Introduction to the Realm of The Moire Arena

Introduction to the Realm of The Moire Arena

by Ron O. Cook

3/17/12 Story: Moiré Arenaby Ron O. Cook
“Although the amount of arable land which could be made available with the most careful terracing was not large enough to support a very great population, Machu Picchu offered an impregnable citadel to the chiefs and priests and their handful of followers who were obliged to flee from the rich plains near Cuzco and the broad, pleasant valley of Yucay. Only dire necessity and terror could have forced a people which had reached such a stage in engineering, architecture, and agriculture, to leave hospitable valleys and tablelands for rugged canyons. Certainly there is no part of the Andes less fitted by nature to meet the requirements of an agricultural folk, unless their chief need was a safe refuge and retreat.”
— Hiram Bingham
Machu Picchu and Puma Punku have an ancient relationship that few may realize nor can they comprehend their mysterious worth to our history. The complexity of the data associated with their remains as an artifact of our past is perhaps beyond our ability to decipher. Some of us think that in those old days when these great Archaeological sites were first created by powerful minds, there was much more transpiring on this planet than what current history reports to us today. We believe that the evidence shows that a highly advanced race of mankind was about to face terror in the form of massive Earth catastrophe/s that would wipe the planet clean of most evidence in support of those who became Gods to lesser survivors unable to think past their abrupt circumstances. These creators, who possibly were scientists schooled beyond our present scope of the term, were geneticists and geologists of high repute and capabilities. Common men, such as we modern citizens, were their agents and they worked the universe as professionals who knew the “Primary Technology” that we today attribute to various indigenous tribal types or what have been called savages by academics of today. Herein is the introspective story of their Lives and Times.
Geologic evidence of the Earth shows that this world was swept by a number of tsunamis some 12,900 years ago at the end of the last so-called Ice Age. (Reference the Carolina Bays Event or the Younger Dryas Event). Then some enterprising souls sought survival in self-righting Arks and others climbed the highest mountains they could find, still others hid in caves capable of trapping air and allowing food-stuff to keep. Many, who just wanted to have their little fun, were swept away along with the end of an advanced civilization. Puma Punku has the last surviving evidence (engineering beyond most of what we can accomplish with stone granite today) proving that this indeed did happen and those there at that unusual place during the last days went to the site of Machu Picchu in hopes of survival. The large peak called Huayna Picchu is full of highly sophisticated and well designed caves that hide many difficult areas to approach.
In point of fact much of the terrain of present day Peru is inundated by finely cut tunnels still unexplored or even sought. The last vestiges of a once highly advanced humanity who could create with some massive results are today called Incan, but the Inca did not do the great works, they only co-opted the remains that they found in their wanderings in a land long ago washed away. 
Hiram Bingham, the great Yale explorer supported by the National Geographic Society, did not seem interested in these sites but some believe there are still areas there, other than the Temple of the Moon (it looks like a parking garage for a Harrier Jet), that contains many clues to an ancient civilization almost unknown to the Inca.
Due to the terrain and the massive curve in the river below, Machu Picchu was a perfect place to ride out a tsunami with a standing wave of a mile and a half tall. Though Puma Punku is higher (13,000 feet above sea level), the run factor of level land would cause it to be destroyed by wave action in both earthquake and water wave actions. The Advanced Creators of that long ancient time, knew this and absconded to Machu Picchu’s solid granite base. It was the best bet and most scientific alternative with so little time to prepare.

Below is the story of that ancient time


AND JOMON SAID: “12,900 years ago, when I was in my youth, my father and I witnessed the first incoming shards of a massive comet called Dragona. It appeared almost as a feathered serpent in the high sky as its first splintered pieces came slithering into our sector of the universe spewing its destruction thoroughly upon our beloved work. The massive comet twisted as it fragmented into numerous portions and those who saw it said it resembled a giant snake with a fiery head. Segments of it went into orbit to rain havoc down on the Earth for eons. The heaviest parts drilled deep within the planet causing massive earthquakes. Earlier, as we stood in awe watching it come to our world on our sensors at our small Home Base (Puma Punku). It was felt as a foreboding and deeply dreaded knowing that we must seek safety immediately. Massive fear swept over the assembled creators on assignment there for we had become accustomed to the good life. As engineers of Macro and Micro Creations or genetic science, we were well versed in the ways of existence. We knew all too well, that our time on Earth was about to be transformed by an act that would send massive tsunamis and earthquakes across the entire planet. Our works would be destroyed in an instant and a new test of our abilities was about to begin.  

