Decoding Giza Pyramids – Part 3

  • Did the ancient designer(s) of pyramids at Giza knew precisely the size of our planet, the moon and the sun?
  • Do ancient units of length express advanced knowledge about our solar system?
  • Was the Giza Pyramids project a tribute to Geometry, Metrology and Astronomy?


by Ernest Moyer

To say that we have in the Egyptian Royal Cubit an uncanny mathematical and geodetic display is inadequate to the reality.

Unseen forces created, and preserved, a record in our earthly social system that is stunning in its implications.

Somewhere in our past, before the Egyptians of 6,000 BC, and the Babylonians who followed, was a social influence that left a permanent imprint on mankind. But that imprint was buried; it was not visible to the social eye. Only hints of it came from the ancient philosophers who wrote about it.

In his book, Science Awakening, B. L. Van der Waerden attempted to portray science coming to life under a philosophical model of slow evolution out of primitive savagery . For him, and for most of the modern intellectual world, these were the beginnings of civilized man. But Van der Waerden failed to grasp the phenomenon he was attempting to assess. This was not Science Awakening; it was Science Going to Sleep. Only in more recent centuries has science come to life again, after many millennia of slumber.

I shall not engage in a dissertation on the historic record of those ancient events. However, it is important to recognize that this uncanny influence did not derive from a world that had a common civilization. The influence came from a highly cultured social group that existed in relative isolation in the regions of the Near East. That group was intended to uplift primitive man. Their work was hardly begun when a great default took place. The members of that group scattered to other parts of the world and left a record of their influence in various ways, from linguistic, to social practices, to such scientific displays.

How unfortunate that modern man, with his self-created and conceited philosophies, cannot admit to the key that would open his eyes to the true history of the world, and a higher reality.

The phenomenon of the Royal Egyptian Cubit was buried until such time as later man would become aware of its existence. This awakening took more than five thousand years. We cannot penetrate this mystery without invoking an intelligence behind the design that led to such startling reappearance. But even more, the preservation of components that included the definition of the measure of the radius of the earth, the definition of the surface measure, and the unique measuring system of the Egyptians, could not have been accomplished without some unknown and unacknowledged power.

At some point in time, if mankind did not first destroy himself, some human being would come along who would penetrate this mystery.

— Ernest Moyer

Cosmic Coincidence?


1,000 x 360 x 365.24 = 131,486,400

131,486,400 feet = 40,077 km = 24,902.7 miles = Equatorial Circumference of the Earth 

Official value for equatorial circumference of the Earth is 40,075 kilometers and the mean length of the year is 365.2425 days

Perhaps unit of length called foot did not originate from a part of anatomy of an ancient king or pharaoh but from circumference of our planet??? 

1 Degree of arc

A circle has 360 degrees (each degree has 60 minutes and each minute has 60 seconds.)
One degree of arc has length = Circumference /(360) = (2*Pi*R)/360

For equatorial circumference of the Earth = 40,077,000 m (radius= 6,378,453 m )
1 degree of arc / 1,000 = 111.325 m = 365.24 feet 

There are  1,296,000 seconds of arc in a circle.  If we divide it by 2*Pi we get Radius of earth equal 206,264.81 seconds of arc.
Curiously, this is the length of the Royal Cubit in English inches multiplied by 10,000. (10,000 X 20.625 = 206,250.)

It is not by coincidence that feet and inches and Royal Egyptian Cubit are connected with dimensions of our planet!

Ancient Units of Length

Interest in ancient metrology was triggered by research into the various Megalith building cultures and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

In 1637 John Greaves, professor of geometry at Gresham College, made his first of several studies in Egypt and Italy, making numerous measurements of buildings and monuments, including the Great Pyramid. These activities fuelled many centuries of interest in metrology of the ancient cultures by the likes of Isaac Newton and the French Academy.

The first known description and practical use of a physical pendulum is by Galileo Galilei, however, Flinders Petrie, a disciple of Charles Piazzi Smyth, is of the opinion that it was used earlier by the ancient Egyptians. Writing in an article in Nature, 1933 Petrie says:

If we take the natural standard of one day divided by 105, the pendulum would be 29.157 inches (0.7405878 m) at lat 30 degrees. Now this is exactly the basis of Egyptian land measures, most precisely known through the diagonal of that squared, being the Egyptian double cubit. The value for this cubit is 20.617 inches, while the best examples in stone are 20.620±0.005inches.

It seems that the Architect who designed Giza Pyramids used very special unit of measure called Royal Egyptian Cubit, which like the nautical mile and the meter, also originated from dimensions of our planet.

Royal Egyptian Cubit

Royal Egyptian Cubit = 20.62 inches = 0.52375 meters.

Where did this ancient unit of measure come from? 
Is it connected with dimensions of our planet, like meter and nautical mile?

In Egypt, building overseers required the Royal Egyptian Cubit to be calibrated against a precision standard at regular intervals. Failure to do so was punishable by death. This indicates an important legacy, like a standard handed down from the ‘Gods’. The ‘Gods’ of certain cultures could be early post-flood founders a few generations after Noah. 

The anatomical length … cannot possibly be as long as the royal cubit of 525 mm.’24 (Unless, of course, it came from a people taller than the Egyptians.)
Egyptian royal cubits had 7 palms and 28 fingers in a cubit. The Babylonian had 30 divisions. 
Both numbers indicate astronomical origin of the cubit (28 or 30 day month with 4 weeks of 7 days).

 Since ancient times, people were dividing circle into 360 degrees dividing further degree into 60 minutes and each minute into 60 seconds.

The original motivation for choosing the degree as a unit of rotations and angles is unknown. One theory states that it is related to the fact that 360 is approximately the number of days in a year. Ancient astronomers noticed that the sun, that follows through the ecliptic path over the course of the year, seems to advance in that path by approximately one degree each day. Some ancient calendars, such as the Persian calendar, used 360 days for a year. The Mayans used 20 cycles of 18 plus 5 unlucky days in one of their Maya calendars. The use of a calendar with 360 days may also be related to the use of sexagesimal numbers. One of the earliest recorded use of 360 as the total days in a year is found in the Hebrew Bible, Genesis 8-9 as it describes the duration of the Great Flood over 12 months of 30 days each.

Another theory is that the Babylonians subdivided the circle using the angle of an equilateral triangle as the basic unit and further subdivided the latter into 60 parts following their sexagesimal numeric system. The earliest trigonometry, used by the Babylonian astronomers and their Greek successors, was based on chords of a circle. A chord of length equal to the radius made a natural base quantity. One sixtieth of this, using their standard sexagesimal divisions, was a degree.

Aristarchus of Samos and Hipparchos seem to have been among the first Greek scientists to exploit Babylonian astronomical knowledge and techniques systematically. Timocharis, Aristarchus, Aristillus, Archimedes, and Hipparchus were the first Greeks known to divide the circle in 360 degrees of 60 arc minutes. Eratosthenes used a simpler sexagesimal system dividing a circle into 60 parts.

The division of the circle into 360 parts also occurred in ancient India, as evidenced in the Rigveda.

Another motivation for choosing the number 360 may have been that it is readily divisible: 360 has 24 divisors, making it one of only 7 numbers that have more divisors than any number twice itself .
Furthermore, it is divisible by every number from 1 to 10 except 7. This property has many useful applications, such as dividing the world into 24 time zones, each of which is nominally 15° of longitude, to correlate with the established 24-hour day convention.

