Archaeologist Blocked From Making Breakthrough Find At Machu Picchu

Archaeologist Blocked From Making Breakthrough Find At Machu Picchu

A French archaeologist and explorer says he and a team of researchers are on the verge of uncovering a lost secret treasure they say could prove to be the most significant archaeological find ever unearthed within the walls of Peru’s fabled Machu Picchu Incan citadel. However, the local Cusco branch of the ministry of culture has blocked the archaeologist, Thierry Jamin, and the Instituto Inkari NGO from excavating in the ruins they say have been turned over enough in the past century since it was re-discovered by American historian Hiram Bingham in 1911.

Jamin and other Inkari researchers say their electromagnetic equipment has revealed a hidden chamber concealed behind these walls which were erected sometime around the year 1450. They believe the secret cavity could house the tomb of Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui, the Incan ruler many experts believe Machu Picchu was built for back in the 15th-century.

If it is indeed the burial place of the ancient ruler or any other high ranking Inca figure, or figures as it may be, they say it is also likely the crypt would be a treasure trove of artefacts, gold, silver and other precious metals, possibly making it the biggest find at the archaeological site to date.



Jamin told Reuters their equipment has not only detected a hidden compartment, but that it is subdivided and also contains a set of stairs and deposits of gold and silver.

He also said the fact that the entrance to the mysterious department faces to the east is evidence it was used as a burial site. The Inca often carefully wrapped the bodies of important figures and buried them facing the rising sun to the east signifying rebirth. “We’ve brought to light the existence of a set of caverns at the lower part of some of Machu Picchu’s most important buildings, known as the urban sector, and that this famous entrance faces the east. This confirms the funeral nature of this building. And in the inside of this cavern we’ve established the presence of very important archaeological material.

So, whether it is Pachacuti’s mausoleum, or that of his panaca (court), or something else, what we are sure of is that there is something very important in the chambers located under the building,” Jamin said.
The team of researchers used specialized ground-penetrating radar, GPR, to safely map the area through the walls and below the floor of the urban centre of the ancient citadel. The equipment allowed them to analyse the layout of the chamber up to 20 meters (65 feet) below ground. The leader of the GPR exploration, Ricardo Tamaki, said the equipment is extremely accurate and that it not only revealed the existence of the compartments, but that it also showed there were “non-ferrous materials,” or metals that do not contain iron, housed within the walls. The non-iron metals, they argue, are likely gold, silver or other precious metals. “They used ground-penetrating radar (GPR) equipment which includes molecular frequency. This has revealed the presence of a moderately large cavity with compartments which the GPRs have also shown contain metals. And because of the accuracy of the equipment, it can reliably be said that yes, a chamber exists and that yes, it contains non-ferrous materials.This verifies the hypothesis presented by the Inkari NGO,” Tamaki said. The Inkari scientists say there are tens of compartments below, each of which could be a separate tomb of an Incan leader or noble meaning the possible presence of more artifacts of gold and silver.

But when Jamin and the Instituto Inkari presented their evidence to the local ministry of culture in the Cusco region along with their plan to excavate the area, their request was quickly denied. “The archaeologist Mr. Thierry Jamin was in Machu Picchu based on the authorization given to him by the Ministry of Culture in Lima to carry out observational studies and tour the citadel, but when he proposed, above all, to excavate based on some hypothesis because a laser scanner had detected an Incan tomb that was surrounded by children and at the same time there were some steps lined in gold, it was completely denied because this goes against the reality,” the director of the ministry of culture in the Cusco region, David Ugarte said. The ministry of culture and park directors said they worried the excavation project could jeopardize the stability of the structure. Past excavations have caused partial collapses of the historic walls and they said they worried the Inkari group was after the precious metals and not taking into account the historic nature of the site. “In terms of Thierry Jamin, he seemed to us to be more of an adventurer looking to find a treasure and not to do scientific research,” Ugarte added.

