Machu Picchu’s E.T Connection

by Leonard Farra

In order to appreciate the deeper religious significance of Machu Picchu, we must travel back in time long before the Incan era. Around 5,000 years ago, when Earth was in total upheaval, as a result of climate change and flooding, numerous versions of a sky-god religion spread around the world and its been an influence on many aspects of human life right through to present times.  According to legend, our world was visited by civilising sky-gods who taught man agriculture, and many useful arts, but who later destroyed evil people with a flood.  One of the ‘civilising gods’ had the appearance of a tall, white, bearded ,man who wore a long white robe and carried a multi- purpose staff which could be used for healing, dowsing, etc . Although he had long since been gone, many early people enacted religious rituals celebrating  his ‘annual  return’.

Many of the Ancients associated their visitors with the Pleiades whose stars played a major role in early religions and traditions. (1) These ‘Seven Sisters’ were linked with ‘The Flood’ ,the Creation of the universe, the civilisers of man, and the beginning of the agricultural season. Some people believed that their ancestors came from them and that they will return there when they die.( 2) Their appearance, at certain times of the year, regulated some of the early calendars and heralded the dawn of a new age. At the end of an era, or of the year, in cultures separated by time and space,  fires throughout the land were extinguished and were relit after the Pleiades  appeared. And around the beginning of November, in countries which allegedly had no contact with each other, when the Pleiades appeared,  people celebrated the Festival of the Dead when departed souls  were thought to return to Earth.

In the era around 3,000 b.c.e, when a major El Nino event occurred in the Pacific, a civilisation arose in the Supe Valley in Peru and it lasted for about 800 years. In the upper level of the city of Caral,  14 miles in from  the coast, there was a ceremonial site with six large platform mounds . The circle was also of special significance to the Caral people as they built sunken circular courts and on the summit of their pyramids they had a circular altar. They also aligned a stone circle, with a central standing stone, to their tallest pyramid. ( 3 )A  few stone circles have been found elsewhere in Peru ,  in Brazil, North America,  Easter Island , and in many other countries,  but not nearly as many as in the British Isles where a standing stone surrounded by a circle of stones was a common feature. A circled dot often appeared in stone age art and in Egypt, it was a symbol of the god Ra. Surrounding a stone with a circle implies that there is something special about it. Could it be that it represented a god in his circular home?( 4 )

Fig. 1 Viracocha from the Sun Gate.
Image courtesy of Ken Bakeman

Fig 2. Graphic showing part of the frieze with Viracocha and winged figures converging on the central deity. These images are part of the Sun Gate calendar from Tiwanacu. Click to enlarge

Researchers, at Caral, were intrigued to find a small male figure , dated around 2280 -2180 b.c.e,  which was shown wearing a hat and holding a staff in his right hand and, possibly, a snake in his left hand. This figure appears to represent the Early World’s civilising god who was depicted  in the form of  the staff-god in  Peruvian art. Chavin de Hauntar, in the Mosna Valley in the Northern Highlands of Peru , is thought to span the period from 850 b.c.e to 200 b.c. e.(5 ) Chavin’s Old Temple  consisted of a U shaped pyramidal platform, open towards the rising sun, and in the centre of the  two  wings there was a ‘circular’ plaza. The  axis on the west is said to be ‘ remarkably near the azimuth of the setting of the Pleiades around the time of its construction’ (6)

TRaimondiStelahe 7ft tall Raimondi Stone (see image to the left) , now in the Lima Museum, originally stood somewhere in  Chavin but it’s original position is unknown. This stylised ,mystical, stone, which has snakes rising from its head,  represents the Peruvian staff-god holding an elaborate  staff in each hand and it appears to be a later version of the  figure that was found at Caral.  Around the circular plaza, there are several slabs and on some of them there is symbolism associated with the sky-god religion.( 7 ) One slab shows an individual blowing a shell trumpet and another depicts a figure holding a staff. Twenty conch shell trumpets have been discovered at Chavin which suggests that they were blown on important occasions.  In the southwest corner, of the site’s  lowest plaza’s upper level, in its  New Temple, there’s a limestone slab upon which are  carved  seven circular depressions resembling the Pleiades ( 8 ) As these stars   were of special significance at Chavin, could it be that, when they appeared, on important festivals,  staff-carrying priests  blew conch shell trumpets and rituals were enacted that related to the return of the staff-god?

