Barack Obama Prophecy

The Mayan priests believe 2012 will be the year of change. What could be so important related to 2012 that could change the world in the following years?
The author believes never before in history a US President and a Russian President were so much predicted and both authentic and fabricated prophecies from different sources related to Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are presented.  In 2012 there will be elections in the USA and in Russia. Vladimir Putin in Russia and Barack Obama in the US are among those leaders who might be trying reelection. Is Barack Obama a leader predicted hundreds of years ago in a similar way Jesus Christ was?
For hundreds of years, prophecies from different countries about a future leader who will come and save (or, in other cases, destroy) the world have been part of the culture of a few peoples, in Europe, in the Middle East and in the Eastern world. Both the Jewish people and the Shiite Muslims expect a Messiah, both political leaders. Could this be the time when these ancient prophecies will be fulfilled? According to Fabio R. de Araujo there are more than lies in these prophecies about the most predicted political leaders in the the history of our planet.
Kennedy, Reagan, Bush, Carter, they weren’t so predicted as Barack Obama is.
While there are prophecies about an evil leader coming in 1999 seeming to be pointing to Vladimir Putin, who became President the last day of 1999, a final battle has been predicted. Is this a very special time in history, a time the most predicted leaders of the history of our planet are alive?

Could Barack Obama be the most predicted American in history?

Every month millions of people google for words such as armageddon and apocalypse and a few thousand google for obama antichrist and obama messiah. Maybe because prophecies from different sources, times, and countries have been announcing different catastrophic events for years. I have been researching prophecies for 20 years and although there are many false prophecies, there are also authentic ones and not all events found in authentic prophecies are catastrophic ones, though.

Barack Obama, for example, has been predicted in a few authentic prophecies. The surprising thing, in my view, is that never before in the US history, a US President has been so much predicted. Even more, never before in history, any American person has been so much predicted. The same thing applies to Vladimir Putin. This is why I believe we are living in a special moment.

The world we live is not a perfect one, it’s not an honest one. As you know, not all people are honest people. Prophecies reflect this. Not all prophecies are real prophecies, there are also false prophecies. Among these, we will find fabricated prophecies about Barack Obama, created for political or maybe even racial reasons. As you may know, many Americans don’t like him. For this reason, some Americans have fabricated prophecies saying he will destroy the global economy or he is the antichrist and so on. These prophecies are false, because I couldn’t find the source anywhere. One thing I learned studying prophecies, and historians know this very well, is that we need to find out, first of all, if the text is authentic, it means the author of the prophecy really exists or existed and wrote or spoke the prophecy. The authentic prophecies don’t predict Obama is an evil leader. Then what do they say?

A Italian prophecy, for example, made in the the 1950s, compares Obama to Franklin Roosevelt predicting an economic depression worse than the one in the 1930s. In the 1930s, Roosevelt had to create a new policy to fight the depression called New Deal and was called socialist by many people. Roosevelt won the elections in 1932 at the depths of the Great Depression. A very similar thing happened to Obama. In a few areas in the US, such as Los Angeles, the situation today is worse than in the 1930s. The state is helping 10 times the number of people it helped in the 1930s and LA is only 3 times bigger. So the prophecies is partially fulfilled. It’s not totally fulfilled because it also predicts a war between the US and Russia after the crisis.

Another authentic prophecy about Obama is Brazilian and was written in the 1920s in a book called The Black President. The novel predicted a time in a year composed of 8 and 2 when the Black President will be the US President and the US population will be 300 million people. Obama is President since 2008. Many other predictions were made in this prophecy, most of them correct, a few of them inaccurate.

There is another authentic prophecy about Obama which even mentions his name. And there is a prophecy made by Nostradamus about a “young black man”. These four authentic prophecies that might be related to him make the US President one of the most predicted people in history. But he is not the only one. President Vladimir Putin also seems to be found in prophecies, although what we find about him is not so good.

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Putin was first President in the last day of 1999. He might be related to old prophecies from different sources announcing that the Antichrist or an evil leader would come in the crossing of the millennia. Could Putin be the Antichrist and Obama a Christian leader who will fight him someday?

Many people have been talking about 2012. Probably as 1999 or 2000, nothing will happen. Or, at least, nothing important will be noticed. In 1999 Putin arrived to power and nobody noticed this fulfilled ancient prophecies. In 2012 there will be elections and both Putin and Obama will be trying reelection. Putin is currently Prime Minister in Russia, but was already President in the past. The Mayan priests believed 2012 is the year of change, not the year of the end. I don’t know what will happen in 2012, but certainly this year will determine the following years of the world history. If Putin wins he will remain in power until 2024. If Obama wins, he will be in power until 2016. Anyway, one more thing is certain: Barack Obama needs a place in Guiness Book as the most predicted American in the history.

