A New View of Consciousness and Reality

by Daniel Neiman

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A New View of Consciousness and Reality – Introduction

Today’s materialistic science is dominated by the view that everything we see today originated in the Big Bang, when space and time came into existence and the laws of the universe were set. According to mainstream scientists, there was no guiding intelligence behind this event. The laws of nature that just so happen to allow for the formation of stars, galaxies, planets, and ultimately life are all accidental properties forged during the Big Bang billions of years ago. All matter and energy by nature is unconscious and unintelligent.
Two views about life and consciousness arise from this line of thinking. The first is that all life evolved more or less by accident, via random interaction of chemicals and biological materials and selection for survival. The other is that consciousness is not fundamental to reality, but a secondary phenomenon arising from a certain complexity of brain and nervous system function. Therefore, our seemingly intelligent minds that we operate with on a daily basis are ultimately the result of a plethora of unconscious, unintelligent processes in the brain.

The first view that life arose and evolved through random mutation and selection is being undermined today by the specified complexity of information contained within DNA, as well as the intricate, coherent, and interdependent inner workings that we now find within all living cells. The second view that consciousness arises from, or is reducible to, brain function is being undermined by the evidence from Near-Death Experiences that consciousness can still function, and indeed shows enhanced functioning, when brain activity is miniscule or absent altogether.

I will start by exploring these new findings and the conclusions they point to, while showing how both lines of inquiry lead to the same expanded view of reality, namely that intelligent consciousness underpins the material world.

Next, I will show how the underlying Source Consciousness of the universe is experienced by people in various situations, including spontaneously, during UFO abductions, Near Death Experiences (NDE’s), and during usage of psychedelic substances. Finally, I will go through five points of knowledge that this new understanding of reality gives. Specifically, I will show how the various areas of paranormal research converge upon the same knowledge concerning life and reality.

It is due time to replace the current understanding of life and reality as touted by today’s mainstream academia. We must come to a new, truer understanding of reality. We need a view that can incorporate the findings from modern day paranormal research. This is pertinent for the advancement of knowledge and the continuing progression of society, not just scientifically but also spiritually.

Evolution and Consciousness

Two of the leading proponents of the development of life being guided by an intelligence are biology professor Michael J. Behe and philosopher of science Stephen C. Meyer. Stephen Meyer explores the structure and function of DNA in his magnum opus, Signature in the Cell. In this book, Meyer explains how DNA codes for proteins and why this process cannot be imitated by random mutation and natural selection. I will now briefly describe these findings.

There are four DNA bases, represented by the letters A, C, T, and G, which are arranged into 3-letter combinations (essentially 3-letter words), called codons. Each codon, or 3-letter word, represents one of twenty different amino acids that link up in specified sequences to build proteins. Also, there are codons that specify when to start or stop the building of a protein.1 Amino acids form proteins by linking together one at a time, based on the DNA instructions, and then folding into 3-dimensional structures. The specific 3-dimensional structure of the protein determines its precise function.2

You can think of this process as translating one language into another. You start with the language of DNA, which consists of 3-letter codes. Each of these 3-letter codes translates into one of twenty possible amino acids. During protein synthesis, amino acids are linked together in discrete chains hundreds of units long. The precise arrangement of these amino acids in the chain is crucial to the development of the protein. If the amino acids are not arranged in the proper order, a functional protein will not be produced. Therefore, if the codons are not arranged properly in the DNA, then the amino acids will not link up properly, and a functional protein will never be made.

Even a simple protein requires a chain of 100+ amino acids. Again, these amino acids must be arranged in a specific order to code for a functional protein because most combinations of amino acids will not fold into a stable functional protein at all. Remember that DNA encodes for one amino acid at a time with 3-letter “words”, or specific sequences of bases. Therefore, to encode for a simple protein requires that 300+ DNA bases be arranged in a specific order so that the amino acids link up in a proper sequence to produce a functional protein. Then, add to this the correct words, or codons, for starting and stopping the protein making sequence. These codes must be at the beginning and end of the coding region to initiate and end protein production respectively. This is akin to producing a 100 word paragraph of coherent text with a capital letter to start the paragraph and a period at the end. To produce such a paragraph by random processes is highly unlikely. Just imagine a monkey given a typewriter and blindly typing letters at random to try and produce an entire paragraph of coherent meaningful text.

