Lost Ancient Technology

Aerial view of Sacsayhuaman, Cuzco, Peru…

Lost Ancient Technology of Peru & Bolivia

Contrary to conventional thought, the Inca were not the most technologically advanced culture in the area of modern Peru and Bolivia, but were preceded by the great megalithic builders thousands of years before. — Brien Foerster


Why are so many ancient stone structures found in Peru, and how were they so precisely made, and when? The conventional academic explanation that the Inca built everything to be found around Cusco and the Sacred Valley of Peru has become a comical farce. The Inca, though an incredibly advanced and sophisticated people did not have the technology to shape hard stone with such accuracy, and even their oral traditions speak of “those who came before.”

One such people were the mysterious Viracochans, thought to be myth, but now turning out to be actual people with amazing technical skill, in some ways surpassing our own. Join with us as we find the answers, and roll back the historical records of humanity…

Stone Monuments Of Peru: Before The Inca…Before The Great Flood?


Vilcabamba area – archaeologists have no clue who made this or when.



Near Cusco…
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“The probable age of Tihuanacu of the Second Period, calculated on the basis of the variation of the obliquity of the ecliptic, would be approximately 15,000 B.C. Naturally, thiscalculation is in no sense definitive. For example, the factor [t3] of the formula of the International Ephemeris Conference of Paris may well vary in the light of future astronomical knowledge. If the curve of the obliquity of the ecliptic should, for reasons as yet unknown to us, be more inclined, the calculated age of Tihuanacu would also be somewhat less. But it is an established fact that whatever calculation might be used to determine the age of the Temple of the Sun of Tihuanacu, on the basis of the variation of the obliquity of the ecliptic from those times until today, would demonstrate that that American solar observatory is more ancient than any monument of man in the world of which we know up to this time.“   – Arthur Posnansky.  

Note: Read fragment of Arthur Posnansky book “Tihuanacu – The Cradle of American Man”  we added to this post.

“The ruins of Tiahuanuco have been regarded by all students of American antiquities as in many respects the most interesting and important, and at the same time most enigmatical, of any on the continent. They have excited the admiration and wonder alike of the earliest and latest travelers, most of whom, vanquished in their attempts to penetrate the mystery of their origin, have been content to assign them an antiquity beyond that of the other monuments of America, and to regard them as the solitary remains of a civilization that disappeared before that of the Incas began, and contemporaneous with that of Egypt and the East.

Unique, yet perfect in type and harmonious in style, they appear to be the work of a people who were thorough masters of an architecture which had no infancy, passed through no period of growth, and of which we find no other examples. Tradition, which mumbles more or less intelligibly of the origin of many other American monuments, is dumb concerning these. The wondering Indians told the first Spaniards that “they existed before the sun shone in the heavens,” that they were raised by giants, or that they were the remains of an impious people whom an angry Deity had converted into stone because they had refused hospitality to his viceregent and messenger. “  – E. George Squier



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PS 2013 Tour of Megalithic Sites in Peru and Bolivia

In early August I will be co-leading a “trip of a lifetime” tour of Peru, and I want to personally invite and urge each of you to seriously consider joining it if your circumstances permit. The price for it is astoundingly low because my co-leader, Brien Foerster, is a Canadian who married a Peruvian woman, so he has lived there for many years and now operates one of the most highly-regarded tour companies in Peru. He gets deals almost nobody else can secure, and now I can offer my friends and acquaintances the chance to directly benefit from his connections.

All of you have seen films and photos of Machu Picchu. It is one of our planet’s most iconic symbols of exotic travel, #1 in South America and #2 behind the Pyramids of Egypt for instant recognition worldwide. Imagine yourself there, walking its hallowed grounds. If you join this tour you will do exactly that, as well as walk a half-mile length of the incredible “Inca Trail” that stretches from Cuzco to Machu Picchu. And that’s just one aspect of these 12 incredible days (and 4 more in Bolivia if you add the extension to mind-boggling Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku!).

We will visit the massive stonework of Sacsayhauaman, above Cuzco. More massive stonework at Ollantaytambo. We will fly over the gigantic figures drawn on the desert floor at Nazca. We will ride a boat out into the Pacific to view the enormous Candelabra of the Andes carved into the side of a large hill to seemingly “point” incoming aircraft toward the plains of Nazca. We will visit Ica to examine the incredible Stones there, which appear to show ancient history depicted in great detail, including scenes of humans and dinosaurs living in proximity! Amazing things, all.

Another focus of the trip will be the newly famous “conehead” skulls of Paracas and elsewhere in Peru, and indeed around the world. These are skulls that contain fully twice the cranial capacity of humans of today! Who were these people? How could they be so radically different from humans? Can they even be considered humans? These are issues that will be thoroughly discussed and debated during the tour, whose co-leader, Brien Foerster, is now considered “The Man” when it comes to coneheads. You will learn all about them from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

From a personal standpoint, I can tell you I went on a tour very similar to this one when I was a much younger man, back in 1993, 20 years ago. Without exaggeration, I can say that it was one of the seminal experiences of my life. I was simply astounded every day, when a new “miracle” would be presented to us for consideration and debate. How could it be that such a primitive culture as the Incas could create such fantastic stone edifices and structures? It seemed impossible to me then, and it remains impossible to me now. But impossible or not, I can assure each of you that this trip will affect you like no other you can or will take in your lifetime. It will leave you with memories, and questions about humanity’s past, that will never leave you.

Let me also add that the tour I took in 1993 was the exact same cost as the tour you will be offered at the link below. Seriously. This is only because of Brien’s many connections in Peru, where he has been arranging and guiding such tours for years. Accommodations will be topnotch, transportation will be in bathroom-equipped buses, and every effort will be made to assure maximum comfort and enjoyment by everyone who joins us. There is room for only 30 on this trip (the buses carry only a few more for the leaders, guides, etc.), so if you have even the slightest bit of interest in considering this as a vacation option, please take it seriously NOW.

One last point: If you yourself can’t take time from a busy schedule (which I realize many of you have), or if you don’t think you’re in good enough shape to trek quite a bit in mountainous terrain at high altitudes (you have to be in a modicum of shape to tackle this), please consider gifting the trip to any children or grandchildren you have who would enjoy it and benefit from it. Measured on any scale of wonderfulness, this tour really WILL be a “trip of a lifetime.” You simply cannot give a more rewarding or appreciated gift.


Lloyd Pye

[email protected]
Panama City Beach, FL


  1. says

    Nice article! HOWEVER, long before Machu Puichu and the pyramids, megalitihic people built the olderst standing buildings of the world at Hagar Qi and Mjandara and Gozo in Malta for example! amazing temples!

  2. Wingy says

    Looking at some of the stones that have been precisely leveled off and incremented up and sideways, and also at the one which looks like a ‘socket’ on a ‘platform’, I am getting the feeling that these places look like the remains of a ‘factory ‘ after all the machinery was removed..

    This ‘stuff’ is just hanging out there and it is obvious that ‘something is missing’ and these are not buildings but outside constructions which are incomplete.

    So my question is , “Where is the rest of it, and what was it before somebody removed it?”

    • says

      12,900 years ago the Carolina Bays Event saw the Earth inundated by the massive fragments of an incoming comet and this Feathered Serpent went into orbit around the Earth to rain down on Humanity for several durations. Tsunamis swept the Earth clean. Very little remains of a period on Earth that saw everything pushed into the oceans by repeated onslaughts of massive waves towering over a mile high. Machu Picchu was one enclave of survival and its interior is full of tunnels and caves where beings tried to survive. There are two landing ports on that site if not more. The key is that much of Peru was totally repositioned and little remains of the great culture that attempted to rise. I think that much of their machinery was washed away, but some of it was stowed on massive air vehicles that might have been highly sophisticated (enough for space travel). They worked from those platforms in the sky after the event and that is why Pyramids are prevalent with steps and all for climbing up and down to disembark or ascend. Since this comet went into orbit and rained down on the planet for many periods, flooding was somewhat frequent. Eventually, that old advanced race of beings finally were worn down to nothing. Their equipment wore out over thousands of years and they just could not build back as quickly as they wanted to. Some say their remaining survivors might be in remote places on Earth such as Area 51 or Siberia. They still interface with us but we do not know of them for they tried to position themselves as God-like due to their advanced knowledge and equipment. But, one thing for sure, this realm we find ourselves existing in is far more complex when one considers a mind riding the Light vehicles that we call the human body. After all, we are information utilizing the tools of these bodies as a means of motivation in a physical state. What a trip!

          • says

            Gary, yes — I have watched your compilations many times as I have researched Machu Picchu and the surrounding area to the depths of what is presented. Basically we are both right but yours is Macro and mine is micro. We speak of two different echelonic categories. Yours shows the turmoil of those who are seeking to escape the onslaught and aftermath of a series of inundations that lasted for many years when the comet fragmented and went into orbit raining down on the planet for many durations. Mine is about preparation to survive for some kind of leadership for a short-term endurance when they became aware of the incoming disaster. The methods utilized to prepare Machu Picchu shows a highly advanced civilization that initially used devices that could quickly and precisely position materials that we cannot do currently.

          • Gary Schoenung says

            Are you suggesting that the Inca’s were at that location 12,900 years ago? I think most of what is there pre-dates their culture by thousands of years and they simply occupied and made use of what was already there. I also think that the same thing is true for most of the other “impossible” evidence around the world. It was left over from a much earlier time before a near extinction event occurred and simply modified and used by the people that we presently credit with building it. I do agree that that the people that really were responsible for them (our ancestors) were wiped out by an event that occurred 12,000 or so years ago.

        • says

          No Gary, I am not suggesting the Inca were around 12,900 years ago. If you would take the time to read some of my stuff, you would know that. I know your stuff, but you do not know my stuff. Interesting. Are you one of my former students? Just kidding. There are three phases to the building expertise shown at Machu Picchu. Perhaps four if one considers the way the caves are cut. High technology was used in the earlier phases and it dwindles down from there.

          Cheers, Ron O.