Finally, it may be the case that more than one of these factors has come into play. According to that theory, the number is approximately 365 because of the apparent movement of the sun against the celestial sphere and that it was rounded to 360 for some of the mathematical reasons cited above.     [ — Source: Wikipedia] 

Today, officially accepted around the world as fundamental (standard) unit of measure for length is meter.  

meter or metre (m) – the metric and SI base unit of distance. 
Originally, the meter was defined as one ten-millionth (1/10,000,000) of a quadrant, the distance between the Equator and the North Pole. In other words, meter was defined as  1/10,000,000 of the distance from the Earth’s equator to the North Pole measured on the circumference through Paris. Distance selected for defining 1m is 1/4 * Earth Circumference (along meridian):
 1m  = (40,000,000*1/4) / 10,000,000 
 In other words, there are 40,000,000 meters in circumference of the Earth.
Another, larger unit of distance which is connected with the size of our planet is Nautical Mile.
The nautical mile (symbol MNM or nmi) is a unit of length that is approximately one minute of arc measured along any meridian. By international agreement it has been set at 1.852 km (6,076 feet). This unit is based on estimate of Earth circumference equal 40,003.2 km:  1.852 * 360 * 60 = 40,003.2 km
The nautical mile was historically defined as a minute of arc along a meridian of the Earth (north-south), making a meridian exactly 180×60 = 10,800 historical nautical miles. It can therefore be used for approximate measures on a meridian as change of latitude on a nautical chart. The originally intended definition of the metre as 1/107 of a half-meridian arc makes the mean historical nautical mile exactly (2×107)/10,800 = 1,851.851851… historical metres. Based on the current IUGG meridian of 20,003,931.4585 (standard) metres the mean historical nautical mile is 1,852.216 m.
360 deg = 21,600 min of arc (since 1 deg = 60 min of arc).
Using polar circumference of the Earth = 40,008m we get 40,008/21600 = 1.852 km. 
In other words, circumference of Earth is 360 * 60 = 21,600 Nautical Miles.
There are 360 deg in a circle. Nautical Mile is equal 1.85 km

Interestingly, 360 x 1.85 = 666

Link about ancient units of measure:
Ancient Measurements of the Circumference of the Earth

The value of 1.00106 British inches is calculated as 1/500,000,000 of the Earth’s polar diameter (7,900 miles = 12,713.4 km)

Defining the Royal Egyptian Cubit

There are 12 zodiac signs dividing the sky into 12 parts (12×30=360). Also, Giza is located 30 deg North of the equator.
Dividing circumference into 12 parts when Radius = 1 unit results in
2*Pi/12 = 0.5236
This number in meters =  1 Royal Egyptian Cubit 
A circle has 360 degrees, each degree has 60 minutes and each minute has 60 seconds.
One second of arc has length = Circumference /(360*60*60) = (2*Pi*R)/1,296,000

Note: Pi = 3.141 592 654, multiplying its numbers results in:
3 x 1 x 4 x 1 x 5 x 9 x 2 x 6 x 5 x 4 = 129600
amazingly this is exactly 1/10 of the number of seconds in a circle 360x60x60 = 1296000.

Circumference in seconds of arc/circumference in radians gives us  REC in inches: 
360*60*60/(2*Pi*10,000) = 20.6265
this number represents 1 Royal Egyptian Cubit in inches.

The radian is the standard unit of angular measure, used in many areas of mathematics. 
An angle’s measurement in radians is numerically equal to the length of a corresponding arc of a unit circleso one radian is just under 57.3 degrees (when the arc length is equal to the radius). A complete revolution is 2*Pi radians for a circle of radius one.An arc of a circle with the same length as the radius of that circle corresponds to an angle of 1 radian. A full circle corresponds to an angle of 2*Pi radians.

Model of Earth to scale 1:12,000: The radius R of our earth model would be (6,366 km)/12,000 = 0.5305 km which is approximately 1,000 Royal Cubits

The REC is “embedded” in the design of the Giza Pyramids

The design of the Great Pyramid is based on the ratio 11:7

Proportions of any object are always independent of the units of length (meters, feet, cubits etc) we use to measure the object. Once specific unit of measuring length is introduced, dimensions of an object can be expressed by different numbers, however its proportions will remain the same.  Although objects with identical proportions can be built to different scale, the “base to height” ratio will stay the same.

11/7 ratio (equal 1.571) is nearly perfect half Pi and excellent approximation of the “squaring the circle” principle.

For the Great Pyramid, Base to Height Ratio 440/280 is exactly 11/7

Most “pyramidologists” appear to be  “chasing their tails” uncovering huge amount of “numerical coincidences” embedded in the Great Pyramid…
It is simply unbelievable, however ALL of these numerical coincidences are result of selecting just 2 numbers for the pyramid design:
7, 11
 (height to base ratio), 40 as the scale factor, and the measuring unit: Royal Cubit = 20.62 ” = 0.524 m.

Of course big question is: why these numbers were selected for the design of the Great Pyramid?
There are at least 2 likely answers:
– in geometry, 11/7 ratio is the ratio used to perfectly approximate “squaring the circle” , Phi  (1.618) and Pi (3.1428)
– in astronomy: Radius of the Earth/Radius of the Moon = 11/3 and this is reflected in the Great Pyramid design (see image below)

 Units of measure used in modern times as well in the past seem to be based not on random choices but on dimensions of our planet.  

Looking closer at the ancient units of length (some of which are still in use today) we can only admire the advanced knowledge of their creators.
Although very few measuring rods were found, we can discover what units were in use by the ancient architects by measuring their monumental stone structures (pyramids and temples).

For example, the Great Pyramid has base length  = 9068.8 inches and height = 5776 inches.
The base in Feet = 755.7333 feet, height = 481.3333 feet.

Both numbers do not tell us much until we convert them to ancient units of length called Royal Egyptian Cubits.
1 REC = 20.62 inches therefore base is 440 REC and height is 280 REC.

Another important quality is locked in the ratio of the pyramid’s dimensions:
base to height = 440/280 = 11/7

Radius of Earth/Radius of Moon = 11/3
1/3 of moon diameter = 720 miles = 1x2x3x4x5x6 miles or 6! miles. 
Moon Diameter = 3 units, Earth Diameter = 11 units

Moon plus Earth Radius is 7 units (7x 720=5040 miles)


The ratio 3:11 is 27.3 percent, and the orbit of the Moon takes 27.3 days. 

Sidereal rotation period 27.321582 d (synchronous).  
27.3 days is also the average rotation period of a sunspot.

Great Pyramid has Base to Height ratio 440/280 = 11/7 = 1.5714285 which is almost perfect approximation of 1/2 Pi: 3.142857.
In practical terms, such Pi would be possible to produce with high accuracy during construction of GP.

Using this value as Pi the formula for the Royal Egyptian Cubit gives us Petrie’s value exactly: 
360*60*60/(2*Pi) = 20.626 * 10,000 and 20.62 inches is value of the Royal Egyptian Cubit “embedded” in the Great Pyramid 
Dimensions of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun 
The Earth
Mean radius 6,371.0 km = 3,958.8 miles
Equatorial radius 6,378.1 km = 3,963.2 miles
Polar radius 6,356.8 km = 3,949.9 miles
If we select rounded value for the mean radius of Earth as 3,960 miles, the error would be only 0.03%. 
For example, making 100 m track (e.g. for runners) with this accuracy would allow for error (+/-) 3cm.
In imperial system 328.0 feet  track would be made with accuracy 1.18 inch. 


The Moon
The Moon completes its orbit around the Earth in approximately 27.32 days (a sidereal month). The Earth and Moon orbit about their barycentre (common centre of mass), which lies about 4600 km from Earth’s centre (about three quarters of the Earth’s radius). On average, the Moon is at a distance of about 385000 km from the centre of the Earth, which corresponds to about 60 Earth radii. 

Observe the measurements of the Moon:
Equatorial radius 1,738.14 km (0.273 Earths) so
the Moon Diameter is: 3,476.28 km or 2,160 miles.

The Sun
Diameter of The Sun =865,294 miles*.

If we divide 865,294 by 2,160 astonishingly 
we get 400.6 … 

*The SOHO spacecraft was used to measure the diameter of the Sun by timing transits of Mercury across the surface during 2003 and 2006. The result was a measured radius of 696,342 ± 65 kilometres (432,687 ± 40 miles). Staying within the margin of error,  measured radius of the Sun is 432,647 miles (or diameter 865,294 miles).