To stress this point once more, consider that “though proteins tolerate a range of possible amino acids at some sites, functional proteins are still extremely rare within the whole set of possible amino-acid sequences”.3 In other words, if you link amino acids together at random you will be hard pressed to create a functional protein, just as you would be hard pressed to create a paragraph of meaningful English text by way of randomly placed letters. Therefore, if the DNA bases were arranged randomly, they may exhibit codons (3-letter words) for specifying amino acids to link together to form a protein, but these amino acids would most likely link together in such a way as not to produce a functional protein. In fact, the chances of producing any functional protein of 150-amino-acids by combining those amino acids by chance is 1 in 1074.4 Now take into consideration the fact that many proteins require far more amino acids than 150.5 As the number of amino acids in a protein rises, the chances of producing one by linking amino acids by chance just gets worse. Finally, one has to take into consideration the start and stop codons that must be in the proper place to start and stop the sequencing of amino acids for protein production. So, just as there is a low probability of combining English letters into a meaningful sequence, especially one that’s at least 150 words (or letters), in length, by pure chance and random processes, it is similarly implausible to suggest that DNA bases could be randomly arranged to create functional proteins.

Meyer refers to the information encoded in DNA with the term “specified information.” This means that it is complex, as the information does not follow a repeating pattern, and specified, meaning that a specific arrangement of bases performs a specific function.6 This is the kind of information found in a language or computer code, whereby the specific arrangement of parts determines its meaning or function and a random arrangement confers nothing. Basically what’s happening when you arrange DNA bases properly to code for a functional 3-dimensional protein is that you’re hitting a target sequence out of a vast space of possible arrangements of those bases.7 That target sequence does not get hit by ‘chance’, especially not over and over again. Meyer further asserts that specified information is only known to be caused by intelligent agents.8 Computer code and language are just two examples, whereby a specific arrangement of 0’s and 1’s in computer code and letters and punctuation in language confer meaning. However a random arrangement of these constituents would only produce non-functional or non-meaningful gibberish.

Now, the argument has been put forth, most notably by Richard Dawkins, that you could start with just one protein and then modify it little by little, or amino acid by amino acid, until it turns into another protein quite different from the original.9 This would be akin to modifying my last sentence one letter at a time until it turned into a completely different coherent and meaningful sentence. You may be able to anticipate the problem already. To change the sentence letter by letter, or even two letters at a time, would take that sentence through a whole host of unmeaningful sequences until it finally arrived at the new meaningful sentence, whatever that may be. The problem turns out to be even worse for proteins. This is because if you change too many of the amino acids in a protein, it will not only degrade function, but the amino-acid sequence that constitutes the protein will cease to fold into a 3-dimensional shape altogether. Therefore, one protein cannot morph into another protein with a completely novel function. If you start changing the amino acid sequence of a protein, function quickly degrades, and the process soon leads to amino acid sequences that fail to fold into a stable structure at all.10 Dawkins, however, imagines that proteins can change their shape little by little to successively approximate a completely different shape necessary to perform a completely different function. As stated above, this is of course, a purely imaginary line of reasoning. It does not reflect reality. Proteins have specific shapes to perform specific functions, thus emulating language or computer code. And as Meyer points out, the only known cause of specified information is an intelligent agent.

What are we to conclude from these findings? One way out would be to posit the existence of extraterrestrials from somewhere else in the universe who seeded life on this planet. However, this only pushes the problem further back to how the Aliens themselves were created. It is much more plausible, especially with respect to the findings from NDE’s which we will be discussed later, that an intelligent consciousness underlies the material world and is intimately involved with its creation from the atomic level on up. Because if a consciousness is responsible for forming the DNA bases into meaningful pairs, where would this consciousness lie? It must be woven into the very fabric of reality. It must underlie the material world itself, able to form and direct matter. Now, we will explore one more line of evidence that points to an intelligence at work in nature.

In his landmark book, The Edge of Evolution, Professor of Biology Dr. Michael Behe explores the inner workings of the cell to conclude the impossibility of the sophisticated systems therein arising by randomness and natural selection. As an example, Behe describes IFT (intraflagellar transport) which constructs and maintains the cilium, which is just one of many “molecular machines” within the cell.

