Creation of Mankind – A Sitchin’s View

The gods had created man to be their slave to provide them with daily food rations from their gardens of Edin (Edin being the uncultivated plain of Sumer surrounding the cities and city-gardens built by the gods for themselves to live in before man’s creation) for all of eternity (man is to endure back-breaking toil in these gardens growing the gods’ food) thereby giving themselves the equivalent of an eternal Shabbat or Sabbath Rest from earthly toil. Man’s toil will provide the gods with life’s necessities: food, shelter and clothing (The gods needed to eat earthly food or they would starve to death, in Mesopotamian myths the gods can die). 


The gods would never release man from the grievous toil in their gardens of edin and grant him immortality because they did not want to resume again their previous grievous toil in providing life’s necessities for themselves.  — The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Epic of Atra-Khasis

Adam and Eve Before Genesis – A Sitchinite View


Scepticisms on the veracity of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) abound heavily during the 19th century which gradually receded only after the result of numerous archaeological findings that confirm the veracity of biblical data taking each assertion instead farther back in time. From Elohim (deities) to Yahweh, the diverse versions pertaining to the Creator of humankind implies that an older source dealing with the same subject was in front of them as they write. For instance, Chapter 5 of Genesis states that its source of the generation of Adam was taken from an older book entitled The Book of the Generation of Adam. Numbers 21:14 refers towards another source The Book of Wars of Yahweh. These and much more must have been ample source of original information for the authors of the Old Testament.

The breakthrough on understanding the extinct Akkadian language which is the mother of the Semitic tongue revealed more basis pertaining to the making of the first humans. The account of the creation of mankind began when the Anunnaki/Elohim (Those who from Heavens to Earth came) “splashed down” at the Persian Gulf. The Sumerians believed that these “gods” came all the way from the outer edge of our solar system. It is a well-documented fact that the Sumerians believed that their “gods” practiced a two-way travel from their heavenly abode to Earth. The olden writings also indicated the familiarity of this people on the celestial system such us our sun and the planets in our solar system. The Sumerians always depicted in their pictograph writings an extra planet called Nibiru- the abode of the Annunnaki race. This massive planet often referred to as the “Winged Planet” or “Woodworm” possess an elliptical orbit that crosses our very own home every 3,600 years (Sar). Its expected comeback is in less than 120 years. Sumerian writings tell us that there were an initial fifty Anunnaki who came down to earth. This group was lead by a brilliant scientist named Enki- Lord of the Earth who built his colony in E.Ri.Du (Sumer) some 432,000 years ago. Other establishments were soon built in pursuit of their original mission: To find gold to save their dying world. It appeared that their first intention was to extract gold from the ocean floor but the result was unsatisfactory. Failing to obtain the amount of gold they need from the Persian Gulf, Enki’s brother Enlil (Lord of the Command) was dispatched from the planet Nibiru by their father, Anu together with six hundred other Anunnaki to Earth. Another three hundred, called the IGI.GI (Those who observe and see) or “Watchers”, were stationed in their crafts beyond our atmosphere to monitor the progress of the operation on Earth and to shuttle the refined ingots between Earth and Nibiru.

Enlil was a very strict disciplinarian who took over the command of the seven cities around E.Din (Home of the Righteous Ones), the future site of the earliest civilization on Earth – Sumeria. Each city was assigned their specific functions: A Mission Control Centre, a Spaceport, a center for Metallurgy, and a Medical Centre under the supervision of Ninmah- a half sister of Enki and Enlil. Enki was assigned to Southeast Africa to start and manage the mining operations there and spent most of his time there to avoid the increasing heated rivalry between him and Enlil.

When the Anunnaki arrived on Earth 432,000 (120 Sars before the Deluge) years ago humans did not exist yet. 144,000 years ago the Anunnaki assigned at the gold mines of South Africa (Abzu) grumbled and addressed their complaints to Enki about their hard labour in the dark and dusty gold mines. The rank and file Anunnaki protested it was not their duty as spacemen to toil in the pits of the Abzu. The book of Atra Hasis written in Akkadian described in detail the events that lead to their mutiny. In response, Enlil sought the punishment of the mutineers in case they refuse to continue working in the ancient mines.

Enki, being more lenient to his subordinates consulted his father Anu to come up with a better answer to the problem. Enki’s solution: to create a primitive worker that will take over the back-breaking work of the Anunnaki. According to Enki the creature required who can perform some of the mining task is the Hominid that existed already in Africa at that time. All they have to do is to make the creature an intelligent worker by giving the “mark of the Anunnaki”. 4.5 billion Years ago both Nibiru and our watery planet called Tiamat (Earth) collided and “exchanged” the common elements necessary to start life during one of Nibiru’s pass-over as told in the Epic of Creation. The Epic of Creation is a Sumerian version of how the world and the other planets of our solar system began.

