INSPIRATION for the Ancient World Grid

INSPIRATION for the Ancient World Grid

by Doug Yurchey

The truth needs to be told of strange events exactly 40 years ago to the day (July 3rd, 1973).  On the 40th “anniversary” of my odd 4 and a half-year marriage (from 1973-77), the feeling is bittersweet.  On one hand, the girl I loved showed me amazing new worlds and inspired the next 4 decades of my life!  On the other hand, my soul was ripped in two and I remain in obscurity still bonded to an obsession I claim is the Truth

Over decades I’ve drawn what SHE marked on a globe of the Earth; wrote about it in magazines; talked about it over national radio; lectured about it at two major universities (CMU/CSUN) and even once on Italian television where 9 million Italians heard about it (Science show called ‘Voyager’ 2009).  Thousands of Internet pages and forums can be found devoted to Doug Yurchey’s 13-point ancient World Grid.

I theorize the 13-point Grid was the human ‘Cradles of Civilization’ as opposed to other grids by Munck/Cathie that have more components.  I claim the ‘unusual distribution’ of sites was once, long ago, very connected (operated as one electrical-power network) and later known as ATLANTIS!



ATLANTIS-WORLD-GRID      In 1978, just after my marriage broke-up with a devastating divorce, I discovered the phenomenal work of Nikola Tesla and made a realization SO PROFOUND…

     …Well, it drastically altered my life; I was on a new path to prove what I saw in a flash of inspiration!  As I have written in articles and talked about on C2C radio, I understood the CHURCH; old-fashioned and conservative views of our genesis were wrong!  I understood that DARWIN’s idea of a slow, progressive Evolution was also wrong!

     ‘Alien-engineered’ was not the answer either since HUMANS simultaneously emerged from these 13 points in an advanced state of technology, physicality and mentality.  In fact, the grand conclusion (supported by Cro-Magnons with HUGE BRAINS) is that First Humans landed on Earth and constructed the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Easter Island Statue (not plural, initially) along with 9 other Power Sub-Stations perfectly positioned around (probably a super-pyramid) Main Transmitter on a large continent in the middle of the Atlantis Ocean.  We weren’t primitive in the Beginning as impossible stone structures reveal.  WE were the Gods in the spaceships (chariots).

     Who could imagine that this stunning spirit that walked in and out of my life would have such a lasting effect?  You see, she was extremely psychic.  So psychic, she could leave her body.  On the order of Jane Roberts and ‘Seth Speaks,’ this was a daily reality for me in the mid-seventies.  You wake up to all the silverware in your kitchen drawer bent and you SEE an untouched spoon completely curl up in a few seconds!  Or, the TV aerial bent?  Even the clip of a Flair pen curled as she wrote a letter!

    It was a bizarre marriage, to say the least.  The weirdest part was having ‘sessions’ where there was something ‘They’ wanted to convey to me down here.  Our lives were put on pause, Kathy would relax; close her eyes; breathe heavily…   When her eyes opened…no, she was not possessed; she WILLFULLY gave herself up to a wonderful, positive, female ‘entity’ that went by the name of ‘Unica.’  She channeled the 13-point Map!

     The ‘sessions’ sound extremely strange and unbelievable.  They were.  Why would I believe such a thing decades later?  Outside of shocking/similar mysteries at each of the GRID-sites, 3 OF THEM WERE NOT DISCOVERED YET!  I knew of the last three, special locations before archeologists found anything there!

     1)  Yonaguni, discovered in 1986 near Japan, the UNDERWATER ziggurat of ancient artificial construction is a grand mystery.  In my scheme, this was an Atlantean station in the land of long-gone Lemuria (Mu) and maintained by Asians when ocean levels were different than today.

     2)  In 2002, Michael Heckenberger’s team in Brazil discovered ancient Amazon ruins in pristine jungles where no one was thought to ever live.  They were very advanced city-planners that built modern structures in ‘grids’ and in unexpected patterns.

     3)  My final grid-point is the Indian Face in Canadian ‘Badlands’ that can only be seen from the air.  Donna Epsteen heard me on Mary Sutherland’s radio show and emailed a Google Earth photo; another X- Marks-the-Spot and completes my Grid of 13.  Image of a giant Indian, possibly only a remaining ‘marker’ of what was…is very appropriate.

     I believe in the 13-point GRID, connecting ancient mysteries into one LARGER MYSTERY, because it anticipated the last three / lesser known sites before investigators found anything in those areas.

     I did not understand the MAP, only points on an old globe, until I found TESLA!  The connection and reason for my ‘great realization’ concerns his modern system of NINE TOWERS positioned in a World Grid (NY’s Wardenclyffe was only the first)…Nikola Tesla wanted to give the world the principle behind the Pyramids!  Atlanteans utilized a system of 13 electrical power stations, while Tesla wanted to (crudely) install a system of 9…and the planet would then have free, wireless power; free communications, free TV, etc…EVERYWHERE!

