2012 and the Pyramids At Giza


2012 and the Pyramids at Giza…

by Charles Marcello

I happen to be one of those people who believes nothing is going to happen in 2012. However, in order to prove that to myself, I have been studying this issue for about four years now.  While studying ancient cultures I noticed that each of them had a fascination with the planets. The stars are mentioned of course, but not nearly as much as the planets. So when I saw a video a few years ago talking about Orion’s Belt being the reason why the Pyramids were built, or at least the Pyramids were built to honor Orion’s Belt… to say I did not believe that was true would be an understatement.

I felt if the Pyramids at Giza were built to honor anything it would be a planet convergence of some kind. So when I started looking at the night sky while using the FREE online program… Stellarium… my mind was already searching for clues. I wanted to see if there was anything worth mentioning regarding planet alignments in 2012.  What lead me too… or what helped me find… the picture below…  I was completely taken aback by what I found. To be completely honest I never in a millions years would have thought I would actually be able to prove my theory was in fact correct. But I cannot deny, and I don’t think any honest person can deny… What will happen in the night sky over Giza and how it seems to mimic the lay out of the Pyramids at Giza, is very interesting indeed… Especially since everyone already knows the Mayan’s attached great importance to the year 2012… now that makes this discovery even more interesting and plausible… especially since… the ending and restarting of the Progression of the Equinox… (The natural wobble of the Earth that finishes a full cycle only once every 26,000 years or so…)

Whether you believe something will happen in 2012 or not, is not important… The fact is that the planetary alignment matches layout of  Pyramids at Giza on 12.3.12 and this will happen just 18 days before 12.21.12.  … 6 plus 6 plus 6 = 18… Even the most ardent skeptics have to admit, that is one hell’va kawinkadink indeed!!!

Planetary alignment that will take place Dec 3, 2012  is dead-on alignment with the Pyramids at Giza. Night Sky in Giza, Egypt on December 3, 2012, local time  … one hour before sunrise compared with the Pyramids at Giza. Image generated by Starry Night Pro (the same view of the planets can be obtained using any other astronomy program, e.g. Stellarium.

If you go to this link you will read about this discovery of mine. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread519207/pg2#pid7564861 … You will also notice that picture of Giza was posted by another member of that site… I posted his picture and Dec 3 2012 together… to allow you to decide for yourself. Please take a look at that picture, or if you want to do a more in-depth analysis (please download Stellarium or use any other similar software, e.g Starry Night).

Also, it should be noted, that planetary convergence only happens every 2,737 years, and its different for at least 2 more cycles running the program forward… and doesn’t happen again for over 28,000 YEARS if you run that program backwards in time…

After watching a video on the net regarding the inner chambers of the great pyramid and how they seem to point to other stars in the night sky… I decided to see what else the night sky holds/will look like on Dec 3, 2012… I  believe the evidence absolutely proves that what I discovered explains that the pyramids where built to honor (or warn about) specific time marked by the planetary convergence…

Positions of planets can be used as a perfect clock. Such a clock can mark date in time (in the past and/or in the future) and can be read by inteligent beings regardless of their language and calendar they use…

The following 3 images are presented here to confirm the “match” of the planets and the pyramids using a precise triangulation survey instead of a satellite photo (click on each image to enlarge):

Night Sky in Giza, Egypt on December 3, 2012, local time  … one hour before sunrise. Image generated by Starry Night Pro.

Image of the Night Sky in Giza, Egypt on December 3, 2012, local time  … one hour before sunrise compared with the 1881 survey drawing of the Pyramids at Giza. The result is perfect match…

If the pyramids where built to honor Orion’s belt, instead of matching a planetary convergence seen only once every 2737 years, and only matching the Giza layout every fifth cycle… then why are there no other massive monolithic structures honoring other, more pronounced, constellations throughout Egypt, or the world for that matter… Every ancient culture seems to be honoring the Planets, with just passing homage to constellations… Why would the pyramids be different? The answer, they wouldn’t be… and what’s even stranger still… If you take the three sets of three pyramid groups at Giza, and add all of the three’s by two together… meaning, group 1, group 2, group 3.… add g1 to g2, g2 to g3, and g3 to g1, you get 6 plus 6 plus 6… 18… 18 plus Dec 3, equals Dec 21, 2012…

I have no doubt the Pyramids of Giza were built to honor an extremely rare planetary convergence. The creation story in the bible was created to tell that tale, and that, in part, is exactly what the Masons are celebrating. (Though the Pyramids are a lot older then the books of the bible.) The bad news for the Masons is, the stories they use to enhance the knowledge within each of its Masonic levels, has nothing to do with god or God, rather, it has everything to do with the science of our solar system, and planetary interactions… or more correctly, the Sun, Moon and Earth, the Hiram Key be damned. The stories in the bible, the first five books, has very little to do with God, more so then they have almost everything to do with extremely advanced ancient knowledge… that we can only recently understand and prove, that was in fact passed forward for the benefit of all mankind. The story of Moses and who he was gives great clues on how to re-read the first five books of the bible. The stories within the Mayan/Aztec cultures gives even more clues on how to understand the stories within the bible. There is still a lot more information that I firmly believe we will be able to discover throughout the world, and within other religious texts… that will either, support what I’m about to share with you, or perhaps… give more extremely ancient knowledge that the survivors (pay attention to that word) desperately felt they needed to pass forward. I could spend an incredible amount of time walking you through each level of this discovery. Yet I don’t want to ruin the journey for others. The picture proving the Pyramids at Giza do in fact match the planetary convergence that will take place one hour before sunrise on Dec 3, 2012 is presented here in order to get your attention.  I’m going to allow you, YES YOU, the opportunity to learn these truths on your own. Learn what the Sphinx will be looking at on that day and until Dec 21, 2012. Learn which two planets will be dancing in the Western Sky just before sunrise in 2012… I will hint you towards the month of August. Learn which chambers some believe align to what stars/constellations from the Great Pyramid, and then discover where they will be on Dec 3, 2012 and then on Dec 21, 2012. Some of you will already know the answers, and you’re welcome. For those of you who don’t… get up off your ass and find out. For those of you who claim nothing is going to happen in 2012, you may in fact be right. The good news is, you have nothing to fear from simple people freaking out because of all the hype of 2012. The bad news is… Extremely powerful people believe in the ignorant stories passed forward by our not so distant ancestors… They deeply believe in the numbers. They deeply believe in the ancient sacrifices. They deeply believe they are in fact doing g/God’s(s) work.

