A Tour of the Nazca Lines

The high desert of Peru holds one of the most mystifying monuments of the known world—the massive-scale geoglyphs known as the Nasca Lines. Ranging from geometric patterns to “drawings” of different animals and stylized human-like forms. The ancient lines can only be truly taken in, their forms discerned, from high in the air, leaving generations mystified as to how these precise works could’ve been completed long before the documented invention of human flight. Are the lines signs left by an alien race? Landing strips for UFOs? Relics of a ancient people far more advanced—capable of human flight—then previously imagined?

A Tour of the Nazca Lines

by Gary Schoenung

I’ve spent several years inspecting Earth.  There are no mysteries, there are no aliens.  Just a lot of lost history.  Here is a little tour of what is left at Nazca.

This is a tour of the Nazca lines that I put together to show people how much is actually there. After watching this the “official” explanation seems kind of silly. I don’t think the natives did it. And the real explanation has no more to do with aliens than any of the other so called mysteries on our planet.

The Nazca Ruins from Gary Schoenung on Vimeo.

This is a tour of the Nazca lines that I put together to show people how much is actually there. After watching this the “official” explanation seems kind of silly. I don’t think the natives did it. And the real explanation has no more to do with aliens than any of the other so called mysteries on our planet.

 (C) 2012 by Gary Schoenung

PS  From the Brink of Extinction – Ruins of the Old Earth

by Gary Schoenung

Now that people have had some time to look at the video material I’ve posted I will share my analysis of what it all could mean. The videos are pieces of one large video titled “From the Brink of Extinction (Ruins of Old Earth)” – you can see these movies below the text of this post.

The reason that we can’t understand how ancient people with no technology, machinery or even decent tools could have  accomplished what they seem to have been able to do is very simple.  They didn’t do it.  They occupied and used what was available to them from before a near extinction event occurred.  Some of what they were able to use had become exposed by time and erosion.  I think that long before that time the world population had grown way beyond what we currently think it is possible for our planet to support.    Continue >>

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  1. says

    After accidentally photographing 10 daylight UFOs on 7/1/90 while hiking with 2 friends in the San Diego backwoods, I discovered while examining a blow-up of one of the triangular shaped objects that it had a spike-like projection 2/3rds up its left side. Before long I had collected a handful of other UFO photos that exhibited this same peculiar projection. Then while flipping through Marilyn Bridges book “Markings” I saw the same projecting triangles at Nazca on pages 9 & 27. The “Concorde” and the “Great Triangle” exactly duplicate 5 separate UFO images along with countless ancient artifacts. This historic discovery has won front page coverage in every newspaper in San Diego and a CBS special. My humble non-profit website and 12 min. youtube video contain the Who How and Why of Nazca….dont miss this…

  2. Jorge says

    They may nor be aliens who contributed, but they could be from earth who left to other planets in the past, way back in the past, more than two or three or more cycles (26,000 years/cycle) and have come back to earth to see what is going on around. Finding in crop circles attribute them to lost civilizations of the past (such as the Celts) who have lived on earth in parts mainly in Ireland and France much earlier before our era. Our world in full of cultures and we find very advanced and still very primitive. Isn´t this the pattern that can be found in the past?

  3. says

    You have great insight on the Nazca Lines, I have learn quite a bit my friends look forwards for all your latest updates Thanks Great Site I also love the fell!!!

  4. Gary Schoenung says

    I’ve added another video put together from what I was looking at a couple of years ago to the material on Vimeo.com. I’ll be sharing what I know bit by bit but I think it would be best to do this a little at a time. It is not related to the Nazca lines any more then the intro with the underwater footage and doesn’t really belong in this blog but if you are interested in this material and would like to see it you can find it there.

  5. Gary Schoenung says

    That’s an interesting comment to make considering the fact that you seem to have made up your mind after seeing less then 20 minutes of the material. No wonder you did not identify yourself.

  6. Mick says

    “I’ve spent several years inspecting Earth.”

    Really? So, in “several years” of “inspecting Earth”, you feel you’ve figured out a mystery that has stymied generations of highly educated and experienced men and women who have approached the topic from from both the various “fringe” as well as the various “mainstream” viewpoints? Wow. Congratulations.

    I’m really not one to leave sarcastic comments… and am certainly willing to entertain people having thunderclap moments of revelation, and (accurately) solving a mystery or problem in the blink of an eye (or even several years), but come on… have you educated yourself on all the details surrounding the mystery? Or since you don’t believe in mysteries, how much have you examined the geography, weather patterns, inconsistencies, past use, etc. of the site in question? Do you really believe so strongly despite the great amounts of lost history, that after only “several years of inspecting Earth”, you have successfully, reliably, and accurately reconstructed all that lost history?

    I’m sorry, but the very approach to this reminds me of a flat Earth which is orbited by the sun and all the other planets.

  7. Gary Schoenung says

    At some point when I figure out what to do with the 3 hours and 22 minutes of video that I have you will see that the most logical conclusion that can be reached is that all of the unexplainable “mysteries” that are scattered around our planet are most likely left over from a prolonged period of progression and development followed by a near extinction event. The 2 videos here are just the tip of the iceberg. Lazers?!? Really?!? Have you ever considered the possibility that the material was poured?

  8. Doug Yurchey says

    The lines are only 4 inches wide and perfectly straight for long distances. The lines were lasered from the air; from aircraft. This is a clue to how the great, massive monoliths (not that far away) were cut and trimmed; like a hot knife through butter…powerful lasers! Examine the animal images seen from high in the air. There are no lines that start and stop; start then stop…that’s not how the images were drawn. They are a continuous motion; like the pen never left the paper…sprayed from above…in an area without rain…marks that can last 1000 years…from a time when WE (not aliens) FLEW.
    Not that far away is a giant ‘candelabra’ drawing it’s called at the Bay of Pisco. Look at the candelabra upside-down and it becomes a classic rocketship with flaring jets.
    Also, one of the high areas next to the Plain of Nazca has its top REMOVED! The top of an entire mountain is GONE…and has been flattened into an artificial plateau. What happened to the rest of the mountain; where is it? Could it have been removed by these POWERFUL LASERS possibly used at the time? This has nothing to do with aliens, folks. It is advanced technology used by advanced humans in ancient times…something that tradition does not account for.

    • Jorge says

      From your point of view and our little knowledge of world history back to primitive time after the flood, there was Atlantis, Lemuria & other ancient civilizations that have been wiped out of the face of the earth before our time started. Although, if they were wiped off, how come these left overs are still remnants of those cvilizations, and why haven´t we found any proof that may explain their technology? Until, the other, no proof, no belief. We just have to keep digging on the back yard hoping to find an ancient technology gadget that still functions in order to believe of their existence, but half of the earth has been dugg out by archaeologists, historians and looters and they have never found any gadgets n th last 200 years, just ceramics, metala pieces and tablets that tell their “written story”.
      The puzzle is still left to solve. If there were no ancient advanced civilizations I would still be confident that Sitchin´s translation have the answer.


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