The Sun has a diameter of about 1,392,000 km, about 109 times that of Earth. 

Perfect Earth, Moon and Sun

Perhaps it is just a cosmic “coincidence”, however dimensions in miles of the Earth, our moon and sun are generated by multiplication of consecutive numbers!

Radius of Earth = 3,960 miles = 11 x 360 =  1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5  x 6 x  (11/2)
Radius of Moon = 1,080 miles = 3 x 360 = 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x (3/2 ) 
Radius of Sun = 432,720 miles = 1202 x 360 = 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x (1202/2)

Radius of Earth orbit = 92,956,050 miles (semimajor axis) = 258,211.25 x 360
Radius of Moon orbit238,606 miles = 662.8 x 360 = 6!x (331.4/2)
Ratio of Earth/moon orbit = 390

“Cosmic unit” derived from 9/3 ration (earth/moon proportion):
1/3 of moon Diameter = 2,160 miles/3 = 720 = 6!

720 miles = 3,801,600 feet = 45619200 inches = 2212376.33 REC

What is even more unbelievable is the fact that ancient designer of the Giza pyramids locked this knowledge into their design.

Note: Although numbers representing dimensions of pyramids depend on units of length, proportions of each pyramid are fractions always independent of the units of measure describing their size.

Proportions of the Giza Pyramids

Here are official dimensions of 3 pyramids at Giza:

  1. The Great Pyramid: Base =440 Royal Egyptian Cubits, 
    Height = 280 Royal Egyptian Cubits, 
    Base to Height ratio = 11/7  (440/280 = 11/7 exactly)
  2. The Second Pyramid: 
    Base =411 Royal Egyptian Cubits, 
    Height = 274 Royal Egyptian Cubits,
    Base to Height ratio = 3/2  (411/274 = 3/2 exactly)
  3. The Third Pyramid:
    Base =200 Royal Egyptian Cubits, 
    Height = 125 Royal Egyptian Cubits, 
    Base to Height ratio = 8/5  (200/125 = 8/5 exactly)

We can notice the following numerological relationships between 3 pyramids:
11 / 7  = (3 + 8) / (2 + 5) 
( we are adding to top value of 2nd and 3rd pyramid ratio to the bottom value of each ratio)
If we add this way all 3 ratios we will get:
(11 + 8 + 3) / (7 + 5 +2) = 22/14 = 11/7 
(the ratio of  the Great Pyramid and the approximation of “pi” ).
So ratios of all 3 pyramids added this way are equal the ratio of the 1st pyramid.

1732/1417 = 440/360 = 11/9 = 25.2/20.62 = 1.222222

Mystery number 273

2nd pyramid proportions multiplied by 137 generate its dimensions in Royal Egyptian Cubits 
This number approximates 273:

273/2 = 136.5 which is nearly 137

One of the recurring numbers in this whole exploration of the underlying mathematics linking the Earth, Moon and Sun is 273, or 0.273.
This constant is reached through this simple sum:  
(4 – pi) / pi = 0.2732

The ratio of moon diameter to Earth diameter (3/11) is 0.273
The ratio of Earth diameter to Moon diameter (11/3) is 3.666

  • 366 lunar days (27.32 earth days) = 10,000 earth days.
  • 366 is number of earth rotations in 1 year
    ( there is one extra rotation due to the earth’s revolution around the sun).
  • 27.32 earth days in Sidereal period of the moon ( one moon day ).
  • 2,730,000 the circumference of the sun in miles.
  • 273 days in an average human pregnancy  (10 lunar months).
  • 27.32 freezing point of water on Kelvin scale (K)
  • -273.2 degrees celcius is the temperature of absolute zero.
  • Gasses expand by 1/273 of their volume with every degree on the Celcius/centigrade scale.
  • If you were to draw a circle inside a square, with the circle’s diameter the same as the square’s length, the area left over that the circle does not cover is 27.32% of the total area of the square.


Phi and phi

Royal Cubit = 0.5236 m = Pi/6
Pi – Phi2 = 0.5231

phi = 1.61803 39887 49894 84820 45868 34365 63811 77203 09179 80576

phi, 1.618 …  is the Golden Ratio in life and the universe.

phi + 1 = phi 2

Phi = 1/phi = 0.618034…
Phi = phi – 1

( 1 + sqrt(5) )/2 = 1.61803 3988… 
which is an excellent approximation of Phi

The following formula connects “Pi” (3.14159…)  and “phi ” (1.6180…):

  (6/5 ) x  phi 2 = Pi 
(12/5) x phi 2 = 2 x Pi 

sqrt(phi) nearly equals 4/pi 
( 1.272 vs 1.273 )

This Formula is expressed by the numbers describing Pyramids of Giza !!!
Here is how: 

Proportions (base to height ratio) of the 1st Pyramid: 11/7
Proportions (base to height ratio) of the 2nd Pyramid: 3/2
Proportions (base to height ratio) of the 3rd Pyramid: 8:/5

(24/10) x phi2 = 2 x Pi

the same formula written with ratios of 3 pyramids:
2 x [ 2 x (11/7)] = (3/2) x (8/5) x phi


The closest distance between Earth and Sun is 147 x 106 km, which converted to Royal Egyptian Cubits is 280 x 109  ( 280 cubits is the height of the Great Pyramid).

3960/360 = 11 miles

11 miles = 58080 feet
58080/365.24 = 159.02 feet
Circumference 159.02 *2 * Pi = 1000 

According to the extremely accurate survey of the Giza Pyramids and conducted in 1880 by Sir Flinders Petrie 3 pyramids of Giza are enclosed by the rectangle 1732 by 1417 Royal Egyptian Cubits.

Interestingly: 1732/1417 = 440/360 = 11/9 = 25.2/20.62 = 1.222222 

The base unit of measurement in the Pyramid’s is 25.052 inches. The Pryamid’s inch is 1.0025 of our regular inch. Each side of its base is 365.2422 cubits, which is the exact number of days in a solar year. Now 365.24 cubits occur five or six times somewhere within the pyramid that shows it was not a coincidence.

  • The Pyramid’s perimeter ( the distance around the four sides of the base) correlates with the circumference of the earth.
  • According to Professor Piazzi Smyth, multiplying the height of the Pyramid’s 35th layer by 10 derives the distance of the earth from the sun.
  • The base unit of measurement used by the Pyramid designer is ten-millionth of the earth’s polar radius, according Peter Lemeisuier. 
    Simply put it is one ten millionth the distance from the North Pole to equator.
  • The number of days in a century (100 years) is 36,524 days and corresponds to the total inches valued in the Pyramid’s perimeter.
  • The number Pi is the mathematical constant 3.1415, with the ratio of the diameter to the distance around the circle, called the circumference. In the pyramid it is the ratio of the height to twice the length of the base.

Other correlations

  • The Great Pyramid is a scale model of the Earth at a ratio of 1 : 43,200.
  • The Great Pyramid has perfect geometric relationships.
  • It contains a complete astronomical catalog of our solar system.
    It contains, in its various ratios and dimensions, the quantum physics of light.
    The Great Pyramid’s height is in relationship to its base sides as a circles’ radius is to its circumference ( 1/2  Pi ).
  • We can’t help but be surprised and amazed to see that the Great pyramid corresponds so precisely to the earth: When we use the regular height of the pyramid (146.7m), it reveals the earth as a perfect sphere with only the equator radius, and when we use the minimum height of the pyramid (146.2m), it reveals the real earth with equator and polar radius.


Cosmic Harmony 


Here is another unbelievable “coincidence”: 
“Pi” approximated to the 9th decimal place is exactly:

Pi = 3.141 592 654

3 x 1 x 4 x 1 x 5 x 9 x 2 x 6 x 5 x 4 = 129,600 

– – –

129,600 x 10 = 360x60x60
is the number of seconds of arc in a circle!!!