In a nutshell, IFT consists of mini railroad cars (specialized proteins called IFT particles) that carry cargo (various proteins needed to construct the cilium) to their proper locations and deposit the cargo for construction of the cilium. As an analogy, think of railroad cars going up and down a steel structure carrying building materials to make a building. The cars have to bring many different kinds of parts, including parts needed for the floor, parts needed for the walls, parts needed for building the windows of the building, and parts needed to build the balconies. Actually, the cilium is far more complex than this, requiring about 200 different kinds of building materials, or proteins that construct the cilium.11 So, the cars, or IFT particles, that carry the proteins must be able to bind to and carry a vast array of different kinds of proteins. Furthermore, all of these parts have to be deposited in just the right location—window parts must be placed at the proper window building position, floor parts must be placed at the floor position, and so on–and at just the right time. Another interesting fact about this process is that the railroad cars, or IFT particles, have two different “motor” proteins, one for powering the cars up the cilium and a different “motor” protein for its trip back down the cilium. Now, here’s the biochemical explanation for how this construction works. Quoting Behe:

“Biochemical studies show that IFT can be conceptually broken down into several parts. The first part consists of the motor proteins that carry the IFT particles along the interior of the cilium. The motor protein that carries the particle toward the tip of the cilium is different from the one that carries it back. The trip out is powered by Kinesin-II, one member of a family of kinesin motor proteins that perform a variety of jobs in the cell . . . The trip back is powered by a dynein motor protein . . . Exactly what causes IFT to shift from kinesin-powered transport to dynein transport at the tip of the cilium remains unknown. The second part of IFT is called the IFT particle. It’s the container that grabs hold of the correct proteins to be carried in or out and releases them at the proper point.” 12

Behe further elucidates that “the IFT particle consists of sixteen separate proteins that bind together in one aggregate.”13 This 16-protein complex can be separated into two protein-complexes, one containing six proteins and the other ten proteins. Each of these structures “contain substructures that are known to be particularly good at binding diverse proteins—exactly what you need to transport the many kinds of protein cargo that travel by IFT along the cilium.”14 Indeed, as mentioned before, the cilium which IFT constructs is made of about 200 different kinds of proteins. Therefore, the IFT particle is a specifically designed protein for its job. It is designed to be able to bind to and carry a variety of different proteins.

This system of construction machinery also boasts not one, but two, motor proteins that are designed to carry the IFT particle up and down the interior of the cilium. If that’s not enough, when building this system, there is some sensing mechanism that senses the amount of material that the cilium needs, evidenced by the fact that “after construction is completed the trains keep coming at about the same rate, but now some of the cars are empty.”15

You can imagine the sophisticated control mechanisms that must go into the construction project, with genes controlling how much of each protein to build and when to build them, how many IFT particles to send with loads of protein, and when to cut production. Furthermore, all of the proteins used in construction require acute specification. The IFT particles must be precisely engineered to be able to bind to all of the differently shaped proteins that make up the cilium, the motor proteins must be precisely engineered to function as motors to move the IFT particles up and down the length of the cilium, and each protein that goes into the actual building of the cilium requires precise engineering to fit with all of the other parts and create a functional cilium. As you can tell, this process is integrated, complex, and coherent. Furthermore, DNA provides the instruction manual for building the entire structure, including instructions for building the molecular machines used to construct the edifice, instructions for building each of the around 200 proteins that compose the building blocks of the structure, and control instructions for coordinating the entire process.

It should be blatantly obvious by now that an intelligence is behind this process. You don’t randomly throw together a skyscraper. It takes careful planning; blueprints of the building must be drawn up, resources gathered together at the building site, all of the construction workers given specific assignments, and foremen and supervisors to manage the entire process. A cellular machine requires just as much. In the case of the cilium, DNA contains the blueprints for making the building, as well as the information needed to coordinate the project, make the IFT particles (construction workers) to do the work, and make all the building materials. The cell is miraculous in that it has the ability to make both the work force (construction machinery) and all of the materials needed to make up the structure (essentially many different kinds of proteins). Stephen Meyer’s concept of specified information is also relevant here. In IFT, we have a specific arrangement of parts that perform a specific function. This is evident in the building process and in the completed structure. Again, this requires an intelligence to arrange the parts into a functional pattern.

