21.12.2012 – Are you counting the days?

21st of Dec, 2012 – Are you counting the days?

Even though we have our very own views and opinions on what will or will not happen on the21.12.2012 (or as some of us think, in February and March), over the last few weeks we have had a lot of discussions and contacts in regards to this subject. We did make a short video on this subject, which outlined our thoughts and views on this… but now, it seems more and more are either panicking, scared, concerned or simply counting the days… How about you?

If you are or not or if you’re completely convinced that this is just a mass hysteria with absolutely no grounds… we hope the following will help bring about the calm that some may seek or provide some food for thought on the principle of; Being ready does not harm you and maybe it’s a bit like “Murphy’s Law”, if you have it you won’t need it.

We have tried to take a methodical approach to this as much as possible considering that physical and spiritual manifestation of this all, if any, just isn’t clear and actually this is probably the real problem for most… the not knowing.

0 – Getting Ready (can anyone really be ready?)

You can definitely “prepare” yourself to a certain extent for all this. We are not referring to your stock and plan here but much more your mind setting and feelings.

To start we suggest you watch our 10min video “2012… Transition, Awakening, Ascension or absolutely Nothing?!”  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C59NYqwo24E&sns=em) if you haven’t already and if you have, watch it one more time with all this in mind. 

Then, as also highlighted in our video “Never Say Never (the secret behind the secret)” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2LCmkOiO_8&sns=em), just try to see things the way they are, without expectations; It is the way it is and it will be the way it will be… Whether this is Nothing, WWIII, Apocalypse, 3 days of darkness or simply the awakening of more individuals to this entire materialism oriented environment and finding back to what is really important, the way to our hearts and soul.

We would also call out that there is a lot more out there, that currently we may not perceive, however that does not mean it’s not there… Everything, absolutely everything you can imagine exists or can exist. With that said, any given entity can communicate or interact with you as long as you give it energy, thus by not communicating back or not giving it any energy, this “communication” or “interaction” can be stopped. This works for the better or the worse! Simply put… Think of me and I will be here! Also, Shamans for example, “call” for the spirits first!

Not to mention that we should also always remember what Rene Descartes once said; “I think, therefore I am” and to continue on this path, Buddha also said; “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

One last thing we think is absolutely critical in the process of “getting ready” is:

  • Thank – Be thankful… take the time at least once a day and just say thank you! It does not matter who you address this to, but say it! Think of all the things you have regardless if ideal or not and just say thank you!!! Be and feel thankful!
  •  LOVE – Feel the love! This may sound silly, but try to make a conscious effort at least once a day to really feel LOVE! Maybe best practice with your partner or your child or your pet, try look at them once and really feel how much you LOVE them and let that feeling sink in as deep as you can! Then try to apply that feeling to more people, things and situations around you!!! You will LOVE the change.
  • TREASURE – You can compare your body to your house or car… it needs care and the right fuel and attention to run at maximum performance! Would you poor cola in your car and expect it to run…? Make sure you eat and drink right (organic and non-toxic drinks (water with fluoride, pop drinks with aspartame etc.. are NOT good)) , sleep and rest enough, keep clean as hygiene is important outside and inside (why not do some detox cure).

1 – The Setting… (Where and with whom do you want to be?)

Always focus on what is important to you and who?! Considering that, sit down and have a think about WHERE you want to be and with WHOM. Arrange for that to happen if you can, take holidays etc… but make sure you plan it ahead, if you need to travel etc… maybe tray to do it a bit before  just to be on the save side. When was the last time you planed a Christmas / new year, with and where you really LOVE anyway? This could also be right where you are and thus simply become a question of getting cosy at home

2 – The Stock (What do you really need…?)

 Ok… so this is an interesting one and could vary from the usual and daily routine living to absolutely hard-core commando style, but what is the right thing to do? Well, for some it may be one of the previous and if that is what makes you feel at peace, do it. For the others, there is always the golden middle way and here is how we see that:

A.    WATER – Well, this is a no brainer really… if there is one thing you absolutely MUST have to survive any given amount of time, it is WATER! So make sure you have either got a stock of water or some source of producing your own water or even both… Here are some simple suggestions, but just before we go into that, if you can’t get hold of any water without Fluoride… don’t worry… most of us are still and have been living on that for a while and if there ever was a “worst case scenario”… don’t think it will really matter anymore

  • Stocking Water; Buy bottled water… or if you have a bath… fill it up and leave it full, unless you need it of course, but then fill it up again. Sure you have spent your money worse… Buy jugs, containers or canisters and fill them up… similar to the bath, again you can always use that later to water your garden if you have one or just use it elsewhere and depending on the containers you get, you can even use them again too.
  • Creating a Water source; There are various options available, if you live in a house… you could collect the rain water, these 300L tanks and more cost nothing really not to mention that you can then use that to water the garden (if you are scared of them freezing / braking, put a log of wood inside). You may have a river or other water source nearby and all you need is buckets to transport it? Now… the problem here maybe, how safe will rain, river or lake water be (as we don’t know what will happen)? Suggestion would be, to make sure you also have a “filter” that you can run your water through, or some water purification product? If you don’t like “if”, “but” or “maybe” you could get yourself something like the Katedyn Pocket Water Filter (you will never have to worry about water again!) and added to that you may also get some Micro Pure for additional water purification. The option you choose if any really depends on your location and where you are on the planet.

