The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Supremacy of the Sacred Cubit

Upon the Great Pyramid of Giza

Copyright 2013 by Doug Krieger

After extensive reading of so much of this material on the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza – we at the Tribnet have been deeply frustrated in that  the measurements of the Sacred Cubit are virtually nowhere to be found aside from our humble material, and those of the late and brilliant David Flynn.

Therefore, we are disclosing personally to you just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Giza and, in particular to Cheops. For if the Great Pyramid of Giza is the ultimate ALTAR UNTO THE LORD AT THE BORDER (GIZA) OF EGYPT (Isaiah 19:19-20) – then shall not the GPG expend those energies to declare submission – NOT TO THE EGYPTIAN ROYAL CUBIT – but to the 2.1-Foot / 25.20” Sacred Cubit of the Ancient of Days?



For the Earth’s supernatural 7-day Creation was meant to, among other things, reflect upon the astronomical fact that each day’s 360° spin/rotation of the Earth for 7 days/one week equates to 360° * 7 = 2,520° or the divine fractal of the Sacred Cubit’s dimension of “252” or 25.20”.

The same can be said of Jericho’s encirclement seven times on the seventh day and of the “palm of a hand sent from Him” upon the wall spelling out King Belshazzar’s demise monetary writing clearly understood: Mene (1,000) + Mene (1,000) + Tekel (20) + Upharsin (500) = 2,520 – “MENE: God has numbered your kingdom, and finished it; TEKEL: You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting; PERES: Your kingdom has been divided and given to the Medes and Persians” (Daniel 5:24-28).

Likewise, we will under separate mail send you our article connecting Giza, Stonehenge, the Mayan Long Count Calendar, the Bush and Clandon Barrow Lozenges (golden plates found in Southwestern Britain), the New Jerusalem and, you guessed it, the UNION JACK – that will floor you! But first….

It is our hope that this brief but, hopefully, convincing article on the Sacred Cubit’s intrusion into ancient metrology will have the desired effect of penetrating the thinking of your audience – but, allow us the courtesy to declare the Greatness of the Lord in the Land of the Pyramids as follows – for the Ra became but the creature, more than the Creator – nevertheless, the Sun of Righteousness shall arise on that Great Day of God (Malachi 4:1-2)…indeed the Great Pyramid of Giza bears the insignia of the Sun of Righteousness in totality!

The New Jerusalem’s measurements, again, are:

12,000 Furlongs or 12,000 * 660 Feet = 7,920,000 Feet / 5,280 Feet (1 Mile) = 1,500 Miles

1500 * 12 Edges of a Cube = 18,000 Miles – therefore the “18” of the New Jerusalem and,of course,

the 144 Cubit Wall of the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:16-17)
which is in point of fact 144 * 2.1 Feet = 302.4 Feet
which is a fractal or 1/10th) of the base perimeter of Giza,
i.e., 756 feet * 4 (square perimeter) = 3,024 Feet.

and by eliminating zero to the 12,000 furlongs we have 12 on each of the 12-edged cube for her “length, breath, and height are equal” and she is “laid out as a square…its length is as great as its breadth” (Revelation 21:16-17).

Since there are 6 faces to any cube; therefore 12 (less zeroes) * 12 (less zeroes) = 144 * 6 faces of a cube = 864 which, again, is the foundational fractal of the diameter of the Sun @ 864,000 miles.

144 * 18 = 2,592

which is the fractal of the Great Precessional of the Constellations at 25,920 Years.

Let us reflect upon Giza’s measurements:

Base Edge of the GPG:

756 feet * 4 (square perimeter) = 3,024 Feet * 3 (cubed) = 9,072 Feet
– and since this “object” is half of an Octahedron – we must, of necessity, double the configuration:

9,072 Feet * 2 (top and bottom of the Octahedron = 18,144 or 18144
which are the two primary numbers of the New Jerusalem
– i.e., the “18” of her perimeter and the “144” for her wall.

But – since the Sacred Cubit has been given such short shrift – allow us
to expose the GPG for Who He is once and for all!

