Atlantean Puzzle Pieces


See the following Nahuatl (Aztec Words) before beginning this article:

Atl = Water.
Atlan = In, by, alongside, under water.
Atlah= Abundant water.
Ahtlantica=A big stretch of abundant water (A Nahuatl name for the Atlantic Ocean.).
Atlantona = Resplendent Lady of Water (Another Nahuatl name for the Atlantic Ocean).
Atlantech/Atlantesh = Place under, by, in, alongside water.
Atlantes = Nahuatl name for Atlas holding up the world.

Atlantean Puzzle Pieces

Copyright by Ed Ziomek, Stamford, CT, and Johnny Ziomek (Los Angeles)

The following are plausible explanations and theories, leading us closer to the historical truths we all seek.  I suspect 1000 authors or more have found these connections before me, in the last 500 years.

Atlantean Puzzle Pieces… my theory

As Critias explained to Plato, Atlantean names and landmarks are mentioned in the “Greek names”, for a culture that preceded the Egyptian culture by an unknown quantity of centuries or millenia. While Critias claimed to know the original Atlantean names, he only referred to the Greek equivalent names, which followed the Egyptian equivalent names. No human being knows the exact Atlantean original names.

The Atlantean names may be nonexistent, and some say the legend is false.
I disagree.

In my untrained, amateur, and yes its true… scholarly ignorance, I have found a concentration of Atlantean names and landmarks found in the Valley of Mexico, and they include the Aztec names with the “A-tee-lah” prefix:

  • Atlatzinco
  • Atlauntenco
  • Atlaco
  • Atlacualco
  • Atlanco
  • Atlacuinuayan
  • Atlazolpa
  • Atlapulco
  • Atlipac
  • Atoyac

Note: These names come from a $6 composite tourist map owned by the City of Mexico City, originally created in 1560 by Hector Elizalde Davalos, and modified in 1973 by Luis Aparicio with iconic symbolism from a book Antonio Penafiel, or so I am told.

I have spent the last two years finding remarkable coincidental Atlantean landmarks, embedded in the Aztecan naming conventions of this map. I would like to share these observations with you, first naming my discoveries and their connection to the Atlantean myth, then explaining them, point-by-point.

#1 on the Issues List, for Atlantis being hidden so long… “10 Miles from the Ocean”!

Critias explained to Plato, that Atlantis was an “island nation in the middle of the ocean (or 10 miles from the Ocean), surrounded by a ring of mountains.” It is my untrained belief that this singular puzzling entry is the reason why the Valley of Mexico has been ignored for 2400 years, and Atlantis has remained hidden.

I believe that the correct translation of this comment by Critias, would be… that “Atlantis is an island nation, surrounded by a massive inland lake (Texcoco), and 10 miles from a second massive lake called Zhosheemilco.”

Zhosheem, not “ocean”. This Lake is spelled Xochimilco, and means “God of the Flowers”, which alternately meant… a. God of fertility, b. warriors for sacrifice, and c. stars in the sky. There is a strong chance that this name was the Greek equivalent of Poseidon, and the Egyptian equivalent of Osiris, and is usually depicted “rising” out of the waters of the lake.

The two lake structures, Xochimilco and Texcoco, may have been manually connected via a massive excavation project just to the West of the “bent mountain”, “Colhuacan”. Several iconic images, identical to Egyptian images of the same function, point to this “canal” as the “Gateway to the Underworld” of Tenochtitlan.

Atlantean landmarks:

1. “10 miles from the Ocean”. No. 10 miles from Xochimilco, Lake of the flowers.

2. Pillars of Hercules:

#1 candidate… Tepeyacac, Holy Hill, Phallic of the God ‘Ea’ “the Divine Male”
#2 candidate… Iliacac, Phallus of the God ‘Ea’ or “illiah” or ‘a-yah’
#3 candidate… Colhuacan is this the Greek equivalent of “Colonus arraklees”
each candidate can also be described located where… “the straits were narrow at that point”

3. Temple of Athena

#1 Atenco Aten Inca, compare with Athens Greece… Temple of Athena-Nike
#2 Tenayucan.pu

4. Temple of Hephaestos Tepetacalco.pu, Epazoyucan, or Tepetzinco

5. Temple of Sun and Moon, Coatenchan Ka-Aten-Khan

6. “River Asopus on the left”: Azcaputzalco.pu (west of Tepeyacac)