Around 200 b.c.e, when Chavin came to an end, the Mochica civilisation arose on the North Coast of Peru. The Mochica were a highly skilled warrior people who built pyramids, and temples, and who  practiced human sacrifice. Its generally believed that their calendar began with the rising of the Pleiades, (i.e a new beginning), as it did others in Peruvian cultures. Their supreme  god,  Ai Aepeac –the decapitator, was shown with a human male torso ,clawed feet, snakes for hair, and holding a staff and so he appears to be a hideous version of the staff-god . The Mochica are famous for their stirrup jars which show scenes of everyday life ,and religious themes, and one scene reveals  that the Mochica used the same type of sacred architecture as other early followers of the  sky-god religion.(9 )

The age of the Andean Tiahuanaco civilisation is very controversial . According to the conservative point of view, it flourished from 300 .C.E to 1000 C.E.  but some alternative scholars suggest that it could date back 14,000 years. What’s not generally appreciated ,though, is that there is sky-god  architecture at Tiahuanaco, ( i.e the Akapana  pyramid),  (10) a version of which was depicted on the  Mochica  jar, and which dates back no further than 5,000 years.

According to Christobel de Molina of Cuzco.1873 :  ‘ the Creator was in Tiahuanaco and that was his principal abode’ ( 11) The  Creator,  ( Virachoca),  is thought to be represented on  Tiahuanaco ’s  monolithic  Gateway of the Sun where he is shown holding two serpent like staffs with jaguar and condor features (see Fig 1 and Fig 2 above). This supreme god is standing on a three tiered stepped pyramid and he’s surrounded by 32 winged, staff ,figures  kneeling on one knee. The trumpet blowing figures, on this monolith, suggest that they are announcing his arrival. According to a popular theory, the Gateway of the Sun represents a calendar and ,if so, then H.S .Bellamy’s suggestion that  one the trumpeters is linked with the winter solstice and another with the summer solstice might be correct especially since it’s in accord with other Peruvian traditions. (12)

The indications would appear to be that after the priests at Tiahuanaco sounded their trumpets, on the solstices,  a priest, representing Viracocha, dressed in long white robes and carrying a staff, stood on the summit of the Akapana which appears to be associated with the Creation.  (13 ) The congregation of mixed races standing around  the pyramid, who enacted the colourful  rituals, may have included the peculiar cone-headed people  whose skulls are on display in the local museum.   Although Tiahuanaco was abandoned before the Incas incorporated it into their empire, it might have influenced their religious traditions.

The Incan civilisation dates back 700 years and it ended 200 years later when it was destroyed by the Spaniards. The Incan capital, Cuzco, was surrounded by the four provinces and in its centre stood the sacred Coricancha temple which was built with huge ,close fitting,  blocks of stone. Only the Incan nobility were allowed into this holy sanctuary. Astronomy played an important role in Inca  religion (14) and the Coricancha was dedicated to the worship of the Sun, Viracocha ,( the Creator)  and the Pleiades to which it was astronomically aligned .The Pleiades were of special significance  to the Incas and ,in common with several other early people, they regarded them as the great mother of all creation. (15) The Coricancha was also aligned to the equinoxes and solstices at which time festivals were celebrated.