          • Gary Schoenung says

            So then you do recognize the fact that the people responsible for many of our so called mysteries from our distant past were much more advanced then we are today. The thing that frustrates me is that most of the people that that aren’t too afraid to consider that possibility want to point to “aliens” for an explanation. If they really want to see what those “aliens” looked like they should look in a mirror. I don’t think you saw the early material that I posted on this site when I first started looking at the Earth using Google Earth back in 2008-2009. If you want to find it easily I think you still can if you Google my name. A number of those early pictures have been obscured and with some of them even the historical data has been removed. These include the grid off the California coast, what appear to be underwater structures in the Pacific and the Atlantic, structural supports at Easter island and Train rock and few others. After that occurred I kept my mouth shut until I could put together a video. But I do still have pictures of all of them. Oddly enough if you use Bing’s maps to look at some of those locations you can still see some of what was visible on Google Earth back then. Use Bing maps and look at 73 degrees North and 37 degrees East from about 700 miles up and let me know what you think of what you see there. And if you would like to see some more of that early material and you can’t find it let me know. We make our ancient past a mystery by hiding it from ourselves.

          • says

            Gary, I am 70 years old and one of the first of our kind for most of my life. I live and dream the past since I first laid eyes on the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt. If aliens were present in our realms, they are cousins or genetically engineered entities for space travel. As I have said my times we were highly advanced in ancient times and the scenarios the GATEKEEPERS use now are to thwart any attempts for us to know our true past.

            Stay in touch Gary, you and I are on the same trek. I really like where your mind is going.

            Ron O. Cook

          • Gary Schoenung says

            Thank you Ron. I wish I had your artistic talent. You are interested in pyramids and you’ve seen my videos. There are things that I tried to communicate that I just did not want to put into words, so I need to ask you a question. Do you realize what the practical purpose of the pyramids was, and why the steps (the big ones) were as far apart as they are? That is one of the things I tried to convey that in the video, particularly towards the end. What you see at Gobekli Tepe is also a good clue. Imagine an incredibly massive population and limited space. How would you manage to have enough room for all of the residential, commercial, and recreational space that was necessary and still be able to keep the sun shining on enough agriculture to feed everyone?

          • says

            Gary, I have often tried to place myself within the mind of a certain scientist of that period some 12, 900 years ago due to trying to write a book on the subject. I see many scenarios and do not want to give much away at present. Structural levitation is one but such a task is beyond our present ability although it is one we do need to develop and soon. Our population is getting out of had. One thing for sure they were indeed much more advanced than are we. If this planet did not have so much water capable of getting out of hand, the massive tsunamis that must have swept a large population away would not have done its job. The planet was cleansed and I believe much of their equipment is down there under many meters of mud and muck — deep down in those oceans. We currently do not have the ability to go there. Just too much for our little minds at present. But we once were great.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Wingy
      You have nade a bright deduction, the question lies here, stone have a long piriod of durability, but the tools are usaly made in metal, the metal a small limit of time, it rust in no time and all that is left is the stone that you are looking. Carbibe is a tuff metal material, it could have cut the stone very easy, but for my part I dont think that this material was use to cut those stone. Laser could have done the job, but the energy to feed this tool need a huge instalation that would be an handicap in some places were the places are short, like on a mountain cap. Another tool could have been use is a sound blaster, it dont rely on big machinery and could cut the hardest stone like those in Peru. It’s a theorie, not an affirmation. God Bless

  3. B E Dennis says

    The more I see of ancient discoveries the more I believe in a long lost ancient culture. A culture and society possibly more advanced than the technology of today. From Plato, the term Atlantis was coined. If the Romans had not burned the Library at Alexandria we would know more of this long lost history. In my book series (the Crystal Skull Trilogy) I weave this into a entertaining fiction adventure. I am sure that a highly advance society existed (probably) prior to the last major ice age periods. Global changes (ice ages) would have erased most evidence, but not all as depicted in your evidence.

    • says

      It was the Christians who burned the Library was it not? I do know that Father Landa burned many of the ancient Maya’s works in Mexico. Let’s not rewrite history to protect the guilty.

      • says

        The Romans were highly sophisticated. They would have taken the important scrolls to Rome. I surmise that many of them are still save in the underground chambers of the Vatican. The Vatican’s Library is very big and few realize just how great it really is. Much is hidden there.

  4. Brenda Brown says

    Hi George/Lloyd – or whoever else had something to do with this article. No, I don’t think I’ll be going on any tours. I do appreciate the pictures, but to travel that far just to end up saying, “What the …. is this?”, “This is odd…. strange….” etc., well, I can do those from the chair in front of my computer. May I suggest that we see more pictures, hear from someone who’s coagulated some suggestions before/after taking a stroll, and who isn’t nursing a wad of ? in their mouths while staring into the camera and trying to tell us something?

    I’m with Ron Cook on this one. I’m glad someone is taking another look at the discrepancies between what the history books have told us, and what really is, but I asked these questions 30 years ago, and therefore, started reading a few choice books on the subject. That the pieces were ‘odd, strange, weird, surprising…’ etc., is why I kept reading, and am lurking around sites like ‘World Mysteries’, so I don’t need to ask the questions, but would appreciate a few well-thought-out ideas.

    I didn’t have time to view the video ‘Dead Men’s Secrets’ (yet), but regarding the pyramids, I think they’re far more than just one thing. I think they were a source of power, a record in stone, channeling/balancing the frequency of the earth, and probably a few more uses we haven’t yet figured out, because these people didn’t do anything flatly. They knew the depths of creation’s secrets, and how they all fit together, so I think people would do better to work together on these things, instead of trying to push 1 or 2 theories.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda
      Many things have been suggest about what fonctions the Pyramids serve. Many have said they were accumulator that could harness the electrical courant of the Earth to recharge UFO, many have said they were made to serve as balise so UFO could now where to go, a tomb for the Pharaoh, etc…

      None of what I have said is the right fonction of the Pyramids. Those Pyramids have been made to honnor the God of the Univers, Isaah 19:19-20, beside this fact, the Pyramids are a Book in Stone that tell us all the Principles in our Univers.

      The 2 first Pyramids tell us that there are 2 Gods, the Father and the Son, Kheops is the Pyramid of the Earth, or if you like, the Pyramid of Humain kind. Kheops have no top or Pyramidion, why? Because the Pyramidion is the rock that was rejected by the constructor, to be more precise, that refer to Jesus. When He take is Throne, the Pyramidion will be install on Kheops.

      But this is not the only things the Pyramids show us, inside Kheops they are line that is carve in the passage that lead to the chamber of the King, those lines are indicater of events that will take place in our time. The time begin approx. 4500 years BC to our day’s, 2 vertical lines are carve to indicate the 2 world wars. There are no indication of a 3rd war, as I know of, but that doesn’t mean that there are no line to indicated that war.

      If you multiply the base of Kheops a certain number of time, you will obtain the exact distance of Bethleem, and that according to the direction of the base. Naturelly, the number is an important one, but I dont remember it.

      If you put number to all the angle of the 3 Pyramids, you’ll see that 1 to 9 fit, and if you look the first 6 angles without the angles of Kheops, you will access to some pretty interresting facts. Like the:

      -Six day’s of Creation
      -Six Spirit of God
      -Six Color of the rainbow
      -Six note of music
      -Six Angels of God
      -Six Layers of Atmosphere

      The Pyramids of Giza have been made by “man of God” to honnor Him. Those Pyramids have been made before the Flood, that’s why the parement that covert the 3 Pyramids is gone, the running of the water was powerfull and the flots was high it covert the Pyramids by many feets, for the Sphinx, he was carve by the flow of water that come from every side. This flow carry many tons of sand, the Sphinx had only is Head out of the sand.

      Beside that, the Sphinx was I think and indicator of the time He was construct and the time that I was shown to us for study. He is a sign for our time like the face on Mars. If you split the face on Mars in the center and duplicate by inverting the side, you will have a humain face, and the other side duplicate you will have a Lion. This is a very important fact, it refer to Jesus (humain face, just like in the Bible) and the Lion, or if you prefer, the Lion of Judah. To confirm this fact, look the Head of the Sphinx, you’ll see that is head is flat on the Top, there are a Pyramidion that goes on is Head.

      This is not a simple hasard, this is a message to us to discipher like the Bible, because no one can read the Bible and understand what it said without having some “Keys” to discipher the message, here I’m not talking about the Evangiles, I’m talking about the Prophets that only fews can really understand.

      So I hope Brenda that you are satisfied about my explanation on the Pyramids of Giza, if you have questions, dont be shy. God Bless Brenda

      • kasivelu says

        My dear sir, Your reply to Brenda shows once again that Christians will never change themselves.They look everything in the prism of bible.There is nothing more or less in the Bible to decipher. There is violence,killing,rape, abducting another man wife,scorched earth policy etc,etc.To understand such a bible no key is required. Only common sense is required.If you continue to harp the idea that the world was created @6500 years ago then Yahowa alone could possibly save you.
        Mayan and Inca civilization are of Hindu civilization.It is not a mystery as portrayed. If you want any thing further on the matter U can contact me via e-mail [email protected] .Let God Yahova bless you—Kasivelu

        • Starheater says

          Hello Kasivelu
          First of all; I am not a Christians, Second: you think that God is cruel by what He have command to do to the Israelite. Third: What do you think of the “savage” war that man can do, if you think that you are better, well I would like to see that on the field in Afghanistans, or elsewhere. Put rats that are ungry in the bowl of toilet attach revy thingt so you cannot escape the rats of chewing your but. Or place some thootpics under finger nails and let it burn until the fire esthingish himself. And this is only a little reminder of the Justice of man.

          Now, do you have a better view of myself, or do I have to adjust your barnicle?

        • Starheater says

          Now, let’s return to the “reality”. Actually, they are no device or technic that would could rely on to tel us how the Earth is old. Those who are non reader of the Bible knows only one thing, and it’s that man was there in the past, this is very short for the history of man, the rest is only affabulation of this or that, thinny proof.

          In the Bible it is said all that you want to know about the Flood, but you’ve got to read it and most of all, think!!!! For those who are not familliar with the Bible I will explaind what was happen and what cause the Flood.

          First the Bible stated that there whore water “over” and under the firmament. Well, if you know what is the “firmament” you will know the he is in space. Well, in scape reing a tempature of -456.7°F. That mean that if you spit, it will froze instantly.

          So this water was ice translucent ice, because this water didn’t contain mineral, pure glass. This water was a protection for the humain kind living on Earth, because it was there to filter all the ray that is armfull to us, beginning by the Xray, Gamma ray, Alpha ray and all the other that are armfull for us an the animal too.