At 18,144 Linear Feet – top and bottom of the cubed Octahedron …
18,144′ / 2.1 Feet (the Sacred Cubit) = 8,640 Sacred Cubit and
this “864” is the Sun of Righteousness – therefore,
the Great Pyramid of Giza via the Sacred Cubit is the promise
of the Sun of Righteousness
Who shall arise on the Great Day of God – yet future!

By combining the “18” and the “144” of the New Jerusalem as factors
as in 18 * 144 = (the product of) 2592

2592+ 864 = 3456 or 3…45…6 and herein is the “36
– the Eternal God as in 360 degrees in a circle without beginning or ending
and “45” which is the “Time of Blessedness” found in Daniel 12:12
– Blessed is he who waits and comes to the 1,335th Day
which is 45 Days beyond the 1,290 days of desolation
(1335 less 1290 = 45 days).

Likewise:The standard cubic measurement: 12 * 12 * 12 = 1,728 (Noah Ark’s Dimensions or 2,728 Sacred Cubits less 1,000 SC = 1,728 SC) * 2 = 3,456 (or 18 * 144 = 2592 + 864 = 3,456).


The Base Edge of the Great Pyramid of Giza is 756 Feet / 2.1 Feet (The Sacred Cubit) = 360 Sacred Cubits.

360 * 4-square base (perimeter) = 1,440 Sacred Cubits – this is the true base of the Great Pyramid of Giza – all others are deficient – all others are tragic obfuscations – all others obscure his true purpose!

The base perimeter of the GPG’s 1,440 Sacred Cubits.

1,440 * 3 = 4,320 Sacred Cubits (cubing the structure as a 12-edged cube) – i.e., the radius of the Sun/fractal at 432,000 miles and doubled as is the case with the Octahedron which is the GPG would be 4,320 SC + 4,320 SC = 8,640 SC – the Sun of Righteousness for the Sun’s diameter if 864,000 miles.

The 8 souls saved in the Ark of Noah knew of this and that is why we have the OCTAHEDRON – the “8” for:

8,640 SC / 8 = 1,080 Sacred Cubits and this “18” is the very New Jerusalem (again).

His platform is altogether obvious under the dominion of the Man with the Measuring Reed/Line in His Hand:

For:  If the Great Pyramid were divided by “21” (the fractal of the 2.1′ Sacred Cubit) then we find:

756′ / 21 = 36 Feet – therefore, 21 * 21 = 441 mini-blocks (reverse of 144) each bearing a measurement of 36′ x 36′ x 36′ x 36′ or a linear foot measurement for each of the 441 blocks to equal 144 Linear Feet per 441 blocks – if each of these mini-blocks were cubed – we would find: 144′ * 3 = 432′ – every single one bears the radius of the Sun and if doubled (the reverse side of the Octahedron we would have: 432′ * 2 = 864′) and the Sun of Righteousness would be fully revealed.

Without the Sacred Cubit the DIAGONALS of the Great Pyramid of Giza are meaningless – to wit:

756′ base edge / 2.1′ (Sacred Cubit) = 360 Sacred Cubits – therefore, its diagonal @ 360 SC is 509 Sacred Cubits * 2 (Crisscrossed = 1,018 Sacred Cubits and on “6” faces of its cube we have 1,018 * 6 = 6,108 or 618 wherein man “6” is made for the New Jerusalem “18.”

Furthermore – as an Octahedron we have: 6,108 Sacred Cubits upon the 6 faces * 2 = 12,216 Sacred Cubits (top and bottom) and therefore, we see the “12” and the “216” – the Cardinal Number of the duodecimal system of numeration – the New Jerusalem’s 12 gates and 12 foundations and the very Name of God @ “216” or the diameter of the Moon at 2,160 or the circumference of the Nautical Earth at 21,600 or 1/12 of the Great Precessional at 2,160 years.


The GPG’s Elevation with Pyramidion is 480.9 Feet (Note: Digit sum of 4 + 8 + 9 = “21“) or
480.9′ / 2.1′ (Sacred Cubit) = 229 Sacred Cubits
– again, its base is 756′ / 2.1 SC = 360 SC (which reflects the 360 degrees in a circle)
– therefore her Sacred Cubit Ratio is: 360 SC / 229 SC = 1.5720524
(perfectly in balance with the GPG’s 11:7 or 1.57142857.)

