Climate Change Mumbo-Jumbo

Mumbo-jumbo, mumbo-jumbo, the drums beat ever louder, and the witch doctors are coming. Every day they beat out the same rhythm, lulling everyone into a trance, suggesting that you should believe only them, suggesting that you should desert your reason and your common sense, for they the great witch doctors of the IPCC they know what is happening to this planet of ours.

Mumbo-jumbo, mumbo-jumbo, when will the climax to this frenzied dance occur?  Not long to wait, my friends, not long before the tipping point. In five years now at the most, mumbo-jumbo, mumbo-jumbo, Manhattan will be under water, half Florida will be flooded. Oh Lord! Save the Planet!  Save my children!

Wake up! Wake up! O my Brothers and Sisters in Subud. Of all people in this whole wide world, you should be the most resistant to suggestion. And why is that? Where Religions are founded on beliefs and differing beliefs clash, in Subud we rely only on experience. Not in that miasma that is called akal-fikiran.

Our sister Anuradha has written, ‘There can be no Global Justice – has there ever been Global Justice, sister Anuradha? – without Climate Justice!’  Pardon me, but what does that mean? Climate and Justice are two completely disparate concepts. It sounds great, but is, I suggest, completely meaningless.

And now I read that sister Adrienne all on her own has made Lewes green. She is concerned that we reduce our CO2 emissions over the next five years (note), in order to avoid that dreadful 2° climate meltdown. The witch-doctors of the IPCC have suggested to her and to a lot of other people that they need to reduce their CO2 emissions, which she confidently asserts comes from burning fossil fuels.

Actually, dear Adrienne, I will issue you a challenge. I will give you a bottle of Champagne, no, two bottles of Champagne, if you can bring me one litre of Carbon Dioxide taken directly from some fossil fuel burning. Perhaps you could get it from some aircraft exhaust, but do be careful, my dear.

I, on the other hand, will guarantee to produce for you a bagful of Carbon Dioxide within two minutes of our meeting, and furthermore I will demonstrate to you Carbon Dioxide in two other forms. And this Carbon Dioxide, I promise you, will be colourless, odourless, tasteless and non-pollutant. You can even take it away and give it safely to your kids.

Now they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is one:

NOTE: Carbon Dioxide is such a small component of Earth’s atmosphere (368 ppmv) that the “slice” it represents in this chart is really only a “line” about 1/2 as thick as the line shown. Compared to former geologic times, Earth’s atmosphere is “CO2 impoverished.”

You see that thin grey line – that is the Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. But, mumbo-jumbo, the witch doctors have suggested that you have to reduce that even further.  Adrienne, that is just mumbo-jumbo. You are appealing to people in Subud to desert their common sense. I am appealing to them the opposite, that they, above all people on this planet, should resist everything which calls on them to abandon their reason.

Climate Change?

You are worried about warming. You seem to think that it is a recent phenomenon. In fact this planet has been gradually warming for 15,000 years. Before this time the earth was covered by ice-sheets, some of which were 8,000 feet thick! During the Holocene Maximum, which lasted some 3,000 years, the earth was far warmer than today, and the Polar Bears survived. Again in the Mediaeval Warm Period the earth was far warmer, 900 – 1300AD approx. Why, that was a glorious time on this planet of ours. Then it was plunged into the Little Ice Age from which, thanks be to God, we are only just emerging. From approximately 1850 the planet has warmed one half a degree Celsius. Does that worry you?  I tell you that what worries me a whole lot more is that since 1998 the warming has ceased! Now, that really is a worry.

I had a correspondence with our Editor. I think he thought I was asking him to be brave about smoke inhalation – you see, how mixed up people get about Carbon Dioxide – but once he began to accept that he, like 6.2 billion other humans exhale CO2, he pointed out to me his real cause for concern.  And what was that? Why, nothing other than the Greenhouse Effect. He was not worried about breathing, but he was worried about the Greenhouse Effect. And why? I will tell you why. Because it has been suggested to him and to many others on this planet that the Greenhouse Effect is making this planet much too hot, that this heat is like a runaway horse, that the poles will melt, the seas will rise, and millions of people will perish.

I can understand his concern. Of course, if you are in a trance, if you are subject to the mumbo-jumbo of the witch doctors, it must be very worrying. But, my old mate, I would suggest to you that you take a pint or two of that excellent Australian beer, 4XXXX, to help you sleep soundly.  Apart from which those little bubbles of pure Carbon Dioxide are very soothing, and help calm a restless mind.

