Abundant Energy – Artificial Leaf mimics nature

Abundant Energy – Artificial leaf mimics nature

Nature has known a way to produce clean, cheap, carbon-negative energy for over 400 million years — and humans might be about to catch up. Scientist Daniel Nocera’sArtificial Leaf uses nothing but the suns rays to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, much like plants have been doing for countless millennia. Where plants store these energy sources in leaves and roots and fruit and vegetables, Nocera plans for everyone to one day have a personal hydrogen cell power plant in their home.

Professor Daniel Nocera has created a way to produce energy which could help revolutionize the developing world.  

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Stealing from nature: Incredible new tech inspired by biology

Lou Baldin

Years ago when I was an amature scribe peddling my experiences at one of the premier conspiracy sites in the world, ATS (where my “far out” stories made the conspiracy nuts look normal) a poster on one of my threads asked that I show them proof of alien technology. I told them to go and find a leaf, and they would have their alien technology. It wasn’t long after that that my threads were moved from the prestigious UFO forum and placed into Skunkworks. Not a great promotion. Well, most, if not all scientists, in this article below and anywhere else on this planet, would agree that Skunkworks was too good for me, because I belong in a padded cell instead. LOL

At least some of them admit they are stealing (borrowing) technology that is far beyond their understanding and abilities. However, they are not stealing, they are back-engineering extraterrestrial technology, the most basic and simple form of technology in existence (training wheels on a tricycle).    

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  1. Starheater says


    The Web is saturated of “aliens” technologies”. A new invention is born and Oops, it’s an alien technology. We don’t realize that we have master certain molecules, and every laboratory are experimenting new technologie.

    If I were an alien, it would take alot of permission to collaborate with us. Look around you, we are alien too in a sense, and we are not ready to collaborate with other Nations, question of “National Security”, so why in the world would they collaborate with us. There is a price to pay in that kind of exchange, and this price is not to have the permission of taking humain to make tests, on this, they don’t need our permissions. This is far away to be logic, and far from what happen at this moment.
    When human are kidnappe, there is medical examins who are perform on them. For what reason? They check the level of radiation on human cause by multiple explosion around the entire world, and the majority are Little Grey. Why, because they live underground.
    Have you ever see a Grey taking about religion? Never, not even in the Arecibo Message. But all the liar like Billy Meier will talk about Jmmanual, Jesus and whatever. Why? Their message is annoncing the third War, there will be no third War. If you have study the Pyramid of Giza, the vertical lines coincide with the birth of the Messiah, is death, the first world war and the second, but no third.
    When Christ will come with his Angels, nobody will have the time to react, they will be kill very rapidly. I don’t call this event a war, all the Nations will group in the Meggido Valley for the day of the Lord. This Day will be of 24 hours, but the battle will be very short.


  2. Brenda Brown says

    While I think it’s fantastic that people are creating such simple, clean forms of energy, I can’t agree with the author that ‘aliens’ made the leaves. Just because we didn’t, doesn’t mean they did.

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