We had already set up a number of outposts for our research teams of geneticists in what is now Biru or Peru in various places held in solid unmovable white granite stone in guarded hopes that we could survive with some of our works. We ( my father’s team/s) would weather the onslaught of this massive comet in the seclusion of these strong mountains. You now call it Machu Picchu. Immediately we began to build a base there amid those jagged, strong peaks. Tunnels were carved with our projected beams to provide hydra-tight facilities for research and survival. In fact the mountains were perfect as an impregnable base of operations. It still is such today. We were prepared technologically (reference flying platforms that housed our systems and technomachines) and psychologically but much of the rest of the planet would be caught by surprise. We knew we would have much to do after the onslaught of the event had devastated almost all of what we had accomplished over time: therefore, we set plans into motion for the entire planet. We designated future bases of operations and units that would help survivors and continue to restructure (teach) those who had lost their memory of who and what we were due to a psychological stress or trauma to the onboard mentality. It was a long-term plan and I would play a unifying role in its accomplishment as the time-catalyst. In essence, I had to live forever as I still do. One wishes we had detected the aberration earlier but no, some had already become complacent via selfishness. Perhaps it was this slovenly attitude that was to set us back due to our awakening negative indolence. Apparently we would face starting over in this sector of the universe. Now, a highly advanced civilization was about to gear up for the greatest catastrophe.” “The story begins at my seat (home) and our oncoming end.”

In a secret chamber near the Temple of the Moon — Machu Picchu Peru: (Recording on Computerized ME not unlike an advanced I-pad or I-com). 

On this day, I crawl out of my secret, crypt unusually tired and over-burdened with the passing of the many echelons of seemingly ancient time that I have spent here in these stone chambers of our past construct. Out of this so-called lunar temple of massive stone — one more time, I do step.  Unknown to those who service this ancient site, I am merely a worker here hiding in plain sight. I will now just slip past the present-day minions, who seem to collect here out of curiosity for some sad reason to understand this site; and go stealthily via (known only to me to) an interior section where a particle transferor awaits in our old lab to slip to the hidden reflection of this site, where my means of earthly travel is still hidden in its park — safe from intruders. With this craft, I will once again survey the state of existence here in this last example of the Goge Sector.

At this point in time, I have forgotten how old I truly am, but I seem to have the History of the Universe running through my mind or more succinctly through my veins and neuronal byways (It is a wonder this fleshly vehicle that I ride, still works after all the abuse it has experienced). I have seen much during this duration of being here as the entity Jomon. (I am) just living as a human being who is occupying a form in Time/Space and on mission from Timelessness — or so I have come to knowingly amplify lest I forget — as others have forgotten. What a massive inundation of data I have to review and relate; yet, I seem to still have the ability to remember most of it. My ME will record everything and feedback to me in my hibernation state. This state of sleeping through the hard times in order to bridge the mission my father put me to, is a pain no other person could or should endure. But, I must do this for the record. The records purpose I will reveal to my hidden brotherhood shortly in the last remaining hideaway other than mine here. I must hasten there now.