The Giza PI as adopted from the ancients/Jesus and the “153” fish caught at the Sea of Galilee
is 480.9/153 = 3.14313725.

The Sacred Cubit exposes the AREA of the Octahedron – Great Pyramid of Giza in that the edge is 756′ / 2.1′ (Sacred Cubit) = 360 Sacred Cubits (base edge) * 360 Sacred Cubits = 129,600 Square Sacred Cubits * 2 (Octahedron) = 259,200 Square Sacred Cubits (both bases) = 25,920 years fractal of the Great Precessional of the Constellations
– so is the Great Pyramid of Giza but ONLY under the domination of the Sacred Cubit

And so we understand, once again its mystery – 259,200 Sq. SC / 9 (the Sun of Righteousness – for the Sun is in the midst of the 8 planets of the Solar System) = 28,800 Sq. SC / 2 = 14,400 Sq. SC and as an Octahedron these are the two sets of 144,000 found in Revelation 7 and Revelation 14 – they are indeed the 28,800! And, 259,200 Sq. SC / 144 (of the New Jerusalem) = 1,800 or the “18” of the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement.

There are a multitude of additional “Sacred Cubit” confirmations over the entire Giza Necropolis and over each of the pyramids – to obfuscate, circumvent and obscure the Dimensions of the Sacred Cubit upon the Giza  Pyramids is a gross oversight and, sad to say, the blatant fear of the TRUTH!

This is the plan and purpose of the Almighty – without the Divinely Inspired Sacred Cubit – NONE of this would be seen, nor possible – not only do the numbers not lie – THEY SPEAK THE TRUTH!

For only by the Sacred Cubit and by the Giza Pi can the real circumference of the famous CIRCLE’S CIRCUMFERENCE BE FOUND:

480.9′ (height) / 153 (fish caught by Jesus) = 3.14313725 (GIZA PI)…

229 Sacred Cubit Height of the GPG * 2 = 458 Sacred Cubits * 3.14313728 (Giza Pi) = 1,440 Sacred Cubits Circumference of the Great Circle
This is clearly the Divine Circumference of the Great Circle of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Octahedron – NOTHING COMES CLOSE TO ITS ACCURACY – nothing comes so dramatically close to the Dimensions of Paradise – to the New Jerusalem!


Don’t despair – there’s a new day dawning…for 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 * 7 * 8 * 9 = 362,880 or 36288 (using as factors all of the 9 primary numbers) …
the Great Pyramid of Giza will attest thereto in that 756 Feet (her base edge) * 4 = 3,024 Linear Perimeter Feet * 12 Inches = 36,288 Inches or 36,288 and what do we SEE here:
The Eternal God (36) is coming for His Bride for “288” / 2 = 144 and there are two sets of 144,000 in the New Jerusalem: Israel (Revelation 7) and the Church (Revelation 14).

And, 36 * 288 = 10,368 or “18” surrounding “36” – God (36) is in the midst of the New Jerusalem (18) and together they comprise the New Jerusalem in that 1 + 3 + 6 + 8 = 18…because Messiah (27 as in 3 + 6 + 2 + 8 + 8 = 27) was “cut off but not for Himself” – but for His beloved Bride, the Woman, the Holy City, New Jerusalem.

Relax – the Great Pyramid of Giza isn’t going anywhere too soon or too fast!

RE: 12.21.12  – Dec 3 (-18 days) vs Jan 8 (+18 days)

18 Days * 1,440 minutes (per day) = 25,920 / 2.1 (ah!  the SC which some have no idea of its potency) = 12,342.8571 (1/2 the circumference of the Earth)* 2 = 24,685.7143 or 360/7 * 480 = 24,685.7143 or 24,686 and if that ain’t  a kick – turns out that this very figure IS the circumference of the Earth (See here).  But I do like the 1,440 * 30 prophetic days in a prophetic month = 43,200 or “432” which is the radius of the Sun or that 1,440 * 7 (one week) = 10,080 or “18” = the New Jerusalem and, of course, 1,440 * 12 months = 17,280 or 12 * 12 * 12 = the perfect cubic measurement or that 1,440 * 360 days in a prophetic year = 518,400 min. / 2.1 SC = 246857143 and VOILA – here comes the circumference of the Earth again…as in 24,685.7143 or 24,686 but the “7143” is more precise, isn’t it?  Then again, why not just take the 25,920 (Great Precessional) / 2.1 Sacred Cubit = 12,342.8571 * 2 = 24,685.7143 and DOUBLE VOILA we have the Circumference of the Earth again as in 24,685.7143 PRECISELY!