– – –

129,600/60 = 2160
is the circumference of the Earth in Nautical Miles

– – –

129,600 x 2 = 25,920  x 10

is 10x Earth’s precession cycle
 ( 10 x period of precession of the equinoxes)

The Earth is spinning on its axis in a counter-clockwise direction, and rotating around the sun also in a counter-clockwise direction, while the earth’s spinning axis wobbles like a gyroscope in a clockwise direction. As the result,  as the twelve constellations appear to move clockwise along/around the horizon during the course of its annual rotation around the sun during a year, the constellations, from spring or fall equinox to equinox,appear to move counterclockwise at the rate of 72 years/per degree, or one full wobble in 25,920 years (also known as Great Year).of the earth’s axis.
The galactic year is the duration of time required for the Solar System to orbit once around the center of our galaxy (the Milky Way). Estimated length of the galactic year is close to 1000 precession cycles of the Earth.

Another important observation:

No matter what units of measure we use, 
the sides of the Giza Pyramids Rectangle (layout for all 3 pyramids)
generate the base of the 1st pyramid:

If we use Royal Egyptian Cubits:
1732/1417  =  440/360

This rectangle shows also relationship of 
the Royal Egyptian Cubit 20.62 inch
to the Sacred Cubit 25.2 inch

1732/1417 = 440/360 = 11/9 = 25.2/20.62 = 1.222222


Perimeter of Giza Rectangle:

2*1732 + 2*1417 = 6298 REC = 3298.6 m
Radius R of squared circle is 6298/(2*Pi) = 1000 REC  

Earth radius is the distance from Earth’s center to its surface. The average value used to describe radius of the Earth is about 6,371 kilometers (3,960 mi). 

Circumference of Earth is 40,000 km or 21,600 nautical miles. 
Radius is Circumference/(2 * Pi) : 6,366.18 km or 3,437.46 NM

A model of Earth using scale 1:12,000 would have radius radius equal 0.531 km (6,366.18/12,000 km)
or 1,000 Royal Cubits
Using Nautical miles, Radius of the model would be 21600/12000 = 1.8 Nautical Miles = 10km/3


The Origin of the Royal Egyptian Cubit

Fragments of an article by Ernest Moyer

Results from the Royal Egyptian Cubit

Petrie’s exquisite work in Egypt, and that of many other surveyors, revealed that the Egyptian standard of measure was the Royal Cubit, with a value of 20.62 or 20.63 inches. Refer to Petrie’s determination from the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid, at 20.632, page 178 of Pyramids and Temples. Petrie also gave a mean measure for the Great Pyramid at 20.620 +/- 0.005. For all measurements from the Fourth to Sixth Dynasties he gave 20.63 +/- 0.02. Refer to cubit rods and discussion published by Marshall Clagett (18), who borrowed his illustrations from Lepsius (19), and others. While measuring rods of different working lengths, such as the “small” cubit, and with considerable variability, have been found, most Egyptologists accept 20.62 to 20.63 as an “official” value. See Petrie’s variations from 20.3 to 20.8 inches (14). Other studies show similar variation.

Calculating the numbers we find that each side of the Great Pyramid was nearly, but not quite, 440 cubits. Petrie measured 9069.4, 9067.7, 9069.5, and 9068.6 inches respectively for the north, east, south and west sides. These add to 36,275.2 inches, or 1759.2 (1758.4) cubits with an average of 439.8 (439.6) cubits per side. From this slight deficiency one might question the intent of the Egyptian builders of the Fourth Dynasty. Of course, some might say that being off by only 0.2 or 0.4 cubits out of 440, less than 0.1%, might be big fuss over nothing. However, the reader certainly understands that major insights might hang on such small differences.

(If we add the deficient amount to make each side equal to the nominal value of 440 cubits we obtain 9075 inches per side. Multiplying by 4 and 2 we obtain 72,600 inches. This compares with 1215.22 X 60 for 72, 913.2 inches from the defined Nautical Mile. Thus the pyramid would have been deficient by only 156 perimeter inches or 39 inches per side, 0.4 %, to make the perimeter equal to one-half a Nautical Mile — if the builders had held to this ideal. The satellite measures reduce this to less than 0.3%.)

In attempt to get a better handle on the intent of those ancient people I began to examine the roots of these phenomena. At this point a startling fact appeared.

If I take a circle and divide it into 360 degree, 60 minutes, and 60 seconds I obtain 1,296,000 seconds of arc. One can obtain radian values by dividing the circle into parts of 2 Pi. This is the famous circle relationship: C = 2 Pi R. I found that the value for the radius of the earth is 206,264.81 seconds of arc.

At first I did not recognize the result I had. Then it suddenly appeared to me.

This was most curious. This is the length of the Royal Cubit in English inches multiplied by 10,000. (10,000 X 20.625 = 206,250.)

I was perplexed. How could such a coincidence in numbers exist?

Arc seconds are a mathematical concept, they do not have dimension. They only express relationship. They take on dimension when we divide a real distance, such as the surface circumference of the earth, by 1,296,000 arc seconds. I did this above by showing that the stylobate of the Parthenon was built to one arc second of earth surface circumference expressed in (100) Greek feet.

Furthermore, the calculation of 206,264 is a radian value, not a linear dimension. It is a measure of the number of arc seconds in the earth radius.

The numbers must be a mere coincidence. But I did not like such strange coincidences that agreed within less than 0.1%.

Peter Thompkins described this coincidence in Secrets of the Great Pyramid, but did not have the insight or perception to penetrate the cause (20).

The Dimension of the Earth Radius in English Inches

How could I relate the earth radius in linear measure to the number of arc seconds in that radius?

Simple. Just as we determined the length of the Greek foot in arc seconds of surface measure, we can determine the number of English inches (or Greek feet) in arc seconds of radial measure. Then there would be 206,264+ units expressed in inches (or Greek feet) for the radius of the earth. What would be the result?

If 100 Greek feet were equal to one arc second of surface measure, there would be 206,264+ X 100 Greek feet in the radius of the earth. In English inches this would be equal to 206,264+ X 100 X 1215.22 = 250,656 million. (I use the value assumed from the Nautical Mile.)

I pulled out the WGS84 satellite data Spock had so kindly sent me, and which I carefully kept with me, and began to examine its numbers. I saw that the radial measure of the earth varied between 249,426,220 inches for the equatorial radius of curvature, and 251,951,975 inches for the polar radius of curvature. (Because the earth is an oblate spheroid the curvature at the poles is different than the curvature at the equator. The polar and equatorial radii of curvature express those values.) I saw from my handy-dandy Spock table that all of the different radii of the earth were about 250 million inches, more or less. This confirmed my calculation using Greek feet. If I divided those numbers by 250 million I obtained 1.0044289, 1.0010613, 1.0033064, 1.0078079, and 0.9977049 respectively. In other words the radius of the earth was very nearly 250 million English inches (within 4 parts per thousand). In fact, if I were a surface observer I might not be able to make up my mind whether the radius of the earth was more than 250 million inches or less.

Now that is what I would call a strange round number.

I could express it differently. 500 million inches were in one earth diameter. Or two earth diameters had one billion English inches.

How in heaven’s name did such a number come about? Would these strange coincidences never cease?

When calculated, an ideal 250 million inches divided by 206,264.81 gives 1212.03 inches per arc second. This compares to the 1215.22 inches from the defined Nautical Mile, and the 1214.86 inches from the average of the Parthenon stylobate measurements. The range of values from Spock’s Table for the different radii was from 1209 to 1221 inches.

 Relationship Among the Systems of Measurement

My cavalier friend wanted to know where this was all headed. Pericles had built the Parthenon according to the dimensions of the earth, the Egyptians might have built the Great Pyramid of Khufu likewise except they did not quite make it, there was a strange coincidence of numbers in the English length of the Royal Egyptian cubit and the number of arc seconds in the radius of the earth, and the radius of the earth in English inches was a nice round number. He wanted to know how this all tied together.