However, the Inkari group insists their plan was carefully designed and protects the structural integrity of the citadel. They said their team is made up of experts from different disciplines with sound records ensuring the safety of the project and the protection of the archaeological site. “I think that if they deny us the facilities to carry out our search, it is because those in charge of the Cusco cultural region know that we are on the verge of a major find, that by its nature, would completely change how we see Machu Picchu. And I’d bet those in charge of the culture ministry, on a local level, want to make the discovery (themselves),” Jamin said. In December the Inkari appealed the decision to block their excavation and hold out hope that they will be able to work in the area and prove their theory of a potentially spectacular find.

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  1. says

    Near Puma Punku is a large squarish statue that has one hand backwards holding two scepters of strange configuration/s. The surface has strange markings all over the image suggesting it is a robot of some kind with circuit-boards inscribed on the surface. Its information seems to point out a highly advanced knowledge of computer circuity construction not unlike where we are today in our development of computer technology. I have often suggested much of the advanced-look of stone work in Peru and Bolivia seems to have been extruded or laid by a massive fabricator not unlike our present methodology of 3-D printing. I also think that interior to the stones found in that area of the world could have seen the printing of circuitry level upon level within the inside of the stones and sculptures. If circuitry were encased in the stones, might records of this very ancient culture be available to us if we only knew how to access the data stored within these artifacts. I believe the fact that the surfaces are telling us that they knew how to utilize data suggests that interiorly their messages are in a ready state to be deciphered. 12,900 years ago, we have records of entities called Gods due to their superior knowledge and wisdom. We have been in awe of these Gods for ages but they just might have been “us” trying to leave a message to our future state that something real catastrophic happened to Earth that shot us back to a less advanced state of being. Our history is still there, waiting for us to remember ourselves.

  2. says

    you know, they should really leave it in tact. no need to pull up the body or the artifacts, especially if you already know they’re down there. what i’m saying is, it’s not an archaeological site, really: _it’s still serving it’s purpose_

  3. Charles Marcello says

    I promise each and everyone of you who sits down and does the math… take the height width and length of each pyramid… allow the steps to dictate the number of boxes within each m-cubic meter. (A m-cubic meter is boxes inside boxes… and every single box is also apart of a hidden m-cubic meter.) Do the three dimensional math and allow the answers to show you the truth. The hint I will give you is, the all seeing eye equals the forth dimension. A two dimensional world can be completely observed by three dimensional… the same is true for the fourth looking down into the third… here’s were it gets tricky, velocity is measurement of distance over time… while in our world time is measured by velocity. The only way to understand that is true, to look down upon our world from the outside. The only way to truly understand what the pyramids are trying to explain around the world, its to know the full volume of our solar system. Only then do their secrets reveal themselves to a society who has opened their eyes and their minds to the reality that exists outside of our planet. Once you understand what each individual pyramid setup is explaining about our solar system… only then can you begin to understand how bringing the solar system/galaxy down to our planets size… and how doing so will reveal and even bigger truth that truly connections our ancient world to our present and future. BTW if you can add, subtract, multiply and divide you can go a long way towards understanding what our truly ancient ancestors left for us to rediscover.

    –Charles Marcello

      • Charles Marcello says

        Hello Ron,

        Here is the easiest answer I know how to give. First grab a box, any empty box will do. Now as you stare into this empty box, question, can you fit more boxes inside this box? Answer of course you can. Second question, as you stare at this box could you fit this box into another bigger box? Answer, of course you can. Here is where it gets fun. As you stare into your empty box, can you figure out the math that would allow for boxes to perfectly fit from one side to the other, up down and across, with the exact same number of boxes for each direction? An example I’ve used in the past was a 4 inch box, whose dimensions are 4x4x4. The simple answer is a 4x4x4 sized box could fit 64 one inch boxes within, while the 4x4x4 box would be one of the 64 boxes inside a 16x16x16 box. Now could you put 64 boxes inside each of the 1x1x1 boxes? Answer of course you could… the same is true for the 16x16x16… if you know how to divide and multiply you can easily find the math for both. Now the questions becomes can you find the pyramidal inside any sized box? And if there are limitations what are they? As you can see using simple mathematics will help get anyone who is interested started in finding each of those answers… while knowing trigonometry will help you to be more precise. Don’t over think the problem, just find the dimensions of each massive pyramid setup around the world and then use simple mathematics to get started.