I know I approach the end of this experience on this side of the projected and broadcast spectrum — realm of being and becoming because I feel much older now. Age is coming to me now for I have declined each time I stepped outside its bounds to survey and research in the Real World.  Few can truly live a short duration or not much more than 100 orbits of this planet due to our bodily specifications. Our mission (that of my ancestors) has been so massive for those of us who entered here from the “multifaceted-mind” to be multiplied by the quadrillions, to experience each and every particulate of physical expression has been lost to time. Most of my brothers and sisters do not even remember our original mission to amplify the expressed realms from within the visual and sensory field/s. Some humans are now in a cycle repeating over and over again attempting to find themselves and return to their known plan that is hidden deeply in their base monadic being. Such knowledge only drips through via dreams now. Few realize the value of their dreams  in this the collective interface. Many will listen to themselves long enough to catch fire and escape their self-imposed Hell. Their distraction/s occurred long ago as did mine at the behest of the comet that was more than a comet in its construction. It was more a loaded comet of massive proportions of ice and stone. I digress when I think upon its construct and the reason for its mission.
I have been hiding and at the same time hibernating, coma-like here at this point on Earth, which has become my sequential home and from the looks of things the home of many of my fellow travelers here in the Moiré Arena. Since I periodically have dipped in and out of the Real World numerous times since 12,000 years ago, I have trouble remembering who or what transpired over time. Thank goodness my computers or scepters have updated me each time I awaken here. 
It seems many of this current period’s vacationers are intrigued by the sophistication of our old point of refuge. The few times I have seen them, they look at me blankly and I know they have forgotten their own inner-self as evidenced by the blank looks reflected in their eyes. Today, they mill about this place as if they have come to see what we built here in my youth. They have added much to the site via ill placed stone. In comparison to our planned work it looks something akin to the lacking of specifications and the engineering knowledge required to erect this abode. Yet, they seem to not know me at all. Strange, there were times when no one lived here at all after the many years had passed. It certainly has been a long time since any one worked here as we did in the beginning before the end, long ago. What we created in such a short time was a spectacular work of entity engineering. 
Those fellow beings who tarry here are no longer in possession of the universal mentality (we all had) but are localized entities now, built upon the memory of one who gives them a birthing — the ongoing backup. They think in a line and their communications are singular in scope while possessing the capability of dual or gestalt thought. They can no longer read the symbols expressed by the movement of the implicate order generating our very presence from the background of Timelessness — the bifurcation of Life — as they say, the beat goes on from the Sefirah (Da’at) — Tree of Existence. At least I can still remember my roots. I remember when my father first reignited my mind to the fire of the universe. He said, (Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is — thus is the Crux of being and becoming). I will never forget the day he came up to me and said, “Wherein does the point of your thought cursor exist? What is wrong with your attempt at Thinking? You no longer know who or what your are.” I was taken firmly aback.
This is what he said to me…
When we came here into this virtual expression of our collective dream, our plans were indeed expansive and well supported by the incremental generative order of coherency. Our goal was to create an entire universe of dynamic expression/s utilizing the elements and principles of deity — our very foundation of being and becoming as broadcast from Timelessness or Always.
To exist in this realm of sequential eventuation via the impetus of force through light requires the alternation of wave and particle in the da’at of the Sefirah — the heart of fiery intellect. This collective of mentality is the Is. Some have moved to the forgetting of their own being and becoming. I was a prime example of forgetting who and what I was.   
Earth was one of our experiments in which we manifest in multifaceted be-man-ship. Mind was our interface and the mover was the generative spirit the Enigmni. Through this means of interface with the void we began the Burgeoning of the passionate expression of the Moiré Arena — the canvas of the painter. Each and every one of us was aware through the collective that the positive mission minus the negative aspects of presence were never a part of our existence then, and should not be a part to maintain the verve herein. To purge this inclination to seek singularity on this side is counterproductive. No one part shall be the whole through fiat and selfish endeavor in this multifaceted state of experiencing Time at the same Time. If upon pursuit to this cause occurs, then chaos burgeons forth toward destruction of the whole here in this Moiré Arena of florescence — Life as some call it.  
Initially there were seven aspects of us who explored here and began to create with each succeeding elemental of creation from our point-of-departure — each more complex than the last. With every creation we began to collect a phenomena we called, Time — a creation from the movement of the Enigmni.
This aspect or anterior and exterior realm of presence requires multitudinous sheaths or vehicles of related means to the mental points of drive — or cursors. These cursors are the entry points for the throughputs driven by light/mind and the “fiber” of Always.
Within the Timelessness of Always is the means of abject complexity beyond all mental assemblage’s ability to know completely due to its ongoing-ness.  The Enigmni is the absolute and ultimate unknowable spirit — the Holy Spirit. From it issues generation into presence. That was then and this is now.
Records found since my father died. Information about the world before the comet came.
“Woe comes to those who see existence as play rather than initiation. Surely my initiation will soon stand its ultimate test. This day I had hoped would never come to those of us who shepherd here in and on this world. As a representative scholar and teacher of things genetic having access to the Star Data Transfer is not one of my means of orbital sustenance. Their information is given to those of us who are chiefly in charge of distant research in other creational lands. Biru is my favorite assignment here and it is in that land that I have raised a family and became close to many of my field party who are almost as family. To break the news to them will be hard and the plans of putting survival into motion will indeed be tedious and heart-rending to the highest degree. I am at a loss.  I have been in charge of them all so long; it is something I thought I would never have to face. A runaway comet of massive proportions is heading our way and though we practitioners at Star Data Transfer tried to destroy it, the comet has fragmented due to our insufficient targeting efforts, it still comes at the Earth now in the form of 10,000 particles of massive destruction. It will arrive in a few months and no one knows just what its potential will be to this planet. The comet assemblage is not unlike a great snake that is twisting and turning as it is on course to impact this section of the Goge-realm sector. We must leave and hurry to our projects and prepare our people. The dread pulls me down to a heavy continence almost as though I pull a million Ben Bens behind me.

The Shema craft is our destiny as we shepherds make haste toward the pyramid of ascent for our journey to Biru. It is far away and will mean I have almost the time of an orbit to contemplate and make plans for our protection and hopefully a saving of our research tools and creations. It has been a great period while here in the Moiré Arena utilizing this grand sheath to accomplish the information transfers.

I have almost forgotten my true self while immersed in this assignment. But I still hold true to my test. My pilot has arrived and I shall retire to my post to meditate upon my task ahead. Away. But we shall pass over the wonders of our primary seat upon this old and distant realm called Earth. We had built a grand place in this massive valley of fruitful creations. The mediety of the Me and the Other. It is such a beautiful collection of so many Pyramids of Record. 

I sit here recording my thoughts for my son who is now my finest confidant on scientific matters. I do this with the deepest regret in that I do not know exactly what to do. How do we survive if at all possible? As all here know, our primary reinforcement is to survive in this form as long as possible. How will the world survive the onslaught of this spray-shot of millions of particles racing to our throats where our last breath sends us home? We have been here on this planet for over 4 million orbits; the Omegon Practitioners who help create realms of occupation. Our work has been so well done. Now, it will probably all be lost to the storm of fire that is destined to impact our art. As the three of us fly home to the works of our interests in Biru we circle above the below — the great valley region that has been designated as this sector’s home seat or base. We call it Adanus or the last gardened sector. The Gadians (our engineers) are the primary workers in this massive site and they are still working to build designs that will most likely be shattered beyond recognition in the coming months. What a loss and they most likely have not yet been told for they seem to be working even harder to meet their next deadline of accomplishment.
When I first saw the creations below in this old land of the Gadians our builders, I was in awe of their accomplishments. It encouraged me to grow and to know all I might become in this seat of my creation vehicle here in Time/Space. I know I could pass this test when I saw their works because I was not unlike them. I had the wherewithal to grow in mind with this body. I set out to be the best I could possibly be. That was long ago though I have been here many times in the past of this experience. This was my time to shine. The whole valley region is filled with great accomplishments. Builded aspects that rise to the heavens and they are not as my old home of Jomona in the Other ocean region. But I do miss my great red trees that rise to the sky also. They are of our genetic constructs and are more natural than these great edifices of secondary constructs not unlike our Shemas but on a larger scale and much more creative yet geometric. I have had hopes in the past that my son would see this someday, but no.”
According to my Shema’s recorded data-controls, I have been here for over 13,000 orbits of this planet — Earth. What would I do without that silly little means of starlight travel? It has served me well, as Father had always said, “Take care of something and it will last you a lifetime.” It still looks like it did the day he gave it to me — old flying friend. Strange to give a name and a personal feeling to something that is not alive yet performs as its designer had created. I think it is the only one left in Time/Space. I have taken good care of it, as I have maintained all of my generational possessions for what seem only a few years. But, had we not gone to these extremes of secreting away all our evidence of existence, we would have never been able to pass this great message on to our own for they are terrible in their memories. I can sympathize with their train of thought. This process is not easy with all the distractions present.