Furthermore, he felt confused with all the possible variations of the numbers I was tossing around.

I replied that perhaps we should assume the ancients thought as we. Perhaps they used a measure of the earth along a polar axis, as Erastothenes determined, and as Méchain and Delambre determined. Then we could limit ourselves to the Polar Radius column in the Tabulation. Of course, if the ancient measurers used such value we would be assigning to them more knowledge than possessed by Erastothenes or the Frenchmen in that they were not limited to any one latitude. This limit is one of the major assumptions made by all modern analysts who try to understand the work of the ancients. Perhaps the ancients were a lot better than we give them credit, and had a measure of the earth polar radius similar to what we obtained from satellites, not limited by geographical latitude. I explained that this was a great leap in assumption but for the sake of presentation I would proceed along those lines. Later we could be more definitive about the source.

I invited him to return to further examination of those measures. If the polar radius of the earth is 250,265, 313+ inches from the WGS84 data, and this is divided by the radial seconds of arc of 206,264.81 we obtain 1213.3204+ inches. Now we had a fourth measure of the length of earth arc seconds in addition to the three listed above. I emphasized how these values all agreed within measurement error of one another. These were:

1212.03 inches from an ideal 250 million inches in the earth radius;

1213.32 inches from satellite data, (assuming the measured polar radius);

1214.86 inches from average Parthenon stylobate measure;

1215.22 inches from the defined Nautical Mile;

Now! I ran into a lethal problem, lethal to our modern philosophies of human evolution. In order to obtain a unit length of 100 Greek feet, (one arc second), expressed in English inches, with the radius of the earth divided by the number of radians, a defined mathematical entity, I had to have 250 million inches, more or less, total radius length in order to arrive at that result. I could not have 240 or 260 million, or any other number that was very far from 250. (The range from actual observation and Nautical definition is from 250.266 to 250.658 million inches.)

Such number could not have originated from pure chance. To propose pure chance violates rational thinking. If this value were not pure chance then,

the western unit of measure we use in modern times, the English inch, had to be defined in some ancient past that is now unknown to us.

Otherwise, we could not define 1215 inches in 1/60 Nautical Mile.

This unit of length was designed to fit an earth spherical model devised by some ancient mind.

Otherwise, we could not observe 1213 inches in one arc second from satellite data.

No other logical alternatives exists. A round number of 250 million did not develop out of pure happenstance.

The difference between the ideal and the satellite data might be due to a slight drift in the standard inch length over the centuries. This would produce a difference of about 1.5 inches in every 100 English feet. But this difference is not any greater than that between the satellite data and the defined Nautical Mile.

Furthermore, none of this makes logical sense unless

that ancient mind knew the exact C = 2 Pi R relationship. He had to know not only a practical value of Pi, he also had to know it theoretically.

This conclusion is true because all the elements of the relationship are demonstrated by earth measure in the number of surface arc seconds, the length of the surface units, the length of the radius units, and the relationship of 2 Pi R to obtain the surface length from the radius length.

But this was not the end of the lethal impact of my investigation.

If I take the number of English inches in one Greek foot, as determined from modern satellite data, and divide it into the length of the Royal Cubit of 20.62 or 20.63 English inches, as obtained from modern measurements of ancient Egyptian monuments and ancient cubit rods, I obtain a ratio of 1.69947 or 1.70029. If I take the median of 20.625 I obtain 1.6999. In other words,

within the possible error of modern measures the ratio of the length of the Egyptian Royal Cubit to the length of the Greek foot is a mathematically simple 1.7/1.0.

The fact that I performed this calculation in English inches does not alter the ratio; I could have performed the calculation in any other consistent system of measure.

The length of the Egyptian Royal Cubit is 1.7/100 arc seconds of earth measurement.

To propose that the ancient Egyptians came at this simple ratio and this length measure out of some random chance voids plain human sense. Thus,

if I use the Greek foot value of 12.1332046 calculated from the WGS84 satellite data and multiply it by 1.7 the value of the Royal Egyptian cubit would be 20.6264+ inches.

When I was done with all this my cavalier friend was no longer so cavalier. In fact, he became quite pale. If I had not walked him a few times around the Great Pyramid I fear he would have fainted.

Why? Because

a direct mathematical relationship exists between the length of the ancient Greek foot and the length of the Egyptian Royal Cubit.

The two measures of length are tied together mathematically in a manner never before recognized in western history.

Which means that ancient measures from different countries were connected to one another by some profound relationship, the knowledge of which has not come down to modern man. In other words, the evidence strongly suggests that the ancient Greeks did, indeed, get their length measures from a source that was Egyptian, or both may have obtained them from some more ancient common source.



After he had recovered from these disturbing revelations, my friend wanted to know if I could state the evidence in a more formal manner, and if we could more clearly follow the definitions on which the ancient measures were based.

I replied that we must first forget the words we modern people assign to measurement lengths. Forget English inches and Greek feet and concentrate on the facts.

Some ancient mind arbitrarily defined units that provide a means of manipulating calculations regarding the earth. For CIRCULAR measure he set this to 360 degrees, 60 minutes, and 60 seconds. There would be 360 degrees, 21,600 minutes, and 1,296,000 seconds in one earth circumference.

That definition is sexagesimal, not decimal, nor any other number system. But we do not know sexagesimal mathematics from the ancient Egyptians. This fact naturally leads one to believe the definition must predate the Egyptian culture, as far back as Badarian days, circa 6,000 BC. If it had been brought into the evolving culture of Egypt from another culture after that date, it surely would have left some affect, since the Egyptians then would have included such important information into their social customs of calendar keeping and land measure.

We do know such sexagesimal system from the Babylonians. The Greeks borrowed that system, and it came down to us in western culture. Does this mean our hero lived in a geographic center that later gave the Babylonians the sexagesimal system, but left only the cubit measure in Egypt?

Since the Babylonian system of time keeping was based on similar principles we could say that in like manner our hero set units of time for human convenience at 24 hours, 60 minutes, and 60 seconds. This makes 15 surface degrees in each hour. In this manner time and distance are directly connected to one another. However, these do not concern us in this discussion; I do not wish to digress into the history of world length measure or time keeping. Therefore, I shall ignore them.

I retain the sexagesimal global definitions with words familiar to us because they do not influence our discussion of length measure.

If that ancient mind had a measure of earth surface distance he might have given it a length dimension. However, this length definition was inherently a measure of circular distance because it was tied to the surface of our mother sphere.

In order to remove this dependence on circular distance he used another definition. From the evidence demonstrated here we know he was cozily familiar with the mathematical rules for circular and spherical geometry. He decided to set the LINEAR measure of the earth by the radius, not the circumference. He defined the length of the radius of the earth by a practical unit. He set this at 250,000,000.

Note: If he had set the earth radius at 100 million units, or 500 million, and so on, he would have altered the usefulness of the length of the unit. More than likely he set this to a distance that would be convenient to remember, such as a “thumb’s breadth” or “finger’s breadth.” Later, as men forgot the original definitions, they assumed this measure derived from a convenient human body part while they continued to cling to the original unit length.

This linear length could be defined at a convenient size only if that ancient mind had a good working knowledge of the actual dimensions of the earth, within millionths of resolution.

Earlier we saw that the definition of the earth units depended upon a close familiarity with earth surface dimensions. Similar familiarity with the radius would naturally follow from that other knowledge.

Our hero then had two definitions with which to work: units of circular measure from the circumference, and units of linear measure from the radius.

The Greek foot is based on units of circular measure; the English foot is based on units of linear measure. (Again, the designation of “foot” is a convenient reference back to human body parts, but has no relationship to the original definition, except for the help of human memory.)

In the course of time, and forgotten past, these two measures became confused. In an effort to untangle them modern investigators then devised systems of ratios, 24/25, and so on, to relate them. As an example, refer to the work of Livio Stecchini in an appendix to the book by Peter Thomkins (20) and the web page at (21).

