Ancient Weapons of Mass Destruction & The Mahabharata

The two great ancient epics of India, Ramayana and Mahabharata (c. 1000-500 BC) are centered on conflicts and refer to military formations, theories of warfare and esoteric weaponry.
Among the principal works and stories that are a part of the Mahabharata are the Bhagavad Gita, the story of Damayanti, an abbreviated version of the Ramayana, and the Rishyasringa, often considered as works in their own right. Traditionally, the authorship of the Mahabharata is attributed to Vyasa. With about one hundred thousand verses, long prose passages, or about 1.8 million words in total, the Mahabharata is roughly ten times the length of the Iliad and Odyssey combined, or about four times the length of the Ramayana. W. J. Johnson has compared the importance of the Mahabharata to world civilization to that of the Bible, the works of Shakespeare, the works of Homer, Greek drama, and the Qur’an.  — Source: Wikipedia

Flying Aircraft & Nuclear War and Other Strange Occurrences of The Past

Edited By James Hartman

The Indian Epics,  especially the MAHABHARATA, pick up the thread of the tale of devastation and destruction. Atlantis, rather displeased at its humiliating  defeat,  deceived   that  they  were  no  longer interested in subjugating  the Rama Empire (An Indian  Empire),  and decided instead to annihilate the major cities using weapons of mass destruction. Sanskrit scholars  could  not comprehend what was being described in the Epics until the dropping  of the first atomic bombs on Japan. There are AUTHENTIC VERSES from the Indian Epics:

“Gurkha, flying a swift and powerful vimana (fast aircraft)
hurled a single projectile (rocket) charged with the power
of the Universe (nuclear device). An incandescent column of
smoke and flame, as bright as ten thousand suns, rose with
all its splendor.
It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic

messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race
of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.
The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable.

Hair and nails fell out; Pottery broke without apparent cause,
and the birds turned white.
…After a few hours all foodstuffs were infected…

…to escape from this fire the soldiers threw
themselves in streams to wash themselves and their
equipment.” — The Mahabharata

Indeed, this story is said to originate nearly 24,000 years ago!
If this is true than we are not the most advanced.
As the Bible says “There is nothing new under  the  sun.” Evidence  for  Atlantis   is   well documented.

If the above was not enough to convince your let me take you in deeper into this nuclear war:

“It was a weapon) so powerful that it could destroy the earth
in an instant  A great soaring sound in smoke and flames
And on its sits death…” — The Ramayana

“Dense arrows of flame, like a great shower, issued
forth upon creation, encompassing the enemy…
A thick gloom swiftly settled upon the Pandava hosts.
All points of the compass were lost in darkness.
Fierce wind began to blow upward, showering dust and gravel.

Birds croaked madly… the very elements seemed disturbed.
The earth  shook,  scorched  by the terrible violent heat of this weapon.
Elephants burst into flame and ran to and fro in a frenzy…
over a vast area, other animals crumpled to the ground and died.
From all  points  of  the compass  the  arrows  of  flame  rained
continuously and fiercely. — The Mahabharata

The Ramayana and  the  Mahabharata seem like science  fiction.   Not only did aircraft exist such as Vimanas and Vailxi (as the Atlantian craft are called),  they  had  nuclear  weapons. There seems to be a fear of educating the worlds people  about  the  distant past.  Even empires and leaders of China’s past to Christians  to  Arab  peoples would destroy history  in  such  a way that records of there amazing cultures and events are nearly all  wiped  out. Indian Epics however are still with us intact. Records of South American  history all but gone.  Fear, and  other  factors have removed most of history before 5,000 years. Some only 1,000 years  ago. In the America’s just 300 -500 years all  most all lost! Today, perhaps some  UFO  records  are going the way of fears gate! However, again a few stories live on.

In another amazing  Indian  text  the  Agastrya  Samhita  gives  the precise directions for constructing electrical batteries:

“Place a well-cleaned copper plate in an earthenware vessel.
Cover it first by copper  sulfate  and  then  moist sawdust.
After that put a mercury-amalgamated-zinc sheet on top of
an energy known by the twin name of Mitra-Varuna. Water will
be split  by  this current into Pranavayu and  Udanavayu.  A
chain of one hundred jars is said to give a very active
and effective force.” –Agastya Samhita (Indian Princes’ Library)

By the way,  MITRA-VARUNA is now called cathode-anode, and Pranavayu and Udanavayu are to us oxygen and hydrogen. This document again demonstrates the presence of electricity  in  the  East,  long, long ago.  In the  not  so distant past strange events  are  recorded  in Europe’s past.

At Mount Cassino in Italy there is a large and heavy stone which was traditionally lifted by   Saint   Benedict  (A.D.  448-548)  by  the neutralization of gravity.  This stone  was intended for the wall of the monastery being  built at that time. The stonemasons  could  not budge it. However, Saint Benedict made the sign of the cross on the block, and while  the  seven  men  who  could  not lift it looked in amazement, he raised it alone without  any effort.  If this is true, than its evidence of God’s hand at work!

Even stranger is this: King Ferdinand I was a host  to Saint Francis of Paula (1416-1505)  in  Naples.  Through  a  half-opened  door  he witnessed the monk in meditation,  floating  high above the floor of his room.

Again in the fairly long ago past in China Emperor Cheng Tang (1766 B.C.), ordered Ki-Kung-shi  to  construct  a  flying   chariot.  The primeval aviation constructor  completed  the  job  and  tested  the aircraft. In flight, reaching the  province  of Honan. Subsequently, (from fear) the vessel was destroyed by imperial edict as Cheng Tang feared the secret of its mechanism might fall into the wrong hands.
If one looks at the past he can foresee and even change the future. Will we be  faithful  to  God  as  the  saints and lift  objects  or ourselves by Gods  power?  Will we ever come to full out Nuclear War as the people of Atlantis and Rama 24,000 years ago?

Will we build  Flying Chariots (Flying  Saucers)  and  destroy  them because we fear into what hands they will fall?  What will man do to destroy his past, present or future?  I leave that  question  up  to you!!!

Subject Related: The Mahabharata, Book 8: Karna Parva, Kisari Mohan Ganguli, tr. [1883-1896]

“It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced
to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.” is actually found in Section 1 of
Mausala Parva.(

“When then next day came, Samva actually brought forth an iron bolt through which all the
individuals in the race of the vrishnis and the andhakas became consumed into ashes.
Indeed, for the destruction of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas, Samva brougt forth, through
that curse, a fierce iron bolt that looked like a Gigantic messenger of death. The fact
was duly reported to the king. In distress of mind, the king (Ugrasena) caused that iron
bolt to be reduced to a fine powder.Men were employed to cast the powder into the sea.”

The term “10000 suns” and “Super-abundant” perfectly fit into today’s description of Nuclear Energy. In fact what is depicted as an Iron bolt could actually have referred to Radioactive Iron (Iron-59 is known to be radioactive). Perhaps the usage of Iron-59 as a nuclear weapon was known to man in ancient times. The last sentence ” to cast the powder into sea”, is in good terms with the fact that water is a very effective shield for nuclear radiations. Perhaps that was the intention in casting the iron powder into the sea.

The section 2 of the Mausala parva also has,

“The streets swarmed with rats and mice. Earthen pots showed cracks or broke from no
apparent cause. At night, the rats and mice ate away thehair and nails of slumbering men”


“Fires, when ignited, cast their flames towards the left. Sometimes they threw out flames
whose splendour was blue and red. The Sun, whether when rising or setting over the city,
seemed to be surrounded by headless trunks of human form. In cook rooms, upon food that
was clean and well-boiled, were seen, when it was served out for eating, innumerable
worms of diverse kinds.”

The above passage too reminds us of the effects of a nuclear explosion, as foodstuffs get infected in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. In section 3, there is also a mention of the vaishnis taking shelter close to the sea coast. This might have as well meant that the vaisnis took shelter in the sea. As mentioned earlier, water is a natural shield to Nuclear radiations.

These above facts make us really wonder if the Mahabharata was indeed a nuclear war. In aid to the above mentioned facts, India, from times immemorial knew the existence of atoms and the atomic energy. The following shloka is evidence to the statement.

