Ancient Alien Astronauts Theory

Our sun is one of a 100 billion stars in our galaxy. Our galaxy is one of billions of galaxies populating the universe. It would be the height of presumption to think that we are the only living thing in that enormous immensity -– Wernher Von Braun
To suppose that earth is the only populated world in infinite space is as absurd as to believe that in an entire field sown with millet, only one grain will grow — Metrodorus of Chios 4th century B.C.


Robert Graves (Graves 1968) writes, “Mythology is the study of whatever religious or heroic legends are so foreign to a student’s experience that he cannot believe them to be true; hence the English adjective ‘mythical’ meaning ‘incredible’; hence the omission from standard European mythologies of all Biblical narrative even when closely paralleled by myths from Persia, Babylonia, Egypt and Greece.”
For many modern skeptics the world’s oldest writings, on clay, stone and papyrus, is simply myth. However, if we dismiss all of the ancient literature and inscriptions – the Bible, the Koran, the Mahabharata, and the thousands of clay tablets from Mesopotamia – as too incredible to believe, we would still have to deal with the question of the physical evidence. Who built the ancient megalithic structures? How were they built? Why the practice of building pyramids at ancient sites all over Earth for a period or time, and then suddenly abandon them? Who marked the Earth’s surface with gigantic lines and figures? Who created the astonishing artwork on Mars? Why and how were these things done? In this space age, with it’s remarkable technological advances, it is becoming apparent that the “miracles”, and other seemingly supernatural events reported in ancient texts, the megalithic constructions, and the enigmatic lines and artwork over the Earth, resulted from an advanced technology which was incomprehensible and indescribable by the ancient human observers. On these pages we take the position that there is a reasonable explanation, within natural law, for these mysteries.
In this series of articles we will review the evidence that these mysteries are attributable to ancient astronauts; extraterrestrials who have visited Earth in prehistoric and historical times, and have interacted with humans or their evolutionary predecessors, i.e. what authors throughout history have referred to as “the gods”.
And it came to pass on the third day in the morning, there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpets exceeding loud; so that all the people that was in the camp trembled…And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire; and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly…And the voice of the trumpet sounded long, and waxed louder and louder… –- Exodus 19:16-19.

The AA Hypothesis inBrief

AAs first came to Earth many millennia ago. They were beings whose biology was similar to modern humans. They created modern mankind by mixing their genetic makeup with that of sub-humans. The purpose of mankind was to serve the AAs, principally by providing food and mining and construction labor. The AAs did not allow humans to view them – only their symbols (idols), suggesting that their appearance was frightening; however humans were occasionally permitted to see their emissaries, e.g. “geniuses” and “angels”. They also would not allow humans near them, except priests who had cleansed and covered themselves and spread a germicide, suggesting their susceptibility to earthly diseases. They apparently moved about the Earth in spacecraft using chemical fuel, and only landed on mountaintops or other rocky outcroppings; this reduced the dust and provided physical protection from humans, and disease control. The earliest sites had a cave under the rock that protected the priests during the coming and going of the spacecraft. Later they built, or provided humans with tools to build, cyclopean structures – huge earthen, baked brick, or stone ceremonial platforms and pyramids, which served as landmarks and as landing and feeding sites. Since they had little defense against earthly bacteria, they developed methods to nourish themselves with the vapors emanating from food and drink which humans provided and burned for them. The food and drink was provided through the custom of sacrifice, the burning of the meat and blood of animals, and sometimes humans, which the AAs demanded. These ceremonial and feeding sites were located all over the world, most on or near the current equator or near earlier pole-shifted equators. They taught humans agriculture, astronomy, engineering, and provided the first laws. They then departed from the face of Mankind.


