666 human generation since the creation of the first men


The purpose of this article, is to promote a debate amongst scientists in particular and the public in general, about a revolutionary scientific theory, as to the true origins of our humanity. Further this theory provides a common sense explanation for the function of all the world’s religions and a rational explanation for the agenda behind the increasing appearances of UFOs in our skies, especially since 1945.        

  • As you may be aware, there are some 25,000 nuclear weapons on this planet.
  • The population has grown some 4.5 billion in the last 65 years,  to 7 billion today.
  • The environment is changing, though this is not necessarily for the reasons  we are aware of.
  • We are informed by the Bulletin of Atomic scientists, that the Doomsday Clock hands have moved from 7 minutes to midnight to 5 minutes to midnight.

We turn to the theory of evolution for an explanation and our hope for the future? Maybe we turn back to God in despair? There must be an explanation, which is both reasonable and acceptable to both camps of  thinking.  I believe that, this new theory will provide an interface of reason and logic, that  will ultimately satisfy both sides, and bring us to a state of peace.

Our Humanity

Earth is an very ancient planet with many civilizations which have disappeared.
Progressive evolution of “design” by advance science and not nature over 12,000 years, slightly overlapping with a further of our humanity’s history to 1945 – oh my god, the kids have found the matches.
The growth and development of a humanity is a scientifically predictable process.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count
the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man;
and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.  
— Revelation 13: 18.

In fact , 666 is the number of human generations which will have existed on Earth since the creation of the first men in the original laboratories.  The very first humans were created some 13,000 years ago, and a human generation is estimated at an average of 20 years, so if one multiplies 666 by 20, it equals 13,320 years.

The generation born at the beginning of the Age of Apocalypse in 1945 of the Christian era, was in fact the 666th since the creation of the first man in a laboratory by the Elohim. This generation coincides precisely with the first use of nuclear energy for destructive purposes at Hiroshima, on August 6th, 1945.

Once again , interpretation was not required in order to understand. One had only to read what had been written. 666 was effectively the ”number of Man”, the number of men who descended from the creation, that is to say, the number of generations.

So what is this revolutionary theory? 

Above is a part of page  304 in the book:   Intelligent Design – Message from the Designersby  Rael ( Claude Vorilhon  )
This can be obtained for free at  www.rael.org  in PDF format. 

All the worlds religions allude indirectly, to people from the sky. However this statement shown above, is for me central to understanding the scientific nature of this new theory. In fact it is central to this new understanding. Once one has this scientific concept in mind, then the original function of all the world religions becomes more understandable . This is against a backdrop of there having been many humanities on this very ancient planet, which have disappeared for the rather self-evident reasons we can see today, namely nuclear war, over population and environmental degradation. Further the planet is indeed very ancient and is a sort of  a “living machine.”  Man is a “disease” of the universe and there are an infinite number of human races “out there”.  Understanding this new concept , provides a plausible reason why they do not come down and say, take us to your leader. The particular human race that engineered us , are waiting for us to , ” connect up the dots”. Creation of human races is rather like creating a baby, predictable and repeatable, and with HIROSHIMA in 1945 we coincidentally entered that universally, and scientifically predictable phase in the development of our particular race. 
  So we have both a new scientific concept,  which  is about predictability, repeatability   and unlike evolution, allows for a relevant   understanding of the reason behind the original   purpose, of all the world religions. This was simply some fourty different individuals contacted at different times with the same message , designed for the level of the society  AT THAT TIME,  in order give usthe best chance of surviving  that scientifically predictable future, on our own. We must respect the past but not live in it. Understanding this concept allows us to start to behave as a family on this planet and to stop fighting about the past and start  to pull on the same rope, and live together in harmony. In addition , we have  a  better understanding  of the  real  “alien”  agenda  and the appearance of the   UFOs ,which have been around for millenia but,  especially since 1945.  They are simply waiting for us to learn to harness our aggression, and prove we are worthy of inheriting their wisdom and love.  We are on our own, but not alone…

If this theory is correct, then this would indeed provide an answer to the current UFO debate.