  • Count 144,000 days after Sept 11, 2001. You now know the amount of time we have left before they believe they must finish their work.
  • Count 666 days before Dec 3, 2012 and then find out where your leaders were.
  • Count June 10, 2011 to Dec 3, 2012. Count June 10 2011 to Feb 4th 2012, compare those numbers to Dec 3, 2012.
  • Count how many days separate Feb 4th 2012 from June 10, 2012. Then start running the numbers and compare them to numerology, Paganist lore, and the Bible. (Notice that is the first time I’ve capitalized the world bible.)

I have in fact solved the Pyramid Mystery. It cannot be denied any longer… However, I’ve also discovered why these Paganist must stop. Your mythology is wrong. I truly wish it wasn’t but it is. If what I’ve discovered is true, you are going to suffer in ways you cannot even imagine… You will not be loved for what you are planning, you will be despised and hated by the gods…

  • Compare our planet’s daily numbers to the distance of our Sun.
  • Compare those numbers to ancient mythology.
  • Compare the mathematical numbers to the days of the year you honor against those numbers and our solar system.
  • Compare 3, 7, 21, 42, 72, 111, etc… against our planetary daily numbers and the mathematical numbers we know are true regarding our solar system.
    Compare them god damnit and open your eyes.

33 = 9 x 3 = 27, not to mention 216 = 6x6x6 … which just happens to equal how many Sun’s you need to line up side by side to reach the Earth from the Sun. Who ever built those pyramids flew in space, period!!! [ Editor’s Note/Correction: On September 18-19 the distance of the Sun from Earth is approximately 150.336 million km, about 108 times that of the Sun’s diameter (or 216 times of the Sun’s Radius) ]

Dec 3 is exactly 18 days before Dec 21.  18days*24hrs*60min = 25,920. The Progression of the Equinox takes exactly 25,920 years.

Now learn the cycle of Dec 3, 2012. It only happens once every 2737 years… but only matches the Pyramids of Giza every 5th cycle. Yet… how many cycle does it take for that convergence to match not only the Pyramids of Giza, and then compare that to the creation story in the bible and Mason mythology. You now know why there are 33 levels… however you also learn there must be a 34th… it’s the only way they could possibly obtain balance in their order… just like you will learn the advanced mathematical, solaristic, and scientific understanding our truly ancient ancestors had to known of  in order to build the pyramids the way they did, place them the way they did, and then hide all the information the way they did.


The story of Moses becomes even more incredible once you sit down and understand. All you need is your bible and the information I’ve mentioned above and you will learn so much. I could spend all day explaining this to you, destroying any chance you have of discovering all of these truths on your own. And I absolutely refuse to do so. Yet I know I cannot allow this information to go unknown for to much longer. It must be known before the end of this year, for so many reasons, if you study, you will understand completely. Read Captain Morgan’s Book. Read Your Bible. Read Maurice Cotterell’s book or watch his video’s on youtube. Watch or read Graham Hancock’s books or watch his youtube videos to understand the knowledge he and his co-authors have discovered. Then do the math I’ve mentioned above. Then research the Dec 3, 2012 and how long its been since this the last time this happened exactly 18 days before the progression of the Equinox. (if the progression of the equinox happens every 25,920 years, and that planetary convergence matches the pyramids every fifth cycle or 13,685… But can only be seen on earth every second cycle how many cycle does it take…) then Re-read the creation story. Compare the math… (1 day equals 24, 2 days equals 24 times 24, 3 days equals 24 times 24 times 24, etc etc… and then compare the stories you are told to believe regarding our earth, by both science and religions.) Compare the math… compare the stories. Compare the science… This is undeniable. UNDENIABLE!!! Later this year I’ll give you much more… Or for those who are extremely lazy… read my posts… the answers from beginning to end are there if you are smart enough to see them… Yet For now, I pass the rest of this journey onto you.

I do this to make sure the truth cannot die with me. I do this so as not to ruin or create bias as to how you, YOU, rediscover these truths on your own. The math is completely undeniable… The truth is so much more fantastic then you can imagine. And in time all the lies will be exposed and the true solutions will finally save ourselves from ourselves. The choice is yours… If you decide to begin this journey… All I will say is…

Enjoy the Ride…

Copyright by Charles Marcello

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Part 2

Dec 3, 2012 planetary/pyramid convergence has another layer of intensity. Mars. The Red Pyramid (North Pyramid) mathematically matches the location of Mars in the heavens on Dec 3, 2012 in conjunction with those other three planets. So that means, four planets and four pyramids matching perfectly… that defies all accidental logic, or drastically weakens those hip shooting debunkers.

What they were trying to say with those four planets and pyramids becomes complicated. The Pyramids are a riddle that I believe I’ve cracked. Its kinda funny, a nobody from nowhere solving such a wonderful mystery seems totally ridiculous, especially in light of all the stuff I‘ve already done to completely change the world. Soon however, the whole world will have to decide (or possibly physically learn) if its true or not.

