Ancient Pyramid Technology for the Golden Age

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Gorouvein speculates that the center of the column of ionised radiation represents the “funnel” of a massive vortex. Note that this discovery of a spontaneously generated energy beam by Golod/Gorouvein preceded the discovery of the monolithic Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, identified as an artificial construction in 2005 by Dr. S.S. Osmanagich, Professor of Anthropology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and his team. This was the first discovery of pyramids in Europe—and what a find it was: a complex a mere 34 km drive north-west of Sarajevo containing no less than five previously unknown pyramids!


Figure 1: Bosnian pyramids: the first officially discovered in Europe

The largest pyramid in the Bosnian complex, dubbed the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, is currently recognised as the tallest pyramid on the planet—by far. At 220 m tall, it dwarfs the Great Pyramid in Egypt by a whopping 73 m. Not only that, but physicists have reportedly discovered a beam of energy of 4.5 m radius shooting out of the top at a frequency of 28,000 Hz. Dr. Osmanagich reports: “The beam is continuous and its strength grows as it moves up and away from the pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of physic [sic] and technology. This is the first proof of non-herzian technology on the Planet…and this ‘energy machine’ is still working.”[xxxi]

Here we seem to be witnessing torsion physics in action, as the Pyramid of the Sun harnesses the almost-impossible-to-detect phi spirals radiating from the Earth and focuses them at its tip with enough intensity that it generates a detectable high-frequency column of EM energy—as per Golod’s and Gorouvein’s comparatively tiny 44 m fibreglass version based on phi. A structure does not have to be based specifically on the phi ratio/Golden Section for it to be able to better harness the torsion waves radiating from the Earth—any cylindrical, cone-shaped or pyramidal object will do it. Since this energy is fundamentally intelligent, harnessing it not only enhances one’s physical health, but one’s “spiritual consciousness” also.[xxxii] Readers might be interested to note that the human body is constructed according to the Golden Section, right down to our DNA spirals itself—we are literally torsion antennas, right down to our most fundamental microbiological levels.[xxxiii]


 BM_APyramids_2Figure 2(a – top) The Golden Section in the human arm,
Figure 2(b – bottom) DNA Fibonacci spiral structure

Fig. 2(a) source: Sacred Geometry by Robert Lawlor. 
Image credit: Thames & Hudson Ltd, London.
Fig. 2(b) source:

Why should we care if there is powerful, focused energy emanating from pyramids? There is a planetary grid comprised of several geometric figures (including some of the well-known Platonic solids) circumscribed within the Earth, all nested within one another. The vertices of these geometries are mapped out on the surface of the Earth, as the result of a multi-team research effort dating back to the 1970s. Under the next sub-heading I will give you some background so that we can begin to understand the profound importance of the many pyramid structures and pyramid-like structures (such as ziggurats) as well as other massive ancient monuments found right around the world—many of which we still do not have the technical know-how to shift the multi-ton building blocks of, let alone recreate in their entirety!

“When attempts have been made to build pyramids using the theorized methods of the ancient Egyptians, they have fallen considerably short. The great pyramid is 483 feet high and houses 70 ton pieces of granite lifted to a level of 175 feet. Theorists have struggled with stones weighing up to 2 tons to a height of a few feet,” writes researcher Christopher Dunn.[xxxiv]

Geometry in the Aether

The researchers who brought us what we now call the earth grid are Bruce Cathie, Carl Munck, Richard Hoagland, the one-time husband and wife team Drs William Becker and Bethe Hagens, Ivan P. Sanderson, and a team of three Russians, we will name in a moment. By collating and synthesizing the work of these people, author David Wilcock realized that the sum total of all their work combined was that the primary geometrical shapes of the octave must exist all nested together within the Earth’s spherical field, just as they must exist in all fundamental units of existence (consciousness units) at all scales. (As above, so below: the motto of the holofractal universe.)

There is no way for me to fully encapsulate and truly do justice to the brilliant work of these people, or Wilcock’s synthesis of it, but briefly, the primary geometric forms encoded and circumscribed within the hyperdimensional field of Earth are: an octahedron, a cube (both of these being first identified by independent scientist Bruce Cathie), two interlaced tetrahedra*, an icosahedron (identified initially by Ivan P. Sanderson), a dodecahedron (mapped by Nikolai Goncharov, a Muscovite historian, Vyacheslav Morozov, a construction engineer, and Valery Makarov, an electronics specialist. These three scientists worked directly from Sanderson’s research), and an icosahedrally derived spherical polyhedron (initially developed by Buckminster Fuller but adapted by Becker and Hagens and applied to the template the Russian researchers had developed from Sanderson’s work).

