A Celestial Impact and Atlantis

A Celestial Impact and Atlantis 


A New Theory

by Jose D. C. Hernandez


Let me begin with a quote from the Bible: Wisdom of Solomon 9:16

“And hardly do we guess aright at things that are upon earth, and with labor do we find the things that are before us: but the things that are in heaven, who hath searched out?”

Throughout the years we have seen the current map of our planet with little change.

The question arises:

  1. How did earth look like ions ago?
  2. How those cracks (tectonic plates) at the floor of the ocean got there?
  3. What happened to Atlantis?
  4. Was the great flood real?
  5. How did the earth get its tilt?   And finally:
  6. Where it is the big impact that wipes out those large animals?

Well, I can answer all those questions with a simple event in history, a large celestial impact on earth. Yes, single event ions ago that cause a chain reaction that change the whole world to a planet that we see today. I will use 11,500 to 12,500 years ago as a time frame.

Let start by observing today’s world map. We see all the continents, all the oceans, poles, islands, seas and those great cracks at the bottom of the ocean that form the earth tectonic plates. Those plates have shape out world expanding ever so often causing areas to rise and others to fall. 




Those plates have pushed and pulled our continents forcing them to our present day shapes.

JDCH_PangeaNow, if that is the case, where the great “PANGAEA”, the one super continent hypothesis does come from?


Why is it that the scientific community wants us to believed that at one point all of the earth continents were all one big happy family?


If we look at the current tectonic plates, this hypothesis has no basis. If we analyze the current plate movement there is no way, not even in million years, the earth went from one single land mass to today continents.




So, why are our scientists still believed in this hypothesis? Why not taking the time and study what really happened on earth.

We should take planet earth as a crime scene and take it apart piece by piece.

To start with, let review what we know about the center of the earth. It is constantly moving as well as the earth crust. It continually recycles itself (in millions of year’s term).

EarthCrustEarth is always renewing itself. Expanding in some areas and shrinking in others. Looking at our current map you can see that there are four major ridges around the world pushing and pulling, shaping our globe. They are the Atlantic Ocean Ridge, Indian Ocean Ridge, Pacific Ocean Ridge and one last ridge that goes around the world near Antarctic. 

EarthCrustRidgesAll those ridges and faults have created all those tectonic plates that constantly are on the move. The ever pressure of the plates pushing and compressing the earth crust push upward folded strata creating new land as well as new mountains.


This pushing, pulling and grinding has shape the planet to our current model.


So, why not reverse the plates and see what happens?



Now, let take those ridges at the bottom of the ocean. As I call them “cracks at the bottom of the ocean”, they are expanding pushing our continents upward ever so often lifting the earth ever higher in some areas and submerging other. 

oceanic-cracksLike the ring on a tree ever expanding year after year, the ridges at the bottom of the ocean keep expanding years after years. Here is my idea, let’s reverse the earth grows and push the continents back to its beginnings. Back to a point where all land masses where just below the surfaces of the water.



Well, here it is my “artist concept” of earth without the ridges, back before the ever expanding cracks at the bottom of the ocean. Here I have earth with the ice caps at the pole larger than today’s ice cap.

It’s interesting to point out the shape of Europe. During my research I found numerous ancient maps that almost match my interpretation of Europe before the expanding ocean ridges. Also, I show two islands that represent the ever illusive Lemuria and Plato’s famous Atlantis. Yes, Atlantis, believe it or not, everyone miss this island location. As I will show, it is right before our eyes for years and no one could figure it out.

world_before_impactHere are two examples of ancient maps matching my concept of ancient Europe. They have a very good resemblance of my interpretation of planet earth after reversing all underwater ridges.



Well, what happened to earth? Let beging with a celestial object with a tremendous impact on earth. Yes, that it is how we start. Where is that big impact? We all know that a large impact cause large destruction on earth, devastaded all life forms and brought the planet to almost extintion. But, why have we not found that ilusive celestial body impact? Where are scientist looking for it? I have no idea, but right before our eyes there is a finger print of a massive impact. One that it is so hard to miss.

celestial_ImpactHere is a question; what are the chances that a celestial impact will hit dead center on a continent?