I have lived beyond any person I have known and have kept it a secret since my early years of existence. Only my father and the inner core of the League of Humanity knew of this experiment to bridge history with a human voice. Then — back when I was born, I was privileged by the God to have been born during the last years of Earth’s Golden Epoch now some 12,900 years ago.
My father was fortunate enough to be one of the most advanced of all souls who lived on this planet, a scientist and member of the prestigious League of Humanity. Some at the time said his name was “thought” exemplified in physical form. His works have been my guiding light since those ancient of days and I have tired to escort his words down to this very period conveying to humanity his great and grand works. His linkage to the source of our very being here in Time/Space was unbroken in soulular communication. If ever a man knew everything in this forum of existence, he was that man. His life was a normal 137 orbits of the Goge Portal what is now called the Sun of this solar system. But he like I “Longslept” for thousands of years. I took his name later in my life to carry on his work, but we will come to that later in this long and detailed report that I am almost sure is the only link to who and what we (humanity) all are here in Time/Space.
My home was Ubnake a learning center near what is now called Peru (specifically the mountainous area) I am transcribing this material now from a hidden vault deep under that old mountainous abode…my former youthful home. In those now ancient times the land mass was indeed much larger and my home was much higher. Things were very different back when I first become manifest here in this realm of the Moiré Arena, the focused ground-point of the eye of God within this dimension. My early world was a home filled with excitement and much learning from the instant I arrived here — my father made sure of that. All of his associates kept me busy with constant psychic adulation. He was already somewhat old when he fathered me to my mother who was one of his assistants in the most important aspects of his research into how we should attain coherency in this realm. I was born the old way. I was my father’s own experiment in prolonging existence as a being in one form. It is this abode where I live that contains the secret hibernation and cryogenic device to my longevity. But I shall dwell upon the how of that later in this transmission to surviving humanity.
My becoming is so involved with the exactness of my father’s findings on human existence in this manifestation of being here in physical form that I have had to maintain incremental and precise controls in how I leverage each and every second of my movement from one point of being to another in this world. The timing of my existence must be precise and I always must return to here, my home via the Sema. It has taken its toll on me mentally and physically yet he trained me well in this strange endeavor that few will ever need experience. I do not suggest its regimen to anyone. It has been long and at each awakening, I find myself saying that I will put this entire journey away and just live life to the end but at the end of each stint, I acquiesce to my father’s instructions though he is long gone from here. He always made the point that no one would have the record of the past unless I followed through. I have done that at great sacrifice and I have reminded myself of the fact that no one has ever done this for future generations. It is of the utmost import.  
My span of being here has been 13,000 years as I communicate to my beloved Friends of the Realm of the Moiré Arena. Truly I have only lived 134 years but I had an advantage. I have been the founder of this rare society down through the ages, always to outlive all my beloved friends — brothers and sisters have they always been. Though our group has been extremely small, we have always had the edge in all earthly conflicts by being able to interface with the “then” powers that be, to offer our insight and knowledge which has always been superior due to the hard work of my father, his old friends and those who engineered and worked on the many projects as was standard for his great and grand generation and the one that spawned them.
The Golden age has at least tricked down to the present even though humanity has suffered numerous catastrophes over the last 12,900 years. The Initial calamity was indeed the blow that almost destroyed all of us on this planet and in this sector of Goge. I will reiterate how we saw it coming, dealt with it and survived its havoc within this, my final thesis. This report will be the last to those who are currently present in area 51 of the United States. There my old friends carry on as best they can. Some carry on only in a vicarious modality of computer memory of their proud and accumulated Neuron-linked knowledge and wisdom.  
As I have lived through it all, with those beloved of you. Each and every epoch of striving here on Earth that I lived through gave us important data.  Though most of you did not survive the individualized periods of history, your work and words still travel as the basis of our total knowing. The libraries we have established and the one here in this vault of vaults attest to the dedication you all have strived for over the many thousands of years, will someday come to the real world…now it is ready. It will be your testament. Alas, that world or this one now, is still not ready for our knowledge and enlightenment — yet it is time. I will not be able to carry on much more and it will need to be left up to you to form the ultimate guild to see the day of reckoning so all will finally know their true being. It has indeed been a secret closely held by the few of us here and in the purview of those at area 51.
My initial start was in a wonderful world where all human interface and adjustment was finally worked out with all the parameters known and in full utilization even to the point of achieving everlasting life in one from through the entire test of existence rather than the reincarnation of another body to continue the quest. My father’s Great Grandfathers had already learned the secrets of existence here in this realm…it was almost old even to them. They learned from the Always-agents.  Their lives were long in comparison to yours. But they had a civilization not unlike the present realm known to you as the 21st Century. Ah, yes the cities, autos, aircraft and all the trappings you enjoy today were present some 50,000 years ago in parts of this planet and other planets. Indeed much as transpired on this silly old Earth. At least for the last four million years and more — I have access to the records for some 7 billion earth years though incomplete.  
The ancestors of 50,000 years ago had the knowledge of their existence from the beginning of their dispensation some 4 million years ago. It was never lost when they came through the portals of Goge as Light beings. Their realms were indeed trials of learning and REASON. Now they lie at the threshold waiting for the door to open so they may return to their true source, as we will also. Those were our “ancient of days.” How and why of our being will be described later in my final report.
This place called Earth was once the source of all sustenance to high living form. We who occupy this form in a physical state came to this sector through the portal of the Goge System many morrows ago as Light Beings. We settled on many planets and began event sequences to experience this virtual realm of cause and effect. A Light Being is a facet or part of the whole of the All. We truly reside in Timelessness, a state where all that is, is localized. We create vehicles via the mentality of creative movement, which is called the Enigmni or the Absolute and Ultimate unknowable. What is unknown about the Enigmni is only on this side of the All. Feedback Looping is essential to discovering the means to how such power can be expressed.