Source: www.1945-666.com

Message from the Designers

For centuries, scholars have been debating the two main possibilities for the origin and meaning of life. Some aspire to a higher philosophical dimension, which they can’t find in the theory of evolution, while others dismiss as irrational any reference to an almighty god.

But what if another theory, one both rational and with philosophical depth, were to be available?

This is what the “Message” proposes: Thousands of years ago, scientists from another planet came to Earth and created all forms of life, including human beings, whom they created in their own image. References to these scientists and their work can be found in the ancient texts of many cultures. Due to their highly advanced technology, they were considered as gods by our primitive ancestors and often referred to as ‘Elohim’ which in ancient Hebrew meant ‘Those who came from the sky’.

Despite being a plural word, Elohim was mistranslated over time to the singular ‘God’ reference that appears in modern-day Bibles.

Nevertheless, these people who came from the sky (the Elohim) educated humanity through the ages with the help of various messengers (also called prophets) with whom they had made contact. Each messenger was given a message suitable for the level of understanding prevailing at the time, with the primary purpose of instilling basic principles of non-violence and respect. Once humanity reached a sufficient level of scientific understanding, the Elohim decided to make themselves more visible in UFO sightings and to conceive their final message. Rael was given two missions: spreading that last message on Earth and preparing an embassy to welcome the return of our creators.

The atheist ‘Intelligent Design Theory’ offers a rational solution to the age-old debate between God-believers and evolutionists. It’s compatible not only with today’s scientific discoveries but also with the ancient historical accounts of all cultures.

But don’t take our word for it. Read Intelligent Design – Message from the Designers for yourself and do your own research.
We guarantee you’ll never look at the world the same way again!

What if, out of the thousands of UFO sightings that occur each year, one person actually met the occupant – the “driver” of one of these UFOs? And what if this person were given information by this space-being that explained the secret history of life on Earth and its pending future? And, what if all this information had been published decades ago and acknowledged by thousands of people, including scientists and historians?

Wouldn’t you want to read such a book? Download It Now
This video summarizes some of the main points conveyed to Rael.

Message from the Designers

About the Author

At the age of 27, Claude Vorilhon (now known as “Rael”) was living his passion as a race-car driver and journalist. That was to change on December 13, 1973, when, on his way to work, he had the UFO encounter that transformed his life forever. From that day forward, he has toured the world recounting his astonishing experience in media interviews and conferences.  Listen to Rael as he describes in detail what he lived that day.

The Encounter of Dec. 13th, 1973

During his extraterrestrial encounters, Rael received a series of messages that touch on all aspects of human life. Whether your interest lies in ancient history, modern science, UFOs, religious scriptures or even sci-fi, you’ll gain new perspective from taking the time to read them.


  1. J.a says

    Traded to a union of a revolutionary scientific theory as well as them praise for sure on earth, as good as done for all.