        –Charles Marcello

        • Charles Marcello says

          (originally posted within the blog “Secrets of the Giza Pyramids” down in the comments section on October 1, 2011. )

          I would like to present a scenario hypothesis for everyone to consider. Before I do however I would like to explain some simple mathematical truths regarding three dimensional mathematics.

          There are 12 inches in a foot, 144 inches in a square foot and 1728 inches in a cubic foot. Understanding that is a mathematical fact… could that simple truth be used to pass a message forward in time? For instance/example as a long distance measuring tool, like… New York City is 1 and 2/3 cubic feet from Los Angeles.

          Also there are 5,280 feet in a mile, 27,878,400 feet in a square mile and 147,197,952,000 feet in a cubic mile. That is another mathematical truth. If I wanted to use one cubic mile as a message, couldn’t I use just one sixth of that cubic (the pyramidal inside a box) to save on materials… and still pass my message forward? Because things are fixed… like the distance to your nearest neighbor for instance… regardless of the measuring concept you use, if your neighbor’s house does not move and the distance is set… could I not reach the same answer regardless of what kind of collective measuring system is being practiced or possibly passed forward in time? We use standard and metric… both explain both. There are many other ancient measuring systems. If location and universal velocities are set, could we not pass a message in time? If we can, why couldn’t our truly ancient ancestors do the same?

          The Scenario Hypothesis,

          Here in the United States we are officially 16 trillion dollars in debt… and some put the actual unofficial total to well over 26 trillion… with fractional lending we could add 2 zeros to the end of either of those totals. For the sake of this scenario let’s say all of that money is in my bank account… and what’s more the whole world knows it. Because I have more money then sense, on September 1st of this year I purchased TV and radio commercial ads for every channel in every country in Europe, Asia, and in all the countries in the Americas. This commercial was slated for the 6pm news slot and was paid to run for three days straight. The commercial was only five minutes long and below is what it said.

          Hello everyone… as everyone knows I’m incredibly rich, and now I wish to create a worldwide monument. In order to make this dream a reality I will give any person, company or organization one trillion dollars if you or they can solve the mathematical problems such an ambitious concept will surely face. I want to permanently stamp our moment in time with stone. I want to create a monument that will survive for a million generations… so in many years from now our ancestors will know we truly existed. Here is my idea.

          I would like to use the core of our earth as the scaled model to represent our Sun… and I would like to stamp a world holiday, a day in time represented by our solar system, all around our world by using the physical location of all the planets in our solar system as they exist and their exact location on that day. I would like for those monuments to be perfectly scaled as well. Meaning, where the core of our Earth is being used to show the physical size of our Sun to scale… I want these monuments to be perfectly scaled in size and distance from our Sun also. The problem you will face is the vast distances and the massive size of some of our planetary neighbors. No easy task… which is why the reward is so great. Once those mathematical issues are resolved… I will give one trillion dollars to each country these monuments need to be created within. On top of that, I will pay for all materials, labor and construction equipment that is needed. Also, all material will be generated locally if available, and regionally if not. If these monuments need to be created in a already occupied location, I will double the true market price. Plus… all labor will be hired in country. So there will be no cost to you or your citizenry and only benefits. Also we will incorporate the scientific knowledge our world collectively chooses to interwove within these monuments. But first we need to solve the dimensional to scale issues. Though I will assume all the finical burden, this is not to glorify me. This is a gift to our whole world. No names, not even mine will be etched therein. We are all of one planet, so too will these monuments equally represent us all.

          I thank you for your time, and anxiously await your solution.

          (The End!)

          If that were to happen today, how would you solve the problem, does this answer already exist?