There are only two chances for this to happen:

  1. someone aims a weapon right at the center of the continent, or
  2. the celestial body impact on earth creates the continent/island.

My opinion, I like to believe that the celestial impact created the island. 


If that is the case, let’s pick Australia as our impact point. Look around at the sea floor around Australia and you can see the finger prints of a massive impact. We can tell that the celestial object was traveling south to north. The impact created a massive ripple north of the island as well as two shockwave on either of the island (east and west).

Australia1So let run some line using a large crater in Australia. The impact creater is located dead center on the island of Australia. Same distance from south to north as to east to west. The shock wave are at equal distance from the island at either side (east and west). So, again, what are the chances of this happening, a celestial object impact dead center on an island or the impact created the island?

Australia2To further explore and analyze this impact, I have set side by side a map of Australia and a sketch of the Tunguska impact in Russia. Take a look at the shape and the location of the impact. They are very similar.



With this massive celestial object impact on earth at south to north direction, it was so massive that caused the earth to tilt to its current 23 degrees of tilt and possible slowdown earth rotation changing our calendar time from 360 to 365 days. The original impact occurred at an angle between 35 and 45 degrees with Australia final rest place at approximately 63 degrees from today’s axis. 



This massive impact caused the earth crust to crack like an eggs shell. The crack went around the earth. This impact creates a super Tsunami that devastated all small island as well as all coastal areas around the world.

Sequence1The crack continue north bound toward the North Pole. This massive impact caused a tremendous amount of water to fly off to the upper atmosphere, then returning as torrential rain as never seen before. With the rain, rocks and debris also came down all around the earth. This torrential rain, Tsunamis and earthquake can be the description of our Biblical deluge.

Sequence2This impact with it massive pressure from within the earth started to push those cracks expanding and re-shaping planet earth. Adding to massive Tsunamis, torrential rain, large earthquake started to shake the planet to its foundation. This impact was about to destroy our planet forever.

Sequence3The massive expanding ridges at the ocean floor began to push the newly created plates upward pushing land and island into each other. Massive rain, Tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic activities were at work shaping our planet giving it a new face.

Sequence4Three islands in today’s America’s area are push against each other creating North, South, Central America and the Caribbean. 

Sequence5The continuing expansion start to push a number of island in to what is today Africa. Atlantis, South Africa and Madagascar are all push into each other forming the continent of Africa.

Sequence6Also, as a result of this massive impact, “LEMURIA” begins to disappear in to the Pacific Ocean. India is smash against Europe continent and Australia begins to emerge from the ocean.

Sequence7The ridges continue to expand with the Americas and Africa beginning to shape up and “LEMURIA” continue to despair into the Pacific Ocean. At this point North Africa pivots north causing a break at the Gibraltar strait and at what is known today as Istanbul causing a massive amount of water to rush into the Mediterranean Sea adding fuel to that massive deluge.

Sequence8Slowly the Americas start coming in to today’s shape, “LEMURIA” has totally disappear, India has become part of the continent and Africa has almost swallow Atlantis.

Sequence9Now Australia, America, Europe and Africa are at their final stage with new continents being uplifted and oceans and seas settling down to earth current design.


The world has been force to a new shape by a celestial object that may have wipe out most of the entire living thing over the land. It was catastrophic, of Biblical proportions that almost wiped-out everything and everyone from planet earth. 

Sequence11So, by now, most of the ice caps at the poles have melted and our planet is rested and quiet again. For those few spices left on the planet fall the arduous job of repopulate the planet. The few humans that remains will start to settle new communities, rebuild tribes that eventually become earth new countries.



At the end, Plato was right about Atlantis. It is known today as Richat Structure in North Africa.