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The 1926 Barack Obama Prophecy

The 1926 Barack Obama prophecy: How many US Presidents were announced in a prophecy about 100 years before? Maybe only one. And this is Mr. Barack Obama. Here you will see a 1926 prophecy about him. Parapsychology Institutes worldwide know today that premonition is the most common among the parapsychology phenomena studied. But premonition is not a certain matter. Many of the premonitions or prophecies are not 100% accurate an many times, when a person receives any information about the future, whether through a dream, vision, voice or thought, the receiver does not even understand that this is about the future. A premonition is basically a prophecy related directly or indirectly to the person who has the vision, dream whatever. A prophecy is something bigger, usually important, related to a nation or to the world. Both prophecy and premonition work in similar way, the difference is the scope and the context.

There is a particular kind of prophecy that gains life and gets put onto paper, when a writer finds the inspiration to write a story, which becomes a published book. At the time, nobody, not even the writer, realizes the story is about the future, until too many similarities with a real life experience are found years later. This is the case of a 1926 prophecy published in a Brazilian book (as far as I know never published in the US) called The Black President, predicted for a year done with 2 and 8 when the US population will be about 300 million people and “people will not go to the office everyday in a streetcar, they will work at home and will radiate the job done to the office”, which seems to be a prophecy about telecommuting and Internet. Internet information can be sent today through radio waves.

In 1926, a Brazilian writer, named Monteiro Lobato, well-known in Brazil today, wrote a book called The Black President, subtitled The American Roman in 2228, which he unsuccessfully tried to publish in the US. The book was published in Brazil, though. It’s about a future election in the US. Basically this is the story summed up. A character in the book named Jane looks into a machine we could translate as “futuroscope” where she can see the future. What did Jane see? Jane saw a black man as US President in a distant year composed with 2s and an 8, when medicine would be highly advanced, able to create doubles of human beings as clones; and people would have their hair straightened.. According to the book, a black man would be running for election against a white woman, and both were Democrats. The white Republican man would be trying for re-election. The final winner is the “Black President.” At that time, the US population would be 314 million people, while today it is approximately 304 million, and will probably reach 314 million in about 3 or 3.5 years when Obama would still be in office, if elected. The book isn’t precisely accurate, one may say, but the number of right predictions is highly impressive as it is the black president prophecy, first ever predicted in the History of the US for a year done with 2 and 8.

The Black President: 1926 Novel vs 2008 facts.


1926 Novel: 314 million people in the US
2008 reality: about 304 million people in the US

White people

1926 Novel: 206 million white people
2008 reality: About 200 million white people


1926 Novel: Black man against white woman
2008 reality: Black man (Obama) against white woman (Clinton)


1926 Novel: White man, trying for reelection
2008 reality: White man (McCain), Republican, while current President is a Republican


1926 Novel: 2228
2008 reality: 2008


1926 Novel: From 88th to 89th
2008 reality: From 43th (Bush) to 44th (half of 88)


1926 Novel: The Black President
2008 reality: Barack Obama?

Presidents are rarely predicted in prophecies and the Barack Obama prophecy is not found in books of prophecies, I checked hundreds of books in many languages and I can assure the reader. History has shown prophecy and politics are sometimes together. And as Barack Obama, another president was foreseen: Vladimir Putin, the former Russian president, still on power today as Prime Minister, planning to come back, predicted by the most famous French prophet, known as Nostradamus, about 450 years ago, in the quatrain X.72, with amazing accuracy.

Vladimir Putin: The King Of Angoulmois

Many people, for centuries, believed that something would happen in 1999 or 2000. Many prophecies and hundreds of books of prophecies published worldwide during hundreds of years in many languages predicted that in these years something would happen these years. Most of these beliefs were born thanks to misinterpreations of a famous prophecy written by Nostradamus about 1999. According to some 20th century writers on prophecies, 1999 would be the year of another world war; for others, it would be the end of the world; while others believed to be the time of the birth or the arrival of the Antichrist to power; finally, some thought that aliens from another planet would invade the planet led by the King of Angoulmois. These beliefs raised the millenarism idea again, at least for some writters.

Yeltsin resigned the 31st of December 1999, when Putin became President, exactly in the crossing of the millennium. Even though spiritualism prophecies usually name wrong years in prophecies, there are some prophecies mentioning 1999 or 2000 related to the so-called Antichrist.