Krishna, Ancient Weapons of Mass Destruction and The Mahabharata

An article submitted by Ahmad from Malaysia

This article was written for the reason of unearthing the secret of ancient nuclear power. The facts stated here were not meant to put the blame on who is wrong or right. Ancient writings (religious texts) already mentioned the existence of such weapons that had very similar capacity as the modern day nuclear war-heads. How the human race faced such terribly destructive weapons in the olden days shall be the focal point of this article.

Note: I received this knowledge about ancient nuclear weapons directly from the Lord Krishna. I was told that I am the ninth person to learn about this secret through Lord Krishna. When I queried who the eighth person was he just smiled and declined to answer. According to Lord Krishna the first and the eighth persons received the same knowledge; unfortunately I don’t not know who they were.

The nuclear weapons existed in the ancient times and the evidence of their amazing power can be still found in modern days. These weapons were reportedly used during the war of Kurukshetra as documented in the Mahabharata. It is my hope that with this article we could reveal the truth about this ancient nuclear weapons. Prior to the invention of the atom bomb and nuclear war-head of present day, did we, as human ever faced such dangerous and destructive events? Certain factual text described in this article is being compared to that of the Mahabharata.

Angels and Gods from the Mahabharata

Lord Krishna in the Mahabharata was known as the Almighty. His very existence was quite difficult to pinpoint. However, what was clearly evident was that the word “Krish” which means “place” and “Na” means “high” or “highest” in the celestial world. It was also mentioned that Lord Krishna dwelled on the 20th planet called Krishnaloka. Lord Krishna was the ultimate ruler in the highest order amongst the Gods known then.
From the sacred rays that were being transmitted from his back shoulder He created Lord Wishnu who was responsible for the fine behavior and manner of the human kind in this world. Wishnu leaves in the sky that was then known as “blue ocean” or Indraloka.  Lord Brahma, on the other hand (who breathes instincts and needs) also was created though the same manner from Lord Krishna’s sacred rays. He dwelled on the 19th planet.
Lord Shiva, sacred spirit from Lord Wishnu, came to being from the lotus flower. Lord Shiva was the Lord of destruction and foolishness. Lord Shiva demonstrates his destructive ways when the human world faces war, over-population and famine. The destruction from typhoons, tornadoes, tsunamis, wars and the like were all the work of Lord Shiva. It was said to be the punishment of the planet.


Mahabharata is an epic describing the war called “Kurukshetra” between Pandavas(Pendawa 5) and Hastina(Astino). It also describes the role of “Ibu Pendawa 5”, Dewi Kunti who possesses untold powers. In this war, there was a warrior that was lead by Lord Krishna; named Arjuna. The parties at war were relatives of Arjuna. Within this war, there was this sacred meditation that was formed as guidance to the people when their spirits were lacking. Krishna taught Arjuna about the art of self- defense as well as the finer inner spirit as a human being. It was also believed that Yoga and Yogi were introduced during this period and was upgraded to the ranks of “Roh”, “Rah” and “Brahmana”.
Apart from the relationship between Gods and humans during this war period, one other important aspect worth our attention is the invention of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction). It was  given to Arjuna by the Lord Krishna to serve as a protective shield for the truth to be successful. It is not clearly said how these WMD were made available to Arjuna, but to the warring families, it was no longer a secret.
This WMD during the Kurukshetra war was known as “Cakra”. “Cakra” was the most destructive of all weapons that was given personally by Lord Krishna and Lord Wisnu; called it by the other name of “Sudal Sana” which was more powerful than “Barma Satara” the other WMD. It was said that if released, it would generate a great hot ray, reddish sky and fire-ball.

“Cakra” Launched (Ancient Nuclear)

During the chaos of the said war, one of Arjuna’s cousins launched the 5th weapon called “Barma Satara” which had the impact of a mighty nuclear power. According to the legend it was not clear how the relatives of Arjuna got to know the secret to launch such weapons. Arjuna himself had to obtain the consent from Lord Krishna who needed to explain the ways or consequences of such weapons.
It was believed that as a result of this launch; it has created layers upon layers of hot rays that penetrated the sky and slowly settled on to the earth (as multiple layers). Upon realizing that the never before used weapon has been accidentally released by his own cousin; and upon seeing the massive destruction that this weapon brought, Arjuna pleaded with Lord Krishna to gather all resources to protect what was left on the earth from the massive heat. With the kind guidance from Lord Krishna, Arjuna managed to protect the earth from the nuclear heat-wave by deflecting it skyward. This prevented the earth from complete destruction by  such nuclear disaster. It was also told that the nuclear cloud and heat-wave were noticeable in the area tens of kilometers wide and approximately 10 nautical miles in thickness.
During the “Kuruthesa”, Arjuna, who was coached directly by Krishna on the righteous way of a true noble being and the right path to eternity, was also introduced to  Yoga.  Arjuna was to practice it whenever he faced adversity. “Bhakti Yoga” practiced for 20 minutes would allow the mere mortal to overcome adversity and reach for Lord’s guidance.

“Cakra”- Weapon of Mass Destruction during “Kurukshetra”

According to Lord Krishna, the WMD was further divided into three levels:

  • Highest “Cakra” (weapon) but never before used: “Sudal Sana”;
    this was the most secretive and complicated weapons owned by Lord Krishna himself.
    The energy from this weapon would be able to destroy dozens of planets
  • Second “Cakra”: “Barma Satara” was a gift from “Dewa Api” to Lord Krishna and has 7 levels:
    • Level “Barma Satara” First
    • Level “Barma Satara” Second
    • Level “Barma Satara” Third
    • Level “Barma Satara” Fourth
    • Level “Barma Satara” Fifth (used by Arjuna’s cousin during “Kuruthesa”)
    • Level “Barma Satara” Sixth (equivalent to the destruction of Hiroshima)
    • Level “Barma Satara” Seventh ( widely used for self protection and medicines around the world)
  • Third “Cakra” – has eleven sub-species (1-11)

“Cakra Barma Satara” was a gift presented to Lord Krishna by “Dewa Api” also known “Angeni Dewa” during one of the anniversary celebrating the re-birth of Lord Krishna in the year of “Kaliyuga”. Those who attended were Wishnu, Brahma, Shiva, Surian, Govindran (King of Heaven) and Maharaja Kartu. From the ancient Sanskrit scripture, it was widely mentioned that the Gods were using weapons of high destructive power similar to that of nuclear power. However, it must be noted that the ancient weapons did not utilize the same earthly materials as its contents. As mentioned above, “Cakra Sudal Sana” and “Barma Satara” were ancient nuclear weapons that had its own levels of complexity. Each levels had different rays of destruction. The advantages of these weapons were their ability to be controlled and to benefit other human activities or served as a source of massive energy for human kind to operate with. From the local knowledge and also from the researchers of ancient Hindu Jawa scriptures, it was proven that these weapons were well known and were in widely used at different level of skills that benefited human kind in many places on earth.

“Cakra” presently in used for various reasons

From the vicinity, “Barma Satara” the seventh was used widely as means to fight paranormal activities as well as a form of self-protection, medicine and war (not for massive destruction). Right up until now, its usage was limited to “Barma Satara” the seventh only as the operative secret was limited to this level. “Barma Satara” seventh has limited source of energy but it’s beneficial to the human kind in this region.

Examples: energy from “Barma Satara” seventh used by present human kind;

  1. “Keris Terbang” ( Keris/Ancient Malay Weapon and Terbang means fly )
    • a. “keris Sumiyang”
    • b. “keris Brojol”
    • c. “keris Majapahit”
  2. “Tuju Tuju” ( Black magic weapon)
  3. “Bola Api” (Fire Ball)
  4. It is believed from the ancient Sanskrit scriptures that thunder and lightning were small fractions of “Barma Satara” energy sources that utilized small scale nuclear power to chase away devils who prevented the rains from falling to the ground

Most of the sacred and magical power within the weapon’s structures and medicines used the energy similarly used in “Kurukthesa”.
All these mantras and key-words were made known to me. It has never crossed my mind to use it except for the good of humankind.
It could be summarized that all these energies from those ancient weapons were the source of energy of all magical yet mysterious events during ancient times. As a general observation, I would conclude that the reason as to why there’s such abundance of inherited petroleum was that humankind before us had the ability to utilize better sources of energy that were more powerful and environmentally friendly.

