flood or other reason.
    the time has been divided into four parts Satya the golden, Treta, Dwapar and the present time the Kali. It has also described their age and forcasted about the end of era. In Hindu Mythology at various period the God came in the earth bearing the Likes Ram, Krishna etc. I hope you will study the Hindu epics and throw lights on the subject. Thank You.

    • says

      Indeed the secret to a massive part of human history and the reason of our presence here in time/space can be deduced from the traditions of the ancient Vedics. Such secrets are the Key to open all aspects.

      • J.a says

        Whether believe it indeed whats more is the big players are in for a suprise because we live in our own world if they join to our space they are under the theory of reality just for us.

  6. says

    It is HUMANS which are the “aliens” here, get over it. Also understand that we are currently BACKWARD in comparison to those who have preceded us.
    2) The illustration showing SUMERIAN CLAY TABLET BERLIN
    is incorrectly described.
    Orion is in the centre. Taurus is on the right of Orion – but the Pleiades is INSIDE TAURUS.
    The stars on the left are those of Ursa Major – which IS ON THE LEFT of Orion. There is one large star way over to the right behind and above Taurus – inscribed – could be one of a few choices. Possibly NOT Algol, which sits just behind the shoulder of Taurus. Most probably Gliese876C near Aries. ALL of these are places where visitors have arrived from in the past and currently.
    The SA.AM (a faction of the Anun.nakim) are founded [italics] in Ursa Major.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello H.C. Parks,

      What exactly am I to get over? You say we humans are the E.T.s, and if I use your reality to describe all of our past, present and future reality, than what I said is still accurate. So again, what exactly am I to get over? Now I don’t dispute that our not so distant primitive ancestors knew things about our galaxy and our solar system that is completely impossible for them to know. You seem to think either we came from the stars or the information came from the stars and that’s how they knew. While I take the position that we humans have been waxing and waning on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years, if not for millions of years. I’m pretty sure I’ve read many of the same things you have, yet you walked away seeing something totally different, and I’m perfectly okay with that… though I do find offensive people attribute aliens for anything created here on earth. Yet I’m totally open to discussing our differences of opinion because I believe this should make for some interesting conversations. However you so need to get over the fact I see our reality way differently than you do, so we can have that conversation. Just sayin!

      –Charles Marcello

      • Starheater says

        Hello Charles

        The Earth don’t exist millions of years for 2 reasons
        1. The Polonium in the Granit
        2. Marble.

        Robert Gentry a scientist have proven this fact. And the United States and other country wont replace all the books in schools and university for M. Gentry, to costy.

        The marble is unique kind of material. This material does not support extreme tempature. In different place where the marble is extracted they don’t waste the little chunck. Those chuncks are melted, but what they obtain is what they call, Rhyolite.

        I have work many years ago in a woodshop, and I know both of those, real marble and Rhyolite, the backing of Rhyolite is white.
        So, that mean that if the Earth was red hot like the scientists say, we could not have real marble, only Rhyolite. The melting point of marble is 1517° F

        Now those who exclude God in the Creation, or they knows that God exist, but He was not in a hurry when He created the Earth. In the Bible the Days are 24 hrs Days. If I was good in English Charles, I could have explain it better. Well, I hope it will help you in your quest of truth. You can take it or leave it, it’s for you to judge.

        God Bless

        • Starheater says

          And we dont came from Mars. The life we have come from God. We ome from the Earth, and we have been on Mars and other planet of the solar system.

  7. J.a says

    Yep again i think that was accurate statement of our cultures past that gets support through the alternative aquirement knowledge a good summary of events and lets not forget the real reason why this race that inhabits this world has a purpose still yet in the making,To be able to trace the exsistance of a species wether be extra-terrestial or from terrafirma should allow for more advanced knowledge to be manifest in our currant physical reality in must seem like a very old journey carried away with the stars.

  8. Charles Marcello says

    I personally find it highly insulting that anyone would attribute anything built here on Earth to anything other than humans. Seriously, even hinting towards such nonsense makes me physically ill. Not only does the evidence demand our truly ancient ancestors were more advanced then we are currently, there is nothing that I’ve seen that makes me even contemplate that mankind is not responsible for everything built here on earth. Yet sadly, instead of allowing for humanity to be stuck in some horrific cycle of self destruction, we blame the “gods/demons/and now aliens” for everything. YET, I would allow for our truly ancient ancestors to still be active today. What I mean is, if some horrific incident were to happen today, (total nuclear war, asteroid impact etc) there is no reason to believe that ALL of humanity would go right back to the stone ages. Sure that would happen to most of the survivors, especially those idiots who believe ammo and food is going to protect them somehow… yes they are all going to be cavemen the moment their supplies run out. However why wouldn’t there be pockets of survivors who were basically unaffected??? That these survivors would have all the tools and know how of our current cycle of civilization… where would we be in 3000 years from now? While at the same time, as our own cycle proves, people who are technologically advanced don’t reproduce nearly as fast as those who only have nature and the stars to keep them entertained. So why wouldn’t the poorer aspects of the surviving society reproduce faster than those who are mentally more aware of our true reality? Let alone, if the technologically advanced part of the survivors are being out birthed by a factor of 100 to 1, how many times would they have to move in order to not wipe out their superstitious cousins? Let alone… moving it forward, why wouldn’t they seek to create a society or help direct a civilization that is moving past the superstitious nonsense of our not so ancient primitive ancestors?