Viracocha was described as a tall, white, bearded, man who wore a long white robe and carried a staff and he appears  to be the staff-god who was depicted nearly 5000 years ago at Caral. When the bearded Spaniards arrived in Peru, the Incas thought that he had returned with his companions .  Many early gods were associated with a bird and Viracocha’s companion was the condor which is represented by a  440ft drawing in the Nazca Desert. Several  other sky-god symbols are also etched into its surface among the thousands of lines and drawings. (16)

Capac Raymi, one of the two most important Incan festivals, began the first month of the Incan year and it was celebrated on the December (Summer) solstice. The festival lasted for several days and the ceremonies took place in Cuzco’s great plaza with colourful processions starting from the Coricancha. On the eve of the festival, the Incan priests blew conch shell trumpets and for three days prior, no fire was allowed in homes . (17) A new flame was later lit and it was distributed among the people.  Capac Raymi was a time of renewal when some of the young boys were initiated and, in a custom which was popular in several earlier Peruvian civilisations, and elsewhere, such as on remote Easter Island, their ears stretched for the insertion  of ear plugs.(18 ) These boys later became known as the Orejones-the long ears.  The Capac Raymi celebrations began when the Pleiades appeared  and  started the year. In the Nazca desert  there is a huge white sand dune, Cerra Blanco, where the sun rises around the December solstice,  where Viracocha   ‘descended from the sky’.  (19)  Over in Cuzco, a colourful procession , probably led by priests, circled a statue of him in one of the rituals(20) and as the Incas believed that the dead returned to Earth on the December solstice, this may be one of the reasons why  the ancestral mummies were  paraded in the Capac Raymi festival.

The other main festival, Inti  Raymi, also lasted several days .It was celebrated  on the June (winter) solstice and people came to the capital from all over the empire to join the joyful  celebrations.   At an early point in the rituals, the priests left the Coricancha and proceeded to a high vantage point where  they waited for the Pleiades to appear . The Incas called these stars Collca, (the granary).They associated this festival with the harvest and made offerings to Viracocha  who protected their crops. In some of their Inti Raymi rituals dancers wore wings to represent the god’s  companion-the condor.

MachuPicchuSatelliteSatellite photo of Machu Picchu (ancient ruins are on the upper left side)

Peru’s famous Incan site, Machu Picchu, is perched on a small hilltop ,between two mountains, overlooking the Vilcanota river. The complex is divided into three areas, agricultural, residential, and sacred, but it’s the sacred region which draws our attention. On the summit of a rock, reached by a flight of stairs, rear of the main temple, there is a carved rock-the Inti huatana – the Hitching Post of the Sun , which is aligned to the equinoxes and  to  the December solstice when the sun sinks behind the snow covered Pumasillo in the western Vilcabamba range. The December solstice, ,as we have seen, began the first month in the Incan year when Viracocha’s presence ( return?)on Earth  was celebrated .  There are also alignments , at Machu Picchu, to the June solstice ,(the Inti Raymi harvest festival) and to the rising of the Pleiades on that day. (21) The June solstice alignment is linked with certain ‘star-god related architecture’, in one important sanctuary, which is also found in the main one.(22 )

Based upon what happened in Cuzco’s religious rituals,  and  the astronomical alignments at Machu Picchu,  we can surmise that immediately prior to the solstices, Machu Picchu’s priests scanned the sky for the appearance of the Pleiades  and when they appeared  conch shells were blown. This ritual was followed ,on the respective days, by  Capac Raymi and Inti Raymi ceremonies .  Viracocha may have ‘arrived’ at Machu Picchu on the December solstice , to start the year, and, as at Cuzco, a statue of him might have been carried in procession by the priests As his companion, the condor, was represented in stone at this remote site,  (23 ) winged dancers might also have taken part in the celebrations.

Many of Viracocha’s counterparts , such the Moche Ai Apaec , Quetzalcoatl in Mexico, and Osiris in Egypt, were linked with a snake. This animal was a popular symbol in Cuzco (24) and at Machu Picchu there is a rock which has several serpents etched on its surface. It would  therefore appear  that the origin of the religious ceremonies  enacted at Machu Picchu dates back to events that     occurred 5,000 years ago which were associated with the Pleiades and the entity who the Ancients called the  ‘civiliser of man’. In other words, Machu Picchu was one of numerous sites around the world which was associated with the Pleiades linked sky-god religion. With regard to Inti Raymi, it was re-established as an Indian festival, on 24 June,  in 1930 and at that time, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims now travel to a high spot in the Andes where they await  the appearance of the Pleiades.


