1. melody says

    This comment is for Jon Schuler: There is no intense well of gravity at the center of the black hole. That is an unproven theory that does not work. It creates more problems than it explains. Gravity was the only cosmic force known at the time of its relevance. Spin was not understood. Gravity can be understood as the emergent effect (law of equal and opposite reaction) caused by electric spin. We can not eliminate all of our assumptions, but we must recognize them, and be willing to suspend our allegiance to biases based on those assumptions. This is how we honor true scientific investigation.

  2. says

    A finite,rotating Universe could explain the forces that makes the Galaxies rotate-and everything else.But then..the Universe may be infinite and eternal!

  3. Hector A. Vera says

    I have been considering writing a letter to Stephen Hawking asking him what is the possibility that the stars and planets have a black hole in the center. Since he is a theoritical physicist and had worked on the quantum mechanics of the black hole, I figured he might be able to tell me if I am completely off base in my thinking or not. I am not a scientist or mathematician. I am a free thinker and find myself thinking a lot about these things.
    I also wanted to ask if instead of the universe getting larger faster and faster could it be possible that we are observing a spinning universe. I couldn’t even begin to cope with the math required to prove such a scenario. Please forgive my rantings but you did put in a space for a comment.

    • Jon Schuler says

      The extremely intense gravity well of a black hole would crush anything close to it, making the possibility of a black hole at the center of any star or planet absolutely none.

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