I leave this message to you as I step out to move about this planet one more time.

– – – – – – –

Copyright 2013 by Ron O. Cook
Presented with permission of the Author



  1. says

    The Stonework of the ancients.

    Peru is a massive mystery that many confuse with the plight of the Inca. Yes, the Inca were inspired with what they found when they eventually inundated the area left behind by some distant and unique visitors to this great area of the Earth. But the Inca did not peck away at those great stone works that show through the rough work of the Inca. There are no striations present in the surfaces of those great engineering accomplishments. Stone leaves behind impact bruises when beaten and this is not found in the surfaces of the great stones of Sacsahuaman or any of the other similar works found all over Peru and Bolivia. The advanced stone works are indicators of supreme engineering expertise and no archaeologist can tell me it is the work of pounding and rubbing of sand over a period of 100 years to accomplish such perfection as some stones indicate. I studied engineering methodology much of my life and know whereof I speak.

    The engineers of the advanced work of Peru and especially Puma Punku are reconstituted castings of stone that has been changed somehow to reflect a highly advanced concrete form. In some cases forms were utilized, in others some form high-heat loops were used. In others a particle beam of ultra-high heat were used and projected. The evidence found, suggests the advanced engineers of some remote past used many means to accomplish their many phased work. One has but to read the finished stones to know, that there was no pecking going on. Without a doubt, the great works were done by highly knowledgable, scientifically inspired engineers. We can not touch their abilities even now. Period!

  2. says

    This article is full of major inferences to allow one to contemplate existence 12,900 years ago and the means of transfer that we entities experience here in Time/Space while we occupy a means of motivation called the human body. Yet, I have person/s who post information that has nothing to do with thinking through a point of departure such as this piece. Some of the minds that come here, have their own agendas. Anon…

    • Starheater says

      Hello Ron

      I love to read your articles, they’re always colored with so much care, that you have all my admiration. A talent like that must be on all tablets of library of the world, and in all e-book that can be sold on the market.

      Beside, your imagination is well and healty of new ideas and theories that are out of time, I mean, in the sense that they are progressive. But Ron my friend, I have so much admiration for you, That I live in the fear of pin-point you an error that you could make, naturelly, in my opinion, so keep in mind, that I dont want to hurt you, in fact, this is the same for all the Searchers that we found on this site, and this include M. Yurchey, as you know, this follow one have reach the point of eruption on my part, but I don’t mind, he search the TRUTH like we all do, so why would I complaint about is remark, he his very subtil like you and Marcello too.

      So, let BEGIN on the MAIN SUBJECT, because I have always fews theories that peoples might be interrested to read.

      First of all I don’t know this site. But one thing that I know for sure is the tendencies of the researchers to put the credit of those contructions on everything except human doing. And this for my part is wrong, they’re is no law establish that say that all those contruction are from people from far away in the Univers.
      And this fact is due to our Dinosaurus Rex ideas, in others words, somes experts have planted their “theories” and they are acepted as fact by the Offical Science of Man all over the World. How come this intuation are baptise like real fact, their is No proof to suistain those theories, and how come we like the idea that man was generated by little change in the gene of monkey.
      HEY, WAKE UP. Those son of a gun are treating a lie to become a reality. What a conversion! This is monkey thinking, not human thinking!
      And this is the MAIN CENTER of all huge discovery that regarde Ancien Time, or Ancien Man.
      Those Experts in the field have set their mind on WHAT, I would like very much to speak on this site with an Experts of theirs.
      Our mind is set on MURDER, Oh, sorry to trouble your mind. But All experts that is, HE kill all the TRUTH in His passage ans HE left behind desolation. How! When all that are left in the mind of Peoples is Pain, unbelieveness, they act if no law have existed. One kill a man, his a murderer, he kill ten, He is a fool, He kill millions, He a Heroes!!! How come!!!!