The most famous of them is Nostradamus prophecy, the one contained in the quatrain X.72 of his work called Oracles, which will help us to understand why Putin is the King of Angoulmois.

The X.72 Nostradamus prophecy is about a “king”, or a leader, not about a war. It mentions the word “king” twice and it does not mention the word war anywhere. It announces the arrival of an important leader to power in 1999. If my interpretation is correct, and only the next years will answer this question, this will become the most amazing and accurate prophecy ever written by man in the whole history of mankind.

Quatrain X.72

“L’an mil neuf cent nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra um grand Roy d’effrayeur,
Ressusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois,
Avant après Mars regner par bonheur.”


In 1999, seven months,
From the sky (North) a great frightening King will come
The great King of Angoulmois lives again.
Before (and) after March (2000), (he) rules for happiness.

In 1999, after seven completed months, on the 9th of August, Vladimir Putin, unknown in the international scenery, arrived in power as Prime Russian Minister. On the 31st of December of the same year, Yeltzin resigned and Putin assumed the Presidency of Russia. 1999 was Putin’s year. In the following year, in March, there were elections in Russia. Putin was already President before March and continued to be a President after March. When he appeared in August 1999, Putin had 2% of approval of the population. Less than one year after, in the election of March of 2000, the Russians elected Putin President of Russia. But Putin arrived in power in August, not in July as the prophecy says. In fact, this depends on the calendar we use.

Nine days is the difference between the full “seven months” predicted by Nostradamus and 9th of August. This difference disappears if we realize that at Nostradamus’ time, the Julian calendar was used. Our calendar, the Gregorian calendar, started to be used after Nostradamus’ death. When it was implemented, ten days were “ignored” or “skipped”: in other words, after 4th of October 1582, came the 15th. Therefore, 30th of July, 1999 in Nostradamus calendar (the old Julian calendar) means 9th of August, 1999 in our calendar. What wonderful accuracy!

The expression “from the sky will come a frightening king” could mean, “From the north, a frightening king will come.” Russia is in the North regarding France, where the prophecy was done.

Concerning the expression “King of Angoulmois”; the King of France was the King of Angoulmois at Nostradamus’ time. Francis I (the first) was Duke of a region called Angouleme. Nostradamus calls Putin as King of Angoulmois for the following reasons: As Putin, Francis I is European, and Francis I tried to attack the united Europe. At that time, Charles V ruled almost the whole of Europe, and he had lands in Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Spain, and the whole Latin America, except Brazil. At a certain point, King Francis got allied with the Muslims to invade Europe. So, a European leader got allied to the Muslims to attack Europe. That’s exactly what hundreds of prophecies are saying, but the European enemy this time will be Russian.

Even though Russia is in Europe, today it is out of the European Union, like France was at Nostradamus time. Each line of the quatrain is very clear, not ambiguous. These are the reasons why this prophecy seems to be predicting Vladimir Putin very accurately:

Angoulmois was a medieval province of France. This name (Angoulmois) can be found in some encyclopedias currently in use. Historically, Angoulême was the capital of Angoumois. It became a French province when the Count d’Angoulmois François (or Francis) went to the French throne and became King Francis I, in 1515. Francis I was an autocratic king and his rule was characterized by wars, according to the books of history.

The term “Mars”, erroneously interpreted by prophecy writers as “war” during centuries in the books of prophecies, also means the month of March. This misinterpretation of Mars caused the wrong belief that Nostradamus foresaw that the third world war would break out in 1999, which he never did. Nostradamus wasn’t wrong about that, but his initerpreters were.

The prophecy was fulfilled in a level of accuracy never seen!

Moreover, on August 11th, 1999, some hours after Putin assumed his position of Prime Minister, there was a strange and rare conjunction of planets in the sky forming a cross and again some people believed that this was a sign of a bad omen. Newspapers in many countries announced this rare conjunction. According to the foreword of the book “Eclipse, the celestial phenomenon that changed the course of history”, written by Duncan Steel, published by Joseph Henry Press in 2001, “when the moon passed in front of the sun on August 11th, 1999, the event was observed eagerly by dozens of millions of people in Europe and in Middle East. Some saw it as a sign of the millennium, others waited for miracles, while most simply took advantage this natural show.” The book still says: “It was also a year of two blue moons. It is said that there is a ‘blue moon’ when one month has two full moons. February didn’t have full moon in 1999, but January and March had two.”

The first day Putin assumed as President was the first day of January since Yeltsin resigned the last day of 1999. If we divide 2000 by 3, we will have 666.6666… does this remind you of anything or do you think all these things are only a coincidence? They could be, if there weren’t other prophecies announcing Vladimir Putin.