  2. says

    Jesus was correct that when we judge others then we will be judged by the same measure. But in saying judge not lest you be judge. It is not a command but rather a revelation that your making judgements will bring judgement in return. It doesnt say if you judge people then God will judge you. It is saying that your decisions of others will be known and that will guide their decisions of you. So specifically it should be read as Do not judge wrong or they will judge you wrong. Has nothing to do with being right. People return judgement when they hate anything you said of them. Thus knowing this risk of judgement means that when you warn others that an astrologer is not astronomy, or that UFO religion or wicca or hypnotism is spiritism, then others (they) or others who defend them (as heteros who defend abuse by gays because they are too concerned about abuse toward gays) will come back at you. INdeed my own advice to the hly christ on earth is to say, Drink grape Kool-Aid because it guarantees they will express their hatred by claiming the kool-aid is poison. It is in total agreement when they said Jesus planned on destroying the temple in 3 days. So with that, I have no idea why someone said this section on mysteries might interest me. Carbon-14 is 50,000 years old when sunlight first reached the ocean surface and created life for Day ONE. The increase 12x in 100 years after the Flood (2370bc) makes this 50,000 appear +20k or 70,000 BP. So too land that rose from astral impacts finally stayed up on Day 3 after 32,000 BC. And so carbon-dates (+20k) as 52,000. Postassium-Argon is rock. When Wooley saw a hole in the mud, he commanded they stop digging and he poured plaster into the hole; it hardened, and they dug out a plaster harp. The wood had rotted away and was totally gone. NOW why do we date the mud, or more stupidly we date the plaster, and the plaster is (what?) new? 10 years old because it was reheated & reprocessed in a factory, or doe sthe plaster stil date as a million years old so that we say the harp is 10 years old or a million years old. We like things to be really old dont we. It goes back to saying all crimes existed in the beginning, Adam was gay, Adam loved prostitutes, Adam pedophiled his children, he gambled, he got drunk, etc. The point is we cannot date dinosaur bones because we are liars when we call them bones. Like the plaster they are mineral. We have dated the mineral which has a date of its own millions of years before it washes in to replace the bone. So I amnot a 6000-year Earth Creationist and it is a diversion by both church and atheist evolutionist to ignore Adam 6000 years ago. Now I have spoken, and I will get judged. Forgive me Jesus, can I drink the myrh, i am sick of these people, they stabbed my side, pouring my blood out, long before they ever hung me up.

  3. John M says

    Looks like this Rael guy might well be building himself a sex cult? I’m all for nudity but come on….This has cult written all over it. Dont drink the koolaid!

    • Charon says

      Yeah, you’re living your life, have kids, a job etc. Then you figure that leaving all this behind to go out and say aliens told you they created us and want an embassy will totally be an improvement.
      Especially when you dont have any evidence to back your claims up.

      I think theres much easier ways to get money and sex lol.

  4. Leon Trumpp says

    The Earth is approx. 4.5 billion years old and had dinosaurs prior to 65 million years ago along with mammals and sea creatures . This video is full of BS . Just another way for someone to fleece the weak of mind , uneducated and ignorant from their fortunes .

    • Charon says

      We could argue about how accurate our dating methods are when it comes to high numbers like that (with carbon dating for example you can date back about ~10k tops because the carbon is practically completely decayed after that…), but there could also have been any events, natural or artificial, that could skew the data without us knowing.

      But even if its true that any number of fossils is hundred millions of years old, Earth is in a nice place, and there is nothing saying there haven’t been thousands of other civilisations here, with their own big scaly ugly pets that already died out, before the “Elohim” even found it and started their experiment.

    • Christopher R. Carden says

      Replying to Leon Trumpp: I do wonder if the pot isn’t calling the kettle black. Nobody who knows me would consider me either weak of mind, or uneductaed, or ignorant. The Earth may be 4.5 billion years old and dinosaurs may have roamed it 65 million years ago. But that does not preclude our planetary home from having enjoyed a number of periods of habitability interspersed with periods of inhabitability. If life is not unique to planet Earth – and neither logic nor evidence suggest that it is – then the existence of life forms similar to those we know today – and, indeed, also very different ones – must surely have existed in the past. My own research convinced me some 25 years ago that we are the fruit of some ET scientific experiment. Raël’s paradigm encompasses what I believe to be the reality of our origins and with every day that passes more and more scientific evidence supports him.

      Furthermore, Leon, after more than twenty years of affiliation to the Raëlian Movement I have encountered no evidence of anybody being “fleeced from their fortunes”; I can assure you that the manner in which I became separated from mine has absolutely nothing to do with Raël. “Fleecing” the weak of mind is more the business of Christian preachers as, indeed, is pedophilia.

      Please note that I am not writing this comment as a “blind” supporter of Raël, but rather in the interest of factual correctness as opposed to truly blind prejudice.

      • BornAgainScott says

        Because Christianity can be perverted does not imply that Christianity is perverted. Second, perversions ability to infiltrate religion is a funny argument; It seems you see only what you want to see. You and I and those around us are all “imperfect” but that isn’t the point anyway.

        We believe what we choose to believe. That choice is the biggest choice we will ever make.

