Ancient Astronauts meet Modern UFO’s

Ancient Astronauts meet Modern UFO’s

By Will Hart

…”As an alternative to these nineteenth-century mechanisms, we have considered Directed Panspermia, thetheory that organisms were deliberately transmitted to the earth by intelligent beings on another planet. We conclude that it is possible that life reached the earth in this way…“ — Nobel Laureate, Sir Francis Crick & biochemist Leslie Orgel

In the early 1970’s, while Erik van Daniken was presenting the material to back up his Ancient Astronaut thesis in such books as “Chariots of the Gods”, another virtually as yet unknown theory was being presented by several, world renown scientists.

The above scientists first proposed their novel theory in a paper presented in 1973. They gave it the name Directed Panspermia because the ancient Greek philosopher, Anaxagoras first presented the idea that life on earth arrived here from space. He called his theory Panspermia, which simply means ‘seeds everywhere’.  Anaxagoras proposed that the seeds of life were existent throughout the universe and simply landed on planets now and then. Crick and Orgel took that notion a giant step further by positing that an advanced race directed the seeding operation on earth.

Sir Francis Crick was not a lightweight scientist who could be dismissed readily. In fact, the noted microbiologist received the Nobel Prize for being the co-discoverer of the DNA molecule in the early 1950s. His credentials were unimpeachable. The same is true for biochemist Leslie Orgel who is credited with having discovered the RNA-world.

panspermiaIn their paper they argued that the first organisms that appeared on earth were too complex to have originated on the planet in such a short time. (This argument was later picked up by the Intelligent Design theorists.) The pair showed that Darwin’s ‘spontaneous generation’ concept had been debunked by Luis Pasteur and other scientists in the 19th Simply put, Darwinism cannot be used to explain how life emerged on earth.
Not only had there been too little time for a chance-driven process like evolution to have produced life, the pair argued, “it is a little surprising that organisms with several different codes do not coexist. The universality of the code follows naturally from an “infective” theory of the origins. Life on Earth would represent a clone derived from a single extraterrestrial organism.”

In other words, if chance events produced the largely uniform DNA code, how could it have occurred with such perfection on a one-time-through basis? Why had Nature not failed at least once or twice before getting it right? But that is not the way life emerged and proceeded. The DNA code appears to have arrived on earth in a fully tested and preformed basis.

Now Crick and Orgel also predicted that if their theory were correct that many earth-like planets should exist in the universe. This prediction was made long before the Kepler Telescope began century reporting the existence of earth-like planets circling suns similar to ours, which began several years ago and continues today.

They wrote, “…that in the galaxy many stars, a size not dissimilar to our Sun, and planets, exist on a fair fraction of which temperatures are suitable for a form of life based on carbon chemistry and liquid water, as ours is.”

In fact, there is no reason to assume that the earth is exceptional, and the majority of modern astronomers do not make that assumption. Most agree that intelligent life exists out there somewhere. But, the catch is, that they do not believe that any advanced civilization has ever contacted or arrived on earth.


Even though Crick and Orgel argued that, in theory, “…if we are capable of infecting an as yet lifeless extra-solar planet, then, given that the time was available, another technological society might well have infected our planet when it was still lifeless…”

They too made the assumption that there was no viable evidence that any civilization had actually visited the earth.

Nonetheless, van Daniken was igniting the public’s imagination by presenting a vast body of evidence concerning history’s mysteries. Suddenly the public was made aware of ancient sites and artifacts, which historians could not simply explain away.

It appears that Crick and Orgel, along with their peers, were making the same assumption that physicist Enrico Fermi did in the 1950’s. After studying the problem of advanced ET civilizations he concluded that – there was little doubt they existed – but there was no evidence that they ever had come to earth.  That theorem was dubbed “The Fermi Paradox”.
The fatal flaw, which none of the scientists (including Crick and Orgel) that followed Fermi failed to consider was that he never actually studied the body of evidence that does argue for ET visitation. The late astronomer, Carl Sagan was actually arguing for such scientific investigations. That, in fact, is an unforgivable breach of scientific protocol. If a scientist makes an assertion it is incumbent upon him or her to present the case for or against it. For example, Fermi never examined the Great Pyramid, which the ancient Egyptians could not have built because they lacked the tools and sophisticated techniques to build a 48-story stone structure out of millions of precision-cut stones.


No truly scientific body has conducted an investigation of that structure to see if the orthodox theories of historians hold water or not. Lacking such an examination, it is impossible to back up the claim that Fermi, et al, have made and continue to make to this day. As shown above, their position is untenable by their own standards of evidence.