Center is Richat Structure and two sketches from Plato’s descriptions:

Richat_PlatoAnother photo of Richat Structure with an artist sketch of Plato’s descriptions of Atlantis illustrates the similarities. The shape, measurements and soil composition of this structure in North Africa fit perfectly with Plato’s description of Atlantis.

Richat_AtlantisIf we move the ridge grows back, Richat Structure will be sitting on the Atlantic.

Looking at the map including Spain, Richat Structure will be sitting outside the Gibraltar.

RichatStructure_midAtlanticHere is part of North Africa with two examples of ancient Atlantis maps. The shape, measurements (345 x230 mi) and the location of the primary city match perfectly. 



As we describe previously, this massive celestial impact had the power to create our Biblical deluge. This impact created a massive tsunami that created a large wall of water that started to move inland. An enormous amount of water blasted up to the upper atmosphere returning to earth as a torrential rain, as quoted “Opening Heaven flood gates”.



  • A celestial object impacts earth creating what is known today as Australia.
  • This massive impact cracked the bottom of the ocean and forces earth to tilt 23 degrees.
  • This impact created a massive Tsunami that devastated planet earth.
  • A massive amount of water went up in to the atmosphere and came down as torrential rain.
  • Also, debris from the impact was scattered around the planet.
  • The torrential rain and massive Tsunamis were the cause for the Biblical deluge.
  • Constant movement of the plates creates worldwide earthquakes and increase volcanic activities.
  • The constant expansion of the underwater ridges continues to push island and continents in to each other and other land masses disappeared under the seas.
  • And finally, Plato’s Atlantis disappeared and was submerged, and reappears as part of North Africa.

We can see that the facts for our planet crime scene are evident and overwhelming. How much proof do we need and why science is not investigating?
Let open a discussion to prove or disapprove this overwhelming evidence.


“Here is the true story”

 Copyright 10/19/2013 by Jose D.C. Hernandez
[email protected]





  1. Gary Schoenung says

    There are early written references to big wars and I have also wondered if we could have been foolish enough to nearly exterminate ourselves. The tilt of the axis, the fracture pattern of the crust, what we refer to as the ring of fire, and what we know about the Earth’s composition suggest another possibility. When you look at the Earth from the right angle you see almost all water. The largest land mass is on the opposite side. Now what would you expect to happen with all this water and a nice soft core if we were struck hard enough to shift the Earth’s axis? A change in the Earth’s shape from a violent impact would have an immediate effect on where all the water was. If you give it some thought I think what the Earth shows is exactly what you would expect to see after that event. In a way we were lucky. If Earth hadn’t soaked up the impact like a big catchers mitt we wouldn’t be here to wonder about the leftovers. The end of “From the Brink of Extinction (Ruins of Old Earth)” shows where I think the event may have occurred.

  2. Elenor says

    Very interesting. However, if Australia was created by a massive impact, then Australia ought to be filled with shocked quartz, iridium, and other very clear geological remnants of an impact. Is there any geological research to back up your suggestion of a massive impact? Has anyone done as archaeological research at the Richat Structure to determine if humans ever lived there?

    I read a long persuasive argument, but I don’t see any hard science back-up. And I’d like to!

    • Jose D.C. Hernandez says

      Thank you for your comment. As in Tunguska, the explosion that created Australia, was above the surface and, in my theory, that area was still covered with the South Pole ice cap. If you search current maps of Australia, you will find a 5 miles crater right at the center of Australia.

      With respect to Atlantis and Richat Structure, this area only represent the City of Atlantis. If you read Plato’s story, it gives you the dimensions of the Island of Atlantis. If you take a map of the area where Richat Structure is located, zoom out, you will see the outline of and island that meets Plato’s descriptions of the Island of Atlantis.

      There is no hard science, my theory is based on my observation after many years of high altitude flying around the world and my experience doing map analysis during my military service.


      Jose D.C. Hernandez

  3. Mike says

    I really like many aspects of this blog and how it brings several ideas together much more cohesively than many others that I have read.
    2 thoughts:
    1) I do NOT believe in plate techtonics, I suscribe to an expanding Earth.
    2) Are you open to the celestial object being a former moon that crashed to Earth as ancient texts elude to such an event?

