Beautiful British Columbia

This is a special update for our regular visitors.

There were no posts for over a week because we took a short break to visit beautiful British Columbia (Canada).
We have many new articles to be presented in the next few weeks. Please visit our blog often for updates…


Here are few random photos from our trip.



bc_vanc_bridgebc_vanc_boathousebc_vancouverbc_vanc1bc_vanc4 bc_vanc3bc_vanc2

 BC Ferries

bc_ferries0bc_ferries3 bc_ferries1 bc_ferries2bc_ferries4


bc_hbc_victoria1 bc_vic_night1bc_vic_empress2bc_vic_empressbc_victoria2bc_victoria_fireworksbc_vanc5

Butchart Gardens

bc_vic_bg6 bc_vic_bg5 bc_vic_bg4 bc_vic_bg3 bc_vic_bg2bc_vic_bg7 bc_vic_bg8bc_butchart_fl1bc_vic_bg1   

 Okanagan Lake


Osoyoos, BC


Wineries near Osoyoos


PS1 Ziplining


PS2 Strange Clouds


Can you imagine the Sphinx and the Pyramid in this photo?



  1. Marlyn says

    Nice pics … BC is very beautiful, I grew up in a small town 100 Mile House and now I live in Vancouver, very beautiful when sunny.

  2. Charles Marcello says

    Canada, ptth… Oregon is much more beautiful. Just kidding, unless you wanna believe it. Those are some wonderful pictures, and yes okay ok Canada is beautiful too.

    –Charles Marcello

    • Alex says

      This time I left my Canon SLR at home…

      All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and Panasonic Lumix TS4 12.1 MP (megapixels) TOUGH Waterproof Digital Camera.

      Here is more info about the camera:
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      – Mark Your Terrain with Quad Indicator, GPS, and Altimeter Log.
      – Take a Picture and Record It in Full 1080/60p HD with 4.6x Zoom
      – Zoom Intelligence. Wide-Angles. Minimized blur
      Click on the link below for detailed review:

  3. Michael Walhem says

    The wineries look spectacular,
    LITERALLY jaw-dropping,
    never been to BC because i live in Sydney, Australia
    but hope to visit some day, looks so peaceful back there
    in Canada, great touristic place indeed!


    • MarkMitch says

      Please do!
      I have been to Sydney and live in Edmonton Canada.
      Both Vancouver and Sydney are wonderful places.

  4. Joe Brodie says

    LOVE IT!
    So nice dude, the photos are good quality and the places are all beautiful hope you got home safe!

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