“Chakra” – Mantras

“Chakra” or weapons of such kind can only be manifested through mantras and key-words that could activate them. These weapons called “Chakra” were not formed by earthly means like fire, water, air nor earth; they could only be manifested through a few mantras. These concepts were commonly written in the old ancient scriptures, they existed in historical periods. What attracted me was that in physical form, these weapons could be launched and also could be stopped or prevented before they cause destruction to the earth.

The processes of the ancient nuclear power could be interpreted as follows:
During Launching:

  • i) Key words or mantras to be uttered
  • ii) The earth composition would be changed and heat wave and massive rays would be released into the air
  • iii) At a sudden, a cloud of rays and heat will concentrate and a form a thick layer on top of the earth atmosphere
  • iv) These layers of heat and rays would then cascade down to earth and resulting in massive destruction
  • v) The end result would be worse than a nuclear explosion as the process involved the huge compactness of the wind and the air combined during this process

During the prevention of the heat and rays layer from reaching the earth

  • I) Key words or mantras to be uttered
  • II) The layers would then stopped in mid-air and vanishes before touching the earth’s surface
  • III) These whole layers would then disappears from the air

As to what happened in “kuruthesa” ( when Arjuna prevented the rays and heat-wave to penetrate to the earth),  the heat-wave actually it vanished into thin air before it impacted the earth. The ability to know such structures and methods of these weapons would be beneficial for the present day humankind to compete with the mysteries of ancient beings and also would help to resolve the energy processes that would be simpler and could prolong the lifespan of this planet.

Future hopes that are strange and mystifying

It is my hope that with the revelation of the secrets to the mantras of the ancient nuclear power, we could further change the nuclear weapons into ultimate energy source.

Lord Krishna advised me that all these sources of energy should be used by mankind for sole purpose of good. According to Lord Krishna, he would come to anyone and explain the secret text to anyone he fancies regardless of his/her race or religion. Lord Krishna exists in his own form and no mantras or religion can make Him to reveal Himself, unless He wishes to do so.


  1. rajesh says

    Yes,great article.Even on the harrapan sites of dholvira and lothal you can clearly see the evidences of nuclear radiation in the past.Krishna’s city of dwarka has been discovered underwater off the coast of cambay which is dated 12000 yrs old.There have been mentions of several astras (weapons) in mahabharata like Brahmastra,vajrastra,pashupatiastra,narayanastra,amoghshaktiastra.”astra’ means weapon in sanskrit.Before the first nuclear weapon was successfully tested,Prof. Oppenhiemer had studied the ancient hindu sanskrit scriptures like mahabharata and ramayana in deep and was well aware that these weapons existed in past.

  2. Nandkishore Korde says

    It seems that you have researched the great epics very thoroughly and with a different view point. When I read the scriptures, it is purely from religious view and I missed other views.

  3. Jason Apoyan says

    Given the further texts of that puts the end of converse to whom it was given too further on is unknown.

  4. Rajeev says


    Let me clear it to you, It was the Lord Brahma (The Creator of the Creation what we see with our eyes and smell with our nose and touch with our fingers, all the Life forms, seen with eyes or unseen with eyes, everything that exists,living or non-living) that created Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna is an Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu has Incarnated 10 times in the past, this Yuga ( Ongoing Time Cycle) is Kaliyuga, in this Yuga, another Incarnation of Lord Vishnu is awaited, and He’d be known as Lord Kalki. We, Hindus here in India call These Gods as Sacred-Trinity as Brahma–Vishnu–Mahesh.


    • Umesh Chandra Sharma says

      My dear, with all humbleness I advise you to kindly read Shrimad Bhagwat once. If you dont have enough time, I request you to read only first five chapters. You have one absolutely wrong understanding that Lord Brahma created Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. It is just like saying that son created the father. As our holy books say in the beginning of the universe there was only Lord Narayana (Vishnu). A lotus arose from his naval and lord Brahma was born on that lotus by the will of Lord Vishnu. Please dont take it other way. We both worship the same god so there are no hard feelings between us. I only want to clear some misunderstandings that you have. Likewise, there is not a single holy book in Hindu religion that talks about birth of Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva both are ultimate god (“Adi” means who is beyond birth that’s why he is god) in our mythology.

      • Ritesh Pandey says

        Sir, Some few days back i was going through Skandha Purana so in that it was written that “Lord Shiva” created “Lord Vishnu” and “Lord Bramha” . Lord Shiva created Lord Vishnu and there after What you said the about creation of Lord Bramha is absolutely correct.

  5. JASON APOYAN says

    That sort off image has qualified a potent reaction that serve is one off its own, sorrows go when in the presence of a practice such as this feel free to control that is what you get better.

  6. says

    the anicent world already knows all types of weapons perfectly.but i think a middle of time between past and present world,something was happened and people are forgeting their improved knowledge,so when the modren mind aweaking ,we refounded that knowledge and discovered again ,as a new investigation.

  7. Leonardo Melchiezidec says

    In addition the I AM THAT I AM…means essentially that …as the Hindu says…nothing exists apart from GOD. We are just the dream of the dreamer…we dont actually exist as apart from GOD. In other words…He is all that exists. As you write and prophesize with your pen…the times they are a changin’.

  8. Leonardo Melchiezidec says

    They were not Gods…they were the fallen ones. The same that sunk Atlantis and created the great Flood…what I give to you now is only for those ready to hear the truth of what they were. Its takes some reading(sorry Ron)but its as close to the truth as it gets. Ive researched it for years and no other answer fits as well…and foget aliens.

    In the beginning was the Spirit; a vast sea of mind-force, of discerning energy, occupying all space, all time. Omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, this was the source of all; the First Cause, the Universal Force. This was the Whole, the essence of life, the I AM THAT I AM. This was the eternal God.
    The mind of God embraces the total life energy, for all in its elemental form is One. All time, all space, all power and matter essentially are one and are based on the force of attraction and repulsion, the positive and negative law around which the universe revolves. The movement, the vibration of this atomic structure is the manifestation of the Creator. During its nebulous activity the gathering of positive-negative forces becomes the creative power. Atoms, molecules, cells, and matter change; but the essence, the spirit, does not change. Only the form of mani- festation changes, not its relationship to the First Cause.
    The second cause was desire: desire for self-expression. desire to create, desire for companionship. The Spirit moved, and by moving Itself out of Itself created a separate vibration; a separate manifestation. Thus, into this sea of peaceful and harmonious vibration came one Amilius,Yeshua/Jesus… the Light; the first expression of divine mind, the first mani- festation of the spirit, the first Son who emanated in spirit from the Source as a beautiful thought is created or as an idea is born. This was the first creation.
    Amilius by necessity was endowed with free will and reason, otherwise he would remain of the Whole, at the will of the Whole. Although a part of the Source and aware of his identity with the Source, he was a separate entity and conscious of his own individuality while still one with the Creator in spirit and purpose.
    It was Amilius(We call Him Jesus…essentially said,”it is good that you have created me Father so that you no longer have to be alone,it is also good that I create others so that We no longer have to be alone.”) who fostered the coming of other soul entities into this electro-spiritual world – for all souls were created in the beginning; None were created later. With their free will and reason, they existed as children in a state of perfection, in full accord with the divine will of their Source. These numberless, sexless manifestations of the spirit were the perfect offspring of a benevolent Father, and enjoyed a truly spiritual life in a truly spiritual world. Wholly attuned to the Supreme Will as was Amillius, they were the companions of the Father as they were intended to be; a part of the Whole yet aware of being separate and independent entities.
    Since they possessed free will, each entity’s first thought, first reaction and first expression were slightly different from those of all others. Thus each individual idea and each realization or motive became a part of the entity. Thought upon thought, experience after experience, each of these unembodied spirits built its own peculiar individuality and character. The activity of the spiritual entity thus became its soul-record. That which it thought it gradually became.
    Every thought and every deed registered not only on the entity’s soul but on the skein of time and space, or the Akashic Records. This is the “Recording Angel” or the “Book of Life”. Nothing escapes it. Every vibration from the beginning is permanently recorded on the stream of time and space.
    But not for long did the will of the souls remain the will of their Source. They began to experiment, fascinated with the power of their own creative individuality. Desire and self-aggrandizement gave birth to the destructive – that which was opposed to goodness, the opposite of God’s will. By magnifying their own will and independence, the selfishness of the ego came into being. It was this turning away from God’s will that brought about the downfall, the separation, the end of the state of perfection. This was the Revolt of the Angels and the Fall of Man.
    When souls turned from God’s will to their own they separated themselves from their spiritual home, their natural home, for a long time to come. The link was severed by their own choice and only by their own choice could it be reforged. Soon there was no turning back; the perfect state which was their birthright was already too difficult to attain. A self-created evolution was under way. They fell away further and further from the Divine Will until there was no hope for a retreat – a return to their natural abode.
    Amilius realized what was happening. A plan was conceived whereby a means of escape was devised from the predicament into which the “lost” souls had fallen. By intervening he accepted voluntarily the burden of the world to come – a task almost overwhelming in its magnitude. This was the first of many sacrifices.