          Beside this, this “globe” of ice was good to kept the oxygen in our atmosphere. In that time after taking little tiny bit of oxygen in resin of wood, the scientist discover after analisys that the oxygen was pure at 55%, today we have only 17%. So this was the 2 main reason why they have live almost 1000 years. This mean that the could run 3 to 4 miles without been out of breath. They did not have a weak body, they did not catch the flew like we.

          That’s why we had dinasaur. because the reptilian have on thing that other animal dont have, they grow until they died. When you are in tittle to live 800 or 900 year, you have the time to become huge and heavy.

          But on day, a great meteor came into our solar system, he disturb all the planet by changing their way to turn on their orbit, some planet were fonud completly kink on the sithe, in other word, their pole were found at extrem feft or right. This was I think, not a meteor but a planet, she strike the planet that was between Mars and Jupiter. She suddenly explose by the impact and trew alot of material in front and little in the back of her course. The chunk was bombarded the Earth breaking the globe of ice and the impact strike the Earth so hard, that this one crack in 2 letting all the water that was kept under great pressure inside of the Earth. The wave of water have deverse on both side of the Earth if is not on the four side of it. The wave was very high, and beside this fact the globe that break was attract by the Earth fell down on it in form of rain,and this all over the entire Earth, it rain approx. 40 days perhaps more, because the ice was very thick. But it is not the rain that provoque the Flood, it’s the water that was kept in the earth.

          In those time, mountains were not existant, we could find only little mountains, never it was raining on Earth, because the were ony little oncean here and there, just enough to saturated the air with humidity, this humidity was absorb by the earth and plant, the Sun before the Flood was always shine on the entire Earth, ice was not found anywhere on earth because the Earth as not tilted yet, after that were that water had escape the earth felt in the empty cave that water have deserted.

          We then begin to have seasons, and rain fill the immense drop of the earth case by the water that have escape, and that cause to have more water then earth, in the beginning the were more earth then water. Water was push by the pression of the land, and the pressure have made a big colomd of water that divive himself in 4 branchs, the Ephraty is one of this branch.

          I could have been more precise in my explanation, but I think that you have catch the prime of it.

          So, yes the Earth is 7000 years old, and this Mister I have proofs. You will find on the Net an article hat is write by a scientist. He have discorver the the Polonium the the Marble was a good indicater of the age of the Earth. Because the Polnium have a limited life, I’d decay rapidy, or, according to the quantities the we found on Earth, by a simple calculation of the decay, it’s impossible that the Earth is millions years old, there is not enough Polonium on Earth.

          So M. Kasivelu, before you you critic the Bible you will have to read it like a man, and not like non inform person. God Bless

        • Brenda Brown says

          Hi Kasivelu. Unfortunately, all of us have many issues to work on in our lives, including Christians. No one, regardless of belief or ‘nonbelief’, is without fault. The problem with many Christians these days, (not all, but many) is that they take the fact that they’ve been forgiven, as a licence to act like they are never wrong, and know everything. That isn’t the Bible’s fault, it’s the fault of those who read the Bible and don’t practice what they read. I can tell you from personal experience though, that once the Spirit of God has opened your eyes to see how much is in that Bible, you’ll know why Christians keep referring to it.

          • Charles Marcello says

            Hello Brenda Brown,

            You do realize for those who have actually read the bible, from beginning to end, and have studied the world of Christianity what you just said sounds more like an excuse to ignore the evil that many believe exists inside the bible, instead of a rational explanation? I realize after watching/listening to countless sermons that Christians are taught to behave this way… search for those who seek god, ignore all those who try to take you away from “truth” inside the bible Yet what if your blind acceptance is what leads you and all Christians straight to hell? According to the bible the road to heaven is extremely narrow while the road to hell is extremely broad. Doesn’t it stand to reason that with over two (some argue as many as three) billion people who call themselves Christians then that means the bible, (or more correctly the modern interpretation thereof) is creating that broad road… so by the bibles own definition Christianity must be one of the that roads that leads to hell? Yes the same can be said for every other religion… yet I wasn’t raised to believe in any other religion than Christianity… so my search, though I’ve traveled down all the religious paths I can find, in my attempt to try and understand all the evils of this world… I know if things are going to get better I must start questioning my own house/belief system. Like; do you know how many Pope’s have said the bible is pure fiction? What If all the evil that many say exists inside the bible that is talked about in god’s name, is a clue to unlocking the bible? What if all the contradictions that many have found/say that exist inside the bible is yet another clue? I realize what I just said you might find offensive, yet that is not my intent… my intent is to have an honest conversation with any religious person who has to courage to stare into that mirror. Do you know how many books have been written by theologians demanding many parts of the bible have been changed? The most popular of those changes is the part in the bible where Jesus is quoted as saying, “he who is without sin cast the first stone…” according to some professional theologians that was completely made up by a monk and never spoken by Jesus… My whole point is, if you and people like you are right, and If I or they are wrong, then at the end of this conversation the evidence should be clear.

            The same challenge could be said for the academic world and the evidence that exists all over the world for a highly advanced civilization that existed long before us… 10 thousand or more years ago… the evidence cannot be denied. We know the scars extremely large amounts of ice makes on rock because of how ice waxes and wanes every year… which means where ice hasn’t existed in thousands of years an ice age cannot be denied, or the world has shifted its axis. We know how weather erodes polished rock, we know how slow polished rock is eroded because of buildings we know man created 2500 to 3000 years ago… yet there are ruins that demands weather has been working on them a lot longer than 3000 years. We know how stars trek across the sky and with the help of computers we can roll back time and see when many of these monuments were created… which takes me back to the bible and all the religions of this world.. is there truth inside the bible and other religions… YES of course there is! Are there lies inside the bible and other religions added by men who lived before us? My own studies demands, yes of course there is.

            Like you I have had my own, for lack of a better word, religious experiences, plural. One of my three earliest memories (somewhere around the age of two or three) was frightening… I have a memory of being visited by a demon, or what my memory believes was a demon. Plus I have survived many things that should’ve killed me… some demand each of these were nothing short of miracles… Things that don’t make a lick of sense that I somehow survived… that 99,999 out of 100,000 die and maybe, maybe, only one survives. I will describe one such miracle that happened to me, though I’ve survived many other incidents that should’ve killed me. At eleven years of age I ran into a very busy road, where the speed limit was 55 mph, without looking. I was hit by a car and was thrown about twenty or more feet into the air and flew across an eight lane road. This happened in West Covina near a Toyota dealership off of Hacienda Boulevard, near a Catholic Church. Anyone who knows the area over by the West Covina Mall in California can attest to just how wide that road is and that it hasn’t changed all that much since 1982. I ran into that road to watch a fire truck with lights and sirens… and wham! I can still see the firemens faces as they went by after I was hit by that car… When I landed on the other side of the road I picked myself up and walked back across the road to my brother and friends who witnessed the whole thing. They were all excited of course, and then they told me I was bleeding, so I ran into the bathroom at the car dealership and notice I had a puncture wound to the left side of my face, that people to this very day mistake as a dimple. I ruined that ladies windshield, and I refused to go to the hospital or that they should call the cops because I was more afraid of my mom, then of being hurt… because we walked eleven miles from home without permission… at that time we lived in Valinda Ca… those who know that area now know how far I walked home after being hit by that car, and now you all know I never went to the hospital. How does someone survive something like that without being totally ruined themselves? And I could tell each of you at least 10 more incredible things I’ve survived, like hitting a truck broadside on my motorcycle doing around 50 mph, because of Sun glare, and I walked away with a spranged ankle. Some argue each of these are miracles and that God is looking out for me… which to a point I believe this is true. It was a collective of these survivals, and my own religious experiences and other things that has helped push me to try understand our reality, our world… to try and understand what is and what is not true. I try hard not to believe in anything, I want to know, just like I don’t believe in god, I know God exists! Yet commonsense demands I should be dead and belief can only take someone so far… because history demands our limited reality is completely different than the whole of reality. The question I am also trying to answer is this… is it really a miracle or a curse that I survived all of these things? Because the more I learn the more I start to think survival isn’t everything its cracked up to be, because in the end, we all end up at the same exact place… we all die. Which makes me think all of this is the illusion, and only those who question everything will begin to see parts of the truth that are hidden right out in the open. I’ve spoken about my “religious” experiences and how I’m leaning as I read and reinterpret the bible in my other blogs. I may not know what the truth is, yet I sure as hell know what many of the lies are. All I want to do is study and talk with others about our reality, from every angle… and maybe together we can all reach a single truth.

            –Charles Marcello

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Starheater. Yes, I know the things you’re talking about regarding the pyramid. I read Noah Hutchings book, ‘New Light on the Great Pyramid’, and it was very informative. It’s what I meant when I said it was a ‘record in stone’. I also know the scripture in Isaiah 19:19, speaking about a ‘pillar on the border… and an altar in the land of Egypt, and I do believe this is referring to the Pyramid. Some of the info you put together though, is new to me so I appreciate hearing about it. I read in Hutching’s book that they figured the Pyramid originally had a casing of 144,000 pure white, polished limestone blocks, a number that would certainly connect it to the New Jerusalem.

        And I totally agree regarding the deciphering of the Bible. Since it was written under the inspiration of God, it must also be read under the inspiration of God, otherwise it is so easily misinterpreted and misunderstood.

        I found it very fascinating that there are things on Mars that either resemble, or exactly agree with certain places on the earth. I’ve thought for some time now that earth’s ancient people space travelled, but I am still very interested in finding out about the similarities between Mars and Earth, and what all went on in that time period. I suggest you have a look at ‘The David Flynn Collection’ – a recent book containing very pertinent information on these ancient people. Some are calling David Flynn a genius at tying ancient legends and historical accounts together with the Bible, to prove the existence of these ancient people, and their highly advanced civilization.

        Regarding the head of the sphinx, no I had no idea it was ‘flat on top’. Weird. It will be interesting to see what that’s for.

        Thanks for your reply Starheater.

        • Brenda Brown says

          Hi Charles Marcello. Well, having read your very honest and open remarks and questions, there’s no doubt in my mind that you are sincerely trying to see the sense in everything, in particular, with the events that occurred in your own life. I will do my best to discuss this with you.