The assembly of “gods” – their Anunnaki leaders, collectively agreed upon the idea and summoned Ninmah, their chief medical officer to support the undertaking. Enki was given the go-signal, “Create a Lulu,” a “primitive worker” he was told; “Let him bear the yoke of the Anunnaki.” Ninhursag/Ninmah- the chief medical officer assisted in the great scientist Enki in the undertaking.

Chapter One of Genesis sums up their decision. And Elohim said: “Let us make The Adam in our image, after our likeness.” The long and slow process of human evolution was “jumped-over” by the help of the Anunnaki creating us sooner than we could have ever evolved on our own. Except for the Knowing and the Longevity, by increasing to the level desired by the Anunnaki, we can best understand how the first human were created in its simplified story in Genesis; it involved the use of “clay” and by “breathing” the life into its nostrils. The book of Atra Hasis and other ancient texts gave us a much more complex story that implied the process of genetic manipulation. It was not an achievement that resulted overnight. Working in a creation chamber called Bit Shinti (House where the wind of life is breathed in) the “essence” of the blood of a young Anunnaki male was drawn and mixed with the egg of a female hominid. The fertilized egg then was implanted into the womb of a female Anunnaki akin to modern day in vitro-fertilization. A lot of trial and error processes were involved until the wanted result by Enki and Ninmah was reached. Once perfected, a mass production took-off. Fourteen birth “goddesses” were implanted with the ape-woman’s genetically manipulated eggs. Seven of the surrogate Anunnaki females would bear male and seven other female Astronauts would bear female workers. But how long could the limited female Anunnaki take to perform the role of “birth goddesses”? Like any other hybrid, the Earthling could not procreate.

As they grew up and their numbers multiply, more physical work was assigned to them in the Abzu (ancient mines). The Anunnaki working under the leadership of Enlil in Mesopotamia grew jealous and clamoured for the Lulu to share in the bulk of work. Over the objection of Enki, Enlil seized many of the primitive workers and brought them to E.Din (The abode of the Righteous Ones) in Mesopotamia. The event is also mentioned in Genesis, “and the Lord took The Adam, and He placed him in the Garden of Eden, to till it and tend it”. Many ancient drawings depicted the first Primitive Workers, The Adam, or the “Black Headed Ones” performing their tasks naked as the animals of the field. In The Myth of Cattle and Grain, the first creatures were thus described:

When Mankind was first created, they knew not the eating of the bread, knew not the wearing of garments. They ate plants with their mouths, like sheep. They drank water from the ditch.

A Sumerian ancient writing called The King List measured the tours of duty for each Anunnaki in Sar (3,600 years). Some of the Anunnaki Commander’s assignment mentioned from this book lasted 28,800 to 36,000 or, even up to 43,200 years! Convert these figures to a Sar and their mission to their settlements would only be eight or ten of their life years. This is the very reason why ordinary humans regard them as immortal- “gods”. But the astronauts who came down to Earth were worried about their longevity. This is because their body clocks were set for their own planet. To maintain their longer life cycles on Earth, these astronauts consumed a “Food of Life” and “Water of Life” which were provided from their home planet.

Enki, a brilliant scientist as he is, tried to untangle the secrets of life, reproduction, and death on Earth. Questions such as why did the Homo sapiens lived longer lives than the ape men and ape women but lived shorter lives than the Anunnaki/Elohim who came down to Earth. Could it be genetic or environmental? Conducting more experiments on the genetics of their hybrids referred to as Lulu (Mixed One), Enki mixed his own sperm with their DNA and conducted the slow process of cloning until he created a perfect model giving them the ability to reproduce. He named the new creation Adam (Adapa), meaning human. He was granted greater intelligence than the previous creations and the ability to procreate; but not having the longevity like the Anunnaki/Elohim.

“With wide understanding he had perfected him. To him he had given Knowing; lasting life he did not give”.

Earliest depiction of Adam and Eve standing before the “Tree of Knowing” with an entwined serpent on the tree has survived up to our present time. The Hebrew word for “serpent” is Nahash. The word had two extra meanings. It could mean “He who solve secrets”, or “He of the Copper”. The last two meanings apparently could have stemmed from the old Sumerian appellation for Enki, BUZUR, which meant “He who solve secrets” and “He of the Copper”. Enki had always been associated with the entwined snake symbol since the earliest time.

And so goes the story in Genesis that the “improved” hybrid humans Adam and Eve were not only given the gift of “Knowledge” but also of “Knowing” – the Hebrew biblical term for “intercourse” for the purpose of reproduction. According to the Akkadian Tale of Adapa, Enlil became furious upon hearing the news that humans were granted by his brother Enki the ability to procreate. Speaking to his unnamed colleagues, Enlil was furious that Man,” having become as one of us,” might also help himself to the Tree of Life, “and eat, and live forever.” For this reason, Adam and his female companion Eve were casted out from the wonderful orchard which was planted in Eden; to toil in the fields, and to sustain themselves.