Then a decision had to be made of which measure should be used for practical work, circular or linear.

We know from historic use (the Greeks as example) that one could devise length measures based on the circular definition. While such use would make no practical difference for small-scale man-made structures, it could make a major difference for large land measures.

(Before we assume that our historical information shows that the linear definition found its way into Egyptian land measures we must examine the secret behind the Egyptian Royal Cubit.)

From these definitions we can see that if linear measure were to be used it had to be based on the measure of the radius of the earth, and not circumferential length measure. We should be able to reach the logical deduction that:

All linear measures were originally based on the definition of the number of units in the radius of the earth.


All circular measures were originally based on the definition of the number of units in the circumference of the earth.

The linear measure (radial length) could be translated into circular measure (surface length) through the circular relationship of C = 2 Pi R.

If the dimension of 250 million is multiplied by 2 and again by Pi we obtain 1,507,796+ million nominal units of linear measure in the circumference of the earth. Dividing this linear measure by 1,296,000 arc seconds we obtain the length of the now familiar 1212.034+ nominal units in every arc second of the surface. For convenience of construction on a practical scale this can be divided into 100 parts. This is the nominal length of the Greek foot, a circular measure, expressed in the linear definition of units, and now assigned the designation of English inches.

Then someone, either the person who devised the original definitions, or someone else, decided to incorporate both the circular and linear definitions into a new practical measure. In doing so he accomplished two objectives:

a. he developed a new standard measure, and

b. he forced attention to the fact that this new measure was consciously designed around the size of our mother earth.

It was not derived from human body parts.

My use of the singular third person is not accidental. I do not accept that these profound definitions were derived from a committee, nor do I believe that they gradually evolved over cultural time. They demonstrate a conscious decision to define the earth by a person who knew the dimensions, and then decided on how future men should communicate with one another about such important matters. A definite superior intelligence was the source. But it was a human intelligence, or an intelligence that could relate on human terms.

This conclusion can be illustrated by the length of the Royal Egyptian Cubit. A conscious choice made the numerical value of the Royal Cubit in defined earth linear units (20.62+) equal to the numerical value of arc seconds in the defined circular units radius of the earth (206,264+). This was not an unconscious, random, nor accidental happenstance. If he set out to make these two numerical values equal he could easily decide the amount to add to the 1/100 arc second unit to achieve that equality. It turned out to be 1.7, which, by itself, might be considered fortuitous.

But it was not fortuitous.

We can follow his logic.

We know that the value of the Royal Cubit of 20.625 inches is numerically equal to the number of arc seconds in the radius of the earth, 206,265.81+ divided by 10,000. This is the condition we are searching for.

We shall formalize the expressions.

We know the Royal Cubit is composed of

A: (one arc second/100) plus (Y arc seconds/100), or (1 + Y) X (arc seconds/100).

Using the linear definition of an arc second we know that this is equal to

B: (R X 2 Pi) divided by 1,296,000 where R is the linear radius of the earth.

We can substitute into expression A the linear definition of the arc sec we determined in expression B.  We then reach a new expression

C: (1 + Y) X [(R X 2 Pi)/1,296,000] divided by 100.

We shall make this equal to N1.

We then must equate N1 to the number of arc seconds in the radius of the earth.

D: The number of arc seconds in the circumference is 1,296,000divided by 2 Pi = (1,296,000/2 Pi).

We shall make this equal to N2.

Since the two values are not in equal dimensions or units we must use a multiplier we shall call M in order to equate them dimensionally.

Our object then is to set up an equation in which N1 = N2 (M).

From A we can see that (1 +  Y) is merely a number, the number we are looking for. From B we see that (R X 2 Pi) has the dimensions of inches, while the divisor of 1,296,00 has the dimension of arc seconds. When these two components are multiplied together the resulting dimensions of C are inches/arc seconds.

From D we see that the dimensions are arc seconds divided by a pure number = 2 Pi.

Setting C equal to D, the condition we specified, we obtain:

[(1 + Y)] X {[(R X 2 Pi)/1,296,000]/100}(inches/arc seconds) = [(1,296,000/2 Pi) X (M)](arc seconds)

To solve for (1 + Y) we divide both sides by [(R X 2 Pi)/1,296,000]/100.

(1 + Y) = [(1,296,00/2 Pi) X (M)]/{[(R X 2 Pi)/1,296,000]/100}[(arc seconds)2/inches]

Multiplying the components we find that

(1 + Y) = {[(1,296,000) X (1,296,000) X (M)]/[(R X 2 Pi X 2 Pi)]/100}[(arc seconds)2/inches]

We know that R = 250 million = 2.5 X 108.

1,296,000 = 1.296 X 106.

This can be simplified to:

(1 + Y) = {[(1.296)2 X 1012](M)divided by [2.50 X 108 X 4Pi2] X 100}[(arc seconds)2/inches]

Calculating the numbers we find that:

(1 + Y) = (1.296/Pi)2 X 10 [(arc seconds)2.inches](M)

(1 + Y) = 1.701806812[(arc seconds)2/inches](M)

Going back to the dimensions we see that M should be [inches/(arc seconds)2] to obtain a pure number.

This is the ratio to make the numerical value of the Royal Egyptian Cubit equal to the number of arc seconds in the radius of the earth. This ratio is obtained from the theoretical model equivalence we defined here.

If I use this number to multiply the length of the nominal Greek foot of 12.12034 inches I obtain 20.62648+ inches in the Egyptian Royal Cubit.

The value obtained earlier with a simple 1.7 multiplier was based on the satellite model. (If I use the theoretical value multiplied against the satellite data I obtain 20.648+ inches for the Royal cubit.)

Thus it would appear that our hero used theoretical values based on 250 million units, not satellite values of 250+ million units.

Note that this theoretical equation incorporates all elements of the earth model:

a. both linear and circular lengths; with

b. the linear radius of 250 million units, the radius-to-circumference Pi relationship, and the 1,296,000 number of arc seconds in the circumference.

In summary:

The length in defined earth units of the Royal Egyptian Cubit was chosen to be numerically the same as the number of arc seconds in the earth radius at a nominal ratio of 1.7/1.0.

Copyright Ernest Moyer


Books by  Ernest Moyer

The Birth of a Divine Revelation: (The Origin of the Urantia Papers)   
Report on the origins of the Urantia Papers. Describes the evolution of events which led to the Papers. Includes biography of William Sadler, the human agent, an account of an associated group, (the Forum), and discussion of threats to the Revelation before it was published.. Offers a wealth of detail heretofore unpublished. Original scholarly research.

Spirit Entry into Human Mind: The Coming Spiritual Storm  
This book is a report on the author’s investigations into the warnings Jesus gave us about the end of the age. He concludes that the spiritists, those human agents who gave themselves to the Spirits, will bring a deadly spiritual storm. He details the evidence for spirit entry into human mind, and how the Spirits will bring about execution of their evil designs.

Our Celestial Visitors: A Program in World Rehabilitation 
This book is a report on Ernest Moyer’s investigations into our celestial visitors, and their program of genetic and spiritual rehabilitation for this world. He reviews the history of contact, the abduction phenomenon, the role of the Contactees, and how revelation provides insight into the operations and purpose of celestial administration.

 PS Perfect Design

Note: The following segment is based on work of Don Barone

 – – –
Let me share with you other facts about cosmic harmony. 
The radius of the Moon compared to the Earth is three to eleven, ie. 3:11.
Radius of the Moon = 1,080 miles = 3 x 360 
Radius of the Earth = 3,960 miles = 11 x 360 = 33 x 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 

Radius of Earth plus Radius of Moon = 5,040 miles* =
= 14 x 360 = 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7 = 7 x 8 x 9 x 10

(*Actual 5043.197 miles )


The ratio 3:11 is 27.3 percent, and the orbit of the Moon takes 27.3 days*. 
*Sidereal rotation period 27.321582 d (synchronous).
27.3 days is also the average rotation period of a sunspot.