          Enjoy The Ride…

          –Charles Marcello

          • Charles Marcello says

            If you take the three similar pyramid set ups in Egypt, Mexico and China, and think of them as mathematical representatives of our solar system’s planets… and think of Easter Island as one of the asteroid belts within our Solar System… is it possible that you can actually find the hypothesized scenario mentioned above? Here is another suggestion… if you take a planetary computer program and shrink it down until it overlays our Earth, to scale as mentioned above, is it possible Easter Island and these pyramids set ups (AND the Other Pyramid setups around the world/Planets) are immortalizing another date in universal time… ie, another date in our near future? This would be an excellent science project for anyone in High School/College.

            –Charles Marcello

          • J.a says

            The ride build upon this ive just read the article first and fore most i would like to commend on the discovery with exceptional circumstances that make us communicate with each other through the difficult times so how do us view that space and yepppp we are stilled challenged for our beliefs reality check is sure going to make a big difference to the way the ancients want us to be the empire whos to say what we can and cant do or be.

          • heath says

            but not everything is scientifically been set in stone. The speed of light has now been found to actually fluctuate. stick that in your science numbers. god is man created and we were all created by an alien race in the past. also the moon is a hollow satellite to observe us from.

  4. says

    KEEP AN OPEN MIND HERE… There is great evidence of a highly advanced intrusion into Machu Picchu for some of the stone work is too perfect to have been cut any other way but by a particle beam. There are three levels of engineering. The last level is Incan but they inherited some mighty points of departure in terms of high engineering. See this:

    AND JOMON SAID: “12,900 years ago, when I was in my youth, my father and I witnessed the first incoming shards of a massive comet called Drawgona. It appeared almost as a feathered serpent in the high sky as its first splintered pieces came slithering into our sector of the universe spewing its destruction thoroughly upon our beloved work. The massive comet twisted as it fragmented into numerous portions and those who saw it said it resembled a giant snake with a fiery head. Segments of it went into orbit to rain havoc down on the Earth for eons. The heaviest parts drilled deep within the planet causing massive earthquakes. Earlier, as we stood in awe watching it come to our world on our sensors at Home Base (Puma Punku). It was felt as a foreboding and deeply dreaded knowing that we must seek safety immediately. Massive fear swept over the assembled creators on assignment there for we had become accustomed to the good life. We knew all too well, that our time on Earth was about to be transformed by an act that would send massive tsunamis and earthquakes across the entire planet. Our works would be destroyed in an instant and a new test of our abilities was about to begin.

    We had already set up a number of outposts for our research teams of geneticists in what is now biru or Peru in various places held in solid unmovable white granite stone in guarded hopes that we could survive with some of our works. We ( my father’s team/s) would weather the onslaught of this massive comet in the seclusion of these strong mountains. You now call it Machu Picchu. Immediately we began to build a base there amid those jagged, strong peaks. Tunnels were carved with our projected beams to provide hydra-tight facilities for research and survival. In fact the mountains were perfect as an impregnable base of operations. It still is such today. We were prepared technologically and psychologically but much of the rest of the planet would be caught by surprise. We knew we would have much to do after the onslaught of the event had devastated almost all of what we had accomplished over time: therefore, we set plans into motion for the entire planet. We designated future bases of operations and units that would help survivors and continue to restructure those who had lost their memory of who and what we were due to a psychological stress or trauma to the onboard mentality. It was a long-term plan and I would play a unifying role in its accomplishment as the time-catalyst. In essence, I had to live forever as I still do. One wishes we had detected the aberration earlier but no, some had already become complacent via selfishness. Perhaps it was this slovenly attitude that was to set us back due to our awakening negative sloth. Apparently we would face starting over in this sector of the universe. Now, a highly advanced civilization was about to gear up for catastrophe.” “The story begins at my seat and our oncoming end.”