          To begin with, if it’s at all possible, I would like to hear the account of the demonic visitation, as these guys do not visit people without cause, and the cause can range anywhere from – you’re a threat to them, to you’ve got something in your life that gives them every right to plant their foot in it. I once had demons, but was delivered of them, (not in a way Hollywood loves to portray), however, after thoroughly surrendering myself to God, was never bothered by them again. Believe me, they hate God, and anyone who stands for Him, but you can be free of their threats and torment. Though I do not know your account, even a visitation from them can put a ‘drag’ on your spirit, resulting in oppression and confusion that isn’t from your own mind or spirit, but theirs. Let me know if you want to pursue that end of it.

          Regarding the Bible, I’m well aware that time has passed, translators don’t always know the real intent in the original, and things can get changed, but when God inspires the writing of anything, its solely up to Him whether or not that thing survives the ravages of what its going to pass through. He has made sure it’s viable enough that the truth can be seen in it. I have personally seen mistakes in the translation and in the copying of it, but the most important thing – the key if you will, to knowing what the truth is, is knowing the Spirit of God who wrote it. I’ve always said, if it’s written with inspiration, it must be read under inspiration.

          That the Bible contains violence, even at God’s behest, is for 2 reasons. One, some of it is merely an account of what happened historically, and history is violent. And two, the Old Testament, being written (on the surface), for the Israelites, is cloaked, or better said, written as a type and shadow of what the reality of God is. The reason for this, is that the Israelites flat-out told God they didn’t want a personal relationship with Him – where He would speak to them and they to Him, but asked that Moses be their ‘go-between’. (See Exodus 20: 18-19) Knowing that without a relationship, Israel would never really know Him, and would surely go off track, rather than leave them destitute of any idea of God, He portrayed His spiritual principles in outward forms, and His truths in laws and rituals. That way, for anyone who was truly seeking God, a means to see the truth was at their disposal.

          Death isn’t just physical. Even though our spirits live on forever, with whom they live, and in what state, is entirely up for grabs. Never underestimate the importance of your decisions – we either wound or assist in healing our spirits by every thought, word, and deed. God may have ordered certain killings, but you can be assured behind every such act, a spiritual truth was being revealed. And while physical death isn’t to be taken lightly at all, spiritual death is exceedingly worse. But when people like the Israelites of that time, do not want to relate to the truth, sometimes physical brutality is the only means of waking them up to what’s really going on in life. It’s way more than meets the eye.

          As for your experiences, I agree, there’s no way you should have walked away from these things with as little damage as you did. There’s no doubt your guardian angel (and we all have one), was watching out for you. That doesn’t mean that everything’s okay, it means there is a purpose God would have you fulfill, but it’s in your hands to seek Him until He shows you what that is.

          While I was brought up going to a particular church, it wasn’t until I sought God on my own, that I found Him, and experienced visions, dreams, angelic visitations, and conversations with Him. The church taught me virtually nothing that I needed to know to find God, but when I began following the way He’s laid down for us to find Him, it worked, and my journey began. While the church should represent God on this earth (after all, they name themselves after His Son), so often it’s man’s opinions and philosophy they speak and follow, not God’s truth. That’s about to change however, and you can bet the hierarchy isn’t going to like the New Way of God, any more than they liked it when Jesus became the New Covenant.
          I hope this assists you, but I’m open if you’ve got more to discuss.

          • Charles Marcello says

            Hello Brenda,

            I don’t have any problems sharing my demon experience… I will post it here, but must warn, it will be a long story. Before I do that, I agree with many of the things you’ve said, even though I do take a different stance as to what the bible is actually saying when it comes to the Israelites choosing man over a personal relationship with god. I’m starting to think when the bible talks about the Israelites creating kings, the bible then turns into a warning of what happens to man when man looks to man for all his answers… or stated another way, when man starts looking for god anywhere else than from within, nothing but evil follows… which is I why I believe the bible purposely confuses people when it says God does evil works, and that god is responsible for all good and all evil. Yet to explain that entire train of thought I would have to write a book and take the bible on almost page for page… I no longer see the Stories of King David and Solomon as individual men, I see those stories as the entire story of the human experience once man stops looking for god anywhere else than from within… I believe the bible is screaming at mankind stop looking for god anywhere other than from within. The bible tells us to make no idols, yet that is exactly what churches and all their writings and icons are…. the bible says there shall be no other gods before god… yet that is exactly what the bible is, a barrier between man and god… ie, don’t say repetitive prayers, but if you must say this… (not that it’s not a good a idea… its says don’t… and than creates an out… that little piece inside the bible should speak volumes to those who are seeking the truth.) Yet to bring all of this into a coherent message will take so much time, not to mention it would be me trying to force my understanding onto others…. so instead I seek to have conversations with anyone who professes they believe that their belief is the only way to god. Because history proves beyond any doubt they are all wrong. What would say if I told you this statement used to have a question mark behind it… “am I my brothers keeper?” and the answer was… YES you are. Which means to me… only when humanity is working together can the whole world move in one direction towards a single goal of heaven on Earth… while anything less always leads every single generation straight to hell. Regarding Jesus, I don’t believe Jesus tried to create a new covenant, that was added later so men could control other men. I believe the message of Jesus is extremely clear, we don’t need men in funny hats and clothes or official books/doctrine nor rituals telling us how to find god… become still with a honest heart and you will hear god…. god speaks to all who listen. I believe all the Christ like figures whose story is found all over the world, was trying to tell the world religion is a false idol, and will only lead to pain and suffering. Which is the exact history of every single religion on this planet, before Jesus and after. He said, “they will destroy the temple and I will rebuild it within three days.” Everyone understands he was talking about his body, yet no one understands the bigger point… there is no physical temple that can be built by man to honor god, nor is there any book that can truly honor god… only a private personal relationship can build the only temple god is interested in speaking within. There is a quote that states, “the greatest lie ever told was the devil convincing the world he doesn’t exist.” Well I call BS, because… the greatest lie ever told has always been and will always remain, convincing even one person that any lie is the truth. All pain and suffering starts from that simple beginning. Which brings me to the point of mentioning some of those things I’ve survived. What if the reason I have survived all of those things is so I could say what I’m saying now? That’s a question I cannot honestly answer, though personally I don’t believe there is any way in hell that could be even remotely true. In order for us to seriously have this conversation, please scroll down and give your answers to why the bible seems completely confused regarding those things I asked of Starheater.

            My next post will describe my memory of that demon experience.

            –Charles Marcello

          • Charles Marcello says

            (This is a redux of something I wrote a few years ago… I was going to write the whole story, yet decided to see if I could find this story doing a google search… I did and here is what I wrote, with a few minor changes.)

            My Demon Experience…

            I am going to tell you a story that actually happened to me why I was a young child. As a matter a fact, I only have three memories of my very early childhood. In one of those memories I wee-weed in my pants at daycare and had to wear a diaper, my older brother and sister laughed at me, while I cried. The second one, we are on the freeway heading back from SeaWorld, funny… I don’t remember going to SeaWorld but I remember this… anyway like I was saying, we are heading back from SeaWorld and I have my head hanging out the back of the family station wagon. My mother warns me to stop it and to bring my head back into the car or I will lose my SeaWorld Captains hat. As if she had physic powers, or more likely, she brought down upon me the wrath of the mother curse… you know one of the many curses parents can conjure up, like; ‘I pray you have children that behave just like you…’ because a few seconds after that warning there went the hat. I remember slumping down up against the sidewall of the station wagon just starting to cry when my older brother started laughing at me. So I punched him in the nose and took his. My mother made me give it back. Well those are two of the three memories I have of my very early years. What I’m about to describe next will seem outlandish, ridiculous, and/or just plain weird. There is two parts to this story. My actual experience and then a story I watched on one of those learning channels where I learned someone else had an experience with the exact same demon almost nine hundred years before mine.

            Let’s Begin…

            I’m a violent sleeper. Well I used to be, my wife is having none of it… I also have been known to sleep walk from time to time. I’ve never been awoken while sleepwalking, however, I have found some pretty interesting changes in my room. Like my two pillows neatly stacked one on top of the other inside my closet with the door closed. When, when I went to bed I used one for my head and the other for a snuggle buddy. Plus other weird stuff I have awoken too after an interesting nights sleep. Not to mention two of my teenage friends have a story they can share for the rest of their lives about that time I got up, while sleeping, grabbed my rifle, loaded it, and told them, ‘the next person who bothers me while I’m sleeping is going to die.” They wanted to drive my car and I wanted to sleep, so much so I guess I was willing to kill for it. I don’t remember doing any of that, but I do remember asking them when I awoke why they put my rifle in bed with me. They were pissed at me, saying stuff like, “dude you’re such a dick”… I was finally able to convince them I did not remember any of it… Nor do I remember doing anything with the pillows I mentioned earlier, and I don’t ever remember hitting my mom, let alone being violent with her while sleeping. But apparently I’m guilty of all it… The game my mother used to play with me was, catch him before he falls asleep and send him to bed, or… get bruised up. For whatever reason this night my mother didn’t want to fight with me, she had failed to pay attention and decide to leave that violent little sleeping bastard were he (I) lay.