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Copyright 2014 by Leonard Farra

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  1. Marton Molnar-Gob says

    Leonard, Carlton – fascinating research you do, guys :) May I tell you that I’m also researching ancient cultures with my colleague and author Wayne Herschel – he first published his book in 2002 and released local papers in the “90s about the cultures’ obsession with a special piece of the sky right next to Pleiades! He has 40+ scholarly measurable star maps to date that all show prominent cities, place, pyramid clusters and artifacts representing the single star map tied to all civilisations. It speaks of 3 sun-like star systems near Pleiades and explains how the Ancient used the pointer shape of the 7 star cluster and the pointer nature of nearby Orion’s belt to find these 3 stars in the night sky which are visually located so close to Pleiades that they appear as part of it.


    I also have a website (currently not a .com site but soon to be re-upgraded)

  2. says

    Hello Leonard

    Thank you for your post and your suggestion a link be made between the various ancient civilizations from around the world; their associations with abrupt climate change (3rd millennium BCE; esp. Meso/South America and floods)), and legends of a civilizer appearing out of the chaos to bring order, their shared site alignment focus on solstices (ritual-festivals) and Pleiades, and the potential comparability’s between deities such as Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl, Osiris etc.

    I think we share a common view that there are striking similarities between what I would call the Sun god religion cultures and what you refer to as the Sky god religion cultures. That would be an understatement! Without rehashing my blog posted yesterday on this site; “The archaeology, art and science of altered states of consciousness: A shared global archaeological fingerprint”, these shared attributes are in fact significantly deeper than most would realise. It’s encouraging to read your take on this because I think you are right. Please check out my posted blog, its embedded book trailer and book (Sun God Sacred Secrets; see Amazon) to see our alignment of theme.

    From my perspective there exists significant commonalities between the Sun god religions of ancient Egypt, pre-Colombian Meso & South America and indeed India. These include:

    1. Shared ritual festival dates dedicated to their Sun gods (Creator/solar in Viracocha´s/Quetzalcoatl case) i.e. winter solstice sunrise (& 3 days later), summer solstice sunset, and equinoxes (typically sunrise). (see Chp 3 of Sun God Sacred Secrets; SGSS)
    2. Sacred sites are mainly aligned with the winter solstice sunrise and its corresponding summer solstice sunset &/or equinox sunrise/set. In fact 80% of 450 Sun god religion sites I examined around the world share these alignments. (see blog or Chp 2 SGSS, & download the Google Earth KMZ file to see this)
    3. A shared regional alignment principle such that between 60-97% of their sacred sites sat under the passing overhead winter solstice sunrise / summer solstice sunset solar terminators (see blog), within a 2-7 minute time bandwidth and over distances of 100-1,000km (Egypt, pre-Colombia Meso & South America and India for that matter). All these religions were housed in, or proximate to and on the same longitude as, the global lightning centers, and the Meso/South American religions also house within regions associated with intermittently active fault lines and volcanoes. The commonality being the simultaneous experience of cyclical and intermittently enhanced electromagnetic and magnetic wave fields on the winter solstice sunrise / summer solstice sunset (see blog or Chp 2, 6 & 7 of SGSS).
    4. A shared fingerprint of ritual symbol information encoding their ritual processes for attaining altered states of consciousness is embedded in their temple/pyramid art and icons associated with their Sun gods &/or leaders (i.e. Pharaoh). This entailed the Sun god plus sacred time symbols (V47 degree solstice and serpent equinox symbols) plus hallucinogens/neurochemicals. I identified this in 4 of 4 Sun god religions (& others). The images of Viracocha/Raimondi stelae you highlight contain these too. (See chapter 5 of SGSS & book trailer).
    5. Egypt, Meso & South America also shared the pyramid design; how did the pyramid structure propagate on multiple continents associated with Sun god religions if there was no supposed connection between these societies…?
    6. They shared very similar religion cosmologies and mythologies (see Chp 3 of SGSS).