For Wilcock, the Becker/Hagens grid finally “cracked the code” of the Platonic solids’ positions on Earth. The grid, overlaid onto the Earth’s surface, corresponds rather strikingly with the formation of the planet’s landmasses, indicating a hyperdimensional energetic template guiding the development of the 3D Earth. In short, on Earth, the grid controls the positioning of the continental landmasses.[xxxv]


 Figure 3: The Platonic solids

From Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are, Third Edition, Revised and Expanded by Bob Frissell, published by Frog Books/North Atlantic Books, copyright © 1994, 2002, 2009 by Bob Frissell. Images borrowed by permission of publisher.

Around the globe, the node points of this grid that touch the surface of the Earth produce anomalies that typically baffle conventional science: anomalies in which alternate dimensions appear to interface with one another (or to put it another way, at these points what we are calling time-space/aether appears to interface with our space-time).

Sanderson (1911–1973) tackled huge volumes of data, mostly from anomalous reports declared by hundreds of pilots and mariners, and systematically organized them, proving “beyond a shadow of a doubt that some very interesting anomalies were visible in certain areas of the Earth’s oceans”—anomalies such as those being commonly reported in the Bermuda Triangle (and other lesser known places). By statistically analyzing the different places where these events occurred on the globe, Sanderson initially identified ten common points of anomalous occurrence. Five of them lined up on the same northern tropical latitude, each longitudinally separated by 72° from the next. The other five were laid out the same in the southern hemisphere, only shifted 20° to the east.[xxxvi]

BM_APyramids_4Figure 4: Sanderson’s ten equidistant vile vortices (north and south poles excluded)

In these precisely geometrically spaced “vile vortices,” as Sanderson dubbed them, disappearances (over 1,000 ships and aircraft have vanished in the Bermuda Triangle[xxxvii]) and time-warping events occurred as well. Sanderson found evidence for these time-space disturbances in the other vortices besides Bermuda, and when one astute observer pointed out to him that the North and South Poles should be included since they fit the same geometric relationships, Sanderson finally had his “twelve Devil’s graveyards.”[xxxviii]

Now we come full circle back to the pyramids we have been discussing. If you connect the centers of the equilateral triangular faces that make up Sanderson’s icosahedral grid, you end up with a dodecahedron (which is made up of twelve pentagonal faces). Once the Russian scientists had superimposed the dodecahedral grid over Sanderson’s, they discovered that over 3,300 ancient sites, complexes and monuments (often made from stone, and including the Great Pyramid) were constructed on the grid, indicating that the ancients sought to use the most “coherent” energetic locations to facilitate healing effects, the shielding of gravity, and possibly even time travel (which need not involve the movement of one’s body in space at all).[xxxix]


Figure 5: The dodecahedral grid by Goncharov, Morozov, and Makarov.

Further still, all of the giant, rapidly rotating fluid outer planets of our solar system (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) possess one other extremely significant attribute consistent with a hyperdimensional energetic model: they all radiate into space more energy than they receive from the sun (in Neptune’s case, almost three times this amount).[xl] Physicist Paul A. LaViolette refers to this as genic energy, and it is the result of the aether/gravity creating matter in our reality—something conventional models cannot properly account for. (To Dr. Kozyrev, stars were “machines” which obtained their energy from the flow of “time” [aether] as it streamed into them.)[xli]

On top of this, many entities in our solar system evidence dramatic energetic activity at or close to 19.5° north and/or south of their equatorial line—consistent with the presence of tetrahedral geometry—indicating again that there is a hyperdimensional energy matrix in which all objects in space are immersed and, indeed, created from. The tetrahedral geometry was identified by Richard Hoagland and his colleagues at the Mission Enterprise. Hoagland proved that this geometry was not merely unique to Earth but that it occurred throughout the solar system (and probably throughout the universe).[xlii]

Various ancient structures on Earth have references to the inscribed tetrahedral geometry built into them, not least the Great Pyramid at Giza, which was constructed by a civilization in possession of far greater technical and astronomical knowledge than orthodox Egyptology will admit. The Great Pyramid, not coincidentally, “is built over the single most powerful vortex on the planet, where the lines of the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron all cross.”[xliii]

This is truly profound because Carl Munck—creator of the science known as “archeocryptology”—showed that, just as we do today, the ancients also used a 360-degree system for mapping the planet. One revelation that Munck presents us with—while he does not deal with the Platonic solids—is that the ancients located zero longitude/the Prime Meridian (PM) not in Greenwich, England, but as running right through the Great Pyramid—the most powerful vortex point on Earth. As Wilcock informs us, this is where “the lines of the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron all cross.”[xliv] Whoever constructed this monument clearly knew something that was since lost to science for a long time: the secrets of a hyperdimensional physics—a physics of life and consciousness. This physics—based as it is on the “Flower of Life” (from which we derive phi, the tube torus and all other geometric form, including the proportions of the human body)—is also referred to as “implosion physics.” Ancient flower of life depictions have been found around the world, including burned into a wall on the temple of osiris, egypt. See “thrive” and haramein


Figure 6(a) the Flower of Life; (b) the Fruit of Life; (c) the cube geometry extracted from the Fruit of Life. If you trace the outlines of all the other Platonic solids as well as the cube in Fig. 6(c), you arrive at (d) an intricate (and famous) pattern known as Metatron’s Cube.