Their father Anu too was troubled about the news and summoned for the hybrid to appear before him in his Celestial Abode. Since Adam/Adapa (Man) is believed to be Enki’s son by an earth mother and too worried about being destroyed by his father Anu, he took steps instructing him to avoid any water or food being offered to him. As the creature of Enki stood before Anu’s throne, he was impressed by his intelligence imparted by his son Enki. Anu consulted his advisors on what to do with the hybrid since his son Enki had already made him very distinguished by sending him through a Shem/Mu (Rocket Ship) before his throne. Their decision was to keep Adapa/Adam in Marduk (Nibiru). In order to for his body to acclimatize in the slow-phase rotation of the planet Nibiru around our Sun, Adapa/Adam was offered “the Bread of Life” and, the “Water of Life” too. This could have made Adapa/Adam live the same longevity enjoyed by the Anunnaki on Earth. But, being forewarned before by Enki, Adapa/Adam refused to eat or drink. When his erroneous decision was discovered, it was already too late for he could have obtained an “immortal’s” life. Adapa/Adam was returned to Earth during which he saw the awesomeness of deep space “from the horizon of heaven, to the zenith of heaven.” When he got back to Earth, he was ordained by Enki as a High Priest of Eridu.

The Book of Jubilees which tells us the story about the expulsion of man from paradise informs us that when “Adam and his wife went forth from the Garden of Eden, and they dwelt in the land of their Nativity, the land of their Creation.” This would mean from Eden they went back to the Abzu, in south eastern Africa. Adam “knew” his wife and she conceived and bore Cain, Abel, Seth, and a daughter named Awan. The Bible says that Adam and Eve had sons and daughters. Non-canonical books say there were sixty-three in all. Genetic evidence confirms that mankind originated not from the Mesopotamian Eden but back in the Abzu in south-eastern Africa. Anthropology and genetic researchers have placed an “Eve”- a single female, as the single source of whom all humans (Homo sapiens) came from about 250,000 years ago.

Ancient legends handed down in different generations continued to survive in different versions down until 2,000 years ago when The Book of Adam and Eve was written. It tells the story of how Adam felt sick when he was 930 years old. His son Seth, seeing his father sick brought Adam to the gate of Paradise appealing to the “gods”. “..Perchance He will hearken to me and send Him his angel to bring me the fruit, for which thou has longed” – the fruit of the tree of life. But Adam has already accepted his faith as a mere mortal and only wished to be anointed by the “oil” of life. He bid his son Seth and his wife Eve to go around the neighbourhood of “Paradise” and ask the “gods” from there for a drop of oil which flowed from the tree so his body pain might be relieved. Finally, an angel whose name is Michael approached them relaying the decision of the “gods” from inside paradise not to grant Adam’s supplication for his life is already fulfilled. Adam died six days later. Since Adam’s death was the first natural passing of a human, Eve and their son Seth did not know what to do. They just sat there at the “Gates of Paradise” until Adam’s soul departed his body. As they mourn and cry, Eve saw in her vision a bright craft (fiery chariot) coming from the heaven. She heard the voice of the Lord instructing the angels (Emissaries/Messenger) to bring linen cloths and shroud so they may burry Adam and Abel who was not buried yet. The two of them were consecrated and buried.

Since then, the population of mankind flourished. Man was no longer limited to work in the dusty mines and fields. They could perform tasks such as building temples for the “gods”, learned how to cook and dance for them as well. It did not take long when the Anunnaki who was short of females on Earth, can have sex with the daughters of man since both of them were biologically compatible. Their great leader Enlil was not happy about this and looked at it with anxiety. To him, it defeats their purpose of saving their own world as their primary mission here on Earth. But, nature would soon offer Enlil to put an end on all of these when on the end of the last Ice Age he will not deliberately warn man of impending disasters brought about by the advancement and retreat of the last Ice Age causing weather changes, crop failures, famine, and ultimately, the Deluge.

The expulsion of man from the Garden of Eden was not the end of link between Man and his Creators. Instead, their removal from The Garden of Eden was only the start of a new form of relationship in which direct encounters would be rare, and dreams and visions would become divine devices.

Source: The Earth Chronicles by: Zecharia Sitchin
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    The cause being that the gods of sumer made a being for what reason they where called slaves when it might be family is some what not of my knowledge yet of my understanding the proclaimation of being a god in modern scriptures would they make a slave they could not control family is from a source that needs devolepment through time in this physical realm.

