Scenario of Yesterday …

This is a scenario of our past. It is a point of departure for thought into who and what we are.
Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is — thus is the Crux of being and becoming”


by Ron O. Cook

When My Father Awakened Me

When we came here into this virtual expression of our collective dream, our plans were indeed expansive and well supported by the incremental generative order of coherency. Our goal was to create an entire universe of dynamic expression/s utilizing the elements and principles of deity — our very foundation of being and becoming as broadcast from Timelessness or Always.
To exist in this realm of sequential eventuation via the impetus of force through light requires the alternation of wave and particle in the da’at of the Sefirah — the heart of fiery intellect as broadcast from the Tree of Life — God’s Tool. This collective of mentality is the Is. Some have moved to the forgetting of their own being and becoming.   

Earth was one of our experiments in which we manifest in multifaceted be-man-ship. Mind was our interface and the mover was the generative spirit the Enigmni. Through this means of interface with the void we began the Burgeoning of the passionate expression of the Moiré Arena — the canvas of the painter.Each and every one of us were aware through the collective that the positive mission minus the negative aspects of presence were never a part of our existence then, and should not be a part to maintain the verve herein.

To purge this inclination to seek singularity on this side is  counterproductive. No one part shall be the whole through fiat and selfish endeavor in this multifaceted state of experiencing Time at the same Time. If upon pursuit to this cause occurs, then chaos burgeons forth toward destruction of the whole here in this Moiré Arena of florescence — Life as some call it.  

Initially there were seven aspects of us who explored here and began to create with each succeeding elemental of creation from our point-of-departure — each more complex than the last. With every creation we began to collect a phenomena we called, Time — a creation from the movement of the Enigmni. This aspect or anterior and exterior realm of presence requires multitudinous sheaths or vehicles of related means to the mental points of drive — or cursors. These cursors are the entry points for the throughputs driven by light/mind and the “fiber” of Always.
Within the Timelessness of Always is the means of abject complexity beyond all mental assemblage’s ability to know completely due to its ongoing-ness.  The Enigmni is the absolute and ultimate unknowable spirit — the Holy Spirit. From it issues generation into presence. 

Start of the Conception

“Although the amount of arable land which could be made available with the most careful terracing was not large enough to support a very great population, Machu Picchu offered an impregnable citadel to the chiefs and priests and their handful of followers who were obliged to flee from the rich plains near Cuzco and the broad, pleasant valley of Yucay. Only dire necessity and terror could have forced a people which had reached such a stage in engineering, architecture, and agriculture, to leave hospitable valleys and tablelands for rugged canyons. Certainly there is no part of the Andes less fitted by nature to meet the requirements of an agricultural folk, unless their chief need was a safe refuge and retreat.”

Hiram Bingham

Machu Picchu and Puma Punku have an ancient relationship that few realize. Some of us think that in those old days when these great Archaeological sites were first created by powerful minds, there was much more transpiring on this planet than what current history reports to us today. We believe that the evidence shows that a highly advanced race of mankind was about to face terror in the form of massive Earth catastrophes that would wipe the planet clean of most evidence in support of those who became Gods to lesser survivors. These creators who were scientists beyond our present scope of the term were geneticists and geologists of high repute. Common men were their agents and they worked the universe as professionals who knew the Primary Technology that we today attribute to various indigenous tribal types — what have been called savages by academics of today. Herein is the story of their Lives and Times.

Geologic evidence of the Earth shows that this world was swept by a number of tsunamis some 12,900 years ago at the end of the last so-called Ice Age. (Reference the Carolina Bays Event or the Younger Dryas Event). Then some enterprising souls sought survival in self-righting Arks and others climbed the highest mountains they could find, still others hid in caves capable of trapping air and allowing food-stuff to keep. Many were swept away along with the end of an advanced civilization. Puma Punku has the last surviving evidence (engineering beyond most of what we can accomplish with stone granite today) proving that this indeed did happen and those there at that unusual place during the last days went to the site of Machu Picchu in hopes of survival. The large peak called Huayna Picchu is full of highly sophisticated and well designed caves that hide many difficult areas to approach. In point of fact much of the terrain of present day Peru is inundated by finely cut tunnels still unexplored or even sought.

Hiram Bingham, the great Yale explorer supported by the National Geographic Society, did not seem interested in these sites but some believe there are still areas there, other than the Temple of the Moon (it looks like a parking garage for a Harrier Jet), that contains many clues to an ancient civilization almost unknown to the Inca. Due to the terrain and the massive curve in the river below, Machu Picchu was a perfect place to ride out a tsunami with a standing wave of a mile and a half tall. Though Puma Punku is higher (13,000 feet above sea level), the run factor of level land would cause it to be destroyed by wave action in both earthquake and water wave actions. The Advanced Creators of that long ancient time, knew this and absconded to Machu Picchu’s solid granite base. It was the best bet and most scientific alternative with so little time to prepare.

The Coming Event…

AND JOMON SAID: “12,900 years ago, when I was in my youth, my father and I witnessed the first incoming shards of a massive comet called Drawgona. It appeared almost as a feathered serpent in the high sky as its first splintered pieces came slithering into our sector of the universe spewing its destruction thoroughly upon our beloved work. The massive comet twisted as it fragmented into numerous portions and those who saw it said it resembled a giant snake with a fiery head. Segments of it went into orbit to rain havoc down on the Earth for eons. The heaviest parts drilled deep within the planet causing massive earthquakes. Earlier, as we stood in awe watching it come to our world on our sensors at Home Base (Puma Punku). It was felt as a foreboding and deeply dreaded knowing that we must seek safety immediately. Massive fear swept over the assembled creators on assignment there for we had become accustomed to the good life. We knew all too well, that our time on Earth was about to be transformed by an act that would send massive tsunamis and earthquakes across the entire planet. Our works would be destroyed in an instant and a new test of our abilities was about to begin. 