    All the hype of 2012 forced me to see our future and our past differently… to try understand several logical outcomes to such a tragedy, and how there would be pockets of different levels of technology. And how some would merge and still others would be wiped out by extremely primitive people. If that’s the logical answer I postulated from our own history… that if something bad happened to our world, then why wouldn’t that be the same answer for our truly ancient ancestors, especially if cataclysmic events are cyclical? Could that civilization be flying amongst the stars as we speak? Well do you think we will be flying amongst the stars in another thousand to two thousand years? For me the answer for our future, as long as we don’t kill each other, is yes. And if the answer is yes for us, then I see no reason to deny that same answer to the HUMAN civilization that actually built all the monuments around the world.

    –Charles Marcello

  9. says

    Hello Leonard,
    Nice post, some questions and comments.
    The subject of the flood intrigues me, from where did you get ” the flood did not cover the whole world”? for me the most logical explanation for the flood was that it was caused by some sort of cosmic impact, single or multiple, this could have caused earth shift, even repositioning of the planet and giant tsunami that flooded the whole world, as you said, ancient flood stories come from all continents of the world, including Australia.
    I personally do not like terms “extra terrestrials”, “aliens” or “ancient astronauts” the Annunaki where probably simply “angels” the “Watchers” of the Book of Enoch, they all started off as good but some some, two hundred, turned evil in Gods sight.

    Yes, there are just too many mysteries on Planet Earth.
    More later.

  10. Chris Allan says

    Erich von Danikens theories have always made more sense to me than the various religious teachings. That there were flying machines in ancient times, seems to me to be a certainty. But if they belonged to ET’s I am not so sure, is it not possible that advanced civilization existed on Earth that could be responsible for all of the various things attributed to aliens (Atlantis ????). Maybe they suffered a severe catastrophe which wiped out all trace of them. Space travel is after all a pretty difficult undertaking, I therefore have to wonder why they would go to all that trouble to fiddle about on Earth and then leave, surely it is more likely that the “Gods” came from Earth.

    • J.a says

      Hello chris do you suppose that the gods from space are observing us at the momment it would be very intresting if there is a galactic federation out there incorporating our knowledge on earth into there adventures in space and what would they say if they land in fleets is there any current comunication going on with them that is understood from our perspective a document of some sorts.

      • Chris Allan says

        Hello J.a. I am not convinced that anyone from space ever visited earth, I have a sneaking suspicion that there was a highly developed society somewhere on earth in ancient times ( 20 to 30 thousand years ago). I suspect that this civilization evolved naturally, and then proceeded to create the various populations around the world by DNA manipulation, and later to teach them civilized ways. The theory of evolution simply cannot explain how the various peoples all over the world came into being at roughly the same time ( around 10000bce ??), consequently I feel there must have been some stimulus. The above mentioned HD society may have been based on Antarctica ? and a sudden polar shift caught them unawares and they possibly did not survive. The reason I have these suspicions is that space travel is a very difficult and costly exercise. Travel from another universe would involve huge amounts of time and effort, it makes much more sense that the Annunaki etc. came from Earth rather than some other universe/galaxy. Regards

  11. doug says

    If I was from an advanced race I would blow our so called civilization to dust where we belong. Humanity is a disgrace. Someone put us out of our misery!

  12. wishbone says

    the civilising of the human race is still going on, and at this moment in our history, its very much our darkest hour. hopefully we will come through and join our creators and the rest of the galactic club. they are the ones we called “elohim” or angels, annanuki, gods, it is they who engineered us, first as workers for them then later when they realised they had created a sentient race, they left us somewhat to our own devices, to evolve, occasionally making modifications to our genetic line, they have lived on the earth with us, but we would always revert to worshipping them as gods, (that they don’t want) they have always been keeping an eye on us. but of late things are changing fast, since we discovered the “splitting of the atom” they are making their presence felt, first it was “foo-fighters” (that the allied governments tried to say was Nazi secret weapons,) then there was “roswell” a vehicle probably brought down by a “tesla” EMP weapon, or was deliberately crashed to give us a technological boost (the yanks really wanted to get their hands on one of the alien machines that were appearing everywhere,) that machine was back engineered and most of the tech we have now is down to that. since then there has been more and more sightings and more importantly abductions, that seem to be (partly at least) about modifying our genetics again. I really believe we are close to wide open contact, we just have to go through a waking up process and take care of the biggest threat we have ever had, the threat of worldwide NEW WORLD ORDER inflicted on up by very evil people who aim is to keep us from this massive evolutionary step. their only goal is to turn us into dumb slaves who’s only purpose is to serve them, the war mongering, gold worshipping, ego-maniacs. COME ON THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS.!

  13. says

    The universe is massively filled with potential and that is what we discern from this planet filled with data that only leverages itself via physicality. The means of the generative order or implicate unity is a whole new story that few of us can address due to our lack of knowledge and wisdom of the background structures that allow us to manifest within Time/Space. Humans limp along carrying our mind somewhere around the lens that we use here to discern our predicament. The brain (lens) may not be the seat of mind but acts as a physical apparatus that converts sensual data into useable information. The one mind may just be everything outside of the many manifestations we discern as entities. If we rise in our knowledge and wisdom and look at the potential that we might have been “put” here on this planet then we just may be entities that are utilizing sheaths to experience existence/s. All of the above information is pertinent but nothing is for sure. Scenarios could be written for absolutely every event sequence in the length, width and whatever equational configuration, because existence seems open-ended. There are times when I actually think this is God’s playing. We may be experiencing the epitome of all theme parks just to occupy our universal ONE mind. I digress.


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