7. Temple of Atlas Atlaco

8. “Mt. Helicon”, Chimal Huacan (my theory, compare with “Shamash Huacan”)

9. Lycabettus and Penyx.

Lycabettus I believe is spelled incorrectly, but very close to a very recognizable name. Lycabettus I believe is the Aztec Bados, but labeled by the Conquistadors… Penon de los Bados, or “Pillar of the Bados”. Why would the Conquistadors go through the trouble of mixing an Aztec title with a Spanish descriptive phrase. Based on all my research, and surrounding naming conventions, I believe the correct Aztec spelling of “Penon de los Bados” should be Yaca-Bados, or ill-ya-ka Bados, or Grave of the God, i.e, the Egyptian Abydos, (grave of Osiris). Penon de los Bados is located slightly to the East of Tenochtitlan, with ilicac (Phallus of the God, and Piller of Hercules candidate) place equidistant to the West of Tenochtitlan. Osiris was the God of the Underworld, God of the night. “Night-time” dies in the East, with the rising sun God, Horus-Ra. “Night-time” is born in the West, exactly where Horus-Ra dies at the setting sun, each day.
So I believe “ilicac”, the phallus of the God, the piller of the God, or the “Penyx”, is the “birthplace of Osiris”, and Lycabettus, or Penon de los Bados, refers to the grave of Osiris.
Tenochtitlan is on the island in between these two landmarks. God of Darkness. My theory.

10. references to Poseidon, and Temple of Poseidon “Pochtli”, “Papatlan”

The 3-pronged Saguarro Cactus is plausibly the Poseidon trident, which is part of the Mexican national flag.

11. references to Thoth, aka Tehotu, aka Djeheuty on left side of staircase of Teotuhuacan (Tehotu on temple of Teotu),

also known as Hermes to the Greeks, Idris/Enoch to the Hebrews, Osiris to the Egyptians. Note the similarity: Tenochtitlan, and Enoch. Titlan, and Tuat land. i.e., “the Underworld” Tenochtitlan, “God of Darkness, land of the Tuat”.

12. references to Osiris – Xochimilco, and Texcaca (She Ke Ku, Chicago) Lake of Osiris

Yahoo/Google lookup… Ka Ka +Osiris, or “Ka her Ka” +Osiris

13. “sandy soil with underlayment of clay”

Mexico City sinks 4 inches per year into the sandy soil, and Puebla, Mexico is renowned for its outstaning ceramic clays found there.

14. city location Thule “Tula, Mexico”

15. Nation location of Lemuria “The Maya”..

could also be “Amiu-amau” group of Gods

16. “Land between the oceans was navigable”,

connections to the Atlantic and Pacific were river navigable, from the Valley of Mexico, in ancient times. Today’s Mexico City sits “flat as a tabletop” at 7000 feet elevation. Tour guides will tell you that 4 cities lie buried in the Valley of Mexico, and the Aztecs did not know “who put them there”.

17. Red rocks, black rocks, yellow rocks, white rocks, (from the Atlantean legend)

A geologist should be consulted on this, but these colors of rocks are present in the volcanic Valley of Mexico

18. Temple complex, surrounded by areas for craftsmen and warriors…

The Temple complex of Teotuhuacan is surrounded by the remains of housing for the craftsmen, and close by to the town of “Otumba“, which means “warriors” in at least one African dialect (Senegal, Congo?) The naming convention hints that specific tribes had the function of mercenary armies.

19. Atlantis sits at the end of a long promonotory

The entire country of present-day Mexico is shaped like a promonotory, ending in the Panama Canal area. But this “promonotory” reference by Critias is more immediatly shown in the geographic layout of the Valley of Mexico, in the Davalos map, with a “left arm” of land projecting from the “Atlicpac” area, westwards towards Colhuacan. The land area shown in the Davalos map may have extended northwards towards Tenochtitlan, but only island-mountaintops remain, surrounded by shallow lake waters. This coincides with the Critias description of what remained after the Atlantean “mud-flood”, from Volcanic, rain inundations, or hurricane disruptions which scoured the agriculture hillsides of their topsoil in massive mudslides draining into the valley below. This raised the water levels of the lake structures in the valley, and left the area a “skeleton of its previous self” (paraphrased). I believe the legends match the facts of the Valley of Mexico.