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    WOW, there are so many stories of how we came to be,so many to pick from ,because we just can’t except that we just are! It is so easy to take the Bible and invent your own story .This is the first time reading the actual reason for this so called planet Nibiru.The Ancients I believe looked to the stars ( actually read ) like we watch our TV,they could watch the stars for years and it takes years for PLANETS to move in the Heavens from their vantage point,and reading them and telling story’s of how we came here was a serious past time for their civilization ! Then reading the hieroglyphs that are sand whipped over time from the Pyramids can make for one hell of a story . All you have to do is look to the costumes of many cultures and you can make anything look like it is Alien ! .I will grant that there is always a grain of truth to the legends that have been told from thousands of years ago but please people don’t get swallowed up in the past .This is the now ,I suggest we use our powerful minds to solving some of the problems the world has brought on by waiting for an outside force to save us .WE are responsible for us!! NOT a past long ago civilization . PLEASE !!!

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    There seems to be a more depth study of the subject evolution has given us huge time scales to work with the presenters view has a nice theory same again perceptions do vary some what each to there own nice buildings got made just as well a nice area was made then done they did good where they splashed down good for , this area seems to tilter on the edge of all that was made at that point in time and there of,so some happenings since then are not that much off concern when they are out of place than the usual knowledge gets past on with nice ease these days dramas did happen then as they do today subject adjustment ensured.

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    Try agian to get it correct and in the proper place provide a healthy existence dramas can happen at any momment councel can deal with that one to do hard labour often maintaining the elements for a society has rewards there are many players here credentials are required if from outer space get transformed for the fruits are improving in quality so shall man be, off course solving secrets of our creators origins is a challenge there seems to be plenty to decipher that the story what happend to them did they do that where are they going measure that with a plan sort them over there getting better the women have been jumping all day that makes them feel good how many improved the texture more food now long time ago better go now.

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    Should mention as well plenty more energetic grid patterns are been made to order this is on going process sealed areas included refer to legends versions that shall cleanse with glimmer hope this little knowledge about mans history helps to improve the way to a more trusting future.

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    A tribute to the brave ~men~women~ that have lived in a pattern standing for beliefs even at the cost of death, what further more can be done to ensure a more secure order to prevent the worst conduct from certain people with false power, corrupt policies,fradulent doctorine,ect, that have infected this beautifull planet of ours rest assured they are going to regret there ways for at any point this will expand as been the case over the time is pronounced,for what has been given to us in the form of this exsistance can only serve us to improve with less hinderence for do not forget what has been taught through the ages that is true prophecy as been given here there is so much work that still needs to be done the sooner the better there is now little turning back so keep the supplies fresh and except what is false for that making is there own, feel free to further develop this in accordance of the truth there still might be a glimmer of hope in some parts of the world thats been abused by the bad people so do be care full where you reside there are safe havens go there and get out of corrupt areas because the wrath of god is more powerfull than false doomdayers with there dirty actions they are not safe to be near unless they are on trial which generally happens through out history,then this planet will be closer to heaven thats a energetic grid structure.

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    From such time long ago it is more than likely that precautionary measures have been attended ,to ensure continued exsistence on planet earth, this pattern of creation is beneficial to those that seek knowledge and connection to the emergence of a planetary order where by it is sealed, energetic rhythms are a gate way to the ~past ~future~, a structured device such as a pyramid relays energy,grid formations harness store dispell energy the ultimate energetic pattern is eternal from which all is derived,too be able to manifest in a physical vessel is a days work for some,rewards are to be expected such as food,wealth,security, when certain elements in society fade away the cleaner we get,a bit like a mud bath.

  9. Ab Asaff says

    Another Sech Sitchin promoter. Well, first In question of the accurecy of his translation of the Cuniform writing. What other reference can we rely on to verify his translations are correct? Then there is the human orgins of approx. 144,000 yeras ago. The arcological records now show that humans existed at least a million years ago. DNA manipulation would not produce a thinking perfect human being immediately. According to Ancient Hindu Texts, it took four trys before the gods got the human being product right. Too, there has never been found any remanents of the part animal part human alluded to in the fossil records. Then there are those other high civilizations that stretch back at least ten thousand years, pre-dating the Sumarians, ie. Egyptians, Indus Valley People and Mesomerican Cultures that do not speak anything of The Anunnaki.

    Other questions, why did the Anannuki requrie gold to repair their atmosphere? Why would they have to go to the trouble of enginering a human breed to manual labour, I assume with pick and shovel, to extract gold. Surly a high tech space travelling civilization as they were suppose to be would have a high teck solution to extract gold from the earth that was desperately needed for their planet’s survival.

    One should tread carefully when using The Bible to back up certain claims and stories. As we know, The Bible is historically a very anbigious source for reference. Did Moses part waters? Is everything in The Bible literally accurate? We can’t know because it is one sided unverifiable information written by a great story telling culture.


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