  1. M. Fielder says

    I think we should have an open mind when it comes to the ancient astronaut theory. One has to question
    how people who lived in different parts of the world and did not know one another existed have the same
    technology. How did ancient cultures go from very little knowledge of the world to knowing about the constellations, advanced mathematics, and calendars predicting future events? What about the Mayan king Pakal in the capsule or space craft? Ancient cultures all over the world described people who came from the
    stars as sky people. The Sumerians, Native American, Asian cultures, and etc…

  2. Mark says

    I think any of the mainstream archaeologists is that you don’t consider ancient astronaut theory could be a possibility, especially the age of humanity considering the cities that they found 20,000 30,000 years old. Have no right calling himself archaeologists; they are close minded idiots! I will agree to the possibility that maybe it was our own inventions in the past. But it was at least it certainly humanity that created the technology and cities that been found around the world. We’ve just done it again; considering the short period of time we’ve had to create a technology we have today, 100 years. Imagine what we could of done over the period of millions of years many times. Possibly with the help of ancient and current astronaut’s for extraterrestrials.

  3. JAY says

    Once upon a time lived this adventure spirit and arrives at a mysterious place becoming of existence and departure from the material plains into unknown worlds apart was the mission blended into a universal chorus did the heavens rejoice with the sounds of nature and the play of animals how was it that mankind took upon themselves the domain too rule with sacred knowledge of the distant past how could the elaborate weaving patters of time support the urban jungle does the field suit the players and when the earth shines it is the gleeee of many blessings remain free for love that theory every time.

  4. Humbled and Religious says

    As human we are a very intelligent yet very arrogant species. Though we are highly intelligent, this does not make us all-knowing. Our superior level of intelligence simply means that we are smarter than any other animals in existance on earth. All we have to compare our intelligence to is the animals that we are able to prove exist. A comparable example to this is a student who is the smartest kid in his school. Before he can know exactly how smart he is he must first be able to compare his academic skills to other students who are also the smartest kids in their schools. Because we only have the animals that we know of to measure and compare our intelligence to, it is easy for us to say that we are the most intelligent or supereor species in existance and that no other species could have provided us with any knowledge or technological advancements because no other species is as intelligent as we are. Human beings are notorious for discrediting anything that we can’t see, prove, or understand. I believe that this is actually due to our lack of intelligence. Until we are able to see or do something we believe it to be impossible. For example, at one point in time we “knew” that the earth was flat. Only a few hundred years ago, “knew” that the earth was only thousands of years old, and that human beings had existed since the beginning of time. These are just a few examples of the lack of intelligence our speciesacually possesses when you look at it from a more broad view. In fact alot of the technological advancements that we use and take for granted today were discovered completely by accident. So I do believe throughout our history mankind has been visited by, and provided with knowledge and guidance from God. However with that being said, take a second and forget what the movies and sci-fi novels have taught us about what “aliens” are. Now ask yourself. If a highly advanced, highly intelligent, completely unkown species of humanoids would have come to earth from the sky in there space craft and approached the predecessors of modern humans, which were basically cavemen, and gave them laws, taught them how to harness fire, farm, mine, write, build structures and all the other things that we now know for a fact helped to jumpstart human civilization, but don’t know how we came to learn them, what would those people, who had not yet even fathemed the thought of car or plane or any other type of technology, have considered these “aliens to be? If this did happen I’m certain that there would have been one who was the leader of the “aliens”, which explains why we believe in one God and several angels and demons… Even in religions based on polytheism, there is still one God that is in charge of the others or at least more powerful. I am a very religous person, but I dont close my mind to any of the worlds religions. This allows me to see the undeniable similarities within the different religions. All these ancient people from differrent parts of the world have similarites in their belief in what God is but were completely unable to correspond with one another… this is a fact that doesn’t prove my theory without a doubt, but it does make it impossible to disprove it.

  5. says

    Very interesting, I have always been interested in the ancient alien theory after watching the Ancient Alien TV series. I do believe E.Ts have visited this planet before and this is where most religions originated from.