      Now, let’s talk about facts. In Ancien Days, peoples were living 800 years to 900 thousands years. How come!!! The Earth was protected by a huge DOME of PURE WATER. Those this is writin’ in the Bible that that GOD have separeted the above the firmament from the water under the firmament.
      This water was in fact held in place in space, were they are no gravity. Water is responsible to filter all the deadly RAYs that come from the Sun.
      What cause the decay of our cells are the X-Ray, and some part of Ultra-Violet Ray, those ray was filter enough by this ice water, so that the normal decay went under the capacity of doing us arm.

      So in your State were you live, how you spell “longivity”, in my Place it is spell like: Intelligente God.

      So, do you think that with a normal intelligent you could go very far if you could live a life of 900 years. Well, let me tell you a great MYSTERY, the most dum of all could be more then a genius in the sight of every man on this then your best EQ scientific, time+ time= smart intelligent.

      So, be my guess, let me give you futher proofs of what I am talking. THOSE STRUCTURE WAS MADE BY MEN, NOT BEING FORM ANOTHER GALAXY.

      • Starheater says

        Sorry I have push on the wrong key touch (suite)

        Those Peoples were Earthlings, no doubt in my mind. But it is right to say that we were visited by others beings that were living on other plain of existence, not in space, but on Earth, demons and angels like.

        But I will surprise you, not me in fact, but the thing that I KNOW from the BIBLE, you can bet on this, you will be ALL AMAZE.

        Why? Because you are trap in an “illusion” that you don’t know anything about. Will tell you, and look out, there is nothing that I say that I cannot PROVE.

        Years ago, men who was reading the Bible was consider to have a “weak” spirit, now I will show you what kind of men who have a WEAK SPIRIT.

        God Bless

      • says

        Thank you Starheater. I wish I could understand your French but alas no. I hope to someday reason out more of your attempts at English. You are a good patron for this site.

        Ron O.

    • says

      As I have said many times, this piece is Meta-fiction or Science Fiction. It is designed to be used as a point of discussion of what could be truth if one could find gaps in human history. I think Charles knows this but I am totally unaware of where Maurice is going with his discourse.

  3. Starheater says

    Others thing

    Prepare yourself to be alone, you will not have many friends, because the peoples prefer lies instead of the TRUTH, they clame to be the truth what they believe, this is another ILLUSION. WHO will believe what I say, I talk an no one is listenning. I’m not talking about ME, I’m talking about GOD THE ALMIGHTY.

    Once I have made a dream. I was in the desert, and I was blowing with 2 trumpets at the time. I have ask many peoples for this dream, because I wanted to know what it was about. Now, I know, I say the same thing to you all that I say to those you live with me in my block app. were I live. I blow those Horns for nothing, why? Because I am in a desert, this is like nobody was there to hear.
    I had a Great Friend on this site, she didn’t want to speak with me about those voices that she was hearing. I didn’t have the time to convince her. This woman was more than a ghost, I knew her in her life, I have seen is face many time, and once I have fall in love with her, but she knew the Bible and another person have told her that I was not from a son of God. She had no reason to do what she had done. I had great difficulty to forget her, and when I was almost at the step to forget her, she pass in a car when I was in the border of the street, and she make the minic speeling the words “I LOVE YOU”, so I reach her were she work, all that she have to said is not to contact her anymore were she work, but I didn,T knew her last name, so by subtil manner she gave me her last name, so I contact her on her Facebook. I ask her to include me in her friend’s list, she didn’t do what ask. So I was talking to her and she wasn’t talking to me.
    So I tell her that if she was to let me talk alone, I would cease my monologue, and so I did. 4 Day’s later, I was arrested for harassment. They didn’t put me in jail, but this had an impact on my work (I’m wrinting a book that will have a great impact on all religions on this Earth).
    I have told to my lawyer that they (Catholics) don’t want me to write this book, in the past when I was young I was shouting in their assembly done under the church that the Mary was not Virgin after she had Jesus, and this is impossible to be virgin after the birth of a baby. They told me that if I was insisting on those teaching they would not baptise my kids, so my mother would have great pain to knew this, so I didn’t insist. Now, if you don’t have new from me beginning in the middle of the month of August, pray for me please, I will be in prison.

    God Bless

    • Starheater says

      Oh, by the way, the reason why I insist, is because many woman, want to know how man can be at her feets. The most unreal thing, is that I told her if she doesn’t want me, just to tell me this phrase: “I’m not in love with you Maurice Smith”, Yes this is my name, one day you will have maybe the chance to see my face.

      Hey Brenda, do you fear the TRUTH, and how about the Your friend in the town of Quebec, Why they fear so much, the thing that is the most IMPORTANT is not the BIBLE. Why are you angry about the MESSENGER, ARE YOU afraid to be ANGRY ABOUT GOD. THINK ABOUT THAT BRENDA my dear.