I reread Giza Pyramids, Part 2 – and to my great surprise I discovered a most amazing thing relative to its measurements and I am altogether pleased to share this fresh insight with you, having to do with your decoding wherein you state:

Here is another unbelievable “coincidence”:

“Pi” approximated to the 9th decimal place is exactly
Pi = 3.141 592 654
3 x 1 x 4 x 1 x 5 x 9 x 2 x 6 x 5 x 4 = 129,600
129,600 x 2 = 25,920  x 10 
which is 10x Earth’s precession cycles
 ( 10 x period of precession of the equinoxes)

This so intrigued me …  after all, we’re only decoding the Seventh and only Wonder of the World still standing to declare Himself as the “Altar unto the LORD at the Border (lit. “Giza”) of Egypt (Isaiah 19:19-20).
Now – Alex I wish to express my appreciation for the dissemination of the truth with regards to Giza – we cannot fool around here – for me, I have no monetary interest in this matter whatsoever – but I do feel that a trust has been committed to me and to you as well, and let’s throw in our dear Charles Marcello – learning to “share” is divine, not human (in most cases)…in any event, here goes – and, again, thanks to YOU this truth is now for the first time uncovered for all to marvel at this, the earthly expression of the Sun of Righteousness (read the article and you’ll see why) – but here goes:
I have spoken of the the now INFAMOUS (for it knocks all other PI’s off the mountain) PI known as the GIZA PI.  It was derived by taking the precise measurement of the “entire – not weathered” Great Pyramid of Giza (a.k.a. Cheops) to be that of 480.9 (See:  Islamic Architecture or the brilliant work of Mark Lehner or “the Great Pyramid was 280 Egyptian royal cubits tall (480.9 feet (146 m).”
Having metrologically established such an height (Note:  Not “elevation” in that this connotes height from sea level) as the numerator of the fraction which would ultimately constitute the GIZA PI – I had to determine its denominator and “chanced” upon the ancients’ understanding and the use of “153” – as was the case with Jesus in John 21 and the miracle of the “153 fish” brought to shore by Peter as a metaphor that at the Sea of Galilee (“gal” meaning “CIRCLE”) that he and the disciples would truly become “fishers of men.”  Therefore, the “153” for these reasons was chosen and that its number set as factor give us “15” as in 1 * 5 * 3 = 15 and that those of the correct and most accurate measurement of the Great Pyramid of Giza (GPG) give us “21” as in 4 + 8 + 9 = 21. 
The “15” attends to the prime measurement of each of the 12 edges of the New Jerusalem given in Revelation 21:16 wherein 12,000 furlongs/stadia * 660 Feet (1 furlong) = 7,920,000 Feet / 5,280 (1 Statute Imperial Mile) = 1,500 Imperial Miles or “15” per each of the 12 edges of the cubed New Jerusalem or 15 * 12 = 180 or “18” which “18” is the entirety of the 12-edge-linear measurement of the New Jerusalem – the ultimate Purpose of the Almighty.
The “21” attends to the GPG’s immediate grid of 21 x 21 = 441 and, of course, we determined from there using the Sacred Cubit’s 2.1 Feet that 756′ (base edge of the GPG) / 2.1′ = 360 Sacred Cubits and that 360 SC * 360 SC (its base area) = 129,600 Sacred Cubits which looks terribly familiar with your own research seen below (by me for the first time, I hasten to add):