    Something very interesting went on around the time you indicate (3rd millennium BCE), and the legends indicate floods and a civilizing deity or person thereafter. As for ET – I’m not sure on that (never say never though). I am of the school we should be giving credit to humans not aliens, because the moment we do then we have some very hard questions which need answering. This would imply there were some incredibly advanced, knowledgeable and worldly people roaming this planet with advanced knowledge and know how in the art and science of altered states of consciousness among many things. I also find it interesting that Caral (1st pyramid structure of SAm) appeared around the 3rd millennium BCE in line with Egypt´s Old-Middle Kingdom timescale, which you also elude to.

    The big question is; were these random occurrences or are the links real as we both suggest…? And yes, in line with many others who´ve gone before us, I think we need to rewrite humankind´s history – which of course would not be popular within some communities. Thanks for your post. Carlton

    • Leonard Farra says

      I am pleased, Carlton,that we have come to the same conclusion that there were variations of the same religion, around the world 5,000 years ago. I must commend you on your detailed statistical research . Have you
      included Stonehenge , which also dates to the era around 5,000 years ago,as it’s also aligned to the solstices? What traditional archaeolgists will never appreciate is that it’s symbolism, and that of the Avebury complex, are part of what I call the star-god religion, and you the sun god, and it has nothing to do with the ancestors. Leonard Farra

      • says

        Hello Leonard

        thank you for your message and yes i have done a project on stone circles, and up until 2 yrs ago lived close to Stone Henge and Avebury so i know them well! In fact i reviewed 27 of the UK´s largest stone circles, in addition to regional distributions, and they all shared at least one thing in common; They all contain stones which marked north & south, equinox & solstice sunrises/sets, from a single spot near their centers, which i stood at personally to confirm (still Google earth gives you a good sighting too). aha ground based calendrical clocks was my conclusion! like pyramids & temple alignments they demarcated sacred time to support their religions (copyright 2008 Carlton Brown). interestingly i also noted quite a few stone circles had their solstice markers pushed over… the consequence of antipagan actions possibly…?

        I guess the big question we have then is how or why did this happen? Was it a single human civilizer who went around the world seeding these cultures, as you say after a cataclysm, or was there a common human origin to them all (lost civilization; reseeding the world)? Or did humans communicate globally via non-local communication in altered states of consciousness and share knowledge/know-how (simultaneously experiencing this state of consciousness via ritual processes)…? or as you say was it an ET civilizer from another star system? I guess somewhere within all that lies the answer.

        You know i´ll never say never, but looking for answers outside of earth is probably where we differ (these days!) – and that´s ok! I tend to rely on robust data i can see or generate and i tend to be inclined to attribute this to our brave ancestors who forged our world under some pretty difficult times (and honor that). Special/Intelligent/Gifted/Autistic people have always been a part of the human race, irrespective of time. However, to be open minded, i also accept other answers might be correct, so never say never! BUT i need to see hard data on that first (not subjective, anecdotal or agenda driven interpretations); and to date I´m just not convinced with what I´ve seen… Now if you said perhaps contact with alien entities from other worlds / planet systems during altered states of consciousness (ASC; human to alien / alien to human) with a knowledge transfer took place then perhaps i might be more inclined to listen. Why – because the field of trans-personal psychology supports alien encounters as phenomena experienced during ASC (see Stanislav Grof´s classifications).

        One of the things pro-alien visitation seems to miss is our entire body physiology´s control and regulation is wrapped up in electromagnetic/magnetic/gravity signals specific to this planet, as it would similarly be for any alien life on any planet system. Health simply breaks down outside this environment, which probably explains why we haven´t gone back to the moon. So when folk proffer an alien solution, not only does one need to explain interstellar travel (physical distances or outside this space-time continuum & its technologies) but no one ever addresses the need to replicate the biological control and regulation of the alien body physiology outside their evolved planetary system, and how earth impacts that. The hurdles to that are infinitely more complicated than looking for answers amongst our greatly accomplished ancestors, in my view.

