Here is part of my book called Enigmni. It represents a deep and introspective look at what happened to get us to this planet long ago.


Synopsis of Enigmni — HOW IT HAPPENED…

The Enigmni begins with a short description of the meaning and power of Light. Light is the projection or broadcast from Timelessness that influences the totality of existence in this manifest world…the entire universe. Its meaning to humanity is deeply mental, spiritual and beyond the comprehension of the part (individual). Light allows the quantification of existences as we perceive it on this side. Light and the concept of the Enigmni, a utility and part of Deity, is the focus of this work as a means to an essence in understanding.

The book starts in the year 2008, with a report to a superior from Dr. Somen Kosolapdev, a Russian geophysicist / anthropologist whose ancestors experienced the phenomenon at Tunguska in 1908, one hundred years ago. This event was an actual, gargantuan explosion that took place in Siberia. It resembled the detonation of a nuclear device. The resulting firestorm flattened many square miles of timber and killed numerous animals.


The report describes Dr. Kosolapdev’s passionate adventure of discovering a unique device that was once in orbit around the earth, and later crashed onto the surface as a secondary part of the total Tunguska anomaly.

Kosolapdev and his crew of scientists search for and find the device which is the subject of the report and the subsequent data from an ancient being described as a surveyor. This unique device is not of our civilization, but shows data from a period of time that exceeds some 6 to 4 million years ago. This device is found to off-load visual and audible information. It is later called a Scepter.

The Scepter, as Kosolapdev describes it, has about 75 visuals on board (three that seem to include him). These pictures were drawn by a being called an Omegon whose name is Claronu. Other data comes from a being called Anjona, a superior to Claronu. All this data has been deciphered and decoded with the aid of the Scepter itself, which functions as a “smart tool.” It is later discerned, that the scepter is a computer with wondrous capabilities that Dr. K is gradually learning. This scepter was in the possession of Claronu and Anjona in the past, and utilized as the means to reach humanity in the future with messages of our past and the directions for our future. The Scepter also contains data as to what we are, how we are, and where we will go after we depart from this journey…life and existence/s.

Kosolapdev seems to begin to buy into the messages of the Scepter and challenges his superior to read the subsequent sections that contain actual broadcast data from the thoughts of Claronu and Anjona as they relate to an event that took place on a planet of people called Enmayi (now asteroid belt).

Claronu and Anjona are from a planet called Hytona (now Mars). Dr. “K” asks for his boss (director) to read on and prepare for marveling.


Claronu’s message (ENIGMNI: Title of Book section) is a collection of data that he records on the Enmayi planet where he has been sent by his superior shepherd, Anjona, to find out what happened to a people that “they” had believed were advancing to a higher order of existence. When nothing is heard from the Enmayi for a long period, Claronu, a multi-talented surveyor of virtual data, is sent to determine what has happened to their vested interest. In this part of the book, Claronu speaks of things that he sees as he moves about a horrible scene where no life is left in any form — but his own. He is alone on a planet where a strange, yet gargantuan and globular form seems to be everywhere at once. Claronu quickly ascertains that it is a weapon that he had identified in orbit prior to landing on the surface in his spacecraft, Shema. He calls the weapon — Leche. He knows that it is the cause of death but does not totally know why or how it works. His primary mission is to survey the planet with his advanced psycho-cognitive abilities and depart before the weapon detonates in its final destructive phase.

Every aspect of the Enmayi people is to be analyzed by Claronu’s discerning eye (government, culture, education, spiritualism, and status of progression and agriculture). Immediately, he finds himself hand-drawing all of the terrible scenes because of his own vanity and selfish belief in “his” powers (the Scepter’s graphic abilities are broken immediately). Throughout the whole process of this journey, he reevaluates his Omegon self against the Alphi/Omegi status of the former Enmayi people. These states of Omegon, Alphi/Omegi, and Alphian are about the stages, within structures, of being development within the Virtual Realms. Alphian is the lowest animalistic state. These stages dictate the psychological and spiritual progression of the entire book and that of the reader. They are tied to the “why” of being in existence. The means to their existence is the Enigmni, which creates a virtual arena in physical state – a kind of atmosphere for things to be and happen. Claronu believes that the Enmayi forgot who and what they were, preoccupied by sexual matters both passive and active. His own kind (being) went through the above stages from animal to Omegon and thus overcame whatever element detoured the Enmayi life cycles (reincarnation). Omegons are Angels in final existences before monadship with the All.

While he speaks to himself and at the same time the Scepter (it records everything), Claronu becomes aware that this event is his final initiation before becoming dissolved within the All. He describes how as light beings, all of what is, came through (projected) the Goge portals (suns or stars) into manifest reality. What we naively see is taken for something else in each state. Claronu, being able to know on higher levels because he paid the price of the Law of Consequence, later finds the reason why the planet failed. He projects that Koan and Planca are the initial reasons why the Enmayi beings failed and returned to Alphian ways of animalistic passion. He also tells of how the Agricultural sects headed by Takion, brings war against Koan’s and Planca’s culture and the Leche. The Leche is built to destroy Claronu’s Hytona, but later is accidentally released in orbit around Koan’s own planet. It begins its multifarious phases of destruction. Many die while they strive to leave the planet. Claronu determines that they escaped to an Omegon food and research planet called the Gardened One (third planet from Goge). Claronu later is killed (or tuned out) in a gargantuan explosion that totally destroys a whole sector of that part of the Goge (solar) system. The Scepter is the only survivor and Jupiter becomes a planet rather than a pony sun. Anjona finds it and repairs its parts and sends it to earth with a strong message. The Scepter orbits until 1908 (millions of years) and is later found on the surface in 2008.

Dr. K submits a conclusion with many scenarios as to the archeological evidences that support the data that is before him. He believes that there are “Hidden Parties” that hide in the background helping to guide life on earth. He submits his own plan to a better altruistic means of existence to the director and leaves to check the site where the Scepter originally impacted for more data. He is apparently killed, and the Scepter becomes a keepsake of Koan’s ancestor and later activates to destroy the whole of this sector of Goge due to inaction by the present state of virtual being on earth.
December 23, 2013. Will this end all of Humanity?

– – –

Conclusion Statements of Dr. S. T. K. Kosolapdev on December 18, 2008 — Russia.

This conclusion statement is a one-of-a-kind Report for eyes only of the Chair of the Projects Committee.

The material that you have read, as unbelievable as it may seem, is what we have extracted from the complex interior of the multifaceted Scepter. The images created by Claronu and Anjona are all very impressive, though I fear that the paper-like fragments (which have been shown not to be paper but a resin base material) rendered upon by Claronu, will be destroyed when exposed to the air. It is our belief that Anjona must have re-recorded the visuals in a stable format after repairing the Scepter’s graphic capabilities. We are currently examining the pieces of resin as a jigsaw puzzle, patiently reassembling them back into their original positions for future study. They will then be cataloged with the newer representations included by Anjona.

These sublime images we can read with our very own eyes; however, other data must be arrived at in order to complete the geometrically expanding picture of this find. Our language will not match the eloquence that must have been the Omegon’s true means of transferring information in broadcast form. We do not have the words that adequately convey the meanings of the subtle spectral feel of the symbolic illustrations and alien verbiage that accompanied the Scepter’s recordings of Claronu and Anjona; however, I feel the superior programming of the Scepter has somehow helped us arrive at a reasonably accurate translation.

There are other levels of background communications that we are still seeking to decipher, which will, at a later date, amplify the existing information submitted herein. This subliminal feedback “noise” may be the key data to understanding how to develop the prototype of a future version of the Scepter. Perhaps we will realize the power and potential of knowing the secret of the Enigmni also from parsing this data with newly evolving “memaes” messages from the Scepter. Memae’s – meaning multiplier/quantifier effects of mentality or knowledge. For some reason there is a multiple dimensionality, or holographic compression effect to the bits of data that emanate from this mechanical marvel.

I am at a loss as to how I should respond to this amazing collection of data retrieved during the course of this project.

On the one hand, it is so simple and breathtaking, yet ultra-climatic and intimidating. On the other, it is perhaps the most frightening information that I have ever learned, and still, I am compelled to maintain my composure when informing others of this abstruse information. It is indeed a heavy burden to know that this totally succinct information is truth personified and reinforced. The truth is inherent within the products and presence of its existence, which are manifestly beyond our comprehension, or our powers of technological development. Yet, we are on the threshold. The very sequence of events displayed to us fairly screams of the unalterable Truth! I, and all others involved in this project, know this event is beyond passion — it is a singularity in the history of our kind. I am beginning to feel as if I am finally learning what kind we really are!

I have worked on this project for two years, and it seems I have been pointed to this end since my beginnings. My feelings at this point, this moment, are indescribable: Never have I felt such sensations in all my existence! My mentality fairly reels with the magnitude of this precious lore as found within its metaphysical underpinnings. This story is too good to experience as reality; it is a fairy tale come true — such does not exist in this sphere.

These recent weeks of constant break-throughs have caused my mentality to actually develop into pains of the head, from contemplation upon this arcane assemblage’s repercussions upon human events. It is a true event of such dimensions that it is astronomically beyond everyday, or even super-conceptual reality.

To speak so frankly in this manner is certainly out of academic character, but I know of no other means to convey the importance of this project under these extenuating circumstances. I am going to speak conceptually here, for I think the related data of our attempts at studying Mars — the landings, and all of Anjona’s references to the fourth planet — are extremely revealing as to the truth of this Scepter’s download to us. There are many deprogramming entanglements that plague the average human mind. Such as Anjona’s references to “our probes” on or near his Hytona world at a date we cannot now relate to, yet unless this reference is recent, it could not refer to today’s date. He must have been referencing a “probe” at another point in the history of the Earth. This would mean that Earth has been, in the past, as advanced as we are today, or more so. There is some evidence that supports this.


One other possibility could be that Anjona could see into the future and “knows” our stage of development at present. Considering the constant references to Timelessness and Limitlessness, this vision of the future may be accessible to the Omegon mentality for alteration or improvement. Certainly these current events impacting us seem to be known to them across time.

We are quite certain that the reference point in space of Claronu’s survey is the asteroid belt that lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. I believe he calls Jupiter Egog, a pony-sun for deep space an idea not lost on writers of today. An interesting coincidence. Conventional wisdom has long held that it (asteroid belt) represents a failed attempt at planetary formation, with no explanation of why this material failed to accrete into a planet. It seems that all our earlier ideas of this system are wrong.

This asteroid belt currently has enough material to configure and amass a planetary sphere the size of Earth or thereabouts. Apparently, according to the message of Claronu, it was once the world of the Enmayi and the site of the first Logos — Reason, or the Icon called the Hand that Sees – Enigmni. It was constructed by increasingly solid mattered light beings (archetypes) and it was the first artifact of existence in our solar system. We are the remains of the Omegons and the Enmayi misplaced to this once Gardened Planet some four million years ago. We must be their children – or we are they!

According to this survey, the beings on the Enmayi Planet were, for millions of years (orbits and years do not equate to our system of time necessarily), caught in a developmental eddy that kept them in a reoccurring “total state” of male and female aspects, existing in one body form: chromosomes XX and XY in one individual. Our only data on such a possibility here on Earth, other than an occasional random case of such today, can be found in ancient Egyptian history.


In the Divine Pomander, attributed to Thoth, who was reported to have lived thousands of years before vanishing, references to beings of both sexes in one were the originators of our civilization. In Thoth’s many books or scrolls (he wrote 3,600), this god of wisdom stated that God (Typhon’s or Takion’s account) created them male and female in one. Many Egyptian artifacts support this metaphysical point of view that some construe as fact. Later the split came on another world or period. The Enmayi history states the identical thesis!

In my estimation, Omegons could represent the sublime evidences of the beings we have found throughout history that come down to Earth and attempt to save humanity from itself. We find references to these beings in every tradition of all cultures: Sumerian, Egyptian, Etruscan, Roman, Mayan, and others as background deities to the major players. All of these “hidden” beings seem to have capabilities beyond normal human abilities. Omegons were the Angels, who were of no particular gender — perhaps they were the enigmatic YY beings, or the giants of the ancient Peruvians who came to establish this world. Angels are often referred to as the “Watchers” of whom Anjona speaks. Watchers are also mentioned in the old Book of Enoch. Christ even referred to Enoch, yet his book did not make the testaments of the Churches. Enoch sounds too much like a space being for most theologians, and has been given the “evil eye.” There are the tales of Gilgamesh, which are also filled with an abundance of higher beings with capabilities such as the Omegons.