© 2010 Fabio R. de Araujo
All rights reserved.  Presented with permission.

Fabio de Araujo is Brazilian historian who has been researching prophecies for 20 years, reading prophecies in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin, many of them found in libraries in different countries, most of them in Europe. He is author of the new book: “2012: The Year of the Changes. Prophecies about Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, other leaders, and the United States” (published in November 2010, pre-order from Barnes and Noble). He had also published: Mother Shipton: Secrets, Lies and Prophecies , Nostradamus: History And Prophecies and Selected Prophecies And Prophets

The author has books and articles published in Brazil, Germany, the US, the UK, and Australia. He was included in the Wikipedia in Russian about Nostradamus because of one of his controversial theories – that Putin could fit the position for the Antichrist, according to his interpretation of prophecies.  Contact the author: therebox at yahoo dot com

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“2012: The Year of the Changes. Prophecies about Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Other Leaders, and the United States” by Fabio de Araujo is book about authentic and fabricated prophecies about Obama, Putin and other leaders, Including the Jewish Messiah, a political leader expected for more than 2000 years. The US News & World Report asked a copy to review the book. See what the reviews are saying about this book and download a few pages of the book below.
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  1. says

    Our Gay President is the biggest disaster this country has ever been cursed with.
    He has turned a Republic/Democracy into an oligarchy.
    As far as I’m concerned, Putin and Obama have both crawled out of the same Cess-pooL.

  2. Cecilia says

    They are some prophecies from ortodox monks meantion a war in S-E Europe, a war started by a russian-hungarian -bulgarian alliance and that will be the beginning of the III.WW…I hope that this is a wrong prophecy-I for myself I´m not beliving so much in this prophecies appearing everywhere like the horoscopes in all the papers…but they were and are authentic prophecies,the problem is that people are probably uncapabile to filter them.

    In my opinion the danger is that some prophecies are nurished by the will of some political leaders who wants to do something saying “It was God´s will…but the real message of a prophecy is also to warn of something who is going to happen wich is not God´s will and I can´t belive that God wants a war…

    And by the way Putin is making a cross upon his chest ,than he is going to the mass and than to his assistent with prophetical gifts so after whom will is he acting?

    I hope you understand what I want to say(sorry again for my English) …with so much guidance Putin is probably taken the false decision,as so many leaders in the history who believe in astronoms and so.

    So I think that what he is now doing is to make real this prophecy…this is my explanation for his behaviour…I hope he knew the whole prophecy because the end is not good for him but probably he is thinking that his technology will help him to be the one who leads upon the whole world…

    Russian sources make public that his origine is jewish and a sionist and ,God helps us all, he is thinking to be the Messiah.

    And so we have a problem because Obama is going to be also the Messiah.

    Happy Eastertime!

  3. Heyzay22 says

    Life has a cycle. One rolls out one rolls in. whatever it is. Born live die. They all have a begin and end. When you get to mathematical equation it is supposed that life or events are built on those. It doesn’t mention there were another 20 candidates. with another 20 options.
    ‘Antichrist’ is a bit extreme. He says he’s a Christian. although he is 20years behind the worlds media. The Iron curtain maybe?

  4. scj7129 says

    Dear Fah-Bee-Ohh!

    Please read about “Hindsight Bias” in relation to prophecy:

    Now here’s something to worry about….Benny NutAnYahoo….he’s sitting on top of a pile of “undeclared” nuclear arsenal. If anybody lites the fuse, I’m afraid it’s gonna be Benny! Watch out for the Mossad too!…they’ve been seen as students selling art door to door, selling dead sea salts in mall kiosks, and Zoomcopters in mall kiosks. Brother, I shite you not!:

    Also, another issue is Nuclear Blackmail:

  5. Starheater says

    I have almost forgot
    21 dec 2012, there will be no anything that expert have predicted. This is a well known tric to make money on the back of consumer. In 2000, they have prédicted a great crash related to computer, past 2000 there was no date to compute. The goverment have made a lot of cash by the perception of taxes on goods, remember? This is another attempt. For those who are realy afraid, let me tell you something. If the planet are well aling, that mean that the ray of the core of are galaxy are block with the planets of our solar system, so, I could they cause catastrophic damage to our planet? Beside, the Mayan calandar stop in 2012, but another calander begin, so, don’t be afraid, you will have your christmas gifts. In the Bible, they are no prédiction like the one from the Mayan, so…