  6. docson says

    It is said Enoch built the great pyramid to keep all of ancient books or information safe. The pyramid was built with 3 visible chambers. 1 at the bottom of a 33 degree shaft with a connecting 2 foot shaft to the grand gallery if you look at the un finished chamber it looks like they where looking for something in the middle of the chamber is a well I think they found what they were looking for I know why it was to find a crack in the sandstone bed rock why to drain water. The pyramid was to store the knowledge of ancient people for the time of the end that’s now left in a hidden chamber and I think some of children of the gods were to survive in the queen’s chamber and some were giants because of the size of the niche. The unfinished stone in front the niche had a message on it I think early roman church destroyed it. When the early explores entered great pyramid the shaft descending to the unfinished room had a lot of sand so much it was difficult to remove and nothing was found. The shaft going to the queens chamber has sand and a 2 foot step up I believe that the sand came from the kings chamber they filled the king’s chamber full of water left a man hole to the top of the kings chamber why so they would know it was full of water then they broke or remove all the plugs in the grand gallery and 1 or more stones in the kings chamber were lowered if you look at the queen’s chamber the stones are water tight but in the kings chamber there not, some experts say the some of the stones in the kings chamber are like there on ball bearings or could it be sand I think the builders the used water and sand like hydraulics to lower the whole slope and some of the stones in the king’s chamber and the small 2 foot square shaft was used to drain water and sand to the descending passage they lowered the whole gallery slope as one using water and sand the would have poured down the small shaft to the unfinished room and the water drained thought a crack in the bed rock. I believe access to the library is under the stones in the king’s chamber the library of the children of the gods. In my mind I’ve walk in the pyramid and gone over so many thing’s about it if it does have the knowledge or what happened before the flood or of the gods its going to be well protected I see a door made of metal we can’t cut or drill that there would many scrolls and books made of granite and gold in many languages and Enoch left a message for the people that would enter his library. The sloped ramp served 2 things 1 to raise the blocks for the king’s chamber and 2 to wash the sand from the king’s chamber grand gallery to the 2 foot square shaft served as a drain for sand and water that’s why in early pictures there’s sand as you get to the step up to the queen’s chamber. Today we could raise the stones in the kings chamber with hydraulic jacks there only 60 ton’s made of granite hard to cut in old times no one would think the builders would lower 60 ton block’s using sand and water but I would and did.

  7. Lari/Lars says

    It’s very flattering to think that you might have some alien DNA in you. The only problem with this is that, if aliens start abducting you and altering your biology, wouldn’t you feel kind of victimized by something like this? This pretty much implies that there is something wrong with you. And why would you want to measure up to someone else’s standards of what you should be, and live up to their fantasy and view of what humans should be? After all, if there are people on other planets, you don’t have to look up to them as if they are more superior to you. Being genetically altered by a person from another planet, would be no different than getting altered by an earthling.

    Another problem with the theory is that the assertion that gods, angels and Jesus were aliens is, at least, premature, since they could be nothing but a figment of human imagination. You do not want to base your theory on other people’s fantasies.

    I am a little upset thinking that some outstanding accomplishments should be attributed to the people from other planets, or ghosts as in religion, instead of being attributed to earthlings. It almost seems as if the humanity has seriously low self-esteem, and can’t believe that they did something themselves.

  8. vicenzo says

    to all seafarers and anyone concerned around the world, this is still bugling my mind.. this phenomenon occurred inside the Persian gulf just after passing straight of hormuz..around 2200h mid-November of was fine, wind force around Beaufort 2, visibility is good around 10 nautical miles,vessel moving easily, no evident swells experienced.. i was still then a cadet, i’m together with 3/O and AB on duty watch ..all 3 of us on the bridge saw perfectly balls of lights in the vicinity in the ocean( the balls are like 15meters in diameter) then the balls of light suddenly moves around like in disco lights like they’re dancing rhythmically ..after some time,, the balls of light disappeared then afterwards there were lights in the sea in expanding circle where it seems that they are lights coming from the bottom of our ship. that was really extra ordinary. i explained this to my fellow crew on board and to my other officers but they just said the cause was, the lights are produced by bioluminiscent my mind, there’s no way bioluminiscent bacteria could have done such tricks..the color of biloluminiscent bacterias on the ocean is like when a white color is hit by an ultraviolet light,,like the color was in between white and my case, the lights were color dimmed-yellow like on flashlights.. my colleagues who witnessed this phenomenon told me, don’t bother waste my time telling/asking anybody about this because what we’ve experienced was extraordinary and nobody could explain about that. i just like to share this experience. currently watching documentary about ancient astronauts (extra-terrestrials)..

    any opinion about this phenonmenon?