Pi = 3.141 592 654

3 x 1 x 4 x 1 x 5 x 9 x 2 x 6 x 5 x 4 = 129,600 

129,600 x 2 = 25,920  x 10 

Now, and as you did based upon Pi @ 3.141592654, etc. you doubled (for some inexplicable reason) your 129,600 * 2 = 25,920 * 10 – and we, of course, holding true to the measurement of the 2.1′ Sacred Cubit did the same, however, we took our existing 129,600 square Sacred Cubits and doubled them because we’re actually dealing with an Octahedron and in that the upper part of this Octahedron is the GPG (as to the heavens), His earthly effort would, of necessity, be a duplication of His base – therefore:  129,600 Sq.SC * 2 = 259,200 Sq.SC and we arrive at the Great Precessional’s 25,920 years.
Now, getting back to the 480.9 Feet / 153 Fish…let’s secure the GIZA PI there from:
480.9′ / 153 Fish = 3.14313725490 (we stop at zero)
So – following your methodology and using the PI to come up with 129,600 (by the way, Alex, very impressive, I must say – although you could have used the Sacred Cubit and done the same thing!)…we instead will use the GIZA PI and see what can be so ascertained there from (Note:  in RED we have the GIZA PI of 480.9/153 = 3.14313725490 – 12 in all):
3 * 1 * 4 = 12
12 * 3 = 36
36 * 1 * 3 = 108 (18)
108 * 7 = 756 
(the base edge of the GPG in feet) 
756 * 2 = 1512
(1512 is Greek Gematria for “Apocalypsis” and 2 base edges of the GPG)
1512 * 5 = 7560
(756 = the Base Edge of the GPG again)
7560 * 4 = 30,240
(“324” is a fractal of the GPG’s base Perimeter at 756′ * 4 = 3,024)
30,240 * 9 = 272,160
(Note:  “0” is the 12th in the series of the GIZA PI and connotes the Eternal One as in a CIRCLE
of 360 degrees without Beginning or Ending
Seen as:  27216 or “27” = the Revelation of Messiah in 27 Texts of Sacred Christian Canon
and “216” connotes the Name of God, 
the fractal of the Moon’s 2160 Mile Diameter,
the fractal of the Nautical Earth’s Circumference at 21,600 Nautical Miles,
the fractal of 1/12th of the Great Precessional or 25,920 years / 12 = 2,160 Years,
272160 / 2.1 (the Sacred Cubit) = 129,600…and we arrive at our 129,600 again!
1 * 2 * 9 * 6 = 108 = “18” THE NEW JERUSALEM
CONCLUSION:  Without the embellishment of the Sacred Cubit (2.1′ or 25.20″) and the wondrous discovery of the growing acceptability of the GIZA PI (via the ignoble efforts of yours truly and the Divine Calculator Who came up with the measurements of the GIZA PI in the first place or 480.9/153 = 3.14313725490) we would never have in our wildest imaginations concocted such a mathematical series of discoveries – its simplicity confounds the wise and its wisdom astounds the scientist and statistician.


Doug Krieger
[email protected]
The Tribulation Network



A belief that the ancients held unusual scientific knowledge, of which only fragments remain today, was held by many great philosophers and scientists who participated in the “scientific revolution”. Though research by these men led to great discovery, many were convinced that they were merely scratching the surface of an immense but lost pristine knowledge (prisca sapientia) somehow reflected in the architecture and remains of ancient civilizations.

DK_DFlynnIn “Temple at the Center of Time: Investigations of Sacred Dimension, Revealed in Prophecy, the Temple of Jerusalem, and the Ark of the Covenant, from the works of Isaac Newton“, David Flynn uncovers what is sure to be heralded as one of the greatest discoveries of all time.

Many books have investigated whether Newton believed that an original pure knowledge existed. Some conclude that he did in fact search for it, but that is the whole of their investigation. A few have written that Newton actually discovered ‘something’ and try to fit his existing research into a prisca sapientia of their own design, claiming his beliefs fit modern realms of philosophy or eastern religions, but these speculations are not upheld by the body of his work. Although Newton had solved riddles of space, time, gravity, light and invented mathematics to predict the motion of objects, this was not the ‘priscia sapienta’. Since the time of Newton, no one has revealed the true form and nature of the original knowledge, or from whence it came… until now.

For the first time in history, “Temple at the Center of Time” uncovers what Newton was looking for and, in so doing, proves that pivotal events in history are unquestionably connected in time and space to Jerusalem.

Newton didn’t know it. The key was right in front of him.


  1. says

    The full design Great Pyramid was not actually built but because of the displacement factor a slightly smaller pyramid was built this gave us two designs to work with. We know the size of the full design because it’s corner sockets are carved into the bedrock. The full design’s slope angle is fixed to the 864/275 method for pi and is tan 1.273148148.