  4. says

    This introduction is the beginning of the Poke-hole to the story of deep introspective thought that will constitute The Realm of THE MORIE ARENA.

    Much More To Come!

  5. says

    This theme that I believe started long ago (12,900 years ago) and due to the comet going into orbit and raining down for eons, is catching fire in the creative world. A new movie about Noah is about to come out in time to tell us Hollywood’s viewpoint on the subject. I believe my story would be even better but No, I am not their type. Anyway, here is a link to some information on the theme/s.

  6. says

    Charles, I would welcome conversation to the highest degree. But, it is also something that I believe to some point due to the messages left behind by minds that sought to be beyond what we attempt in this day. Would that we could all move to a deeper level of thought.

    Ron O.

  7. Charles Marcello says

    Not sure how to respond to a blog like this other than to say, many of things mention herein are found all over the world regarding a dragon in the sky that proceeded the destruction of mankind. Let alone my own discovery that forced me to reevaluate the birth story found inside the New Testament. According to worldwide prophecies, whatever was responsible for ruining the last great “golden age”, (if we can even refer to our time as such), would return again sometime in the future. As many of you are aware because of the three wise men, Saturn, Mercury and Venus perfectly matching the physical layout of the Giza Pyramids I hypothesized, if those planets were in fact the three wise men talked about in the New Testament than a bright star should be visible in the sky shortly before or shortly after this planetary convergence. What many of you may not remember is NASA said in 2011 that a bright light could be visible in the month of August because of a star that may have gone supernova. As we all know that bright light did not happen, and now here in 2013 there are many comets said to be visible to naked eye this year and in 2014. The greatest of them they claim will be comet Izon/Ison. This comet could be up to fifteen times brighter than our moon according to some theories… and still other theories claim on December 24/25 of this year comet Izon/Ison will be its brightest. Well I don’t know if that’s true or not, only time will tell… just as time will also reveal if this comet Izon/Ison is the star/dragon/destroyer memorialized in legend and lore all around the world. The only good news is, if this comet is the harbinger of destruction that destruction won’t be immediate, it will come in cycles according to ancient stories and prophecies. I would caution that no one put much stock into any of these theories or past stories of future destruction, other than as tools in our attempt in trying to understand the truth of our past. Death is our guaranteed future, and as many cultures believed death is just the beginning, so please don’t live in fear of it.
    Now this blog is interesting, hell it was even fun to read, though in truth, other than entertainment I don’t see anywhere within this blog any real attempt to bring truth of our past towards any serious discussion. Unless of course the author is using fiction to help spur conversation, while at the same time attempting to postulate possibilities as to why those structures were built. However I must admit as I read this blog I couldn’t help but wonder could answers to some serious questions I’ve been searching for actually be answered this year? I do enjoy Mr. Cook’s writing yet this one for me is a little strange… yet highly entertaining. Even if I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do with this information, or even how do go about asking a serious question regarding this information without knowing the reason behind information. Because of our own conversations and things you’ve written in the past, I guess for my own curiosity I must ask, Ron is this a fictional tale in order to spur conversation or is this something you honestly believe?

    –Charles Marcello

    • Starheater says

      Hello Charles

      It as been a long time since I spoke to you, but it’s good to see that you always have a theory to expose to us. Naturelly, this invite me to expose hum…well I suppose that this is a theory but I doubt. I’m sure if Doug Yurchey would read my comments he would have very much to say on me then the subject. This is right to do too.
      You know Charles by experience that the Truth take sometime a face that is ridicule. The kind of face that it take alot of good will to accept, just because it happen to be not “flashy”, the kind of light that our eyes have difficulty to see, because on another range of frequency, but let’s talk now.

      Long ago, people thought that the Earth was flat, this have been proven to be wrong. In when I was young, me and my friend thought that winter was the time that the Earth was the most far of the Sun, this was the contrary. Now, what will be the next “illusion”? I know? The Star are no so far as they pretend!!!

      Now, to speak of the subject, how do I have to tell you to make you realize, what could I say to make you think seriously what I’m about to say to everyone of you. If God didn’t succed, why I do all this writing? Well, I do it because the memory need repetition to retain something, so I will repeat myself.

      God Have created the Univers in 6 day’s of 24 hours, and dont think that I you let you think that those day was more slow then today. Come on!!! God is God, He could have done it in 6 second, so!!! What it is the Problem?

      Our problem is that we think that we think Good and logically. Ok then, If Human think logically then, let me see you in action. I want you to create an Univers with law that will be able to sustain life like the one we’re in, hum…the Univers!!! I think I will let you a planet, the Univers that’s heavy stuff…. a boy…to think about it, really, I will let you only one thing.
      When I die, I will make worms for you. Ta-dam, can I replace God in the Creation.
      As this a genious to do so, will he do alone what God have Created?

      Your Spirit in you are all submurge by the “illusion” that God does not exist. Beside, God is cruel, God is injust, God is a criminal. Well, It’s a point a view, not the real one, but it could convince many of you.

      But what you don’t know, is that God is not here NOW, and it is we that who are cruel. In United States, they represent the Justice like a woman that is blind by a band of tissu. It is not the Justice who’s blind, it is the that take is justice to juge people like us.

