10 Insane Ancient Achievements that Science Can’t Explain

10 Insane Ancient Achievements that Science Can’t Explain

Out-of-place artifact (OOPArt) is a term coined by American naturalist and cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson for an object of historical, archaeological, or paleontological interest found in a very unusual or seemingly impossible context that could challenge conventional historical chronology. The term “out-of-place artifact” is rarely used by mainstream historians or scientists. Its use is largely confined to cryptozoologists, proponents of ancient astronaut theories, and paranormal enthusiasts….

In this article we present our selection of Top 10 OOPArts. There are many more (you can find them by exploring our website).

1. Tiwanacu and Puma Punku

Tiwanaku (Spanish: Tiahuanaco and Tiahuanacu) is an important Pre-Columbian archaeological site in western Bolivia, South America. Pumapunku also called “Puma Pumku” or “Puma Puncu”, is part of a large temple complex or monument group that is part of the Tiwanaku.   Tiahuanaco is an example of engineering so monumental that it dwarfs even the work of the Aztecs. Stone blocks on the site weigh many tons. They bear no chisel marks, so the means by which they were shaped remains a mystery. The stone itself came from two different quarries. One supplied sandstone and was situated 10 miles away. It shows signs of having produced blocks weighing up to 400 tons. The other supplied andesite and was located 50 miles away, raising the question of how the enormous blocks were transported in an age before the horse was domesticated in South America. Close examination of the structures shows an unusual technique behind their building. The stone blocks were notched, then fitted together so that they interlocked in three dimensions. The result was buildings strong enough to withstand earthquakes.

Gateway of the Sun, Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

Puma Punku  site has many finely cut stones –  some weighing over 100 tonnes. The processes and technologies involved in the creation of these temples are still not fully understood by modern scholars. Raad More >>

Monolithic stone blocks with precisely cut elements. Puma Punku, Bolivia

Image Source >>

2. Nazca Lines

The high desert of Peru holds one of the most mystifying monuments of the known world—the massive-scale geoglyphs known as the Nazca Lines.  The “lines” are ranging from geometric patterns to “drawings” of different animals and stylized human-like forms.

The ancient lines can only be truly taken in, their forms discerned, from high in the air, leaving generations mystified as to how these precise works could’ve been completed long before the documented invention of human flight. Who built them and what was their purpose? Are the lines signs left by an alien race? Ancient “crop circles”?  Landing strips for alien gods/astronauts?  Relics of a ancient people far more advanced—capable of human flight—then previously imagined? Or perhaps a giant astronomical calendar?  Read More >>

3. Sacsayhuaman

Sacsayhuamán (also known as Sacsahuaman) is a walled complex near the old city of Cusco, at an altitude of 3,701 m. or 12,000 feet. The site is part of the City of Cuzco, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983.

Giant walls of Sacsayhuaman

 They are three parallel walls built in different levels with lime-stones of enormous sizes.  Zigzagging walls are made of boulders used for the first or lower levels are the biggest; there is one that is 8.5 m high (28 ft.) and weights about 140 metric tons. Those boulders classify the walls as being of cyclopean or megalithic architecture.  There are no other walls like these. They are different from Stonehenge, different from the Pyramids of the Egyptians and the Maya, different from any of the other ancient monolithic stone-works.  Scientists are not certain how these huge stones were transported and processed to fit so perfectly that no blade of grass or steel can slide between them. There is no mortar.  The stones often join in complex and irregular surfaces that would appear to be a nightmare for the stonemason.   Read more >>
[subject related:  Evidence of Vitrified Stonework in the Inca Vestiges of Peru ]

4. Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a megalithic monument on the Salisbury Plain in Southern England, composed mainly of thirty upright stones (sarsens, each over ten feet tall and weighing 26 tons), aligned in a circle, with thirty lintels (6 tons each) perched horizontally atop the sarsens in a continuous circle. There is also an inner circle composed of similar stones, also constructed in post-and-lintel fashion.

Stonehenge is angled such that on the equinoxes and the solstices, the sun rising over the horizon appears to be perfectly placed between gaps in the megaliths. This is doubtless not an accident, and probably contributed to the stories of its mysterious origins.

Gerald Hawkins, a Professor of Astronomy, concluded that Stonehenge was a sophisticated astronomical observatory designed to predict eclipses (Stonehenge Decoded). The positioning of the stones provides a wealth of information, as does the choice of the site itself. If you can see the alignment, general relationship, and the use of these stones then you will know the reason for the construction. The author, and other astronomers, discovered the 56-year cycle of eclipses by decoding Stonehenge!  The movement of stones once each year from an initial fixed position allows to predict accurately every important lunar event for hundreds of years. This computer would need resetting about once every 300 years by advancing the stones by one space. Mankind generally used the cycle of the moon as a unit of timekeeping.