In fact, Crick and Orgel showed that an advanced civilization could have had ample time to evolve on a distant planet; and still have sent an unmanned craft to earth. While the pair successfully presented a valid theory for how life emerged on earth; they nonetheless failed to realize that there was plenty of evidence showing that- an advanced civilization had actually arrived on earth, in person, as well.  Nevertheless, Van Daniken and the late, Zachariah Sitchin were presenting that evidence en masse in extended book series.

Enter the modern UFO phenomenon

Now we have to include the modern era of so-called UFO sightings and encounters into the mix. It is odd that the Ancient Astronaut theorists and the investigators of the modern UFO era have thus far failed to join forces and compare notes. In fact, it would appear that the UFO phenomenon forms a continuum that goes back into humanity’s most ancient prehistory.

Any educated, informed, thinking person knows that no ancient human civilization could do what we still cannot achieve today – and that is to build the Great Pyramid. It is a stupid, ridiculous and insulting premise that historians continue to proffer in spite of their complete failure to produce sufficient evidence to back up their claims…
But someone did build it, at some remote time; and with technology that was sophisticated enough to succeed. That is a fact. So if no ancient human civilization built it, then who is left?
Of course only ancient astronauts, ostensibly, Crick’s and Orgel’s advanced ET civilization, which even they failed to see, not only sent unmanned craft but full-blown spaceships that landed on earth. That is who built it.

The Egyptians never claimed that they built the pyramids and no mummy has ever been found in the 103 large pyramids that were constructed.

In fact, no ancient civilization took credit for having created civilization, they all agreed that ‘gods’ arrived from the heavens and gave them the arts, tools and principles of advanced society.

  • Can we, at this late date, really believe the fairytale, told in schoolbooks, that our ancestors simply marched out of the wilderness and tossed up gigantic stone structures, while harnessing the largest rivers in the world?
  • Where did the knowledge of the genetic manipulation of seeds and animal genes come from?
  • Where is there proof they harnessed smaller rivers and created diversion dams, prior to controlling the Nile, and the Tigris-Euphrates?
  • Why did ancient Egypt lack cities commensurate with the immense, sophisticated temples and pyramids they allegedly constructed?
  • Are not cities one of the cornerstones of civilization? But no such cities have ever been found.

Those amazing spacecraft that have been soaring through our skies since the dawn of the nuclear age, may be delivering a message: ‘you are not alone and you do not own this planet’.

We may be getting a wake- up call, but are our leaders and scientists paying attention?

There are thousands of well-documented cases that prove that UFO’s exist and are not of this earth.
These reports have been filed by pilots, military personnel, on-duty policemen and even scientists.

Things have advanced so rapidly since 1972 that our space scientists already have plans that detail how humans will one day be terraforming another planet, Mars perhaps.

There is nothing extravagant or unscientific about the Ancient Astronaut theory or the visitation of ET’s in our skies today….

Now, consider this possibility: our leaders and scientists already know all of this, and more, but you and I are being kept in the dark about what NASA, archaeologists and geneticists have actually discovered…

Copyright 2014 by Will Hart

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About the Author

Will Hart is a journalist and the author of “The Genesis Race”, a series that examines the evidence for Cosmic Ancestry or Directed Panspermia II.

The Genesis Race: Our Extraterrestrial DNA and the True Origins of the Species


From the Back Cover


For millennia Homo sapiens–the species that emerged after the demise of the Neanderthals–existed throughout the world as hunter-gatherers in small, cooperative social groups. Then suddenly, around 3000 B.C.E., the first of six great civilizations sprang up around the globe. All of them told creation myths in which gods came down to Earth, fashioned humans in their own image, and then taught them the arts of agriculture and civilized life. In addition, all these cultures–established in Egypt, Sumer, Peru, Mexico, China, and the Indus Valley–created mammoth pyramids, though science has never been able to explain how or where they obtained the advanced technological knowledge to construct these edifices. The abrupt appearance of these civilizations and the similarities of their development call into question the Darwinian theory of evolution–for there exists no trace of an intermediate Homo sapiens between these advanced people and the hunter-gatherer peoples who preceded them and who continued to live in other parts of the world as they had for thousands of years. 

Now, using the most current research on DNA; available archaeological, geodesic, and astronomical evidence; and a revolutionary analysis of the Book of Genesis, Will Hart makes the case that these gods were actually visitors from another world who genetically engineered modern humanity. Only now, at our current stage of development, are we ready to understand the information left behind in the ancient sites and mythology of these great civilizations–information that reveals the fate of humanity in the coming Earth changes. 