    The full design base perimeter is 0.6336 Roman miles or 633.6 Roman paces, the volume is 0.0006336³ statute miles and represents 6336000 tons of solid limestone. If we align a 63360 furlong diameter great circle to the world’s longest land meridian it cuts the Pyramid in half and each half weighs 63360000 cwt. The great circle also divided the earth into east and west hemispheres with half the world’s land and oceans in each hemisphere. The world’s longest land parallel also divides the world’s land and the Pyramid into equal halves. Therefore the great circle and the parallel divide the Pyramid and the world’s land into equal quarters. Each quarter of the full design Pyramid’s base is 6336 Roman digits square and has a 6336 Roman palm perimeter. One square fits tangent around Stonehenge’s 6336 Roman digit diameter Outer Bank. The square’s 6336 Roman palm perimeter records how far the pre bulge equator turned per second = 6.336 megalithic miles per minute which is the distance from the centre of Stonehenge to the centre of the Avebury monument. From there to the centre of Silbury Hill is 1 mile = 63360″. Silbury Hill’s hill top design is an analogue of a 633.6″ diameter sphere inside s 633.6″ cube. 633.6″ x 633.6″ x 633.6″ produces the cube’s volume and multiplying by 633.6 produces 0.0006336³ miles which is the volume of the Great Pyramid’s full design. Jim.

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    Attractive section of content. I just stumbled upon your website and in accession capital to assert that I
    acquire actually enjoyed account your blog posts. Any
    way I will be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently quickly.

  3. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Doug. It was your article that alerted me to David Flynn, but when I went looking for his info and contact email, I too, was met with the unfortunate news of his death. I know people die of diseases at any stage of life, but it just strikes me as a bit weird that David was on the cutting edge of tremendous revelation concerning the earth’s past, and was struck with a brain tumour. I’m not a conspiracy nut, but the fact that there is a great conspiracy out there, swinging into full mode at this time, makes me wonder.

    In any case, David was in God’s hands, so God allowed whatever happened to him, and we can trust that what God allowed, He has good reason for. It sounds, from what I’m reading about David, like he was into some things I am doing my own search into, so I think I will order the David Flynn Collection book, as it contains both the book you referred to, and his earlier work on Cydonia.

    I also have John Michell’s book ‘View Over Atlantis’, an excellent reference book for ley lines and sacred geometry. There is no doubt in my mind that all of these things were part of a great whole – a sacred knowledge that the first people’s were led into, if not created with to some extent. And because we are at the pivotal time in history, it’s like we are reconnecting with this knowledge again, because God is re-instituting it as part of the Millennial teaching. If it was necessary for us at the beginning, it stands to reason that it’s necessary to begin again with, and new beginnings is what the Millennium is all about. Don’t lose heart Doug. I certainly know what you mean about wanting to talk with him, but the same God who revealed things to David is revealing things to you.

    I’m just about finished my first book, The Zodiac in the Bible, and have already written the second, Babel, Then and Now, and when I was reinterpreting Genesis 11: 1-9, the word ‘speech’, I understood meant more than just language. It was a reference to a whole revelation on God, and the foundational truths of life, that ancient peoples had, which I now see, leads right into what David was saying. It has been a revelation to me that Babel had the possibilities it did, because they were united in this revelation – that indeed, if they had not been united in spirit, as it were, Babel would not have ‘worked’, so there would have been no need for God to ‘come down’ and ‘see’ it. Anyway, I’m not trying to plug-in my own book here, especially since mine is a slightly different aspect of these revelations. I’m mentioning them because all these truths fit into what God has revealed to me thus far, and I find them most helpful in filling in the blanks.

    About David being post trib., any way you look at it, no one is going anywhere until the 7th trumpet begins to sound, and if people would read what is occurring during those trumpets, they wouldn’t be looking at the sky every second to see if there’s signs of the rapture occurring right now. As enigmatic as Revelation is, it does give us an honest glimpse into the occurrences during the Seals, Trumpets, and Vials; plus we know that the Anti-Christ must be revealed before we vacate. But since those who are worthy to escape all these things, are not appointed to wrath, and since the Vials are the wrath of God poured out, it’s pretty easy to see why those who are ready for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, won’t be a part of that time period. However, there’s a lot of work to be done in God’s people before that time is here – though that work will be done very quickly.