  6. Starheater says

    Sorry Fabio
    But Vlademir is not the King of Angoulmois, this name is two name of town in France, Angoulême who is a well known town and is sister Angoumois who’s in fact a district in Angoulême. If you want my advice Nostradamus is not a good prophet, he’s in the same categorie of Edgar Cayce, in fact Edgar Allan Poe, author of horror book is better in prophétie that the two phophet I have mention. There are douzaine of author who have good ideas about the so many prophecy, and none have the same interpretation. I could do my own interpretation of those quatrain, but I prefer the prophet in the Bible, they are more accurate. Thanks for posting my comment

  7. ray says

    Prophecies are smart men thinking about the future. Any one studying sociology, economics, psychology, theology, or politics. Or the smartest, all of these can tell you in concrete terms how things will turn out. If the mindset of the predominant group of the most influential people is the same now, as when the prophesy was made, there are likely to be similarities. Now there is the ruling class/ subject class mentality. Any prophesy concerning the outcome of this type of situation is predictable. The end of world prophesies prevail of this time, because a smart man can determine that human’s efforts will progress, great technological achievements will be revealed, and presidents/kings/gods with weapons will destroy each other for egotistical reasons. In the current case, it is global control. Who will get it and how? Is it possible to trick billions of people into thinking only their, king/president/god has a way for them? Remember, in periods of humanity on this planet, people have suffered great catastrophes, and survived. The main issue at those moments for those people were, how will I greet the next person? Will they help me eat, or kill me so they can eat more? No prophesy needed. Great kings are born of killers with access to food, and empires are built of easy access to food, and taxation. What will become of these empires with technology?

  8. Teresa says

    Interesting info about Putin. Certainly a person worth watching… My only surprise was the view that the U.S. president is a ‘good guy’ so to speak. You must not know too much about his rabid abortion agenda, his war on the Catholic Church or his adamant support of homosexuality. Better check into the ‘fruits of the tree’ better!

    • myj says

      President Obama promised to reduce abortion back in 2008. Abortion has been reduced by 62% to 78% through free and available contraception. There are no war on Catholic church, the average Cahtolic woman uses birth control. War on religion is nothing but a false outrage to deceive the misinformed.

      • says

        Is it possible that all the lies that Obama represents and are turned around to be attributed to the subject of the lies are being utilized to Hoodwink the universe into thinking Obama is good? It is called Informal Fallacy and non-sequitur/s. Obama puts out massive lies about himself through his surrogates represented by the above, to position and posture himself as godly and good. It is all propaganda to mislead the public. Obama’s persona is all a massive lie and we should seek the truth ourselves. His media practitioners are selling his new image as fast as they can produce a product. You will know him by his actions and fruits. I once was a democrat and I know whereof I speak. He is indeed misrepresenting himself and Putin is little different.

  9. Kagotho Nderitu says

    Well, if there was an evil leader predicted, that certainly has to be George Bush unless evil is a meaningless term.

  10. Lewis Jerome Armstrong says

    I know the true about the person in 10-72 and 2-28.They are one of the same.
    Sept is about 9-19 1999, Angolmois is the name of the person and the place his family
    come from,the west coast of Africa. Angola a slave trade area. Look close—lmois is Lowis or Lewis–Angolmois—is A_ms_ _ong. 2-28 Daina to Artemis—temis to Lewis—Artemis—Armstr_ _ _ There is more but not at this time. call 904-7596612

  11. says

    If Putin were calculating and highly intelligent he would attempt to interface with those nations that would benefit the poor people of Russia. These people are some of the finest folks on Earth and when given a chance they can do just about anything. Extreme intelligence and diligence are their hallmarks not unlike the Germanic Tribes that peopled the North of the Earth. If I were Putin I would go off and recalculate myself to better coincide with the future needs of my people and build them up to take their place in high regards to the other nations of the planet. We the people of the world have need/s of their vast talents. Russia has some of the greatest resources and yet, its leaders have sought to use their people to no good rather than amplify them as the best possible benefit. Would that he could buoy them up.

  12. says

    Terrific images, the article seems even better with the images. There are similar aspects of the life betwen Hitler and Putin. Both saw their land (an empire) be reduced in size after a war (Austrian Empire in the WW1 and and the Cold War). Both were in positions related to the war (Hitler was a soldier during WW1, Putin a spy) when they saw their empire disappear. Both founded a party that became the most important in their country. Both are/were highly estimated by their citizens. Both reached power as President a little after an economic crisis (Putin was already President and will be reelected in 2012). Both were unhappy with the collapse of their empire. Both killed those who are against their system. Both claimed to be Christians and to believe in God. Both had a secret plan to destroy the Western world. Now look carefully at Putin’s eyes. Maybe you won’t find some similarity to Hitler’s, but I really do have a strange feeling.



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