I believe the Pyramids have three different messages intertwined within them… I believe one of the three is a three dimensional mathematical equation passed forward by our truly ancient ancestors regarding our Solar System, (the great pyramid), Time (the Second Pyramid) and light (The Third Pyramid.) Still working on the significance of the Red Pyramid, though I believe I might have solved that as well. The answers are absolutely unbelievable. It seems completely ridiculous that a civilization existed in our distant past that was more advanced even then our own. But that is exactly what the math demands. Not only that, it appears the Roman Catholic Church has known this secret for a very long time. Which explains why the killed all who “believed”/taught the past differently then what they wanted the world to remember. That truth can be found hidden within the Gregorian Calendar, and within the Catholic Churches own historical writings… but I’m getting way ahead of myself.

The Mayan’s restart date begins on Dec 21, 2012. That cannot be denied, though people are coming out of the woodwork demanding its Oct 28, 2011, Dec 23/24/25, 2012… Or that it actually ended thirteen years ago or so. What people keep forgetting is Cortez and the Prophesied return of the Aztec God, that happened, to an eerie degree… exactly as it was prophesied, though not exactly as people believed it would… a lesson Jews alive right now who don‘t believe in God any more should really study when it comes to the prophetic bones and their coming future… I would explain that in more detail, but its not time for that. Right now I want to focus on some of the simple math.

Dec 21 is exactly 18 days away from Dec 3. The Catholic Church is solely responsible for those dates and the significance of the numbers hidden within. You see if I asked you how many pyramids exist at Giza the quick answer is 9. 9 plus 3 equals 12, or 12/12/12. However, if I asked you how many sixes you could create from the Pyramids at Giza the answer changes to 6, 6, 6, when added together equals 18, then when you add 18 to Dec 3 you get Dec 21, 2012. Now lets break down what the Catholic Church did on purpose.

3/12/12 equals 144. All the numbers below equal very biblical and world wide esoteric numbers.
12/12/12 equals 333 or 444.
21/12/12 equals 744.
For those who understand the significance of numerology within mystic belief systems like the Kabala, or the even darker aspects of esoteric beliefs, those dates and their mathematical importance means a great deal. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you believe this nonsense, it only matters that you understand extremely powerful people believe in this nonsense with all their heart, and at the expense of all our souls.

But that’s just the beginning. Because it was completely impossible for those who built those pyramids to know what kind of Calendar humanity would use when this important solar day happened. They hid their math inside the equation of the Pyramids… 3, 9 and 18.

  • 3 days*24hours*60minutes equals 4320 * 60seconds equals 259,200
  • 9 days*24hours *60 minutes equals 12,960 * 60 seconds equals 777,600
  • 18days*24hours*60minutes equals 25,920 * 60seconds equals 1,555,200

The question becomes what do all of those numbers mean? Well it depends on how much you know about our planets physical and humanistic history . You see prior to circa 720 BC, the earth only had 360 days, and then something happened that added another five days to it. That is simple verifiable truth that existed all over the world, from the Mayan, Egyptian, to ancient Chinese cultures. There are many more I could mention, however I keep this list small in my attempt to keep this post short… if you study each of those cultures, search out what they say happened 2733 years ago. Once you do, the riddle for Mars hidden within the Pyramids begins to show itself.

  • 4,320 / 360 equals 12 while 259,200 / 360 equals 720.
  • 12,960 / 360 equals 36 while 777,600 / 360 equals 2160.
  • 25,920 equals 72 while 1,555,200 / 360 equals 4,320

I could walk you through each of these numbers explaining just how wonderful they each are… instead I will skip ahead and give you the answers so you can search to see if they’re true or not.

  • 25,920 years equals how many years our truly ancient ancestors demanded it took one cycle of the Progression of the Equinox to complete.
  • 2160 years is how many years it takes for our planet to move from one Constellation into another.
  • 72 equals a mathematical equation for our Sun. (that will be explained at some later date.)
  • While 720 equals how many earth days it takes Mars to complete one ecliptic cycle around the Sun.
  • 777,600 and 4,320 I’m going to leave for those who understand the next step to prove to themselves just how much our truly ancient ancestors understood. Its mind boggling.

Even though the information above is interesting, some may say damn interesting… there is so much more… so much more to be revealed…
If you decide to skip ahead and seek the rest of this riddle on your own… I have three words for you!!!…   Enjoy The Ride…

–Charles Marcello

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Part 3

In my opening post I had said I have spent years researching 2012 and what every culture has to say about it… even though I’m not fully convinced anything is going to happen, even though I must admit weird stuff is happening all over the world… what would a 2012 blog be without ancient/modern Paganist numerology.

As I said in my opening post knowing the story of who Moses is, or might have been, and then comparing Mayans/Aztec science/belief systems gave me great clues as to finding some hidden truth (?) within the bible and many other belief systems… and maybe these numbers proves extremely powerful people believe in these ancient teaching/possibly misunderstood numerology.

Trying to solve why the Catholic Church created a new calendar with so many esoteric/Paganist numerology hidden in plain sight for the year 2012, forced me to try to understand the why.

Dec 3, 2012 equals 3,12, 12, or 144 (when you divide each number by 3).
Dec 12, 2012 equals 12, 12,12 or 333 / 444 (when you divide each number by 4 or 3). .
While Dec 21, 2012 equals 21, 12, 12 or 744 (when you divide each number by 3).

So that’s 144,  333/444,  and 744.

144+744 = 888
144+333 = 477,  and 144+444= 588
333+744= 1077 and 444+744= 1188.
744+144+444= 1332.
While 744+144+333= 1221.

We are told by some researchers that the Mayans calendar is 5125 years long, mathematically I could not get that to make sense, because of how they venerated Venus’ 13 cycles every 8 years… let alone it did not seem to match other ancient cultural “numbers”… however if you take the year 5184 years from the 144,000/666 that is found all over the world the math begins to match up perfectly…

5184/8= 648

5184 equals 18, 5184/6 864 equals 18… and 648 is exactly 18 short of 666, and 864 minus 666 equald 198 that also equals 18… While if you add 3+5184 = 5187/13 = 399 (does that mean from 2015 we only have one cycle left?)