    • Elenor says

      ” Are you open to the celestial object being a former moon that crashed to Earth as ancient texts elude to such an event?”

      No, not at all possible within any kind of human reckoning or remembrance. The Chicxulub impact at the KT boundary wiped out pretty much all the large- and medium-sized fauna on the GLOBE. A ‘former moon’ (= massively larger than the Chicxulub meteorite) — even just passing very close by and not actually hitting the earth — would have wiped out every living thing — probably even including microbes and deep deep sea primitive lifeform. Earth would had to have started with life again from scratch.

      There is no passed-down memory whatsoever of the Chicxulub impact (there can’t be: no one would have survived the strike to pass a memory on!); so, how could there possibly be a strike on proto-Australia further back? And if you’re suggesting a ‘moon=strike’ long AFTER 65 million years ago (KT Boundary extinctions) — where would life come back from? As interesting as your theory is, the timing doesn’t work.

    • Jose D.C. Hernandez says

      Thank you for your comment. Like you, I belive in an expanding earth. The expanding of the earth is due to the celestial impact cracking the earth crust.

      My theory is that an object blew up above the earth surface as in Tunguska causing the creation of Australia, cracking the earth crust and causing the biblical flood.

      It is a theory base on years of reading the bible, many of the world’s mythologies, many years of high altitude flights and maps analysis while serving in the military.

      Thank you!

      Jose D.C. Hernandez

  4. J.A. says

    What ever lets be honest here about past events what is important is that eventually something practical has to happen to ensure further development of the planet regardless of what might happen in the future if we have technology that can prevent such then use it is our world and mistakes can be changed the problem is how can the planet and species evolve in the first place in a short time span with out manufactured impacts and where did they come from and where are we headed does the picture always is in flux from such relization may the gratitude be in service mutual agreement understand now w-m.

  5. Frank says

    Discounting if it was rain or not that caused the Flood,I do not see any reference to the fact the earth is not a perfectly round globe,7.926.28 miles at Equator, 7.899.80 at the poles, some estimate say the earth is 25 miles [41 km] miles wider,at the equator, that means one hell of a lot of water could be sloshing around and over land in the event of any impact that could change the position of the earths axis.

    • Jose D.C. Hernandez says

      Frank you are right. If you follow my theory of an impact that created Australia, that should has been an enormous impact. Look at the Tunguska and compare it to the continent of Australia. The impact left a crater 27 mile wide. This amount of energy would have shaken the planet to its core with massive TSUNAMIS.

  6. vop says

    Interesting theory. Thanks for sharing Mr. Jose Hernandez.

    Some years ago, even i was looking for Atlantis at a nearer location to the coast lines (Afri/Usa) but on the water site.
    Based on the continental plate drift knowledge we have today. The movement of the plates is about 2 cm to max 20 cm a year.

    If we do the small math, we have:
    1 Year = 0.2 m (meters, max value of movement!)
    1000 Years = 200 m
    10’000 Years = 2’000 m or 2 km
    100’000 Years = 20’000 m or 20 km
    1’000’000 Years = 200’000 m or 200 km or 124.27 Miles
    10’000’000 Years= ?

    Now we have a problem with the earth timeline.
    Richat Structure is about 2’000 km or more away from its original location we think today (Plato’s writings).
    Or Atlantis was match older as we know or speculate so far. If so, hard to believe we have records about it today.

    Don’t understand me wrong, i believe Atlantis was in some form real, at a specific time in the past.
    But was Atlantis really is, remains nearly unclear. Maybe it was sealed in time and sunken to the Atlantic Ocean ground?
    Perhaps it is invisible for our eyesight (visible light spectrum) and we can’t see or detect it at the moment. Can’t we?

    Richat Structure is a great new structure for me, i don’t have seen it until now on Google Earth. Thx for show me this Jose.
    Reflecting on it, maybe it is a kind of not so deep sinkhole. Old meteor crater with a lot of mud/soil on it, from floods.