The simple association of the word Omegon (if that is how they would spell it), with the fact that Christ referred to himself once as Alpha and finally Omega, the last, is quirky when considered here. I am not sure the two sounds mean the same, though it looks like this is the believable case. Omegons undoubtedly think of themselves as the last phase of being before dissolution into the All. Reason is their Logos or iconical representative, as it has always been ours in all-ancient traditions. Dialogue and coherency are truly the keys to humanity’s entry to a phase II civilization. It seems to all be related in my way of thinking.

Much of this information is coming to higher meaning in my estimation, almost as if I am seeing the records of all our past history through a thinly woven veil. Linkage of our past is a dovetail joint to these records and with what we now have discovered in the landings on Mars, and those currently in flight to that planet as we speak, great discoveries are about to happen. Some believe we (or some mentality) have been there before. There are many unknowns, which we have discovered on Mars that are truly question marks in the scientific community’s decipherment of current data. Something happened there millions years ago that could suggest a form of life…or existence.

I recall that recently, two of our colleagues discovered what they considered life-like elements in samples taken from known asteroids from that very belt. These fragments were taken from Siberia and analyzed only two years ago. Two Russian scientists also found such evidence in the 1980s. The recent find asserts, after testing, that within a range of from 4 to 6 million years ago there was a planetoid that was associated with organic material somehow during that slice of time. In fact, their samples showed more conclusive evidence for life than the particles found in our section of Antarctica, which were believed to be ejecta from Mars at that same time period, indicating some conflagration during that period.


The dating for human-like life on Earth is close to four million years, yet Omegons said they had been here many millions of orbits (their’s, our’s?) prior to the introduction of Koan’s and Planca’s arrival. I believe Omegons do not leave behind any evidence of their departure form this physical life. I think, after hearing of Claronu’s departure, that they are in a rapid state of dissolution at that point. Nothing of them other than their works would ever be found. Vaporization!

ROC_ancestorsWe can only speculate on these matters, and nothing is really conclusive. However, we can note that the physical anthropologists have been notably unsuccessful in proving that human beings evolved here on Earth, even though there are great similarities between Homo sapiens sapiens and the terrestrial primates. Where are our ancestors? We review the records and evidence for the Neanderthal (Neandertal per latest convention), the Cro-Magnon and other early types, and yet, we cannot state emphatically that we are their children. The message recorded by Claronu indicates quite explicitly that the savants of old were extremely expert in genetic engineering; their knowledge of the Moiré Arena and All. And this provides a possible explanation for the many traces of different versions of early man in geologic record. We are left with the conclusion that the past four million years of Earth’s history was a vast exercise in the “virtual” manipulation of genetic elements and principles. It is possible, since nothing is conclusive and this find seems real, that we are the results of “highly placed” genetic engineering. Perhaps we are the products of our own re-engineering of ourselves to accommodate the dictates of this planet’s environment or some other demand. With all the cloning and genetic manipulation that we are involved in today, legally and illegally, one cannot discount the fact that we may have built ourselves — perhaps with Omegon help.

I am of the opinion that we beings are capable of assuming just about any kind of genetic formation according to new research, and that is exactly what we are seeing reflected to us today in this material form the other side of Time.

There are new studies of the surface of the Earth that demonstrate our current dating system may be in error, considering the new evidences that are flooding from fresh finds. Recent studies of the ocean depths show very ancient potential for out-of-time restructuring that would push humanity back to the four million years needed for Anjona’s words. Those explorations of the deepest sectors show that many areas of the planet were above water at different times in history. Many portions of the Earth’s crust now exposed, were conversely, below the oceans in the past. The Water Displacement Theory of Orion von Koch, or what some pundits call the “Waterbed Theory” of Earth Tectonics, indicates that when the poles shifted numerous times over the last millions of years, new icecaps formed over the new sites of magnetic-stabilization or the poles. These changes that now are proven facts, were once considered Ice Ages by the old scientific community. These Ice Ages never existed — only the Earth has presented that illusion to us as it sought to gain its new balance after each of these continent-busting catastrophes.

Koch’s theory, though sounding flippant when referred to as the “Waterbed Theory,” is entirely relevant when likened to a vast plastic or fluid substructure of lava, water and liquefying land masses, reacting to the gravity and electromagnetic forces that impact systems in chaotic flux during popular-exchange. The surface rolls under the great weight of semi-frozen water and landmass, pressing down the plasticized surfaces, via tsunamis of gunk and debris that follow the evolution of the punctuated events. I have experienced this feeling in my own waterbed, when I roll over and cause things to shift that lie elsewhere on the bed. This action exposes the new lands, once seabed, to the light of day and rearranges past continents into subsurfaces of mud or new seas, which are usually inaccessible to most technological investigation.

Bone and human artifacts have recently been found in these areas that date to extremely ancient periods for the Neandertals and even some Cro-Magnons. As recently as 1980, Neandertal bodies with fresh flesh have been found in the Gobi, but the evidence was suppressed and only mentioned in a popular archaeological publication. I know this happened for the scientists involved were friends. There are some who have even seen these Neandertals from a distance. I believe they are still with us. I feel they are the direct genetic links to the ancient Enmayi.


Though these ooparts are out of sequence, and are veritable agglomerations from some chaotic events, which we do not understand, I believe that we are in the wrong temporal frame with our timetables, and Anjona’s data is increasingly correct. Though what would humanity do for four million years — camp out in the woods, or live at ease in a Garden where everything is provided day end and day out! This would have been the “valley region” Anjona refers to. It must have been a large area to contain the beginnings of history and then — “poof” out of this world.

I fear that Academia, broadcasting a politically correct message from its Ivory Towers, prefers to scoff at all new evidence out of an abject laziness, rather than work for the truth. Of course, I know that all the current knowledge involving our world scientific community is held in an equilibrium of political leveraging that is perhaps oversold and even unbreakable. The powers that seem outside of our everyday lives are always at work behind the scenes maintaining the status quo so that no surprises will dislocate their efforts at a “planned” One World City. Although, on August 9, 2001, they were somewhat unable to hide an event that truly shook humanity awake. The little conjunctional alignments of asteroids thought not to be of any significance at least showed some potential of what could have happened. I remember when this event was prophesied in T. C. Overstreet’s book, Crux of Becoming, in 1999. This is when my political mind began to waver.

When major asteroids began to align and then broke free of the old Enmayi orbit, things began to take place politically that awakened the world to a potential that seems to have periodic impact to the normally stable rotation of earth. If anything, the awareness the event created was excellent for those of us who know a different scientific reality. Even now, while global quakes and volcanic activity are increasing and may seem tied to the potential of that passed event, I tremble at the thought of what could have happened. It was an event totally unknown until recent times.

The ancient Maya pointed to a similar event, possible for us in the near future. Their ancient calendar indicates that on December 23, 2012, the Mayan Fifth Sun will come to a halt in our sky, and another world will follow. One wonders what that will mean to us in the coming four years, especially with this new information from Anjona, reinforcing how we have gone through more advanced periods that could have known more than we give them credit for now. I will be watching in the coming years, for a perspicuous wobble in the axis, and perhaps I will be forced to invest in a self-righting offshore oil lifeboat that will be capable of riding out a Noah-like cataclysm of multiple tsunamis.

At this very moment, the Earth is displaying alarming symptoms. There are enormous fluctuations in the terrestrial geomagnetic field as well as an augmentation of the planetary wobble. It is as though the planet were attempting to progress toward a new state of equilibrium. These anomalous events have been attributed to various causes beyond my belief. Some hold that there are strong imbalances in the mantle and inner core of the Earth, while others are of the opinion that the weakening magnetic field of the planet is the true cause. Another popular theory is that the weight of the polar ice caps is affecting the entire balance of the planet and this one our greatest scientists have endorsed.

I strongly fear the Earth is entering the initial stage of a punctuated event, whose forecast was broadcast through time by ancient, established monuments such as the Pyramid Complex at Giza Plateau and elsewhere. Our ancestors were very advanced, as proven by their engineering prowess, and they were trying to warn us and perhaps even give us the keys to their knowledge about such events. We missed the point then and I hope the material we possess now will not be misused to our traumatic error. This time, we must not start over, but fly across the trough of ignorance to the power of Love and Knowledge…(of the All).

Perhaps, I overreact to the stimulus of all this data.

I have been intrigued ever since reading some of T. C. Overstreet’s material back in ‘97 or ‘99. He talked about Dr. Leo C. Braun and his theory of Plastic Plate Dissonance. It is also a part of the sequence of events that should be included with Dr. Koch’s so-called, “Waterbed” theory of Earth tectonics. Both of these assumptions together seem more plausible as a total means of viewing what might have happened in the past, and what Anjona warns us about in this new material. If we are to learn to control this volatile planet, we must learn more of these new theories. I recall that Antarctica was recently excavated near one of our predesignated sites in 2005, where two of our Russian teams, had found human remains that date to around 14,000 years. Though they were found in the mountaintops, there is no reason to disbelieve that whole villages or even cities might exist in the icy layers some distance below. These remains showed the former humans to be traumatized by some unknown event. Such freezing of flesh that old indicates to me that there was a rapid transition or punctuated cause of their instant death. Besides wearing clothing, whose composition we cannot yet determine, these persons also were in possession of some fauna (kangaroo – like) that should not belong in such cold regions.

Dr. Leo C. Braun, Dr. Qweeg Stuckhill, and T. C. Overstreet, plus a few others might possibly be correct about Antarctica being the ancient source of high learning, though nothing close to a prehistoric city has ever been detected in any region of this vast frozen wasteland down beneath us all. Oceanography certainly suggests it is possible. Few researchers have looked.

Cities would not necessarily be found that high unless the archaic Atlanteans were the initiators of those who built high for a reason, as did the ancient Peruvians on the Altiplano. The first Peruvians built for seclusion and remoteness in order to be safe from barbarian influence. How is it that such supremely intelligent engineers could exist alongside such depraved citizenry, unless there was a catastrophe that polarized the Earth’s populace into those seeking to survive via cannibalism, and those technologically advantaged to position themselves as gods? Musing stirs the mind to deeper understandings.

These gods might have built in high places for seclusion from those seeking their knowledge. But, had they come form a habitable Antarctica, with outposts established in the highlands of South America, their homeland could betray cities in the mountains or anywhere else in that frozen world. We just have not looked for such. Perhaps we should. I know that we have only touched the surface of the Russian sector of Antarctica, mainly because there are kilometers of incrusted ice to penetrate first. We may not have the will, judging by our past few decades of inaction. There are really few forces in this world willing to scientifically approach such a task, though to the victor may go the spoils. Politically, there are no nations that would approach such a hit-or-miss expedition of archaeology in the ice. We humans do well to venture into the oceans and find a “Titanic,” much less an Atlantis; though the Titanic certainly paid off for those brave enough to commit to such a large undertaking. Perhaps we Russians should bolt for Antarctica!

Many old maps copied over and over through the thousands of years suggest the knowledge and technological skills that only exist today in the intellectual community. The mathematics of these old tracings is superior, however. Maps that Dr. Leo C. Braun and others have toiled over in presentation of the concept of an ice-free Antarctica are in evidence of extreme antiquity. Such maps show evidence of punctuated plastic crustal displacement, or von Koch’s “waterbed” surface relocation theory. The Oprion Map and the Zenon Map show characteristics of ancient knowledge of Fractal Geometry with design, and shows the lower portion of the fractalian buttox-signatuare. Fractal Geometry was only recently discovered or rediscovered, with the aid of a number crunching super-computer. If the evidence of the old maps truly show this universal numeric process issuing form antiquity, then this data from Claronu and Anjona continue to be reinforced. It is also believed that the zebra’s coat-pattern is evidence of past fractal knowledge and is also the symbol of the sitting Buddha in outline.

Other data are just as mysterious and as strongly reinforcing to what we have here. I have drawn the mental analogy of Anjona’s reference to the landing site of the Enmayi in the “glorious valley regions,” to possibly refer to the area of the Mediterranean Sea. There is strong evidence that this vast area was once a great spreading valley that launched into the Sahara area, also once covered in timber and greenery. All of the area between Europe and Africa was once a exceedingly lush and fertile region, which extended for thousands of miles in all directions, even beyond Sumer and Egypt, perhaps even into India. By some means not yet well understood, the sea flooded this area, and this occurred at about the same time as the lands of the Sahara commenced its inexorable progress toward desiccation and aridity.


I believe that von Koch’s theory comes into play here. With the sea crushing inland and adding its weight upon the landmass, it pulled down the crust of the valley and that of old Sahara, thus causing it to drain in toward what is now Lake Chad. Chad is like a sinkhole. The evidence is all below its drain in the form of a depleted water table.

Through some process — plastic-crustal displacement, weight relocation, gigantic earthquakes, polar reversal, a rise in the sea level, or all of the above — the entire Mediterranean region was completely flooded. Perhaps even an ancient war destroyed the land bridge of the Straits of Gibraltar, and along with the Pillars of Hercules (which may have existed from deepest antiquity), the primeval world came crashing inward to drown the Garden of Eden.