Now comes the Jewish Calendar…(btw I strongly recommend everyone research what will happen in 2011 on Jewish holidays, by both the Moon/Sun… and then which mystic constellations will honor other Jewish holidays this year as well… and what ancient legends say about those kinds of mystical symbology… oh and don’t forget Revelations).. I will hint you towards eclipses and then June 8 and September 28 of 2011.) Now let’s look at those Jewish numbers

September 28/29 2011/12 equals the start of the Jewish New Year 5772, while 2017/2018 equals 5778.

5772/13= 444
5778 is exactly 222 short of 6000.
While 5772+4 = 5776/8 =722 and 5778/6 = 963 when added together equals 18.

(Mayans/Aztec 2012/15/18 & Jewish 2012/16/18 while the Catholic Calendar equals 2012/15/18.)

But this is just the beginning…

In my opening post I asked you to count 144,000 days after 9/11.

144,000/24 = 6000/360 = 16.666 or 6000/365 = 16.438 …
16.6 or 16.4 + 9/11/2001 equals ?/??/ 2018.
And don’t forget…144,000/360 = 400.


And now the Bible/Torah

Genesis Chapter 11
Chapter 11 Overview:  Genesis Chapter 11 is a summary of history from the end of the flood to the time of Abraham. There are several significant events here. (1) The first attempt to create a one-world system is attempted by man and aborted by God at Babel. Also the actual cause of the dispersion of nationalities is found. (2) The continued lineage of the godly seed is noted in tracing the line of Christ to Abraham. (3) A few details of the life and heritage of Abraham are provided.
11:10 This is the history of the generations of Shem. Shem was one hundred years old, and became the father of Arpachshad two years after the flood.
11:11 Shem lived after he became the father of Arpachshad five hundred years, and became the father of sons and daughters.
11:12 Arpachshad lived thirty-five years, and became the father of Shelah.
11:13 Arpachshad lived after he became the father of Shelah four hundred three years, and became the father of sons and daughters.
11:14 Shelah lived thirty years, and became the father of Eber:
11:15 and Shelah lived after he became the father of Eber four hundred three years, and became the father of sons and daughters.
11:16 Eber lived thirty-four years, and became the father of Peleg.
11:17 Eber lived after he became the father of Peleg four hundred thirty years, and became the father of sons and daughters.
11:18 Peleg lived thirty years, and became the father of Reu.
11:19 Peleg lived after he became the father of Reu two hundred nine years, and became the father of sons and daughters.
11:20 Reu lived thirty-two years, and became the father of Serug.
11:21 Reu lived after he became the father of Serug two hundred seven years, and became the father of sons and daughters.
11:22 Serug lived thirty years, and became the father of Nahor.
11:23 Serug lived after he became the father of Nahor two hundred years, and became the father of sons and daughters.
11:24 Nahor lived twenty-nine years, and became the father of Terah.
11:25 Nahor lived after he became the father of Terah one hundred nineteen years, and became the father of sons and daughters.
11:26 Terah lived seventy years, and became the father of Abram, Nahor, and Haran.
11:27 Now this is the history of the generations of Terah. Terah became the father of Abram, Nahor, and Haran. Haran became the father of Lot.
11:28 Haran died before his father Terah in the land of his birth, in Ur of the Chaldees.
11:29 Abram and Nahor took wives. The name of Abram’s wife was Sarai, and the name of Nahor’s wife, Milcah, the daughter of Haran who was also the father of Iscah.
11:30 Sarai was barren. She had no child.
11:31 Terah took Abram his son, Lot the son of Haran, his son’s son, and Sarai his daughter-in-law, his son Abram’s wife. They went forth from Ur of the Chaldees, to go into the land of Canaan. They came to Haran, and lived there.
11:32 The days of Terah were two hundred five years. Terah died in Haran.

Numbers From Genesis Chapter 11

Names Age First Son (AFS) Years  Lives  AFS Age at Death
Shem 100 500 600
Arphaxed 35 403 438
Salah 30 403 433
Eber 34 430 464
Peleg 30 209 239
Reu 32 207 239
Serug 30 200 230
Nahor 29 119 148
Terah 70 135 205
Sub Total 390 2606 2996
W/O Shem 290 2106 2396
W/O Terah 220 1971 2191
Subtract Duel/Triple Ages 300 1800 2518

Subtract Terah/Shem and Duel Date from total age  [ 2996600-205239] and you get  1952

Add 666 to 390 and 290 and you will get respectively 1056 and 956
When you add those numbers together you get… 2012!

Why is any of this important? I don’t know, to be honest I struggle with the why, for the simple reason… I don’t believe in this nonsense… however, the reason we should all pay attention is millions/billions of people, to one degree or another, around the world do believe in numbers.  I must admit my world view does not allow me to subscribe to numerology, or esoteric beliefs.  I am working on opening up my mind to the possibilities.  With that disclaimer out of the way.

Do those numbers explain why every single religion on our planet is expecting/awaiting their version of a Messiah to return here in the near future? And if we start paying attention to what our leaders in politics and businesses are doing… could it explain what these extremely powerful people are up to… or perhaps it will prove what they know for a fact is happening and/or coming? Even if you’re like me and you reject all those numbers as misunderstood science… I don’t think anyone can deny we live in incredibly exciting times. Yet most people have no idea why.

If you understand world prophecy… biblical, Mayans/Aztec, Egyptian/Vedic/Nordic/Native/Delphi/Shipton/Casey… the question becomes are their prophecies regional only? Or do they all combine to equal one moment in time? And/Or are the gods who have promised to return physical or spiritual and only the extremely powerful know the truth?