    In accordance with the plan, materiality came into being; for matter was essential in order to demonstrate physically the separation from spirit, so that the souls might become aware of their fall, although the earth was not created solely for man. The solar systems, the planets, and the earth took form, created by the same thought vibrations and the same life-essence emanating from the mind of God. The poles – the positive and negative around which the world revolves- were the keystones. The atom, made up of negative electrons revolving with positive protons, was the building block.
    Every atom, every cell is a world in itself and motivated by the same life-giving spirit; not the Creator but the manifestation of the Creator.
    The Cosmos was built by and upon the principles which became known as music, arithmetic and geometry; harmony, system and balance. By changing the rate of vibration – the wave-length and the frequency, so to speak – varying movements, patterns, forms and substances came into being. This was the beginning of the law of diversity which supplies endless designs for the universal pattern. Upon this law are based the great divisions in force and matter. (My note: Jesus invented science,for,”Was not a thing made that He did not make”.)
    Each design carried inherently within itself its own plan of growth and evolution, which corresponds to the sound of a musical note. Notes unite to make chords; chords become phrases; phrases turn into melodies; melodies intermingle around and between each other to make a symphony. Back and forth the mind of God played upon the universe; unlimited within the scope of imagination of an all-creative Spirit.
    All matter moved and changed, assuming its design according to its own vibration and maintaining its activity by the law of attraction and repulsion, the positive and the negative. Everything that came into being was an aspect of mind – the Spirit of the Creator.
    All matter contains spirit, and is electrical in function, manifesting in different forms because of varying rates of vibration or speed. Every condition that exists in the material plane has its counterpart and its pattern in the cosmic or spiritual plane. All force is one force. Things spiritual and things material are the same in essence although different in manifestation or expression.
    The earth is only an atom in the universe of worlds. The solar system comprises other dimensions or other states of consciousness of existence. Although each dimension has its own set of laws, the same force governing the earth rules the planets, the stars, the constellations, for all are held in space by the same law of attraction and repulsion. The earth represents the third dimension, the testing laboratory for the entire system. The other planes – Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus – were to play their part in the plan of evolution for the soul, although in a way somewhat different from that later supposed.
    “The earth plane, first a mass of vibrating heat from which arose a seething mist, settled itself as a companion world in the universe of worlds. As it began its natural rotation, it slowly moved closer to the sun, from which it receives its impetus for the awakening of the elements that give life in its various forms.”
    The laws of creative forces are universal. The first is the law of Love, the second the law of propagation, the third the law of evolution, or growth and development. Thus the spirit of God, the Creative Force, had moved over the face of the earth, and out of chaos came the beauty of raw nature in all its glory.
    Said Cayce: “The mind of God embraces the one total life energy with its universally evolved portion called mind, in all its forms, all its stages of development, and all of its self-conscious, individual viewpoints, including ourselves. Yet while in the physical form we possess not the Creator’s kind of mind, but rather the kind that mind becomes in materiality.”
    “The First Cause was that the created would be the companion for the Creator; that it, the creature, would by its manifestations in activity of that (which was) given unto the creature, show itself to be not only worthy of but companionable to the Creator. Hence every form of life that man sees in a material world is an essence or manifestation of the Creator; not the Creator but a manifestation of the First Cause.
    “Then a soul-the offspring of the Creator-(when) entering into a consciousness which becomes a manifestation in any plane or sphere of activity, is given free will for its use of those abilities or qualities or conditions in its experience. And it will demonstrate, manifest and show forth what it reflects in its activity towards that First Cause.”
    To Amilius was given the keeping of the earth-sphere. The mineral, plant and animal kingdoms were thriving long before man entered this plane. They were governed by im- mutable laws already set in motion. Souls still in the spirit were attracted by matter and came to the new outer realms in large numbers. The earth was only one of many spheres that came into their paths and to which they were drawn.
    Those souls, still in the spirit, who were attracted to the earth plane observed the various forms of animal life and the fleshly ties. They hovered about it, viewing the abundance of growing things in the slowly cooling and tropical earth. They saw the fruit of the land and wanted to taste it; they observed the sex life of the animals and wanted to experience it. Since desire impelled them to seek expression in matter, they partook more and more of the material, be-
    coming eaters of, feeders upon their physical surroundings. Since souls were also self-conscious viewpoints possessed of God and capable of being that which God is, they played at creation-imitating the Creator. Thus they became absorbed with their own creative powers, with which they had been endowed from the beginning, and they mimicked the beasts of the fields and the fowls of the air, dreaming up ideas of bodies it would be pleasant to inhabit.
    Thoughts are deeds, and these desires eventually materialized; for from the beginning the resources of all creation have been available to man. The forms so conceived were at first merely in the nature of thought-forms or visualizations, made by pushing themselves out of them- selves in whatever manner desired,much in the way of the atom which, when split, eventually forms two more complete atoms; or as the growth of the amoebae in the waters of a stagnant pool, which multiply themselves again and again. As the gratification of their carnal and material desires took shape, however, the forms hardened or congealed into matter itself and took on the colour of the environment, much as a chameleon adapts itself or takes on the colour of its surroundings.
    The mentality of the soul was its predominant activity, or direction of growth. The fact that the mental was constantly seeking expression in and becoming attached to the material necessitated a division of the mind-force. This resulted in the three phases of thought-process: the Conscious mind which gives direction to the building-up, use and control of matter; the subconscious or unconscious which is the storehouse of memory, the inter-between; and the
    superconscious which is devoted entirely to the soul-mind. These are not three distinct minds but rather are the functions of one mind at three different levels. Between the conscious and the superconscious there appears to be a constant war, or working at cross-purposes. Yet in the end the superconscious must be the victor.
    As souls used and abused their privileges, the highest and the lowest applications of divine forces were made. The few who sought to know the way were given guidance, as it has always been given; the masses deliberately turned away, seeking fulfilment of their own desires. These became entrapped.
    Chaos resulted not only from the forms taken but from the misapplication of spiritual powers. The male and female came into being. This was the separation of the sexes, the division of the nature of “man” into positive and negative forces.
    The first female was called Lilith, the forerunner of Eve, and a conglomeration of monstrosities emerged. The Cyclops, the satyr, centaur, unicorn,sphynx and various forms mentioned in mythology, having animal bodies and human heads, came into existence. Thus the souls who had been hovering about, influencing and directing, inhabited bodies which were projections of their own mental creations- and propagated a race of monstrosities.
    Their bodies were their own creations, not Gods. These were the daughters of men, the giants in the earth, of the Old Testament. So a weird, corrupt state of existence came into being, but it was the beginning of a new period of evolution for the soul-the long struggle for spirit’s conquest over matter.
    The monstrosities roamed the earth and mixed with the -animals. Sex was the determining factor, as symbolized by the serpent. Through their offspring souls were being born again and again into a prison of matter from which they could not extricate themselves. Trapped in these grotesque bodies, man as such was drifting further and further away from his Source, the harmonious existence in peace and
    love which had been his. This he had willfully discarded for the selfish gratification of the carnal; and he had accomplished it by the spiritually destructive use of creative powers for self. This was the Original Sin of man.
    Only in the earth did souls take on matter and become physical. In other planes and realms-other states of consciousness-the plan for evolution of the spirit varied. Only in the physical, three-dimensional plane does the transition from one plane to another necessitate the process called birth and death. The soul, the spirit of God in man, has been immortal from the beginning. It is not born and does not die, for souls are as corpuscles in the body of God, the Whole.
    Amilius, with the aid of spiritual-minded soul entities from other realms-the “sons of the Most High”-intervened in this misshapened evolution which earth-man had created for himself.(My note: The ape was chosen as the body most suited for our experiance in the physical world…we evolved them and took over these animal bodies.Now we could bring in the rest of us,in similar bodies,not the chaotic,thought formed monstrosities that could not breed.) From among the various physical forms on earth a body was patterned which most perfectly fitted the needs of man. This was a body that would help, not hinder, in the struggle for at-one-ment (atonement) with the Maker.
    By his own choice, Amilius himself descended into matter and became Adam, man as flesh and blood, the first of the perfect race, the first of the Sons of God as opposed to “Daughters of Men”, the freakish offspring of the Mixtures. This was the reason for the admonishment to
    keep the race pure, for “the Sons of God looked upon the daughters of Men and saw them as being fair.”(My note:The Sons of God were the rebel angels,their offspring giants are still here and never left for,”no place was found for them in heaven”…these demons wage war and rule within our governments. Like gangs fighting turf wars,their mission is to destroy us humans,just as it was before the Great Flood. The FOX network is owned by them.) (Gen. 6:2) Adam was an individual but he was also more; he was the symbol of the whole race of man, the five races. Eve was created as the ideal helpmate for Adam, because of the division of man’s spiritual nature into positive and negative. Thus Eve was also the symbolic “other half” of man’s nature in all races. This was the last of the important creations.
    In woman, the negative and receptive was expressed; the positive suppressed. In man, the positive and active was expressed and the negative suppressed. For at first the Sons of God, the souls, were androgynous, combining male and female as one. The first companion. Lilith, was a projection into the animal world-a means to an end, for the satisfying of desire which had entered. With the turning-back to the Creator’s plans and the turning-within to creative impulses, the creation of Eve was made necessary as a helpmate and a balance in the long struggle back to God which was to ensue. Eve was created by God and drawn in an instant from the soul-entity already in existence. “God said, Let there be life,” and there was life.