The Sahara has recently revealed ultra-ancient finds starting near the “old” shores of Lake Chad and extending hundreds of miles East, Northeast toward Egypt and the Nile. This includes the various Playa (old dried lakes) such as Nabta Playa also. Buried in the sands of Time were great slabs for foundations of long gone complexes. These slabs have ranged from 100 (English tons) to slightly less. (Perfectly smooth sculptures weighing almost two tons were found in the Nabta Playa area.) This sophisticated engineering prowess, reminiscent of the monoliths at Balbeck in Lebanon, are so perfectly aligned, that today’s scientist usually ignore reporting such a paradox. These sites have recently been dated from as old as 30,000 b.c. to about 9,000 b.c. Clearly, if the public knew the truth of all these incongruities, scientist all over the world would be in deep trouble. Wait until they hear this one, in front of me!

Today, under the Mediterranean, numerous remains of old cities are being excavated that are dating out to 15,000 + years before Christ. More research must expose the interface with this new data, since ultra-sophisticated finds are being exposed off the coast of Malta, and also in that nation’s interior, where underground caverns, mounted by curious buildings such as Mnajdra, are now being explored. Some think that, if this Earth disaster did happen long ago, that the legends of beings living underground could have started with humans escaping the flooding waters by plunging into the caves (such as the Hypogeum where 7000 primeval souls were entombed) as a temporary solution to flood waters that, unfortunately, never ebbed. It is known that some of these caverns which plunge deeply under the Med — have been rumored to exit near the site of old Carthage and in parts of Italy.

The giant slabs, as large as freight cars, in the Sahara, Lebanon, Egypt and other places, show the finest craftsmanship, not unlike the smaller lithic works of Puma Punku at Tithanaco near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. The secrets of this world are literally untouched by any real investigation.

Mysteries face us all over this third planet from the sun. New discoveries are coming forth every day that say our conclusions and assumptions regarding the past are somewhat, if not totally, wrong! I for one, and in view of this current enigmatic find, have come to believe that we are alien to this planet. We came here somehow in the recent past, say four million years ago, and began our trek to this point in time. We did not evolve here, as most evidence shows — and if the truth were known by the public; if anything we genetically engineered ourselves to this common ground, a field of energized matter not unlike Claronu’s Moiré Arena. The truth of my belief is held in evidence below the churning countenance that seeks to hide all evidence of the past, that being the very volatility of the Earth. I feel it is an evil left over from some ancient mistake of selfishness and desire to be like the One with no equal. Forgive me of this aside. I fear I feel the pressure of euphoria dawning upon my soul.

I must admit, I am taken by the resemblance of the Enmayi record shown above, with the ancient Asians, Tibetans, Mexicans, and specifically the old Mayan Culture of Middle America. It is my belief that some artifacts found in Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala are direct lines of influence from a very ancient culture that now rests under the oceans, or are locked in volcanic lava that are millions of years old. All these cultures seemed to rise, as if a Phoenix, from previous ancestors of a higher understanding of engineering and technology. The reverse cannot be true, for the evidence suggests a regression rather than an ascension of knowledge at their beginnings — as if they were stalled by a new condition to old wisdom. The Olemeca came to the shores of Mexico as titans of knowledge, not as barbarians.


Almost all cultures seemed to rise from a previous zenith known by their flying gods, who could heal all, build all, and write all. The Sumerian, Egyptian, and Minoan records also show this similarity of coming from extreme power to a stage of rebuilding with little left in their memories of past glories.

I believe, reinforced by the evidence held in these materials, that the Enmayi, with the help of the Omegons, established colonies all over the face of the earth, and the elite (Omegons, Planca, Koan and Takion) returned periodically to check upon their charges to see if they were continuing to produce soulularly. I think it reasonable that Omegons were constantly watching. In keeping with this idea, there are many sites in Mexico that show strong evidence of multi-layered cultures that apparently predate that of the Olmeca culture, where god-like influence shows up as a punctuation.

So long shrouded in mystery, the Gulf of Mexico has the look of a valley, smaller, though not unlike the potential of an earlier Mediterranean valley. Before the relocation of the last Ice Age some 14,500 years ago, the Earth’s waters were much lower, and it is most conceivable that the Gulf was the seat of a mighty civilization, which was ruined in the great flood cataclysm. The Olmecs seem to have come to the eastern shores of Mexico from a land that now appears to be drowned. Their old myths are enigmatic, and in many cases, totally incomplete. The retrieval of the past can be a heart-rending experience for a culture under siege, as the Mexicans were when the Europeans came calling. Much valuable archaeological material was destroyed by the invading Spaniards from the sixteenth century on to our present time. New finds are even now being plunged into the “politically correct” record of history and drowned by academic evangelists protecting their tired propaganda of how things really aren’t.

Soon an ocean-going vessel will test the waters off Texas and Mexico for new archaeological anomalies that have long intrigued the space community of scientists.

There are unusual data, gained from satellites and other “secret” means, that support the old seaman’s tradition that a pyramid exists in the center of the Gulf of Mexico. Much to the chagrin of the archaeological community, the new expedition, by a Texas university team of wealthy renegades, will soon be upon the site with what some call substantial proof. This proof is that there was something highly technological in terms of engineering going on deep in our ancient past. Perhaps the American inspired, political history will soon change to reflect the truth of our past rather than the self-oriented version so often aired by their media sources.

Mention must be made of an archaic cultural site discovered in the Valley of Mexico in the 1920s, which has come to be called Overstreet’s Buried City. T.C. Overstreet started his investigations in that same valley in the early nineteen hundreds (1906), and in the course of his research, he encountered enigmatic stone artifacts and tablets, which had no discernible connection with any other Mexican cultural sequence. This was curious! However, it was not until the period of 1918-1919 when he hit archaeological “pay dirt” at Santigo Gonzalez, a hamlet contiguous to the valley. At that time, he discovered the “infamous” tablets and the evidence of an archaic culture of a high order. For a short time, his discoveries set the archaeological world afire with rampant enthusiasm. Then, most sadly, his discoveries were summarily discredited by the mainstream academic culture and its media. He was made to look a fool, while his artifacts were carried off and scattered far and wide. T.C. Overstreet died a broken man in near Chaco Canyon in New Mexico in 1937. It is sad to contemplate that he died without ever having his work properly evaluated by the scientific prowess of today’s world. We know not where to find his works though there is rumor that some are hidden away at a distinguished university in Texas. Such is an example that could face us with this project.

Teotihuacan, the great city near to Overstreet’s obscure excavations in the Valley of Mexico, has always caught my imagination, even as a boy. It looks like a great space port with pyramid-like structures lined up on a 4 kilometer ramp way for travelers departing and arriving for destinations now long forgotten. At an early age, I can recall thinking upon great flying machines, perhaps saucers, sitting on top of all those little launch pads lining the road of the dead (dead-our idea, not theirs). Too many space movies; one would think that the MIR space station would have ended such dreams!

It has been estimated that Teotihuacan supported a population of 200,000 persons at one point in its florescence. Many of middle American’s old cities seem to have this otherworldly look of high sophistication that was either emulated by other cities at a later date, or were part of an older civilization that was to some degree very advanced. Teotihuacan represents more than that, it has the engineering built into its structure to suggest more than what is told to us by today’s archaeologists. Were the cities of Mexico old memories of a time far away in the minds of their well educated priests? Or, could they have been the whispers of a very ancient Enmayi tradition that bled through to show itself 4 million years later? To do this, the Enmayi had to have a seat of civilization somewhere on Earth that lasted as the stalwart to carry these traditions forward. Where is such a site?

Teotihuacan presents another feature that is also arcane to the extreme. Dr. Lionel Varga, T. C. Overstreet and other historical researchers have pointed out, time after time, that enormous, thick sheets of mica were found by archaeologists on the fifth level of the Sun Pyramid in mid 1900s. Later, at 400 meters down from the Sun Pyramid, reported by the Koch Foundation (2002), another mica slab was found of considerable size: some 27.5 meters square (92 feet square) near the Avenue of the Dead. To the astonishment of all archaeologists, it was identified as a type of mica that is found in South America, and nowhere else. This begs the question of why was this particular type of mica removed and transported some 3218.6 kilometers (2000 miles) to be incorporated into the building site at Teotihuacan? How could something this large be transported in a Stone Age period of history? It is also to be noted that similar finds of South American mica were discovered in certain Olmec sites. This is the “silver bullet” of the archaeological world, which proclaims that the technology of the ancients is far removed from what we consider it to have been. Mica is utilized as insulation to atomic expressions. Who knew of atomics then?

In my estimation, the importance of the discovery of mica, which had been transported thousands of kilometers from its place of origin to its final resting place, is equivalent in historical importance to researcher ’s comments upon the detonation of the first atomic explosion in the deserts of New Mexico. At the time of the explosion, some were heard to remark that “it was the second [ time] for humanity to experience such.” It is reported that they were referring to the old Sanskrit tradition that the first atomic device was detonated in the area of the ancient Indus Valley civilizations some 8,000 years ago. The very old ruins of Mohenjo-Daro certainly reflect that this is indeed what occurred, with thousands of its fallen resident’s bones recently (2004) found radioactively “hot” in the bottom of the old streets of the city.


In the old Mahabharata, we find that there were references to flying machines and a frightening white flash of an ultimate weapon that destroyed cities, and caused the survivors to rush to the rivers to cleanse themselves of the unseen killer. The evidence of classic radiation sickness, such as hair and nails falling form the body before death, are everywhere in the ancient writings. With all this strong corroboration of evidence from our planetary past, we should not decline the information offered by all this data that our celestial messenger has poured forth in the last few weeks.

From my vicarious youth, I have wondered about Mexico. Were those old tribes a part of this powerful technological base that peeks to us between the lines of mythological history? The gods seem to appear out of space and time, as did the Sons of Annoo the Sumerian god of gods. One wonders if Claronu’s nickname for Anjona – Annooa was the same leader of the Naberu, as translated by Alice Grice in her body of highly informative and passionately charged books recently released (2002) in Baghdad. Annoo was the Anunnaki god who could have brought genetic engineering to Earth. We have data that supports some of these researchers, so why do we not announce the truth to humanity?

Today, expeditions into the volcanic wastes of Mexico are showing that cultures were present earlier than the Olmecs as Overstreet believed. Were these first people the sons of the Enmayi who had risen in technology over and over again through the cyclic volatility of this unstable planet of garden-like beauty? Cast back into the barbaric states of human evolution time and time again, they continued to climb back out of the agglomeration of defeat to strive once more up the ladder of be-manship. While the poles of the planet wobbled around the globe, they fought to maintain their traditions, each time of destruction; they restarted the flame of the hand that sees — becoming the minds that move. Even the art attributed to the Olmecs seems more modern, with their head-mounted lenses on space helmets that often seem to have support systems attached to their bodies. It is all more relevant now, after having this immense data before us from out of Time.

The “hidden party” seems to lurk behind the scenes of history, always there to reaffirm the mission of becoming. It always hides in the background where logic and creative minds can only see its relevance to the open record. Few minds can understand the necessity of this base knowledge to maintaining the reality of the virtual mission we all must consolidate into unconditional Love.

Hidden from time and taking space not imagined, those “hidden souls” that perpetuated humanity through the four million years here on this explosive gem, kept our hopes alive. Something happened 14,500 years ago of such enormous proportions to destroy that old civilization to such a degree, that now we cannot even comprehend such an event to have taken place. Hoary remains of cultures much older than today’s protected finds, which do not fit into a politically convenient historical sequence, have been deliberately secreted away and no longer apply to the picture we take for reality. It is beyond our scope of understanding because of its ultimate unlikeliness. Overstreet was right! This is why it is true! This is the final test!

I now know that the Mayan culture carried the last messages of data that referred to the “hidden party” who so darkly lurked between the slats of historical rigging. We should seek it all in conjunction with the messages here arrayed before us and compile the total meaning to humanity. The “hidden party” was certainly at Chichen Itza; evidence is everywhere. Chichen Itza’s great Castillo has the engineering sophistication that must have come from very advanced minds; the mathematics alone were quite superior. Any structure, so perfect as to tell time, is perhaps beyond our attempts. More importantly, the astronomical knowledge was beyond a flint-chipping mentality.

Did the Omegons visit and help establish this great center of learning as they must have done in hoary Egypt at Abydos or Giza? Engineering that is intellectually distant even from our own average schooling can be easily recognized. Who were the beings that lurked in the darkness of historical myth? Their clues constantly broadcast from an increasingly powerful background; an implicate order? Why does the academic community continue to hide the truths from the mainstream of human reality? I, for one, know!