            I have no idea how long I was asleep, all I know is when I finally opened my eyes the house was dead silent. Every light in the house was turned off, except a single nightlight that was allowed to shine as a beacon for those late night bathroom adventures. I remember sitting up and rubbing my eyes. I remember looking around to get my bearings, while wondering why I was still in the living room. I was just about to get up and head towards my bed when I saw a strange grayish light coming from the Television. I remember staring at it, while yawning and thinking I’m to tired to care. When as the cliché goes, out of nowhere smoke started to appear inside the TV. I was like, now isn’t that strange. Or perhaps I have added that thought to my experience, I mean I was only two or three years old. I remember watching the smoke roll around inside the TV, and I remember I was about to leave the smoke and the TV alone to play by themselves, when I noticed a figure starting to form behind the smoke. It didn’t take long for the creature to appear, what I found more interesting than him at that moment was how the smoke started pouring from the television. I remember not being afraid of this creature, for lack of a better description of how I felt as I looked at that demon staring at me from behind the tube, was well, no big deal. I remember he began speaking to me, at first he was very pleasant. What was said between us I have no idea. I only have a video memory of this experience. Even some thirty eight years later, the visual experience is still extremely clear inside my mind. I believe we spoke at some length. At first everything was extremely casual, I even remember laughing at something he said. Then towards the end of our conversation I think he asked me for something or told me not to do something, and I must’ve said no. Because he got pissed. I remember him flinging his arms while apparently yelling at me. I remember spit coming from his mouth and a face so violent it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. Yet for some reason I don’t remember being scared. Probably because I thought he couldn’t leave the TV. I remember standing up and yelling right back at him and pointing my finger. This went on for a few seconds or minutes, (I’m not really sure), and the more we screamed at each other the angrier he seemed to become.
            I guess I said something that sent him over the edge because he started to climb out of the TV. I remember for the first time being afraid of this creature. I remember turning to the right and running for everything I was worth. I remember making another right and passing a small wall and then I was basking in the brightest white light I have ever seen. There was white clouds on the floor and as I ran basking in the white light and clouds I felt completely safe. When I reached the hallway I remember feeling so unafraid I stopped and turned around. When I turned around I remember watching that creature pumping his little arms for everything they were worth as he was tearing in behind me. However when he noticed the bright white light and white clouds on the floor he came to a very sudden stop. So much so that I remember watching him rollup on the balls of his feet and toes as he tried to avoid the clouds. When he was successful in that, he glared first at the white light and then at me. He really let me have it then. I mean to say… saying he was pissed off wouldn’t even come close to how angry he looked. His polite nice demeanor was gone, what I witnessed before me was evil in all its glory. The only part of his appearance that looked like the pictures of demons we see today was his ears. They were long and pointy. His skin was an orangeish redish brown. His eyes were black as coal and his teeth were like brilliantly white sharp little knives. His fingers and toes where like that of a small child’s and so too was the rest of his body, except he had muscular features. And his face looked like and aged’ old man with a horrible disfigure. And as he was screaming at me, as he was twisting from side to side looking like he was trying to find something to throw at me, all I can say is he was pissed, pissed, pissed! What I find strange about this little experience, outside of the whole damn thing, is I felt empowered. I felt like there was no way this little demon could hurt me, so I started making faces at him, taunting him. I remember shaking my butt at him, doing the whole pttth, (tongue in-between teeth), chanting, “you can’t get me you can’t get me.” What in the hell was I thinking! I mean I have to remember that I was only two or three, even still… I believe that was and still is the dumbest damn thing I have ever done in my life up to and including today. Because as I’m making my little faces at him, he stops! I noticed a calm come over him. And then he smiled! To this very day, as I am writing these words right now, remembering that smile… it still scares me, it still sends goose bumps all up and down my arms and spin. God how I hate remembering that stupid smile! But that’s not all. For you see, when he smiled at me he also began to levitate. He levitated just high enough to where the clouds wouldn’t touch him, and then he came flying towards me. I don’t even remember turning around all I remember doing was running towards me parents room for everything I was worth. (Some would say that demon scared me so bad I turned myself completely inside out and ran straight through my butt hole because it was the fastest way to get away… I‘ll give you a second to stop laughing… even though I must admit that probably aint to far from the truth.) The last thing I remember of that entire experience was pounding on a door and when it opened grabbing a hold of someone’s leg. The End!

            What I wrote above is true, every word of it. When I’ve been asked how long I believe our conversation lasted I have always said I don’t know. It could have been a couple of minutes or an hour. I truly don’t know. What I remember after that experience is, I used to draw him all the time as a child. I remember getting into trouble in fifth grade for drawing him instead of listening to the teacher. As I got older however my thoughts about him faded. I think in the first thirty-five years of my life I talked about him to about ten people maybe a couple more then that. In the last few years I have mentioned that experience to a few more people, and now I find myself posting this experience on the Internet for second time for the whole world to read. I guess, as I stated earlier, I am starting to reach an age where I need to come to terms with that experience. Because now it gets even weirder.

            I am twenty-six I believe, maybe a year older but I doubt it. I get home from work and the house is empty. I grab the paper, sit in my chair and turn on the TV, one of those learning channels is on. I am thumbing through the paper half paying attention to the TV and half focused on whatever it was I was reading in the paper. I don’t even know why I looked up from the paper, but just as soon as I did there he was again, his ugly face staring at me from the TV. I was frozen! Then the picture started to fade away and I could hear two men talking about that picture. I somewhat regained my composure, and started to frantically search for that stupid remote control, “Where the hell is it,” Finally! When I turned the TV up loud enough so I could hear what they were saying…. Apparently there is a book called, Demons, Witches and Goblins, or Goblins, Witches and Demons… or something like that … To my great surprise my demon has a damn near perfect depiction of him in that book. From what I gathered by listening to the rest of that show, a Princess in the eleventh century was said to have been visited by that demon. They say she had a dream about him. But I wonder. Because princess or not, back in those days…. The reaction of the Church was pretty dang simple… have a convo with a demon get burnt alive until you’re dead, very simple… so was it a dream, or did they just say it was a dream. Though I have searched for that book and that program over the years, to date I have yet to find either.
            Well that is the story of my demon experience. Like I said before I don’t have any audio memory of that experience, I do not know what was said between us, I only have a video memory, so clear it could’ve happened yesterday. In my early years I was positive what happened to me was real… as I got older I forced myself to believe it was nothing but a dream. To this day I don’t know, honestly I don’t know what happened or why, I just know it is a real memory of something I experienced.

            –Charles Marcello

    • Starheater says

      Hello again Brenda
      I thought I have made a statement concerning the “balancing” of the Earth by the Pyramids, well in fact, the Pyramids represente 2 grain of sand on a big big water melon, the fact is that, wathever the energy produce by the Pyramids it would be like to raise the level of water in a lake by dropping a drop of water.
      Beside, this balancing the energy fields that surround the Pyramids could have only a radius 1 to 5 miles, and this number is very push over the limit. A more realistic view could be, 100 to 150 feets around the Pyramid Kheops, and here to I’m pushing.

      Other thing, the frequenties of the Earth is due to electromagnetic frequenties that is generated by the melted core that is turning like a dynamo. For the Pyramid, the energy is not magnetic, it is only electro-static. The rock contain a certain % of metal, the electro-static is absorb by those rock, and this electro-static come from the ground himself, remember the “dynamo”. The ground is charge of electricity, that’s why lightning are generated sometime by the Earth, that mean the lightning star from the ground, but somtime it start in the clouds depending on the polarity specialy in places were the land is dry, or dead dry like the Sahara. Beside, in the desert, electrostatic is a little more abondant. Perhaps, this is the reason that tents are wax, wax is good to repeal static.

      Those Pyramids are one of a kind, there are no Pyramids on Earth that are like those find on the plateau of Giza, they are “unique”, and they were made by mans that was unique too, those are the man’s of God, because OUR GOD is UNIQUE.

      God Bless everyone

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Charles Marcello.
        Okay, so I’ll see what I can do to answer the questions you asked Starheater.

        Regarding the lineage from Abraham to Joseph: Because Abraham believed God – or in other words, had faith in God, God promised that He would make of him, a great nation. It was not meant physically, as many take it, but spiritually, that as many as would walk in faith with God, would be Abraham’s seed, spiritually speaking. This is confirmed later when Paul said, “…if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed…” People focus on physical lineage, forgetting that we are spirit as well as mind and body. What goes on in our spirit automatically affects our children’s spirits, but unlike the flesh, spiritual gifts, blessings/demons, or curses, etc., can pass on from one person’s spirit to another’s, without there being any physical connection between the two. All it takes is a similar nature or character of heart.

        Second, while Roman law no doubt was broken when Jesus knocked over the tables of the money changers, and scattered the hypocrites and thieves with a whip, a much greater law was not only being ignored, but broken and defied. Again, if we’re looking on the outward, physical things of this life, instead of the spiritual realm, we miss the incredible bulges we’re swallowing, while we strain at gnats. The Romans wanted law and order in this realm – which is fine, but meanwhile, all kinds of error, sin, and violence were occurring in the spirituals right in front of them, the kind that wound and kills people’s spirits. The people were trying to obey what was God’s law at the time regarding sacrifices etc., and were being robbed, lied to, cheated, bribed, oppressed, etc., and no one cared. Better Roman law be broken, than people become so Godless and callous, that they insert themselves as gods into other people’s lives, with the result being eternity in torment.

        Re – it would have been better for Judas if he had not been born, though if he weren’t, Jesus wouldn’t have been killed: Yes, for the sake of Judas himself, it would have been far better he had not been born than to be as guilty of killing the Son of God, as the Pharisees who did. And yes, God did know Judas would eventually be the one who betrayed His Son, but God doesn’t make our decisions for us. From the moment Judas was born, he had choice after choice to make, on how he lived life, and what he made himself into. God did not make him choose to become so dishonest with himself that he could sit and partake of supper with Jesus on one hand, while being paid to betray Him on the other. A lot went into making Judas that blind and callous, which God had nothing to do with, but Satan and Judas did. God allows all of us to choose what we want, and although He always sends us warnings and/or instructions on what the right thing to do is, we are free to choose.

        Re – Judah’s name being written on the foundations of the New Jerusalem. It isn’t Judas’s name that is being referred to. After he betrayed Jesus, we are told in Acts 1: 23 – 26 that since Judas fell from his calling, God chose Matthias to take his place, and represent the tribe of Simeon.

        Re – the Alabaster box. Yes, pride and vanity are sins, but they have nothing to do with why Jesus allowed the woman to go through with what she was doing. First, the woman was repenting of her sins and showing her love for her Lord, not just washing His feet. It would have been wrong to prevent her from doing so. That Jesus said the poor would always be with us, isn’t revealing His wish, but how well He knows our hearts. The world is the way it is because of the fall of Adam and Eve, which affected the nature of mankind since their time. God didn’t make them fall, nor is it His fault they did; it was their choice, and unfortunately, the ramifications of that fall affected the nature of every human being born from their lineage. We don’t need to be taught how to lie, steal, envy, hate etc., we ‘instinctively’ know how to do those things right from the start, because it’s in our nature, babies or not. And knowing how hard men’s hearts are towards the poor, Jesus was simply forewarning the Apostles, who were scorning the woman, and us, what would be the case.