20. Atlantis is located at the “navel of the earth” Atlantis

Ombligo (navel to Mexicans), and Vulva to the Aztecs. The name Atlantis can be translated almost entirely from the Egyptian. “AT” as a prefix, is a remarkable two-letter set, with two meanings: Vulva, and Rebel (girly man).
On the female side, the Goddess side, AT means “vulva”, the goddess of creation, the womb of creation. Atlantis literally means… Land of creation, very close to “navel of the earth”.
On the Male side, the “AT” prefix is an insult. Atlas, you remember, was a Titan God who rebelled against Hercules, the Olympian. At-las means… “rebel”, or “girly man”.  I think this insulting naming convention, which survives today, is a warning… “Defy the Olympians, and we will mock your name for all eternity.”
Citizens of Mexico today have been taught that the Valley of Mexico is called… “Ombligo”, the “belly button of the Moon”.

21. Atlantis sits at the center of an “truly endless continent”, as does the Valley of Mexico.

In fact, the Valley of Mexico is the physical beginning of the entire North American continent, and on top of the South American continent. It is one good reason that I believe the Atlas statue is in fact a secret map of the Western Hemisphere. The head of Atlas is arguably “Yucatan”, with right arm being Florida/Cuba, and left arm being Baja. The Valley of Mexico sits on the left shoulder of the Atlas statue, and is the beginning of “a truly endless continent”.

22. Critias speaks of 10 double-temples, and I have found 9 in the Valley of Mexico, with a possible 10th.

I have not translated them, for their meanings, but let me present them to you. There is also the added concern that the dates of their construction is unknown, some attributing them to the Aztecs, who organized in modern times, post 1325 AD. I don’t know, I may be entirely wrong on this, but there are 9 of the 10 double temples in the Valley of Mexico, and their names are:

  • Itzapalapan.pu
  • Coyohuacan.pu
  • Tlacopan.pu
  • Tenayocan.pu
  • Atzacoalco, or Atlacoalco
  • Tezcuco.pu
  • Tlalmanalco
  • Coatinchan.pu
  • Huitzilopochtli
  • Huitznahuac this temple is depicted with two aspects, of a single temple structure. Is this the missing 10th double temple? (still studying this one)

23. Acropolis

On the Davalos map, in the exact vicinity of Penon de los Bados, or what I refer to as the “Lycabettus” candidate is a place name of “Acopulco” or “Acopuco”. I believe this is the Acropolis, which has a directly Greek meaning.

By the way, my translation theories are evolving on a daily basis, and I now may have a second opinion on the pronunciation of “Iliacac”. It may not be… “eel- lee-ya cock”, but instead may be “il-lee-sus”, which also is mentioned in the Atlantean myth.


The main area of the Valley of Mexico, as depicted in the Davalos map.


Issues… Not a Perfect Discourse…of course!

Critias may have embellished the truth. He speaks to Plato of Zeus in his temple, with a magnificent chariot. As I understood history, horses were not domesticated until 3500 BC or so, with chariots not being available until 1700 BC.

Critias also spoke of elephants and domesticated cattle and such things, not evident in the Western Hemisphere. However, in the early 1900s, there was some serious speculation that elephants existed in the Americas long ago, as did horses which were used for food.

So, the mystery continues. What have I discovered?

I say nothing. I say the Conquistadors KNEW all of this. They recognized the “pagan” Egyptian and Greek and Atlantean symbolism, and they tried to destroy all of it.

1000 or 10,000 authors before me have written these words, or similar words. My contribution is that I am researching library books, and finding numerous authors who have made truly significant discoveries, and presenting these puzzle pieces, seeing a possible connection.

I am reminded what Graham Hancock wrote in 1994 (paraphrased), Fingerprints of the Gods…”The animal God images found on the Western wall of Teotuhuacan are identical to the animal God images of Egypt.”

Copyright 2005 by Ed Z, Stamford, CT, and Johnny Ziomek (Los Angeles)

All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

E-mail: [email protected]



PS Davalos Map

Davalos Map of the ancient City of Tenochtitlan, Valley of Sacred, Sacred, Mexico.

by Ed Ziomek


In all my research, there are two historical maps which are the most remarkable of all surviving ancient maps.

The first is the Piri Reis map, which I am researching today.

The second map is the Davalos Map of the Valley of Mexico. The origins of this map are obscure, but it seems that the City of Mexico City commissioned in 1973 some scholars to come up with a $5 tourist map incorporating many previous maps, showing both ancient naming conventions and iconic symbols for those locations.