    In a secret chamber near the Temple of the Moon — Machu Picchu Peru:

    (Recording on Computerized ME not unlike an advanced I-pad or I-com). On this day, I crawl out of my secret, crypt unusually tired and over-burdened with the passing of the many echelons of seemingly ancient time that I have spent here in these stone chambers of our past construct. Out of this so-called lunar temple of massive stone — one more time, I do step. Unknown to those who service this ancient site, I am merely a worker here hiding in plain sight. I will now just slip past the present-day minions, who seem to collect here out of curiosity for some sad reason; and go stealthily via (known only to me to) an interior section where a particle transferor awaits in our old lab to slip to the hidden reflection of this site, where my means of earthly travel is still hidden in its park — safe from intruders.

    At this point in time, I have forgotten how old I truly am, but I seem to have the History of the Universe running through my mind or more succinctly through my veins and neuronal byways (It is a wonder this fleshly vehicle that I ride, still works after all the abuse it has experienced). I have seen much during this duration of being here as the entity Jomon. (I am) just living as a human being who is occupying a form in Time/Space and on mission from Timelessness — or so I have come to knowingly amplify lest I forget — as others have forgotten.

    What a massive inundation of data I have to review and relate; yet, I seem to still have the ability to remember most of it. My ME will record everything and feedback to me in my hibernation state. The records purpose I will reveal to my hidden brotherhood shortly in the last remaining hideaway other than mine here. I must hasten there now.

    I know I approach the end of this experience on this side of the projected and broadcast spectrum — realm of being and becoming because I feel much older now. Few can truly live a short duration or not much more than 100 orbits of this planet due to our specifications. Our mission has been so massive for those of us who entered here from the multifaceted-mind — multiplied by the quadrillions to experience each and every particulate of physical expression. Most of my brothers and sisters do not even remember our original mission to amplify the expressed realms from within the visual and sensory field/s. Some now are in a cycle repeating over and over again attempting to find themselves and return to their known plan that is hidden deeply in their base monadic being. Such knowledge only drips through via dreams now. Few realize the value of their dreams of collective interface.

    Many will listen to themselves long enough to catch fire and escape their self-imposed Hell. Their distraction/s occurred long ago as did mine at the behest of the comet that was more than a comet in its construction. It was more a loaded comet of massive proportions of ice and stone.

    I have been hiding and at the same time hibernating, coma-like here at this point on Earth, which has become my sequential home and from the looks of things the home of many of my fellow travelers here in the Moiré Arena. It seems many of this current period’s vacationers are intrigued by our old point of refuge. The few times I have seen them, they look at me blankly and I know they have forgotten their own inner self by the blank looks reflected in their eyes. Today, they mill about this place as if they have come to see what we built here in my youth. They have added much to the site via ill placed stone. In comparison to our planned work it looks something akin to the lacking of specifications. Yet, they seem to not know me at all. Strange, there were times when no one lived here at all after the many years had passed. It certainly has been a long time since any one worked here as we did in the beginning before the end, long ago. What we created in such a short time was a spectacular work of entity engineering.

    Those fellow beings who tarry here are no longer in possession of the universal mentality (we all had) but are localized entities now, built upon the memory of one who gives them a birthing — the ongoing backup. They think in a line and their communications are singular in scope while possessing the capability of dual or gestalt thought. They can no longer read the symbols expressed by the movement of the implicate order generating our very presence from the background of Timelessness — the bifurcation of Life — as they say, the beat goes on from the Sefirah (Da’at) — Tree of Existence. At least I can still remember my roots. I remember when my father first reignited my mind to the fire of the universe. He said, (Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is — thus is the Crux of being and becoming). I will never forget the day he came up to me and said, “Wherein does the point of your thought cursor exist? What is wrong with your attempt at Thinking? You no longer know who or what your are.” I was taken firmly aback.

    • J.a says

      That ride was meant to be here any way ron do the laws of nature state that truth manifest where ever it likes if so how do we achieve lets just call it a challange for i dont have all the answers in the amount of time presented so this would imply a shared responsibility through out the land on measures that ensue a just cause to do what we want with our presentations of truth and the other,Cheer up all is not lost when pride prevails.

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