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5. Costa Rica Stone Spheres

One of the strangest mysteries in archaeology was discovered in the Diquis Delta of Costa Rica. Since the 1930s, hundreds of stone balls have been documented, ranging in size from a few centimetres to over two meters in diameter. Some weigh 16 tons. Almost all of them are made of granodiorite, a hard, igneous stone. These objects are monolithic sculptures made by human hands.  Read More >>

Balls in the Courtyard of National Museum, San José, Costa Rica. Photo courtesy of John W. Hoopes. Copyright ©2001 John W. Hoopes. All rights reserved.

6. Trilithon at Baalbeck

The mysterious ruins of Baalbek. One of the great Power Places of the ancient world. For thousands of years its secrets have been shrouded in darkness, or bathed in an artificial light by those who would offer us a simplistic solution to its mysteries.

The Temple of Jupiter is one of the most impressive Temples in Baalbeck. It measures 88×48 meters and stands on a podium 13 meters above the surrounding terrain and 7 meters above the courtyard. It is reached by a monumental stairway. One of the most amazing engineering achievements is the Podium which was built with some of the largest stone blocks ever hewn. On the west side of the podium is the “Trilithon”, a celebrated group of three enormous stones weighing about 800 tons each.

Some archaeologists might well wish that Baalbek had been buried forever. For it is here that we find the largest dressed stone block in the world – the infamous Stone of the South, lying in its quarry just ten minutes walk from the temple acropolis. This huge stone weighs approximately 1,000 tons – almost as heavy as three Boeing 747 aircraft.

The large stone at Baalbek, known as the Stone of the Pregnant Woman. Copyright by Ralph Ellis (source: Wikipedia)

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7. Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza (also called the Khufu’s Pyramid, Pyramid of Khufu, and Pyramid of Cheops) is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis bordering what is now Cairo, Egypt, and is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that survives substantially intact. It is believed the pyramid was built as a tomb for Fourth dynasty Egyptian King Khufu (Cheops in Greek) and constructed over a 20 year period concluding around 2560 BC. The Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years.

Originally the Great Pyramid was covered by casing stones that formed a smooth outer surface, and what is seen today is the underlying core structure. Some of the casing stones that once covered the structure can still be seen around the base. There have been varying scientific and alternative theories regarding the Great Pyramid’s construction techniques. Most accepted construction theories are based on the idea that it was built by moving huge stones from a quarry and dragging and lifting them into place.

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8. Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin is reputedly Christ’s burial cloth. It has been a religious relic since the Middle Ages. To believers it was divine proof the Christ was resurrected from the grave, to doubters it was evidence of human gullibility and one of the greatest hoaxes in the history of art. No one has been able to prove that it is the burial cloth of Jesus of Nazareth, but its haunting image of a man’s wounded body is proof enough for true believers.

The Shroud of Turin, as seen by the naked eye, is a negative image of a man with his hands folded. The linen is 14 feet, 3 inches long and 3 feet, 7 inches wide. The shroud bears the image of a man with wounds similar to those suffered by Jesus.

One theory is simply that the Shroud is a painting . It has been proposed that it was painted using iron oxide in an animal protein binder. The STURP scientists have concluded from their studies that no paints, pigments, dyes or stains have been found to make up the visible image. Could the image have been produced by a burst of radiation (heat or light) acting over short period of time which would have scorched the cloth? Scientists have not been able to duplicate the characteristics of the Shroud using this method just like the painting hypothesis. Also the color and ultraviolet characteristics of the Shroud body image and a scorch are different. The shroud body image does not fluoresce under UV light but scorches like the burns from 1532 do fluoresce under UV light. Thus many scientists rule out the radiation theory.  Read More >>

9. Star Child Skull

In the 1930?s, in a small rural village 100 miles southwest of Chihuahua, Mexico, at the back of a mine tunnel, two mysterious remains were found: a complete human skeleton and a smaller, malformed skeleton. In late February of 1999, Lloyd Pye was first shown the Starchild skull by its owners. Nameless then, it was a highly anomalous skull.

Front view of the Starchild skull (on the left) and the human skull (on the right). Compare striking differences between depth of eye sockets and shape of temporal area just behind outer edges of eyes.