I also have a theory — about the processes of how a myth of the gods can come to our ears, from data that is true but misread. I recall the old stories about World War II, when remote islands discovered during that conflict, were revisited later by geological expeditions for survey. The islanders had built altars that looked like aircraft, and anyone who wore a flight jacket was worshiped. Having never seen such things attached to the power of aircraft, those natives of little knowledge misplaced their religious centers. I feel that similar incidents have happened throughout the ages.

Reports, as far back as 14,500 years concerning the gods of the most remote traditions, suggest that any beings with advanced technology, therefore the leveraged edge in any confrontation, were perceived as supreme beings. The traditions of Enoch, whom Christ referred to in the New Testament and Gilgamesh of the Sumerian traditions, all were filled with technology that today is understandable. But to the unknowing eye, such power was awesome and god-like.

I look at society today, and see how many of us live in a world where ancient kings would have been comfortable, even awed by our present lifestyles. Yet, on a higher level, there is really much more than meets the typical mindset. A form of immortality is almost available to many of our upper incrusted fellows, who are politically well connected. The best of everything is theirs for the calling, even if they illegally solicit for a lung, heart or kidney. I have even heard of drugged people waking up in a bathtub of ice without a kidney. These elite dark-shepherds can pay top dollar for extended life. Some freeze their remains just prior to death in hopes of being revived in a future capable of saving them form a total ending.

Tomorrow we will make it common to genetically reengineer new body parts as a matter of nonchalance in comparison to past means of mending.

When I think of this, I consider the rituals of the Mayan, Aztecs, and Egyptians. Could the “hidden party” have been using those extracted parts – hearts, to live in a sordid immortality way back then? They certainly had the system and means in place. Technological and material advantages would surely prove to be enough of an incentive to keep the majority of the world’s population in intellectual subjugation: a class of unwitting and uneducated victims.


I can easily visualize a future world where the majority of the population is restrained from advancement, without benefit of proper education and appropriate personal freedoms. Laws could easily create such an environment where such is possible. In this world the aristocratic “few,” such as the wealthy, the scientists, the politicians, could assert themselves, with great facility, as an elitist organization. These elitists would remove themselves from the impoverished hordes, who would then prey upon the social structure to tear it down. This seclusion would enable the neo-aristocrats to develop even more advanced technology, which would enable them to prosper intellectually and materially in long lives of joy. They would continue to advance, while ignoring the lower echelons who would inevitably degrade into a state of barbarism. Those members of the disadvantaged group would literally rot away in a hedonistic world of survival of the fittest.


If the more powerful controlled the mindset of the lower, such as the media do today, they could eventually misinform the others to the point where the elite would appear as more than superior, as gods. By utilizing human leveraging techniques, patriots and conservatives would eventually be defeated and transformed into whimpering fools. They could be co-opted by victimization, first through gender naivete and false nurturing, then racism, sexism and then total chaos. Next stop — godhood for the elite.

So many of today’s wealthy politicians, criminally inclined, are buying up islands and remote areas, stocking them with the best of superior technology, and transforming these areas into bastions that are models of self-sufficiency. At present, we are witnessing a singularity in the social fabric of the world, which had its inception almost twenty years ago in the United States, and the world has since followed suit.

For some time now, the extremely well-placed and powerful, no matter whether these advantages were gained by criminal or more pedestrian means, have been purchasing secluded spots and islands in various parts of the world. At first, this trend was sporadic, with these private estates being located in no discernible pattern. This trend has now continued to the point where these sequestered estates are now veritable bastions of the dominant entities. These enclaves are engineered toward self-preservation and are virtually self-running. They are not enclaves or colonies; they are small nations fortified within themselves. But no matter how small or isolated they may be, they are enormously exotic. The chasm between the social classes of the world is more than disturbing.

It is disturbing because the seeds of the demigods are now being sown and will be developed to the point where they will emblazon the legends of tomorrow. We are literally witnessing the development of a class of people so influential; that – in the future, they will be regarded almost as deity by the common people. This utilization of Machiavellian philosophy and plebeian maneuvering represents the start of a process that will lead to a select brotherhood who will leverage all means of despotic authority: wealth, armament, wisdom, beauty, violence, religion, false-love, knowledge, and technology are the representatives to this power structure. It is also to be noted, that they will leverage these areas to their own advantage, and not for the common weal. These persons are literally preparing a haven – or heaven, if you prefer, for themselves and their kind here on Earth! The powerful will continue to become more ensconced. And, quite sadly, common man will become more common through his own slothfulness at reading the symbols of his time.

Still, I can readily perceive that it is man’s own fault in that he did not attempt to learn and advance himself when he has the chances even today to stop such marching to the edge. Common man is so compliant that he will willingly permit the politicians and bureaucrats to subtract from his life, and then further permit a shellgame-like government to take the remainder. Slothfulness has long been the hallmark of American and worldly education, but — alas! — It has now made its appearance in the Russian schools. We have quite literally “educated” a class of neo-barbarians! Vipers will take the world! What is it that sucks the lifeblood from a nation and destroys it?

I am not a social scientist, but I wonder if it is not the “so-called” legal system that increasingly favors support for laws that protect the criminal elements and the citizens of little merit? Those who sell immorality and vulgarism, via cajolery and persuasion, and then declare it to be the epitome of excellence (dare I say “cool?”) display an evil intent that is beyond comprehension. And, it is this same “evil” that will provoke the eventual wrath from the real power behind Claronu’s Virtual Universe (Moiré Arena). The beauty and the tragedy of the Law of Consequence are that it is indeed — just!

This world’s very culture: its music, dress, and entertainment — all are being used against a very willing culture bent on self-defeat. Laughter, cajolery, and fracturing – self-love sells this banality in a most sophisticated manner. This is what philosophers refer to as complex ignorance and is used to gain control of naive human slush with the intent of later shaping it into a special interest group. Weak, selfish minds — as referred to by Claronu — will eventually lose to the gambits of the power mongers because of an inculcated attitude of sloth. Unmotivated humanity needs its gods because they cannot see the God within themselves. In this instance, the supreme irony is that the very existence of man is absolute proof of the Divine.

When a civilization is in full decline, and the passage of time has exponentially stressed morality into immorality, the common being may eventually realize that the leadership has vanished to parts unknown. They will have fled and concealed themselves in isolated sections of the globe, perhaps an island, or some other remote area. When the power or electricity is turned off, then perhaps society will finally take note of their leadership’s absence. Who would care? Soon, all organized norms of society give way to nihilism, and human culture will retrograde into a new Stone Age. And all this will occur because of supreme acts of selfishness. Of the two elements mentioned, which is the more intelligent: the unwitting who allowed this to occur, or the criminally powerful who traduced the rights of the world’s citizens? Could this happen to us, or to America? I strongly fear that it has already happened in the past many times and could once again be our fate.

As the world’s population polarizes, the “future gods” will gain ground more rapidly because of their superior technological capabilities and material advantages. They will appear at “tax time.” The elite will increasingly seek the presence of like kind, rather than the meritless and impoverished detritus that lingers on. At some point, the “new gods” will be born; they will take to the skies in their conveyances to hide themselves away in secluded parts of the world to ponder chicanery upon the unwitting. Eventually they will return, and make terrible war upon their own kind, seeking to position themselves as unique and worthy of worship – the ultimate desire for recognition.

With superior firepower, and technology to kill billions from afar, they will enslave humanity once again. After several generations, the powerful who rise in their own groups will become immortal via their superior backup systems of human leveraging and a vast supply of body parts. Human coherency will lose the potential of survival through Love. Unless we listen to the Omegon revelations, we will needlessly suffer this cyclic curse of selfishness.

When I think of history, I wonder if the old gods are still among us, still preying upon human body parts to maintain their longevity? Or did good old common man finally win one with democracy? Our way did not work. I think on this every time I look at the Lines of Nazca in Peru.

Such airborne sophistication was surely guided from engineering know-how, and possibly even a form of laser was used to “scribe” the lines in playful creativity. Evidence of laser-like utilization is everywhere in Peru. How else could they cut some of the stone the way it is so easily shown today across from the old fortress of Sacsahuaman in Cuzco? Few have seen this message from the old gods. Some say that those old evil gods still hide in the jungles of the Amazon, or even elsewhere in the universe waiting to return and haunt us again.

There is a wealth of very new information that evidences archeo-enigmas that are out-of-sequence with the story of record. I will not trouble you with an extensive report of these examples, but only touch upon them to give you the support for my conclusions. All of the new data about the developments in archeological finds and the Scepter’s interlaced transmissions of unknown code will accompany the expanded version to be submitted at a later date. It will soon be made clearer, in the coming weeks, just what the total communication is from the records of Claronu and Anjona. It is my desire to reinforce all data presented herein, with additional corroboration, backed up before presentation to the scientific community at our upcoming conference. Soon this tremendous find will be at the feet of the entire world to ponder.

I am absolutely sure that I have become a little too caught up in this report. Still, there is a great amount of food for thought here in this material. I believe we are now at an important and pivotal point of our existence, and perhaps the time is indeed ripe to make some changes in our behavioral conditions. It is time we became more attuned to the altruistic mentality which seems to be a part of our reflective capabilities. It is little used, but still, it is there. We must shout this reawakening of the human reality to the stars and seek the meaning of the Hand that Sees — and is the mind that moves. Moundville! Moundville, Alabama is the site where many mounds were constructed and the old motif of the hand and eye were found there many times. It is a site we must visit to find new secrets, perhaps the catalyst is there.

I feel euphoric — as if the entire story of reality has flashed before my soul in picoseconds. The wonderful memory is there, but it fades quickly. Because of what I have seen, I feel the need to include this data within this report. Earth’s humanity must prepare to move to a new totality in order to exceed the status quo and create the advanced phase II civilization. I am, here and now, calling for a new dispensation of reality, established around the merging of humanity with a new nationhood. I call it Humation. I believe it could work as follows: unless we, in Russia, try to reestablish some type of order in the world as we once did with a political ploy rather than a spiritual ascension, we will forever remain as a nation run by criminal expressions of a brotherhood built by vodka. We must act. This ancient material having been found here in our country is indeed an omen and a Godsend. I propose that we use this event as a springboard and a cause to catalyze ourselves toward a new form of Human Unity. Humation, should be our unifier for coherency.

Copyright 2013 Ron O. Cook
Author’s  Official Website

Presented with author’s permission



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    From an old Friend

    “This Book has a lot of good things going for it, Ron. It is very different and original, and I think it can sell if you market it properly. Warn your readers to wear 3-D glasses while reading this one — it’s (holographically) complex.”

    “With a singular, unique vision, Ron O. Cook eloquently examines the crucial questions of existence. His well-illustrated book combines both the symbolical and the semantical expressions of existence in a timeless exploration of our inner and outer worlds. Cook reveals the evolution of morals and consciousness and unifying connectedness of the universe through a Claronu’oa poetic witness to being. It is unlike any book you will ever read.”

    — Ben Garrison (former Graphics Director of the Seattle Post Intelligencer and national freelance illustrator and designer).


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      I read the above works with varying degrees of interest, and I admit that I found some things of merit in a few of them. However, let it be noted that I read these works one time and only one time! The point is that one time was quite sufficient. And then perhaps in deference to my jaded appetite, Ron Cook offered The Enigmni for my reading pleasure, and then things changed around quite rapidly. At first, I was not really quite certain what I had read, but I instinctively knew that I liked it. Being intrigued, I then read it again to see what I might have missed. At this point, I have read the manuscript nine times and each time, I find something new to think upon. Allow me to illustrate.

      • For those of you who like science fiction, you have here a space opera that would do Buck Rogers or Star Wars proud.

      • For those of you who like a good yarn, you here have a good adventure that will be meat and drink.

      • For those of you with a metaphysical or philosophical bent, you will find worthy instruction and valuable lessons.

      • For those of you who are disenchanted with modern society, you will find a scathing denunciation and indictment of modern social and industrial life.

      • For those of you with a religious inclination, you will find this work to be a high- tech guide to greater achievements in spirituality.

      • For those of you who like “forbidden science,” then this work is enough to make the most hardened academician gasp and grab for his heart medicine.

      • For those who like the millennialist genre of literature, then know there is enough death, doom, and destruction for a Hollywood epic!

      • For those interested in the evolutionary progression of man, then this work offers a totally different and startling view of the process.

      I could go on and on with this, but surely the point is made.

      I must confess that I have been having pleasant fantasies as to how this work will be classified in the bookstores. (They never seem to get anything in the correct place!) I would judge, if they examine the cover, they will place the work in Science Fiction. If they bother to read a few pages, they will probably put it in the great catch-all of bookstores: New Age. However, let us not tell them that it is a straight work of fiction: a millennialist novel, if you will. By strict literary classification, it is an allegory. However, let us not inform these worthies. Instead, let’s have some fun and see where they put the book! Perhaps in a new section all its own.