        Adam and Eve opened the door to sin and Satan being a part of theirs, and our natures, but we also can choose to further that fall, or seek God for assistance to fight it. It isn’t on God to correct our wrongs for us, or bless us whether or not we care to change our ways. We will have the poor with us because as long as sin remains, there will always be rich people, who could do plenty to change the world, but whose selfishness insists on being self indulgent rather than generous.

        I’ll sign off now, and start a new post on your demon experience.

        • Brenda Brown says

          Hi Again Charles Marcello.
          That was no dream, that was a demonic visitation, and I do believe what you said. Remember how he looked, because many who think the ufos are carrying ‘space races’, are seeing demons, who would love for us to believe they are just other people who are here to save us.

          In any case, demons don’t waste their time. If they appear to anyone, it’s because there’s a good chance they can deceive the person, and eventually get them to fall. If they make a good attempt at ‘getting you’ like this one did, it’s fair warning to you that you have given them plenty of room in your life that they feel you’re game. You saw how he was ‘nice’ to you at the beginning – that’s what they do, try to disarm us, make us feel we’re okay and they’re okay, so we’ll let down our guard – at which point they can easily enter into our spirits. That’s exactly what I’m referring to with regards to ufos as well. Get us to believe they’re ‘friendly’, with good intent, and we’ll let them inside our spirits before we know what we’re doing.

          Demons look for ‘doors’ into people, things that take people away from truth, honestly, goodness, benevolence, etc., and steer us into doubt, unbelief, fear, hatred – you know what I mean. Ouija boards, ufos, witchcraft, filthy life habits, (I could go on), all serve as doors for these beings, and once they’re into you, they inspire more of the same, reinforcing the grip of death on your spirit.

          You’ve had demonic troubles from a very young age, I mean apart from this one you’ve shared. But at the same time the Word of God has found a place in your spirit, a place where you believe it, and it has kept you from the full extent of this creature’s violence. Your spirit is a battle ground between good and evil, and if you want to help yourself Charles, try talking to God from the attitude that He really does care about you, and all of us, and exercise some trust/faith. Read a bit of the Bible from the same attitude more often, and put aside things you know fall into the category of those doors I was speaking about. As you do, you will gain strength of spirit, and doubt and fear will start loosening their grip on you.

          This being lived in smoke – the gray areas, and focussed on violence and arguing. That’s because you lean very hard towards these areas in your own being, if not outwardly. But God met you with clean, white light, and white clouds (I’ve seen these too). Smoke is anger, which fuels doubt and hatred – avoid it. It leads to arguing and more fighting, which again, fuels doubt, depression and hatred. Your white cloud is thankfulness, which fuels faith and benevolence – feed that, you can’t lose.

          Thank you for sharing your experience. I find these things intriguing. I do hope you have benefited from this.

        • Charles Marcello says

          Hello again Brenda,

          Thank you for your comments, they are extremely well written… I honestly wish I could read the bible off faith value, instead only being able to read the bible on its face value… Even though I enjoyed reading your comments sadly however I don’t believe you answered any of the questions… or perhaps I should say, you gave your opinion which exists outside of what the bible actually says. Now there is nothing wrong with you stating an opinion as to why the bible says what it says… yet every preacher I’ve listened to says the bible defines itself. I’m sure you’re wondering what do I mean.

          Well first the bible does not say the messiah will come from Abraham, it says the messiah will come from the house of David. Not to mention, according to the bible all Hebrews and many within the Islamic faith come from Abraham’s seed. Seeing how you mentioned Abraham, that is one of the saddest stories in the bible…. The bible says god told Abraham to go to this new land and god will make him rich… yet if you read on you learn god fulfilled his promise to Abraham by purposely putting Abraham into a position that turned him into a lying pimp, by turning Sarah into a lying adulterous whore. Those are strong words yet the definition to those words perfectly fits Abraham asking his wife to lie to save his life while allowing the Pharaoh to pay Abraham for Sarah… that’s how god fulfilled the first down payment of Abraham’s wealth. Outside of the story of Job, that is second worst story in the whole bible, because it makes it very easy for someone to argue the god of the bible is extremely evil. Let alone the Abraham aspect doesn’t excuse the fact the bible purposely makes the prophetic connection to the house of David through Joseph, then sneaks in Joseph did not have Mary until after Jesus was born…

          Regarding the second point, a much greater law was being ignored, according to whom? That wasn’t for a single man to decide, let alone that story makes it almost impossible to take this person seriously when he preached earlier about turning the other cheek, and to forgive your brother seven times seven… All that violent story does is give more ammo to those who demand the god of the bible is a do as I say, not as I do evil god… not to mention Paul writes this so called only begotten son of god, (which is a statement that makes absolutely no sense when we are talking about the creator of everything), lived a violent free life… that is simply the bible sneaking something else in that is not true… let alone in the old testament the messiah was prophesied to live a violent free life… according to that story there is no way Jesus lived a violent free life.

          Regarding Judas having a choice, that is simply anti biblical. The bible says a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day to God. If that is true, God knew everything that was going to happen to Jesus and everyone involved before any of it ever happened. If the god of the bible can see a thousand years into the future, my existence was already completely known to him 999 years two months and twenty-nine days before I was even conceived…. Let alone the day I was actually born, because according to the bible god already knows who all our ancestors are going to be 1000 years from now. To bring it back to Judas… when the prophecy of Jesus being betrayed was written, god already saw six to seven hundred years into the future after the event. Regarding the twelve names of the apostles… Acts was written after Jesus was dead, which means only faith allows that to be true… and there were many more disciples of Christ that were converted when the whole crowd heard Jesus’ disciples speak in everyone’s language at the exact same time. And I’m not even gonna tear apart the story of the man and wife who didn’t completely trust Jesus’ disciples after Jesus was dead… so according to the rest of the story god struck them dead for hiding part of their money.

          The way you ended your response, regarding Adam and Eve, I would ask you read my other blog, “The New Garden of Eden” to read how I completely disagree with the modern interpretation of that story.
          Brenda I really do enjoy reading your posts, they are well thought out and extremely well written. Let alone I admire your faith, yet I cannot dismiss those aspects of the bible that contradict itself and/or makes the god of the bible seem either incompetent at best, or extremely evil at worst. Like you I do Iook at the whole bible as being the single story of god… where we part is, I’m trying to figure out how all these things have been done, while completely rejecting the fact I’m just not reading it right in the right frame of mind. That’s how different cults are made within every religion.

          One of my favorite things to do with so called Christians who feel they have the right to openly condemn someone to hell for their sexual lifestyle, is to quote the bible. But first I ask them this… “hey when Jesus talked about the last days, was he talking to the people of his day, or was he using his superpowers to talk to the final generation?” Once those people get over the word “superpowers”, and only after they feel they’ve given me their look for whatever they think is the appropriate amount of time, to a person they all say… “Jesus was talking to the last generation.” To which I respond… “well then you’re going to be highly disappointed when you get to your heaven, because according to the bible (Luke Chapter 17 verse 34) and your logic, there will be homosexuals in heaven. Because it says and I quote… ““two men will be sleeping in the same bed, one will be taken the other will be left behind.”” Now in Jesus’ day two men sleeping in the same bed probably happened all the time with no hanky-panky… but in our day everyone knows that verse is talking about a broke back mountain.” Not to mention I have yet to watch a video anywhere online where the preacher says, The King James Bible is the only bible he uses… and is talking about the end of days where that verse is either not mentioned , verse 33 and 35 are but not 34… or the pastor flat ass lies and changes that verse to fit their churches doctrine. Now I didn’t say that to pick a fight with you, I only bring that up because of how this happens all the time. Everyone is free to believe whatever they want, and God bless all of you for it… however, I will always be brutally honest about what is in the bible, and I won’t ignore any aspect because it might make me feel uncomfortable.

          Yet please allow me to end with this. I’ve listened to many debates by creationist and evolutionist, and my favorite quote of all time, is also one of the scariest damn things I have ever heard come from a scientist. In this video an audience member ask the evolutionist, “have you ever looked into those things within nature that demands evolution cannot be true?” The response was this… “I don’t feel I need to study anything that disputes evolution.” I was like, what the hell did that man just say… and played it over. To me that sounds just as stupid as if every engineer on earth said… “I’m only measuring the width and length as I’m building this one hundred story high rise that is going to house all our nation’s children, and don’t ever feel that I need to measure the height of any floor… I mean come that would be silly.” Honestly I think it’s criminal that the academic world can get away with this kind of nonsense… because what that professor did was show the whole world that evolution, in his mind anyways, has more to do with belief than science. So you see Brenda, I am not against religion for the sake of being against religion, I personally believe all religions on the personal level, and the personal level only is absolutely beautiful no matter what name you call god. It’s every level above the personal I question. Your answers are wonderful for you on the personal level and good for you… all the power in the world to you. If those are the answers that work for you, who am I to judge. For me however, I would ask that you use the bible to defend the position outside of your own personal relationship. If your uncomfortable I understand… or if you can, can you please use the bible and only the bible to defend the bible… by explaining how prophecy is perfect when it matches, yet ignored when it doesn’t. Thank you again for your wonderful response.

          –Charles Marcello

          • says

            Regarding your statement, “The bible says a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day to God. If that is true, God knew everything that was going to happen to Jesus and everyone involved before any of it ever happened.” where does this occur, and given the fact of free will how can God know exactly how free-will creatures are going to act?

  5. Gary Schoenung says

    I am pleased to see this posting regarding the discrepancy between the capabilities of ancient people verses what they are credited with accomplishing. I think ancient people knew about “Those who came before” because of the evidence that had been left behind which included things that they could make use of. I don’t think they knew that they were part of the handful of survivors of the people that had been all but wiped out. But they were perfectly happy to make use of anything that they could. And in doing so they left behind what we are now willing to accept as evidence that they were responsible for everything that is found there.

    Here is a link to a video that for now raises more questions than it answers.