    Through Eve, the perfect complement to Adam, there was the channel for reproduction of the perfect race. Cain was born of physically perfect parents. Adam and Eve, with their contemporaries, were special creations and not evolutions from that which had already been created. Man did not descend from the monkey. Man took over their evolved bodies instead.
    Everything in the earth had been prepared for the coming of man. The immutable laws of nature were established for his life and sustenance. Through the law of relativity, the positive and the negative, man and woman experience earth; night and day, hot and cold, good and bad-all realized through the five physical senses via the reasoning of the mind.
    Yet always man retains-even unknowingly-the sixth, seventh and eighth senses. These are the psychic or extra- sensory factors of the soul which have gradually receded into the background as man has entered more and more into matter.
    The projection of the perfect race into matter occurred not only in the Garden of Eden-which the readings say was in Iran and the Caucasus-but in five different places in the earth at the same time. These five occupations in the world represented the five physical senses which are to be conquered before spiritual perfection can again be attained. There were 133 million souls in the earth at this time. The white race was in Iran, the Caucasus area along the Black Sea, and the Carpathian Mountains of Central Europe. The yellow race was in what was later to become the Gobi Desert of East Asia. The black race was in the Sudan and upper West Africa. The brown race was in the Andes and Lemuria, the continent lying then in the area of the Pacific Ocean. The red race was in Atlantis and America.
    The environment and climatic conditions determined the colour of the race. For all peoples, regardless of colour, were of one blood and members of the “perfect” race. Colour of the race merely adapted man to the conditions which were to be met, and symbolized the chief attribute of the people of that race. In the white race, sight or seeing was predominant or emphasized; in the red, feeling or emotion; in the yellow, hearing; in the black, gratification of the appetites; and in the brown, the emphasis on the sense of smell.
    The Jews, as a people, developed at a much later date. The Egyptians also came later, as a result of the mixture of red, black, and white races, in about 10,000B.C.
    The continent of Atlantis was the most important land area of the world and the centre of the first civilization. With the second influx of souls-i.e., the coming of the perfect race, some 10½ million years ago-a new era was to begin in the evolution of man in the earth.
    The Atlanteans were a peaceful people and made rapid progress in utilizing the resources of nature. Natural gas and fire were among the first discoveries. In the years ahead they were to build a civilization superior in many ways to any fashioned since.
    Division of the forces of mind took place during the first thousand years of the occupation of the earth by the perfect race. By this division part of the mental forces related to the material, and part to the spiritual. It occurred as man emphasized less and less the divine aspect of his nature, became less and less aware of that from which he came. For man recognized that he was a part of what was about him, and he acknowledged the oneness of all matter and force, but he relied more and more on the physical mind with its carnal interpretations. As time went on, only dreams, prayer, and religion remained to remind him of his divine origin. Desire led him to accept things which he instinctively knew were not true; he mingled with the monstrosities and produced the “mixtures”-half animal and half human. Finally, he put ego of self above everything else, “And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth and it grieved him in his heart.” (Gen. 6:6) The Bible gives an account of the flood, which occurred about 28,000 B.C., and in Atlantis it resulted in the submergence of many large islands. Lemuria too, vanished into the Pacific Ocean.
    Yet even in those days, as in all ages, there were men who were able to attain to such a high consciousness of the Creator that it was not necessary for them to pass again through the earth plane. For “even in that day did they call upon the name of the Lord”.. . . And “Enoch(My note: Find the “Book of Enoch”online,intentionally left out of the Protestant Bible,Enoch was another incarnation of The Christ Soul.) walked with God, and he was not; for God took him.” (Gen.5:24 ) A few souls return to the earth plane by choice, the many by law.
    From time to time individuals were raised for specific purposes, and as the cycle continued, again and again there rose certain souls manifesting in a “more beneficent, more magnificent and noble manner” to show the way for man. There has always been direction for those who seek the light, the way to become one again with the Creator. Throughout man’s many and varied periods of development, his progress has accelerated or retrograded, or re-
    mained stationary, in proportion to the exercise of his will toward good. Thus in each man’s development the first to be conquered is self. Like begets like, for this is part of the universal law. Putting it another way, the mind of man itself, in its total functioning, must be unified and harmonized if he is to remember and accept his divine origin, his inheritance.
    There have been almost as many variations in the use of mind-force as there are individuals. What a soul fed upon, dwelt upon, became its means of development or retardation; for good and evil were expressed according to motives and the use made of motives. The people of Atlantis were to pass through the same stages of development as did the other races in other lands; but their progress was to be more rapid, materially if not spiritually.
    Thus through the Christ spirit, the Holy Spirit in Adam -in man as a race-a way was prepared for the conquest of the world; the conquest of spirit over matter, good over evil. Hence, Adam, as an individual as well as a group (Adam means man), started humanity on the long journey back to the state of being worthy of and companionable to the Creator. It was to be a long, weary journey, for men are strangers in the earth.
    In the 1930’s Edgar Cayce gave a series of lectures on the creation story in the Scriptures. This is the gist of what he said.
    In the Bible, the writer of Genesis had the task of explaining infinite happenings in finite words, understandable to finite minds in principle if not in method. The first chapters deal with the period before and during the five- point projection of the Christ Soul, Amilius, into the earth plane.
    The book of Genesis is supposed to have been written by Moses with Joshua, and was evidently done with the idea of giving the people of Moses’ time a concept of what took place in the beginning of man’s advent into material consciousness.
    The Book of Job, written by Melchisedek(Another incarnation of Christ), is an account of the Son into whose hands the earth was committed and who passed through the trials in the flesh so that he might become the deliverer of mankind.
    The Bible is primarily an esoteric book, a symbolic book. Genesis is the story of creation compressed into a few short verses. Symbols and personifications are used in an earthly setting to convey ideas behind occurrences throughout the universe, in the spirit realm, and in the human body itself.
    It is in the second chapter of Genesis, in the story of Adam, that the real history of man, as man, begins. This is not a recapitulation of what has gone before. Where the first chapter of Genesis speaks of man the spirit, the second chapter deals with the coming of the perfect race and man’s physical tenure on earth, “for there was not a man to till the ground” (Verse 5). The earth was complete in itself, with the ability to supply everything necessary for the reproduction of itself.
    As a result of the creation of the sixth day the earth became occupied with souls who had projected themselves into matter, interested in the physical evolution taking place in the earth-and not yet conscious that they were thus separating themselves from the image in which they had been made. A perfect, physical man had to be created as a separate creation, in order that there might be a comparison for the souls who had projected themselves into animals and produced monstrosities. Man, perfect physical man, created in Genesis 2:7, would be a physical counterpart of that spiritual creation expressed in Genesis 1:26. The material man created was made in the image of God, in that he was formed of the dust of the ground, i.e., the human body is chemically composed of all the elements in the earth.
    As the souls were created in the beginning, they were neither male nor female, but both, a complete whole. The soul itself has no sex, and it takes on the positive or negative expression when it comes into materiality, according to its development and its purpose to be accomplished.
    The time arrived when Adam, too, was divided as in other phases of creation. Eve was created to complete Adam’s expression as the example for others. Adam had already been made complete, so it was necessary to take from his physical body the negative force which would be ex- pressed by Eve. This does not mean that Adam’s soul was split, but that out of his body was taken negative force through which another soul manifested as Eve. They were
    what we might call twin souls. Each soul is complete in itself, but in relation to one another, man is positive and woman is negative. Man itself is soul…human is the body we inhabit.
    Thus the universe came into being through Mind-the Mind of the Maker. The earth came into existence much in the same way in which each atomic cell multiplies in itself; and worlds are still being made by the same process.
    When the earth cooled and became habitable, man as man entered through the mind of the Maker. He entered into materiality in the form of human; that which carnally might die, decay, and return to dust. But the spirit in man is immortal and eternal that he may again be one with the Creator. “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?”
    Although man has come a long way towards subduing the earth, materially and scientifically, he nevertheless per- sists in trying to subdue his fellow man. He has not yet fully accepted the Brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God. For all men are indeed brothers; there is no other real relationship.
    Overcoming the monstrosities, the mixtures and the ani- mal influences was accomplished through rebirth, surgery, and evolution towards a more divine purpose. The animal influences finally disappeared about 9000B.C. Remnants of these pathetic creatures, with their appendages of wings, tails, feathers, claws, and hooves were later depicted ac- curately in Assyrian and Egyptian art. The Sphinx is a notable example of one of the earlier monstrosities.
    Extracts from the Cayce Readings “When the forces of the universe came together, upon the waters was the sound of the coming of the sons of God. And the morning stars sang together. Over the face of the waters was the voice of the glory of the coming of the plane for man’s indwelling. The earth in its form became a place; and afterwards able to be an abode for the creature called man.”
    (Case # 34-L-I) “The entity was . . . in the beginning when the first of the elements were given and the forces were first set in motion that brought about the sphere . . . called the earth plane . . . when the morning stars sang together, and the whispering winds brought the news of the coming of man’s indwelling, of the spirit of the Creator; and he became a living soul. The