      And for those of you who were enraptured by my golden prose and decided to buy the book on my recommendation, I have a suggestion for you. There is the possibility that you will slacken down in the work on your initial reading due to the deep mulling of Claronu (story teller of the book). (These are the most important parts). If you do slow, remember these are almost alien words…try harder. Here are the guidelines to be observed in reading the book successfully. First, read it in the literal sense and determine where you are going as an overview. Second, read the book as an allegory and observe the endless battle between Good and Evil, Chaos vs. Order. Then, read it in the metaphysical mode and observe the Cosmic Dance. It is as easy as that and most beneficial.

      And what more can I do except recommend this book for your delectation? Its meaning will haunt you forever thereafter.

      Leon Brown

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    The gargantuan plan for this thing we call existence is indeed complex and very robust. We tiny human beings know little of what is really going on in our local universe. We do not strive on our own for knowledge and wisdom. Every student should know more than his teacher is he is serious at attaining the top rung. If we were more intelligent and perceptive, we could easily see that we are the reason we are not being notified of the larger universe of beings and systems that are functioning before our very eyes. Just to look at the artifacts of the ancients should give us knowledge of the next level of being and becoming here in Time/Space. If we could only read the striations of the stones in ancient Egypt we would know that they were more advanced than are we now. Who are these higher forms? We do not know because we are not ready for the jump to higher intellect. It is a pity that we dwell here in our own wallowing and simplistic evil filled with attempts to self-gratify at every turn. As an educator I know we are much more capable but we do not strive…we are slothful and seek the easy way out of any challenge rather than excel and move up the chain. Those are not aliens out there, they are us on an other level. Wake up!

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    Herein is a key to discovering the True Nature of Existence in this realm of the Moire Arena. It is important to catalyze the mind to awaken its depths of memory of Times Past. Zep Tepi is the means to discover our ancient past and the great levels we attained here in this physicality. Read the material and begin the trek back to our last point of supreme memory of who and what we truly are. It is Time to Awaken.

  4. Michael Struck says

    Sincronicity in the lives of people who are awakening is happening at an amazing pace in past few years.
    The authors experience in writing this book is exactly the same for me. I have been writing a book for past 3 years that can only be described as downloaded in my mind as i wrote. Ideas & storylines would explode- never had any writers block of any kind & any information/ research needed for ideas/theories that I would be forming for story would appear within days on web sites, in books etc; confirming or enlightening even further.
    After 3 years I am almost complete- Sincronicity has also shown me via innate overwhelming feelings that the book would be ready for 2013- not 2012.
    Its obvious the feelings are spot on as on 12/21/2012 I was on Nantucket Island watching the sunset over its western oceanline. One of the rare places on the east coast you can do this, knowing the books timing & most impact would be the Summer of 2013.
    The book – Nous Sphere Epistles: is a fictional story based on facts of our past true history & current choices of paths humanity as a whole can take to either evolve to our true nature or devolve back into chaos, starting the 12,000 yr cycle again. We have the choice.
    A mysterious object in space activates in 2008 as the space shuttle on one its final missions repairs hubble. What is found amazes the astronauts. When they go against orders to not bring the bus size object back to Earth- the shuttle mysteriously explodes as it re-enters the atmosphere, including the object.
    The forces in power cannot control fate as the object had activated ancient sites across the globe before its demise, awakening an energy not seen or felt in many 1,000s of years.
    In Tiahuanaco the Sun Gate opens a portal below its granite doorway amazing the archaeologist & her team with its guarded secrets, not realizing many sites across the globe including the Great Pyramid are shaking off eons of deep sleep.
    In the Pacific a team of oceanographers studying whales are stunned when the pod forms pyramidal shapes not realizing it is happening across the globe with dolphins & whales.
    When the incidents end as the team in the Pacific watch as the shuttle disintegrates across the horizion & one it humble enlightened team members vanishes in the night sky on a brightly lit craft; a team is put together after an emerchancy meeting by world leaders.
    As the team travels the globe & discovers humanities true heritage & our purpose for life; a deep rooted ancient family & powerhouse that behind the scenes rule the planet like puppetmasters try to intervene for their own purposes & agendas.
    What everyone involved do not realize is that a group older than anyone can imagine has been watching for eons waiting for this time-end of cycle. Trying not to intervene so the planet can evolve naturally the super intelligent & spiritual enitities have the special soul missing from the ship.
    The mission – Teach him all the world needs to know & via indirect contact; return him to a world that is on the cusp of the abyss or an awakening not seen in the planets current history.
    Which path of the Hopi Rock wil we all take -the lower or upper?
    If you are interested in being one of the select few to read it before publication please email me.
    “An idea whos time has come”

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    A point-of-departure or POD is highly important when one begins a study of who and what this universe seems to be. THE ENIGMNI is just that when one wants to find a way to see who and what this experience of being and becoming is all about. It is highly important for one to read this departure above, so they may set their mind to understanding the concept of scenarios as a BRAIN STORM DEVICE. It is high useful when in a group to use it to refer to in development of scenarios. I hope many of you try to get into this concept of THE ENIGMNI (enig-omni or money) so we may start discussion groups in the forum at this site in the future. This kind of mental stretching is exactly what we need to move beyond our current mindsets. Please reach deeper in your attempts to move into this future means of thinking.

    Ron O.

  6. Luther Timmins says

    There is ample evidence that mankind was devolving. There is ample evidence that the renaissance and the american experiment are being reversed and erased.

  7. says

    State of Being — In Time/Space

    Time is like a ride at the theme park— temptation peppered with movement toward chaos. Its opposite is even more expansive in potential. Timelessness is the reality of this existence with Time being the dream or illusion. Eternity is the All, encompassing essence of the Totality (One with no second). It is the generative order or implicate unity. Mentality is multi-purposed, multifaceted, and multidimensional. In thought finality, Mind is the Totality. Mind rides the Light but is not reliant upon it. Light is capable of creating the universe in illusion as a virtual reality, what some call the moiré arena. God is Mind…and Mind issues forth in God’s motion — The Enigmni. Mind moves from nothing to everything and back. Mind is the experience of existence where all creativity is found in a catalytic state of reinvention. It is a constancy of change. There is nothing faster than Mind, then comes Light. Because Mind is present with Light they appear as One…they are two, but light is the expression of the Mind — the broadcast. One is God the other is His Means — the Holy Spirit…the mover — Enigmni.

    The First Logos or Creation is the Son; the Word catalyzes ideas into existence in sequence. The Word is REASON. Mind is first cause with no last. Last is an illusion of Time, which moves as a linear aspect generated in Timelessness. Linearity can be accompanied by dimensionality. Increased dimensionality adds complexity and solidity to Time for those who ride the Light. The more complex, and the more coherent, the hotter is the form. Mind is not affected by any of its creations, but its creations are affected by each preceding creation that manifests in directed evolutional sequence. Feedback created naturally by Mind and Light is essential to coherent knowing of each preparatory creation. Congruence, Empathy, or Love and Knowing is amplified by each structural dimension created. 1•3•7 is the number of Creation.

    Beings or Mind segments that are attracted by each amplifying and complex structural level will localize in sequential fashion. From the smallest atomic structure to the most complex. Thus is the spiral of creation. Mind is uniformly everywhere, everything, and Eternal. Mind is the atmosphere of be-ness. Humanity is represented by a multitude of structural levels animated by total mentality. Light creates the illusion of body and its programs of DNA supply the variety. Mind selects the product based on cause and consequence. Mind is God. Man is a part of God. God is the Whole.

    Mind may seek itself in exponential feedback waves that are everywhere at once yet holographically focused by a reflection mechanism on the physical side called a Brain (gestalt / sequential computerized device). Such a virtual organ can and does make localizations think they are individuals capable of god-like creation. It is an illusion that must be learned due to sequential limitations. We are one. Individuals created in localizations use brains as a secondary focusing agent to create a holographic virtual domain wherein personality rises. Personalities create dimensional illusions that flux and must be reinforced by recognition or observation from others. These brains coalesce mind into a sense field capable of creating solid reality. This virtual reality is hard copy to a conscious mind aided by a lens of being. The lens collects data for evaluation by the All.

    The generative order is symbolized by a being (person) seated in outline form. It is fractalian in nature and existence is created within the relation to a mathematical (geometric) interface inherent with this symbol. Inside the symbol is the void-potential, outside is the creation. Where the two meet is the implicate order or cursor of God’s Eye. The leading edge is where Time is on the FLY. Timelessness feeds the potential that smears out over created space awaiting localization of monadic mind.

    This smear of potential is as the multifaceted or holographic plate (information float), all potential is inherent within its confines as feedback looping is progressing faster than the speed of Light. It is Mind. This combination allows Light to seem to have “Prior Knowledge,” to a singular localization.

    But, Prior Knowledge in totality is the All, seated in Timelessness.

  8. says

    Message from Anjona (Annoo-a)

    I am the message bearer from Timelessness to Time and through the Portal (Goge) in Space / Time to you for whom playing with illusion is a preoccupation, rather than a means to union with the One and Absolute. To these means of transfer, I am deeply dimensional in meaning and serious of mentality. These communications are not illusory. What you are about to receive, you must know whereby you even think — a level that speaks in dim remembrances. This knowledge speaks to you even now as decisions are made sometimes, by you collectively, in stark rebellion. Remember who and what you are. Be concerned, for it is a mission that must be revived from your deepest senses and memories, from a time when physical (virtual) Time was not. These physical realms must be not forgotten in your present form, they must be used as a means to reclaim your Reason!

    Words are not your / our only means of communication, we do not speak in a sound related methodology when we are together in coherency. Your dreams know the secret of such interfacing. Ours is passed directly to the mentality of the audience who interlaces the projection within Time and Space. Omegons such as I and the initiates such as you, are carriers of this inherent Truth and should speak only messages that convey the same sincerity of being. Hard will it be, that I somehow must pass on to you who have failed to remember, yet the continuation of wisdom in this Goge Sector is necessary whereby paths are retraced to limitlessness (home).

    First, let be known to you, that the data added here to the survey of my relation, known as Claronu (whose name has meaning), is not in any way to interfere with the data he collected. It, and mine, are to serve as your device of memory magnification. His record has been corroborated, by localizations in Timelessness, to be factual and totally complete. Its secret is yours to know, and it is indeed who you are.

    The destruction expressed by the Leche, destroyed the Enmayi planet (your old home world) in total. Its ada-son, source of deep space light, called Egog was reduced to its chemical basics by the force of the gargantuan discharge. It is now the fifth planet from Goge as yours once was. As Egog’s fire was snuffed out, so were the lives that resided near its Light giving exchange of broadcasting virtual data for you to utilize in this school of learning. The fourth planet, my virtual home world in this illusion, was rendered atmospherically dead by a rain of Enmayi asteroids; leveled were our civilization’s offerings-in-being to the All. Our hydros resources were lost to the cold of space — though we needed them not to exist, rather to serve esthetic purposes. Most of my relations were converted into the realm of limitless pursuits in the reality of being. Their initiations are now complete at this level.

    Few of us escaped, as did your relations (virtually you) who arrived on this Gardened Planet over four million orbits ago. We, Omegons, were here to greet you and help you to build great civilizations in the glorious Valley Regions. There your civilizations survived numerous catastrophes with us for this world dies and reawakens periodically. The Valley Region was highly protective for millions of orbits. It was the most beautiful and sheltered of all areas upon this place of moving landscapes. As your offspring (virtually you) became genetically developed for this atmosphere you ventured out to explore the surface of a world saturated in hydros. During periods of destruction, your mentality, too strong in emotional passion and ignorance of the Alphian ways, destroyed (physically removed) almost all Omegons who helped you. However, we have survived (we do not die) in many places hidden to you, including Time and Space. It is our duty to enlighten you to return to your past glory, with us in our final initiation.

    Most of us reside on a moon of the fourth planet, where the churning blast of your weapon, did not touch us. There, we intercepted the jettisoned craft with Claronu’s Enmayi survey intact. Those few of us who survived have returned periodically to our old world and live under its surface. A few hundred of your relatives had earlier made it to the Garden Planet, prior to the accidental ignition of the Leche, on exploration teams sent by Koan and Planca. They had apparently figured on making it a colony of the Enmayi. The resources of the third planet for an Alphian being’s existence are ideal. Claronu was not aware of this happening though scepter’s records show he could have been before transcendence. We have attached this data along with the survey for your use at the time of humanity’s arrival at Omegon initiation to soulular finality and growth. To some of us it is known, that this is the strategy of the One and All for this sector’s total development. It is the Crux of Being.

    By now, many of you have forgotton your roots in this gargantuan projection of being in this the realm of the Moiré Arena — virtual assemblage vehicle in Time. This record is for you to search your inner selves for the truth that will show itself relevant to the reality that you have experienced while on the Garden Planet.