The end result was a remarkable historical piece, and I am not sure they realized it. Even worse, and sadly, the indigenous tribes of Mexico might not realize their INCREDIBLE heritage, with names like Mashkan, Mexican, deriving from the Judaic name “Tabernacle”. Does Mexico understand its celestial role as the “center of the ancient universe”?

I mean this in no small way, as if one could combine the importance of Jerusalem, Mecca, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and the Giza Plateau into one place: The ancient Valley of Mexico is EXACTLY THAT!

The map shows ancient Babylonian names, Greek names, Judaic names, skewed in the language of the Aztecs, Mayas, Totonakas.

As this is an ongoing project, I will probably take 8 weeks or so to present only a portion of what I am deciphering in this remarkable map. Note: In trying to capture the large poster onto a computer, I segmented the original into several smaller portions, then re-composed them into a singular image as best I could.

As a tourist, I was told of 200 separate indigenous cultures still remaining in the Valley of Mexico. History tells us the Conquistadors attempted to destroy all the Aztecan, Totonakan, and the other indigenous culture materials that they found.

To make matters even more curious, I am having a hard time finding copies of the map I am presenting, officially named “Plano reconstruction de la region de Tenochtitlan (1973)”, and originally purchased in “Libraria Madero” on Madero Street, Districto Federales, City of Mexico City. [ ]

Let me start with the overall view of the Valley of Mexico, and the “Davalos Map”, with the following credits…
“Mapa de Tenochtitlan, siglo Xvi, basado en el libro Plano reconstruction de la region de Tenochtitlan (1973), de Luis Gonzalez Aparicio, Los glifos y los colores se agregaron de acuerdo a los documentos de Antonio Penafiel.”

And let me not forget to mention the great book written by Dr. Robert M. Schoch, with Robert McNally, “Voyages of the Pyramid Builders” … of what the Vatican published 500 years ago…

“Pope Julius II solved the problem at the Fifth Lateran Council in 1512 by declaring that the American Indians were indeed children of Adam and Eve and therefore humans. Their ancestors were Babylonians expelled from that city for sinfulness in the days before Noah’s flood. These people wandered so far into the wilderness and away from the centers of evil, which God sought to destroy, that they survived the deluge – not spared by divine design, like Noah and his family and his multitudes of paired animals, but somehow overlooked.” Pg 84

The end result is that nothing of what I have put on the table here is new. I am probably the “million-and-first” person to say these things.

It’s just not politically correct to say, and repeat what was said and published so many times before… the Western Hemisphere was never lost.

And everybody was here before Columbus: Babylonians, Canaanites, Judaic Tribes, Greeks, Vikings, Egyptians, Chinese, Asians, etc.

Late note, March, 2012: Does everyone who looks at the Davalos map note the uncanny resemblance of what appears to be, an outstretched left arm and head, similar in form to the Atlas mythology?

Let me take a moment to thank Yahoo Flickr for having a visual data base for persons around the world to review the ancient and modern accomplishments of people, in photography, art, history, anthropology, archaeology, etc.


  1. Jose D.C. Hernandez says

    Good day to all. I have posted an article I wrote “Celestial Impact and Atlantis”, where I propose a new theory base on a celestial impact that started a change reaction culminating with the location of Atlantis today. I have spent most of my life as a surveillance pilot and analyst, studying photos and maps all over the world. Then, one day, I came across this strange formation northwest Africa that match perfectly to Plato’s description of Atlantis and its famous city with the multiple rings. See my blog posted on 25 Oct 2013. The main structure match the description of Plato’s Island and the city rings are almost perfect to his description. Finally, is we believe that there was plate changes, tsunamis and volcanic activities during Atlantis time, looking at the Atlantic Ocean ridge expansion, you can safely assume that that structure a one time was sitting in the middle of the Atlantic. Thanks