  6. Starheater says

    Hello Ron
    Zep Tepi is not a mystery that could tell you more about mankind, and dont take count of that it was construct somewhere in 8000 to 9000 years ago b.c. This is carbon dating and it’s not reliable, no dating machine could tell you the right time of construction.
    What we can say for sure, it’s that is not the Extraterrestrials that made these construction, but humains like us, the only difference is that they live more longer then us, say about 700 to 800 years. When you live a life that is long, you have the time to learn alot of things.
    In the years of the Pyramids of Giza, they could live long enough to reign 40 to 50 years and have enough time to do alot of gardening after. In the beginning Pharaohs could live between 100 to 150 years. God Bless

  7. says

    You want a really amazing story? Click on my main page and then click on the large picture at the top of my FB wall. Read on, click to go to next picture. Most that do; do not talk to me again. Are you game?

      • Charles Marcello says

        Hello Roy,

        I don’t do Face Book so perhaps I’m not seeing all the pictures… yet I do use Google Earth and I don’t see the same thing you have in that Big Picture on your Face Book page. I see a desert that is near some Gara-Djebilet Airport with the nearest landmark being Dakhla, these are the coordinates I see in that picture… “26°53’26.61″N 7°04’18.12″W” I’ve looked all over that area and I just don’t understand what I’m supposed to see… can you please give more information because the header picture on your FB page has peeked my interests. Thanks in advance.

        –Charles Marcello

  8. Doug Yurchey says

    Allow me to disagree. The Indians in the Americas were ALL connected. Inca, Toltec, Olmec, Maya, Aztec… Each empire were shattered pieces of the GREATER AGE that preceded them. They came fully-formed with no evidence of progress or development. After many 1000s of years, they couldn’t build in massive stones anymore. What PRECEDED the Incas were the Pre-Incas. Yes, a greater/more advanced race…but, THEY WERE STILL INCANS (Indians). All connected…it was devolution – retrograde technology – there’s no mystery how they originated; each empire (much older than we are taught) tried to reform their shattered world from remnants from the earlier, more advanced, empire. The Pre-Incas and their counterparts, the Pre-Egyptians, were the survivors of an even greater civilization…called Atlantis.

    • Starheater says

      Hello M. Yurchey
      I agree with you for the 3 first line, yes each Empire was connected, they could fly in the blue sky with plane and flying disk, they could communicate also very easily on great distance without having satelite, they could reach the Moon in no time with their engin, construct with the most heavy block of stone that we can see now. But the Flood have destroy all their technology, cause only few of them could survive the Flood. Now to state something about Atlantis, as you know it sunk in the deep blue sea, we can see some vestige somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle.
      To make Great Structure does not mean that we are Spiritualy good, wisdown as you known dont come with our constructions. They new once their God, the One in the Bible, but they didn’t listen to HIM, their actions were to covert them of glory between the humain kind and the angel kind. For that they were destroy by God in the sea. Brilliant they were, do you think? God Bless

  9. Elijah says

    Today’s world always looks at things in a way to try to contradict bible scripture. They want to say false things like pyramids existed before the Flood etc. Here would lie the truth in the following statements. There were many several other global Floods that lasted a whole year putting all land under water before Adam each time an asteroid impact occurred. These would push large boulders far away to lands they didnt originate in. So it doesnt mean men moved the stone there when they notice it to be foreign and carve it to worship it. So that technology of moving it did not exist, however their skill at carving it did exist. One factor that should be ignored is closed joints, (limestone melts together from rain and dew so appears to be perfect cuts). NEXT of course stine cities were built before the Flood. They had no bright sun thru the water canopy to at that time make mud bricks (they learned to bake in an oven, but it was the postFlood sun that had taught them clay can be bricks). Yet preFlood men lived 100s of years with the time to cut such stones. And being a giant of 9 feet doesnt mean it requires a giant of 200 feet to carve such a stone. Alot of fraud in the world whatever the story. Towers, pyramids, and ziggurats were all built after the Flood. They represent Mount Ararat as God’s temple. So both stones before the Flood moved by previous pre-Adam global Floods, and more stones after Noah’s Flood were not moved by man but by Flood and thne carved where they stood when discovered. Yet people love to say no not true, people moved these stones by unknown amazing technology. The bible speaking to Eve is about a woman being told lies, and a man listening to her. So why do we hear and publish so many lies to impress people.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Elijah
      I think that your logic need to be boost a little bit. First of all, the Pyramids of Giza were built by “mans of God”, Isaah 19:19-20. Second, it was construct at the time of the Sphinx. Third, the limestone that covert all the Pyramids was destroy by the flow of the water that was contains in the Earth. The rain fall was not the cause of the Flood, and this Flood have wash the entire world.
      In Genese it is writin’ that the water “under” the firmament was separeted from the water “over” the firmament. Well, the tempeture in space is -456°F, so the Earth was in a globe of water. There was a great catastrophy that happen in those time, a big meteor had strike a planet, this planet was between Jupiter and Mars, it was complitly destroy by the meteor, this last one was destroy too and all the remaning was trown on the Earth breakin the globe that fall on Earth by the impact. All the ice melt before reaching our atmosphere, that’s why it rain for 40 day’s and nights.

      Now for what you have said about the joint been fill by the melting of the stone, this is ricicule and illogic. A tigh fit like the joint of the Pyramids would have never permited the rain to enter in the joint, only on the surface. But no matter, the stone would have never melt, so dont think about it, your theorie is false from the inside to the ouside.

      Beside the force of the courant that came upon those Pyramids was intense, it have unwraped the Pyramid like a banana, the the casing that once recovert the Pyramid was no longer on it, but beside it. Some “expert” have said that it was the Arab that have taken those casing, well, I have new for them, if they cannot mount a one stage of stone, how they come that they can manage to take a stone that is on the top of Kheops, this is wilds and illogic.
      So, I will not insist, but if you want more proofs on the subject, you have only to ask. God Bless

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Elijah,

      You say people lie and that we should allow the Bible to dictate to each of us what the real history of our planet is… yet hasn’t it been people who have pushed the bible and the stories therein from when it was supposedly written all the way to today? If people lie, then doesn’t your own logic demand that the bible must have lies within it as well?

      To get back on point… to the author, what if all of these sites are the physical remains of an ancient society, and not some alien race, and that all the religions of the world are what is left of their stories/history? And that these religions are not talking about god(s) and angels, instead they are talking about advanced technology? The more we learn the more we begin to understand the stories just below the surface that exists inside all the religions of the world, let alone all the other non religious legends and lore that exist from one end of this planet to the other. Like… I’m beginning to believe I might actually understand the whole concept of immortality/biblical ages and how it was/can be accomplished. Yet I have to first state… even though I am bringing stories together from all over the world, there is nothing I’ve found within science that allows for immortality, nor is there anything I can find within nature that can turn something that was once physically old, back to a younger physical state. Though I believe I might possibly understand how to bring the pieces together… and where they all are, there is nothing within our current understanding of reality (what is possible) that even remotely allows for this to be true. Let alone the grave repercussions IF I am correct. There is a place north of Peru that perfectly mimics the legends of the fountain of youth, except, no one has ever become young by swimming, or drinking the water. There is a person who has discovered how to make Manna, or from other cultures, they refer to elixir as the semen of the gods. What if both of these are brought together, this special water mixed with monetized gold? If the recipe is only three parts… instead of as many as seven parts… then the Sun or perhaps certain rays from the Sun mixed within the other two parts could equal that special elixir that will turn an old sick person back into a younger healthier state… Is that possible? There is nothing in my worldview that allows for any of this to be true, however there have been extremely intelligent people throughout history who have believed and wasted large parts of their lives chasing these tales. What if the secret to finding the secret to immortality is to bring all the languages/stories/histories together to equal a single truth/potion… instead of looking at everything as separate ancient cultures, we look at them as one giant culture… like many of us are beginning to see our own world as a single story/history today with the help of mathematics and science? Could that be true? What you and others have discovered demands the whole world has been lied to for a very long time when it comes to our true history. I would strongly suggest people read the book, “Dead Men’s Secrets” by Jonathan Grey… or listen to this extremely long video before you purchase that book.


      Look forward to discussing this and reading/watching more of your blogs and videos.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Starheater says

        Hello Charles
        Very interresting statement, but I’ve got to tell you that we dont find lies in the Bible, only errors, and those are only done when the traduction is made. I can prove what I’m saying, because all that I’m saying can be renforce by logic and other verses that we can link to a particular subject.

        Today’s Bible contain lies, the Bible that was edited after 1985 contain lies, not many, but few of them it’s enough. All the Bible made before this date are conform with the Hebrew Text and Greek Text and are truly exempt of what would could call a lies. This is due to the Rothchild foundation that have purchase all the right of the International Biblical Sociaty.

        Now the fact is that they (Rostchill) impose to those who make other edition of the Bible to choose different word in the verses, and this on a proportion of 10%. That mean that editor have the trouble to find synomyme of a word to be able to soul is Bible, this was not the case before this date. I have many Bible of different sociaty that have make good traduction, but today, this is not easily done, to musch word that are difficult to find their meanning. But this is not realy a problem for those who believe in Christ, they dont need the Bible.

        So when you take about religion, you take about anything except the Bible, you are not even talking about the Truth, because, I suppose that is that you are seeking in all those structure that you found here and there. So, I will repeat another time what I always said in the past.


        Remember what I say: ” All what I say I can prove “, remember that Charles, if your spirit is logic, mine too, if you have a part of the Truth, well, I have 2 parts of the Truth, and this too I can prove it to you. The 2 things you need for that, is to be logic and honest.
        Now, for the immortallity, NO ONE can have IMMORTALLITY on this Earth. The elexir of immortality dont exist, it is a fantasy of Holywood, so….
        In the Scripture there is a place were was a fontain that when she was gushing the person that enter at this time was cure of is infirmity. Because when the water was gushing is because the angel was in the water, so it’s not the water that have cure the person, is the angel of God.
        They are only few manifestations of that angel in the entire world, and you can count on your fingers is intervention.

        The Truth is the Bible, the Science is the Bible, the History is the Bible, the language is the Bible, The Maths is the Bible, Geometry is the Bible, Astronomy is the Bible, Anti-Gravity is the Bible, Astrology is the Bible, THe structure of sociaty is the Bible, the Univers is the Bible, the Ancien Knowledge is in the Bible, etc….The is ALL THAT AND MORE, it goes even in culinary recipies!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE?