Observe the measurements of the Moon:
Equatorial radius 1,738.14 km (0.273 Earths) so
the Moon Diameter is: 3,476.28 km

Let’s “round it” up to 3,480km and make this the cosmic unit (one moon unit).
I am going to give it the name of “The Thoth”, as a lasting memento to “‘Him”.
Therefore one Thoth is simply the ideal diameter of The Moon.

If all is perfection, as I believe it is,  surely “Thoth” would divide into “Ra” evenly. And we are left with this mind numbing calculation:

Diameter of The Sun = 1,392,000 km

If we divide 1,392,000 by 3,480 astonishingly we get 400 … exactly !!!!!

So what I did next is the stuff of epiphanies. 

I decided to divide 3480 (“perfect” value) by the actual value of 3,476.28 and to my amazement, and going beyond anything I had ever discovered before I arrived at this answer. It is beyond dream-scape, it has entered the twilight zone of the gods for what we arrive at here is … 3,480 / 3,476.28 = 1.001070

… The pyramid inch, infrequently called the sacred Jewish inch, is a unit of measure claimed by pyramidologists to have been used in ancient times. Supposedly it was one twenty-fifth of a “sacred cubit”, 1.00106 imperial inches, or 2.5426924 centimetres.

The first suggestion that the builders of the Great Pyramid of Giza used units of measure related to modern measures is attributed to Oxford astronomy professor John Greaves (1602–1652), who journeyed to Egypt in 1638 to makemeasurements of the pyramid. His findings were published in his Pyramidographia and under his name in an anonymous tract. More than a century later, Greaves’measurements and additional measurements made by French engineers during Napoleon’s expedition in Egypt, were studied by John Taylor (1781–1864). Taylor claimed that the measurements indicated that the ancients had used a unit of measure about 1/1000 greater than a modern British inch. This was origin of the “pyramid inch”. Taylor regarded the “pyramid inch” to be 1/25 of the “sacred cubit” whose existence had earlier been postulated by Isaac Newton [ 1 sacred cubit = 25 inches = 63.5 cm. Sacred Cubit was created from the Earth’s and the Sun’s measurements. The value of 1.00106 British inches is calculated as 1/500,000,000 of the Earth’s polar diameter] . The principal argument was that the total length of the four sides of the pyramid would be 36524 (100 times the number of days in a year) if measured in pyramid inches. Taylor and his followers, who included the Astronomer Royal of Scotland Charles Piazzi Smyth (1819–1900),[4] also found numerous apparent coincidences between the measurements of the pyramids and the geometry of the earth and the solar system. They concluded that the British system of measures was derived from a far more ancient, if not divine, system. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, this theory played a significant role in the debates over whether Britain and the United States should adopt the metric system …

If we divide 3480 / 1.00106 we get 3476.32 or for the radius 1738.16 out a mere 2/100 of a km

So there we have it folks. The Pyramid is a human scale model of a stylized solar system with a corrected unit of measure for a base. 

So what has happened is THAT WE ARE USING THE WRONG MEASUREMENT SYSTEM !!!!! Our units should be corrected to tie into solar distances.Architects of the pyramids on the Giza Plateau didn’t use an inch, or a centimetre or a metre or a cubit or a digit or anything of the sort. The Great Pyramid and The Giza Plateau was laid out according to the unit of measurement that “The Gods” used!

And lest you think this is so much number crunching allow me to post another page from “The Book of Knowledge”

  • There are 16,666.66666 Moon Units in the distance from The Sun to Mercury
  • There are 13.33333333333 Moon Units in the distance to Mercury’s perihelion
  • T here are 16.6666666 Moon Units in the distance of Mercury’s semi major axis
  • There are 20.00000 Moon Units in the distance to Mercury’s aphelion

  There is still much more to follow as Horus gets into the act… 
 And as we proceed on this try to remember these words from The Book of Enoch:
 26. And on that day the night becomes longer and amounts to the double of the day: and the night amounts exactly to twelve parts and the day to six. [ Don’s Note: day = 0.333333 night = 0.6666666666  ]
 27. And the sun has (therewith) traversed the divisions of his orbit and turns again on those divisions of his orbit, and enters that portal thirty mornings and sets also in the west opposite to it.  
 28. And on that night has the night decreased in length by a ninth part, and the night has become eleven parts and the day seven parts.  
 29. And the sun has returned and entered into the second portal in the east, and returns on those his divisions of his orbit for thirty mornings, rising and setting. 
 and it is written that the Sun and the Moon were placed in the sky to help man measure, … and they surely were !!!!

Image courtesy of Secrets In Plain Site

And to once again show the mastery of “It’s” work The Creator chose to place planets at the correct distance apart so that on certain occasions we would see theamazing harmony of the master work when we would see an eclipse and see that everything was perfectly in place to exactly cover The Sun and leave just a sliver of light around it. No other configuration would allow this. It was simply a one shot deal and everything was placed perfectly to allow all this to happen and as all this was happening the Earth was traveling around The Sun in … A PERFECT CIRCLE

But even though the work may have been finished quickly (or slowly, does it matter ? ) our job has to be to try to learn what system The Creator used and surprisingly it appears that he used a simple 9 x 11 grid and the ratios 7 and 11 and also 14.

In order to try to figure out the design of this solar system of ours I decided to start at the nearest planet to The Sun, Mercury who it was said through history was “The Messenger of The Gods”. Could this mean that Mercury would tell us what “God” said or could it be that Mercury might tell us or show us what God had done ?

Orbital period of Moon = 27.321582 days. Can’t help but feel that in the beginning it was 27.27272727272727 days or 27 and 3/11ths … Yes I think that is how I would have designed it.

I would have made The Moon distance a single unit and then would have madeThe Earth 3.666666666 larger or made it a perfect 3 to 11 ratio and then made the Moon revolve around The Earth in 27 and (3/11)th days time and nicely 3 and (2/3)rds as a reciprocal is of course … 0.2727272727. Aw yes, no wonder they lamented the passing of  Zep Tepi – The Golden Time – when all was harmony.

And you know what else I would have done. I would have definitely allowed the planets to revolve … in perfect circles.

But riddle me this. Why would Enoch claim there were but 364 days in the year ? “
… On that day the night decreases and amounts to nine parts, and the day to nine parts, and the night is equal to the day and the year is exactly as to its days three hundred and sixty-four. … 

Source: Don Barone

– – – 

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  1. says

    FIRST – BEFORE going to anywhere in the Bible:
    do yourself one big favour and read Clay Tablet 10 of Enki’s “Lost Books” (by Sitchin).
    The Bible as we know it was edited and recompiled by the NiCaEan Council in 325AD – in Genesis 1 along comes the Elohim – a conglomerate of several Other Worlders in charge of the “Living Library” of Earth.
    Then in Genesis 2 along comes The Uan/Dagon/Oannes run by a king by the name of Anu. Hence the other biblical name for them “Anakim” but to others using Sumerian language “Anun.naki” from heaven to Earth came” is as good as any description. After you have read Clay Tablet 10 and taken into account the description of the timing, that is, on the cusp of going into the Age of Leo from the age of Virgo – in other words, in “Leo iRising” as Robert Schoch put it – also explaining what the Sphinx IS – that of Virgo (a female) into Leo (a lion). According to Enki the architect of the Giza plateau was Thoth (Ninghizzida) whose face first appeared on the sphinx, later to be re-carved as HatSheSut. Now, once you have read that, plus Herodotus who states two things very clearly
    1) the Pyre Amid is NOT a tomb. None of them were. Khufu had his “sepulchre” placed inside a “nearby island” and
    2) The work Khufu did took nearly as long “as the pyramid itself” saying it was already there.
    Now – if you go to the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus (he who spent 6 years in Egypt) you will find a pdf forum called WHAT THE PYRAMIDS ARE FOR – which explains what the resonating chambers will do when the Earth receives “incoming”. All the fancy measurements in the above article are well and fine, so – are all the other pyramids in the world constructed by the same principle?
    the free web site also has the clear explanation of THE AGE OF THE GREAT PYRAMID which fits EXACTLY with what Enki says in Tablet 10

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    I want to give You a shorter form to get the pyramids sizes! Have a look at the “Khufu pyramid size” on YouTube! … and a Pi too! 3,142 !
    Best wishes, Andras G?czey

    • Charles Marcello says

      Above I asked people to divide the ages of Genesis Chapter 11 into the physical dimensions of the Sun and compare those answers to the Great Pyramid… if you did so you would’ve discovered these answers; 2996 / 432,000 equals 144… and 2996 / 864,000 equals 288.