It is useless to invoke a Darwinian, stepwise scenario, for this process. That is because the process is so integrated. Without an IFT particle, there could be no cilium. Without the control instructions for coordinating the construction project you would have a mess of unregulated IFT particles, carrying unregulated proteins, at unregulated times. The project would never be able to build a coherent machine. And if you are missing many of the around 200 proteins needed for building the cilium, well, you can’t build it. Complex integration is the key to understanding intelligent design. Gradual evolution doesn’t work because without any one of the parts, the others couldn’t function. Therefore, a bottom-up approach doesn’t work. Instead, a top-down approach whereby the end product (cilium) is thought up first, or envisioned in the mental realm, then the many details of how to build that product are worked out in succession, and finally the whole system is implemented at once. Intelligent agents do this all the time. We think of a new idea, say to build the first automobile. First, we must think about what function our new structure is to have. In our example of the automobile, the function is to move people and objects quickly from one place to another via roads. Then, we should consider what parts are needed and how they will connect to perform the desired function. For instance, a car would need wheels that turn, a motor to power the car, a steering wheel to steer the car, and so on… We would have to figure out how to connect all of these parts to produce a functional automobile. Once we have the entire plan with all the parts and how to connect them in our minds (the mental realm), we can then begin to manufacture and arrange the material constituents to conform to our mental image and create the world’s first automobile. So, we start with figuring out what function we want a new machine to perform. Then we have to think of a design that will enable that function to be performed. The design requires not only the parts that will be used, but how those parts will connect. Once we have this mental image, we can go to work building our new structure.

In essence, we take ideas from a mental, non-material realm, and then manifest those ideas in the material realm. This is simply an imitation of what a greater intelligent consciousness does to create the machinery that sustains life. How else are we to explain intelligent workings at the cellular level without an intelligence that penetrates into the deepest aspects of the material world? And where else do we find intelligence than in the workings of conscious agents? Different types of cells require different functions, which require different kinds of protein machinery, which in turn requires the guidance of an intelligence to form. From DNA on up, life is intricately designed.

So, all of creation is first envisioned in the mental realm. To implement these creations in the material realm requires a conscious intelligent entity to arrange and organize matter in conformance with the desired function and design. For life to show evidence of intelligent design, consciousness must underlie material process and have the ability to form and manipulate the material world. To take a line from Physicist David Bohm, it forms and in-forms the material world.16 It is the basis and mover of all energy in the universe. This underlying consciousness not only forms all of the matter in the universe, it also provides the information to organize matter into functional systems, such as DNA and living cells. As we will see after looking at the evidence for consciousness after death, this consciousness has its source in a realm outside of our known concepts of space and time. It is a realm of infinite energy in a non-local space. Our consciousness is in fact identical to this One Source Consciousness. Now we turn to the unassailable evidence for life after death.

A New View of Consciousness and Reality – Article Contents:

Introduction | Evolution and Consciousness | Life After Death: The Verdict Is In
A New Way of Envisioning Consciousness and the Brain
| What Happens When We Die?
The Body is a Shell
| Everyone has a purpose they must fulfill before death |
Life is about Spiritual Growth | The Problem of Evil | We exist in a multi-dimensional universeConclusion | Notes


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  1. says

    NASA is conducting a Sun channel relay experiment on the Earth as a test creating the obvious, atomic orbitals.
    This is based on the event they witnessed in Roswell when from a hand held plasma relay, they caused a huge plasma cell to fall out of the sky. They created an ATOMIC ORBITAL which if you look at cloud formations you can see this yourself, they create spaceships in the cloud formations from a satellite relay they are experimenting with, trying to cause RAIN to control weather.
    Atomic orbitals are sung in harmonic frequencies in light wavelengths, and are the holy values for geometric designs or what the ancients called angels (angles) or golden angles.
    When the light wave is broken and burnt it forms an atomic orbital either a metal wavelength, cloud or stone function as the light wavelength is broken apart and releases the “ball” of light. It is why Russia and the breaking of the atom caused a huge hit on their forest like an atomic blast.
    In Roswell they hit the wavelength with a huge blast from their test and it opened up a SEAL, which is how the ozone opened as a hole. This formed a huge UFO atomic orbital, which fell out of the sky, along with a horrible plasma cell.