B.    FOOD – Here we go again… food, well, you need to eat! And this is if something does or doesn’t happen in the end. So if you get yourself some simple, good food that lasts (dry, glassed or even tinned) you’ll be fine and on top you can always use this later again, so nothing really lost here! Unless you are going all out and want to get some space food packs or jungle survival bars etc… we would say… keep it simple and remember, if it really has to be… you can survive of rice and beans you don’t need “gourmet” food!

Maybe you are now wondering, how much, well, what makes you feel good? Most people and ourselves, think 3 to 4 months should be safe. What you may want to do is, similar to the water… make sure that if ever you would need more for longer, get yourself a food source (buy some seeds). 

One additional point in this category could be your health / energy levels… considering you may have rather basic nourishment. For that, we would suggest you stock-up on some Vitamins and Minerals or if you are not a fan of that, there are “Barley-Grass” pills that you can get, these have lots and lots of essential minerals and vitamins and will already be of great use! You can always consume and boost yourself for a while if nothing was to happen after.

3 – Energy and Power (what if…)

We found that the deeper you occupy yourself with this subject the simpler it actually becomes… In order for this to make sense, lets just for a second assume something that would cut all the energy or power would occur, what then, what do you really, really need? This is assuming you don’t want to build your own power plant using batteries with solar, or wind mills…  added to that, it’s also assuming you have not got a generator which may use petrol (which may not be around forever)?!

  • HEAT – You will need to stay warm (unless you live somewhere where this is not an issue). For that, the good old chimney with wood would be a very reliable option (including cooking and warming food). If not, you could always use gas? Get yourself a little gas cooker and/or heater. If that is not an option then there is not all that much left out there. But you could make sure you have them super warm foils, blankets and cloths… For the cooking, you’ll need to get food that you can eat like that without cooking.
  • LIGHT – This one is easy really, candles or Dynamo Lanterns and torches may be the best thing here. Candles… if you don’t use them for a scenario like this, you may always use them later for a romantic evening (or several) and the Dynamo lights, no more batteries… that is good anyhow
  • ELECTRICITY – Considering what we have just covered with Heat and Light… what more do you need electricity really for, charging you phone, laptop, TV etc… really?! If something so striking would take place, we really don’t think that that would be much use and you can always get yourself some books, card games etc… for amusement.
  • TRANSPORT – Well, if the cars still work… great just make sure you have some petrol (as a side note that could then also serve for charring you phone etc… if needed). If cars don’t work anymore a simply scooter or motorbike may still work (as it’s more mechanical and can be “kick” started), however, that too will need petrol and electric ones, electricity. Something that will never fail you is a good old bike.

All in all, we can only but repeat ourselves! Whatever it is you do or don’t do, it needs to be your decision and it needs to be in-line with your feelings. Do what it takes to make you feel at ease, as the key in our view is exactly that… You need to feel good and feel the LOVE!

If you think the world will “explode” or “aliens will come to safe you” or “angels”, then you haven’t really lost anything by doing any of the above. Also if you believe “nothing” of this kind and not even any natural disasters will take place… again, you haven’t really lost anything but maybe be a bit more eco-friendly and have a bit of stock which is good to have anyway and you can pick on in the future? (Most of our parents and grandparents always had some petrol in the garage, used water collectors and had a pantry… why did we stop?!)

It really doesn’t matter what you think… as we feel that none of these points we have raised here would impact you badly in anyway.

On that note we wish you and LOVE filled December and a karmic transition into 2013!

See you there! … LOVE



  1. J.apoyan says

    Once again we are in the mists for that rainbows shadow at the point of time galactic there is the core very precious stars in heaven.

  2. says

    I think its time for a change. This world is in need of a wake up call. If its global enlightenment (which I doubt) or if its shaken to the ground so we can start all over again, either one I welcome.

    • says

      :) I really wish for the first! You are right though, a change is needed and welcome! I feel there is a lot of good out there but it’s lacking the will sometimes :( We should all wake up and get to grips that “we are the change” and should stop hoping for someone or something to change us or for us :)

      Love & Care

  3. RPS says

    I request all those who have spent so much of their time researching on this 12-21-12 to post a reply at their earliest that this is not similar to that of earlier hoaxs and this time it is real. IF THERE SHOULD HAPPEN SOMETHING ON 12-21-12 OTHER THAN ALL THE REGULAR THINGS IN LIFE, it should have started its process on a global scale by now and there would be visual evidences with galactic connection all around the world. Post the proofs for this so called phenomenon 12-21-12 except the alignment of stars on giza piramids which is totally astrological pre-calculated thing. If there exist no evidence then what is the point in making the viewers and readers to panic. If it is to boost the sales in all the departmental stores then this website itself is going in a very wrong direction.