    To have sureness, someone should go there and take 20 to 40 or more core hole drilling’s. Then we will know. = )

    Wisdom, Justice and Love, keep on posting interesting thinks. Bye all.

    (English is not my first language).

    • Jose D.C. Hernandez says

      Thank you for your comments. If you look at the land next to Richat Structure, it matches the measurements of Plato’s Atlantis Island. I did the math as you are showing, but, we are assuming that the moment is standard every year. Let’s assume for a moment that a Celestial impact started the chain reaction and the original movement was a bit faster, then, we may conclude that Atlantis is sitting right in North Africa. If not, lets reverse the ridge grows and see where Richat Structure will end up. I do believe that more testing needs to be done to this structure, not enough information is out there. By the way, Richat Structure is new to me too; my whole theory was giving to me in a vision.
      Thanks again.

  7. Starheater says

    Forget something M. Hernandez

    To be real specific, when you speak about tsunami that have roll over the Earth you are only half correct.
    First of all, it rain for more then a month on Earth, before that, the Earth did not knew what was rain, this was cause by many impact on our Earth. A great asteroid enter our solar system, this one was influence by the gravity of the biggest planet, he arrive in our solar system like at great speed, but when he enter in our solar system, he break in a great number of pieces, some chunck was big enough to destroy Earth, but when he arrive near Jupiter, all those big chunck was divided.
    In those day’s the Earth had water all around her, this water was on form of ice crystal clear, because there were no mineral in the water. Near the Province of Quebec a great chunck landed, another one in the middle of the ocean Atlantic. By the impact, the Earth wumble like a spinning tore when he’s about to stop, that’s why the Earth have an inclination of 23°. The Earth by this impact crack here and there, in the ocean and on earth.
    All the water that was under pressure was release causing the land to be all cover with water. In those day’s the mountain was very low, only few feet, perhaps the biggest was only 50 meters, and this estimation is maximum.
    The water invaded all the earth, no land was in sight, the water was way up above.
    All the place that release water sunddenly collapse by their own weight, so the water invaded those place to form ocean. Before that the land cover praticly all the Earth, we could find some lake but not ocean, the ocean came after the Flood, all the animal that was on land died, even birds died, there was no land to their feet on so they died in the water.

    There was tsunami that was created, many tsunami, hundreds feet high, I cannot estimated how tall they were, but one thing that I am sure of, is that they were high. Those “tsunami” are reponsable to have taken all the pavements that was covering the Pyramids of Giza, it’s not the people that have taken those pavements, they could not have been able to do so. If you are capable of taken them, you are capable of put them in place, this was not the case, only big tsunami could have cause this event.

    Well, I think that I have said it all, I hope I did not forget something. What I have describe to you is the logical fact of those events.

    God Bless

    • Jose D.C. Hernandez says

      Thank you for your comments. It amazes me that there is so much to learn here on earth and we keep pushing to space. My two primary questions are: 1. why there are no studies about this impact dead center in Australia, 2. why no one has study this structure sitting in North Africa that has exact measurement as Plato’s description of Atlantis. Both of these issues are in plain sight to see.

      Thanks, God Bless you too.

        • J.a. says

          Bad state of affairs government that why it is useless to manufacture opposition through corporate media and any attempt at impacts shall be deflected through the now authorities what else could the planet desire a true mystery indeed.

  8. Starheater says

    Hello M. Hernandez

    You see M. Hernandez, I am a great fan of the “why”, and it’s by this tendency that I have made really great discoveries.
    First of all, I must say that I don’t believe that continents could displace they’re self like almost scientist try to let us know, this is the same for those who try to make us believe that the Earth is “hollow”, this is all non-sense and it doesn’t fit the reality. So WHY the continents move?