WILL HART is a journalist, photographer, and filmmaker who has been investigating ancient mysteries and evidence of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth since 1969. He lives in Nevada.

PS Cosmic Abandonment

This is Mark Passio’s presentation “Cosmic Abandonment – An Explanatory Synthesis Regarding Human Origins, Psychopathy, Slavery And The Current Psychological And Social Conditions Of Humanity” which was presented in Philadelphia, PA on December 12, 2013 as part of the Philadelphia UFO Meetup Group, hosted by Chris Augustin. Filmed and edited by John King.

In this two-hour presentation, Mark links ancient accounts of extraterrestrial visitation to our planet with the manifestation of the psychological conditions in which the human species currently finds itself. Questions explored include: Were we actually created by non-human entities as a hybrid slave species? Did our extraterrestrial “parents” inadvertently create a slew of genetic anomalies in the human species, including primary psychopathy, as a result of their imprecise genetic modifications? Did our extraterrestrial forbearers provide to us our systems of government, money, and religion; and to what ends did they do so? What effect did our “cosmic parents” sudden disappearance have upon the collective human psyche? What does humanity need to understand to rectify the deeply-seated psychological trauma that it has amassed over eons, as a direct result of our troubled origins?

Mark Passio’s Web Site:


  1. Solarisquartz says

    That is a good explaination at where we are at this must be the best mystery don’t force untruths upon the curious lucybell.

  2. JAY says

    summons up the alternative and this must be what we get choice is independent from the mainstream which is created through the universal mind of the supreme manifestation of knowledge which we all share as teachings would have it to be any different from the source should pose a response in the space of ones being why on earth are the facts so readily available and so few are chossen where and when has it ever been that survival is part from instinct and pleasure is our kingship to rule ethics morals and even sports is humanities nature a structure can represent such being derived from nature any way and just how long a go since the beggining till when just be glad the seasons are changing from the void of the eternal peace be with you and smile like it means something important seven days.

  3. g.wick says

    In the sixties I was walking along a country road rail road track.I felt something touch me.for some unknown reason I looked up at the sky and saw two orbs of light appearing to “dance”around each was so fascinating but kept walking.suddenly I felt “something” touch me.then it felt like I had walked up against a “wall”,and there was this “pop” and a light that threw me on my butt.the next morning I awoke in bed with a bloody nose and a sense that I had been taken and tried to escape.I have had two other “missing time”events,once when I was nine and another was I was fourteen.I’m seventy now and haunted and. terrified as to what happened.I’m a beliver.

  4. Tin Man says

    The problem with the panspermia theory is that it never address the origin of the seed life forms. It has to originate somewhere at some time whether it was here on Earth of else where.

    As to Fermi and his theory, Earth has been continuously visited by extra terrestrials forever. Somewhere on Earth at this very moment, someone is have contact (willingly or not) at some level, physical, mental, through the subconscious, whatever. There is some silly notion that contact only happens if it is though official government channels.

  5. hp says

    Any day now the Dead Sea of Tranquility Scrolls will be ‘discovered,’ proving once and for all the Jews were indeed the ancient astronaut Kings of the Universe. (as above, so below)

    • DrJudgeSamuel says

      Get off the hebrew race domination bs. The only thing they excel at are lies. The creators of the three worst religious frauds to befall man.

  6. D'lo says

    Every living thing has DNA and RNA, therefore we are all related thru this mechanism. We are also related to mushrooms. Yes, humans are part fungus! We are not a bacteria or virus. We are breaking down the earth to make it habitable for those who sent our DNA here. My friends have a band called Alien Ant Farm, not like this idea hasn’t been around since the Twilight Zone “To Serve Man” episode.

    • ThomasT says

      Why send DNA here when they had the tech to get here, as we did 22 million years ago, (, or much before that, re the metal spheres found in rock in South Africa dated over a billion years old.

      We have been told by advanced races that humankind in this universe is 96billion years old, starting in the now defunct Wyren Galaxy, just under 3 billion light years distant.

      Some will open their minds, some will follow the blinkered ‘scientists’. We have free will to expand our paradigm.

  7. rahul dahiya says

    This is really a nice post having good facts about current universe and hit our mind to think beyond the todays world who is in tight grip of money ,and corruption which even destroyed the real feeling of humanity and he is away from reality of life and purity of soul and lost his identity in the darkness.

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