I honestly don’t know what the truth is, other then I believe its possible, possible, powerful people believe something is coming… but I sure as hell don’t believe in no physical gods. Yet I realize it ain’t important what I believe, its only important if we can discover do extremely powerful people believe something IS coming? BTW, I have my own possible theories yet I have zero intention of discussing what “they” think is/could be coming.  The internet is alive with those threads/blogs, feel free to take this information with you or create a thread under the forums area.

My next post will discuss the extreme mathematical and scientific understanding the builders of those Pyramids did in fact pass forward, and how it could all tie into the numbers above and why our not so distant ancient ancestors got it all wrong… both spiritually and scientifically.

–Charles Marcello

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Part 4

Everyone knows we live within a three dimensional universe, and that time equals the fourth dimension. While at the same time just about everyone has heard of E=MC2…the thing is, the Pyramids of Giza has both of those truths intertwined within their legends and their physical makeup.
What is a four sided pyramid? The quick smart-aleck answer is, it’s a four sided pyramid. While the other answer equals, a four sided pyramid is one sixth of a cube, or a box, or a perhaps the misunderstood science called a cubit. If that is true… and it is mathematically true… then what are those pyramids trying to say? Well, Graham Hancock and Robert Duval were able to answer some of those questions… I believe in their quest to be unique they still wanted to be accepted by mainstream Egyptologists, so they only allowed their uniqueness to go so far. I on the other hand don’t care if someone calls me a liar, or if someone else is annoyed I used the bible to make point, or any other derogatory names people can invent. I didn’t start this journey worried about how others were going to receive the truth. All I demanded was the truth. All I continually search for is the truth.


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PS How did Egyptians build it?

For years, scientists and explorers have debated over the question: How did the Egyptians build the pyramids? Now a new solution has been found by Italian researcher Elio Diomedi that may provide answers in this controversial documentary.


      • arno nemeczek says

        12×12×12 when divided by 3 = 444 when by 4 = 333
        Three kings are coming.
        Count 666 days before Dec 3, 2012 and then find out where your leaders were.
        Obama treads the diplomatic high wire above Cairo’s streets Washington has managed its multiple balancing act pretty well, so far, juggling its interests in Egypt’s unfolding crisis Rupert Cornwell – The Independent – 6th February 2011

  1. Rebecca says

    Dec 21, 2012 has the finger of God aspect with Jupiter apex in Gemini.
    something IS going to happen, a shift.
    I have a Yod in my own chart and this overlays on the same degrees. I am taking a big trip Dec 2012 for sure.

  2. farang says

    While the Egyptian/Harappan/Babylonian/Sumerian/Akkadian/Vedic civilization (all members of the same royal families) certainly knew about using the heavens to navigate the entire globe and left stone megaliths to prove it, you have certainly “missed the boat” about the myths of the so-called bible.

    The first dynasty of Egypt was King Manu, the Vedic king, known in Egypt as “Menes.”

    Moses means “Born of.” There were dozens of them. The bible has compiled a narrative of ALL the “Moses” into one story. The first “Moses” was Sobekemzaf I. A pharoah. “Born of Sobeke.” “Abram” (Abraham) is Brahma. Sarah is Sarasvati. Haggar is Ghaggar. Esther is Istar. Ra is Rama. Joshua is Shiva.

    The “Mayan calendar” was written by a disciple of the Vedic god MAYA. It is a VEDIC calendar.

    All of these religions are ancient myths based on astrological movements of the heavens, period, end of story.

  3. Dave says

    This is obviously the result of a huge amount of research & work, but will not play out in some catastrophe on any specific date.
    I have studied the Great Pyramid, read of the three stars that the three pyramids are aligned with (Alnitak, Alnilam & Mintaka), I’ve been inside it & was truly amazed at the scope of work needed to construct it.
    It was the work of an exquisite mind…

    There have been many prognostications using convincing dates & measurements within the Great Pyramid using biblical references, but they too never happened.
    I give this an A for effort, but I won’t bother digging a bunker over it.

  4. maarjo says

  5. says

    Hey Charles. I regard your spectacular knowledge on this intense subject.

    My name is Joseph Goree. I am somehow ready for this all. i had an experience on 12-12-11. exactly 1 year from 12-12-12 the experience left a triangular dot on my left shoulder. spread the skin a bit and its a triangular dot made up of 3 triangular smaller dots. I have been waiting for Dec.3rd alignment for a long time now, been following it since at least mar. of 2012. i am 22 years old, i wish you will email me and we could philosophically discuss some truely fascinating things! this goes for anyone who lives on a higher level than most spiritually gifted ones. please, if you wish to have a highly connective chitty chat, message me respectfully on my facebook. (lookup Rawrz4 on facebook) thanks !!
    By the way, i am firm the date 12-12-12 is “go time” for me, as i am a very special guardian, whose been put to death on at least one life that i am aware of (past life regression) i can feel my Self growing very impatient as time is growing closer forward. but i think its a go time for me. it makes sense.

  6. says

    Hi Charles.

    Please, also pay attention to the simple fact (left so far behind the scene which you showed very good) that there is a long-long fight of Peradigms in our World. And these Paradims offten use the same numerical clues ))).

    To illustrate this I would like to draw your attention to yet another coincidence of this kind. According to my estimations this may completely reformat the entire set of the trends which means so much for various “masons”.

    As you know on 30th of June 1908 there was an Event over Siberia sometimes called the Tungusska Phenomenon. And the simple days count from this Event to 21st od December 2012 gives exactly 106 years (but providing that the year consists of 360 days).

    And it looks like this 360 days cycle has a lot to do with the Moon and Solar rythms. I’ve mentioned all of these in the article on my website.

    Thank you very much for your recearch on the subject. You discovered and shared a truly impressive set of exclusive data.