    entity came into being with that multitude.”(Case # 294-L-1) “The entity finds itself body, mind, and soul; which answers to the Godhead-Father, Son, and Holy Ghost -in the three-dimensional world. God moved and the spirit came into activity. In the moving was brought light and then chaos. In this light came the creation of that which in the earth came to be matter; in the spheres about the earth, space and time. In patience it has evolved through those activities until there are the heavens and all the constellations, the stars, and the universe as it is known -or sought to be known-by soul-entities in the material plane.
    “Then came materiality as such into the earth, through the Spirit pushing itself into matter. Spirit became individ- ualized and then became what we recognize in one another as individual entities. Spirit which uses matter, which uses every influence in the earth’s environment for the glory of the Creative Forces, partakes of-and is a part of-the Universal Consciousness.
    “As the entity, the individual, then applies itself, it be- comes aware through patience, through time, through space, of its relationship to the Godhead. For in itself it finds body, mind, and soul. As the Son is the builder, so is the mind the builder in the individual entity.”
    (Case # 3508-MS-1) “Let it be remembered that the earth was peopled by animals before it was peopled by man! First (there was) that of a mass, about which there arose a mist; and then the rising of same, with light breaking over it as it settled itself (to be) as a companion of those (planets) in the universe; as it began its natural (or now natural) rotations, with their varied effects upon various portions of same (earth), as it slowly recedes-and is still slowly receding or gathers closer to the sun, it receives its impetus for awakening the elements that give life itself (by radiation of like elements . . . from the sun) . . . These elements have their attraction and repulsion, or . . . animosity and gathering together. This we see throughout all of the kingdom . . . whether we speak of the heavenly hosts, or of the stars, or of the planets.”
    (Case # 364-6) “Man was made as man. There were – there are, as we find – only three of the creations . . . matter, force, and mind. All flesh is not one flesh, but the developing of one has always remained in the same (pattern) . . . and only has been (developed) to meet the needs of man, for whom was made all that was made. Man’s evolving has only been . . . the gradual growth upward to the mind of the Maker.
    “Man was made in the beginning, as the ruler over those elements which were prepared in the earth plane for his needs. When the plane became such that man was capable of being sustained by the forces and conditions . . . upon the face of the earth, man appeared. And in man there is found all that may be found without, in the whole earth plane, and other than that, the soul of man is that which makes him above the animal, the vegetable and the mineral kingdoms of the earth. Man did not descend from the monkey, but he has evolved, renewed from time to time- here a little, there a little, line upon line.
    “Man is man, and God’s order of creation which he represents even as (does) His Son who, as the representative of the Father, took on the form of man, the highest of the creation in the plane; and became for man the element that shows . . . the Way, the direction, the Life, the Water, the Vine to the Everlasting. . . .
    “All souls were created in the beginning, and are finding their way back to whence they came.”
    “. . . God moved and said, Let there be light, and there was light. Not the light of the sun, but rather that light which-through which, in which-every soul had, and has and ever had, its being.”
    (Case # 5246-L-1) “In the matter of form, as we find, there were first those projections from the animal kingdom; for the thought- bodies gradually took form; and the various combinations . . . classified themselves as gods or rulers over . . .
    herds, or fowls, or fishes-in part much in the form of the present-day man . . . These took on many sizes as to stature . . . from midgets to giants, for there were giants in the earth in those days-men as tall as ten to twelve feet, and well- proportioned throughout.”
    (Case # 364-11) “The earth brought forth the seed in her season, and man came in the earth plane as the lord of all in that sphere; man appearing in five places then at once. There were the five senses, the five reasons, the five spheres, the five developments, the five nations. The number of human souls in the earth plane then was 133,000,000 souls.”
    (Case #5748-1, 2) “In the beginning, as matter was impregnated with spirit of the Creative Influence, there came into being Man, in his environment that made for indwelling of the spirit with a soul that might be made one with that Creative Energy.
    “That matter became impregnated with spirit arose from the very fact that spirit, separated, had erred; and only through the environment of matter or flesh might the attributes of the source of good be manifested.
    “For the spirit of evil has not-did not-become manifested in matter; it has only been moved by, or upon, or through matter. . . . Just as the process of time has moved in and through matter, so there has come to man -in the finite mind-the consciousness of the indwelling of soul, spirit, body . . .
    “Hence, as we find, themind of man then divided for the understanding into the conscious, physical-conscious; the subconscious or unconscious-conscious; and the super- or soul-conscious of the individual entity.”
    (Case #5752-3 ) “For the entity came not merely by chance. For the earth is a causation world, and in the earth cause and effect are the natural law. And as each soul enters this material plane it is to meet or give such lessons or truths that others, too, may gain more knowledge of the purpose for which each soul enters . . .
    “Then ye as a soul-entity in the beginning sought com- panionship with God; losing that companionship by choice of . . . what would satisfy or gratify merely the material desire. Thus ye, as the Master, enter again and again; coming to fulfill the law that brought that soul into being:
    to be one with Him.” (Case # 3645-L-1) “Q. Do the lower forms of creation, such as animals, have souls or any life in the spirit form? “A. All have the spirit force. Man, as he was made, carries the soul force, that which was made equal with the Creator in the beginning in relation to production in his (man’s) plane of existence. Hence, the necessity for de- velopment of that soul energy
    . . . For in man we find both the spirit entity and the physical entity.” (Case # 900-24) “Survival of the fittest applies in the animal kingdom, not for man. Let all read history. Which has survived – brute strength or the development towards God? Which survives -the man who studies God and seeks to emulate His forces and powers, or the man who emulates the forces of earth or flesh? This answers itself . . .”
    (Case # 900-340) “Q. Are souls perfect, as created by God in the be- ginning? If so, where is there any need for development? “A. The answer to this may only be found in the evolu- tion of life, in such a way as to be understood by the finite mind. In the First Cause or Principle, all is perfect. That portion of the whole (manifest in the creation of souls) may become a living soul and equal with the Creator. To reach that position, when separated from Him, it must pass through all stages of development in order that it may be one with the Creator.”
    (Case # 900-10) “Q-1. The first problem concerns the reason for creation. Should this be given as God’s desire to experience Himself, God’s desire for companionship, God’s desire for expression-or in some other way?
    “A-1. God’s desire for companionship and expression. “Q-2. The second problem concerns that which is vari- ously called evil, darkness, negation, sin. Should it be said that this condition existed as a necessary element of crea- tion-that the soul, given free will, found itself with the power to indulge in it or lose itself in it? Or should it be said that this (evil, sin) is a condition created by the activity of the soul itself? Should it be described, in either case, as a state of consciousness, a gradual lack of awareness of self and self’s relationship to God?
    “A-2. It is the free will, and its losing itself in its rela- tionship to God. Q-3. The third problem has to do with the fall of man. Should this be described as something which was inevitable in the destiny of souls? Or something which God did not desire, but which He did not prevent once He had given freewill . . . ?
    “A-3. He did not prevent, once having given free will. For He made the individual entities or souls in the be- ginning . . . the beginnings of sin, of course, were in (the souls’) seeking experiences of themselves outside of the
    plan, or the way in which God had expressed them. Thus it was the individual, see? “Having given free will, then-and even though having foreknowledge, even though being omnipotent and omni- present-it is only when the soul that is a portion of God
    chooses, that God knows the end thereof. “Q-4. The fourth problem concerns man’s tenancy on earth. Was it originally intended that souls remain out of earthly forms, and were the races originated as a necessity resulting from error? “A-4. The earth and its manifestations were only the ex- pression of God, and not necessarily as a place of tenancy for the souls of man-until man was created
    . . . to meet the needs of existing conditions . . . “Q-6. The sixth problem concerns interplanetary and intersystem dwelling between earthly lives. It was given through this source that the entity
    . . . went to the system of Arcturus, and then returned to earth. Does this indicate a usual or an unusual step in soul evolution?
    “A-6. As indicated, or has been indicated in other sources besides this, respecting this very problem-Arcturus is what may be called the centre of this universe; (the system) through which individuals pass, and at which period there comes the choice of the individual as to whether it is to return to complete (evolution) there; . . . that is, in this planetary system, our sun and its planetary system . . . or to pass on to others. This was an unusual step-and yet a usual one.
    “Q-7. The seventh problem concerns implications from the sixth problem. Is it necessary to finish the solar cycle before going to other systems?
    “A-7. Necessary to finish the solar cycle. . . . “Q-9. Must the solar cycle be finished on earth, or can it be completed on another planet; or does each planet have a cycle of its own which must be finished?
    “A-9. If it is begun on earth, it must be finished on the earth. The solar system of which the earth is a part is only a portion of the whole. For as indicated in the number of the planets about the earth, they are of one and the same
    . . . and they are relative to one another. “Q- 15. Are heredity, environment and will equal factors in aiding or retarding the entity’s development? “A-15. Will is the greater factor, for it may overcome any or all of the others-provided that will is made one with the pattern, see? For no influence of heredity, environment or whatnot surpasses the will, else why would that pattern have been shown in which the individual soul-no matter how far astray it may have gone-may enter with Him into the Holy of Holies?
    “Q-16. The ninth problem concerns the proper symbol or simile for the Master, the Christ. Should Jesus be described as the Soul who first went through the cycle of earthly lives to attain perfection, including perfection in the planetary lives also?
    “A-16. He should be. This is as the man, see? “Q-17. Should this be described as a voluntary mission by One who was already perfect and returned to God, having accomplished His Oneness in other planes and systems?
    “A-17. Correct.” (Case5749-14 ) “The worlds were created and are still in creation-in this heterogeneous mass which is called the outer sphere; or those portions to which man looks up in space. The mists are gathering . . . of what is this the beginning? In this same beginning, so began the earth’s sphere
    . . (Case # 900-340)