We had already set up a number of outposts for our research teams of geneticists in what is now biru or Peru in various places held in solid unmovable white granite stone in guarded hopes that we could survive with some of our works. We ( my father’s team/s) would weather the onslaught of this massive comet in the seclusion of these strong mountains. You now call it Machu Picchu. Immediately we began to build a base there amid those jagged, strong peaks. Tunnels were carved with our projected beams to provide hydra-tight facilities for research and survival. In fact the mountains were perfect as an impregnable base of operations. It still is such today. We were prepared technologically and psychologically but much of the rest of the planet would be caught by surprise. We knew we would have much to do after the onslaught of the event had devastated almost all of what we had accomplished over time: therefore, we set plans into motion for the entire planet.

We designated future bases of operations and units that would help survivors and continue to restructure those who had lost their memory of who and what we were due to a psychological stress or trauma to the onboard mentality. It was a long-term plan and I would play a unifying role in its accomplishment as the time-catalyst. In essence, I had to live forever as I still do. One wishes we had detected the aberration earlier but no, some had already become complacent via selfishness. Perhaps it was this slovenly attitude that was to set us back due to our awakening negative sloth. Apparently we would face starting over in this sector of the universe. Now, a highly advanced civilization was about to gear up for catastrophe.” “The story begins at my seat and our oncoming end.”

From my Father’s Records…

Jomon’s Diary — 12,900 orbits ago. (an Orbit equals one year)

This entry was selected due to its reference to an incoming comet that was indeed the beginning of His son’s dialogue.

Woe comes to those who see existence as play rather than initiation. Surely my initiation will soon stand its ultimate test. This day I had hoped would never come to those of us who shepherd here in and on this world. As a representative scholar and teacher of things genetic having access to the Star Data Transfer is not one of my means of orbital sustenance. Their information is given to those of us who are chiefly in charge of distant research in other creational lands. Biru is my favorite assignment here and it is in that land that I have raised a family and became close to many of my field party who are almost as family. To break the news to them will be hard and the plans of putting survival into motion will indeed be tedious and heart-rending to the highest degree. I am at a loss.

I have been in charge of them all so long; it is something I thought I would never have to face. A runaway comet of massive proportions is heading our way and though we practitioners at Star Data Transfer tried to destroy it, the comet has fragmented due to our insufficient targeting efforts, it still comes at the Earth now in the form of 10,000 particles of massive destruction. It will arrive in a few months and no one knows just what its potential will be to this planet. The comet assemblage is not unlike a great snake that is twisting and turning as it is on course to impact this section of the Goge-realm sector. We must leave and hurry to our projects and prepare our people. The dread pulls me down to a heavy continence almost as though I pull a million Ben Bens behind me.

The Shema craft is our destiny as we shepherds make haste toward the pyramid of ascent for our journey to Biru. It is far away and will mean I have almost the time of an orbit to contemplate and make plans for our protection and hopefully a saving of our research tools and creations. It has been a great period while here in the Moiré Arena utilizing this grand sheath to accomplish the information transfers.

I have almost forgotten my true self while immersed in this assignment. But I still hold true to my test. My pilot has arrived and I shall retire to my post to meditate upon my task ahead. Away. But we shall pass over the wonders of our primary seat upon this old and distant realm called Earth. We had built a grand place in this massive valley of fruitful creations. The mediety of the Me and the Other.

I sit here recording my thoughts for my son who is now my finest confidant on scientific matters. I do this with the deepest regret in that I do not know exactly what to do. How do we survive if at all possible? As all here know, our primary reinforcement is to survive in this form as long as possible. How will the world survive the onslaught of this spray-shot of millions of particles racing to our throats where our last breath sends us home? We have been here on this planet for over 4 million orbits; the Omegon Practitioners who help create realms of occupation. Our work has been so well done. Now, it will probably all be lost to the storm of fire that is destined to impact our art. As the three of us fly home to the works of our interests in Biru we circle above the below — the great valley region that has been designated as this sector’s home seat or base. We call it Adanus or the last gardened sector. The Gadians (our engineers) are the primary workers in this massive site and they are still working to build designs that will most likely be shattered beyond recognition in the coming months. What a loss and they most likely have not yet been told for they seem to be working even harder to meet their next deadline of accomplishment.

When I first saw the creations below in this old land of the Gadians our builders, I was in awe of their accomplishments. It encouraged me to grow and to know all I might become in this seat of my creation vehicle here in Time/Space. I know I could pass this test when I saw their works because I was not unlike them. I had the wherewithal to grow in mind with this body. I set out to be the best I could possibly be. That was long ago though I have been here many times in the past of this experience. This was my time to shine. The whole valley region is filled with great accomplishments. Builded aspects that rise to the heavens and they are not as my old home of Jomona in the Other ocean region. But I do miss my great red trees that rise to the sky also. They are of our genetic constructs and are more natural than these great edifices of secondary constructs not unlike our Shemas but on a larger scale and much more creative yet geometric. I have had hopes in the past that my son would see this someday, but no.


  1. Jason Apoyan says

    Adhere to the form of being sensation of the uniform that exists to we control in the high places and the low, How can you spark the intellect in the void.

  2. Ab Asaff says

    Well Ron, quite a story. Would make a great screen play. I am left wondering if there may be a sequel or continuum. Carry on wayward one.

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