        • Charles Marcello says

          Hello again Starheater,

          I take your challenge, prove what you say is true… just because someone wants something to be true, that doesn’t make it so. I have stated more than once… the bible appears to be 100% accurate when it comes to prophecy, but so what… the parts that appear to be coming true now took over 2000/3500 years to happen. Which only means given enough time, any prophecy could be seen as true.
          Our world’s history is not what we’ve been told to believe… nor is our world limited to our own experiences, things have happened and will happen that the vast majority of us will know nothing about, and there are many things that are true whether we know about them or not.
          To me it appears your mind is closed because you think you know the truth, while I’m convinced I know next to nothing, which is why I continually search the world and our history for answers. I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong, nor am I afraid to look at the world in a light I’m uncomfortable starring into. It bothers the hell out of me that I might never know the truth, yet I will do everything I can to make sure I don’t fall for any more official lies… Take evolution… the way it is taught around the world is pure nonsense, yet there is some evidence that suggests parts of that theory must be true. The question I keep asking myself is, why are those parts that are pure bullshit still being taught? Science proves beyond any reasonable doubt our world is not the same as it was a very long time ago… I am starting to believe where life has taken hold anywhere in the universe, life nor matter how big or how small will do everything it must to survive and that includes changing our physical bodies during a single life time if that is what is required to allow life to continue. As crazy as that concept sounds to me, the evidence suggests that might be real… Look into the experiments regarding tomato plants and high concentrations of carbon monoxide and only growth positive Sun light rays… (I would give you the name of the experiment but that would defeat the point of asking you to look into it.) Over the years as I’ve watched this experiment mature… I wonder what would happen if we threw creatures into that same environment… like lizards, ducks, rabbits etc? Because if the theory of life is true, those groups of creatures should produce offspring that will ***immediately*** adapt to that environment… if that theory is false than they should all die, or produce offspring that cannot sustain for more than a couple generations. The major question I have is, why after thirty years has this not been done… or has it in secret??? You see these are the things I think about, I reject all those aspects that are proven to be stupid, and seek to find ways to fix, or find new concepts that will lead to a single truth. What the research within this blog has shown, just like others before him… somebody in our very distant past used high tech tools to create some of these structures that exist all over the world… the evidence is completely undeniable, yet the academic world tells the meek to ignore our lying eyes/evidence and just believe them. Yet the only logical answer is an extremely advanced race of humans existed on this planet 10 thousand or more years ago… and they killed themselves, or something tragic happened… just like we are about to/or is about to happen to us. The comet coming this year IZON/ISON… if it is 15 times brighter than a full moon, from our vantage point it will appear as if there are two Sun’s in our sky… how well do you think religious people are going to behave? The answer I have is for another blog entirely… because if our history is any indication our world could end up just like the ruins found all around our world today. Which our own cycle of history proves it only takes one generations to go from building massive Coliseums to only being able to build mud huts. That is a truth that cannot be denied either.

          –Charles Marcello

          • Starheater says

            Hello Charles
            You did not specified what you want me to prove, I guess that the subject is the Bible, because we were talking about is validity. If you want me to prove the validity of the Bible, you will have to have a Bible, without it, I cannot prove you anything corcerning is exactness (?).
            Take the 10 Commandments, this is truth, without those, no peace, no real love in this world. Take a look for yourself.
            If you really love humain kind, you wont try to do something wrong.
            Now for the propheties, if you are not well inform, you wont notice the difference. But if you look the propheties concerning the United States and England, you will find that the propheties is exact in all is detail, concerning the “League of Nations” the propheties is exact.
            Now for your statement about letting enough time it will realize, well that is not worthy for a man intelligent like you.

            This little contribution is not enough for you, so will take other exemple. Look how the Univers is infinte, He work only on few principles, and those principles is writin’ in the Bible (Rev. 4:1-11)

            Now, if you dont know what I’m taking about, the first thing you gonna say to me is that I’m wrong, right? Because for you I’m saying foolish thing that is out of sight.

            Now I will give you statistics, 100% of the people that have stated that the Bible is wrong and contain myths, have never had the “chance” to read it, strange eh?

            Now, I did some proving, now it’s your turn Charles, by giving me an exemple of lies in the Bible, fair enough?

            Why Charles, I always have the feeling that your are testing me?

            When a man mention the logic that he need, for me it’s like he wore clause to find the truth. I know that you will be “cool” one day, it’s only a question of time for you to think like me. I dont praise myself at this moment, I just underline what would happen if….

            I have solve mystery far more complicated then you, and that I can prove too. It’s only a question of principles and informations, that’s all you need, naturelly logic too.

            One thing that is good about you, is that you are not a disciple of Darwin.

            Now to tell you the truth about my knowledge, because you have bring it on the table. I’d say that I know everything that is in our Univers, and this is not because I have a great intelligence, no, I’m normal on that. It is because I have found all the principles that give me the path of all thing. And this is due to the repeated lecture of the Bible, specialy Re. 4:1-11. This chap. is the foundation of all the dynamic in space, in our body and soul, in the entire Univers.

            The 5 elements is in that chap. for proofs:

            Lion: fire
            Young Bull: earth
            Humain face: water
            Eagle: Air
            The Throne: Aether

            Time and Space: I Was, I Am, I Come
            In that 3 dimension of God you have the Seven Sprit of God the Seven color, the Seven day’s, the Seven note of music, etc….
            If you combine those 3 you will obtain 6 different combinaision, the last will be the whole.

            Now this is Science Charles, and I hope you will admit this fact

            Now, you affirm that there is lies in the Bible, I would like to give me proof of that fact, I give you proofs, you will give me proofs, it’s fair and just.
            God Bless Charles and Good Chance

          • Charles Marcello says

            Hello again StarHeater,

            You say that I need to provide proof of the bibles errors, well I’ve done this already within the blog, “Forbidden Truth or Fiction”… you know the first one being, why mention the lineage of Joseph if the intent is not to deceive, seeing how the bible demands there is no way Joesph was Jesus’ father? Second… according to the bible and Roman Punishments, Jesus earned his own beating and crucifixion when he knocked over tables and chairs at the Temple/Synagogue/Government Building (His Fathers House), while he chased people with a knotted whip. Let alone we are told it would’ve been better that Judas was never born… yet if he wasn’t born Judas wouldn’t of been alive to fulfill the prophetic betrayal part he was created to do… that is, if the bible wasn’t lying about God knowing us before we are even born… yet if that wasn’t confusing enough… after we are told Judas is a betrayer and that is would have been better for him that he was never born, in the last book of the bible it tells us (go to this link/post within World-Mysteries.com and scroll down to Revelations Chapter 21 and read it for yourself… http://blog.world-mysteries.com/ancient-writings/unraveling-the-revelation/ ) that god is going to write all TWELVE names of the disciples on his wall for the whole universe to read. All twelve, what? Judas is supposed to fulfill god’s plan, burn in hell… and than get his name written on god’s wall… Yet I’ll do you one better, read the book of Ecclesiastes… you can’t throw a rock inside that book without hitting the phrase, “pride and vanity are a sin.” Yet the bible tells us how Jesus displayed his own pride and vanity within the alabaster box story. ie… “ye always have the poor yet ye not always have me…” which if you read the rest of the story Jesus is saying… “allow the poor to continue to starve and leave this lady alone to make my feet smell pretty….” yet the best part of his vanity is where he then says… “because this woman does this wonderful thing for me, she will be known forever.”
            According to the whole bible and not just those parts you want to focus on… you know the parts that want to deify a single man… Jesus was in fact a sinner. Each of these things can be found in the bible, and I’m not even trying to be hard on the bible. It gets a hell’va lot worse once I start bringing the so called words of god into how screwed up the bible is. The question I continually ask myself Star is why has this been done? A god cannot be this stupid, yet man sure as hell is. I am trying to find the answer… and so far the only good answer is, because men want to control and direct this world into their imagine, into their likeness… I don’t ignore aspects of anything just because I want to believe something is true.
            Regarding the parts where America and England are in the bible… to my mind that is just another bastardization of the book of Daniel. Yes I am familiar with it, the Lion (England) whose wings are ripped off (America) etc etc. the question I have for you is, have you read what people believed and what was written about Napoleon and how he perfectly mimicked the book of Daniel according to the beliefs of the people of his day… let alone how many things were written at that time pointing to how Napoleon must be the Jewish messiah, that is until it didn’t… are you familiar with that history? Or how in our own time just go to YouTube.com and you can watch all of these… its not America or England, no no… its the Catholic Church, and how this last Pope not only fits the Prophecy of the Popes, but also the last King talked about in the book of Revelations… wait no no its Islam… wait no no its President Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama. The only truth I can find is how each of the people who spout this stuff, they each believe that the god of and the truth of the bible is on their side and their side alone. All you gave was your opinion on what you believe the truth is, yet that doesn’t make anything you said factual. This isn’t the right blog to have this conversation, yet you did ask me to give you some proof… this is tame version of how many errors, or if you prefer, mistakes/man caused changes that exist inside the bible.

            –Charles Marcello

          • Charles Marcello says

            Can at least one of you so called Christians take on the points mentioned inside my post in response to StarHeater? By addressing each point.

  10. ed says

    Great article,

    Photo above – Near Cusco…

    possibly top half + of zodiac,
    with ‘ keystone ‘ ??
    A wild guess.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Ed
      For my part, I dont think that your statement is a wild guess. I think that you are perfectly right. They whore at this time very fun of Astrology, Geometry, and Maths. As you can see, they can build round structure without waves in it. God Bless

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi again Charles Marcello. I’ll be glad to answer the questions on the Bible that you asked Starheater. I will put my hand to all of them tomorrow, as it’s very late right now and I’ve got duties to take care of. Talk to you tomorrow when I’ve got some time.

  11. says

    This is great. And now perhaps we have a new member in our midst who will aid us in the uncovering of what many of us have discovered long ago. Zep Tepi may well become an open book.

    • J.a. says

      Hello just been observing the that theory of about the last half precesion was that the geophysical pole shift and did the comet that is spoken of cause that was that the means by atlantis sunk and the repositioning of earth on its new axis with new monuments as seen in various places on earth such as the egyptian also the mayan pyramids.In regards to the peruvian monuments could that have been used to position once before our axis or it could have been used as some kind of production fascility.It is obvious that our ancients where far more technological advanced far more that what is generaly known in todays conception from what far away places did these beings come to design us as what we are now in human form which seems to be a universal in scope and also why earth of all places this all seems far away but yet al so close.


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