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    This converse is just me seeking resurance from a lord in what form is manifest is unknown, however when presented with frieghtfull information from media outlets on the agenda of the opposition, shake well thats to be expected then to the opposition there is always the unexpected.althou what is known is revealing, to whom what that is for god to decide.

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    I just came back from India and I visited this ancient landing field in Rajgir. I must say it is an amazing place. The legend states that lord Krishna’s chariot burnt these parallel skid marks in the solid rock surface by the power and speed of his chqariot, and there are several shell inscriptions near these strange marks.

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    God is someone who is perfect …since you are not perfect how can you understand fully who god is ..but based on his history and the things he did in this world you can continue to understand the fact what being perfect is …. the past , present , and future…even then 5 senses …and physical mass….i have control over them all…do u have this control ? first of all…ur not allowed to even say yes because you are already human born under the mode of passions – to even ask these questions already tells me that you just have material intelligence….material intelligence is like adding a teaspoon of water to the great Atlantic Ocean …..its just insignificant – …and the past , present , future…even some humans have ocular powers to see it …i have no need to say anymore…

  12. Ron says

    Great site…enjoy it much. Good research…I am a teacher and am trying to get this into our public schools, hard try it is…most are closed-minded. Facts, figures and ‘history’ are required, not ancient truths. But I will keep trying, talking to ppl. Lets all do it for earth.

  13. thatsallfake says

    r these people are gods, nonsense…. have any normal people had seen these gods?
    gods should be holy they should not have two and more wife’s … if ur father has two wife thus u treat him as holy? think yourself… will the gods have the heads with elephant,monkey etc… shall we worship them?
    does these gods really help you?
    say me in what way they are gods and holy?

    • vijay says

      thatsallfake person is a big fake he is un invited to post here first see the research if you want to comment on religion comment on other platform not here. here everyone are interested in science & research.

  14. somal says

    Very good research but I would like to draw the attention to the name about the fifth weapon. It is BhrahmAstra and not barma satara

    thank You

  15. says

    THE ANCIENT WARS OF ETERNITY…We have been here before and some of us know of it.

    This chaos is beautiful! As this moment sweeps by in dark, emotional character reflected from the generations of Leche, my intellect sinks into deeper contemplation. My mind won’t let me think upon any single event other than this psychedelic presentation of undulating light sent from evil’s creation. This light reminds me of the presentation that I saw in the gallery. Its pain, I can dwell upon. So much distortion here – not unlike what I see outside. Why did Koan and subsequently Planca, need the symbols of such an important Omegon ceremony to show his Enmayi charges? Is it part of a vast plan?

    Deeper concentration is needed here. Was it because there was a break in the collective behavior of the Enmayi population that caused Koan to seek added power to pull all his members together under the guise of some unified social mindset? The revelation of a world of different beings existing beyond their planetary group would put fear and wonder into a social unity for protection of the nationals. Once he got their attention with the revelation of the reality of beings such as Anjona, who would grant Omegon gifts to their psyche’s added amplification, he then could align and direct all the beings as one unified weapon — to build the ultimate weapon! With the spread of already loose morality accomplished, the singular event of Anjona’s gift would solidify his grasp for ultimate power.

    Oh, my mind storms with the outer chaos, during this useless duration. Betrayal, frustration and worry over existence grip my being now. For any other being, betrayal of principle and spirit would be enough to command the total cursor of a lifetime of Alphian hate. There is more here, than meets my third sensory level. Anjona — to have granted Omegon Light state to those two, without due merit and worthiness for cause, would end his High Shepherd status. His commission by the All states this, unless there was strategy interlaced here in a “token” gift to find higher means to leverage future souls. Our stay in this virtual realm may almost be over in some minds, but I for one see the meaning of Anjona’s apparent extension of this period into one of lengthy revelations of even higher accomplishments. Granted, this is only a glimpse. But, I see something extra here.

    Omegons on my planet did not know that Planca had gone over to desire’s ways and needs. Koan and Planca must have not stated the truth, but lied to Anjona in order to receive such a great gift as the status of living in Omegon Light. It is eternal in many ways for the light changes the cellular make up to a higher version. They sought eternal lives in an Alphian state! This is ultimate evil!