The long-standing Star Being legends of Central and South America provide a plausible mechanism for how a highly abnormal skull (relative to humans) might have been biologically created rather than genetically or congenitally malformed, or physically manipulated by deliberate deformation (binding).
Such immense deformation across the entire occipital (rear) and parietal (upper side) areas of the skull could not result from binding without deformation being visible in the frontal area, which is not evident.
Birth defects across the entire occipital and parietal areas, while not impossible, seem highly unlikely because of the remarkable symmetry exhibited in all areas of the skull, including those effected by the deformations.
The terrain of the bone in the eye sockets contains incredibly subtle indentations and ridges that are perfectly symmetrical in both sockets, which simply have to have been formed by genetic directions rather than by deformations.

Related to this subject is Enormous Cone Head Of Paracas Peru:

Read More:

10. The Antikythera Mechanism

The device, made of bronze and encased in wood, was found by divers off the Mediterranean island Antikythera in 1900.

“This device is just extraordinary, the only thing of its kind,” says Mike Edmunds  (Cardiff University, Wales) one of  the scientists  investigating this amazing artefact. “The design is beautiful. The astronomy is exactly right. The way the mechanics are designed just makes your jaw drop.”

Image Copyright © 2001-2012, Anthony Ayiomamitis

Nothing like this instrument is preserved elsewhere. Nothing comparable to it is known. from any ancient scientific text or literary allusion. On the contrary, from all that we know of science and technology in the Hellenistic Age we should have felt that such a device could not exist. Some historians have suggested that the Greeks were not interested in experiment because of a contempt-perhaps induced by the existence of the institution of slavery-for manual labor. On the other hand it has long been recognized that in abstract mathematics and in mathematical astronomy they were no beginners but rather “fellows of another college” who reached great heights of sophistication. Many of the Greek scientific devices known to us from written descriptions show much mathematical ingenuity, but in all cases the purely mechanical part of the design seems relatively crude. Gearing was clearly known to the Greeks, but it was used only in relatively simple applications. They employed pairs of gears to change angular speed or mechanical ad- vantage, or to apply power through a right angle, as in the water-driven mill.  Read More >>


  1. J.a says

    What sort of science is that if they can’t explain, at least some research’s give some recognition to the intelligence of the ancients doubt all manipulaters of truth.

  2. joe says

    Maybe the Earth at the time was spinning faster. Maybe there was a lot less gravity.
    Maybe everything living grew to what we consider giant size but was considered normal at the time. Maybe these “giant” stones that now weigh “100 tons”, weighed much less at the time. Maybe the stone itself was something else.
    Maybe something impacted the Earth that crashed the firmament then flooded and broke the Earth. Maybe the “mountains” were created “in a day” Maybe a supervolcano about 400 miles in diameter spit out the Colorado Rocky Mts. Maybe there is much more to take into consideration.
    Maybe not. Look on sattelite.

  3. MFranklin says

    It is incredibly important for mainstream science to be able to answer every question and solve every mystery, regardless of whether those explanations have any basis in provable fact. This is due to the growing public interest in such things as ancient mysteries and a constant, nagging suspicion that our race suffers from a kind of collective amnesia. Whether or not there is any real threat is arguable but science does feel quite threatened anytime there is some chance they might be wrong. Thus, there are immediate and often acid attacks on subjects like those mentioned here.
    In this, science has become something of a religion and is conducting what could be described as a modern-day inquisition in an effort to shut down any and all challengers.

  4. Richard Perry says

    The moving of large stones by the ancients has been popular on the WEB, some claim a more advance race, giants or beings from another planet moved the large blocks. I have not seen enough info to support that claim. It does not take a very large work force to move heavy stones! even with the basic tools and resources they had 100,000 or more years ago. There may be more ways to move heavy stones and my claim may inspire others to come up with new or better methods. The way I would move large and heavy stones is to set a Unit1-[A1] -(24″ by 18 foot post) into the ground about 10 feet with 8 feet above grade, then attach a Unit1-[B1] -(24″ by 40 foot log) on to the top of the post [A1] so that [B1] -(24″ by 40 foot log) will be parallel with the ground. The next step is to attach one end of a rope to the post [A1] and the other end to the stone you want to move. This configuration will give a mechanical advantage of 40 to 1; one man pushing the [B1] log with a 100 lbs pressure [push at the end of [B1] log ] will pull the large stone with a force of 40×100= 4,000lbs. This will give one man enough force to move over 4,000lbs, 10 men can produce 40,000lbs and if one were to series up two of these levers with 10 men on Unit2 only and Unit1 [B1] log is attached to [A2]post. The Unit1 and Unit2 each have a leverage of 40 to 1 or total of 1600 to 1. This gives 1 man’s 100lbs of force x 1600= 160,000lbs x 10 men will be 1,600,000lbs. If I am right 10 men can move 1,600,000lbs or more if the ground is prepared properly like winter ice roads or squared timbers with oil or fats. Note that the ancients sites with large stones with holes in them where greased to be use as a pulley and these stones where moved around to group up several stones to get leverage like a block and tackle. I believe these pulley stones where well used so not many have been found, also punching a hole is time consuming. I have another method to move large stones, it is quite simple set up tripods and attach a rope to the stone and throw it over the tripod and fasten a net to it and then fill them with rocks. Keep adding tripods and nets until weight of all the netted rocks moves the heavy stone. This is how I see it could be done. I am now looking into how walls and structures where built so perfect, I have seen some evidence of what kind of equipment was used but I cannot pull it together, if anyone has any thoughts please share. I believe the method of cutting stones has two cuts at a time because it seems that they would rather cut into a rock then use a side that is left witch to me is odd to make an extra cut when you do not need to.