    This is the loss of amplification, as NASA
    If you look at clouds you will see heads and faces floating around in them (harmonic ethereal bodies). If you look at stone, you will also see embedded in the Earth heads and faces of entities. These were bodies that were singing in the first plasma cell that created stone…..why the ancient secret of STONE which NASA is well aware of in their occult Science studies, taken over from Hitler, and the breaking of the atom, the angel hair falling (skin rash cause) and the fatima (vision seen) all relative to wavelengths, and the gaining of brainwave feedback is data from the DNA singing for our life above in the atmosphere that has been disturbed by the event. NASA know this and have been conducting brain wavelength experiments as relays from their satellites into human cells, why DNA has altered, why we began to lose memory (the same occurrence in UFO encounters) how blood disease was created (holy blood), why it is linked to stigmata (Christ) as old Sun DNA signals or channels burnt out now healed but reburnt by NASA, about healing of signals of the Sun as a holy discussion, why it is about blood (plasma) how ebola, aids, mad cow disease (attack by UFO ORBITALS on cows DNA) occurred, why it is linked to spiritual attacks because our DNA signals come from these wavelengths. NASA knew from the atomic bomb drops that human beings began to be affected by the changed signals introduced into the upper atmosphere by the atom. This is just a study they continued and are still conducting on all of humanity. It is why UFO are seen around earthquake sites and mountain ranges due to fault lines where larger energy masses are released…NASA know this – why they also appear around nuclear plants, why it is linked to the old information of Sirius and Stonehenge of which they are studying for their own purposes of trying to gain a Satellite based relay to try and control the Earth’s weather patterns and energy releases. If they gain this then in their terms they think they will have world control because it relates to all life itself from DNA signals, to mind related signals (mind control via chemical releases) such as what is seen in possession cases or alien interventions, weather control so could cause loss of other countries crops, all about world control itself. This is what NASA has been conducting and it got worse after they followed a relay on Earth that CERN caused in their collider experiment, why their own NASA satellite was burnt and had to be repaired at the same time the collider was used. This is because their feedback channel they were using, took a energy blast back to the Satellite as PROOF of what they are doing.

  2. joebanana says

    Wow, my head just started leaking. Is it possible to think too much? What is this strange magic you bring forth? What makes solid matter if atoms are mostly open space?

  3. Andrea says

    Another thought for Harley Davison Borgais.

    To Clarify: “You don’t randomly throw together a skyscraper”, true, you start with huts made from dirt and sticks, then learn to cut and set stone, then learn to forge metals, to cut bigger stones, eventually to make cement (that’s chemistry), then you gradually develop the science of building stronger and bigger buildings, as well as more complex machines (cranes, bulldozers, etc.), and over 6,000 years or more, you get to sky scrapers.

    I think the question is, though, WHY would you start with a hut made from dirt and sticks? There is no point in throwing anything together unless there is function for throwing those things together in the first place. Everything that has been thrown together does serve a purpose. And it is the purpose that comes first.

  4. Dan Neiman says

    Responding to Mr. Borgais about the building of a skyscraper, yes it does take evolution to get to the point where you can build a skyscraper. But once you have the technology, the actual building takes planning. First you have a vision, a thought, of what you want to make. Then you go about building blueprints and planning out how to build it. And it is blatantly obvious that intelligence is behind the evolution of technology, just as an intelligence is behind the evolution of the universe. We can argue about whether this intelligence came first or was created by some other process, but I’m not here to speculate on that. I start at the Source Consciousness and try to explain in layman’s terms what it means to us and how it creates/evolves the universe and life.

  5. Dan Neiman says

    As far as the sun, planets and everything falling into place in just the right balance, there are physical constants which happen to be finely tuned to allow this to take place. These include the ratio of gravitational to electrical attractiion and the strong and weak nuclear forces. One can postulate the existence of mutliple universes, or that we just got lucky. Or one can postulate that there is an intelligent creator, which I refer to as Source Consciousness, which created the universe.

    As far as DNA being made by the law of attraction, the argument doesn’t work. That’s because DNA is complex, meaning that it doesn’t follow any repeating pattern. However, with a law of attraction, we would expect the pattern to be very repetitive.