  9. Ab Asaff says

    There can be no doubt that Ancient Aliens are also Modern Aliens. They were alluded to as mythological gods that have visited our planet since the dawn of humanity and continue to do so. One of those highly evolved alien species is our progenitors and have watched, shaped, reshaped and guided our development and even fought to protect us from malevolent aliens for over 200,000 years. When they believe we are ready, they will make themselves known. That time I believe may be coming soon.

  10. says

    Some egocentric billionaire, should come forward, hire all the know it all bloggers (who are slaves anyway), to reproduce a pyramid. Prove that modern, tech advanced, more evolved humans are not inferior to our purported ancestors.

    Document it fully, sell tickets, broadcast around the world…beckon pilgrims, chisel a stone with their name on it. Use only the technology of the time. Put into action; blog is cheap. Talk about reality shows….unite the world to unlock the megalith mystery. Discover who we are. Put up or shut up.

    To those who scrutinize, spelling, grammar, etc., please consider from what beginning that being comes… What medium he has to chisel on. I would bet you could not chisel any legible on granite. As I chisel with my wide calloused fingers, that have the experience of building entire houses, they poke sometimes four letters, the spelling anticipation has no clue as to what I want to say. Sometimes the touchpad does not recognize my touch. A couple of times, I submitted blogs, without even touching the screen. To say nothing about how many times, 3G has glitched the writing of this particular blog. To any scholar (of whom to me has been brainwashed), I ask, have you ever built anything substantial? Why are there so many glitches in this technology, max headroom?

  11. anonymous says

    P.s. john smith,
    We are hu man, or is that speculation, too. What does human mean? Are you a human being? Part of the human race? What is the human race? As opposed to any other race; what other race is there? Is this a race just between humans? Can you prove Julius caeser existed. Can you prove if your ancestors existed? If so were you evolved, or were you created? Can you prove this? What are your roots? Maybe if you can only speculate, maybe you do not exist. As far as you know the universe revolves around you, of course if you had a spaceship, you may be able to prove otherwise. How do you know that the hu part of you is not exrtraterrestrial? How do you know that dominate human races of which you speak are not extraterrestroial? Please explain caucasian, because it seems you cannot prove the roots otf cortez back to his primordial beginning, so you can only speculate.

    On ya, take a walk inside area 51, bring a camera, show us what you find, so we do not have to speculate anymore.

  12. anonymous says

    To john smith,
    Roswell incident, area 51, are real modern time occurrences. Why did our ancestors, chisel spaceships on stones? They must’ve had plenty of time on their hands, to chisel into stone….and vivid imaginations, too. They must’ve been able to speculate just like you.,ugh,ugh., is how they talked.

  13. anonymous says

    We are hu man are we not? Which means we are already eternal. Plato and Aristotle,etc. Have the soul inside out. That is the basis of argument of the abortion issue; when biblically we become a living soul. Birth, berth implies we are sleeping, which implies we previously existed. Our mind is our eternal part of this temporal existence. We are controlled from without not from within. Our DNA does not control us. We are holograms unto ourselves. We cannot be eternal and have a carnal beginning, that is ludicrous, that our templar existence controls our eternal soul.

    Being caught up in this physical being is our cage. I have reasons to believe that our pineal gland is our receiver/transmitter, to the universal light. Atrophy, diet, neurotoxins, are keeping many out of touch with their true being…

    Since the beginning of history, knuckleheads, like me were subjects, no rights. All kings are tyrants, purportedly, annointed to rule by the god(s). Actually, not even recognized as people until the magnate carta.. even now as our constitution is being swallowed, we argue about laws, wars.,under the guise of free will.

    We are controlled ny laws, hence there is no free will. Only will. I believe that unconditional love is to replace any and all law. And just be.

  14. DAVID says

    i believe in et’s how else would the unusial things we see on earth have happened, definately not with crude stone impliments moving hundreds/thousands of tons of stone and the like to make great monuments.
    I hope the ending of the 5TH cycle of man isn’t over on 12 21 12.
    nuff said
    David J Lytle sr. age 67 years old

  15. Gumby says

    Ancient Alien theory is a falsehood…a fallicy. I didnt happen,it hasnt happened and it couldnt happen…its a lie to direct you away from God.