  5. Gary Schoenung says

    Now that people have had some time to look at the video material I’ve posted I will share my analysis of what it all could mean. The videos are pieces of one large video titled “From the Brink of Extinction (Ruins of Old Earth)”. The reason that we can’t understand how ancient people with no technology, machinery or even decent tools could have accomplished what they seem to have been able to do is very simple. They didn’t do it. They occupied and used what was available to them from before a near extinction event occurred. Some of what they were able to use had become exposed by time and erosion. I think that long before that time the world population had grown way beyond what we currently think it is possible for our planet to support. With the methods in use today there is simply not enough room for all of the housing, industry, and agriculture required to support a population of that size. The most important consideration to be able to support an extremely large population would be the ability to provide enough food. There is no way to work around the fact that agriculture requires sunlight and a reliable source of water. There needed to be a way to have enough room for all of the people and a way to ensure a reliable source for all of the food that was needed. Pyramids are the key to understanding how that problem was solved. In places where erosion has exposed them the visible evidence varies depending on how much has been exposed and eroded. In spite of that fact if you spend a little time comparing them they leave behind very identifiable “footprints” as they erode away. Evidence in this video suggests that a pyramid was an architectural support. The steps supported levels for habitation and industry below the surface. Other functions that appear to have been incorporated into their designs include control of networked irrigation and drainage systems and access to other levels. The methods in use at that time would solve many of the problems that we face today as well as other problems that we have not yet had to deal with. Terrible storms, flooding, droughts, fires, inadequate food production, expensive climate control, and high insurance costs from damages to name a few off the top of my head. If a surplus of water occurred, it would flow into the networked irrigation and drainage systems, be stored in above and below ground reservoirs, and used when needed. The worst damage that could occur would be localized crop damage from some types of storms. There appear to have been both dome shaped and long rows of surface structures that are eroding away, with interior divisions being exposed by wind and water erosion. There are places with erosion occurring by levels that are loaded with the type of “footprints” that pyramids leave behind, as well as fractures in the surface of the higher ground in the surrounding area that lead to evidence of being artificially supported. Some of the most interesting places to examine are where it seems that one layer is eroding away and exposing another. Especially if the surface that is eroding away has features that do not appear to have been naturally formed.

    Random thoughts: The longest North/South line at the bottom of the Pacific is 8 to 10 miles wide (So are the intersecting ones.) and can be followed for 2,100 miles in a perfect line. The symmetry of some of the underwater mounds is amazing. Pick out a perfect looking 20 mile in diameter mound. If you anchor Google Earth’s measuring tool in the right place you can go the same distance in any direction and be at almost exactly the same depth. The similarity of circular formations in different sizes on land is obvious, including the location of possible supports around the outside diameter in predictable locations. Evidence at Easter island and at Train rock (which follows Easter island in the video) appear to support that possibility. There are similarities between the large statues at Easter island and columns found in ancient ruins that could mean that the natives of Easter island carved existing ruins there to make the statues. What is left at Stonehenge could be the center support structure of an ancient dome shaped building. There is another location that looks very similar to Stonehenge but has not been exposed. The evidence of ancient East/West irrigation channels around the Okavango delta in South Africa covers approximately 500 by 700 miles. We’ve wondered why we can’t find evidence of what hit the ground in Crater national park but never wondered how it could blast a square hole in the ground. I suspect our near extinction event may have been similar to what happened at Tunguska in 1908, but on a much larger scale. Large enough to fracture the Earths crust, push part of it down into the molten core, and tilt the Earths axis. And finally having read this you may want to look at the video footage again.