  7. Giuseppe says

    The math instructor from my College day is an electrical engineer as he also designed the elevators at the Eaton Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this is his way of doing math is that you show every single step of the equation from cancelling out to moving to every part shown and you miss one single step than you get a zero mark, that is how strict he was.

  8. Andrew says

    The stories of the Bible especially the Old Testament are actually found in the Sumerian Clay Tablets that were written three thousand years earlier and are a much more detailed description of events. Being earlier versions they must be nearer the truth.

  9. Fred says

    I just made this video which checks the alignment of 03 December, for those interested in the subject.
    If someone finds an identical configuration and checkable in the same way, I gladly offer him a bottle of good champagne!
    No interpretation, fear of any kind, no expectation, or any delirium, just see it !

    • Fred says

      I just made this video which checks the alignment of 03 December, for those interested in the subject.
      If someone finds an identical configuration and checkable in the same way, I gladly offer him a bottle of good champagne!
      No interpretation, fear of any kind, no expectation, or any delirium, just see it !

      The documentary “the revelation of the pyramids” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1o5bRpNHCc) advance the same theory, that the site of Giza is a cosmic clock with sphinx facing east, where sun rises with the configuration of the next 03 december.

    • Charles Marcello says

      In over three years I know of only three people who have actually taken the time to look and have shown so publically. Thank you for that and for creating your video.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Martin says

        It is Charles’ amazing discovery I meant off course.

        In the Bible there is also a pyramide, it is the well-known story of Noach and the flood. The flood story being a pyramide? It’s an aspect of it yes, I have read the explanation.
        Represented on earth we see a pyramide in matter and know already of water erosion at the sphinx. And also the capstone is missing, in the Bible it is invisible. The ancient knowledge about this aspect of the “flood-story” is written in a Dutch book in 1963 by a professor, one can follow the explanation of it in their Bible. A pyramide is in this story is not visible when one reads the Bible. The flood-story has several dates.
        The flood-story being a pyramid is published in Dutch on the internet, translate it in Google Translate, scroll down also to the second picture: http://www.hebreeuwseacademie.nl/index.php?location=bas&pid=2.4

        • Martin says

          And this is the part of the website where is explained that the “arc” – Tebah is the hebrew word and is in first place translated as “word” and in second place as “arc” – has the form of a knotted pyramid:

          (translated by Google Translate)
          From the “Teba” is further told that they “to a cubit from above” would be finished (Gen. 6:16). This expression, especially in translation, at first sight not so clear. She does, however, – and tradition affirms the course, – that the ark upwards striker walked, and that the upper surface a cubit in length and width mat. That is to say that the “teba” has the shape of a truncated pyramid. The upper “stone” is “intentionally” omitted.

          While I can not comment on the ancient Egyptian knowledge of life, it might still be interesting in this aspect of the pyramid pointing. The “ark” is the form in which the life of the one world to another. The pyramid, with the same structure as the ark was also designed for the transfer of very special people from one world to another. The ship, which in other Egyptian expressions used as method of transition from one to the other life, points in that direction.

  10. Perturbed says

    Your 2737 year hypothesis only works ONCE! After that it has to become a 2775-ish year cycle because of the events that caused the year to change from 360 to 365 days! This discrepancy becomes very large over processional periods and throws a wrench into all of your claims.

    I have a time line drawn out in front of me as I type this and am doing the math. It’s impossible to get the cycles to match up without going hundreds of thousands of years into the past based on this number system.

    Man, we have a month until dec 21st. SPELL IT OUT already man!

  11. Martin says

    Hello, interesting blog you have. What I would like to add is that I have made a Biblical calender of the dates the Bible has, put them on a mooncalender. And in the time around the 3rd of dec. we can read Ezra 9 and 10. The 4th of dec is the 20th day of the 9th month (Kislew) and that’s what Ezra 10:9 talks about.
    I have learned that a man in the Bible represents the inner of man and a woman in the bible represents matter, that what surrounds the inner and that what follows what the inner thinks in the first place to do. Our body (matter) follows our thoughts (inner).
    In a broken and fragmented world (as we live in) we see a man and woman apart, we see a man walking on the planet apart from a woman walking on the planet.
    I have to read Ezra 9 and 10 that it is about putting away strange matter, not joining in with strange matter anymore and putting away what came from it from the past.
    It is possible that at that time it’s better to understand what it means.

  12. says


    “It is imperative no matter which pathway you are presently on, to keep guard over your mental body – your thoughts and words. All need to observe this practice. The energies entering your atmosphere are very powerful and I can tell you gaining more strength each day until the grand gateway opening on December 3 this year. The portal offered to mankind at that time will be only for a very brief time. So it is necessary to be watchful and to step forward quickly. This grand gateway will be a rare occurrence in your Linear time, and will align with the three great pyramids in Egypt. These pyramids were built by another race who sought to inhabit Earth. They understood more of the Universal races and energies than mankind does today. However, in meditating one hour before dawn, Egyptian time, you will gain a glimpse of the future, of coming home to your soul Light and knowledge.”



  13. Carlos Blandino says

    Hello everybod,

    Interesting discussion you all got in here. For already several years I was interested in topics relating to ancient cultures, lost knowledge, the golden proportion, and between all that the pyramids of egypt. The mathematics and his graphical form “geometry” are an universal and irrefutable language. In the particular thing the language of the geometry is given me better since I studied architecture. I have seen a great quantity of documentaries in YouTube about this topic, and have well-read much on theories and hypothesis on the origin and the meaning of the pyramids and mankind. Also I have noticed as the contemporary archaeology it awards these achievements to the test and mistake and that this gave like proved the construction and the corridors and interior galleries of the pyramids in Gizeh.