     I’ve been asked, ‘where did I get the map?’  (published in 3 different magazines in the 70s).  Today, at 62 years old, on my Marriage-Anniversary…I reemphasize a consistent story told again and again.  My ex-wife, who sadly died in 2006, taught me great truths that I will never forget.  The SOURCE or Inspiration was an alien entity named Unica who once contacted a young couple in Pittsburgh, PA.  Betty Hill had her famous Star Map that was verified by a parallel to real stellar positions in space.  Over the decades, I have found the last pieces to my Grid-Puzzle.

     What does the 13-point Grid Map mean?  It means Humans were once extremely advanced; History is wrong and BACKWARDS.  The concept is supported by fantastic, megalithic stonework to later Indian Mound-Builders.  Also, could we get ‘unlucky 13’ from the destruction (due to eventual WAR) of the 13 Transmitters?


     The destruction of Plato’s UTOPIA, ATLANTIS and Biblical EDEN could refer to the same event; a Paradise that came to an end and had to restart all over again.  Electro-Magnetic world-grids were once more constructed with Egyptians, Incas, Toltecs, Mayas, Aztecs and Mound-Builders…but, each empire was not as great as what came before…



    I now would like to present the YouTube video: Doug Yurchey, Delhi Pillar, World GridAfter more than four years to track down…out of complete obscurity is my part in the Italian documentary WITH SPECIAL EFFECTS!  National Geographic filmmaker Diego D’Innocenzo read on World-Mysteries what I wrote about the odd New Delhi, rustless / magnetic Iron Pillar.  He flew from Rome to LA just to film my small part for his documentary.  I asked for the entire shoot, which was edited.  Please excuse repeat-information; a new bit of info comes out in the repetitions and is worth watching.  Finally…ah, some respect.  Nice to hear my idea was given credit in an Italian book.

     Diego was intrigued with ‘vimanas,’ the flying saucers (‘carpets’) of ancient India described in detail from books older than the Bible.  He liked the idea that the PILLAR was my grid-point for India and could have wirelessly-powered legendary flying-crafts like a TESLA COIL can turn on lights through induction (at a distance).  Maybe the Delhi Pillar (transmitter-pole) was the electro-magnetic source that powered VIMANAS?  You will hear unique answers in the 40-minute film found nowhere else…

     Thank you, Kathy, for sending me along a beautiful path.  You said I had a lot to teach the world.  I didn’t do too badly (without an agent).



Doug Yurchey

[email protected]

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  1. Chris Allan says

    Hi Doug, Don’t stress over starbeater, there are lots of others who enjoy your articles. In this age we need open minded people to explore the diversities of our past, there is much to discover. Those wrapped up in religious dogma are not much help, but they are entitled to their opinions. I don’t always agree with your ideas, but I still would like to read them. Regards

  2. says


    As I have said since you first started long ago when e-mails, were all we had– keep on thinking and working. We need your introspection. Every thing you bring builds toward the new whole.

    Ron O.

  3. says

    Doug, I know whereof you speak. I am sorry for your loss as I have had such in my life also. Your initiation and mental amplification from these insights and revelations are phenomenal to say the least. It is an amazing revelation and many of us have felt the same about all the information that you have revealed above. Though you may think some of us disregard your pronouncements, have no fear for you are respected and are an asset to human thought. I for one am with you.

    Ron O. Cook

    • j.a. says

      Hello again just me think i would like to call this a draw and buy the way what does it mean to say that from the begining to the present that we are on a decline as a races evolve within a cycle of time when that time is eternal just in flux of the material modes of nature as a teaching would have it respectively for that to further more on nature as a medium of expresion as are now and what forces are at play within our bodies of creation this all might belong somewhere mazewell be there some where else maybe a crack in the space time zone what a challenge one would say thousand specs makes justice or is it all a dream the mystery from the world.

  4. Doug Yurchey says

    I want to thank W-M readers who have enjoyed my articles over the years. To my critics, not so much. I’ve written numerous articles about the map, especially since all 13 pieces to the puzzle fell into place. On radio shows, I have talked about my source – how did I know of the other, not so famous grid-points? This is the true (short) story; it was given to me. And, I’ve spent almost a lifetime searching for answers because of it…what I call an ‘indirect Close Encounter’ has influenced so much of my life. I can’t help but be nostalgic on the 40th anniversary TO THE DAY of meeting this very special woman. [bad times will go unmentioned].
    The information was what was important. The Map physically shows us what we’ve been missing in our education; and Tesla is the answer; an electrical power-network that connects the sites and was the lifeblood of Atlantis. We were told the locations functioned as ‘computer-parts’ – no mention of Tesla-like ideas ON PURPOSE. Here’s a quote from the ‘entity,’ she said ‘it will mean more to you if you find out on your own rather than us handing you the answers on a silver platter.’ All the beans weren’t spilled; only some of the answers. It was after the marriage, after the ET connection was broken and after rare Tesla books fell into my lap that I had the ‘realization’ that sent me to the ground shaking and crying like a baby! If you haven’t had one of those Newton’s Apple experiences that you’ve been WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING…
    …well, then you haven’t learned.

    • j.a. says

      So MR yurchey the articles are just that nice work much like the viewers to take notice I was also gonna take leave from w-m and the reports and choice to stay even told managment about it all O what fun any way hope all out there keeps the good lessons happening on all the time everywhere at once sometimes even anyway stay tuned on the horizon could be the last frontier on the board smile and feel good.


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