    They must have plotted to use the added intelligence of the gift, to construct the Leche to end Omegon Existence, which is possible only by killing. They would have lacked the ability to deliver the power of such an awesome weapon unto the Hytona realm. Anjona would not have known this plan. Koan used Anjona’s kindly trust in their “false” spirits, to present himself and Planca as deserving (as Planca already was in the eyes of Anjona) of the “gift.” All messages in my survey are now aligning in magnetic precision, agreeing to this new assessment from fact.

    All this musing and a storm rages outside from synthetic maneuverings. The Shema’s visor reveals the works of Koan even in chaos and his absence. Planca’s tiny contributions are also discerned. For one who sees, their works shine forth irrespective of stealthy means to conceal. Koan and Planca must have passed on the light to members of their select few who colluded with them to assert a new force in this sector of Goge. These select sold favors to the remainder of the “participating” population that, by bowing to them, they sealed their fate. All who saw the effect of the Light upon the face of even an evil one would know the amplification of great knowledge and animation to the possessor. All would want such; yet, the bearer has always received it on merit before. Why did evil win possession?

    The Enmayi’s seeking of recognition became the sickness that beings of elective sex realignment (perhaps given by the Light?), or split off-sexuality, always encountered as a result of such a passionate desire. Always in such conditions, unless given by merit to an Omegon, beings become obsessed with heightened desire for selfish recognition. It is a unique case where the other half seeks alignment with the opposite half of “be-manship.” It is truly a frustrating circle. Koan and Planca learned this, and used such sin to fragment and distort Truth to their charges. Soon, most of the planet was changed into this sin-oriented pursuit of life. Understanding of Virtuality was lost from their intellects.

    Obsession and compulsion ruled their once high minds in liberal self-gratification. Self-orientation was sold to the collective populace, as bait to control emotional dictates for a sinister, Koanian Master Plan. Control of the good aspects of the Light was their ultimate goal. To ensnarl goodness wrapped in truth, would allow their strategy of evil to expand and be represented as the only means of existence. Omegons were in their way to control the sight of the All. Yet they no longer could find meditation with the All’ s domain for it was forgotten due to their half-mindedness.

    Leche became their tool and their symbol for freedom of the building subliminal guilt that was asserting itself on their souls. They focused on Leche to control their madness. To see the Light through evil means is to not know its power. Left to itself, the Light would eventually eat away the evil, so it had to be constantly reinforced by Koan’s and Planca’s wills.

    I see that Shema’s instruments show that the electro-storm is subsiding. Little time in this duration remains to complete my survey. Since it is my cause for existence to be here to record this survey, I must remain sharp here in the opening eye of a storm.

    Leche, you evil orb of the Enmayi’s best creation after Koan! It is always floating above everything that I survey. It is such a complete weapon of death, it could even kill me, of hardened Omegon reality. Leche gives vibrations as I watch, of its composition held colorfully in the spectrums of its battle with indirect light. It is a volatile instrument of death that causes bio-death, chemical death, radiation-death, sound-death, spectrum (light) -death, environ (weather) -death, and finally plasmatic-death from a supernova-like detonation. All these things destroyed the Enmayi except the last sequence including weather-related phenomenon dissolving into the culminating event — a gargantuan detonation of unbelievable force. The weather sequence has started now, and I have little time in this duration to resolve my mission before being caught in the final phase of Leche. If this happens the mission is incomplete and unusable.

    To hurry, when negotiation in such a varied realm of chaotic undulation, is indeed impossible within the laws of a virtual projection — it is impossible. I must try. I must rush to my duties and return to Koan’s and Planca’s gallery, where there seems to be a large collection of data, all messages are large and in the smallest planetary space. All the point of what happened here is there to be disassembled by my keen knowing. I will take the shortest route to the site through this storming. While traversing the remains of these potdomes to the last sight, I will render one or two more visuals to add to the specter of totality to this mission. The resolution loss will be slight, but the drafting on the fly is even more difficult for the best of surveyors. I am the father of surveyors, if I fail there will be no messages to come after my efforts here.

    Strangely, as I stride in a windy assistance, this duration brings me to a melancholy remembrance of past similarity in this same mental status. It is the finality of this assignment that seems to be presenting itself to me. All I see and record is dead and gone, no food for the stimulation of exuberance, other than the knowledge that at one time, before Koan and Planca, the Enmayi were relatively happy. Yes, they were a serious lot — preoccupied with education and quality of life, but lively in true spirit of Love. When exposed to unbridled euphoria, as Koan’s advancers presented, they just embraced it in totality, for they were trusting souls of long, ancient traditions — feedback loops were too small to see the reality.

    When mental data is “softly” presented to mentality, entry is easy for shallow minds to handle in short small packages of sensory expression. If presented as childish, it is even easier to digest. Evil tyrants could easily conquer minds if this methodology is used, and Planca, having duped the Omegons for many orbits, was well trained to launch this method on the unsuspecting Enmayi. Those connected by Koan’s emplacements in the potdome communities became opinion leaders with a cute cause to softly position ideas in an already coddled populace. After all, what Koan and Planca were selling to the populace was positioned as “feeling very good” to the Enmayi passions through arousal of the psyche and body.

    While all those in the potdome were feeling good about the governance from Koan and Planca, the Agrilanders of a more closely “aligned-with-the-land” mindset, where not being captured by silly little slogans or cute gestures designed to hoodwink the mind. The Agri-landers were the perfect example of thinkers who are cautious of any show of out of the ordinary behavior.

    The Agri-landers were observers of nature, and saw the lies in the eyes of their antagonists. Those who understand the realm of the “primary technology” can always detect a hypocrite faster than a liar can spout a lie. The nature of their labors required the finest scrutiny of all elements in their constitutional environments. This was the cause of their division. The soft and the rude were at odds, and the rude was not ill informed, and the soft were loud in their defense of fluff, an illusion. It was reality versus delusion and delusion was larger, while reality was truthful. One was the true feeder, and source of leverage, while the other was the flagship of being leveraged.

    To an outsider, the informal fallacy is easily seen, while to the potdome dwellers, they saw only the illusion that Planca repetitiously presented with her network of practitioners as a clear and emotional truth. Planca lied, and the Agri-landers read it in her eyes. True souls that have not lost their beam on the crux of existence, were the Agri-landers.

    Ahau! Their final war of rebellion surely caused the miscalculations of the launching of the Leche into what was supposed to be a holding orbit for a later outer-orbit delivery through space to Hytona. It was meant to destroy all Omegons. Does Goodness work in strange circulations in spiraling islands of chaos? Indeed, I say so! Leche, Koan’s tool for this sector’s domination, eliminated the evil that would have destroyed all great works of the Sacred Omegons, soldiers of the All and movers of Enigmni. My feelings betray this conclusion; however, this reality is not over, perhaps only just being revealed to a singular source. I know not the total strategy for the setting up of this virtual gambit, but I know it is beyond my present knowing. I must parse the realms of the All to know the Truth.

  16. Ab Asaff says

    While the above article is interesting, it has to be taken with two grains of salt. Ancient Texts can be somewhat exaggerated, loosely translated and be mis-understood. What I have decerned from reading the Hindu Texts and some others, is that humans did not appear to have nuclear wepons, but visiting Aliens did. Humans observed battles between to different Alien spieces. One species wished to take over the planet and subjecate humans and the other, our progenitors moved in to protect the human race. An intermitent nuclear ariel war insued and our overlords eventually won. Not only was this war fought in the skies over India but there is evidence it extended to the Middle East and North Africa. The discovery of huge tunnels and underground cities along with sheets of glass struin across the desserts seems to verify that.

    As far as the reference to Atlantis goes in the above article, I don’t know where James got that sort of information. I have never come across it.

  17. Jason .A. says

    GOT to give credit where it is due,all attractive is what i heard of lord krishna what a story,well so far i,ve accepted the potential energy that can be released upon the earth what a history,this sort of marketing of power energy must have had a powerfull thought form is this going to serve us better,agian in this case thats a credit,however there is a big case of erational marketing going on targeting the vunrable for commercial power play well they can fall in the trap,because able to know who iam,and know who they are what a reaction.


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