        But you know the commonalities we see are the important part of this discussion. Science goes through this process of establishing consensus to progress its paradigms; which us maverick researchers should do too. The reasons how/why – in both cases is more speculative and makes our lives much more interesting! AND we must both present our data driven cases and hope people read our wears, and if we can get academia onside we should try because they are still important gatekeepers to mainstream society´s paradigms of understanding. But they´re going to need to see data too and in my view – this is something the maverick researchers and authors have not historically done well! That´s why we get labelled pyramidiots!!! Ultimately time will tell i guess.

        Would you be interested in doing a mutual read & review for Goodreads & Amazon? people might find that helpful (& state our context)… Thanks Leonard.

        • Leonard farra says

          Hi Carketon. As you say, many of the early sites were built on a north/south axis. I didn’t study nearly as many as you but what I did find was that many of the important ones were aligned to the four directions which placed them,symbolically,in the centre of the world. The cross,which was a worldwide symbol long before Christianity,placed emphasis on the centre and it influenced the design of some early cities,such as Aztec Tenochtitlan,and the layout of the Incan empire.

          With regard to the entity who the Ancients called The Civiliser of Man,many of the legends placed his origin in the Pleiades. I have been studying the Pleiades traditions for 35 years and I find it amazing the extent that they influenced the lives of man in the Early World. Some people claimed them to be the source of all life and several tribes placed their origin in them.Here is something else I find intriguing. When Dr.David Zink was researching the stones off Bimini, psychic Carol Huffsticker, who accompanied him,kept picking up the word Pleiades. Although she was referring to a much earlier period of time than the era around 5000 years ago, which I have been researching, she said ‘these beings from the Pleiades were evidently on a kind of galactic missionary service’ ‘They must surely have seemed as gods to the Earthlings they visited’. If her reading is correct, then could it be that this planet has been monitored by beings from the Pleiades for many thousands of years.There’s a thought.
          At the moment my time is fully taken up but I might consider your offer at a later date. Leonard

  3. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Jon Alan

    I just have to correct something I told you in my last post of July 15. I said I did comment on aliens ‘in my original post’, and asked you to check out the last 3 paragraphs. Well of course, since my ‘original’ post was only one paragraph long, I meant my first response to you. But yes, I did make a brief statement in my original post as well – “So while I do believe we have had visitors from outer space in the ancient past…..”. Sorry about that.

  4. Brenda Brown says


    As I told you in my last response to you, I have not been reading your posts as a rule, but I happened to notice that you requested some help with writing a book. I don’t begrudge helping you when you need help, but I honestly cannot oblige you in this case, as it would simply not work out.

    Since you’ve made it very plain that you do not believe or trust my experiences and what I have to say, working with you on a project would be impossible. You would not agree with anything I offered, nor would you want to take advice. Not to mention, you seem to be under the impression that I’m your ‘little sister’, who needs your instruction in all things – which is simply not the case. When a person has that attitude towards someone, there is no collaboration or trust – which is crucial for people to work together.

    There is also the fact that I could not in good conscience, agree with many things you are now saying. The best I can do is offer some advice here and there in practical matters, but as for expressing what you’re trying to say, you are best to get help from someone else. Thank you for your consideration however.

  5. Starheater says

    Hello Everyone

    I know that many of you have the tendency to believe that all the the megalithic ruines comme from peoples of outer space.
    Did you ever imagine that they could come from our Ancestors that was far ahead of us in every aspect of life?
    In conterpart, what proofs are on the table at this moment? None, just theories an supposition, this is far to be a certaincy, whoever make this statement and whatever is reputation is, this is not full proofs.

    Now, talking about strangers from outer space. Yes, we could have been visited by outer life then ours, they could have found a way to get to point A to point B faster then we could imagine, 50 billions years away in only 2 or 3 days, there is not limit for speed in space, we are only block by our knowledge that we have acquired today. But we all know that Science have no limit like the numbers, and speed is only a question of LOGIC for us.