  6. starrdusk says

    One thing to be considered when trying to figure out how these things come about if not for An Intelligent being is the law of Attraction. Of course, evolution itself, as I think Harley above was vaguely mentioning, Was a step by step process; trial and error, so to speak until it got it right….which took…How Many years? I do not discount the idea of the Intelligence which has brought this all into being, neither do I strictly find myself being compelled to believe by the idea that it is all too complex to have occurred with-out an intelligent being to put it together. in my church days we learned that Jesus was that which kept it all together; another place points to Wisdom. We asked the same question as you about how it could all be so perfect with-out an intelligent designer, using the idea that the planets, the sun and the earth and all that goes around up there in the reaches of space would all fall apart if just one of them were a fraction closer or a little bit further away than they actually are from each other. I fought for this belief long and hard, having no understanding of science whatsoever. I am not a scientist, nor do I fully grasp immediately all of its jargon, but I came to understand that there is not so much one thing that keeps it all in place so much as the way they all interact off of each other…and gravity.
    In the same way, as I read your information on how DNA works, and all of the intricacies of it, I ask this same question… could all of the codons fall into place by the law of attraction? By simply repelling what does not fit to make the proteins, and attracting what is needed in and from each other to complete the whole. This does not nullify the idea of the Intelligent Design, it simply means that each separate code has its own intelligent design. Each has that piece of Mind which fits it together by the way the ‘pieces’ interact together. However, this is my ‘off the top of the head’ response, and I would like to read more of this. I also would be interested to read Dawkins Theory as well as his response to your argument to his theory.
    In the bottom line, I think we are possibly saying the same thing, with just a bit of a different view on it! This is a great page and I will certainly be returning to it for all of the other little goodies I see here!

  7. says

    Your write-up is worth reading. I have written a book on the origin of life, describing a new theory. I have proposed that “consciousness is the result of relentless firing of membrane potentials across the cell membrane”. I have propounded that life on earth has originated in the cell membranes. I have suggested a hypothesis for the formation of primordial membranes from hydrocarbon mass in the earth’s crust. I have substantiated my theory by citing various cellular mechanisms wherin the cell membrane function is astoundingly crucial. This theory, I am sure, is going to dominate all other theories of origin of life in near future, for the simple reason that one cannot deny the clear logic I proposed. And my book (Section II) has a few important practical suggestions for experimental biologists to consider!

  8. says

    If “The Genesis of Relativity” and “How We Exist” are correct, than I should be able to prove this theory through debate with any one or more of the worlds most informed intellectuals.

    This is what must be done for the Truth to be known.

    I DARE any person who is renowned for any theory on our existence to debate me on a public forum (Especially string theorists).

  9. says

    To Clarify: “You don’t randomly throw together a skyscraper”, true, you start with huts made from dirt and sticks, then learn to cut and set stone, then learn to forge metals, to cut bigger stones, eventually to make cement (that’s chemistry), then you gradually develop the science of building stronger and bigger buildings, as well as more complex machines (cranes, bulldozers, etc.), and over 6,000 years or more, you get to sky scrapers.

    That is the most obvious and blatant example of evolution I can provide: the “Evolution” of Human Technology (which is undeniable).

    First there was a reaction between equal and opposite forces of pressure in motion (at 90-degrees), which created spin, and then through the chain-reaction described in “The Genesis of Relativity” at: freeornottobe.org, there was next reaction, then coherence (which is the origin of consciousness -God), then more complexity (emotions), then more complexity (creativity -which gives us free will), and so on until the ten dimensions of “The Tree of Life” had formed.

    First Energy Evolved, then thought, then matter, then life, then science, then technology, and who knows what is next.

    The pattern is represented by “The Flower of Life”, which exactly resembles an ACTUAL PHOTO OF ATOMS (taken by Nemescope: see at freeornottobe.org under “The Genesis of Relativity”).

    Believers, Skeptics and Critics are all welcome. I am happy to an answer ANY question on this topic, and debate ANYONE in the world on the rationality of my theory.
    [email protected]

  10. says

    “The Genesis of Relativity” is the first rational, logical theory (I know of so far) which explains how ALL of Existence came to be -Including God-, using step-by-step development off of what must have existed first.
    This is the most complete “Theory of Everything” ever made, mostly because it includes modern discoveries, but especially because it explains the origin and nature of God, the basic forces of nature, the after-life, and everything which exists.

