Ancient Pyramid Technology for the Golden Age

This apparent time-reversed effect signals the enhanced presence of aetheric torsion waves—time itself was being engineered! In turn, flower species that may have already been present might actually have been re-written at a genetic level by these torsion waves, resulting in a “reversion” back to once-extinct species!

Furthermore, and central to the theme of strategically placed pyramids at geometric node points and/or where the lines of multiple geometries converge, is the fact that pyramids are also likely there to prevent catastrophic weather. Researchers from the Russian Electrotechnical Institute took seven 100 g pieces of granite previously stored inside a pyramid and compared it to a control group of granite samples that were un-treated. Arranging the rocks in a circle of 1 m diameter on a metallic plate, with an electrode 5 m overhead, the scientists ran a 1400 kilovolt current through the electrode 100 times for each group. The pyramid-treated granite samples turned out to be 500% less likely to be struck by a bolt of electricity than the control group, suggesting that the presence of a pyramid can significantly decrease a given area’s susceptibility to lightning strikes.[xlix]

Reputedly, the pyramid responsible for the 300 kilometer-wide zone of ionised energy, which we mentioned earlier, is actively deflecting storms. The storms pass around this area rather than through it.[l] The practical implications of this should be blatantly obvious. Imagine the carnage that might be prevented by constructing pyramids in hurricane prone areas.

We can continue this theme anecdotally, with more information from out of Russia—this time the city of Nakhodka, where there are two hills shaped like pyramids. Named Brother and Sister, respectively, according to what is known from early settlers of the area they are not natural formations. Located at the mouth of the Partizanka river, Sister (Sestra) is 319 m tall, with 3 sides like that of a pyramid. Brother (Brat) is located about 3 km North to North-East from Sestra. Originally 320.5 meters in height, in the 1960s the upper 78.5 m were sadly blown apart so the stones could be harvested for building projects. (Should Brat and Sestra prove to be “true pyramids,” or even “just” mountains artificially shaped into pyramids, they will easily be the two tallest on earth.)

Russian researcher Maxim Yakovenko reports that locals confided in him that the weather immediately degenerated for several weeks after this act, with hard winds and rain visiting the area. According to Russian anthropologist and historian Arceniev, writing in the early 20th century, Brat and Sestra had been regarded as holy places by ancient settlers, with people coming from China and Korea to pray there. The pyramidal formations had reportedly been there for a long time before the first Russian settlers arrived over 110 years ago—however, they did not know who was responsible for their construction. Like the pyramids in Egypt, the faces of Brat and Sestra are aligned to the cardinal points. “Then and now people say that they feel happy and healthy on [these] hills and I agree with them,” writes Yakovenko.[li]

Hope for the Future

John DeSalvo spent over a year working with the father-and-son team of Alexander and Anatoli Golod, and together they have formed an International Partnership for Pyramid Research. The alliance is trying to make the Russian pyramid research known to the whole planet. DeSalvo has this to say of the Russian pyramid research projects:

The research was done by the most prestigious institutes in the former Soviet Union, including many branches of the Russian National Academy of Sciences. I am convinced that these effects that are reported are real and will be reproduced by other institutions. The benefits for medicine, agriculture, and ecology, to name just a few areas are tremendous.[lii]

Failing wide-scale construction of pyramids around the globe, however, it is important to realise that consciousness can reproduce virtually any effect a pyramid can create. One highly credentialed scientist to take such a notion seriously is Dr. Alexey Dmitriev, Professor of Geology and Mineralogy, and Chief Scientific Member of the United Institute of Geology, Geophysics, and Mineralogy under the Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In a 1997 paper published in IICA Transactions, Volume 4, he stated that there are reasons to believe that “a growth in the ethical, or spiritual quality, of humanity would decrease the number and intensity of complex [natural] catastrophes.”

            While most people don’t yet seem to realise it, there are many lines of research supporting Dmitriev’s contention (the space for which we don’t have here). He stressed that, given the heightened incidence of anomalous self-luminous vortex phenomena occurring around the globe—particularly along geological fault lines, for instance—“It has become vitally important that a world chart be prepared setting forth the favorable, and the catastrophic, regions on Earth taking into account the quality of the geologic-geophysical environment, the variety and intensity of cosmic influences, and the real level of spiritual-ethical development of the people occupying those areas.”

Dmitriev’s thesis is that there is an increasing likelihood “that we are moving into a rapid temperature instability period similar to the one that took place 10,000 years ago.”[liii]  He therefore acknowledges and emphasizes the role that the collective state of consciousness plays in mediating large-scale geophysical events and weather patterns—no doubt that the ancients did too (rain dance rituals survive to this day). However, by constructing pyramids, temples, and other monuments at key nodal points and geometric lines on the earth’s grid, they appear to have sought to leave as little as possible to chance.

The many pyramid experiments carried out in Russia and elsewhere offer us a new vision of possibility: the means to heal ourselves and our planet by utilizing truly ancient non-electronic pyramid technology, which harnesses the earth’s torsion waves—which we have linked with consciousness itself. This is why Wilcock refers to pyramids as “the most stunningly advanced technology ever built on earth.”[liv] If we can overcome our culturally ingrained prejudices, we could put this technology to use rapidly, and perhaps give subsequent generations the prosperity and peace they deserve.        

About the author

Brendan D. Murphy is the author of the critically acclaimed epic THE GRAND ILLUSION: A SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY, VOL. 1 (TGI 1), and a contributing writer for several popular magazines and websites. This article has resulted from research conducted for TGI 1 & 2. If you like it, then “like” “The Grand Illusion (TGI)” fan page on Facebook ( for more articles, information, or book excerpts. Hailed as a “masterpiece” by leading-edge author Sol Luckman (POTENTIATE YOUR DNA), Volume 1 of TGI is available for purchase here:


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    Humanity will wakeup faster if you begin sharing your views with you friends and family. Too long those who know better have kept quiet.

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    Excellent blog ! very crucial informations for all mankind.

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    my input: for WATER specific informations, see also Victor Schauberg’s work.
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    I have always known the pyramids are a “Power Center” They had to be used in this way … to many are around the world. They are not tombs … I still do not understand why the human race keeps thinking like the “archeologists of the 16th Century” When will people Wake up and start moving forward … instead of back ward … I am impressed that Russia is looking into these different waves .. because they are “part” of the whole. When people start understanding that the Pyramids have been built with the natural numbers of the universe the golden number and pi … just maybe they will wake up. I hope so. We could learn so much if we just open up our minds


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