  2. says

    I am not so sure about this Nahuatl word ahtlantica. I have a book on the Aztec words and they all end in atl not any antica which is definately Latin Italian Spanish. People keep saying the Atlantic Ocean is the middle of the Earth, that is to say look at a globe and the Pacific ocean is a view of half the Earth (12,000 miles across) so that all land is on one side of Earth and the Atlantic ocean is in themiddle of that land. BUT they ignore that Medi-Terranean means middle of earth surrounded by Europe and Asia and Africa. This i just now realize is why there are three continents (3 sides to a triangle and not two Eur-Asia and Africa. Atlantis was in the middle being Thera Santorini exploding and wiping out Greece and Philistia and Egypt. As for the word atl our words tomatl and potatl come from them which only goes to show that the correct way of saying them is indeed Po-Tah-to and To-Mah-to. Are people stupid when they keep saying Giza like goat and the maps say Al Jiza ? Or when will people note that Kayef is a two-letter name Che-ops = Kay-off. Whether no school or a hundred paper scholastic degrees, liars and know-it-alls out number those who see, know, hear, speak truth. Reminds me of how i just read a mysteries article that defines meditation as chantra and trances of spiritual definition. The true spirit of meditation means to dwell on thought, not blank you mind. So when Jesus said (quoted in the article) the kingdom is within you, the word YOU was plural not teh kingdom in each and all of you individually, but among you, between you, standing there (it was Jesus), and yet the quote then saying yet outside you means rejected. Yes people stand among us who are christ (knowing truth) and we reject them, and that is why we die, and we dont get our kingdom of our dreams. The kingdom of our dreams doesnt make us king of our world, it makes us at peace with the respectful rights we give others above ourselves. Hushing the world out in tranceful silence isnt a respect of it. It doesnt teach us to accept others outside our world as having the right to not be enslaved by our games. Instead these people want you to feel they have found God and that you should go trance yourself too. Then they wonder why there are movies like Side Effects which is about sleep-walking from drig medication and stabbing people to death in your sleep. Take the warning, dont be entertained by it as if it is just a movie.

  3. Mag says

    If I am not mistaken there have been findings of artifacts, starues, with elephants on the Western Hemisphere but, it is consider forbidden archeology so any findings wirh elephants get to be hidden in basements.

  4. Elijahovah says

    Connections between Mexico and Atlantis. Mount Olympus is for some Greeks the moutain of Noah’s ark. When history is brought with you to other lands, then people start to make local landmarks as the locations of that history. Everything with Thera-Santorini’s explosion in 1514bc connects to China and also to Maya. That year bridges Noah’s Flood 3114bc to foundation of Copan 1314bc. With the Pacific Ocean covering half the Earth, the Atlantic Ocean appears to be a mere enclosure of water between East and West world expecting the Atlantis in the middle. Yet to this day the Mediteranean still means Middle of The Earth. And translators have made it clear that 900 not 9000 years is involved, and also it is between Asia and Lybia not bigger than Asia and Lybia. Mayan chronology indicates the Maya left Ur when its 1st dynasty (not 3rd) fell in 2029bc. They then built Maris Syria which was attacked by Hamurabi in 1763-1762bc and destroyed in 1761bc. This brought the Maya to Babylon where they fled in 1625bc with Hindu so that Hindu and Maya both had the Venus Tablets of Amizaduga. In 700bc the 1200-year resdiency of Hindu who had fled 3rd dynasty Ur destruction of 1900bc concluded the 1200-year Venus of the Venus Tablets were brought in 1900bc not 1625bc. This Venus also gets confused with the death of Shem Melchizedek 32 years later of 1868bc in Jerusalem, not just Nimrod Melchizedek’s death (Narmer-Menes /Nar Merod-Men) in Abydos Egypt. Mena of Egypt is confused with Noah (Manu = Man-Nu). Since Chinese did not pioneer to Xia China until 1437bc, the knowledge of the 1514bc explosion will be found with them and Maya before reaching Copan. Chinese recognize the 180 leap days as 2233-1513bc and expect Noah’s Flood to be the same 720 years back to 2953bc, used by Romans too with 753bc Era. Meanwhile this puts the year 1513bc into the hands of Maya who reach Volcano Cosiguina in 1314bc and north up river to Copan in 1313bc. Thoth new year in Egypt is Phoph (Pop) in Mayan which has all three elements of Egyptian Chinese and Hindu in its words. The new year Pop links Dec 25 of 2021bc to Dec 25 of 561bc where it remains always 16 days before Thoth because in 2021bc it is the Christmas death of Noah 12 days before winter solstice (Jan 6) which becomes Dec 25 solstice from 560-515bc.

  5. Tomshaver says

    Some remains of Atlantis can be found on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. On Google earth view the area south of Louisiana to locate an area of lines on the bottom. Zoom in and look at the ancient figures carved into the rock floor. This covers many miles of artifacts from an ancient civilization.


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