    • Gary Schoenung says

      The material used for construction was not quarried, finished to size, and set in place. It was poured. Today the binding agents are separating from the sedimentary material and being carried to lower levels by the flow of water.

  6. says

    Thank you Gary Schoenung for your sharing with us. Any questions you may want to know about the who, what, or how, I believe I can answer as the questions so far seen in the above Replies from your readers. My book Elah`im One has these answers in it. TOPICS:
    I study Anthropology, Archaeology, World Religions, Religo-Politics/governments, DNA migrations and their cultures, and the histories of the World Bank’s International Corporations influence on the Chartered Corporate States in the United Nations’ World Education Organization, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, and about 30 more main UNDP’s Organizations, along with contacts with many nation’s foreign News Articles and their citizens.
    Physics of biological genes(Micro-biology) and DNA, Astro-Physics, Bio-Physics, and my ‘Zero (0) Force of Everything’ has been my whole life’s interests!

    • says

      Other little people found:
      In 1938, high in the mountains of BayanKara-Ula, on the borders of China and Tibet a team of archaeologists was conducting a very detailed routine survey of a series of interlocking caves. Their interests had been excited by the discovery of lines of neatly arranged graves that contained the skeletons of what must have been a race of human beings. They appeared to have spindly bodies and large overdeveloped heads. (E. T.?)
      At first, it had been thought that the caves had been the home of a hitherto unknown species of ape. However, as the species seemed to bury its dead they eliminated the idea of them being of an ape race [ape genus].
      While studying the skeletons one of the members of the team stumbled on a large round stone disc half buried in the dust on the floor of the cave. The disc looked like a Stone Age record. There was a hole in the center and a fine spiral groove that shows a continuous spiraling line of closely written characters.
      No one understood the meanings of the message. The disc was labeled and filed away among other finds [discoveries] in the area. For 20 years, many experts in Peking tried to translate the disc. Finally, Dr. Tsum Um Nui broke the code and started to decipher the “speaking grooves”. The Peking academy of Pre-History forbade him to publish his findings.
      In 1965, 716 more grooved stone discs were uncovered in the same caves. They told the story of a “space probe” by the inhabitants of another planet who came to the Baya-Kara-Ula mountain range. They had crash-landed. Their peaceful intentions had been misinterpreted. Many of them had been hunted down and killed by members of the Han tribe, who lived in the neighboring caves.
      They referred to themselves as the Dropas. They said they came down from the clouds in their spacecraft. It crashed landed in remote and inaccessible mountains. There was no way to build a new ship. This was found in Chinese newspapers over a decade ago. The cave displayed a round disc made out of a metal not familiar to todays metallurgists. This disc had an engraving of the Star constellation with the very star group they came from. There diagrams showed the star groups from a different angle than from Earth. This was found from a computer by rotating their star diagram backwards in time. They found it was a true diagram from their home star perspective. The ‘little people’ writings stated that they were having trouble with their taller neighbors. They were a very technically advanced people that said they crashed on Earth.
      Legend in the area spoke of small gaunt yellow faced men [?] who came from the clouds long ago. The men had large eye sockets and large heads compared to their puny bodies. This description is similar to the bodies found in many other caves. On the walls of the caves archaeologists found crude pictures of the rising Sun, the Moon, unidentifiable stars and the earth all joined by lines of pea-sized dots. The cave drawings have been dated to 12,000 years ago. The cave area is still inhabited by two semi-troglodyte tribes known as the Hans and the Dropas. These tribes are odd looking in appearance. They are frail and stunted in growth averaging near 5 feet in height. They are neither typically Chinese nor Tibetan.
      [Most of the Chinese hill people and Indonesians are 5 feet and shorter! This also can be seen in South America with a race/species that still live with nature -the Earths Hunter gatherers! {Earth people}]
      In Russia, several of the discs were tested. The discs were found to contain large amounts of cobalt and other metallic substances. When placed on a special turntable they vibrated or hummed in an unusual rhythm as thought an electric charge was passing through them. It is as if they formed some part of an electrical circuit. The Russians have put these findings in their safe keeping.

  7. Gary Schoenung says

    Here are all of the links to my videos.

    This collection of videos reveals the truth about our forgotten past including what pyramids were really for.
    They are pieces of a large video that I had originally titled “From the Brink of Extinction (Ruins of Old Earth)”
    It is easier to understand them if you watch them in order.