  5. Charles Marcello says

    Hello Ascension211,

    Regarding your statement that we are unable to known the trajectory of our galaxy, I disagree… When I first started to map our solar system I wanted to know if I could accurately map our galaxy. So I started looking at current and old star charts. I wanted to be the first person to ever map every single cubic of our galaxy. I also wanted to know if time was uniform throughout our Galaxy… now obviously I won’t ever know for sure… however I felt I could at least see if its true mathematically. I noticed something else along the way… What I noticed as I searched the star charts is what we all refer to as a cross. This “cross” can be seen in just about every star, they either point straight down, slightly left or slightly right. You can look at a light bulb or street lamb and see what I’m talking about… simply close one eye and lightly push on your open eye with one of your fingers as you stare into the light. If you want to see the cross for yourself in stars throughout the cosmos, either play with the pictures provided by Hubble, or other star charts… and or take your own pictures. Now I’m not saying I’m correct, I’m simply giving people an idea to search out for themselves to see if it’s correct or not. Remember our star charts are updated every ten years.

    –Charles Marcello

      • Charles Marcello says

        What if I told you I spent over a year trying to answer this very question, while you spent all of thirty seconds finding a google rebuttal. I was once told water that is stagnate will always be level… not that it will have a flat surface, that water is always level while stagnate. I know that is an absolute fair-tale, stated another way… its BS, yet that nonsense is believed by many! Same is true for the argument that dismisses the cross. Grab a picture from Hubble, (you can find hundreds by using that google tool), if anyone can find just one cross in just one picture where the “cross” is leaning in a different direction then all the others in relation to the angle of the object taking the picture, how would you explain that? What if you found three different leaning “crosses”, how about ten, a hundred, each leaning different directions, all within the same picture… what google answer can you find then?

  6. Charles Marcello says

    I found this article interesting… not sure how this person reached the conclusion that a generation equals 20 years, save for a modern concept… however if we look at a generation from a religious suggestion here are some interesting mathematical questions.

    666 * 40 = 26,640 if we subtract that number by the years it takes the Procession of the Equinox 25,920, it just happens to equal how many days our truly ancient ancestors said it took Mars to traverse the Sun… 720 and then divide that by six we get 120.

    If we then divide 720 into 25,920 we get 36, six times six equals 36.

    And then when we look at the days/years of God, 5/120 and divide that into the Procession of the Equinox 25,920 we get 5184/216. And if we divide those two numbers into each other we get 24.

    To me those are interesting numbers, so much so… if someone wanted to tell a story using that kind of math, I wonder what kind of story they would come up with?

    –Charles Marcello

    • says

      12+21+20+12 = 11. The time they have designated as the beginning of the winter solstice is 11:11; 11+11 = 22
      So you would have this sequence. 11+11+11 = 33
      Also, 2+2+2 = 6
      11+22+33 = 3
      Then you would have these numbers 6+3 = 9
      All of the master numbers are in effect and the life number 6.
      12+21+20+12+11+11 = 6
      From my perspective this seems like a very strong energy combined with the cosmic math of the Sun and the galactic equation. Not to mention we are very limited in our ability to know what the location of the Milky Way is in its trajectory through the Universe at that time.
      I just have one very fundamental problem with this entire construct. Time on Earth is not measured the same way as Space Time. Very difficult to pinpoint an exact date, especially since we really have no clue what calendar is accurate? All civilizations have a different way of date keeping, Chinese, Hebrew, Hopi, Mayan, etc. The Gregorian calendar is just formulated for this civilization. None of which can be entirely accurate. We don’t know the exact physics of Space Time either. It is quite the conundrum.
      The Earth has been deemed to be 4 billion years old and the average life span of humans throughout the course of time has only been able to vary by 30-75 years. I would venture to say we only have absolute knowledge of our 75 years and the rest is pure speculation. There are absolutes and there are variables.
      I would, also, like to know how these other calendars breakdown numerically for the corresponding date. Maybe that could be another idea for an article.

      We only have knowledge of 13,000 years? The Earth has been inhabited for many billion years and we cannot begin to imagine how many civilizations have been here.



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