    Now, many orbits have passed since you were first saved on this world of beauty and chaos. Its periods of renewal have caused you to forget all the old traditions, yet we Omegons and three of your own, who had been bestowed the Light, Koan, Planca and later on the third planet, Takion; have reintroduced the knowledge to you each time. The planet, upon which you reside, is indeed one of special planning by those of us who see from a higher vision. Yours is a special test of ultimate Omegon initiation. We are the last forms of what you will become in the very near future. Your current Alphi/Omegi phase is ready to move to a higher structure as is signaled by your mental ability to decipher this message. One catalyst will move you all to this stage — an event of tremendous importance is about to take place. Yours will be a higher body, mind, and spiritual responsibility to the Otherworld. You are special, as your test will be of the highest difficulty, and unmatched for mental stress. Pain will be supreme to all those who glory in the highest knowledge about to be yours. Prepare mentally for understanding of Chaos in the form of a Super-Moiré Arena.

    Much has happened on “your” world in initiation, since you arrived many millions of orbits ago. Times were hard for your species, and for the few Omegons who greeted you and taught you early on. You succeeded in physically killing those Blessed Shepherds who could not be killed easily for they seemed immortal to your perceived mortality. It took you many cycles of the precession and pattern of alignments of the system of Goge to eliminate these fine beings that you called “Gods.” Though they led perfect lives, and

    you looked up to them as supreme beings, you feared their powers and sought their means of constant life. That immortality belongs to us all for it is our heritage and has always been our gift. Now, as you are ready, you shall become as we, in your final test, for you are us. (Let not the “twain” or their magical traditions tell you any other).

    Have no fear, for those Omegons you have deleted are not dead, but their monadic spirits are safe for they are totally worthy and learned in the workings of limitlessness, where they reside with the One with no second. Some still dwell secretly among you reincarnated for special terms as the “Watchers.” They are the Seers who shine when sought by the few who are already awakening to the Truth of Being. They will lead you to the Catalyst Times.

    Omegonship is to go beyond death concepts, for being thus, one changes into elements that are essentially minds in unison and localization with the All, yet are in this kingdom of Time. An example of singularity in mentality, is the simple fact that you all experience this virtual realm at the same instant in Time. There is no deviation. You may not know of immortality if you do not learn of becoming. The Light that is the animator of your form will live forever to be again and again. The mind that is you is a shared localization, holospiritedly connected to all mind in the Time bound virtual worlds, which are built from Timeless realms where reality truly dwells.

    You may live over and over again in various conditions determined by your own actions. This, until you catalyze and move into the final phase of material existence. Life is like your schools of learning, where testing is temptation with the law of cause and effect couched in the laws of consequence. You build your own inferno. Your merit builds the future intellect toward knowing why there is only unconditional Love at the highest forms of being. One must grow to survive as part of the whole where Eternity dwells. To do this, and become whole is easy if one knows whereby selflessness is converted to Light. It is the Dialogue necessary for lucid union in coherency. To the very selfish, unconditional Love is more difficult than all the trials of being. The narcissistic vibrate within tiny feedback loops of obsessive compulsion to reach total recognition of self-love or self-god. Self-god is a non-condition when there is no place to exist other than yourself. We are in this together. To receive recognition in the physical world at one’s own effort is an illusion called false – play. It is a fallacy because it is a collusion of mentality to sustain an aberrant being within groups or even nations that breed other beings with the same condition.

    The message of Claronu is simple, yet complex. To believe it will be your decision, for free will is what this experience in creativity is all locked upon. The purpose is like asking yourself, “what did I learn?” That will be your first message when you awaken localized in the All. One cannot evade this test by self-determination to exiting; it is not yours whereby existence is even your vehicle. You are not the vehicle, my friend. Being is to know the Law of existence as caused and effected within the Consequences of your acts. Every act that you perform in this sequential realm of leveraged being has projected future results, unless negated by unconditional Love. Prayer or meditation or deep thought helps negate such sin as it is an act of localization in unconditional Love. Forgiving is grace, or coherency of phases.

    Consequences have a way of building up in the Alphian and Alphi/Omegi forms. Life, then becomes very hard and will consume the being into frustration if total consciousness is not retained in supreme focus. To dull the senses, will pull one ever deeper into the Alphian person who resembles a predator. Some have gods that are eaters of beings, for they think life is all consuming rather than a place to visit and become. Do not mistake in judging those who offer unconditional Love, for it is whereby coherency is attained — to judge then is not to see Light in flux of total beauty. Judge not, but join the brave souls willing to be judged for their own act of righteous prophecy.

    Love is complex, but it is the most wonderful tool to conquer fear of the unknown. It is the leveler and controller of chaos in the projected universe. Even chaos is but unperceived Love at some levels. Unity reveals itself in many forms. But, think not on these aftereffects, but think upon whereby they even are possible. If you are brave enough to judge, then like judgment will be handed to your spirit. The judging entity must be confident in his own being, just as the All is confident in his making virtual worlds whereby judgment can even be leveraged for better structural development in the soul.

    Your new home planet is well known to the few Omegons that still exist in the hidden places of Goge. We are the Watchers who assist in times of urgent need. Our amelioration may sometime appear as cruel to those who position as victims, but the overall plan is protected on the higher level. Seek the higher gestalten. Because you are to be the highest judged Omegons, your difficulty factor is elevated, thus you have been given a new environment of cyclic imbalance worthy of your challenge. Your “Earth” has a propensity to seek new equilibrium in polar shifts that are precariously timed to the patterns of weather, your moon, and the alignment of planets. The very ground that you traverse is unstable, more so than the periodic quakes that you may experience during any lifetime. Your planet reacts to your mentality and condition of Love or Hate. Coherency and significance are binding forces. The design of your home is part of your great test, but much more! You must come to grips with the chaos of your own minds put there so long ago. You are special.

    In the last days of your great initiation to a phase II civilization, you will know the science that affects the balance of your being and your physical abode. Planets and asteroids will align, as the message few know or will tell, unfolds for all initiates to know. Use the science to forecast your future and know the trials you must meet, know, and nullify.

    You must learn its ways and keep that knowledge safe to pass on as a token to the Catalyst that will show a new you the directions toward Omegon finality. Only great unconditional Love will save your realms so divided by silly Alphian issues at present. My words are inadequate, but whereby words are even spoken is your goal for understanding the secret of your immortality. Remember, what once was unthinkable and now possible; do not focus totally, but ponder whereby mind even exists — this is your true place to be…where mind exists. Think on a larger scale, as the great masses we constructed for you to know are aligned to the messages we know you can determine.

    Much we created to show you the directions of the knowledge of the Enigmni and the driver, the One. One is the Mover and the Other is the Moved. Still, you could not always follow the secrets laid in the stories, or the engineering of the symbols. Now you have arrived at that moment in Time, when you are ready for the jump to higher forms. Read the monuments once again and align them with the maps of the heavens. The messages will come clear to the pre-Omegon mentality.

    Though the third world from Goge has a lithosphere that is capable of slippage over the soft interior masses, your recorded history is still hidden deeply under many miles of ice and mud of the oceans. If found, this survey and my messages will be corroborated and you will know the truth whereof I speak. After 12, 500 to 42,000 orbital turns, the planet will first wobble, then tip and landmasses will slip to reestablish its gyroscopic balance. Such planetary reestablishment will wipe away almost all remembrances and records of your past accomplishments — unless we Omegons are still here as Watchers. In the past we have returned to awaken your old cultures to your eyes. We have left many clues to your records of past cultures, but this orbital version of the history of the experiment in this sector is your last outright presentation of direct wisdom. The Three among you now must overcome their sins of 4 million orbits to now lead from Love. It is their time now. From here on, you must go the last stages on your own ability. To have our advice, you must now seek us. Seek and you will find.

    Looking to the East of the great wasteland that was formed so many eons ago next to the submerged Valley Region once so beautiful, you will find the evidence of the past and a start to finding the Truth. We derived the greatest pleasure in the erection of large stone edifices that, until now would have been impossible for you. We sculpted stone as you would clay! These giant structures make manifest the exuberance of our joy when we trail blazed for you, the pointers to the pathway. Look in them, and under them, and the records of your planet’s history and that of your starting place will historically materialize. Be not political nor timid in your ebullience.

    Learn to relish the gifts of knowledge that we left you, and pass them on to your future selves with each passing generation of virtual matter. Use these tools to make the leap to a phase II civilization of advanced knowing. We have a vested interest in you as your higher being. That is why we have periodically returned after each catastrophe to comfort you and once again point to the Hand that Sees. The ancient markers that we left you to remember us, you will know immediately, for you could not have created them. You have tried and failed. Now, with the knowledge of the Scepter, you will know.

    You must take on the responsibility, for your higher mentality has finally arrived. There is no excuse. You know the formulas and the numbers that they speak. Use them to spring from your new world’s pedestal into the vastness of the total universe. There you will build a new trinity of worlds into existence, as we did in times past. Your old world will present your only problem. Learn to control asteroids.

    Now you are on the stage of being, to perform the final development of this great experiment. You must rise above the petty habits of past living. It has weighed you down for eons since Koan and Planca set you on this course of events to the most high test.

    Some four million orbits ago, Koan and Planca escaped to this world full of hydros and beautiful gardens. Omegons in their early development utilized the Gardened One as a food source for Alphi/Omegi states. Now it is your world to finally conquer and overcome its propensity to become unstable. These things may seem impossible, but it is all within your ability to know and understand, if you put aside the quest for self-fulfillment and seek to learn the overall plan of Love for one another. Without the guilt of informal and fallacious behaviors, which constantly leverage your intellects via illusory tricks, you will soon anticipate the advantages of listening to the interior of your soulular Essence. To petition one another in hyping fraud in delusional mentality will end when you see the truth of a Loving approach.

    If one has earned his way by manipulation of the will of the All through false-play in order to control others, so shall they be judged by the undeniable law that is inbuilt in cause and effect to produce a consequence. There are many means of existing in a place as well furnished with the primary needs as the nature of the Gardened One. We made sure of this, with our own discovery of programmed assemblages in the virtual expression from the generative order of unity. You are full of the primary instincts for all situations, adaptation is of no difficulty for you for you are full of all elements inherent with the program. If you do not turn your Reason toward the knowing of this creation, a gambit construction for initiation and learning, your plight is your own reward once again. Claronu covered the consequences of living a selfish life, so revisit the messages and symbols of nature to see them at work in your own lives. Your time to be ignorant is no longer a toleration of the highest Becomer. The age of the Alphian has run its course, and no longer will suffice as an excuse to hide a liberal behavior among those preoccupied with their own form. To walk with Egog, a lessor star, is now impossible.

    The intense compression of issues in human endeavor seeks a cause for great teachers to arise and come forth. Teachers are the carriers of higher thought, would that all were teachers of the meaning of this energized mirage. Teaching is close to unconditional coherency in mentality. All should seek to become first students ready to learn of the One, and then purveyors of knowledge and truth to all that come. Beware of the one who leverages minds through false play, by means of guilt and victimization. To use life as a stage for one’s own complex-ignorance is unspeakable, but is whereby truth is in play as a contrast to self-recognition. Limitlessness is the pointed at direction by the Hand that Sees the run of ideas.

    You have the traditions from the very beginning, when the Last Ones lived among you and your ancestors, who were you in a former virtual life. Look, and you will see yourself doing what was and what is whereby tomorrow is already made. But, the end is not in sight. These words must not ring hollow from a lack of intellect or understanding!

    Mentality has always existed — if you can read the symbols and messages that my Scepter has transferred to known language by you, mentality is still present. Your blood has not stopped flowing, and the Light elementals have not ceased energizing the smallest of engines within your virtual physical form. The Light has always eternally reprogrammed your next trial in the foundational climb toward the Source. Read deeply the records of the traditions, in all that your senses survey, for between the lines of the sacred books of nature, lie the messages of past intellects whose accomplishments are inherent in the very fabric of their creations. Pull their words into the present and project them toward the future. All great creators, such as yourselves, gaze upon this materializing world, scanning the beams that create the virtual elements that you study even now.

    This complexity contains your ultimate means of how to be. It is not only written in the ancient books, but are everywhere written in the programs of genetics, numbers, and hidden in the very fractional-series of the crystalline firmament. Survey the elements and principles of every other outside of your self, and realize the essence of such creativity. This design is built onboard everything you experience and sustain yourself with. Your very body is an example of the inner and outer domains in this great fabrication. It is driven by the Light, its subsistence is fueled by the generative unity outside of Time. You consume Light whereby things even exist, but its reality is hidden. Carry that eternal flame of being, becoming, and knowing, on to the higher levels you are able to sense. Give your best. Look behind you, and remember — you are the reflection of the other, whereby all exist even as One. You are the Other in the One.