    These archeologists see with blind eyes the big evidences that has found in pyramids. Pyramids are a wonderful work of architecture and engineering, were created by individuals of a very advanced level of knowledge, which enclosed might be that they were more advanced than the human being of our age. Here I leave a document that I found by searching for knowing more about pyramids. It is a very elaborated plane, which one believes it was the starting point for the main plan of the set of Gizeh’s big pyramids. Evidently, this peopel used golden proporción or Golden Number also known as PHI in the design of Pyramids. Personally following the Euclidean geometry I did a quick reconstruction of the plan to verify it, superimposing it before a photography satelital.


    The similarity is amazing. The dimensions that I obtained on having measured it to scale, departing from one of the sides from the great pyramid (Ive used 230.35 meters) it gives like proved a precise enough drawing with regard to the actual situation of the pyramids. Gentlemen, this cannot be a work of the coincidence, these Egyptians were using advanced mathematics and big knowledge of geometry, astrology, engineering between others. What does me to wonder. To where did all this knowledge go away? Why did not the other pharaos of the following dynasties cant be able to did pyramids better than the ancient one?

    Heres the link where i found the info:
    Excuse my bad english!

    • Carlos Blandino says

      Oh, just another question! Why is the small planet (Mercury) at great pyramid? Maybe numbers can explain it… I just dont know.

      The image that I showed was to compare it with the hypothesis of the planesta exposed in this discussion. They seem to fit almost to the perfection. Also I noticed that the sharp angle between both segments is 12 degrees, cant be able to say if it has any importance. Keep working guys!

      • Charles Marcello says

        Hello Carlos Blandino,

        Here is a blog that takes people down the same path you presented with your first link; this blog was posted not too long ago… it seems many are moving in that direction.


        Below in one of my comments I gave a suggestion on how people could begin to see Jacob’s Ladder… here is another suggestion on how you can go about answering your final question.
        On a piece of paper or inside the paint program for windows… Create a square the dimensions matters not… then create another square of equal dimensions to your first, half inside half outside the first square… and then connect the top left to the bottom right, and the top right to the bottom left.

        –Charles Marcello

  14. pola says

    all this is very interesting, i am conecting things here , but the math is no my strongest, and to me this is not basic math, i don’t even know numerology. Start learning all this.. studying will demand lot …LOT of time even years to me. So when you are ready to go straight forward I’ll be here to listen. .. but the math thing to me is impossible (i am math dyslexic) . If, as you say , we as a human race have to act fast, and change our action, and way of thinking, I hope you don’t delay to much to give this info in easy words, for the rest, no “math-people” may cooperate. Some time an idea have to be logical, peaceful, and beneficial for people to follow. Because lot of people know something wrong is there, something missing, something… but to get the answer is not for everyone. .. but to act for a solution sometime require people understanding, information and education.

    very nice work you are doing


  15. Phil says

    Hello Charles,

    first of all i would like to thank you for your work and for the information you provide. I fully accept your decision to handle the hole thing the way you do but i have a question to you. You said that the possible repercussions for science and religious people alike, once the magnitude is understood, could be highly negative. If you think so why do you give information to find the things out you discovered? If somebody does the math the same way you did then the result would be the same. You said that you firmly believe it is the journey that will teach more than the information itself and i think you are right with that without knowing what your information is. But providing the information could be really helpful for the journey of each of us, included your own one. Maybe in that case the journey will lead us to a point much more deeper inside. I will do the math, but maybe you will change your oppinion abbout providing your discovery and we can work together.

    Regards Phil

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Phil,

      You asked, (paraphrasing), if this information is so damning why give information that will help people find the same answers? My answer is simple, because you have the right to review/question everything we’ve been told, told, to believe. Yet that doesn’t mean people are ready to be told what those answers are, at least not yet! So far, as far as I know I stand alone… which means all I can do at this moment is really piss people off. Here is short example.

      It is my hope people from all over the world will sit down and do the math, and then question what those answers mean in all walks/areas of life. I was raised Christian, and I truly believed that my religion was the only truth because that is what the grownups told me IS real. At fifteen I began to read the New Testament on my own, it was the Bible that first caused me to question my reality. I was raised to believe in the Trinity and that God is all knowing and all seeing… I’ve since learned the bible contradicts itself on that score over and over again… that is, if you only read it the way we are told to read it. If you look at those same words from another angle, you begin to realize the bible is a giant warning towards the human condition, that the Bible is trying to save ourselves from ourselves… not by reading it to see a wrathful god, rather, to me it explains how looking for god anywhere other than from within, will only and always lead to destruction of everything we love. While science has hung its hat on many false paradigms and destroys anyone who dares questions their purposeful mirage that science forces us all to accept as real. We are told to only look at the universe and our past in a single direction… yet if you step back and look at it all from another angle you begin to realize our interpretation of the evidence/science is completely wrong at worst, misunderstood at best.
      These answers are coming Phil, if not by others then by me, just not now. If you sit down and do the math it is imperative that you understand you must see the answers three dimensionally. It is imperative that everyone understand why the Pyramids at Giza have three sets of three. When you sit down to do the math you will see the two dimensional answers… anyone can using simple skills learned in elementary school. When you take a step back and look at those answers while starring at the Pyramid setup at Giza, realize we are being asked to take the math another layer deeper… and when you do that, you begin to understand the three-dimensional makeup of the pyramids… the eight sided pyramid is explaining three dimensions… as above so below… if you have one above the other, then that means you four across the sides. Yet here’s where it gets interesting, that only answered one question. I call that answer a Dimensional M-Cubic… (a M-Cubic is a homogeneous Cubic, and Dimensional M-Cubic is a Cube with varying dimensions)… yet the makeup of the pyramids explained to me I needed to M-Cubic meter those answers… to search for Jacob’s Ladder, which explained itself with the different styles of the smaller pyramids. Every Cubic answer is nothing more than one cubic inside another M-Cubic meter, inside another m-cubic meter etc… Our not so ancient ancestors, The Egyptians, Greeks, Roman’s etc…, did understand the concept of zero they simply rejected the concept of nothing, and rightfully so. Mathematicians have drove themselves crazy trying to be smarter than our universe… Yet our not so truly ancient ancestors lost the true meaning of the all Seeing Eye… you see within three dimensional mathematics all numbers exist inside zero, which means the number zero equals everything, which means there truly is no zero… while the concept of one equals nothing less than conscious awareness of everything inside the cube. Squaring the circle is nothing more than a symbol for infinity, because the circle is inside a box that is inside another circle that is inside another box… or stated another way infinity stacked upon itself. The All Seeing Eye is a three dimensional representation of that answer, every culture created that simple truth in their own way. Once you begin to see the world in its true reality you begin to read our ancient stories as a warning, or perhaps as a plea to listen to their mistakes, which are now our own. Yet it’s not time for that yet, all I will do is make people confused or angry until others are willing to see the world the way we were created to. I’ve said since the beginning, I don’t want talk at people, yet I am more than willing to have a conversation with anyone who is proving they’re doing the work. I know of three guys who are right there yet they can’t make the last connection, not because they lack intelligence, rather because they can’t break free of the lie that equals our understanding of reality. Put both of my posts, this one and ‘Secrets of Giza Pyramids’ side by side… Take each picture inside both my blogs and just look at them side by side… the answers are right there.