    (1) Ruins of Old Earth – Intro https://vimeo.com/44955870

    (2) Synchronicity 1 https://vimeo.com/45529817

    (3) The Nazca Ruins https://vimeo.com/45273136

    (4) Synchronicity 2 (Pyramids) https://vimeo.com/45888215

    (5) Ancient Irrigation 1 https://vimeo.com/46951247

    (6) Ancient Irrigation 2 https://vimeo.com/46954769

    (7) Agriculture vs Habitation 1 https://vimeo.com/47045138

    (8) Agriculture vs Habitation 2 (Pyramids) https://vimeo.com/47131337

  8. Charles Marcello says

    Edward Leedskalnin proved modern science has no idea what the hell it is they’re talking about. The man has been dead for fifty plus years and NO ONE has yet to reproduce the how. Which is why people like DW and other so called scientist should be pointed and laughed at when they say people with wooden rollers or greased logs somehow built the Pyramids of Giza or all the other unexplainable structures that exist from thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years ago.

    When I first started looking into how Coral Castle was built the first thing that shocked me was, Mr. Leedskalnin went to the hospital to die? Nonsense, he went there at a final attempt to live. So that told me to learn what he would do when he needed to go get food, fuel, more clothes… or anything we all need in order to survive. The next thing I paid close attention to was what people said they saw or heard while he worked at night… and then finally I focused on what was found. I believe Mr. Leedskalnin figured out how to use radio waves and electricity with small amounts of water. The biggest clue for me was those glass jugs with cooper wires. At first I thought he must’ve figured out how to separate energy… to control the forces of positive and negative respectfully… yet I couldn’t get that to make sense. Then I remembered all cultures that have pyramids have legends of the power of music. Mr Leedskalnin’s neighbors said he always worked to music… so I wondered. What the hell did he have available to him that we don’t have available now…. especially when he first started creating his castle? (The castle wasn’t built the day he died so the clue to how has to start at the beginning.) The answer to what he had that we don’t, not a damn thing! So to narrow down what he did have available during his reign, I had to fit what his neighbors described that they heard and saw from a distant… don’t forget the truck drivers statement… and then by using that check list of what technology he had available to him… I then checked off what they found at his house after his death. Wires and radios and generators everywhere, don’t forget the tri-pod for moving those heavy blocks of rock. Hmm, now that I found interesting. Quick question; How is sound pushed through speakers? That’s when I went… oh damn, is it really that simple… really?

    One of these days I plan to find out. Right now I have other things pressing on my mind so I’m in no hurry to chase that answer. I present this here for one of you who has the time and the inclination to follow the process mentioned above and seek those answers. To keep things inexpensive… you might want to create your own bottles/jugs with wires therein. Simply submerge those wires in water… with rocks… perhaps the same type of coral, and connect energy to one end and AM or FM to the other… then play with the dials. If I can finally put this Pyramid riddle/journey I’m on to rest, I will pick up where I left off with Coral Castle. Hopefully one of you will see what I’m doing with this post and begin your own journey and find his answer. I believe the answer is simple, overly simple and that’s why no one has figured it out… perhaps until now, with you! We simply need to place ourselves in his technology… by paying close attention to what he left behind, and then bring those pieces together in order to find his solution.

    If you don’t know anything about Coral Castle… here is a good place to start to find the same answers I did.