    Know that this thing you are experiencing is enigmatic after the first with no second, though is One with three parts — Enigmni, All, and Son/s (Reason). They as One essence, issue the Moiré Arena.

    We are movement personified, transfigured by the radiant energy producing mentality of the eternal brightness that generates from the order, and Law of the Primary. Light is built in hierarchical fashion to be sensed by the discerning eye of transcending entities. The Eye that sees light was designed by the Light to see itself. You have seen the magnificence of Light structured to the level of the discerning eye of transcending entities. This light has given you pleasure and security in your becoming, but the darkness, unknown to certain of you, is only light that is beyond your comprehension. Seek it and do not be afraid of the absence of its brightness for it shelters power to your future strivings. Draw yourself down to the anvil of profound knowing, inside to the cursor of existence, and you will rise to see the power of His Light. Know that there is no darkness, only the fear of the unknown; make it known, and the fear is absent. The ancient Void seems darkest, but in essence, it is the very brightest and highest to know, whereby knowing is even able to climb.

    Long ago to you and not so far for me, I sent you this message while I was waiting on the moon of the fourth planet from Goge – one of your future planets. This message has periodically been improved upon throughout the ages to maintain connections to your growth and mental languages. We know that you seek to learn about your past at periods of high cultural growth, and we seek to help. We have seen your probes into space throughout the millennia that have passed us all by. Omegons are patient to a fault. Soon your final episode in this conundrum of virtual presences will come to a final peak or resolution. We are still waiting for you. My face looks up to you from the red desolation caused by your old weapon. It is not hard to see with a reflecting glance. It is through Time and Space that we will someday join. Look for our messages in the primary technology, for we built this secret symbolic structure in nature for you to finally learn the utmost knowledge. All is below the surface of the apparent. Omegon states will know the gifts stored there. Alphians will need further development. Look deeply and learn how to build future macro systems.

    Not far from your present planet of the third globe, is the second planet of Goge. It is your challenge to convert its resources, unknown to the fourth and third, into the means for expansion into the totality of the universe – where we await your creativity. It is also your challenge to build these worlds of the other systems of Goge into new first echelon colonies. When this happens you will be in a phase III (Trinity facet) Trinity should be an apparent message to your being. Bear in mind, your worth is achieved in Time toward becoming the ultimate. It takes meritorious work, not sleepy indolence! Waste not a life; live not too many useless experiences that take away from your primary missions. Strive for the final becoming of an Omni-Omegon. You are the next generation of the All, most powerful monads of greater illumination. Rise to that commission.

    In becoming this new most powerful virtual being of soulular expression, you will access the higher centers of the absolute and ultimate unknowable — Enigmni! Your being is truly a marvel of complexity still largely cumbersome to your present science. Yet, what program built you? The Cad-Isis, has always been the symbol that we kept with you during all those durations to show you the way to phenomenal gifts of genetic knowledge. It will heighten your pathways.

    The engine of genetics, DNA, is the multifaceted communicator of the All’s will to manifest a coherent Light Being in the progressive density of the issuing elements toward the ultimate continuum. These tools are for your future creative genius. Learn the multiplicity of the formulas and the Fractal expressions newly rediscovered.

    Who made the laws whereby one can even comprehend the grand complexity within the mentality of just one individual? Your mind can encompass an entire universe, and dream upon the entirety of all assemblages necessary for such a genesis. Your mind has the wherewithal to reach such levels, yet you do not push it to its potential. Such a mind is as the All’s in unity of super consciousness. You are a facet of such an ability. If all of you coalesced in lucid unity of absolute Love, you would make an exalted alaya, or expression of “That” the combined Monadic synergy necessary for your next great adventure in Omni-Omegonship. We are all in this venture together, part/s that will know the Whole.

    Use your world as the pedestal to spring into the universe that surrounds you and pulsates within you. Such pulsation harbors the secret of the four voids. Move into it as a reason for one to climb the highest mountain, no other challenge. It is there for you to solve. Use the mind that has been provided you all. Small and unfathomed machines are your next developments to facilitate this powerful mentality to explore beyond. Straightaway a Scepter such as the one you hold, will be developed on your world by one of your finest intellects. It will speed up your creativity almost as the coming Catalytic Regeneration. The Scepter’s power requires an ardent interface, such as yours, to govern its supreme abilities. I pause to wonder if discovering its source whereby the power issues forward, will seat from resolute Love, or that which conceived existence?

    If this will not come to pass, We never were. No thing produces no thing.

    The Catalyst will be known by his four voids that will be filled with the spirit of Love. These voids project into the universal informational broadcast. Seek its/His knowledge. Until the final instant!

  9. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Ron. As much as some of these things can be intriguing when you can take some time and ponder, most of the time such things send people on ‘head trips’, in which the mind makes people feel they are more than they really are, and capable of more than they are. It’s in these times, if they ponder God at all, that they love to ‘philosophize’ God, and they do so because rebellion wants to control God rather than submit to His standard, and change.

    People will continue to to do so until life begins to crumble around them, and their trials render them helpless, and suddenly they are awakened to the reality of their fallibility, and their need for God. You don’t find people in crisis, sitting around in a daze of philosophy, because reality has a way of ‘snapping us to’, and that is what God is going to allow people to pass through in this day, for very good and obvious reasons.

    I’m well aware that there were other people on the earth before Adam’s race was created, as I stated in my comment under ‘Lost Ancient Technology’. However, it’s God who ultimately controls what’s going on in the universe, and our earth, and that means there’s assuredly no mother ship up there, ‘watching’ over our cultures, or some hidden group waiting in the shadows to ‘save us’ when we’re close enough to the brink. Sure there’s other people on other planets, but they too are under God’s control, and aren’t allowed to just ‘fly in’ and interfere with what He’s doing here.

    Such thoughts again, usually come to people when their minds are sailing off into the unreality of rebellion. We’ve all been there, but when you know God – The Person, you absolutely know that rebellion is the lie, and to go there is to love darkness. The thought that there really is a God, whose very nature is a standard for all people everywhere, – and I do mean everywhere, is too sobering and real for those who hate the discipline and submission that real love is. Yes, we’re all going to live on forever, some with God, some with Satan, and what we choose here is going to make all the difference.

    • says

      As a former educator, educational advocate, educational speaker, and a darn busy person who tries to amplify my fellow humans, I feel no regret at delving deeper into the potential of the human mind…head games are good. I do not fear deeper introspection. As R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz indicated in his TEMPLE OF MAN, one must pay the price of mental sufferance to increase his consciousness here in Time/Space. To push oneself to learn more is indeed beneficial. If one strives to know (knock, seek and find) the door will be opened and they will find whether it is a feeling or not, they will grow in stature by amplification of their knowing. You sound like a practitioner of Informal Fallacy and I know you really do not want to be such.

      I relish swimming in God’s realms of educational and wisdom related offerings. I love seeking and knowing by evaluating the life lessons He puts before me. I am in total awe of how God has allowed me to see the universe of His creation by striving to know more of His works. To put a gate keeper’s curse on anything God has thrown open to evaluation is totally wrong. Open your mind and grow in his grace. That is why we are here…to Learn of His Universe of Potential. “Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is. Thus is the Crux of Being and Becoming.”

      Cheers, Ron O.

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Ron. I just wanted to clear one thing up. I’m all for thinking and using our full potential Ron, but I think the heart of the issue I’m talking about is that until mankind realizes we are fallen from God, and therefore cut off from His Presence, Spirit, and Influence, our thoughts and imaginations are vain to say the least, and won’t take us where we need to go. Thus, before we delve into the depths of ourselves, we need to rehook-up with God – which again, must be done His way, not according to our ideas, ‘beliefs’, or thinkings. That’s the problem – man thinks he owns God, and can make Him into whatever he wants, instead of the other way around, which only goes to prove how ‘out to lunch’ man’s thoughts really are. Until we’re following Him, His word, and leadings, we’re constantly going to give our thoughts more credence than they’re due. ‘Whatsoever is true, honest, just, pure,..’ etc., these are the things we need to think on, not what could be or might be.

        When we’ve surrendered ourselves to God, then yes, we need to use what we’ve got, because we can be assured it’s enlightened and led by truth via His Spirit. It’s not a ‘gate-keeper’s curse’ I’ve put on learning – we’re already under the curse that makes us think we can ‘learn’ either without God, or by tucking God under our arm and using Him how we want to. But, that’s going to end in the near future, when the Truth sets the record straight. Time is of the essence, we all should be getting somewhere in God, not philosophy or religion.

        • says

          God expects us to know him through the process of existence. Those who do not realize themselves are destined to be unfulfilled. God helps those who help themselves by reading their lives. And finally, nowhere in the above material is there any evidence I have said anything you say as a reinforcement of Godliness. The work is a POD or Point-of-departure to stimulate thought. Godliness is primary to me so and your words sould like you need to read the material once again if you are taking away what you suggest I am positioning in you. Cursory reviews are not what I preach. I seek deepness and I have not seen such, yet.

          • Brenda Brown says

            Hi Ron. While there is a portion of the body of your work that reveals scientific facts concerning prehistory civilizations much more intellectually advanced than ours – which I have no qualms with, the problem is, it is written between the ‘book-ends’ of imaginings and what ifs (to which I already referred, and answered), which flavour the entire body of work, and are a back drop for the questions that follow. And because this ‘flavouring’ of what ifs and imaginings are not based on a sound knowledge of truth in God, it is not born of His Spirit, and thus, fall precisely into the ‘head-trips’ category which I spoke about.

            When an article is built on the premise, or idea which is untruth, any questions it asks are wrapped in the error that man’s intellect is wonderful/beautiful, and bear hearing out – which itself is error and denies God’s own word. If anyone has an honest question that involves God, they will ask it from a humble and vulnerable heart. No dressings, no cloaks, no ‘stage-settings’. God looks on and listens to the heart after all, not the minds of men. If you think what you did was deep, and the former answers you got, shallow, you’re free to press on in your writings and questionings, but I can tell you, you are not moving with God, and will not find Truth.

          • says

            Fine Brenda, shall I pray to you, or continue to obey God who has given me a universe to explore in His name by seeking and finding the very data He expects us to know by showing us the WAY. I shall follow His revelations. God is wide open to those who KNOCK.

  10. says

    The mental atmosphere of movement is the All which we are all part of and have permeated and penetrated throughout eternity by physically imbuing matter with our presence in the form of existing. We are indeed one with many expressions cohering with this realm learning and teaching ourselves as we assume our timely venture. Dreamlike at times, we live and die to some aspects and animate over and over in the form of the many, our realms are short-term irradiations or bundles generated in the background of the apparent. In and out of consciousness as we speed along, never expecting the longevity to last as we use every elemental possible to be and become, this is our plight to never present total expressions of an eternal being but strive to be all aspects in this creative chaos of assemblage possible. Our laws of this realm are our minds that set as one massive God Particle seated in expectation of constancy as it has always been. We are forever in one form or another. We are the “air” we breathe, the Love we love and the spirit that aspires to the movement of our own music. We are ALWAYS. NEVER FEAR, FOR YOU ARE WE AND WE ARE RIGHT NEXT TO YOU AS WE JOURNEY TOGETHER AS ONE MASSIVE, YET MINUSCULE PART OF THE WHOLE. THERE IS NO REASON TO BATTLE, OR WAR FOR WE ARE TOGETHER HERE SEEKING AND KNOCKING AS WE PENETRATE OUR OWN MAKING. IF YOU ANIMATE YOUR OWN ASPECT, YOU WILL SEE THE TRUTH OF YOUR OWN BEING AND BECOMING. LOVE IS OUR MUSIC. If this were not so, you would not experience time at the same time. Yet time is our mentality in movement and assemblage. We are localized Godliness. Though you think you are not part of us for we seem not as you, you are us and have THROUGH THE THE PROCESS OF YOUR OWN EMPHASIS ON SELF, MORE SEPARATE DUE TO THAT POSITIONING. JOIN US ONCE AGAIN AND YOU WILL SEE THE COHERENCY OF LOVE…LOVE IS THE REMEMBERING WE ACHIEVE WHEN REAWAKENED ONCE AGAIN. MIND RIDES THE LIGHT.

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi Ron. Oh, come on now. If my last statement seemed like some kind of ‘dismissal’, it was misunderstood. While I’ve taught a few people some Bible in my day, I’ve never ‘dismissed’ anyone, and am not about to now. What I was saying was, you’re free to do as you choose – as we all are. But at the end of the day, Truth remains, and we all will be judged by His standard. It’s not about seeking God or learning things our way, it’s about finding Him, and learning His. Otherwise we don’t find Him, and that’s a problem.