    Thank you for letting us in on your work Doug. It’s always good to talk to you, and hear what’s going on now. Talk to you later.

  4. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Doug. Good Heavens! The consistant revelation of these numbers is overwhelming. And I totally believe in an ancient pristine truth. God would never have created an ignorant, stunned creation. He would always start with what is right and good – where we’ve taken it from there, is our problem. Satan can tempt, but it’s our choice to follow him into the pit further than we’ve already gone. I’m most interested in David Flynn’s book, and will look into it further. I love these things, and look forward to hearing more from you.

    • says

      Thanks, Brenda – David was a most remarkable man – taken at the age of 49 from this earthly clod – but prior to his departure at such a very young age – he had seen so much and given even more.

      In the summer – I believe August, 2011 I chanced upon his text: Temple at the Center of Time – it was like a bolt of lightning hit me. Shortly thereafter I commenced reading numerous texts on Sacred Geometry – especially the late Dr. John Michelle – these two authors I found of immeasurable worth. I rarely re-read a text because there are so very many – occasionally, however, I go back for a reference—but these books were at my side, constant companions.

      Then I discovered Dr. Michell had passed around 2007 or so and when I tried to reach David via his publisher I was met with a stone silence – they would try to alert him to my interest…nothing came of it until one day I was informed by one of my previous students (having taught and administrated for many years) that David died of a brain tumor – I was devastated – I know he was in a better place but – and I must confess my motive a bit selfish – I really wanted to meet him and to “conspire together”…his passing simply has made him almost legendary – surely in my eyes, he’s a giant.

      When criticism of his work was launched by some Newtonian academician from Newfoundland, I vociferously defended David – still not knowing he wasn’t around to defend himself any longer. For nearly a month I was unpleasantly depressed over his departure – only because there had to be so much more within him of these matters…it was like Huell Howser of California Gold – yesterday Huell passed away at 67 – he’d just retired – again, I sorrowed because Huell made everything and everybody so intensely interesting – he was a noble soul – just like David.

      David, of course, was of the Assemblies of God – he was post-trib and a firm believer that the Divine Hand was at work among the ancients in these astounding measurements for our encouragement and for that clarity of expression of His love to humankind.

      One wonderful day I got over my pity party and thought – wait, David had something about the Sacred Cubit and about this and that, etc. – then it hit me…he had given so graciously the tools to uncover mysteries beyond our wildest imaginations…confirmations – sites of antiquity became fair game all over the planet – Michell’s efforts kept inspiring though he himself saw the City from afar – I haven’t stopped since…now, some 1.5 years later and close to 50 exhaustive chapters have been written on the Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon … hopefully, one day we’ll finish the work as our index indicates that there will be upwards of an additional 30 or so – perhaps a total of 81 will have been written (I like this number for some reason???) – Then we will compile it into a logical sequenced e-book and dispense it throughout the world for FREE – but I may sell the books in three volumes because books can’t be changed but e-books I feel might – in any event this is hardly a money-making prospect, especially if folks can get it as an e-book for free!

      Bless and remember – by David’s passing a dedication was made in his honor – I am nothing but I have dedicated this as a memento to a man who broke through the ancient barriers and gave back to the Church this wonderful treasure…it is an expression of gratitude which cannot be repaid but the text will be dedicated to his memory…and in deep appreciation to Dr. John Michell as well.


  5. Starheater says

    Hello Mister Krieger

    Your are not very polite, you like to give the advice, but you are incapable to take them from other, hope that your ego dont touch the sky. That doesn’t bader me, it’s your problem, not mine. You love more does whom are in the fable like David Flinn. If I whore you, I would’nt lech is boots like you did, in 90 min of speach, 60 min is allow for the history, and the 30min is for the main subject. In the world of writer, we call that “fill up”, you have to make 300 pages, but the subject is short, you have said all that is, so you extend by filling with other subject clause the main one.
    I mention 6 day of Creation, YOU dont like to be inform. Ah, you are susceptible today. If you whore from God, you would’nt act like this, dont even mention God, your God is not the same has the one you found in the Bible, definitly.
    God Bless, your God to.


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