    –Charles Marcello

  9. Doug Yurchey says

    Would someone read my ‘5 Questions on Atlantis’ article on the W-M site if you want answers? I have boiled down 40 years of research…and it will be published soon in a real book; my part will be 20 pages long. The ancients had anti-gravity; it’s a true science. Tesla built flying disks; his protege Otis T. Carr had a real corporation that was going to build round, anti-gravity vehicles in 1960. They offered to take government officials to the Moon! Then, the gov. illegally took the actual crafts from the corporation and shut them down. Carr’s company would have ruined their future plans to enslave us to gas-guzzling cars and a ruined economy.
    Guess what? If Tesla and Carr would have succeeded – we would be USING anti-gravity 52 years ago and BY NOW, it would be common knowledge and taken for granted. There would be no discussion of how the pyramids were built and ancient monoliths in the 1000s of tons moved; the mysteries would truly disappear because we would be fully aware of ANTI-FREAKING-GRAVITY. In stead, traditional scientists still think A.G. is something out of fantasy.
    Here’s another…TESLA wrote a book called ‘The Wall of Light.’ He was being literal; you can tune a light-ray/radio wave so intensely that it becomes an impenetrable WALL. This is also well known in science-fiction. They are called FORCE-FIELDS! It’s real science. Sci-fi almost always predicts the real technology to come. Just because we don’t employ such methods now only means how stupid and backward THEY KEEP US; withholding/suppressing technology such as water-engines and many other things which the 1% at the top, I suspect, keep for themselves and don’t distribute to the general public.
    To those on this blog mentioning Tiahuanaco, Puma Punku etc…bravo! The physics are about impossible for these structures on top of the Andes Mountains where nothing can grow and no one can survive or flourish there today. The monoliths come from lowland quarries, not from highlands. That means those 100-200+ ton megaliths had to be lifted a mile and a half straight UP! Like we can do that today? NOT EVEN CLOSE. Our BEST machines cannot move 200 tons 5 inches!!!
    In my writings, I conclude that the mountain fortresses functioned as BOMB-SHELTERS (and ancient ‘dolmens’) when you study what was going on in India; in their old books 8000 years ago describing nuclear wars and flying ‘vimanas’ without the modern words. ‘I am become destroyer of worlds’ you would hear J. Oppenheimer speak because he studied the old books and knew that Atomic Bombs (and flying disks/saucers) are ancient technology!
    Here’s the interesting thing: the mt. fortresses, some made with 200 ton building blocks…HAVE NO ROOFS! Their enemies could float bombs on balloons and defeat the ancient Andeans! Here’s what’s missing: the FORCE-FIELD roofs! Tesla would understand that the electronic roofs were retractable. Vehicles or people with jet-packs could fly in or out – then they put back the FORCE-FIELD invisible roof which kinda worked like (an impenetrable) electric-eye we use on doors today. How can I conclude this? Because there are stone room-after-room on these ‘impossible’ high fortresses with no doors or windows! Today, you cannot get in these many stone enclosures without a high ladder or a helicopter. But, way back then…they used force-field doors and roofs; like we see in sci-fi – it explains the physical structures that Mr. Traditional Scientist here thinks so little of; like we can build such things today? Well, we CAN’T…not until we progress into the far future…and be permitted by our leaders to use occult (hidden) technology such as anti-gravity and force-fields.
    Write to me: [email protected] and I’ll send you my ancient World Grid map showing the special and connected 13 worldwide locations that were our Cradles of Civilization – truth is; they were Tesla stations or wireless power-towers that was the lifeblood of Utopia…until time changed everything; Atlantis blew up and it’s been downhill ever since…

  10. Jason apoyan says

    This would be a great introduction ive been fascinated by these monuments since childhood it has been great learning these subjects have had a lot of creative talent put in them they surely can stand the test of time as we are now,further more you would exspect that great care be given to the land that our ancients created custodian care takers could promote the beneficial values of human ownership for us then we could program our intentions for them true to the de vine.

  11. Doug Yurchey says

    The DW guy…why is there always one idiot? They all can be explained? Pathetic – so glad others criticized this..this.. what? This scared-of-the-truth, ignorant dummy…and I’m being kind. Many people have read my articles on WM and loved them, for the most part…but you always get criticism whenever you put anything out there.
    A few of the sites are exactly my World Grid of 13 grid-points that form a worldwide PATTERN. Tiahuanaco (spell it properly, please) and Puma Punku are NO. 1 – they are ‘Earthbase 1’ as Alan Landsburg has stated – and in my theory, the place where the already-advanced, human race began 60,000 years ago. In theory, the ancient human (Cro-Mag) space colony, surveyed the planet from there and later built the 13 sites of wireless, electrical (Tesla-like) power-centers. The Great Pyramid should be 2nd on the list and what about Easter Island? When you consider the impossible structures 2300 miles from the mainland…NOTHING prehistoric (and can’t be built today) should be on the island!
    The only other missing one is the rustless, magnetic (magnetite) Iron Pillar in New Delhi…which was the power-center of the ancient empire of INDIA; land of flying vimanas which I believe were powered by the Pillar functioning thru induction like a Tesla Coil. It’s metallic purity can never be duplicated today – it’s a unique thing because so much wireless electricity once surged thru the metal…can’t happen today with conditions nothing like they were 8000 years ago in India.
    The last one is just wrong – It’s the CRYSTAL SKULL – the one special one with separate jawbone…that we even know is FEMALE – that’s how accurate it is! I’ve worked in shaping crystal with diamond tools…one grind too much and you’ve lost the perfect anatomy. The Mitchell-Hedges skull is – PERFECT everywhere on all surface points! It’s impossible…yet there it is. Ancient computers did this; not a lone craftsman. If it’s a forgery, why aren’t there others like it? There’s NOTHING as perfect at the MH skull.
    And so glad the Shroud is there – can’t be duplicated – not a forgery – radiation burned thru the cloth from the inside out creating a negative image. Did you know that negative images of people were formed on windows of some Japanese that happened to be in the right spot when the U.S. nuked them during WWII?
    To the skeptics, like DW, consider this…consider pure PHYSICS. Consider that our greatest machines today, at best, can only basically lift 10 tons. Anything more and the machines break down. Our human ancestors mastered stone-building and moved weights in the thousands of tons. This was done by anti-gravity and powerful lasers and the most sophisticated computers beyond our present imaginations to form every precise cut down to micro-millimeters! Did you know that those mighty stones of Sacsahuaman and many more pre-Incan fortresses on top of the Andes Mountains did not come from the highlands? The quarries are in the lowlands. Then, how were 200+ ton monoliths raised a mile and a half straight UP? PHYSICS and numbers do not lie.