    • says

      Dear RPS,
      Not sure you actually read this article or just the title :)
      This post is really meant to point out to Not Panic and not worry and not to go crazy :) but if one needs to ‘prepare’ himself to feel at ease, then they should do that instead of silently panicking.

      In all our posts, articles and videos, I strongly suggest you watch and read some more! We do not say anything happens but are addressing the situation or events everyone is referring too.

      I have my personal views, of course, but that is my views and that is exactly where they will remain :) with me!

      I do understand your frustrations, read my other comments below too and you will understand that I share your view to a certain extent. At the same time, looking at all the floods, earth quakes, hurricanes, dead Wales, fish and other stuff being swept up. Looking at the behaviour of people… Or even on a planetary level, when there is a full moon you can not not agree that that effects the earth (water and plants) as well as some humans. It’s an astrological fact that there are certain unique alignments of planets on the way… Why would these not effect the earth and people, what makes them different form the moon?!

      Regardless really, I for one have kids and a wife, have lived through 10 days of no electricity, floods and earth quakes and seen the effects of that on people… I have and will continue to keep a basic ‘stock’ in my house :)

      Love & Care

      • RPS says

        Dear DNA Sir

        Noted with thanks for your courteous reply to me. I always do compile and compare various data from different regions in the world with the vedic history and records of happenings. I now understand that one have to be prepared and follow their instincts. Being prepared helps us to be strong to face whatever comes good/bad. I agree with you that social behaviour of our species have deteriorated to great extent these years. It has all begun, hence expecting an end is quite obvious (where ‘end’ means reconciliation).

        I request one more answer from you Sir, NASA’s pole shifting image in their website shows 11.5 Degree change. please tell me what sort of geological effect would this sum up.

        Once again, thank you very much for your kind courtesy extended amidst of your busy schedule.

        Kind regards

        • says

          Dear RPS,
          I can very much agree with your view, I personally don’t think of it as an “end”, but as I don’t know “what” effects any of this has on the planet (if any)… I like to keep my cupboards full… I would slap myself if anything was to rattle a bit and I didn’t prepare :)

          On the subject of NASA’s pole shift or even a complete “switch” (as some say) from North to South and South to North… I must say I’m really not the expert on that subject, nor would I know what impact that would have… considering history and some information I have seen or read about… well, it could shake and move things around I guess :) On that though, I believe there is much better sources that would be far better informed with facts than I.

          Love & Care

  4. Ian says

    Perhaps Descartes really meant to say, ” “I think, therefore I am…..in this mess” ?

    Then The Buddha’s, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”…
    would make even more sense. I mean, just look at where ‘thinking’ has gotten us; generally in a swamp up to our necks in alligators..

    I feel that after a lot of initial interest in 21st December, 2012 – say 12 months or so ago – things generally in the media have cooled off considerably. Same at a more personal level: it used to be the office cooler topic du jour but not any more.

    I wonder if others have noticed this too and if so, why..

    • says

      Hi Ian,
      Love the response! :) your right, sometimes we really do need to ask ourselfs what on earth have we ‘thought’ in place here or maybe what have we let others think and not react to it with our own thoughts….

      I’m actually a bit split opinion about the mass media at the moment, I felt exactly the same way but then just the other day on a local tv channel they were going on about how many belive it’s the end of the world and maybe the shops will be empty soon… So get your stuff now… LOL, how to make you quick revenue in a bad economy… :)
      But, I guess it really depends where you get your news from and maybe more people have come to realise that in actual fact it’s NOT the end as such and maybe even the media finally got the message that the masses are easy to fool but in the end will not swallow everything!?

      I keep coming back to the same question… what is going to happen, will anything happen and what is if it’s all metaphorical?

      What always amazes me though, watching the news and youtube, that it needs sooo little… just imagine the impact and most important of all the chain reaction of a few good earthquakes or no electricity for only 3 days or some floods (we all saw that in the past) or the sea level rising by just 100m or running out of fuel or simply discovering some truths about human history, religion, that we are more than just bodies etc… just these simple things could and would cause absolute panic and chaos (looking at how some people react on a Blackfriday phone sale…).

      All in all, I’m not saying anything will happen, there is enough evidence for it but also against it, it maybe something in between?! It’s not really important in the end, important is that some people could and really should wake up to the fact that there is more and maybe, just maybe a little shaking is needed for that that to happen!? :) regardless really, I am still convinced that our last minute way of living is not ideal :) and we should all have some sort of basic stock and reserves anyway, where I live, two years ago we had no electricity in the middle of winter… Our neighbours came to sleep in our place as they had no means of heating or cooking… Crazy no!?

      Love & Care

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