    To say that the Earth is in mouvement is one thing, but to tell why it move is another thing. If the Continents were moving, that mean that they are floting, if it’s so, what make them flote, dirt, sand and rock dont flote very well, so what make them flote. This theory is very weird, take all the water that recover the land, you will know that land cannot displace their self because they are fix to the rock beneath, so why said that they flot, or tell that they move, they dont move, the fact that Africa fit in Bresil is not a proof, it’s only an illusion that the sea level show, if the level of the sea was 10 meters higher, the land would show another configuration, it will affect not only Africa but Bresil too, so?

    Now for the source of your theory is base on Plato and others oldies that new not for many years that the Earth was round, in other words, it’s not a theory that you could work on it, to much errors could result of it, Plato is not sure, his knowledge is base on another characters that is probably a second hand too, so this theory is not sure enough to treat it like a reality.

    Another thing that is weird is the lanscape of Atlantis and is location, was Atlantis attach to the land of others Continents? Nobody knows, how come? Because human is weird too, they are very good lyiers for their benefit, you know that I’m exact in my assertion, but those lyiers have to pick up a real story to bring it to a beautiful myth, but Atlantis is not a myth, but it is not the real truth, the truth is there with the lies, so logicaly, what could we say?

    We repeat the same errors over and over, but Lemuria and Atlantis have existed, but the Bible do not mention it like many have said, this is all presomption, nothing that correspond to the reality or the truth, so what could we say. Well, according to geologist only the priciple, those two land have existed and all that we can put over it is crap, myth. Geologist and Archeologist are those who can tell you the real thing about those land, the rest come from ancien time or from paranormal source that is far from the reality, so, that all that there is.

    God Bless

  9. NB says

    I am not a scientist but I would like to contribute to your article from a different angle.
    If we should look at the Earth as an Egg and the Celestial impact as the impregnation of the Egg, then what happened, is happening and will happen can become a common knowledge.

    To understand the complexity of the Earth, we must understand what Earth is. Earth is an Egg/Womb which has become pregnant and carries Her child/Son.

    This impact happened when the Egg/Womb became of Age.
    Coming from this perspective, my own thought would say this time was the Time of the Dinosaurs and I even have a belief that the first try was not successful.

    As above so below. We reflect the growth stage of the Being. We are Unaware of the SELF. Yet the future foretell a Birth and this is so.

    Thank you for an interesting article.

    • Starheater says

      Hello NB

      Your theory is very obscure, so obscure that I cannot understand the meaning, perhaps it’s because I am french and dont understand your “style” of writing. One thing that I know is that the Earth is not our “mother”, and this not even clause, why? Because the Earth is not alive, the Earth is not a living organism, not even clause to, she obey the rule, and those rules are physical and chimical.

      God Bless

  10. Phoenix Rising says

    This is an interesting theory. However, I fully agree with the earlier comment on editing for grammatically correct phraseology. The easily avoidable errors detract from your presentation. My first thought was wondering if you were only semi-literate in English, and if so, why you didn’t have this edited. It is, however an interesting theory~ Thanks for presenting it!

    • Jose D.C. Hernandez says

      You are absolutely right. Attention to details is very important. I am working on my book that I hope to get it out by next fall. I will make sure it is edited correctly. Thank you again for your inputs and your comments.

  11. Ian says

    You’re nit-picking, Collin; English is probably not Mr. Hernandez’ first language. I found those small errors in grammar & spelling actually quite charming and they did not detract in any way from the flow of the story or its understanding.

    An interesting theory, Mr Hernandez very well researched and well told!

    • Jose D.C. Hernandez says

      Thank you and you are correct my first language is Spanish. As I told our Collin, I will do some editing or have few others do the proof reading first. No problem. There is always room for improvement. Thank you for the comments.