If the great forces of Nature, if it were the Will of the Almighty, to destroy this planet, so be it. But do not let the witch doctors destroy your reason, O my friends. You can use your own reason; you can make up your own minds.

One last thought I leave you with. Since the end of that Ice Age, 15,000 years ago, Earth’s temperature has risen by approximately 16° Fahrenheit, and sea levels have risen 300 feet. Forests have returned where once there was only ice. And Great Nature did all of this without any help from anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide.

But Beware! The Ice Man cometh!

Climate Change? Mumbo-jumbo  …  Mumbo-jumbo …  Mumbo-jumbo!

Anthony Bright-Paul

Quotes from a subject related article:

Does Carbon Dioxide Drive Global Warming?

Gore also uses an argument that the correlation between carbon dioxide concentration and temperature in ice core records from the distant past demonstrates that carbon dioxide and temperature are strongly related. However, a statistical correlation between two variables doesn’t determine which one is causing the relationship and which one is responding. If one looks at these data in finer detail,  it becomes evident that temperature is driving the carbon dioxide concentration, not the other way around. Changes in temperature trends led similar features in carbon dioxide and methane by some 800 years in this analysis. One explanation for this relationship is that warming of the oceans releases carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, increasing its concentration. This is likely due to the fact that the oceans contain much more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere, and they release carbon dioxide at warm temperatures and absorb it at cool temperatures.

Individual temperature records commonly used by climatologists and paleoclimatologists show that the past 1,000 years have been marked by periodic warm and cold periods, not by a uniform climate trend. The recent warming trend since about 1850 appears to be the continuation of the warming following the Little Ice Age, rather than a sudden upsurge after a long period of relatively uniform temperatures. The detailed temperature record since 1850 shows a temperature decline between 1940 and 1970, which flies in the face of the explanation that a continuous exponential increase in carbon dioxide causes global warming. And the simultaneous record of temperature and carbon dioxide concentration in ice cores indicates that carbon dioxide concentration changes after temperature changes, not before, indicating that carbon dioxide is the result, not the cause, of global warming.


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  1. J.a says

    What have a climate change o not responsible for that at all the way is true to best of knowledge what if the atmosphere is natural dont change it into the same well the article goes on enough this is nulling at the best wake to them declined hoax get realistic world.

  2. Jason Apoyan says

    O compensation should be given for there efforts in there claim for understandable teachings might go to summons.

  3. Jason says

    O do tell me that the only reduction of pollutants is the people that continue this non sense,more people are waking up to this nonsense and good for them, why should good people be subject to this disgracefull propagender do these climate hoaxters think they can build a fraudulent business on a complete fraud and get away with it,if they have been told why climate changes and still disregard the truth well it is there problem,and that is what they are going to get,to disregard the truth for fraud is disgracefull,when there fraudulent hoax crashes down around them,when we stop them getting money,when they are ordered to trail,and removed from office and put somewhere where they can not tell nonsense the planet would be a little more easy to live in.COMPENSATION should make us happy.

  4. Jason apoyan says

    Its true there is a place for these climate change hoaxters ives has seen it, they have lost big money they are in fear and very desperate there science is false there only hope is to stop there hoax.COMPENSATION should make us HAPPY.

  5. Jason apoyan says

    Iam still give favour to natural cycles of climate driven by, solar,earth core magnetics,this has been going on for a long time now,and if some people did there research properly they would understand that there is fear trying to be propaganderd to the gulible for control and financial gains and what further could they go to,and also ill support any agencie that reckons the same,compensation should make us happy.

  6. Larry Peterson says

    you say that the Earth goes in cycles. I agree with that observation. Then, you say, the temperatures are in the warming phase. How is that not Global Warming? Take a look at pictures taken from NOAA ‘s Orbiter, and see if you notice how the jet stream changes. I just reread your article. I understand now. How can a group exist that makes reality a science? All realities are judged by individual perception. Dependent on thresholds. The eye is out in backwords and upside down. Oh, never mind-look it up yourself, but reality is nothing more than vibrating atoms. Had that perception been taken on face value, you couldn’t make sense of your surroundings, so it goes through the Human Brain first. What you perceive is based on your experience, and some studies show-your genetics. But Brother, youall didnt look it up.

  7. jason apoyan says

    O well it seems due to overwhelming evidence and research climate justice should be given in favour to the people that create positive realistic images of the world and not be burdend down with hoaxs or false propagander.COMPANSATION should make us HAPPY.

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