First three images from Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are, Third Edition, Revised and Expanded by Bob Frissell, published by Frog Books/North Atlantic Books, copyright © 1994, 2002, 2009 by Bob Frissell. Images borrowed by permission of publisher.

Pyramid placement at certain node points on the planetary grid suggests quite blatantly that these buildings act to harness the planet’s life-enhancing energies, and stabilize the grid itself,[xlv] though conventional scientific mindsets refuse to acknowledge this fact or study the ancients on their own terms. As “solid-state” energy conductors, many of the world’s ancient pyramids are obviously not merely gigantic tombs for dead royalty—that much is certain. While some of them may have been coopted for those purposes later on, that is a topic beyond the scope of this article. What Carl Munck has discovered through his detailed research is that the exact longitude relative to Giza—and the latitude, down to several decimal places—is encoded in all of the 250 sacred sites that he has studied!

In proving that the placement of the Sacred Sites he’s studied could not have occurred by chance, Munck has also proved that the people who built them must have been able to view our planet from outer space! It would have been literally impossible for us, today, to verify the accuracy of these ancient builders’ calculations before we ourselves had satellites!…[T]he overwhelming implication is that the Sacred Sites—at least the ones that Munck has visited—were planned and executed by the same mind or agency. They were all built according to a single plan.[xlvi]

             The only reason that the PM is today located in Greenwich, England, is simply the result of its original use as the orientation point for British ships at sea—a maritime practise ultimately adopted by the other nations. Today’s PM is ultimately an arbitrary designation which has nothing to do with creation physics and the hyperdimensional geometry of the Earth. In contrast, the true PM was identified by the “primitive” ancients as being oriented to the most appropriate point on the face of the entire planet, the point where we would logically expect to find one of the most powerful “aether currents.” Given that ancient crystalline pyramids such the the Great Pyramid are energy “conductors” or “passive torsion generators,” it is only logical to place one on the site of the planet’s most intense natural vortex.

            Additionally, geometry and ancient history researcher Stan Tenen notes that the Great Pyramid of Giza is built in harmony with the molecular structure of its own materials. The majority of the pyramid’s blocks are limestone, which is primarily a calcium carbonate crystal. The Great Pyramid was built with a 51 degree, 51 minute slope angle; the calcium carbonate molecule has an approximately 52 degree angle within it, meaning that when pure calcium carbonate crystals are split, they will tend to split along this 52-degree angle. Therefore, Tenen claims, the slope angle of the pyramid brings its entire shape into resonance with the molecules of its building blocks. Tenen knows of no other structure on Earth that does this. Such harmony between the “micro” and “macro” scales of the Great Pyramid would presumably further enhance its innate “pyramid power.”[xlvii] Non-metallic crystalline substances seem to be particularly good for harnessing torsion fields.

 Jupiter’s Red Spot shows the effect that the aether currents, such as that found in the Giza complex, have on a gaseous medium. The Red Spot is located 19.5 degrees below the equator on a tetrahedral vertex point.


Figure 7. An artistic rendering of the circumscribed interlaced tetrahedral geometry hidden “within” the planets—including Earth and Jupiter, where the Red Spot appears. Image credit: Isis Graywood. 

Phi Spirals to Balance and Restore the Earth – Part 2

We have established that over 3,000 carefully located pyramids, ziggurats, and other ancient structures around the globe were placed deliberately on the earth grid (which researchers have only recently rediscovered), and are harnessing an invisible force/energy emanating from the earth (which most scientists still don’t know about)—an energy that not only affects physical and chemical processes, but conscious processes as well.

Did you know that inside Golod’s and Gorouvein’s 44 m Golden Section pyramid, even at -40° C, regular water inside normal plastic bottles would not freeze, circumventing the laws of physics once more. Just as startling, when the water bottles were hit or shaken, a rapid crystallization process was immediately initiated, with the water turning to ice within 3 to 20 seconds (you can watch footage of this on Meanwhile, a 22 m tall Golden Section pyramid 15 km from Lake Seliger in Northern Russia provided perhaps the most unbelievable result: the reappearance of apparently extinct flower species in the surrounding countryside! New water streams even appeared in the area, drawing in animals, such as a stork, which set up a nest.[xlviii] The land was being healed and rejuvenated, apparently returned to a prior healthy condition (as suggested by the return of once-extinct flowers)!

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