  12. morris saltikoff says

    65 million years ago an impact at four corners U S A did a lot of damage yes?
    loot at google earth you will see the impact area and massticon

  13. Gary Schoenung says

    Think about what probably happened when our planet was struck hard enough to shift the rotational axis. We have a soft molten center covered with a crust. Two thirds of the planets surface is covered with water. If not for soaking up the impact like a catchers mitt we wouldn’t be here. You can follow a fracture all the way around the largest land mass on our planet. At the very end of “From the Brink of Extinction (Ruins of Old Earth)” I follow that fracture and add markers and then pull back and center them on that side of the planet. Then I change the view to the exact opposite side. It shows exactly what you would expect to see after that kind of event. Here is a link to the last piece of the video if you want to check it out. http://vimeo.com/48287071

    • Jose D.C. Hernandez says

      Thanks, I will check it out. I totally agree with you. As you said, I imagine that the celestial impact hit the water first and with the amount of energy, the impact was large enough to create the continent of Australia and crack the earth crust like an egg. I should have my book coming out this summer or this coming fall.
      Thank you for your comment.


    I think its good research but how far its going side by side with biblical deluge.

    • Jose D.C. Hernandez says

      Every civilization that has left written historical record talks about a great flood. So sometime between 11,550 to 12,500 years ago something happened to earth, whether Biblical or not, this theory is just a Course of Action that looks at the planet, presents a possible sequence of events, and tides them together in a logical matter.

      If there was a Deluge or great flood, it makes senses that some type of external object hit the earth creating a massive tsunami, earthquakes, shifting of earth plates and torrential rain/derbies returning to earth after the impact that contributed to a great flood. Each of those actions can explained a deluge and may explain the Biblical flood.

      There are a number of fact that are in plane site, either written or carve on the face of our planet, we put them together, and come up with a possible Course of Action, in a logical manner that may explained what happen.

      As you may read, I did not mention or made references to an asteroid or comet impact, I said a Celestial Impact to ensure that every possibility may be cover.

      Thank you for your comment.

      • j.a. says

        At that time atlantis was over the earth was to be positioned and secured into a new field matrix and stabilised with monuments the biblical flood was probably was more recent approx 3125 bc when the gods arrived again or left whichever and for a celectial impact was more than likely invoked with advanced technology the ancients seem to show a lot of interest in earth affairs and the domination of religious beliefs ensured.

  15. Gwydion says

    While I think this is an interesting theory regarding Atlantis (location makes sense to me and it is understandable why no one has located it since we’ve all been looking underwater), I believe the origin of Earth’s tectonic plates goes much further back than you are suggesting.

    Also, your land movement never shows a time when Africa and South America were in close contact. There is a great deal of evidence, from geological to plant and animal shared traits to suggest that these land masses were once part of the same continent. If I read too quickly, I apologize, but i see some serious flaws in your argument.

    • Jose D.C. Hernandez says

      You are correct about not showing Africa and South America in close contact. That very distintive shape of east South America and west Africa has nothing to do with been in closed contact. That distintive shape is the result of the ocean ridge expanding. If you reverse those ridges, South America and Africa were never close together. That does not mean that ions ago oceans were much lower and land bridges were there allowing for animals and plants to be spred around the world.

      Now, using current plate movement, I would like to see an explanation how the continets end up with today’s shape.

      Thank you for your comments.

  16. Amnon hincliffe says

    This is yet another theory of the location of Atlantis . There are books that santo rink was Atlantis and that the Minoans were the inhabitants. Also that the Indonesian. Archipelago was the place based on ancient transcripts. I like the other Solomonic adage that nothing is hidden which will not be revealed!
    Thanks for a very insightful website by the way!

    • Jose D.C. Hernandez says

      This theory is not presented to just explain what happened to Atlantis. It is a theory that present a possible and logical sequence of events that tide together a number event that may have shaped our planet. At the same time, it gives you a possible solution to the mystery of Atlantis.
      Whether Plato’s story was just a myth or a real story, the fact is that there is a structure with a circular carving (not an impact crater) that matches his description/measurements and resembles ancient maps drown by someone in the past.
      Part of the theory is to reverse the earth plate’s movements and to show how earth looks like before those underwater ridges expanded. By doing so, this island looking structure will be sitting near Plato’s location.
      Thank you for your comment.

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