    You said: “It should be blatantly obvious by now that an intelligence is behind this process. You don’t randomly throw together a skyscraper. It takes…”
    But you are so wrong.
    You also said: “So, all of creation is first envisioned in the mental realm.”
    You are so right.
    According to “The Genesis of Relativity” and “How We Exist” (at: freeornottobe.org), evolution was the gradual process of producing our reality, which WAS pre-envisioned before the big bang. And matter is still forming because the universe is growing (and the Universe is analogous to the Body of God).
    Gods creation is perfectly-imperfect (no two the same), for the purpose of having infinitely new experiences, and it is self-regulating, as well as self-perpetuating.

  11. Michael Ghirardi says

    The articles and responses on this site lead to the opening of the moebius that lies dormant at the seat of I. I find myself to be experiencing the sensation of awareness of the dual-directional spiral from this paradigm to the octave above and back. It is the opening of the lotus and the eye of the I am within. The seat of fire that inis is a mere glimmer of a spark that invigorates the ether and provide impetus to the though-thing construct we experience through our senses.

    The downward-upward interactions of these energies create the interference pattern we percive as reality. It is the higher octave that links all of this physicality and allows for thought-transference due to the fact that in all parts are the whole thus only the angle of perception is all that needs changing in order to also change positional relation.

  12. says


    The implications of a “constancy ” in the realm of information communications is far reaching and awe inspiring, when one contemplates the reality of current technological advances contrasted against the future’s anticipated speed and need factors. Our world will soon be “ultra-linked” to such a vast degree that the creation of information (products and services) will be almost instantaneous and happen on a constant basis. Nations are already linked to nations on many interconnecting levels…governments to governments, businesses to businesses, people to people and, today with a new I-Pad or I-Phone — a universe to a super-universe. Who needs wicki-leaking? The Burgeoning is about to happen.

    Through the amplification of information, humankind finally has the opportunity to dissolve the lines of nationality, racism, misinformation, propaganda, and misunderstanding. We can become a world community. Because of this expanded networking of info, all intelligence on Earth could soon know when one segment is LEVERAGING (processes of power and control) at the other’s expense. Perhaps mans next great step will be to come to grips with those who overstep the bounds of lusting for empires and conquest. A deeper knowing is spreading across all dimensions, and its geometric growth affects the developmental nuances of everything and everybody. The world is now fully engulfed in the “proto-info-politics” of the human intellectual utility (our knowledge reservoir). What will this saturation of necessary communicative “noise” bring to us?

    Rapid informational constancy is the catalyst to unbridled change. Nations that are not onboard the turbo-technological trends that are electrifying the hearts of industry and the minds of businesspersons may find themselves close to catastrophe through revolt. When the people of other nations observe the quality-of-life experiences for the materially and informationally rich populations, the desire to move quickly toward the enriched lifestyles will become overpowering. A world amplified through access to potency is indeed a very volatile place to be if one important aspect is ignored…equality. Equality of access to perceived power must be maintained in balance no matter what the complexity. Unless equality is kept, dislocation and rebellion will polarize and explode to tear down a civilization.

    Earth will soon begin approaching the 6.8 – 7 billion-population mark set to exist in the second decade of the 21st Century. What will the impact of the variables of socioeconomics, technology, overpopulation and other issues be on our children and grandchildren? The mixture and results will be more than chicken soup. It will be turbulence personified unless we seek to prepare our collective minds for the challenge. A super-charged educational experience is the only answer to survival in tomorrow’s agglomeration. Without an exacting, constantly improving system-of-learning, (a system that takes into consideration the second by second change factors affecting our lives) the polarization of society will certainly occur. Constantly updated Informational-education will be the common bond that allows a hyper-civilization to flow uninterrupted toward higher-ordered levels.

    Presently, the institution of education seems to be the most important segment of American society that is not dynamically in sync with the projected future of our civilization. One wonders, why they are holding us back? Educational identity is rapidly being pulled and mashed out of shape…driven from any real-world relevance and cohesion by a political and administrative preoccupation with outdated methods and antique systems. They pile old “taxing” solutions on overburdened structures. Because the business sector is looking for an edge over foreign economic creativity, the incongruity of the above must be aliened through innovation and vision. Unless our system of teaching and learning changes drastically, It is possible that education will at some point be rendered totally useless or obsolete by the forces of rampaging change perpetrated by breakthroughs or sudden chaos that is punctuated by overnight developments not yet perceived. The potential of RPG gaming, Virtual Reality, and New Media is phenomenal to this massive change sitting on the horizon.