    • duncanf says

      i’ve seen the mitchell-hedges skull at the british museum – it’s fantastic but they have it tucked away in the corner and allude to it being a fake – it’s very sad and seems almost like the ending of ‘raiders of the lost arc’…

  12. Mick says

    With some in this list, one has to wonder about the possibility of geopolymer construction. If anyone is unfamiliar with the technique, and is interested, here are a few links for you:




    and, right here at World Mysteries:


    Regardless of whether geopolymerization can explain any of these sites or not, it is fascinating and inspiring.


    • Gary Schoenung says

      You can look at four videos I’ve posted on Vimeo.com if you would like. Three that are on this site now and one that isn’t. They are pieces of three hours and twenty two minutes of material collected over three years inspecting Earth that I will be posting as soon as I finish stirring up some interest. I’m still sitting on most of the really good stuff but I think you will find what is there now interesting. I will tell you that most of our mysteries are left over from before a near extinction event. And I do have video proof.

      • Ma says

        I just saw your videos in Vimeo and noticed that those Nazca lines are indeed all over the World, just that they are underwater now, thank you for taking the time to put those videos together.

        Also, regarding your Synchronicity 2 video, I saw a guy on You Tube making the aseveration(not regarding your video) that the number 101, Green Lantern symbol, the same that can be seen on those eroded pyramids all over the World (like at minute 6:14) are a number related to negative entities. On another videos I saw the number was related to the opening of the pineal gland though. Of course it all depends on what side are you….so as you say we might know a possible truth soon.

        • Gary Schoenung says

          If you believe that there are mystical or supernatural explanations to ancient mysteries you are going to be disappointed. They are simply what’s left from a time before recorded history. They have been occupied, altered, and used for a very long time but they are all remnants of what was needed at that time by the existing population. What was here would be understood eventually because it would have to be repeated out of necessity. There is a logical explanation that I intend to expose. People can “feel” any way they need to about it but the video they can watch for themselves will make it very obvious. I think it’s time for another piece.

  13. DW says

    This is a load of rubbish. While some ‘scholars’ may still be stumped by these things, decent professional archaeologists definitely are not. This is a perfect example of how blog writing is making a travesty of the world of informative writing. Anybody has the freedom to publish anything they want, regardless how much nonsense is involved. The real travesty here is that the URL places this ‘article’ under the heading “science”. I’d be surprise if the author knew the scientific method even, without having to look it up!

    • Helen says

      Really. So what is the decent professional archaeologists explanation let’s say Sacsayhuaman? Slaves and pulleys? Or do you really know?

    • mikael says

      I´d be surprised to hear any of the accomplishments of this Replier. To say that these historic anomalies somehow have been explained scientifically would be a bold statement in itself, though the proof would be some explanations or links. This person who has replied is obviously very scared of the unknown.

    • David Iosif says

      OK – Can you scientifically explain, as “scientist” as you are, how were they made? Take an example like Sacsayhuamán, Stonehenge, Pyramids, from all of the above and explain it. Don’t be shy to use the formulas of the laws of physics – Vector Physics. How these Puma Punku and Tiwanaku stones were cut, when we do not have today the tools to cut them. I do not believe for a second that for the transportation of those stone were used hundreds of thousands of people (slaves as you say) when the entire population of those places were probably few thousands. I do not believe that among those primitive people, stone age people, were some Einsteins. I do not believe that all these ancient building were only temples or churches or only to please the gods. What if there were only their houses?

      • says

        I once asked an engineer a question which he was unable, or unwilling to answer, he said to me. I am fully educated, you are not. I don’t have to listen or discuss anything with you. Maybe this is the problem mmmmm?


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