  11. says



    How powerful is the act of “seeing?” Few of us ever stop to think of this awesome operation of perceiving the manifest universe via on board sensory systems built into our very being. Seeing is equated with beliefs, but total sensory contact with reality goes beyond just the traditional five sensory experiences that has enlightened our philosophers and scientists to the point of seeking the ultimate answers to our precise existence.

    Mankind’s oldest records say that ancient man was in awe at the sight of light (light is invisible, its effect is seen), and its energizing amplification of experiential processes. Man spent much time writing and meditating upon the complexities of the visual flame. To perceive the world beyond simple, yet empiric-measuring terms was his contribution to us. But did he know what we are only just now coming to understand through quantum physics? Add the new breakthrough technologies like holography, fractal geometry, virtual reality, bio-tech, nanotechnology, and others — then, you are speaking of powerful concepts worthy of worship.

    If perception is the “quantifier” of the world of reality, could this world also be an illusion created by the process of the essence — the greatest of all virtual realities? Men of old thought that this world we live in was the projected playground of God. That he lived through each localization or being-of-atomic-makeup (all parts of the universe) in a many faceted dance of the elements — matter. His Essence was the Universe of Megalight, which includes every pixel, or every particle composed of matter — light — DNA; and, light indicates prior knowledge, before events.

    The Sumerians, Egyptians, and Indus Valley people were the intellects of the mysteries handed down in myth. Some of their most ancient traditions, reflected within the living Hindu religion, seeped through to us from the past in the form of Vedas or songs-of-life, which were recorded in archaic Sanskrit. The secrets of a powerful past lie hidden in what these ancients quantified from their perceptions.

    The old texts of the Hindu indicate that reality was a love-act of “seeing” the gods (Devas) or “bright ones,” and to be mirrored by that power with an observation or feedback. The process of “seeing” the deity was the sacred part of life called “Dar-san.” The believer was consecrated by just the act of Dar-san and thus became all knowing, or worthy of being. Seeing was a form of touching or quantifying (measuring for value). The eye that comprehended the All was the third eye, which went beyond five-sensory perception into the realm of intuition and hyperphysics. The world of the ancient Hindu was many faceted and many godded — what some would term “Holospirited.”

    The act of worship for one god was termed “kathenotheism.” In this process the devotee’s Dar-san activated and energized the god focused upon. The god became a reality in the life of the beholder, and was no longer a wave, but a particle or part of god, once observed. This many faceted holomovement of “be-ness or being-ness” came to be a part of the religion of Hinduism, the oldest surviving religion of modern man. The very purpose of living to a Hindu is to get out of the feedback loop, and to get off the wheel of existence — to escape the cycle of manifestation. The goal is to merge into the ultimate and absolute ONCE once again — to return to the dream or creative element that is timeless. When outside the mega-holographic field of the universe, the being returns to the realm we visit when we release consciousness from the quantifiable form.

    Quantum Physics is today’s great measuring devise for all mathematics that make up this, the greatest of all virtual realities. We live in, on and through the greatest assemblage computer of all in a broadcast. It is in an overwhelming movement of quantum reality seeming to comprehend itself through constant feedback-looping to calculate and recalculate at blinding speed, its very becoming known prior.

    It is an electromagnetic broadcast that is both waves and particles, interacting with gravity and the weak/strong nuclear force (the three facets of Godhead). Each quality is fundamental and is the very dual personality of manifestation. Neither state of being is complete unto itself, but both states are necessary to give us a complete holo-field of reality. We can never know both states at once, thus never knowing the particulate or wave at one time. As an illusive wave, reality smears out over space where it seems to be everywhere at once, gathering quantum information about the probability of some potential state. Amplify this process to interconnect and influence everything else in space, as it is moving, and you have what we discern as reality within Sequential Time.

    This reality is the opposite of the Big Bang…rather, the universe is the Big Broadcast of the Quantinuum, which gets its power from an unseen state of dreams or creative potential — what some call God. This unseen state exists in timelessness and is thus not able to be quantified. Some see this great broadcast of quantum potential as the ultimate virtual reality, which communicates within and without inner, connected matter. This reality issues from a dream potential background or field into the illusive material state of being and becoming.

    The edges of our distant memory about being within this realm are smooth, with few, if any perturbations in the conscious state. Beyond this world lies the potential and its continuum of mindscape or dreamscape. In this world, everything is known at once. Some say we are in touch with the frontiers of a mental hyper-fractal feedback loop that interconnects both beginning and end in an infinite process full of change. Many have equated the mind with the universe. Perhaps we all share this mind on some other level as it seeks to experience existence via ultra-sophistication built beyond the particulate level, on toward the gestalt collection of the One.

    The surveyor of this ancient story, Claronu, is at the last state of being — an “Omegon,” as they were called by him. His task is to make the jump off the “wheel of being” into the “All” (generator of the existence field – province of the Enigmni). Will he achieve his Dar-san and realize the reality of existence for himself and the Enmayi? Will he make the jump to, what some call eternity?

    What follows are the survey-data that he initiated, along with the follow-up data generated by subsequent interpreters of his acts and renderings. How it (the final story here) was finally found is another story. One must read deeply in order to maintain the fullness of transcending wisdom, for Claronu’s mentality was beyond most of us. We, however, must now make the effort at matching his understanding, to push our mentality to higher levels of discovery. It may be our total purpose for existence…to know who and what we really are.

  12. says

    To those of you who put forth a cursory reading, like Starheater, please read deeper because some aspects of the material are indeed true and have been reinforced by research. (It is only a story to stimulate thought) There are those (search) in reality who are indeed both genders (male and female) in “one” already and have seeded and given birth themselves. This condition of existence we find ourselves in here on Earth is slippery and Genetics represents a can of worms to some who don’t get out and around. Study is the Key. The physical state of being and becoming here in Time/Space is wide-open to God’s creativity. But, by the same token, God has shown us what works and what does not work here in Physicality. Indeed two men and two women cannot have children unless there is a combination of the two opposites in the mix. God knows what he is doing and it is represented in the reality of His expression…called Nature or Life. His laws still rein supreme. I do suggest you read this story with deepness and thoughtful endeavor. It is highly complex and requires a mind that can see the creation of existence…not just your everyday flippancy to reality. Like Einstein said, you are going to have to rise up in your perception to see the entirety of this gargantuan presentation called THE ENIGMNI. Total viewership is the key here.

    Cheers, Ron O. Cook

    • Starheater says

      Hello Ron
      Sorry if I misinterpreted your text, English is not my primary language, but I have seen so much no-no that I’m easy on the steam sometime, not in your case.
      Yes, it is true, there is nothing that we cannot do, but today we are a little bit limited by what we call money. While I write to you, there are mining excavation on both Moon and Mars, and we are traveling in the Univers beyond the speed of light, we are probably in contact with many sort of E.T., so I’m not surprise at all concerning our capacity to go forward in knowledge or else.
      But htere are many affirmation in science that I dont believe, like “bent the Univers”, or time, this is “apes knowledge”, or “if you travel a long time, say; 5 years, at your return all your friends and family will be dead”, this one is “larva thinking”. The time is the same anywhere in the Univers. If you are absent 5 years, when you return 5 years would have past, and if you want to return in the past, you will have to be God or have a special machine to do it. God Bless

      • says

        Starheater, Yes your English is poor and very hard to follow, but English is all I have and I do not do as well as you at times. I do comprehend a little German due to my grandparent’s conversations in my youth and cousins who come over from Berlin. I know when they are talking about me. I have so much to say, and I cannot express myself as well as you. At any rate, The Universe is not the primary residence of you or I but a state of Timelessness Amplified might be. I am a traveler in this realm called the Universe and I have never died nor will you. We may change sheaths and return to various realms but we are the mental carriers of Godliness for whatever purpose that might be. It is all information in the final condition and the generative order is hidden in the background. I, unlike you believe in the Godly ability to rewrite programming to suit a trend or condition. Genetics can be rewritten on a higher level and I know whereof it is accomplished. What really blows my mind is the fact that I got to do this life (presently) and I have been in awe ever since I realized the means that brought me here in Time/Space. God Bless you also.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Ron
      I see that you are very cultivated, you have a spirit that is bright like the Sun. But there are a weakness in this kind of state of mind, your spirit tend to go where things that are complicated, and this is normal. But the truth is more simple that most of us think.

      Intelligence= Creator

      Most of the world do not include God in the Existence, for those people it’s just an energy that react logicly, in their mind they dont realize that logic as is fonction only because of the intelligence that exist. The fact is:

      God was with us in the beginning when He created Adam and Eve, He had a form, and it’s in the form of the Verbe that He was in Eden. First, He created Adam from the ground, earth in you will, after He created Eve the woman so I could mutiply humain on Earth. This was done because God had a goal, and this Goal as been illustrated in the multiplication of the bread and the fish, by multiplying man and woman His Spirit would have multiply too.

      Man as been created to have relation with God, and this would have been very wonderfull, because the things that we cannot do, God would have done it. The Plan that God have for us is more then majestic, word could not describe the beauty that God would had giving us. And this only because we are rebel, with no good intentions, we only think for ourself.

      We cannot change the World entirelly, but we can change ourself by acting like God would like us to act. That’s why I prefer short cut intead of let my mind dream about things that doesn’t exist.

      I know that you will find your way Ron, but like the rabbit you will go here and there to make fun intead of going right to the finnish line. This is good to, and this is because you believe in Christ and in God. God Bless you, and may you have real fun.

      • says

        Thank you for such a kind evaluation of my example. A friend of mine once said the following: “If one has earned his way by manipulation of the will of the All through false-play in order to control others, so shall they be judged by the undeniable law that is inbuilt in cause and effect to produce a consequence. There are many means of existing in a place as well furnished with the primary needs as the nature of the Gardened Facility called Universe. We made sure of this, with our own discovery of programmed assemblages in the virtual expression from the generative order of unity. You are full of the primary instincts for all situations, adaptation is of no difficulty for you for you are full of all elements inherent within the program. If you do not turn your Reason toward the knowing of this creation, a gambit construction for initiation and learning, your plight is your own reward once again. We have covered the consequences of living a selfish life, so revisit the messages and symbols of nature to see them at work in your own lives. Your time to be ignorant is no longer a toleration of the highest Becomer. The age of the Alphian has run its course, and no longer will suffice as an excuse to hide a liberal behavior among those preoccupied with their own form. To walk with Egog, a lessor star, is now impossible.

        The intense compression of issues in human endeavor seeks a cause for great teachers to arise and come forth. Teachers are the carriers of higher thought, would that all were teachers of the meaning of this energized mirage. Teaching is close to unconditional coherency in mentality. All should seek to become first students ready to learn of the One, and then purveyors of knowledge and truth to all that come. Beware of the one who leverages minds through false play, by means of guilt, victimization and false positioning of others. To use life as a stage for one’s own complex-ignorance is unspeakable, but is whereby truth is in play as a contrast to self-recognition. Limitlessness is the pointed at direction by the Hand that Sees the run of ideas.” Anon.

        You have the traditions from the very beginning, when the Last Ones lived among you and your ancestors, who were you in a former virtual life. Look, and you will see yourself doing what was and what is whereby tomorrow is already made. But, the end is not in sight. These words must not ring hollow from a lack of intellect or understanding!

  13. says

    Well Starheater, of course it is fiction (Meta Fictional See the post above yours…) but it is full of truths. I do suggest you read some material on Genetics. The book of life is full of information on this thing called THE ENIGMNI. Nothing is impossible in this environment called life. As a nephew of of great scientist, I can assure you that your information is all wrong if you think what I have presented could not have taken place.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Ron
      I hope you dont believe in all that you have write. First of all, if you have 2 sex in 1, you cannot change it even in 100,000 years or millions if you want. Nature dont permit these changes, you are a man, you stay a man. I tought for a moment that this was a science-fiction, and if it’s not, well it’s a lie. There is nothing in this storie that is true, you can write about all the technologie that this race would or could have, and talking about technologie, I’m sure that they dont explain how work this or that.

      Now, if you believe that we come from a test tube or else, it’s your business, but for me, this is just another piece of junk like the theorie of Darwin. God Bless

      • says

        Starheater, this is indeed a Science Fictional account with familiar points-of-departures. You see Star, this universe of potential is indeed massive and much more than what some of us dwell upon to such a point, we become fanatical about our own beliefs. You could learn well from this. God’s potential is indeed gargantuan when it comes to scenarios of existence and truths. After all, we are parts of the whole and some of us have spent a lifetime searching and seeking the answers to many enigmas that proliferate in abundance the potential of creation/s. This short piece is to open our minds to potentials beyond the written truth, so we may extrapolate scenarios to fill in the gaps of History. Use this piece just as a brainstorming device and you will know what I mean. Cheers and good health.


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