      So I began to think, what if the original dimension of the Great Pyramid was 288 before missing its capstone? So then I was like, is it possible there is a hidden formula for figuring out the true dimensions of the Great Pyramid inside the bible? I know our history books state standard mathematics was invented by Rome… Yet, if what is revealed below is true, there is no way in hell Rome invented the inch, foot, mile because they didn’t build the Pyramids or Write the book of Genesis. So… the big question becomes does the Bible and Standard Mathematics reveal the Dimensions of the Great Pyramid and if so just how old is the standard measurement system? With a follow up question… using the formula below could that suggest the builders of those pyramids did in fact build ALL the Pyramids at Giza to represent our three dimensional reality? And if so does this demand someone in our very distant past hide these secrets inside Genesis Chapter 11… or perhaps our not so ancient ancestors misunderstood the science that was passed forward by the survivors of some catastrophic worldwide event? If any of that is true, how is this secret revealed?

      Well the Above Answer takes the ages in Genesis Chapter 11 and then divides it into the Standard Mathematical measurements of the Sun which, I now believe, equals the true physical height of the Great Pyramid if it had its missing capstone. If that is true how do we find the other measurements of the Pyramids. Well first I have to point you to my blog the “Secrets of the Giza Pyramids” for even more clues. Inside that blog I stated, to my mind, there are three undeniable truths regarding the Pyramids at Giza. First, the pyramids are 1/6 the true physical measurement of a cube that equals the true hidden secret/knowledge left behind by our very ancient ancestors. Meaning this knowledge wasn’t’ hidden from them, but it has been purposely hidden from us. The Second, that whomever built those Pyramids had to of flown in space, period! And lastly, to my mind the evidence is overwhelming they only accepted and acknowledge our three dimensional reality while at the same time they knew our Earth perfectly mimics the Sun in every way possible. Which is kind of embarrassing for our time… we rightfully deny the Earth is flat yet we use flat earth/universe mathematics to define our three dimensional reality. I wonder if that is going to change anytime soon?

      How to reveal the rest of the secrets hidden within Genesis Chapter 11 using Standard Mathematics for the Great Pyramid… followed quietly by… could this simple discovery create some very embarrassing questions for science, our history books, Egyptologists and worldwide religions? Before we begin we must agree on some very basic truths. I suggest you check these facts out for yourself… do the total Ages of Genesis Chapter 11 equal 2996 and are there 5,280 feet in a mile? Next we need to agree that 2996 times 2 equals 5992. Read the rest of Genesis Chapter 11 to find why by 2. So if we take 5992 and subtract 5280 we get 712. I was amazed when I saw the second measurement of the Great Pyramid. Oh wait, that’s right I should probably divide 712 in half, which equals 356. A second physical dimension of the Great Pyramid. Yet I was still not convinced. So I played around some more and this is what I found. Take 5992 and divide 5280 into it which equals 1.13484848… all by itself that number seemed like it equaled nothing, until I decided to multiply 369 (take the pyramids and sequence them, 3, 3 plus 3 = 6, 3 plus 3 plus 3 = 9 ie 369 times 1.13484848 equals… 418.7590909 or to keep things simple 418. A third physical dimension of the Great Pyramid, that convinced me the pyramids were created to represent a cube. Do the math without cubic measurements and see what you get. While the 440 base measurement as many others have discovered equals the physical measurements of our planet if multiplied by a variant of the Sun’s physical dimensions in miles. The question becomes what are the odds that all the physical dimensions of the Great Pyramid can be found hidden inside Genesis Chapter 11 using nothing but Standard Mathematics and the Pyramids physical setup? And yes I could’ve given these answers years ago, yet I did not want these answers associated with 2012.

      Let alone are there still many hidden answers awaiting discovery… for example… if we subtract Shem’s age from the total and divide that into the Suns physical dimensions we get 864,000 / 2,396 equals 360.601001 or maybe 360 degrees perhaps. Are there other answers? Yes there are, but the rest are for you to find. Some day soon I will give examples on how our truly ancient ancestors could’ve used 3 dimensional mathematics to improve there lives greatly… and how if we use three dimensional mathematics it will do the same for us, both physically and mentally. If you’re impatient jump ahead play with three dimensional mathematics I promise you will be amazed by what you find.

      –Charles Marcello

      –Charles Marcello

      • Charles Marcello says

        For those who aren’t familiar with my style of revealing things that I believe I’ve discovered, the above comment may appear that I’m attempting to have my cake and eat it to. When I said I now believe the real height of the Great pyramid is 288. And then give measurements that only shows the pyramid without it’s capstone. I probably should’ve just said I believe the All Seeing Eye equals the missing measurements that allows us to finally break the Pyramid code and how parts of the Bible was written to help us do just that. How so… Well let us start simple. 440 + 356 + 288 = 1084.. Or perhaps 108.4 equaling another earth Sun connection using standard mathematics. Now let’s be a little more complicated. I said the pyramids at Gaza are actually 1/6th of a cube and the measurements for the All Seeing Eye is 8. So that’s 8 × 6 = 48 × 6 = 288 × 6.= 1728 × ? Will give you the speed of light in standard mathematics. I would show you more but I’m now confident I’ve now shown more then enough to help those who want to see, see… While at the same time helping the so called illuminated to see something that’s been hidden from them in plain site. BTW to see the all seeing eye, overlap the pyramids by the scale represented with this discovery. If you do you’ll begin to understand why we are all one and how everything is connected… And why every culture on earth created their own version to save the knowledge of three dimensional mathematics/knowledge/very ancient wisdom, that over time has been corrupted by those seeking to bend mankind to the own will. I hope you look for the rest of answers.

        –Charles Marcello

  3. Charles Marcello says

    I was gonna wait until my Secrets of Giza Pyramids blog part 2 comes out next year to mention this but I always love giving information away for free to see if others are willing to look just a little deeper. To add to your list go to Genesis Chapter 11 and add up all the ages… Our go to my other blog December 3 2012 and the Pyramids at Giza (quickly located to the right) and scroll down to Part 3… Now take those totals and divide them into the Sun. And then compare that answer to the Great Pyramid. Obviously people can argue so what… But now that you’ve been shown a different way to look at the collection of ages, is there more then one answer hidden inside the Bible? Enjoy the ride!

    –Charles Marcello

    • J.A. says

      Obviously charles you are comfortable to compare so from what is gather people so it is safe to discuss monuments alike from all over the world and astrology of the heavens made to religion from the masters that walked this earth ages ago how would they interporate universal precision to experience planet reality as they where partial gods themselves so what has been written down must have true from the source if source is aware as for calenders and time is the sun and earth equall in respects to mankind as custodian and caretaker this is so a mutual understanding of our places in the universe for the future deserves better than anything else!

  4. says

    Have you ever asked yourself why these mathematical calculations of the earth, moon and sun coincide with each other?

    Psychically, the EARTH represents the SELF; whereas, the SUN represents the EGO and the MOON represents the Anima/Animus.

    Basically, the whole universe is a projection: a symbolic extrapolation of the SELF’S psychic content; therefore, all calculation relating to anything in the solar system (Ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind).


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