    In order to survive, educators (all of us) must quickly react to the trends and conditions of the info-structure (condition of info = life) that is currently wrapping its tentacles about the ancient linearity that permeates the educational system’s “old bones,” and install a new animated hyper-communications curriculum built on leading-edge/real-time concepts of creativity and technological power. A relevant system of learning will be the only hope for those who believe in equal access and democracy…anything else will continue to breed elitism. Our public schools should change and add supercharged interactive communications media to amplify and expedite curriculum. This info-media and its technological potential will become the common thread that knits our world together in its constancy. We will soon spring from this Earth back into the universe when this happens.

    So, because of informational constancy, the Earth awaits a new breed of humankind…one that is fully awakened to the truth and potential of this new dynamic condition. That truth is tied up in the positive and/or negative aspects of communication events and the repercussions of electromagnetic broadcasting. This informational distribution will be on a scale few of us could imagine today, but all of us, of necessity, will participate in its’ world tomorrow. We are on the verge of a new media that will go beyond an instant reiteration of reality or the fabled Mirror Worlds of old. The new media will allow us to journey outside of our bodies and minds to escape to a holographically aligned info-scape or mental float. What will transpire is an experience that slices into reality and dream to position mentally as a link to what some call death. It will initially be reported as a Near Death Episodic Event that will allow us to travel into the Timeless Zone/s of the many dimensions that permeate the essence of Soulular Travel. Consciousness will flourish via this new experience of travel that once was the domain of the Master Teachers. With advances in Psycho-cognitive realms and the addition of mechanical interfaces of Holography, Dimensionality, and the teaching of advanced RPG products, a person will be able to ignite the ancient experiences of euphoric encounters beyond the human scope. It is coming, and it will be phenomenal. Humanity will finally have arrived in the realization of the purpose of their existence. You have not seen anything yet. Soon you will hear tons of information about this new media. Hide, and watch!

    Things are about to get very interesting here.

    Ron O. Cook

    • Julie says

      Ron, I truly hope this new humanity will bring with it not only the knowledge, but the desire to start repairing the damage we are causing to this planet – else we will be forced to engage in advanced warfare over anciant resouces such as drinkable water and agriculture. If our future does not include access to these two very basic things, there really is no point to your vision.


  13. says

    Some body is living where I do. And that is what I knew long ago when I first came in contact with the Blue-White flash that downloaded the same information some 63 years ago. It is all coming alive to we the humanity who is just about to awaken to all of this. It is indeed true.

    And here is something else too.

    Indeed there were things not unlike automobiles though I really love them today, and there are so many of them. I wish I had a new one every day. But in those days, we had a different slant on things. Most of us were geneticists of sorts working to create via DNA and other things not unlike Nanotechnology. Our computers were way beyond those of today and were based on The Genetic Codes played via neuronic syntax. We could create elementals via these devices almost like we do today building an automobile with engineering codes (expert systems). We lived with and through the PRIMARY TECHNOLOGY and not the materialistic developments of this generation of things. We had flying devices and used them a lot to get from one station to the next. We downloaded personnel on what some call pyramids (not the great pyramids, they were machines). The world was indeed not unlike now, but we sure did use animals to the highest degree to help us with heavy elementals. Of course we amplified them too. We could develop many aids to navigation here and in space. Space was indeed highly utilized in maneuvering from planet to planet. Our mission was vast as the universe, which we traverse, is endless. We use these vehicles (Bodies) to course this universe and they aid us with physicality, which is not what we are. We developed the brain to interface with these vehicles that we created via Genetics along with just about everything you see. You see — this story is much bigger than that little old Atlantis thingy many of us get hung up on. Try looking at the Tree of Life if you really want to know how all this gets manifest into this experience. We use it to get here into this projected or broadcast station or realm. It is all much larger than our little minds let us think when we are in this state of being. But, I digress.

    • starrdusk says

      as above so below
      it is nice to hear the stories of others who have visited and are from these ancient homes. I agree with your words about Atlantis, however I am tending to think that, unless our (planets) change is instantaneous, it will do us well to learn how to offer and slowly (in steps) introduce some of their ways of life and views into our societies today.


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