    • The Pits says

      So anything outside your closed belief system does not exist? Is that it? So explain the fallacy of a “God”?

    • anonymous says

      I have a blame game grand prize question for you. Why did god blame Israel/Judah, for him withdrawing/ breaking his covenant/ old testament, when all of his anointed judges and kings(Samson, King David , Solomon, etc.), who obviously had sexual issues and sinned, then repented, and it was glorious?

    • says

      I am currently working on a work of fiction. I have started a blog to help sort some of the ideas in my head so I canstart the process of putting it on paper. I would love for you to visit; and share your opinion with me. Anyone else who see’s this post I would love feed back from you also.

      It may be a bit vauge but I am hopeing to get some more posts out throughout the week.

      Thanks gaia

  16. John Smith says

    Way to much credibility if given to the speculation that “extraterrestrial intervention” was the cause for any of these Megaliths. If these great aliens have been reduced to crop circles,and even that is in question…logic dictates that we dont know how they were created. If we dont know…why speculate? Botton line,there is no proof that aliens even exist,we can suppose,we can speculate,we can dream up theories and odds to fill in those unknown blanks but the fact remains. We have no proof. Just wide eyed,wild haired theorists imagining things that have not yet been proven as fact. Ships sink and planes crash everyday and yet…no proof that these photographed “crafts” actually exists. Are these aliens and their UFO’s that perfect? They never crash,they just disappear into what?
    We have photographs of what appear to be alien crafts but again,the fact remains that we dont know what it really is. This is why its called unidentified. It may take on a matter like appearance,it may glow and spin but…it is unidentified. That means it is not known to our human experiance just as millions of other things are. To say that its an alien craft steps beyond logic.
    An intelligence superior to ours,with an ability superior to ours,with crafts and no doubt weapons superior to ours could not possibly fear any of us human beings for any reason. Why hide as they do? Why assume these are even aliens at all? If we dont know for a fact…it could be anything,perhaps something we havent even considered.Perhaps something beyond our understanding and most likely is and is therefore suspect. As is the alien theory suspect.
    If it can break the laws of physics…why fear us at all? The laws of physics are finite…this thing,whatever it is…breaks the law. If it breaks the law,why would I as an intelligent law abiding human ever believe it was benevolent? Is it therefore a miracle? Something even worse?
    Has any benevolent,superior race come upon a lesser civilized society without being a predator? Cortez in Mexico? White man in North America? Slavery?
    Before just accepting this alien theory Id be skeptical of the intentions of any superior “race” if that is what they really are. It could be something else entirely.

  17. says

    Yes! I absolutely agree with the detailed description of the A.A. but its seems it also true of the current one’s! If you go to my youtube channel you will see I have many visit’s an they do have what I have termed “ground walker’s” an they are so curious of me I am baffled as to why but as you stated their shyness, they will not allow me to get them on film! I can watch them all I want but the very second I go to flip the cam to record, they dissappear! Its amazing!They can do this in a fraction oof a second! P.S. I enjoy Graham’s “Fingerprints of the Gods” thanks for the info!

  18. Dr. Carlos Gomez says

    I am astounded! After reading the article and then the report on how they landed on Mountain Top’s etc etc! I’ve sent you folk’s an email regarding the fascinating film I have shot over the last 2.5 month’s and this FULLY support’s the commentary and article! (Also, since they seem to be in the frame of harvesting something, I also see an “Film” their take-off’s with what I believe is a transport ship going back up too space 3-4 times a week! I shot the film again of another take off this AM! I am getting ready to load it to my utube channel now! Give me awhile an tommorrow please go thru the video’s and tell me what you think? I have as I stated before, accumulated approx 18 hr’s. of film. CapnDumpsterDiver is my channel name on utube. Thanks! (It fully supports the suggested article about the “mountain top”!!!

  19. says

    A powerful thesis to consider. I have also thought upon the material mentioned above and I believe something like the above is behind our being here on this planet. When one considers that we are assemblages of elementals called atomic structure and positioned by a programme called DNA then things get a little deeper. I believe we are indeed much more complex and perhaps all of this is a part of the ancient concept of playing God.