    But who’s telling us that speed is implicated in the process of long distance traveling. What will it be if this was just a manner making the right frequecies to make a “jump” to a specific place? I think that is the case for our specials visitors.
    Now, do they have contact us lately? Do they have propose to make some change in our habit, like: advance science, ground transportation, weapons, undersea ship, overseas ship, interplanetary ship, ect…
    And if it so, why we don’t see special building that amaze us by their sudden technology. It make over 100 years that we are visited by all sorts of E.T’s, how come they didn’t participate to our advancement?

    You know, I doubt this could ever happen, those peoples from space have rules and laws that they cannot overpass. So if that LOGIC is true today, how come it would not be so yesterday?

    Bye Everyone

  6. Gary Schoenung says

    There are many places that have features very similar to this. What makes Machu Picchu more interesting is that it was rediscovered and used in recorded history. The “impossible” parts of the mysteries scattered around this planet are left over from a time we have no record of. I suspect there was a time before a near extinction event when we were much more advanced then we are today. When you compare enough of their leftovers in different parts of the world it becomes very evident that before they were altered/used in recorded history something else was already there.

    • Leonard farra says

      Machu Pichu was one of numerous early sites which were part of one and
      the same Pleiades related star-god religion. Others are Chichen Itza,in
      Mexico, Stonehenge in England and Giza in Egypt.

  7. Brenda Brown says

    I think it’s important to remember when looking into our ancient past, that as recorded in the Book of Enoch, a number of angels left their first estate in Heaven to join with the inhabitants of earth, and in the process, revealed to mankind many of the ‘secrets’ of Heaven. These included truths about the Zodiac, the energy lines of earth, and the earth-sky connection, not to mention being angels, they would have incredible knowledge to pass on. So while I do believe we have had visitors from outer space in the ancient past, not everything ‘wow’ came from them.

    • Jon Alan says

      I personally hold to the view of fallen angels and the book of Enoch explaining much of the antediluvian world mysteries, so you will receive no criticism from me regarding ‘outer space visitors’. But what is your basis for belief in ‘ET visitors’ in the more traditional alien variety?

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hello Jon Alan,

        I’m always glad to hear when someone else considers Biblical topics with favour rather than scorn, and a quick exit to the trash can. I totally agree that much attributed to ‘aliens’, stems back to that at least two accounts of angels descending. The book of Jubilees records another descent that took place after the flood, which is why the Promised Land ended up with giants in it in Biblical times.

        To answer your question about ‘ET’s’, I draw from a couple of sources. One is a book put out in the early 1900’s called, ‘Scenes Beyond the Grave’, by Marietta Davis, edited by Gordon Lindsay, and at one point, sold under Christ For the Nations. She had the equivalent of a near-death experience that was extremely lucid and detailed, and while she was being guided towards Heaven by her angel, he told her to “observe the peopled universe”. Although before reading this, I had found it absurd to think of an entire universe of stars and planets, with just little old us sitting here in one of those solar systems, this just confirmed to me that there’s plenty of others out there.

        The second is that if you read Ezekiel carefully, and compare it with Josef Blumrich’s, ‘The Spaceships of Ezekiel’, there is every reason to believe that Ezekiel was indeed visited by someone from another planet who was doing God’s bidding, as well as having his own visions and interactions with God. But knowing that any people who are following God, are not going to interfere with what He’s doing on another one of His planets just because they want to, I do not think this was the norm at all. Nor does the Bible allude to such visitations as if they were common place.

        I could throw in another source that is related, and that is Edgar Cayce’s book on Atlantis. Honestly, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to Edgar Cayce – or know much about him for many years, but after having a strange experience surrounding his book on Atlantis, I took it very seriously, and therefore have come to the conclusion that the people of ancient Atlantis did space travel, and interacted with others who were out there.

        One last thought however, is that before I became a Christian, I was quite into ufos, saw quite a number of them near where I live, and experienced affects on my life as a result of them. One of those affects was that whenever they were present in the skies above our city/town, I would always receive ‘a message’ that they were ‘here’, and was ‘told’ where to look in the sky to find them. I won’t go into detail right now, but seemingly unrelated things such as ‘ghosts’ and odd occurrences were happening in the same time period I was seeing these ufos, but when I was converted, all of these things fell off and out of my life like someone flipped a switch. Again, I won’t go into detail now, but I knew they were all related. This is why I know that what is flying the skies now, and being passed off as ‘ETs’, are really not what they claim, are not good by any stretch of the imagination, and should not be pursued under any circumstances. I think that’s all my ‘thoughts’ for now.