      The reality of this is that we have a piece of 25 cent in our hand, it’s normal to see only one side of it, you cannaot see both side. You don’t see God, Were is HE that is the question. This is the wrong question, Why He is not with us? That is the real question.

      When Moses was on the Sinai, God told him that this land that He was marching on was HOLY, WHY? Because it was santified by HIM, that’s why.
      Only Moses and Aaron could climb the Sinai, not because God didn’t want to HIS people to climb, it was because the PEOPLE was not HOLY, and the fear that God might kill them, that’s why. Because peoples of Israel was heavy sinners, not doutb about that, so? What is the reason for God to be in is quarter and not with us. The reason is very simple.

      It is because we want to be FREE, because the LAW is a prison for us. We want to do everything that our heart want event if is wrong in the face of others. That is the reason. So God have said to HIM. So, you dont want to be happy and rich, and succesfull, alright then, I will you until near to be erase, only then I will save you.

      This is not me who have invent those reason, those are writin in the Bible, dont remember perhaps?

      No, God exist, dont be trap by the illusion like everyone, dont be stupid and read the Bible and think, your confidence in you will be greater then now.

      God Bless

      • Starheater says


        M. Daniken see E.T.’s everywhere, is that surprising? Absolutely not! This is normal for a guy who think that God does not exist, a man that believe that the Earth is billions years old, what a waste of thinking.
        Robert Charroux a well known Searcher and writer didn’t believe in the God od the Bible, but, he believe that all the Univers was Created by a “MYSTERIOUS INTELLIGENCE”, this was profoundly anchor in is soul. Those 2 was on the same level, they Preach the same message, the E.T.’s are responsible of those structures that we see all over the world.

        But they kindly camouflage the other side of the 25 cents… no, dont look the other side, there is nothing to see or understand, you will not understand, you are not very intelligent, remember were you come from (monkey). The only thing that was great about this french author, was the the fact that he didn’t believe that a monkey was are ancestor.

        Is main theory was base on the immixtion subject. For him the Elohim was ET’s, and we invited by them to thier technology. But this is false, here is the reason.

        Elohim is a plural, eloah is the singular word for one God. But at the base, God is 2 persons in ONE, not 3, only 2. (John 1:1-3) The Father and the Son.

        This is what it take to make all thing move. A male Force (this is only for you to understand because God is neither male or female, no sex, like the Angel) and a male force that is weak, or if you prefer not so terrebly strong. When those 2 are together they are very happy (the word is weak to describe), and they have decided to grow up their family. For that they have created a man and a woman to bring forth more Childrens of God. But we are in the land of illusion and barrier that surround us. So God and His Son have decided to help us in our attempt to reach the state of God, and this by observing all the LAW. But this LAW is impossible to follow. But this is what we see in the Bible.
        But God knows that we are incapable to observe all the LAWs to obtain eternel life, because why be a god to die a thousand years later, no the goal is to be immortal, not less than that.
        Now to qualify to be immortal, we’ve got to believe in HIM. But to believe in HIM, we’ve got to KNOW HIM, and to know him is to LOVE HIM, and to LOVE HIM is to OBEY HIM, and to OBEY HIM is to be happy, to be free of all sins. Because when you know him, you know what He want from you, and the Love that you have for HIM, make the LAWS WORTHLEST, because when you love him, you also love all the creation, including the DEMONS, SATAN and all the human kind. But this Love cannot be fake, this is impossible to duplicate, to imitate, LOVE is all you need. (See the description of that LOVE in the Bible)

        Now, do you know why the Ten Commandements are call “commandement”, because this is an obligation us to follow. Now, their is another part in this: OUR Glory, so the Devil is not really mean, well he IS, but not for eternity.

        Gabriel the Archangel in Jude did not decide to Judge himself Satan, He said: May God condemne you, this was HIS remark when He was in Heaven with God. Talking about Heaven, you dont think that it’s strange to see Satan in Heaven.

        So to come back to the subject, all the constructions that we see in our days was made by human flesh, not ET’s that teach us how to make huge constructions, they seem to be very intelligent in those day’s, but no! This is also an illusion, they have a life bigger then us to live, they could live 900 years. What could you do with all the knowledge that you gain in 900 years, this is without the fact that others have their own knowledge, well, if we mix those together what you could do: Dynaspheric engins (UFO) found other great source of energy, and many, many things that you could not even thought exist. I will give you an exemple.

        You pick-up a glass to drink, this glass weight 4 onces, you put 10 onces of liquid, you weight again, the glass reveal only is own weight. You think that I’m trying to trow sans in your eyes, no peoples, this is not what the LORD teach me to do.
        So, to obtain those result, you have to built a material that is reacting with the field of gravity. If you think that this is impossible, forget those UFO’s, they don’t exist. Because saying that a something dont exist, that doesn’t mean that this is the case. Remember God now.

        If you thing that He’s cruel, you are condenming Him, and this without a fair trial. Who’s gonna take is defense? If you cannot defend your God, it is you who is cruel, because if the angels of God would act like you act, you were be found in the PIT. Now, be reasonable and juste.

        God Bless

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