    Andromeda GalaxyThere are times when I can see the configuration of the History of our ancient past. I tried to focus on it when I wrote THE ENIGMNI. Now it is getting clearer in my mentality and I see that Niberu (sp Sitchin’s name for large space vehicle) is indeed the ancient experiment to explore the outer fringes of the universe. It is a means of transfer to outer units that we used to circulate throughout the galaxy and on to other galaxies. We have been at work here for more than eons. Our lives are like the movement of a vernier scale (Verniers are common on sextants used in navigation, scientific instruments used to conduct experiments, machinists’ measuring tools (all sorts, but especially calipers and micrometers) used to work materials to fine tolerances and on theodolites used in survey) dialing vehicular means to move about in physical Time/Space. What seems like a life is miniscule in comparison to the overall multifaceted gestalt. We are much larger than our single little experience. We are broadcast held within mentality. This memory is hidden within us all. Our mission is ALWAYS.

    Indeed vehicular transfer for travel in Time/Space to accomplish a mission on the various planets is perhaps a primary for elementals to reach into physical Being so we may all become. After all, it seems that having access to this form that is ready made for us when we awaken consciously and become self-aware is indeed of high technology for Time/Space. We ride the light of each generating part of it. We leverage each particulate to accomplish our will to reach out in this realm of what seems like a massive Theme Park.

    I feel that this post is perhaps one of the most important that I have ever put up on the net. It is the gestalt post of my thought process. It moves beyond the mountaintop of Einstein on into the totality of the universe. The very process of existence is much more complex than any we have ever conceived of in our silly little time-span. We have needed to realize who and what we are. Lately I have had deep dreams that seem to be telling me that we are much more as individuals, in fact we are truly one massive, multifaceted mentality that experiences physical existence in this universe in order to get many projects accomplished. We have access to great and grand projects but seem to get caught up in selfish little lives at present rather than focusing on the prime reason that we are here. The universe is full of a great teaching machine to cause us to come back to who and what we are. The very process of existence is this teaching machine that will eventually cause us to refocus on our prime objective. I invite those of you who comprehend what I am trying to say, to please chime in and help us to all come together into the great being that we have forgotten in the process of existence.

    The Universe is massively complex and our ancients referenced in the Kaballah (SP depending on who is stating it) to the fiery intelligence that seems to permeate every elemental that makes up this physical anomaly that we discern as existence or life. Thus it is indeed multifaceted in its actions to keep the information float of a massive holo-spirited being that many of us call — God or Physics (Laws of). We are of this God as if His children…every climbing. Almost as if a Hologram serves as a model on a smaller scale of the broadcast that keeps us all in this the largest game in town — Time/Space. Yet, outside of Time/Space there is the generative order that some call the duat or The Enigmni that keeps our hopes for some kind of Eternity that we shall all participate in after the primary existence ceases in the vehicular aspect…going and going on forever. Mind seems to rule the day.

    Mind drives our realm/s and we seem to ignore the power of this concept. This mind expresses itself via the Enigmni or the Holy Spirit into existence like a massive TREE OF LIFE OR BEING. If think we are all that mind expressing ourselves in and through infinite vehicles working together here in a final ground of manifestation that is in constant flux of diversity. The mind via Light elementals rides this structure and thus we create in an endless procedure called — Always.

    • Mark says

      I strongly believe in ancient astronaut theory, but I find this particular blog above my head. I do know that we’ve been here millions of years and that everything that’s happening now as happened before. There is past technology that cannot be disputed; I believe that the so-called ancient astronauts are still here on this planet hidden underground and in bases that are hidden in the mountains and most likely beneath our feet, definitely in the oceans. History of course goes a lot further back than the mainstream archaeologists believe. Just think, we have done more in the last hundred years than in the last 10,000. I believe the information is being finally had to us slowly by the ancient astronauts as you call them, I believe we will make leaps and bounds over the next 20 years with our technology. In fact, 100 years from now, you will not recognize the planet for the technology that is coming. That’s if we survive…

      • richard says

        I have a interesting photo I have taken of a spacecraft like ship I have found in a large rock formation. I would like to know more or find people with similar interests to share thoughts and conjecture. It was was discovered in the virgin river area in north america. If anyone has I would like to share this find with others.

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