        • Jon Alan says


          Thanks for the reply. I’m about 3/4 way through ‘Scene’s Beyond the Grave’. Wonderful book that really peaks the imagination. I don’t see anything in your post that alludes to the belief in non-angelic (fallen or not) alien entities, so I probably just misunderstood your original post.

          I inquired because the theory usually goes along the lines of ‘the universe is so vast there MUST be other life out there’ (usually separate and apart from anything Biblical) which I’ve always contested. I personally have a hard time believing in ‘life’ outside of God, angels, and our planet. In what’s viewed as a pompous attitude, my world view focuses solely around mankind and it’s fallen nature, and ultimately the redemption through Christ, which that book captured magnificently.

          • Brenda Brown says

            Hi Jon Alan,

            I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying the book. It’s written in a different style – probably some would find it hard to understand just for that reason, but once you get past the language, it’s very clear and detailed indeed. Did you find that spot in the foreword where the angel tells Marietta about the ‘peopled universe’?

            Just to let you know, I did comment on ‘aliens’ in my original post – check out the last 3 paragraphs. I know we have been visited in the past by people who do follow God, but a great deal of what people are calling evidence of ‘alien’ visitations of the past, either belongs to the fallen angels, or to demonic visitations in the form of ufos. The latter is what is flying the skies right now, and they are to form a huge part of the picture of the Anti-Christ system.

            While I don’t know you, and therefore can’t attest to your ‘pompousness’, I think people who’ve truly experienced Christ for themselves tend to put their focus on Him, instead of being caught up in things that aren’t going to make a great difference in their lives here one way or the other (aliens and other people out there being a couple of them), and for most, that’s a good thing. But some are called to look into the depths of this stuff, so I figure if people are tending to their own callings in Christ, that’s the main point.

            I totally understand why you say you focus on mankind, our fallen nature, and redemption through Christ – no problem here. The only thing I will add to that however, is that we are seriously in preparation for the final move, and working in sync with the timing of that – for the Anti-Christ system, so even those who have very little knowledge of ufos are going to come face to face with their ‘reality’ in the near future, and should know something of what’s going on. The deceit they bring is far more than ‘beliefs’ of the mind, and for many who think they know Christ, but who are not experiencing Him as a living revelation in their lives on a daily basis, will be very surprised how deceit can and will overtake them. And these guys are deceit incorporated.

            In any case, nice to talk to you Jon Alan.

      • Leonard farra says

        The stories in the books of Enoch were based on earlier legends of the
        Babylonians, and Assyrians ,which were based with those beings who the Sumerians called the Annunaki. The entities can be found in many other cultures including the Maya and the Australian Aborigines.

        • Brenda Brown says

          Hi Leonard Farra

          I’m sure many ancient documents have been passed down from other cultures, countries, and languages, throughout generations, nevertheless, if it contains truth, then let’s hear it. The book of Enoch is referred to in the Bible, and that is why I don’t hesitate to refer to it as having viable truth for us to use in putting the pieces together, for whatever book God has inspired, He is most certainly able to watch over until it reaches the generation it’s for. If we can’t trust any document because of how ancient it is, why bother with history at all, or any document from the past? So copied and recopied or not, it has truths we could all learn from.

    • ike Fehr says

      I enjoyed the communication between Brenda Brown and Jon Allen. One phrase by Brenda especially caught my attention, “I’m always glad to hear when someone else considers Biblical topics with favour rather than scorn, and a quick exit to the trash can.” I will keep this comment short by simply saying that I agree with her and that since Aug. 2013 I have been blogging, “Spaceship Theology” in which I view Biblical incidents and stories and align them with what UFOlogists these days are telling us are facts. You can find “Spaceship Theology” either, right here on World Mysteries or at

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