      How to see Jacob’s Ladder;

      Create a homogenous square of any size, find dead center of that square and create a second square of equal dimensions half inside and outside the first, now connect the corners… (top left to top left bottom right to bottom right etc.) You should be looking at a two dimensional representation of a cube. Now create another smaller square inside that cube, find dead center of that square and create another square of the same dimensions half in half out and then connect the corners. Inside that cube that now exists inside the first cube, create another square, find dead center, create another square half in half out and then connect the corners. If you do that just three times you should begin to see Jacob’s Ladder.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Phil says

        I really appreciate. I will contact you as soon as i have done some work and i am able to. My english is poor and i saw your blog yesterday for the first time but lets say i have my own journey as well and its a pleasure for me. Just another question – do you think time will running out with december 3rd ?



        • Charles Marcello says

          Hello again Phil,

          I’ve said this many times now, no… I’m positive time will not run out on any date in December 2012. Yet time is running out on us, the way we treat each other, the way we take and consume all we want without thinking about how our actions are effecting each of us. I personally believe the world could sustain our growth forever while increasing the benefits for all… yet we as a people, as individuals, cannot. We’ve put a price on everything, including the cost of our own children and their descendants for the foreseeable future. Eventually those children are going to hate us, which means all we’re teaching each other is how to hate ourselves. Everyone is blaming each other, while no one is screaming at the mirror. Our history tells us how this is going to end… and then the survivors will rebuild the exact same mistakes. Do you realize every culture that has ever existed died the exact same way… it wasn’t over population, over use of local resources… it was and has always been… people got accustomed to living life a certain way and then when that started to change they started looking for people to blame… or stated another way, the rich always convince the poor to fight for them. If you are thirty years old or younger you are going to witness (fight inside/towards) the death of our world. YOU ARE GOING TO WITNESS IT PERSONALLY! Unless the end of this year equals the end of the beginning. Where we as a people (race) begin to realize we are in this together, we all live within one house (planet). The bad news is, every new beginning means an older new beginnings end, and nobody from that old beginning likes that kind of instant change. Ie…. How the old and the young lose understanding of each other, because of those things created by the other in this fake physical world we’ve created around our generations. My generation is coming… we are going to rule the world, and we suck just as badly as our parents and grandparents did… the bad news is our world hasn’t seen this kind of relative peace for this long of period, which means the next war that is coming, and right soon, will make all others pale in comparison to all the wars before it. If we don’t find something to bring this world together, we are going to rip it apart. So even though I’m absolutely positive we’re not going to die/end on December 3rd, 12th, 21st or the 31st, I am absolutely positive we are dead sometime soon thereafter by our own hands.

          –Charles Marcello

  16. Charles Marcello says

    I’ve been reading on many websites that people believe they must be in Egypt in order to witness this convergence that will take place on December 3, 2012. That is simply not true. All anyone needs is to be in the Northern Hemisphere and have a clear view of the Eastern Horizon to watch this extremely rare moment in time that our truly ancient ancestors immortalized in stone.

    Let me say that again… You do not Need to be in Egypt, you simply need a clear viewing of the Eastern Sky. I live on the West Coast of the United States, in Southern Oregon to be more precise… I was planning on going to Egypt, however the situation in the Middle-East is less than I would’ve hoped for… So now I will be paying close attention to the weather forecasts and will most likely be somewhere in the mountains of California possibly as far south as Arizona… unless by a miracle the mountains here in Southern Oregon will not be fogged up and or raining, for this time of year the chances are extremely slim. So no matter where you live in the Northern Hemisphere, if you can find a clear night sky and a top down view of the horizon you can view this convergence anywhere. Please pass this simple reality to all those who state they wish they could witness this, because they can! I will be taking a ridiculous amount of pictures of this event, I hope each of you will do the same… BTW, those of you who live in earlier time zones around the world… you get to see this way before we in the United States can, you have the opportunity to confirm the last test required to prove this alignment does in fact match the Pyramids of Giza hours before I will be able to. You have a chance to make history! Don’t let it pass you by if you can help it, seize the moment!

    –Charles Marcello

    • Charles Marcello says

      As an aside;

      I just notice how many people have viewed this blog on this site… the thought struck me, wouldn’t it pretty neat if 144,000 people viewed this blog before December 3. Just a thought I thought I’d share.

      • Charles Marcello says

        Hello Mark,

        The Earth rotates at the same speed everywhere… I’m not saying that to be flippant, I’m say that so everyone understands the same answer that exists for Egypt exists for the whole world. You will be able to see this one hour before Sunrise no matter where you live.


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